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< . =-3_jj_______ . ^TT-~ ? ' I"? .. ?'? ?.___^_I_ ._ ' j' ?> y ~"~ _
TWO DQLLABB PER ANNUM. }._7_' '' ( U ) i.) .A. N' 1*.) ?TJU COUNTRY. ~" ALWA^ IN^dVI^OE.
Dr. J. ?. WANNAMAKEE is in pos
session of the Receipts and Prescription
Rooks of the lute Dr. E. J. Oliveros. AU
persons desiring to get nnj ofv.tho, above
Preparations or Renewal of Prescriptions
can do so by calling on
mar 27?3m ?trh?i Drug Store:
iron S-A.mil.
of Orangeburg, containing six LARGE
ROOMS, with all necessary OUTBUILD
INGS?fine Well of Water, Garden, Orch
ard, ic.
Cheap and terms liberal to$a responsible
A RESIDENCE of smaller dimensions.
Cheap for cash.
A splendid FA R'M on the edge of ? Corpo
ration line. "Will be. sohl cheap, and on
liberal terms, A; splendid Trijick Farm.
. ': Aljjo $ ..
A very desirable LOT, with Small Dwel
ling. A bargain. Apply at
dpi 3?if TIIIS 6FF]CE.
T. IC. LEG ARE Ex'r.v* E- C. LEG A RE
and othoi's.
Ry order of the Court of Probate the
creditor of the Rev. I. S. K. I.egare will
present and prove the demands against the
naid Ii S. K. I.egare before the said (*<>:irl in
Orangebnrg, on or before the first day of
June next or thuv will he biirred
A. B.;KNOWLTON; Judge.
March lClh 1875.
apr'l 10 ? is:r> , It
.A Gl^N CY.
Having secured the AGENCY of the
"'City InsuraiiGi: Geiapaoiy
DProviel ecej T^. 1."
With tfinTof participating CompliinttT
"Jl'hc 44*7iraj?a!i*.?* ^nsMJ,"* <T^?>i
And tin;
44.-t?J:miic," of T^vw Yor\Ss.
T am prepared to take RISKS )>( any
snmount, dividing them in several 1>'.\ ('lass
?< DM I'AN 1 J-.S, to which 1 call the atl .?iilion
<jf properly hohlere.
S1?KGI A I tt Hits
Taken on .CIN llOUSKS, MILL* and
Ji \ J?NS. I
l ire Insurance /vit nt.
A few Ions of
Also a supply of the
apl 3 1S75 ly
Consisting ?.f DRY GOODS,
HATS and fresh
Pou will he glad to see his old fr
the public generally, and supply t
of .the REST RR A NDS.
My prices is in tho reach of all
jan 30 1873
MOSER M. BROWN, the 11arl
Iiin?Hclf. to keep up with the Ihne
TiATte IMl'?OVKMKNTS, as bis
sufficient, to gumntoe the nhovi
bo found al his old stand, eve
serve Ins customers at the short?
apl 11
r pledges
in nil the
msiiicvH is
lie will
? ready (o
I notice.
. HOi
A TT6 ItN E Y S A T J jA \\r
Oflicc opposite C'oUit lloti^Avs(^mro>
Ol'i uVirofoit vis.
T, W. Gi.ovi;i-., MoitTiMi-:it|
' JllI.TL'fl GliOVKIt:
Feb. 19
NOTICES Ik ltvr<'.I>y I
the loss or destruction o|
of Deposit No. 331, Ornngehu
Citizen* Savings^ Hank of Soul
issued . to.thc lato Kt J. Olivoroa'
and also of Deposit;-liook No.
