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l't'E?.^yEnY 8a>r?Bt^.y rf?HNXjro 1? TU*"
jfef; ORA^QF.miidQ NEWS t'QM^Y.r^ ?
CKO. BOMVBK, Maringor o> Kimmcf^
" r. / /<! /The .Execution 0/ Wjn. Anld.
5 f Uhn?A /CaoWo/To "Witness/tiie Scenb
?his Statement from, the Oallows.
?a??U In i'r.i'A r. /il i ? . a
Yesterday Wni. Aiild, the inudvrcr of
'?>"- 'fli'ft^ei"Olidtsori, was hang. The crowd
,l,itl which?' was ' hero1 twoweeks ago was small
jflf{'|compared,; to Ajiat ,of yesterday. Early in
i! r>'ilhei morning our -streets wero lined with
people,' white ahd black, who seemed caper
^ "'to See the'culprit.' Auld, nay th* penalty of
jijir, his, crime, The, ",a7 was cleudy and rainy,
biiii butideapUe Ibis unpleasantness, men, women
''"I'an'd"' children commenced early to take their
J,fU: peaces'''near'the gallo?*, wldch they held
,,.,;[j( unfilw the rope 1 was cut, and the body of
W7i? Avid pronounced dead.'
*ii?'?m The galtowB wan erected South Ea*t of tho
Jail.' ?rid was about twelve feet high and
i'UU". <lsf.I,'?/ii. 1
?-?.ifeiren.,. feet) Jong, The neighboring trc?s,
>v J;, fences,-t?nd ahedi tops were nil crowded
I e'^th' ariiiou8 spectators. The Sheriff had
5''tome trouble'in keeping the crowd from
tr io nniMitJil i.f i- 1
1 to kWW'V16 fi"*^0?8- ;.?rWW *f "nt not ccn
nviHt the 1 precaution he took of asking theCol
'"fff- 6jhel b'f loiir' militia for' a guard of forty
' ",' men*, who entered the jail yard with fixed
r blnfc^PfWi H would have been impOMiblc^or
. . 1 ? t him to have maintained' ?ruer. "We noticed
;*>a?-1?ift marVh&ibi Z. ,M,Jand J. I). Wolfo and
1 ? ^??v?licSSli did their duty faithfully, and
visit 'jjii fiol ~ :
,, succeeded .remavkaWy well in quieting one
1 m . 'lor-? two .who/seemed determined to make
ii)l ?1 ?'r^?,^ua,]P? Mnt^er ^'c' direction of ShcrifJ
> oAl ?Wn> made/tho crowd form a hollow nruare,
in ? 'which withdrew every one to a distance o(
^V'Vthir^y'VaiBrf'from' the gallows. ' This pbsi
> A-^fL '>in,?>ijai'wii ?!.-.? t< ?* . , .
|v , thm ith^Mfcdatora were compelled to keep
{ t ;?. nntf' iaWtehg execution, when they
>" i^fsBi Hiffi. little nearer.
i 'before Auld war
fi^in was placed along
hich <?ute Hpectatoz
c^wd thsit'tlie ? scent
, I^I^M^M^I^^^^ heart reri
fcfifi jTheyrlsoqj?.Wa?;-: hroufjht fixun llic jail
dr. JT?hhk-iif^l^Efe
tifry yards oi the\ gallows foi
iw^nty njinutcsor myi c<; ..Iiis, t vcv;. wore 1 r
settled caluinenx,'irui<l in all ro.ipci Ohe ioolc
cd as one whose mind had been (horouglil}
liV (-h At tea minutes to 2 o'clock he was led tc
' N the^Hows, accompanied by the sheriff, and
Y ' the ministers mentioned ab?ve. ITc walked
.up the ladder to the board which was to be
i;,r ? eut from under him with apparent ndplness.
mi^m^iM stood by the side of the executioner.
,:' fehsrilTCaln here nddreiued the crowd
n<ln ilJi7/;Ui 1 1
I ? ,. CUid aakfld that eilenco be "maintained while
. ' ho read the centeneoy of tlic Court. At the
" ConrJueion of the^entenc? where the word*
I lJencj may^e^Lord h'avc mercy on his soul,"
, ,.. ;Ap^d,e4c^airoed, justiaf^er tho 3hcrifi' had
/ ' JlnLnhod, "(jod ?raht it!" The rbspito giv
? X';vW'frbih ihe'lOth of March torhe 2nd iast,
V<* .? was them' read, aftei which the Sheriff asked
((jji.-the prisoner if he had anything to say. lie
replied in the affirmative and said in sub
? "Jly friends, I am tprr'j that I have
. brought Ibis County to this disgrace, and aU
?o myself to this end, and hope that it will
' be a warning to all thoiv who age not here..
