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g President Davis and suite, passed through
Laurens .strict on Sunday.
' 'Uninterrupted Telegraphic communica
tion has cemmenced between Charlotte, N. C.,
Washington, and New York cities. Such a thing.
has not happened since 1861; so says the Caro
. .linian.
Surrener of John*n.
The surrender of Gen. Johnston and the rem
nant of his army took place on Tbursday laAt, as
me are informed. The locality, and the number
surrendered is not ascertamined, except that the
force comprised infantry and artillery, the caval
- ~ ry cutt=g-their way out.
The.first battle of the old revolution commen
ceu on the 19th April, 1775. :The revolution
ended 19th April, 1785. The revolution of the
present age commenced 13th April, 1860. The
frst truce entered into was on the 19th April,
185. Gen. Lee was captured in April, and Lin
eoln was killed in April.
gg An appeal is here made for the sick sol
diers at the hospital. Milk,.butter, eggs, chick
one vegetables are painfully needed. A little
smil, and a few chickens are now required by
several of the sick, who it is feared, will not re
corer unless they very speedily receive such
nourishment. Let those who hive it in their.
- power see that the languishing soldier is not for
* gotten.
0 A Fair, for the benefit of St. Luke'A
Church, will be held next Ttiesday night, .at
Hurd's Hall, also on Wednesday morning for the
:,benefit of those at a,distance. Donations of re
freshments, fowers, strawberries, etc., will be
thankfully received. They can be left at Mrs. Ed
ward White, Mrs. Grayson or Mrs. Hurd.
Ary nice hot supper will be prepared. A
cup of genuine Mocha& will mingle its fragrance
with strawberries and cream, while turkey an4
ham will vie with each otfier in the beauty of
their proportiOns.
From an Atlanta pape of the 26th April, we
gather the following items:
A Baltimore dispatch to the N. Y. Herald says,
that Booth and the other conspirators, thirty in
number, were in St. Mary's county, Maryland,
heavily armed, endeavoring to make their way
across the Potomac; which was strong!y picketed.
~A squad of cavalry had a collision with themand'
bad been repudsed. The cavalry being reinfor-.
* esis, itwas supposed that they were surrounded1
sdescape impossible. Another despatch'.saysj
a liighly important arrest has been made, but the
nan:of. thei party is w'ithheld on account of
frienils. He made a full confession.
Aman calling himself 'Payne,' was arrested
nearSeward'dtesidence. e is, believed ?o'be
the seio attem*ted.te itio~
,The-city cganci1 of Bakhniore has dfebEd ten
thou,nad.dollars for the arrest of the murderer
of.Jieole, and the assassin of Seward.
A teogram to E. S. Sandford says, "that tbe
Se. cretary is bright and cheerful,' and a marked
* improvement is'seen. Fred.is also improving.
i. special to the Post of the 18Sth says: "Pres
ident Johnson yesterday said to a clcrgyman who
*beg7gd of him to be mercifulAo4he rebes tha
* mercy to. individuals is sat always eyt
He declared t.o members of Congress, tha&Obe
was willing to actwith.the utmost-magnanimnityf
towiids the common rebels and the peopfi.of
.the-rebe1$tiats, bmtthat-those who were leadersI
must be severely punished.'
Qen. Grant had a long interview with the Pre
sident on questions connected with the army.
It is undIerstood that their views were hsarm3O
nu. He was willing to- act with the utmost
magnanimity towards the people of the Rebel
* States, buit the leaders must be punished.
Mobile is announced as haviag been captured.
The United States flag is said to have been raised
over the city and forts' on the 12th. General
Granger's troops occupy- the city. The rebels
commenced to evacuate on the 10th.
. Escc.-This ditfIs faroous as being the~
'birthplace of )fahout~et, A. D. 5f. The temple
is a gorgeous structure, much~ visited by pit
Srms On one of the neighboring hills,. is a*
cave, whereit,is pretended Mahomnet usually
retired to perform his devotions: andt where
the~greatest part of the Koran war broughtto
hhn by the angel Gabriel, a. a. 604. Two
miles tour the town is the hill where they say
Abraham went to offer up Isaac, 1871 a. e.
