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??vi? MH-X^J.-j.
Ah* r.-i
GOD^^NdBTR country.
1 - SATURSj^O^N^T^KlLToriirir
stioa o
T. Olivero*,'
?nd also of Deponit Book No. 96]
Branch, in the nnmo of the Bald'
in trust, and that I will
ttiroo monihs from data for a renew- ".ZZif
Garn?, and for such dividends aa raflatteruo J
th;rcon, to the Tra'sloo and Com it too of
v theeaid Bank, at Columbia, S. C.
ear 6?1 fun 8m Qualified lixfitrix.
jpnruu tuu; ugS in tllf tuO 4
JMENTS.mOT burtneasjs
afctpo tho tfflo. Ofe^wlH'
B.i^\*cr. Wxjp'
tomers at tho shoeat notice,
apt 11 j ?0
prepared to f-\ ? ; y ray ec
&?d th? publio generali/ with ororjthing Id tk? f
, groceries & Hardware
MSEot my tr.VAC. KODSftATE t*BtCK9.
NotwithslWiding the OBEaT *Htfe atfd tho LOSSES rufet with, I have ob hand and
AtitftlM BB^q^J^iNG T^A^UiP^ind five CeSt SE?AR in!
JflerBranda, with .many ofclxeT^apAil articles .
/ I . ? ? ' 1 ? ...
MINE for jour-elT^^? *3 dJr;o..< lo Q?-it8 8I.T
L ItAfySDALK, Brougiaton Street. Y
i8?? re "* ly .
ptate Stock of
rcrs my GRATEFUL THANES to the TUBLIC for the Liberal
tofore, ntad Solicit a continunnco of the sntne. I will dilgently
f this County and violnity as PRACTICAL COMPOUNDS ot
and NIOUT, and assure strict and prompt attention to all orders
ATTENTION given to tho PURITY of MEDICINES, -?ft
H5 1875 lj
CY ?
QENCY of the
ig Companies, \ ,
Fund," Cftpl
New York.
take RI8KS of any
n several 1st Class
I rail tho attention
Dr, J. ?. WANNAMAKEE is in pos
session of the Receipts and Prescription
Books of the late Dr. E. J. Oliveros. AU
persons desiring to get any of the above
Preparations or Renewal of Prescriptions
can do so by calling on
mar 27?3in At Ioh Drug Store.
The State of South Carolina.
' ' Is Common PleJls.
J8E8, MILLS and
Insurance Agent.
y of the
.1875 ly
>WER STORE Major B. F.
ad to see his old friends and
orally, and supply them with
In In the reach of all.
1875 6m
>5 to 20
|ny at Home. Terms froe.
Portland, Maine.
1875 ly
Crane, Boylston it Co. "j
Moritz Rich
E. B. Stoddard & Co.
?a 1 ? - - Attachment, hi
Mori at Rich. I '
By virtue of the order of his Itoaor
Judge Reed herein, I will sell on Saturday,
April 10, 1875, and on each succeeding Sat
urday until disposed of, the Stock of Gene
ral Merchandize attached in the above enti
tled capes, at Public Auction, to the highest
bidder. Snles to take place at Orangeburg,
between the hours of 11 A. M. and 5 P. M.
Terms cash.
Sheriffs Office, )
Orangeburg C. II., [ E. I. CA IN,
March 27th, 1875. J ?. O. C\
Notice is hereby given thnt I will file my
final account wjth Iho Judge qf Probate for
Orangeburg county, on the 20th day of
April, 1875, and "ck for letters of Dismissal
as Administrator of the Estato of Frederick
W. Jones, deceased.
mar 20?4t Administrator.
Notice is hereby given that I'wifl file my
final account w^th the. Judge of Probate for
Orangehprg county on tho 201 h day of April,
1875, and ask for letters of Dismissal as
Executor of the last Will and Testament of
Robert Argoe.
mar 20? it '?" Executor.
viOne' month from date I will file with the
Judge of Probate my final account as Ad
mimstratix of Moses' Braddy deceased and
ask for" my Icttor of dismissal.
Mar 27 18151 1m
"Little Dan."
uu sco, the people at the post office
n recognize faces and names, and
r a man or vornan has appeared
the ?ongral-deli very window three
four times thoy are pret ty well
own. It ia ft real^plcasuro to hand
it letters to Rome, while the clerks
ire little for the calls of others to get
$<1 of their epistles.
