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Orangeburg news and times. (Orangeburg, S.C.) 1875-1877, April 03, 1875, Image 1

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" 'SATURDAY? MOVING AJ^UL I 3, 1875. 1| ]
i .)>:?
ii r tf?yi;</.Tx?itc:<tktr. hiii
b 1
? ;. SI8TRUNK. & RISER,! ..
Have: HEMO' ki) ?cxt a r to;-r -\V;rMG^ELICY'S, Whtkk t\ic\} l&Wconiti&Uj ui>\
Hand a full nKsoHftcnt op , ... .*. . . , ."' . '1
Such as. ? ? 1
Kinim 3Ua*fu LA;'D' MOLASSES,' " 1 "FI.?17R. RICE, S
rniK-d,!1'''"' -POAI?. CANNED TOMATOES,' OYSTERS, ? $
A lie above tin, will be glad to sec their friends ami the public at any tjiuo. |
prepared to suppn n,y (vistonicrs and tho'puWio generally with everything iu ilia .
il (mm* b
Bry Goods, Groceries & Hardware
;. ,. !?.;'< I . i ?
you piH find R.'tl
eat WOljSKS on,
red fTjouT l?e lij
led St dies,
vices lange liVri#7S^fC?<i
Red u'lilt.- ish'ortAjt "fticd.
? Moe'i mix hand : doltiot |.le:i3c ,\ve
or foi v on .at mice. . .
j;.\MBI/,U. K S!,AT'.H...
n a i^fe-i& - '0. ?
{RUSHES, am) .
1, orders
Lo ut O^c
. From one end ic the other,
F.CENT FIRE he lost very HEAVY, but'is able still to SOTPLTMiis po#
Notwithstanding Hie GREAT EIRE and the LOSSES met wiih, I have on hand and
Will constantly keep a FULL SUPPLY of t .. . , .
? \< :'. ? 1? |i ! :(? i -.1 11 ?;? ' ., , ... I |t) ??
tho town, besides other fine Brands, with many other useful article* .
rieasojcaU and EXAMINE for yourselves.
L. RANSDALE, Brougliioa Street.
jun KV 187? IS ly
, ( . ? ... 1
l / :??
Sonic Hanl Mowing.
For meanness, vulgarity, nnsliness
and general cussed ness, commend us
to a genuine March day, such as Wed
nesdav, lor. instance. J-iko a sneak
llwof oY fancy pickpocket, it lir.<t made
its 'appearance, alI suffused witli-siuiles
and' 'silhsiinie aiid approached us wj^h*
many' promises of pleasant .and ngrcc
Stliilo^ day.' Just,' as the, little misses
i wcrcalf' on their way Jo school with
I their flaxen curls nicely brushed back
! and carelessly gathered with a ribbon;
i the little boys with their round abjut
j jackets* chubby lac.es, and everybody
; stirring about with n consciousness
! thai .spring was surbly* upon .us* the
I insidious monster, faking advantage of
I the sdverity with wbicrr?Wll animated
!| nature regarded his propitious advent,'
it whips ..faround, begins blowing like
the veryt- mischief. . In a short time it
[got up a pericct gale; old blinds am!
,>ar,tilion doors got on a big'? frolic and
Junged and slammed like a lot
. bullaloes. Tho wind hh^gf^^^
JPIUIIIJ 11,0 pieces of animated calict
fm Inmbjumc. Knnc.wcre taken iii
M waited along through the murki
A nwrilbcr of old ladies are missing
ffljfo) here and there can be picked up
pieces of lace caps, spectacle frames,
jAril.ess slippers and triangular capes,
'growing that the loss among them was
[vJry great. Aged gm ill einen had their
Hp* Mowed completely ofl and the
Iftit; fnjgments of ih/irold roots of de
cuiyed teeth blown away. In one
iiittance one old gentleman was blown
o\|eV the Kimball House niuTluis never
btiin heard i'rbm since. The-wind car
inMfaway all the macadamised poi
tufoa.of JJn?ad street, and Hinging lhe
sfdies with such force at the passers
jjyjjis to kill quite a number of ijegroc?.