Branch, in the n tine of the sit
vero?, iii 'rust, and that I u
three months from date lor a ret]
same, and Cor such dividends as
thereon, to the Trustee and ('
the said Hank, at Columbia, S, C
E. ItOS.A (J. OU\
mar 0?1 am Sin \ Qtinliftcd 1
,OV .Fit,,
?V?'5S <)J'I
lira nult,
Carol in it,
de :onse 1,
ft, of snnift
K. J. Oli
1 apply in
pwal of the
?nay neeruo
xninittce of
The following excellent speech,
delivered hy Judge T. II. Cookc on
the occasion of his visit to Ncwberry
on lastrTuefiday, us one of the disj
tinguished' guests that accompanied
Colonel Black.'.on his inspection of the
i ti jj I ,f 'l?s
?forces- at'''thurpost is published at tho
request of the judge's many admirers:
who were present:
Soldi Kits Xnp Gkxti,i;men?Thi?
invitation is an i'ricxpoetcd pleasure,'
and J scarcely know lidw to address
yen. The troops are here as coriserJ
vdtors of the pence,supporting and:
assisting with the military a-m of the
government the civil authority of the
State. Representing in part the civil
power, 1 am yet here alone in my
qhjpacity hs -a citizen, and mtfyj'pcakj
.to *ou as citizens as well as soldiers,
'rho'condition^ ofjtlie.'.K${uth, gentUmcn,'
is extraordinary and anomalous. It
is not in accord with the essential
spirit of our great rcpub'ic that the
uniform of the soldier should confront
and impeach the republican dignity
of the citizen; and the mosttjminful
duty of the future historian will be to
make a proper excuse for the con
tinued presence in time of peace of a
considerable federal force in any part
of our country. lie will have to ad
mit and deplore the necessity. He will
have to show that the necessity arose
in the unbroken spirit of ii heroic and
devoted people, .unable to control the
passing .11|;lL huUbceUr: excited by an
unparalleled war, ami unable all at
once t o smother the dying embers of a
flame .that lmd conMuutd^Lltcir deur
est hopes arid dWlated ihoiV altars
and firesides. Out of their ashes rose
their wonted lire. . And, gentlemen,
when South -Carol innj|:fj.i*d her armed
arid /-ushed with high hope, over the
siu?l/ing uinneu and through the
leveled b.iveVnet.v to viiulicate a mis
p,micd faith, sliu remembered with
spi'j'ow the (lays, when, shoulder to
shoulder rind breast, to breast with
ciMzeu soldiery of the North, with the
"Whors of the men be lore ?nc, hor sons
carried the immortal fing of the union
"vor the bleeding Jicighls ol Ccrro
Ciord?, Chen:busco and Chnpultcpec,
:lnd planted tbi-in" in a coriiinon glory
over the halls of the MoKtczun'as.
Und while, gentlemen, the cxistcnee
ol' the troojis were necessary to assist
our people in the return of peace and
the r<-establishment of right reason
and public order, while it was to be
expected that a people who had illus
trated the gnllarilry'of the Anglo Sax
on race with splendid virtue that
even the lost cause in not shed upon
the military character of the Ameri
can republic; it was to be expected
that these people should not yield to
such a radical change in every ele
ment of their lives without here and
there a bloody challenge of the piouts
of the war.
Still, gentlemen, the day is not far
distant?its light is now breaking all
around us?whin your'presence will
no longer Lu needed, when the civil
authority of the Slate shall be
supreme, and we of the South shall he
able to hold up, with our heart of
hearts, the flag of our common
country, as it waves gracefully over
our united and prosperous people.
The day is not distant, gentlemen.,
when all men of every ram, elaf-'--. ami
condition will recognize in the govern
ment of this Stale the liaud of honesty;
statesmanship arm economy, tmri in
I the -rosdlls? ofv ourrt greifttAstruagle a
J blo?sing in disguise. In the adminis
tration of Ciov.#Chuiul)erlain, we can
sco ''tho bridge biiiUKd between 'the
rac?s and Ivbihied upon the enduring
column of their nmitial interests.
In. the corilial>phil}so singularly
and beautifully illustrated in (he
recent fair of the Washington light
infantrv Ic Clmrlesioii,-. wo see the.
citizen soldiery of the North and Smith
coming, together in a generous rivalry
over the honoicd grnvda of tho pabt.