One day ? year or two ngoa funny
thing little old woman, wearing
'ided garments)' but having a tidy
liok and a motherly face, appeared
&.the window and asked for a letter.
?bore was ohe for her, sent from a
totnnt city, and any one could have
d'd that an unlearned boy directed
bo.^envnlopo. Theftf was a little'd'
Y Detroit, with a big "T tb end the
rd, and it seemed wonderful that
i letter ever reached its destination,
jrhe oid lady felt so good that, tears
her eyes and yet trj ing hard to
jile, she put her head into the Win
jiv and said :
[Thanks I It's from my boy Dan,
you don't know how much good
|jrhe lady delivery clerk rose up to
!>k after the old woman, and when a
ond letter came she was looking
d watching for 'mother' a whole
y before the letter was passed out.
u'lt's from my little Dan again,'
[Jed the old woman as she noted the
ncr-acriptiou. He'a'in Buffalo, learn
r a trade. He's only a bit of a boy
d there wasn't a show for him in
'troit, and beside he was rennins
jti> nights and going to the bad.
lit' him away and he's working hard
d trying to be good, Got! bless my
in 1 I'm a lone widow with only
n to love, and I hope he'll be good !'
'I hope so, too,' added the clerk and
that the two were friends. Somo
tintel0 Otters were far between, and
w}flBjttpld woman would worry over
? i.HjHWhkthc big tears woidd fall
luIH was discVniraged."
Almost every week for a jear anj
a half the old lady received a letter
and just as regularly she came t/> pos
an answer. She wrote, in a quail) toll
ham', b.it the 1 by coi.hl mak< outexerj
word, and ahce when he wrote thai
her writing was improving she felt ali
the pride which a school girl cnuh
have shown. He impiovedns well
By and by he wrote 'Detroit* plain ami
fair., and no to;>k extra pains to com
mence his 'Dear mother' with a grand
flourish, and to add something extra
after the words : 'Your Son Dan.'
Those letters were fo<<d and drink tc
the old lady, nud she seemed to nctua'.
ly grow youuger. Little Dan had
many friends in the postoffice, and had
the mother been ill any carrier would
have hunted till midnight to find her
nud baud her the loeked-f r letter.
Three .or four weeks ago when she
opened her letter she wept and smiled
as over the first. Dan wrote that he
was earning-for * week, and her heart
was full. She said she'd have the cot
tage looking like new for h'm, and
she'd be at the depot to welcome him
first of all. , Every body, felt gla I with
her, nud tho lady clerk was to go up
some evening and have tea with her
nud sec little Dan and praise and en
courage him, for the more kind words
n boy can have the belter will he seek
to do.
There was no lettor the next Tues
day* but the two exciwe^ its absenc?
L>y saying that Dan was getting ready
:o come home. That was earlv in
February, and he was to come about
he first of March. The ncit Tuesday
here was a letter, but the handwriting
?ras not little Dam's. It was a strange,
msiness hand, and the clerk felt a chill
;o over her as she turned it over. It
night be good news, lut she feared.
?Mother" came in at the regular hour,
md she turned' pale as she took the
mvelopc. Her fingers trembled as
he opened- it, and she had to wipe the
nist out of her eyes before she could
Icoipher a word. Sho hadn't rend
iverfoitr or five linei when she uttered
. moan and sank right down, like one
rushed hysomcawlul weight. They
ifted her up and took her home, the
otter clasped in lur stiff fingers, and
hough sho came ovt of the faint after
while her hear', was broken, and in
weak she was in her grave.
Dan was dead;! The letter said that
0 had been taken suddenly ill, and
lint nothing c'uld save him. The
low wu6 too heavy for one with her
ray hairs and childish heart, and her
1 ttie old cottage is without a tenant
No more letters commencing "Dear
iother,,? conto fdr tho dead,and the
rembling hands which used to hngor
mdlv over tho words: "My dear boy,
)an,*' are folded over a lifoless breast,
ierc to rest till the angels unclasp
\\Qirt.-~-I)ctroit Free l*ress.
The Amateur Fire Brigade.
<?<.' ? ? ? ,l' _ ? ( .