- I am not glad that lam brought here tn
., rnaUo thin warning, but hope by it that you
. 1 ^sitt w tax^hi to obey the laws of the eoun
^irj, aikd more especially the laws of God.
While a man lives out of tJodV law, his
, |/ sopl ahd body ore in danger. Although it
'>?<*? ?ay seen* to- you that you have a loag life
;! 'before yon, and will find timcfor repentance
. , on a sick bed, it is batter to stars to live vir
tuous at once. If I had lived in virtue m
I -Irty tenth, how happy I would be to-day.
Tnope'tbnt'my soul will reach Heaven
^Tljhvdajr Is like the ono v4^cn our Loid was
idfled. Others Wcro with Ht??, ono of
looked to Him ni
rill save' me r
prlt himself read die h inn, "Come thou
i?ount of every Messing," in a loud and
tvoicc, n't the conclusion of which he
begged the Hpeel.iMrs to *"Joln'?witli him hi
Hinging. He rai.-cd the tune, and sang it to
the end in a clear und distinct nianncr,
joined in by the greater part of thoso pres
ent. Tili? was the moat hnpresMve nnd
solemn part of the scene. As he stood
there catching as it .were, glimpses of that
eternity so near >it hand, singing without a
tremor in his voice, the spectators seemed
amazed, and thoroughly impressed with the
awful indemnity of the occasion.
After this, the Rev. (I. A. Hough made a
feeling and appropirate prayer lor the pri
soner, who prayed also, but in a tone scarcely
audible. He continued in prnycr until the
hropc was cut. He remained suspended in
I the air for tea or fifteen minute* when Dr
Lego re pronounced life extinct.
15hU8 the majesty of the law has been
vindicated, and a inurdcruns soul hcnt to
that unknown world into winch he hurried
the spirit of Under Gholson.
The clyowd numbered between three and
four thousand, every one of whom we trust
will remember the penalty they Baw Wil
liam Auld pi?' on yesterday for taking the
life of hin fellow mau,.
d forty ur (love nor
^in has been 0?M
. L, ~v ^SWfint? ?f-jb? law depart
ment qf laic colIfgt- , i
5 '-Vlvtr die annual
oratioit. The following IS>>?l?^llcr 0f
Yai.f. Cot.i.kge,
Law Dkpaivtmbk?
Kkw Haven, Conn.; Mar^
His Excjjfcnry Daniel II. Cttambcrlaiu
^.Deak Sin?I am instructed by the faculty
of Yale law s hool to invite you to deliver
an oration atthe ensuing poiuniencement of
the law department of Yale college?June
30, 1875.
The oration will be followed by addresses
from members of the graduating class. The
cxerciscu will take place in the Centre
church (Dr. Hreon's), president Porter
Permit mo to add that it is our earnest
wish that you will consent to perform this
service. V think we can promise you ofi
^intelligent an audience as New England can
furnish' and -you can rely on a very warm
?welco^u^y^^^riofma. viotf. :! j';Y " ?
:?: Ab;/ I add di:;t you wefoour unanimous
arid Orst choice for drif p6>itipt). .
,J)eaii of Law-Faru&v;
rr. i 'I V1 . '1 '' ? ! * ? , %' '.' .
y This ?mark;of ^nflde'nciiin'drstecin from
i A, s V \. V ;. ?',??? ** 'i*. ' ' >?.?',
hir. nilftdin tier is a corrpliiiicnt of Whieli! the
governor may well be proVnl, arm every
citizen of his adopted Slate may share in
(hat honorable pride; nor will Yale itself
mother to hundreds of noble reputations,
and the source fraiin winch have sprung
hundreds of honored public men, fail to
place our governor among the lirst of those
of whom she boasts.
Mr. Chamberlain entered \*a!e college in
1858, and graduated in 18?2. Jfe then
entered Harvard law school and graduated
the following year. At Yale he graduated
as class orator, and Dclorrest prizeman.
This honor is conferred upon thfct member
of the senior class "Who shall write and pro
nounce an English oration in the best man
ner," and it.is the chief literary and oratori
cal prize of the course. At Harvard he
stood lirst in all the studies, and was selected
by Professor Parsons to assist him in prepar
ing the last volume of Iii? work on^ ''Con
To be thin selected to deliver tj
beforo the law school of Yn
honor, which has recently beer
Hon. >Vni. M, Evarts, Hot
Hon. IT. H. Harrison, nnd lac
Edwards Picrrcpont.
Tli. kc Clni
We were in error, aj
yesterday that the p,
for by (ho half mil,
amounted to nearly
lutray by noticin
senate only. That
number of the m
but they did
last day of tli
at body forti
tli c claims passed. Can any unc interested
give us u complete list?