In English not more than a dozen werds
end-in a.; about two dozen end in so. .n y we
have 'no'less thAn' 4,900, about one-eighth
ca our words amountine to about 35-.000.
Details of the urdei of UncoL
Thq Yollewing account is takei from the Rich
mend Whig of the 19th ultr
Toward the beginning of the secowd scene of
the third act, John Wilkes Booth,,brother to
Edwin atid Junius Booth, and son to the celebra
ted actor of the same nime, visited this exclusive
domain to which his profession as actor was an
open sesame. Re entered the back door of the
theatre, and left 'very soon, leaving d7at back
door opem. He had evidently ridden to the thea
tre, for er- enEering t he left his horse in the
The comedy is in its third act, in the 2d scene
of it. Madame Mountchessington has left the
stage to A.% Trenchard, with the'remark
"You don't understand the manners of. goo&
society. That alone can excuse the inpertinence
of which you are guilty."
Trenchard: answers-"II guess Lknow enough
to.turn you inside out." And the audience ciap
their hands and laugh in glee. 'ncoln
joins in the laugh-.-pistol shot, sha clear
-is heard. The words Sic semper tyrarnis are
whispered. "Revenge for the South is aed."
A white'face, covered with -'a night of hair,"
lighted by two black,. shining eyes is en be
tween the- President's box and the Isage; a mo
ment passes-it drops. A form cr6uches as it
falls-then rises in histrionic attitude-in its
hand a knife .whose -newly polished surface re
fleets the numerous gas jets. Three seconds
nay. two-nd it is gone.
Still as the bush that followjs a prayer-in the
chamber of the dying, the audience sits "spell
bound,.it may have been for two seconds. 'A
tall man jumps upon the stage, and he too, dis
appeared, while.a voice in the audience at last
utters the name of the. assein-John Wilkes
Booth.- -
It has now been proven tiat Booth after his
visit behind the scenes, aving left that back
door open, rapidly went to the front of -the thea
tre, ascended into the dress circle, pa sed -by the
only door open into the box, advanced to the
front of it and.lening, over, with, the- elbow of
his right arm out of the box, his left hand on'the
balustrade, fired -a pistol -at the Presiden . This
pisol, a Deringer, was evidently loaded with. two
[perhaps with more than t wo.balls, of -diameter
less than that of the piofbarrel,*one of these
balls struck the President below the lefAear and
two inches behind it. The other did not Nit him
but ient through the locked an*l unused door of
the box, scattering splintera outside (not inside)'
the box.. Having fired, Booth dropped the-pis
tol, and drew a long knife, 'shapedlike' the sword
of Roman gladiator-e^ regular ,tyfus in form,
but rounded not angled to a point. He vaulted
over the balustrade to the floor of the box, hism
left hand supporting his ireight ad breaking-his
fall by i hold oni it.* The distance (rom the
balustrade to the floqr of the thedke is-exactly
twelve feet and eight itches. The exclamadion
"Sic semnper tyranis," was uttered as.lie vaulted
ut 'of thie box, and, as hei'ecovered his feet on
alightitig, he 'said somethiig of^which we could
only gather, four words - "ean 'or the
he then, in a silted, stagsy, yet rapid stride,
bis whole face turned soward'Xthe awe-etricken
adience, gained the firststage entrandce, pushed
aside Miss Laura Keeue there awaitiug her cue
to enter ujen the scene, and with the'glittering
stylus sti!l in his hand, pushed on byte prompt
ePs desk, tuir'add to tb, right, and by sane of
the audience was .agai een. Fifteen seconds
wHil cover sbeime between the explosion of.
