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Devoted to the DissemiatiOl. of General Informationo
[From the Richmond Whig.]
Te Fraenation of R;chmond by the Ccz,federate
Arml-Its LecupeuOn by the F'deral Foreex
SGreat 1-Ire.The Eotre Bw nesx Portion of
the CityJestroyed-Lit-s Lost, &c., &c.
The evacuation of 1ichmond commenced in
earnest Sunday n'ght, and closed at daylight on
MondaT morning with a terrific contingrationl,
which was kindled by tIe Confederate authori
ties wantonly .and recklessly Tpplyin,g the torch
to Shockoe warehouse 4nd1 other bm.idMigs in
which was stored a large q.nmtity of tobacco.
The fire spread r-pidly, and it was iomlle tne
before the Fire Irigade could be gotten to work.
A fresh breeze was blowing fron the South. nnd
the fiTe swept over a gneat space in an increible
short space of time By noon the flaies had
transformed into a desert waste that portion- of
tie city bounded becveen Setemnh and Fifteentni
streets from Main street to :h river, (omprising
the main busifss portion. We can form no
estimnate, at this m1oment, of the number (if
hdusez .destroyvd, but public ni-d private they
wiil ceta nlV nuuther six or eightindred.
At present we cannat do nore tian enumeritte
some of the :most. prominent btildings destroyed.
Ttese inc!ade w Bank of Richmoud, Tradere
enk, Bank of the Conmionwealth, Ullk of
Virginia, Farmers' Bank, al tlc banking 1o1se.,
fthe Aierican Hotel, the Coblubian Notel, the
1IN(pirer bdin o Tw w 'e, ctr.iet, the Diepatch
Office'and job. room-i, corner of Thirteenth and
4.n .-tres-; .,1J that block,.of h%ildin.is knov.
as aPl i! '-s~ wk- the~ E ba:r OtIice, engine
%.nd mn;ti!ery r mh Conoiovrz Pol-ee
I lepirtment builditgs; the State (o etheuse; a
5 ze o d hu ld ig itu -ted im kap: ! t ,
i. Fr.n!n st e.t entraince the e-e uine
- vacated by the Son iaerate tes fr
.par:~1!Utent, and %1 t,e ballin; o' le" '9 i
*.., ,t igh or*--t and lyk to V;m stre't; tue
en:.ver3am a c nal :2md la.ratr.' ce'. h
Sstimle ort Mrmdmay mf,rnin ilMmond pre
!t*d a -ctjele tht., we hope itevtr i(" witne:F
Aue,:in. The L.-L of ih! Cor-'e-3erae efficial. hau
oni t; e pir 'AlIF lurid wi.h1 the :Sm11oke anvd
eo houses wel:ering il a Sea
Till- oreots wet r. crowdcd with furmiturt and
Pv ry de!er,piuin of %Mres, diAhtd dox (o be
tramp i ed or b'rned up where . y.
-, the IOv-i n ient. stor-hOU-1S WerA throwin
, p!n andi what cou'd tivt Le gotten off Iv fhe
tovernmet %- iteft to the people, who every
where aherid of Ohe fittames, rushed in. and
-eur-d imniaise, aiaouiits of hocon, Clothing,
) ""s &c.
Ne%t to the iiver, ti( destruction of property
haen f,.vi ful e complete. Ttio lanville and
lorsher..:Rilotd L.ors, and thep buildings
n heddtinL ,tta'leil tiereto, fe; the distaice
of b-if a fi,e from the north side of Main street
to the i-..r, :nd betwtee Fi.hith and Fifteenth
treets, emb~re 1g up -m1 oJ twenty blockf, pre
ielt-A one wa.te of smoking :uis, lackened
Walls ind smoking clitanie:.
After the surrender of the city and. it. occu
pition by Gen. Weitzel, about te o'clock, vigo
lAls effTrs wrc set on foot to stop the progress
of the flame<. Tihe solders reinforced the First
B3rigade, and lab o-ed- nobty, and with great suc
ress. The flames cast on Main street were
ther di b th blwig up of thme Tiaders' Banik
The fh mnas graduilty died out at vara'ua points
ais materiatk failed for themr to ,feed unon; buit in
particulamr localities the work 01 es5truet on
went on until towards three or four o cioak,
'when the mas: 2ry of the fit ies~ w:asoind
and RichmondJ wiis safe 1'em .ut ter deslhu:uon.