The men who startled the world by the
clash of a fratricidal conflict are now
pressing forward to the front of oivili
zation, and pouring out their treasure
to suslaiu and support,- the widow and
this orphan of lhc dead soldiers of the
.South. -Thuir ashes hie commingled
in a common "dust, und ovo r it till the
'greatheart of. the A. men can people
beats once., niprij, Ju ,uui^ou and har
mony, for on; yf'htitcvcr line, ,of battle
the American soldier loll,
??OiVfrtinp/s elrntnVcfauipwig ground'
T heir si lent deiUfc i?i;fl tp re-id,
/iXpil,g|t>ry .v;u;u*?li?-wiih solemn-round tl
,Tho b.ivuuac pjf tho dead." ? ni 1 ;
I hope' (hen, gentlemen,filial before
long yon ^ilt.^tjy.,a.^ide'y}\ur glittering
i i(lu, and. have ./panel in your stay in
this State Kwllieient inducement to
pottle Rainung u.^". ^Vhencvcr you do.
Jut oiler/, you, one and all, ollicera and
men, my hand; with my heart in it.
With every wish for your fut arc wel
fare, allow me to hid yon farewell.
? The Fire That ?? Nick Built.
_\Ve iind in. au e>-change the follow
ing capital imitation of the style of
tlje "house thai Jack built," and wish
itonight become a household favorite :
Intemperance?This is the fire that
old Nick built.
Moderate l}rinkmg?This is the
fuel I hat feeds the fire t hat old Nick
[Rum Selling?This is the ax that
euls the wood that feeds the fire that
old Kick built.
Love 6f Money?This is the atone
I hut grinds the nx that cuts the wood
that feeds the fire that old Nick bui'l.
Public Opinion?This is the sledge
withi its face ol'st el that baiters the
stone that grinds the nx that cats (he
wood that fee !s (lie lire that old Nick
X Temponujco Meeting?This is
one of the' blows that We quietly deal
to fashion the sludge, with its edge of
stool that batters the stone that jiriuds
m"io-Ji.y^.JJuLt:. outs thoSvoodthat % ds
the lire (hat <d<l Nick "built.
Temperance 1'lodge?This is . the
smith that works with a will to give
lb reo (u the blow that we quietly deal
( j fashion I he pledge with its face of
stool (hat baiters the stone that grinds
litis ax that cuts the wood that feels
ihe iire (hat old Nick built.
Eternal Tiiitli?This is thespiiitso
gentle ant) still (hat uoryes the smith
'to work with a will to give force (o (lie
blows that we quietly deal lo fashion
? the sledge with its face of .steel that
baiters the stone that griifds (he ax
that -uuls tlie wood that feeds the fire
that old Nick l*iii 11.
Woiusiu's lthrhts.
The following are (he opening
sentences of an 'address on (bis subject
by Mrs. Skinner:
Miss President, feller wimmin, and
male Irish generally?I ?tri bore to
day for the purpose of discussing
woman's rights, rccu&iiug her wrongs
and cussing (he men.
I believe (he sexes' were crcatod
!perfectly" equal, with the women.a
little more equal than tlip men. *
I also believe (hat (he world would
to-day be happier if mau bad never
As a success man is a failure, nnd 1
bless my slnrs that H?y mother was a
wo'man. fApplnuse,]
I not only maintain their principles
but ????uintnin a shiftless husband be
They say man was created first,
Well, 'sposo he was. A'ltt ttrst experi
ments always failures?
If I wasa betting niaii,l would bet
?250 they tire.
The only decent thing about him
was a rib, and that went to make
something belter. [Applause.]
And (hen they throw in our luces
about Inking an apple. I 'll bet live
dollars that Adam h -lped her up the
tree and only gave her the core.
And 'what, did he do when he was
found ?>ut? True to his masculine
instincts, ho sneaked bdliind Eye's
Grecianl>end and said: "'Twan'tme;
'twas her," ami woman has had to
father every thing niifl mother it too.
What we want is (lie ballot, and the
ballot wo're l>oiui<f'to have, if We-lia ve
to let dow n <>ur back hair and swim
in a f-ca of gore. ' [Sensation.]