W. J. Etier, $2,500, fur services as hsst?
tant clerk session 1873-7d; H. L. Shrews
lniry, $1,500, journal clerk; W. A. IIpviic,
$1,0U0, reading clerk, (balance on thai
200); J. Williams,$730, ox-strgeanl-ut arms*
coal and wood; Lewis Grant,$400,.porter
for senate clerk; A. O. Jones, $G3ty'.2, for
pay certificates ol J. Vanderpnol rtnd'E. W.
M. Mackey; Green Smith, $200, aUuchces
J treasurer's duo hill; E. M. Hrayton, $350t
clerk to sergeant-at-arms; S..T. Dxthpficld,
$300, engrossing clerk; A. Harri^ $120,
messenger; II. Noah, $300, solhitor/s office;
T. Small, $90; G. Shrewsbury, $18*; R. A.
Sisson, $1,560, reading clerk; DrfHnrris,
$330, chaplain; J. L. West, $50?Jelerk to
the Dunn committee; R. J. Leu, solicitor
Dunn committee; T. S. Ca vender, Iclerk to
Dunn committee; T. Hamilton, $1a10, pay
certi ionics, due bills, etc.; It. Small*, $2,250?
ditto; sundry small due.bills and ]iny certi
ficates about $5,500; Hardy Soloui m, $20,
117, for supplies furnished to pCV.Kcniiaay;
N. E. Edwards, $722, school claim). Total,
Of this amount $21,011 is ebaigeablc t?
the legislative expenses of 1373t74. The
amount appropriated by the act of March 0,
1874, for the payment of cmpljbjecs and
contingent expenses of the general (assembly
.was $112,000 1
The treasurer recently rcpojted that
been presented lo him for
$140,321.4(1, and that he had pirti y paid up
on that amount. Sonic of the eh ims above
noted consist of balances unpi id on the
vouchers Fo presented. But tl c mass of
these passed claims arc additions tjo the over
reported by the treasurer. Of the
claims pn^Ty^WiMiii^^ fail
ed in the house?an equal amoMt belonged
to' the same class. It would, thSjercfore, ap
pear that the officers of the genr?hl assembly
of 1873 74 nuiBl have drawn waittrohts in cx
thc n/i'i""''"? ?a't'on of fha^ear for the
employees und contingent cx
-pc;n?^> ur-Tt^-g-eneral assembly to an enor
mous amount. Can we have no explanation ?
If not, can we have redress??ihion-llerald.
There are many inaccuracies in tho above
list, to our knowledge. Does^ the Unien
Hcttild really wnnf a complete list? And
is its knowledge so limited that it cannot
givo us u ?b( of claims paid (fit of the ten
thousand dollars, contingent fund of the
Senate. "Can any one interested give us a
complete list ?" Why, of coi rse they can,
if they will. Demand it, MrgEditor, and
perhaps you will get it. We Save heard of I
some features connected therewith, not
altogether? lovely,- . ?. fc &?A MSratS i. ? ?!
j!5 >
?csiix. Ti:x].i, ll'.xch 30.
To Jfis Rrcrtitncy U. S. Grtiit, President of
the United .Stttte*: I
Slit.?The depredations *>f organized
bands of robbers from the Rcpiblicof Mexi
co hare of late increased in frequency and
attrocity to oil extent which threatens the
depopulation of tho lower ItioGrandc coun
try. The ahum in the countrr between the
Nonces and Kin Grande conxtraeiit upon
these raids, in which our people are ruth
lessly murdered and their property forcibly
taken by Ilia foreign desperadoes is wide
spread, and unless relieved bylsomc ^issur
ranccs of protection must result inn genoral
break up of the settlements. -^In the 26th of
this month a huge party of these robbers
penetrated the interior as fir as within
eighteen miles of Corpus Chrsti, robbing
stores and ranches, and murdoingand cap
turing citizens,.and capturing \nd destroy
ing the United j^tates mails. 1 appeal to
your Excellency for proteetionjfbr tho peo
pie of that country against til
of outlaws from Mexico, sine
been of almost weekly occurc.i
and are incrcai
The cittzer
Wc know that few roadi in the South arc in
better condition to-day than the Greenville
Road. And bbthere ia a good deal of travel
from thin section on this roar/, we say to our
pleasure seekers and others who anticipate a
trip to the mountains this Summer, not to
let idle rumors, of perhaps interested parties,
alarm them. Wc guarrantce them a Bale
trip, under careful managers, on the Green
ville Rail Road.
The Legislature-.
This body adjourned yesterday a week
ago, and all the members went home. Thir
ty-six acts of a public nature were passed by
a four months session. The work done how
ever, towards reform in the Government, is
of a nature to please the people. Wc will
revirw it in some future issue.