Mr. Boliuk ovvns and rune a cooper
shop iu Detroit, and as he keeps a
dozen men at work he is bound to
have his Bhop run on "system." The
other day he was reading a newspaper
article in regard to the prevention of
conflagrations. ; The urtioie ad"L?ed
all employers to lay out a regular pro
grarao as to what should be dime when
a fire was discovered in the shop, and
drill his hands until they understood
\K He bought fifty feet of hose fur
the penstock, detailed a man to use it
Iii case of fire, and then instructed
eacli other man and boy just .hat
they should do when an alarm was
given. One * as to roll out barrels,
auo'.he ? o save tools, another io throw
stives through n window, and each
one knew exactly what to jump for.
ThiB was all right, and Mr.Bolink
bad a good mind to cancel his insur
ance policies and depend on his local
fire brigade. Before taking this step,
however, itoccurred to him to give hi j
pogrnmme a trial. Ho had a little
curiosity to see if bis employees would
spring to their posts according to in
structions, and he studied out a plan.
One morning ho passed up stairs, kick
ed a pile ofsh .vings together on an
old picco of zinc, tot ched a match to
tbcm, and the next minute run down
stairs crying out:
"The shop is on fir?! Fire! fi ,c!"
The man who was to use the hose
grabbed it up, threw it out of the win
dow, and jumped after it, shouting
"fire!" until he was heard tbrec blocks
oil. The man who wots to save the touh
threw an adz and hit-Mr. Botink in
the back, and then hit him agaiu with
a draw-shave.
As Mr. Boliuk was pawing around
on the floor the man who was to save
the ready-made work rolled five pork
barrels over him, kicked in the heads
of t'ireo more, and then dug hut
bh ough the back door. One man
saved a piece of board six feet long;
^Mthertordcup a stave and broke two
^jR&^M^ulcn third
: xnlcf aTlWrtBMfcgj^n I
Hi, and-kicked op<iPffl$^gj
B HWMHBj^o minute* the shop was ^le .ir
j every one hut Mr. Buhnk, and he
was .cruw ling out from among the bur
? rets wiien steamer No. 0 eame gallop
j ing down. The smoke was rolling tip
through the roof, the boys yefiiug
' "fire !" and the firemen w redetcrmin
I ed to save that coopershop ?.r perish in
! the attempt. &r. Unlink heard them
calling to "git tlum hose around hyar,"
: and to "play lier up to eighty-five,"
and he got to the door and shouted:
\ "Hold on, gentleman, there is no
1 fire here!"
1 "Gitout'n tho way !" cried the pipe
man; "yere'g }*er mi eral water!"
' "Ii'? only a joke, gentlemen; there
' is no" ? Air. Bolink was shouting,
when the stream of water lilted him
over the barrels out of the back door,
where he sat down on a broken shave
horse until his coopershop had been
filled with water, and the bhnvings
had burned out. During the after
noon the next day his whole force
were engaged in emptying barrels,
wringing out draw-shaves, hanging
broad axes up to dry, and otherwise
getting the shop on a working basis.
- ? ? ,
Killing Cabbage Worms.
Every year we get a new batch ot
remedies lor the cabbage worm?or
rather, we get a rehash of the old reme
dies, and every year after try ing bite or
more of them, we all go back to the
oldest remedy of all, the thumb and
fingor. "Try again," however, is a
go >d motto, so wo now give, one nwro
"certain caro." It is given by a cor
respondent of tho New York Tribune,
and is this : "In June," he says "in
going through iny early cabbage, I
found one completely covered w th the
worm, Immediately I obtained a hand
ful of bvan and sprinkled it over the
head. The worms began to pquirm
and fall off the cabbage, and wher>
ever tho bran touched them they seem
ed to be in pain. The following morn
ing they were all dead. Since that
time on the fi at appearance of the
worm I sow tho bran. ? Somo seasons
it may be necessary to do it tho sec
ond time. If tho worms a'c very
thick, it is better to take a handful
nnl sprinkle it oyer tho cab
bage. A hundred weight is ample for
and acre. This is simple, cheap, and
easily tried: Fosslbly, it may he tho
very thing we have been looking for.