thepistol and Booth's disappearance. The dis
tance:he had to go aero s he, stage was exactly
thirt-nine feet
There is.but one word that can desdribe%te
state of those in the box ir1kh hIm-palsis,
liss Harris reeovered first;,called to Missleesne
For some water; a gentleman,' aided bglie for
ner, climbed into the boxx( A geritleman at last
brought a-piteher of water. Several-others also
ascended into the box, and as the house was
being emptied, 'Miss Keene 'went round up into
the dress circle and into the box. She immedi
ately,set to work, placec ~the bleeding bead-of
the dying man on her~ lap and endeavored to get
some water down his throat; but'even then he
was wholly unconscious, and-his breathing was
rattlingly noisy. The 'brain was already comn
mnefi'ng to eoze'out and tbe blood of the First
?tgistrate of theSNation bedabbled, the robes of
At last' medical aid arrived': The throbbing'
rrowd outside wais forced back-the street was
picketed-anld one hour later the d6etors had the
sufering form transferred to sthe house of Mr.
Peterson, opposite the theatf-e, where he died.
k-railway is to be built in- Palestine. It
will connect Jaffa with Jerusalem, will -be
about forty miles long, with a barbor t Jaffa.
[r wim:.nu hai a milhon-pounds sterla
.1 ralu-Irsladdreuof Trelent
wIns8nW. .
We take t4ef&owing from the Bichmond WAtr
ofthe 19th inst
Gzs KZNx-I must be permitted to 9ay that
I have been- almost overwhelmed y the an
nouncement of thesadevent whiebbas so recently.
occurred. I feel incompetent to )e?form duties
so important and responsible as those' whicb
have been so unexpectedly thrown lpon me. -
to an indication of- aY. policy which may be
pqrsued by 'me in the administration '0f 'the
government, Tave- to- ay that- that. must be,
left for development as the administration prea
gresses. The message or declaration mvist be
made sy the- ats as they transpire. The oly
assurance that I can now .ve of the future is
refarence to the past. The cu rse which I .have
taken in the pat, .In eoneti6n with- his re"
belion, must be regarded as a guarantee of the
fiture. The best energies of my life have -beew
spent hr endeavoring'to establish and' perpetat&
the principles of free governmenit, and I belier.
that .tb 'Government in passing- tbngh its
present perils will settle down upon 'priiple*
,consonant with popular rights more permanent
anA enduring than heretofore. I must be -per
mittediany if.I undeistand the feefig o jny
own heart that ihave Tong labored to ameliorate
and eleyate the:condition of the great mass of
the American people. Toiladoiest advocacy
of the great principlisief fregovernent'e
been my. lot. - Duties have been mine-:on
sequencetAre God's. This,ha- been regJuida
tion of my polidcal ereed, #nd I feetiliat in
end the government will triumph, and ihet these
great princeples'will be permanantly establiaed.
In conclusion, Gentlemen, ,et bie say' that,
want your encouragement and countenaneei'1'I
shall ask'and rely upon you add others in: carry
ingthe government thi-ough iti present perflk I
,*el in making this request that it wilf be heartily
responded to by you and all other patriots and
lowerg of the rights and inteiesta of a.freepeopIe.
Qui MASTrn's OYPCE,'
April 27, I86
2V ) CORDS of WOOD, to --e .'elivered
n theline of te greenym& Columtb i R.
Applyto -
Apr. 29, 18--Gt -
*DR'Y ';SAL>
I TAVi SOME SALT wNeb I -will barter o'
sell.for Confederate'Monev..
April 29 .R>LOVELM E
FE i eces t eitra te BSBApEisE
SHflTlG.lsona f a pi esf extra
&nerAPC~ Apply at r. Da ra.''e ne
Api29 1~
br te r for ,on,,3hitter Lards Corn; t
heMartil9use,3 wpIerryj. 8t
whib, cash wiU I id I ,t Newberr
prrpes. AprH S
S ynpAJBMS. C., April 1'ith 1886
.ofthe attUin,who are nwabsentz
from their companies without etfriclee
Headquarters, .are ordered' to repor ithiouf,
delay to CAPT. g. 8 THOMSO0 A~~& B.
