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;2V DAT XOENING, MAY 4, 1865.
"eWhave had the pleasure of an interview with
oir did caot in-inow Colonelh-. F. Hunt, of the
S. C.. egimett. Cotonel H. is at home-on
arl ,and is l6oking well, CossiderFing the ordeal
througwbich he has lately passed
-ees'ary Sspension.
Weregrei the necessity whith forces- upon us
a. *mporary suspnxion, of the Hegld. It will.
be but for a few days. we. hope. In the mean
tivae, should any. important news be brougbt in
an extra willie issued. . No mail going out Iront
here for an indefinite time, Rr 1he -exctement
prevailing, consequint upon -the surrender, to
gether with the transit of troops through this
town, aInd the lack of anything like news of a
reliable character, are the reasons assigned for
our suspension. We trust that in a short time
quiet will be -restored, and qur people, know
what is expected of them, and what is-to be
done, and that business will-be restored.
Baid on the Greenville Train,
The particulars we learn are as follows: the
up passenger train of. Monday, was.stopped
withip a half mile of WVlliamsto, 1y a* party of
raiders, suppoed to be Kirk's. Immediately as
the command was given, th. train was stopped,
andsas the engine was. rersed, the train was
toed upon, but fortnntely no qpe -was injured.
Asveertained, there were,but fiftWn men seen.
Watd1es were called for and soon changed hands.
The trair- was then fired, and together with- the
engine towlv consm'ed'. We regret to learn
that our'Postfnster, Mr. S. Kinard, Gen. Super
intendent, J. B.TAssalle, gngiieer Jones, con
ductor Walsh, baage master Brazil and Messrs..
Burns, Seigler and Jack Wilson, were captured
and taken toward Alierson.
, We believe that thi section will not be visited
by them. Laurens we are told was not injured,
the depot was set On fie by some drunken fel
lows but the fire was extiauished by the raiders.
It is sid that Green-vile &istained no injury by
GREESBOi, APRIL 29, 1865.
Gen. Johnston desires Tou sill publish-the fol.
rowing Order:
Unattached men and -officers of the Army, and
officerq of the Navy, wittin th -country of the
Chattahoochee, may also accept the terms of-the
H'D Q'E.s AKhy or:TEN.
NEAR GRENSBoRo, N. C,iPEIL 27, 1865.
General Orders No. 18. '
By the ter;ns of a Military..Convrention made
on the 26th, hlv Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman, U. S.
A., and Gen. J. E. Johnstoii, C. S. A. The oti
cers and iren of this army are to bind themselves
not to take up armia against the U'nited States
uL * properly relieved, of their obligation1' and
shall receive guarantee fr,)m the United States,
against molestation.by the United.,tates authori
ties so long as they observe: that- obligation and
die hora in~ force where theya rsd....
For these objects, d(rpReate mnster- rolls wfII
be made immediately and after distribution of
the-necessary papers, the troops will iarch under
their resp.ective officers to their State, and there
be disbanded,-all retaining persotal'roperty.
The objent of this convention is pacification to
the extent of the authority of the. commanders
who made. it.
Erents in Virginia,.which broke every hopeof
success by war, imposed upon the. GeneraL the
dut." of sjbring the blood of' this gallant army,
and saving our country from turther devastation
and our~people from ruin.
Signled. J. E. JOHNSTON, General.
I.- THE F:L), RALEIGH, April 27,-1865:.
No. 15.
The General commanding announces a further
suspension of' hostilities, and --a -final agreement
with Gen. JoL.stofLvhiik terminates t'e war as
to the armies utiir his- command and the coun
try east of te Chattaboochee. Copies of the
terms of the convention .ill be furnished Major
Generals Schofield, Gilmore and Wilson, who.
are specially charged with' Uie *execution of its
details in: North- 0arolina, :he, Department of
the South, and at Macon ard Western Georgia.
Capt. Jasper Myers, Ord. tpoL't- U. S., is here
Gy designated to receivc the arms, Ac.,. at
Greensboro; and any Commauding Officer of a
Post dmay receife the arms;of any detachment
anld., see that, they are prpeerly stored-and.!ac
counted for.
G en.. &hofiqM-w!Ueehe N
sary blanks ad supply the army conimanders,
that unifqrnity may prevaT, and great care
must be,taken that the terms and stipulations on
our part be fulfilled with the nMst scrupulous.,
fde!ity, whilst those imposed on our fitherto
eniemies be received in a spirit beconiing.a brave
and gcnerous- army. Any comnonder may at
once loan to the inhabitants such of the captured i
mules, horses, wagons and vehicles as cai be
spared from immediate use. And the coin
nulding gencil -of armie's may issue provisions,
aninials, anl any puhli, supplies.that can be
spared to relieve present wants, and to encourage
inhabitants to renew their peacefuIl.pursuits and
to restore the relation of friendship amonj; our
fellow cizzens and countrymen.