Tho war of raccs?racs for office
:) 1.(1
?.Toledo Ghost Story.
Last weck a-respected citizen died
ib'tins city, nntj was laid out in funer
al robes preparatory to interment next
day. That night two watchers sat in
the room adjoining, that in which
the corpsc was" lying.. The door be
tween the two rbQins was shut, but not
latclied. Along toward midnight the
watchers began, )as, watchers will, to
amuse themselves by telling gho:;t
stories. If there is any place or time
when a ghost ttory can be told with a
popular, thrilling effect it is in the
''dead waste aucl middle cf the night,1'
in the immediate propinquity of a
corpse; which has just yielded up the
So it proveiLin .this instance. As
the narrator proceeded with the blood
curdling recital, he and his auditor in
stinctively turned their cyea toward
the door of the room in which the dead
man lay. tFust then the relator
nid: ?
"At that minute an awful groan was
heard, the lights turned blue, and
there was a amell of brimstone,' the
door opened (ff itself, and in walked
The knob of the dcor to the corpse'5
room turned slowly, and the door
swung open open w.tli a long 'screech.
The relatt-r tsnrieked.
?"There it docs come!" and with n
convulsive bovnd, threw lm arms
ti round his companion's neck. Every
individual hair upon the lattcr's head
became as rigid as a' frozen knitting
needle, his lingers worked like an im
paled fisli worm, and he goasped out:
"Ilowly Mary I mother of-"
then .his whitejips became dumb ^jib
Lerrur. .This
uirtics, not seeing any spiritual visi
or, recovered in a measure their prc
enco of mind, and then they dUoov
:ied that the door had been opened
>y a draft of dir.
Hides fi>r Teachers.
Never be late. 1 ?
A 7oid governing too much.
Make few rules for your scholars.
Cultivate u pleasant^ countenance.
Never be hasty in rule or action.
Teach both by precept : n I exam
Never let a known fault go unno
Encourage piirents to visit the
Labor dilljgc?tly for self-improve
Never compare ouc child with an
Never attempt to teach too many
Never speak in a scolding fretful
Make the school room cheerful and
a Banish all books at recitation, ex
cept in rending.
Never let your pupils see that they
can vex you. . .
Ask two questions out of the book
for every one in it.
Never trust to another what you
should do yourself.
Apropos of the Tyndall-Darwin
theories, comes in one of General
Schuick's latest Stories that he told to
the wife of a British Cabinet officer,
w ho assured him that "England made
America all that she is.'? "Pardon
me, madam," said the General; "you
remind me of an answcnjof tho Ohio
led in bis icons, who, attending Sun
day-school for the first time, was ask
ed by his teacher, "Who made you?"
"Made me?" "Yes." "Why, God
made mo about so long?holding his
hands about ten inches apart?but I
growed the rest."
A man who was "bent on matri
mony," straightened up again.
No church is too weak to take up a
A circuit court?tho longest way
home from singing school.
Broken China. A civil war is im
peneing in the. celestial Empire.
Hero lies an old woman "who always was
For ?hu lived in lilioufto where help wasn't
I ired.
Her last word* on earth were, "Dear fricndH,
T am'going
Where sweeping ain't done, nor churning,
. nor fie wing,
And everything there will he just to my
For where .they don't eat thcre'ano washing
of (lislien.
I'll he where the loud anthems will always
he ringing,
But, having no voice I'll get rid of the
? singing.
Don't mourn forme.now, and don't mourn
for me never,
For I'm going to do nothing forever and
; crer-"
A grocer in a certain town keeps
a little brown jug hear bis eiddor bar
rel, and when he wants to <lo the fair
thing by a customer, ho mingles some
of tLc contents ot the aforesaid jug
with tho cider. Ife made- a mingle
the other day for an old fanner, but
got in a good deal of benzine and a
little eider. About an hour after
drinking, tho farmer was observed
leaning against r. fence, and was heard
to .soliloquize: "It's too early for sun
stroke, aud too late to freeze to death,
and I guess it's a touch of Ihe sliulcin
What makes this life ?o poor and
d<y and barren is its insubstantiality,
its vacuity, its vani'.y. We have
everything and we arc beggars. Kot
a breath of the cast wind blows upon
us, and yet we are pnrched. and arid,
ami withered. We have ah and have
nothing, We bring home a lapful of
treasure,, only to put it in a bag with
holes. Wo hew out for ourselves cis
'tcrn ? after cistern, and cistern after
cistern holds no wutcr. Tho Bible is
the minister to his emptiness.