. 0., at Greenville, .8.. -
- Byceotnaad:
Major J. B. WHITE.
A or ConrFIN 2nd Lient, and Adjt. S. C
April 21, 7-2t.
i-l- CRD.
~enal services eo* citRZenS .f
Newberry, andadjacent neigh hobds.
He can be sead at *he resideeof Mrs. A.
Apr. 22, 15-St.
Wante to Hire.
WOMAN to do the work of a smal family,
for whim good wages wilT be given. Ap
Apr. 22, 15-St.
THE undersigned having purchased of Gen.
.H. H. Kinard the lrerich)hotel former
ly known. as the Farmer' Hotel!; also salarge
Liver Stable, and having taken out License for
a PulcTavern, wifl endeavor to carry on the
Hotel business as well as he cad according to the
times,under th name of the
hoping to receivest liberal patronage.4 The table
will be supplied ,with the best the market affords.
Rooms with -clean, comfortable beda. Bar, with
good liquor; and Stables with good"horse feed
anda good' hostier, in apecndance.
Ap 29 - . C. IMARTlN.
TO - - - or -OIN
yo1UNE ech agdC~
Apoly to-T. D.. b Depo
D'ffie at Newberry- orden at
April 26 1't-St
NEWBrY,S.C Apib5 -
F behalf of the SICK and - WOUNDED e4
would respectfully notify theAdIes- oflfi
berry and viinitythat e6tributions of
shankfallyreceived. at the College building _
Spr.2t, 7r-1t, Sugm-bi p. g
OST a Leathernmersack, containiog ,1$
La Gold, and valuable papers.
A.iberal reward.will be.paid for hs de
fthe sIyMat s =dIppers? fIe
Care M.I I -en- M fas Au- sta, Ga 0
- '& Jt 'of' - t. e -. Y e m
p 2tme6%
ANk-~ 09 NWD%BB8
1THE AINUli11EIQ!N~ for TBIRT$1W-.
T G1~TOR4 oihiis WA~i!e. 1 e~
aprie BsT 18o6e. o W~&a* 4
tprang overehe d st tfod at~~
es.ay-.fthe -Taprpayers oA
appisedf my.Bappotmentih
POP..dVy~ .1~
lyesdepieetoonete -hiserst con
abwoi, moider thfi tey mayhakTe sao
,reqd,a sYjniant
theire unfiSarturdaj,lhe!6thiOf
jme -4ebook will by oldsid
doCbleTaB -
C Sg ar Sgar, Sngar '-j'~4* .
pfAR o GOD WWF -S94A
receie 4fn r SALEorR1
;ap 1 -op M OV El.L E-.
1. of. GoodA.
BARBEL of ;ofh I O~A e4
lysh, ust openedwad tw - "'- -
C __
Large Pear utton~ utief a
mernCoat,o~ tfp1~?J4s n4$Z ~ -
covernngs. '
ioLagemb and & issic
A lsofek. ae papers
bl ,. -01 0
Capaperlsr EnTe0ope o
Sobring 4wog your ConfaeramPt0eY
Wiloe -to-daj f&$.$di15 Sitte
iS tiu$in par i
B aut $1hawfoifl*
-fohe terstf Conni to wi
0 InLBRANCH, Esq., to residZe a( &Agui
CW. P.P ICE,Esq., to eside at NeWW~
ILLIAM J. GERALD, Esq., tord '
amde, S. C.
The above named Sentlemen will reh# 34~
forward syiv dpnatione-Wliether of psmid
oinoedifd lso barter ILOT .ang~It
Surgeon ln4
(FFICE on the North s dofs SeetoT
Jmerly occupied and k a th
Ofce of G. G. DeWalt, E sqr
Nzwwaar, C. H. e.n. c1,'S.
1 0mo'eTITHE BAON w 1bercee
thsDEPOT,until further orders, oWIngWe
hedifficulty of tespttion to the army.
:tP B0OZER, Agent,
Ta n Kind, NewhrrZgD I .
A n 18 1-..-witT

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