,wj{pHnad clung to la nip posts for safety
clerks along Whitehajl stiqet had.
r^Utads blown o?\wJjht\utiin oxjf
uo ft2 -tev-ciVc 1 crks froiy> U 1 UijcJvviy>.
?skiul and' spl^'tneirheaus open, aim/
too brains werc'scaitercif all Uvcrthe
to^ of the ear shed in a coat two
inches thick-. Their remains Were car
ried over Stone' .Mountain and left in
the centre oi* Uwiuncitcounty. One
undmhnct bad the
into shreds and the
hipp.d her eyes out and she
Wifl sent to the blind asylum. The
rairnad committee from Klberl county
wai blown oil the track and the heels
olitheir socks torn out. John James
atu Major Crane had two-thirds of ]
thcr mustache carried away, and they
lotted the remaining hairs in J nines'
bitdt vault for safe keeping. The
wiuf played SSL Patrick's day in the
niojniiig on the telegraph wires and
the)precession of Irishmen marched to
llidltuhcof the music. The- bridge on
Jiraid street floppet} about like a skein
yarn swung over a bed post or
vvetituwcl hung over a bush. Meador's
hoiso ami dray, left, on the street, were
bhjyii on tepcand crashed through an
a(|;oiniag booming bouse and settling
(lorn in a room where a drunk man
wiy'sltcping, awoke him and seeing the
sc1 imagned he had a night mare,
screamed- terrible. The ciVniu
at tho Barracks had ihj
L*?ls tho lirecae
me centre oi uwim
litt'J girl witb a su
skjfls whipped into
shr.fls whinp.d I'ci
A lloninrknulo PPfij^ y
? ? ??'?-/,
"Talk about (lojga as is, sagacious,"
ic narked Air. Gnmmpn, as lie lyapcd,
back in his chair,^hrew one leg/over,
a pile of exchange.*, add ran life fin
gers through ^ns~ gray hair?: J*'Talk''
,about smart /logs, J. rnised.p rtpg once
which was just jynsid,crably(l,hcijniart
est ai.imal ;I'ever saw or read. of.
NcVer k\iW wlmt breed ho'-ivRfe; lilnii
o' peculiar?^s jemed to jtytfVe nll'"flio
best points pi' the wholo'species.: He
camo to mo in a singular manner, too,
when lie was no murn'n three< months
old. Heard a'scratehm\ntx the door,
one cold winter, lnoynin', . as i I was
mukiu' st lire., Opc.;;cd. the door,- and
in walked (hat Wo pup,, 'j hp. first
Tln'ngiiib done" wn/'to'Wipc'his feet on
the mat: 'I heiyhu puihod it' st 'pi up
to the stove, nmusct do.wn 1 bit 'ir-'nntf
l eid his pa-ws Vip to warm. l\?ier "he
uol ctunfortnUjo. he Risked mo to adopt
him into the/ family.. i
MMtfUp* SjjjfflUfltttp' troth now, and oi'
" 1 n,i* reilnl h.iMjlto sav that Unit
e C0UldC J MMf?'* pieSBRnHTiu the Krt
|>, PJ|P actual I vft^fds nooks, his man
' ?'^l-V.VnYfd'ye call Jt ? pnntominc,
' Ji^0 perfect that I k|icw.,jiist What
!Tic'wanted. I never went much on
dogs as a general tiling, but I couldn't
go back on one of such cxtraordipary
proiliisp as this. I kept liiiiiJ and wc
named him Kassier, j IIc wa??s imita
tive as a Chinnmau-*^<eked up thing
faster'n a child. He took U>-the chil
(Iren right away?liked them us well
as though they : had been his own
brothers nnd^sistors^?and lliey eome'
to consider him as ouo "of the family.