Forngingw will forthwith c*e, and when ne
cessary long marches compelthe taking of
forage.% provisions, er any kindof'privatc pro
perty, compensation will be made on the spot,
or when disbursing officers are not present, and
officers are not provided with fund,,, vouche'rs
will be 'given in proper form, payable at the
nearest military department: .
By order of . MAJ.-GE,%. W. T. SHERMAN.
P.eTIseNC.- This is eminently the period when
alclasses should mutually assist and eneourage
each other:. A geniero us spirit of forbearance is
worthy of~ cultivation, and a little patience, at
the sa;ne thne, cannot but redound to.the welfare
of a.h The distracted.state of -the currency is a
ser-atus evil :mnd must entail some suffering. Still,
this is not immdedicable, and we are to know that'
moveu,enIts are on -foot. to aileviate.anythuirg like
di tress or privation' amo'ng:. the masses. ?
wealthier citizens are contr uting and will con.
tute to contribute lib-rilI The- Government
store hiousecs are being emnptied of their -contentsF
to succor our returuing braves... The City- Coun
cil will, in a few days, issue change notes1 whichj
will rapidly. gjow-int neral circulation. In a
word, a wholesome system- of rlilef is being
inaugurated which cannot fiil to- bear abundant
fruit. . All tha*tis necessary to maintain peace is
a cheerful ,deterniiation on the part of those who
have provisidils to assist those who need; upor
the pairt-of the needy to reciprocate the good
feeling maifested'for their benefit and support.
We looi forward to a healthy reaction before
m.any da;ys have elapsed, and in the ifiterim, beg
oar fellow citize"is to have faith, hope and
O.arity, especi;illy the'greatest of ttrese, which
is 0HARITIL.-Auyusta Constitionalist.
EVE AND MAH 06uMpAaD.-The most ex
traordinary women that ever appeared in this
world were, unqestionably Eve, "themother*
of all I;ving," and Mary, "the mother of.Jesus
Chfist." They. occupied respectively the high
est stations, and'the most; critidal points of
time that ever fel6to 'the lot of nortalA ; -and
they exhibit an instructive contrast, Eve
lired at the begin-nin, and Kary at the "ful
ness of time." Eve saw the glories of the
new made world, after Creative Wisdom had
pronounced ib "all very good," ond before sin
had tarni..hed its beantv and disarran-d its
La-mqnies. Mary beheld it. rising from the
ruains of the fall; at the m*ment.of its renov -
titn and at the dawn of its happiest day.
Nve was placed in the most glorious and con
ipicuous $uation, :and fell -into a state of
ineairiess and degredation. Mary tras of low
station, hut was raised, ly a signal appoint
et of I-ovidence, to the highest eminence
B'Ve was accessory to the ru-in of
nstruiientalIn the birth of-lutz jiho cafme as
.h Rest+rcr and Savior of mankind. Evebe
ield the fatal curse first take ellect, in over
msfe- 1!2heavelIR-With clouds, in withering~
pirit o4- tie aniinal ciention, disordering the
aunan f'- ire, and ultimately destroying it
ind intrc Jtucing all the namelessdiversities of
oe which fil up the tragedy of humatt life.
!fary witnessed the beginning of.tbat long se
ries of blessings which divine love has for ages
:ispensed to man."through the redemption'
Lhat-is in (hristJesus," and which will:even
Lually replenish the. cup of existence with
unn,ingled sweetness and perfect joy. Eve
witnessed, v4th a trembiing consciousness of
guilt,.th- awful descent of those mighty "cher
utims, andYa flaming sword kibich turned eve
ry way, to keep;-the way of the tice of life,"
and which were pa,ed'at the "East'nd of -
the Garden of Eden." Mary, with feelings of
ecstatic rapture, beheld -te angel Gtbriel
standing before her, with.tbe smiles of heaven.
upon' hiA cointenance, -heard his benedictions,
ind held "communion sweet" with the holy
A Reward- is Odered
FOR the apprehension of JOHN, a
nulattorI)oy, 18 ye4rs,old, about 4 feet,
10 inches high, and-small for his age.
Also for JACK, about the same age and height,
but hecavier built, and for MOSE, about 45 .years -
old, 5 feet, 6 or 8 inches high. He had on a thin
coat. I will give:90 $Xo o each boy, pr. $300 for
the' three ; or if proven~ that they are harbored
or ed away by a-white man, a reward of $5004
wil be give'n- - THOMAS CHIATHAM
May 4,. 20-4t Ninety-Six, Depot, S. 0.
hir wagons, and pay for them in Salt, to~
haul pr6 sions from thue-Ne.wberry depot to'tthoe --
suffergrs in. Columbia, who are -in a most desti
ute condition. Call on- 1
may2I19 ?HAREI*.- -

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