Three Masonic meetings held last week
and all the anti-masonic "better halves" in
a disperalely had humor. Our "better
half" mildly remonstrated with us, and the
result was a r.hort handled broom in the
house.?Merchant and Farmer.
We'll bet our Ja*,t quarter that it was a
long-handled "three string broom," and
hard ;o breakc, and it wasn't broken on our
contemporary's knee "nuther."
ONE RESIDENCE in tho town
of Orangcburg, containing six LARGE
ROOMS, with all necessary OUTBUILD
INGS?fino Well of water, Garden, Orch
ard, Ac.
Cheap and terms liberal to a responsible
A RESIDENCE of smaller dimensions.
Cheap for cash.
A splendid FARM on the edge of Corpo
ration line. Will be sold cheap, and on
liberal tcrniB. A splendid Truck Farm.
AI _so
A very desirable LOT, with Small Dwel
ling. A bargain. Apply at
apl 3-tf THIS OFFICE.
I have at the Engine Hall a large supply
of English goods, Scotch Tweeds and Broad
cloths, whieli I invite the citizens of Orange
burg to inspect. I will commence to tell
them at Auction to-morrow morning at 10
o'clock, and at 2 airtl 7 in the afternoon.
apri 3 1875 It
till 9500,000.
And the
"Allanlio," of Ncir York.
I am nrenarcd to lake RISKS of any
amount, dividing them in several 1st Class
COMPANIES, to which I call the attention
of property holders.
Taken on GIN HOUSES, MILLS and
Fire Insurance Agent.
A fow tons of
Also a supply of the
apl 3 1875 ly
County C
Fursuant to 1 Seo. 27 of
CQMM1SSIONERS,'' approved
the CLAIMS against tho County
uiiusioncrs, allowing IhcEqpendtt
1st 1874, are hereby published
W W Evans.
A J Evans.
J 3 Bolen.
D Louis.
Amos Corilon
John II rhijlipa
Allen JcfcoaO
P M Gray
Orungeburg "Times
Old Claims fcr whioh drafts have i
li Ezckiel.!
Hiirpin lliggs?
:: ?
E B Scubrool
Tilda Benjan5n
J L Gibson
Myers Gova?
A Gaffncy
A Glovian...
Toncy Green
E Goodwin
Tilda Golson.
M Govan
Benj Golson.
John Iiiimilt<n
M B Treadw4?
H P Cooke
Sarah Dnnonon
T II Cooke
Thus DonertK11
Nancy Bemus'cn
Thos Donersfr11? Jr
Richard Tou
David Gray....
N E W Sistrurk.-.?IN*
J W Hodges
Laura Pearson
Emilia Jones..
Anna Moorcr..
Morgan Grifp.n
Rachel Kellcy.
Ham Johnson
M P Way.1 .
E H Irlck.\ V >
Thomas Living^ton
January McNeil
Li zzie Jamison
Gco Jamison
Catharine Tato1
Anna Cato.j
N Carroll.]?
Isabella Jonnsof
K J Salley.....
Bioky Saoll..,
F B Johnson.
T II.C oke....
Gco Jamison....1
B J Quigriarrt.
D >V Byrd.
Jaa Van Tassel.
Daniel Quattkbifu,u
L R Beikwith..
J D Smoake.
Gco II CorL"-sohT^. Contit
Jas Van Tassel......
TtfftSoWU &[Pij:V.;,.v
l it'i t?il jr'Wl tii
OR'ANO ttifrfiti' '??VpTY'
."eicil'v" -Jmfgnicnti: :'? *
Gcorgtr Bo'.ivcr as
of lite Court,
D. J. Quigly as Trustee (.
of James Brown and j
Elizabeth iirown Ida j
wife, and James llrowQ j
and Elizabeth Brown^ J
By virtue of the judgment of foreclosuro
herein, 1 will sell att public outcry, at
Orangeburg C. II , on rthe first Monday m
April next, at the risk of the former pur
chaser, \
1. All that lot of land with the Build
ings thereon, in the Town of Orangeburg,
known as the Marchant, .as represented on a
plat made by M. L. Baldwin, 27th Fcbr'y,
1875, containing about one-acre, and desig
nated on said plat as Lot No. 3.
2. Also all that other lot, designated an
Lot No. 2 on same pla*, at the corner p"
Amelia and Windsor Streets
TciniB?One-third cash, balance in tw
I equal semi-annual insta-ln ents, with intcrc
from day of sale, secured ?y bond and morj
gage of the premises. Purchasers to pj
for papers and recording. I
ShcrifPs Office, \ >
OrangcbuigC.il., \\ E. I. CATNi
I March 13th, 1875.
-the ji^M, title' ;."nd
lands i

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