He learned all that was ? possible from
the limited facilties afforded -on the
farm, Before he was a year old ' tie
could rido horses, tend the baby, 'pick
up chips, and do a thousand other,
useful.and amusing things^ Olla, my
oldest boy, had learned him to whistle
and It would do you.good to nftVeHsccn
Ihtssjer utilize that acto:up)i?htiientJ
You know a raldnt will stopifBu?you:;
whistle to it. AVuHj!_whe?i hc^pt ai^cr.
? a .rabbit, and it. Wiu. about \ugfct away
'fVoui nuifflSc'U stop and whistlp. The
?ifooi fen *rtiii>it;>^v?M ? r ^|i^?Sfc i
'Xt^lui^^w^tf:ii?v'c' him .'? )
yi^'lir^Ps^'.HKnVi a it\]hhtio.r *^^Lti^ j
'when Vc'^Vcht tru't' dbon hu?lpg-^ilU^ "j
that dog. No need to cut down any
trees, ?$llp would jiist skh:. up a lice ;
like a squirrel, and shako a coon or a'
possum out inajilly. One of his fa*
vorite- pastimes was to take a' small
pail Utfd go out in tho ineadov; and
drown out ground-hogs, getting the
wrier from a pond in the neighbor
' Once I look Kassier to town with
m?, and us it was election day. I al
lowed myseli tx) get rather more liquor
aboard than 1 could conveniently car
ry. About Uireo o'clock in the after
noon I started home, taking the hdl
road track. ''I had not good ??iboJ ?'
fore the. whiskey made mo stupid, and
I laid right down on the track, und*,
went (lead drunk. " Rassler tried every
way to gel me oU'to the side of the
road, but 1 was heavy and senseless,: >
und he couldn't budge me. A train
was coining, and in ten minutes more
1 would have been run over. Now,'
gentlemen, what do you think that
dog did ? Excuse me, but I can . not
re pi ess the rising tear when 1 think
how that animal saved my lifo. He
grabbed my red biumatiiia 1 handker
chief 'frorti my pocket, ami riti toward
ttrain, and signaled ? it,.jautktby <
irge, sloppCjJ.it, ufpl saved mci.Yes
'But in his death he exhibited a
ater degree of gratitude and intelli-'
^ce thru ho had ever done befpro.
BS? boys had learned him to smoke,
HfflWic became such a slave to tobac
|?ut I feared it would impair his
1? B&~m(''iiiries. 1 tried to break him
S^apufeablt by whipping him, but it
? V*'\otI. .He'd steal ofl'some place
Wkc, im s.nte of all I cold do.
Bfitt^night he weht to sleep in
^?^wUh a pipe in his mouth,
sfafell out on some straw and
HwLlc place was in a bluzc.
lad up in time to arouse
BHBmm^I enable them to get out,
HI Hbt save anything. While
Saved by a Scared Dog. .,
r The. { V/?k?ff^fe?^i%s)wt|k-So-hi?>
cruel fun, and we never supposed it
could ever be" alfyttiiigeW'lhat the-'
'device onco saved geverah men's lives,
?as- hcKe.jrctatfedjhyiUwa Cincinnati ?n
but Jt snows by how unexpected?
['means 'flfiliVdnflicfe so'm'cTlnle* reaches
men in danger.';.The psbtesS and the
iuestuiwbjo^aw,. sffmpjMnejh^uite ob
ridiculous: v c-'-^a *
A^pViVarc* lctteY friWfeff'ojfficer.at.
Foi t Si 11,; ItnlinniTorri.t6f.y^ives tbo
foUowing ..accouuVTotjftUvIrieni??aes>
in a strait: , "(Jiirnoral Jonn braiih, of
the ^rflcVh niflllitry^vllR^urmen.
was emplnydd-'^dn 'sumo-.detail, some
twcijty-five,.' wilc^j./fcojnrfj^iis post.