* We regret to learna that a tsertiu loss of life
glalted from] theC blowing. tip ef tim powder
magazine'~on the Euburbs early on Monday ,muorn
ing. The shock.was tremendous, jarring every
house in the city, extinguishing the gas, and
breaking a gre:.t quanltity of glass in dwellings.
It is said that' thirty or forty p rsons, residents
of the immediate neigiborhood of the magazmet,
were either killed or wountded, but at this writing
we have been unable to obtain particulars or
The fire made sad havoc with the saloons, and
none of' anv accoupt remained. We enumerated
IIeury Smith's, Cary and Virginia streets, Cha.t
Ilunt's, "Our House," Tom Griffins, "Corngress
}Iall," "The Place." "The Ubiekamnauga," and a
score of others. The burning of the saloons is
very distres.siog, as hundreds of people rendie:ed
hetneless by the fire will be untable to obtain
Of course we cannot be expected at thmis timue
se enter into- an estimate of the 1osses. b)ut they
,are imrmense, an Wili annOunt to hudreds a1
milions of dollrs. ,
nrsin~ome TYs .PU(ia.
When it was made -knyecOt u-Su:May~ -noring
s:st the [email protected] of! 0 P.id i-otd w. u forego"ie
co'nclu'sionl, the City (Cour.cil beld a meetng, and
is as m-dok pasi ?an orar for the strue
tion of al tle liquor in the city. Accordingly,
about the hour of midnight, the work coin
1 menced, under the direction of committees of
citizens in all the wards. Hundreds of barre:
of liquor were rod.ld into the streets and the
headg knockc d in. 'The gutters ran with a liquor
freshet, nnd the fumvs filled and impregnated the
air. Fine cases of bottled liquor were tossea
into the street from third-story windows, and
wrecked into a thte.aknd pieces. As the work
progressed some straggling Confederatd soldiers.
retreating through the city, managed to get hold
of a 'quantity of liquor. Yrom this moment law
and order ceased to emist; chaos c'1re,'avd a
Paindemoniu'm reigried.
Drunk with vile liquor, the soldiers-said to
belong to Gary's cavalry-roamed from store to
store on Main street, followed by a reckless
crowd, drun; as they. With the butts of their
muskets they dashed in the plate glass of the
store doors, and entrin, made a wreck 'of
everything with the ce-riy age. 'Jewe
stores, clcthing stores, boot and hat stores, ad
confectionary stores were objects of special it
1ention to xtese pillagers, who be it. remen
L-ered, were not F,,deral soldiers, but Confedt.
rate s!raggiers.
The following are some of the stores thus
robbed: Jennet's jewelry store, Mitchel & Tv
ler's jewelry store, Senmons' trimmiig store, A*n
toni's con.fectionary,store, Plzziti's confectionarv
itore, and numbers of oth-,rs-all on Main street..
Aiout daylight on Nonday morning the city
wis shakan to its foundations biy the explosion
proceeding from the blowing - of the. Cnfede
rate ir%l cads in the river. Tie Patrick Heniry
waz in imes az Pot-ketts, and the Navy Yail
&nd all the public bribrin g therein ituated w-re
in proess of destrn.tion. Several of the sm:mlier
vessels were Nmrned at the ciry wharves.
At zi o'clo-k, the evacu-.l6on havi;n beI
comwpleted as far -i the Coidera'e arnmv was
voicerned, fire wnas to !ayo's hridge and 1h!
Paivii:e Raiiro bridIe, and these :turC
were soon in fliames and fell into thc tiver.
has Cn celXnnt si.en the ocaton by the
F,deral fo:ces.. - L.ve not h1pard aI
co '.lant on the part of citizens again.st the
: nd we Are c.ad to record that -the
soldiers.have found'njo reason to complain of th4
condurt of the citizens. We trust this gratif
ing 'sate of a11fairs willcontinue.