A Nevada man who had seven
homely daughters, got a paper to hint
that he had seven kegs filled with gold
in his cellar, and every girl was mar.
ricd In five mouths. M
AVheu an old husband dies and
loaves $500,000 to a young widow, it ;
is proper for her to mourn; but It ii i
I hard work. i
Texas is tho best State iu the
Uli ui?to get away from. i
Comments on "P&d.!'1
.' :? i.v .rr-.-u.U ..*ilf
Yesterday afternoon two^atrangcM,
yrnlkine up und down:in the Detroit
and Milwaukee depot' to puss time
away,' were attracted to; a ^locomotive
standing ou tho rnilsf and as they
walked around it, one of them
remarked:' yntqqola vd
" Jv was one of tficse fellers that
killed my old dad:'.' '
"Is that so?" replied the 'other."
"Yea, busted him in nine or ten
pieces. I never think of it without
the tears coming." "' M'
He sighed heavily, and wetit on :
"Dad was walking on the track
when shb busted him, The'engineer
said ho reimbursed his lever* blowed
the Whistle and did all. he,could to
save the old man, who was trotting
along with his head doW'n, but noth
ing could warn him, Tbiti'-ore cow
catcher picked him up and tossed him
forty fcot high, und he turned over
sevon times und come down in a corn
"And he wbb dead ?" asked the
"Dead! Well, I should say he was!
Every rib was brokon, the veitebry
was fhiverod, his skull was stove in,
one leg gone, and he was the worst
looking old man you ever see. I shall
n. v.-r forgot the day they brought tho
pile back into tbc house. There was
mother weeping in tbc corner, sister
Julia up by him on the bed, and I
had to rju the funeral business,
though I *".*i</hat ntar gone that my
head swr'.irand I couldn't keep noth
ing on my stomach but Injun por
"It was a sad thing, indeed,"
"You bet it was!" continued the
ion; "rtntl the newspapers come out
und said dad was a blamed old fool
for walking on the track?them were
the verv words."
"TbeV were ?"
"Yes, them were the words, and I
tell you it struck us bad. Dad might
tave been reckltss, but he was no
Fool. He bad u gcod heart, and was
powerful on poetry and figuies."
^?o ^njnj^^^ejge^on the palm of
Hold on' Hoya.
Hold on to your ^ngAle, ^Wfieu you
arc just ready to swear, lie,. or speak
hastily or use an improper, word.
IIild on to your hand, when you
are about to! strike, steal or do an im
proper act.
Hold on to your feet when you are
on the point of kicking, running away
from study or pursuing thcr path of
crrer, shame or crime.
Hold on to your temper wlton you
are angry, eveited ?r imposed upon or
others grow angry about yom*
Hoid on to your heart; when evil
persons seek your company, and in
vite you to join their games, mirth or
revelry. ft . ? ?
; Hold on to your good name at all
times for it is more valuable than
gold, high places or fashionable at?
Hold on to truth for it will servo
you well, and do you good throughout
Hold on to your virtue, is above
all price to you in all places,*""
Ild*d on to your Charakter;'for iti?,
and always will he, your best ? wealth.
Getting up in a cold ro m ^o make
a fire is liko cetting up in nfo. If
you crawl timidly out' of bed, go on
tip toe to the stove, and' allow tho
shivers to get control of ^oU before tho
kindling starts) your fire Will jf>r?d>ab
ly be a failure, and you Will half
freeze to death in the operation. But
if you jump out bravely, bustlo around,
pull on your clothe*, -knock*over a
chair or two, and pitch in the stovo
wood, you will probably be too,; warm
by the time the firo gets to burning
and have to open a window, Sain
life. Attack it timidly and yon will
fail. Grapple with it, hurry nothings,
stir around, conquer lor tune, $nd you
will be a success, , .?
There has boon a soparation between
an uptown lover and bis sweetheart,
Sho presorted ,hi.m_with hor photo
graph, winch ho, on hjt? honded knee*,
swore ' ho would'ntwAys wear next to
his heart. While making his last
Sunday evening call, hp polled out bin
handkerchief fVbhr'liU 'hack pants
pookot, when, lot tho photograph fell
at his lady's fact, Sho says' ho iaeitho
a Har or elso his heart is not.in tho
right place.
A shortV)hmn ;b*cahie attached to a
tall woman, and somebody Void that
ho had fallen in love with hcrV ."Do
you call' it fallen In love? mid tho
suitor } "its moro liko'climbing up to
it." i uli iti'X
dood seldom or' never'c'pmoi uu?
in'xtd with evil.

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