?nsft^ki TO4urPriscd
by a body of one hundred or more
nmiiritetr^fftdia'iW;J,^c',/tof1e8 either
kio ivaa'.?>iyv,! Comanchc?/j tfiom this
! reservation. As |heir,.purpp,3e "as un
i mistakobly. liostjU. lie and his men
lost no'1 time iii1' takinVnlo the only
|?vail?bie shclVct7 'anoM^?fralo wal
luw. whexe,? .in tt very. uncoiii tortable,
,*opiJt|i?ine^n)o^itio?,iifiy managed to
Pi^5f?? ^M??Srp lbeii
enennos at a distance for the day and
night. 'a7ief''^i;:nmnrVflKgil1inwevert
their' Ku'ihirings - Vor - '-want) of fund and
water became rathNer senqus, and some
thing had io he doiie. C'or.ppral Smith
was eq?al: 16 ' the^s'1'l?alf'oii: taking a
piece of -Iiis ovfl'tawC&s&m} the only
substitute for paper ty> bo had/he ?rote
fastened it carefuiU&l'o,fhe jieck of a.
small',' -,v 7 iYlMPHm"'ah* which
had ibUou^ ' ; \ fort; then,
batteringf^. Btaened it
to the.dogum;s, ;i?Hh^Ihe
pr?siod. -Pv iW . BP^The
Indians; ty^uS^^^mBSk^ act ol
ibijavadi^^VBuxnSi nmih>uA a|||erapt
the tune he. started, the dog reached
the post. Succor wr?f'Tiulflediately
sent, ohmJh'lho ?hmeeico^rioral and his
' Mirsfiai .of the! Repnttft
Aiming the A incficans who attended
n ball giri.i ae:ilto\f*?tel do Ville,
Paris, when John X? lifasp.Dj wae our
Minister there, V'?s,J^e|cs Spicer,of
Kentucky. Jack, 'rusticdf tno dress
?emcwhut strong, and 'Spiffed epau
lettes on his shoulders large" enough to
start, four n^ps-gonerahj^ jjbjbusincss.
? we,nt, I\\m$*W%ik \Tafilc;JW)?Jd?heu the
Marshals ^^t^^m^^^U1^ same,
a 1 ways f akuig ttic post-of honor. Tho
day ttftertHe* batytf a^lPcttn&l ou our
Minister to FraiiceJ whofetaited up a
convorsatiou in, the - following-, way :
"I, %ah Jaclc^ou^ej^ the ball
last evening.
?"-I was, sir; 'aha*''Itatl 'aftiigh old
time." \?t ruft* <>h ai !?tt'}-vt
"For which you were, indebted, I
suppose, to tho higji old company you
got nnxcll Hp with. Isy tue wav, how
&MM& ymf ?.'?ttsso<?lrfte\<3(''?w1i h tho
Maishahs??','.!.^ ilhji <>? ll-wTci ce
i'Xlovt;|BH? vjrtiifi.. fa njy office.
They wcro jAiarsIuils (|f Franco, while
I rim nothing elsetftaiVaMarshal of
the Ripuolici ?" I' Slto^etf ^y com
mission, and 4ook p'o^in?o?Sf^aigly."
"By,righ(t o$yQU*,pj^ ,^V*hat do
you mean ?' .. ,..!?
t> ? Horo. Jack "pTeierfUfae Mti Mason
\viihr a . whiteyi brown -pupes?, with a
s.cal ^ b?g i ope.ugl?,,,jfcjg, ,tjVn&gr P0UDd
'N^Vhat iW'' ilid'tiftme'^Kcaven !a
this JiHvii l>*4 J JJ .:^no Ii ?{tcvtil
? *'Myv commission jold?lai^l?il,' I
ceiyed in 18q0, wUq^Xnsatsto/l
ing tho census iu Ifrantcfort1';
don't' Tntttrl1
^rtfOel on chisr*v* ?:i:? .b?>fii
*I don't moan anvtbii?f
tes mo ^ 'MarsJiaJJ.oX^
t intorid to have*"*

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