The pnblicatio.i -of the Wh,g is rcsned this
alternoon with the cimserit of the military ni
th!oriies. Tihe editor, an till who her.-tofore
vpteroll,d hs columns, hare taken their depar
ture. The- proprietor and one vttache of the re
cent cditorial corps remain. Tile former has had
a cor:frence wh Gen. Shepley, the Militniv
Govet-vor,;who assented Ia the publication of the
paper on c0nditinms w ih will he cheerfully and
i'ully complied w'th. The Widg will, there
fore, b. issiied hereafter as. a Union paper. The
sentiments of attachment to our "whole coun
try," which formerly characterized it as a journal.
wi!l egain find expres.ior in "s colun.is, and
whatever influence it may have for the restora
I.tion of the national authority will be exerted.
As soen as T.acticable a full and effioient edito
rial force. wi'l be organized. For the present,
we ask the indul;;ence of our readers. - We will
do the best we e-n under existing circumstanls.
1fomisng a daily improvement in the inte;-estof
the coter~s of thme paper, until We shall make
the Whmig commemci itself to the favor and sup
port of all persons loyal tq the Government of
the United Statest
We clip the following paragraphs fcm the
Chareston Courier :
W:.. LLOYn G.Auus6: is A Tnro.-O)n Fri
day might last, as the printers of the Courier
wire enggecd seuinag up Mr. Brecher%9 ad
dress, they were visited by Wmn. Lloyd GarrI
son, who stepped up to a "case and putir i: pe
the fodowin.g paragraph:
"There is scarcely a man born in the South
who be.s lifted his hand agal.nst the banner,
but had a father who would hwe died for it.
Is memory dead ? Is there no historic pride ?
Has at iatal fury struck blindness or hate into
eyes that used to look kindly toward each
oter;- that read the same bible ; that hung
over the historic pages of (our national glory
tirt studied the same constitution ?",
W hen he haa finished, he read the p:rrat
graph ever threor four times, then remarked
to a tyno who was sta iding beside him, that
it was ingular he should have had just those
linesi to set up. Mr. Garrison. did .the work
like one who understood the business. What
would the printers have, thought before the
wa.- if' Mr. Garrison had stood beside thema in
this same estZAishtnent setting type ?
San Fran so has at !ast isued $40,000 in
bonds to aid the constructica of the Pacime
ralroad. About 1,800 men are at work on
the road
Th loss by tie hmate floods ir different parLa
ofteState ofPervsvivaniai is estmated by
..ams arhiten and ariulaipia as u
We re-publish the general orders of Gens.
Johnston and Sherman, together with the
fhrewell adtiresses. (f the Lee and - Johnston,
for the benet. of tihose' who wish them ir.
regular form. e
General Lee's Farewall Address to his Troops.
I'dN(r, Army Norrhern Virginia.,
April 1t), 186.5,
Genoral 0%rders No. 9.
i ftr four yeU"ar of ardnous service, rna",Ced
by uisurpa3ed courage and fortitude, the Army
ot Northern Vir.zinia has been compclled to
virld te overwhelm inz numbers and resources.
I need.not tell the brave rnrvivors of so inVay
har(i fouaht battles, who have remained stead
fast to the last. tl.t I, have,eonsci-ted to this
re t from *n d - ist of them. But feelitg timat
vaior and devot. ould zecompiish zothing thot
ivoulld comperFate for the loss that wou!d have
adtiedld the continuazCe of the couLp t, I deter
.ined to avdd the usele's sacrifice of those
hijose past services have M)deared them tv their
by the term r.f the aoreement, ofcer. ;and
nie car retur; to their homes, and rem.in un
Lil Cxebanl,Il-d. YGtu vill take wi:h vou the
sati-f'ction that proccedF from the consciousnesS
ol *A..t- faithfid!y performed, zind I earnestly
pray titr a merciful God will extend to you his
blessing and protection.
With an ieea intg admiration of your con
Izt.)nev and d;;-,)t:(on to your country, ani a
Ilrateful rente rance of your kind and generous
cun:iidration for :mrself, I bid you an affectionate
fre ve!L
R. E. LEE, General
G,wmRFNSiORo. APIUL 29, 1865.
Gn~. .Joh u. deires vou-wii! publish the fol
owi,ng (rde : .
Un ach-d n;-n and ofTeer. of the Army and
n;.e,~ of tV- Navy. within the coun;ry of the
-'H tnhohe--. may also accept the terms oFthe
i'I Q'1s Aastv or TF.NN.
; m:.yr.nno, ' G., A rm -, 1865.
enera &&n N.. 1?8.
he'termo f .t I",*tnrv Convention :oadt
of; h( :th, by ?Laj. Gen. WV. T. znrmm u. S
'' QK. J E.ohnstol, C. S. A. The oflil
Sce. :and .en of this arnmy are to hin thzeiselre
'1 o tal up arm :gainst the' Uhited States
unti! pperly reli--vd of their obligatiq, aLN
siiall receive' gi:1rAee from the Enited States,
.insttmolestaion by te United States authorf
tic I; los th--v observe that obligAtion and
the ia in f-ce where they reside.
For theSe ohjeCr4 duplicate muster rolS Will
b made I.-i(mdhelv and after distributon of
the,- ''stsarr pa perI, the troops will rvarch .nder
their respetive oin:ers to tlei*r St-te,. and there
be disbnnded, all retaining personal property.
The object uf this convention is 1aci3iction Eo
the extent of the ,authority of the couimanalers
who made it.
Evnnts in Virginia, wh;eh broke every:hepe of'
success by :a*r, imposed upoa the General the
duty of strin. tte bluod of this galant nrn.
nndsaving our country from turther devast.t')n
and oir r-ople from ruin.
i Signed. J. E. ZOHNSTON, General.
Hi:xn Qr.Arfr.s, M.T'Y ?IV. 1119.,
IN THE FIi.D,-!ALA.wH, April 27, 1865. 5
No. 15.
1The Genteras commandir.g annonces a further
suspenion of host.ilities, and a final agreement
with Gen. Johnsto which terminates the war a.s
to the armiet.s t.r his com tman d and the cot;.
try east~ of' the Chatahoochee. Copies of the
trms of te conventionl will beC .furnished Major
Generals Schofield, (uilmiore and Wilson, who
are cpecially charged with the executioun ot it-s
d.ails in 'Nortli Garolins :he De'paritnent of
the South :tod at Maceon ';tndt We tern Georgi..
(Cap. ,iurcr Myers. f)rd. Dehpt't UT. S., is here
b'' d.-'-In: ''uo rec"i "e the arms, ., at
zt.t.t'"-o- and a:iy Cenonauding UffEcer of' a
Pot.t ma re rceive the arms of any detachmnent
aid see that they are prope-rly stored and ac
co;*ted fo,r.
Gien. Scho.efield will procure at once the neces
ary b:niks and supiply the atrmy commfan.ders,.
thtuiai. ma prevail, and great care
must be taken that the ternmsand stipulations on
our* part he fulilled with the most scrupurotus
fidelity, whilst those imposed on our hitherto
enemies he'received in a spirit becoming a brave
and,cgenero-u.s army. Any comnmander may at
once loan to the inhlabitants suchl of the capTulrPd
mules, horses,' wagons.and vehuicle-.4 as cans be
spredl fromn immisediate use. A nd the comn
mndring general of' armies imay issue prov%6s'on,
anmr4ie, antd any 'public s'ippie tht ,eanb
spred to relieve pre.sent w.aniN, ani.o enwrg
inhiaitanlt5 to r'enen the ir $z.acetli purisuits arnd
to' restore. the relatial~ of friendship amuong our'
Forngintg wi forthwith cease, and.when~ ne
eessr' ling miar'tce compel the taking of
fo-g' prvdos or tany kind! of priva1te -Wo
p"ri", elnm'oen'ion will be marie on the .fO4
or -A 1e:'. disturTh,' opi.. aie not. p,resent, ,n
otiew~' 'are .te te'prvdedl with furw'i. i'ouh
ma! be Mr in ro1x: fort'a. po;.ble at the
May 2d, IS64.
rjiN.3AL OR'DER6 No. 22.)
In terin,a'tin; our offleial reiation
1 earnCStly exhort von to observe faith
fIlly the terms of pacificktion agreed
uponanI4 to discharg the ob;igation
of good and pe;iceful citizens at home,
as well as you have perfortned the
dutie of .thorough soldiers-in the field,
By such a coerse you will best secure
the comfort of your families and kin
dred,--and restore tranquility to our
You will return to your homes -ith
the ad'miration of our people, won by
the coura:e and devotion you haveilis
played in this longrar. I shall al
ways remember with pride the loyal
support and generous confidence you
have given ie.
I iow part with you with deep regret,
and bid you farewell with feelings of
cordial friendship, and with earnst
wishes that yon may havte heroafter
all thc prosperity and happiness to -b.
found in the world,
The f.>!To-!ng dispatch was laely received bY
bis Excel1ency the Govervor, from General Johnk
GaF-snow, N. C., Api 80,
Forwarded fromir t.ezter May 1, 1864.
IJis Execlenct -Gov. A. U. Magrath.
The! dis;,ter in Yirgria, tme capture by the
enemy of il our .ork-shops for !he prep.ration
of anuilon k and r6pairin of arms; the im
pa,iiinr er recrui;ug our little army, opposed
by te times !tS inber; of SUPp*ying ifaxeept
by robbiig our OwN ciz n,w destroyed all h9pes.
ol' sucesdal war. I hv, th.'refore, made-a
mulitary tv,-::!ion-i witi Gen. Sh.,rman to Lerni
:ate hostilities 'in North :rd South 4auolina,
Geogia and Flori-la. I mad this-condention to
spare the blood of the gallant little army com
itted to me; to prevCt lirther tutering of o= -
people by the devastation and ruin inevitablo
Irom the marches of inva6ing armies, ant tO
avoid the &imne of waging hopeless r,ar.
igne,d) . J. E. JOHNSTON, General.
CRETALaT SYwRD. -The latest news we havs
from the North announces that Secretary Seward
and his son :tre improving rapidly; and the pros
peet uuw is that boLi Vill speadily recover.
GFTrILLAS AT -WorK.-AccordIng to the
Charletou Courier. guerrillas have bedn at work
injurint the railrond near that city, and commit
ting other depredations.
is at present'in Savannah on a visit.
Ports C OAED.-The Chicago Tribune of the
1 ith instant has a telegr.phio dispatch, dated at
Washington City on the day previous, staftng
that the Preside-nt of the Unied States had -.
sued a proclamation closing all the ports this
side of'Richmond, on the \tlantie and Gulf.
costs, anid on the tributary streams, leading to
the waters of both, to IJrownisville, Texas, "andl
furter notiee." Wha-, de this mnea:n?'
Dresden is to have,-next JTuly, -a mnonsthr
fstival, to last four and a half days, and: to
consist of t '.n thousamd'singers, 4ho will be
conducted yan 'elect ricail argaratus. Coat
esmLiated1 at >!OO,000.
A FrencTh firm, Mes.;rs. IIackett, are geti.ing
up the most magnificenit illustrated edition of
the Bible ever published. A hudf million dol
lrs his been expended for illustrations.
Ot'nAWyn-Gen. Mosby andl a portion of
his men h we refused to surrender, and sti'd *
continue their-operations i Virginia. Tly
have been pronlounced outlaws, and a prie of
two thousand dollars set upon M~osby's head.
Someit of his Ilte comarb:s in arms it is stated
are now' hunting him.
.i.{j'By direction "if the President, the De.
paaLw'nt of Virginia; a.d-such parts of Norrth
Crolinra as may not be pecunpiud by the com-.
mandti( of Majmi General Shiernem, and including
the Army of the Potomac, will constitute the -
Military Division of the:James(~. Maor(Genleral
II. W.IlIalleek,United St:ates.\rmyv,is assigned*
t the Miltar A~ i.ion of the James.
It is said tiitt Secretary Trrenholm ownted
rP int.riNt a thirty'-ve %ck'.nlx de run'ne-s,
. . t, emmetOU witn others, had amas:ed
t..e'ty nilliu in4 g". 'l of 0 whi^"i I
... LaQ 4e ':,~E-'5. of -a oat.*

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