Thousands have spent the prime of
life in the vain hope of help from those
whom they call friends, and t housands
have starved because they had a rich
father. Iteiy upon the good name
which is nisulc by your own exertions,
and know that better than the best
friends you can have is the unques
tionable determination, united with
decision of character.
In tho month of June another En
glish polar expedition will attempt to
unvail the mystery of the Arctic re
gions. Three vessels, one of them
lilted out in part by the indefatigable
Lady Franklin, will eonstiiute another
fiert. They will proceed as far-as pos
sible before winter, and next year the
party will leave on eledg s for the
pole. Perhaps it is as well that there
should be tourists of different tastei.
Colonel Prall, of Lexington; Ky.,
says an old lady on bis pension roll,
now living in that city, wa one hun
dred and one years old last October.
But tho old lady is killing herself smo
king a pipe She has been at it now
for the last fifty ycirs, and he thinks
nil can't stand it ninny years loii
A broken backed chicken, with a
false tail and a ring of turkey features
glinl around his neck, received the
first premium at the Ohio State Agri
cultural Fair as a ''Hungarian chick
en of-the Slavi-Mngyar breed." The
fraud was discovered, and the Com
mittee arc being pestered for eggs.
Patient to doele.rs after consultation
?"Tell me the worstgenlleiuen; am I
going to die?" Doctors?"Wo are
divided oiv that question, sir; but there
is a majority of one that you will
Northern Iowa amusements?a sam
ple from the Sioux City Journal ,
"That was a cold joke the girls at the
Depot Hotel played on a y..ung man
the other night. They filled bis pil.
low s?P with snow."
A man had better have a millstone
t'cd t> his neck and be. cast into . the
sea, than to promise to marayaTexas
girl and then refuse. The whi>loco in
try turns, out to bunt h im, and no is
generally left to grow up with n trco
? - Items. , > : ,
"The Beautiful Blue Dduubb* is n
a muddy, yellow fraud. ' ?' ?'
Jonah was a stranger among whrtles,
and they took him in. ' '
' ?. ??
The proper salutation .when yon:
meet a writing master jk "How do
i ./?. . I ?v>" bits ;bia*.'d? ." a /;
you nourish r" , , ...
J ? ?} da).i
They don't bury colored pcoplo in
Georgia. They 'lorin do iun'ral
obs'xuies, nab.
John C. Calhoun has been arrested
in Memphis for wearing somebody
else's trousers.
Before taking liberties willig strange
dog, observe Iiis tail and wait for. the .
wag ou- I
A Minnesota mail makes the win
ter seem short by giving his note paya
ble in the opting. ? ??
Gov. Peck, of Vermont, is a batch?- '
lor. Marryiug would make half ?
bushel of him.
The meanest man in the %orld '|s
tin fellow who knows where 'Charley
Bossis and will not tell. ' -
Mercy Co solation Smith. 13 ,For)i
Wayne's handsrmost girl. Mercy v/ill
no doubt to some fcllew. ,
There is an anti-profanity in darks
ville, Tcnn., which charges^ its menu
hers fifty cents lor every oath indulged
in.;. 1 ?? j . i> i.-t... * ?
Monkeys never grow oidor iu ex*
picssion. A young monkey looks ex
actly like liiir grandpapa melt3d up
and born over again.
The Toledo Herald hopes, if Knla
kaua sells his kingdom(t? ith'e United
States, lie will buy a suit of clothes.
He owns a shirt now'/ " l" ,v
:l ?.. sJ ? ; b-.flud
cd father, I'll Like another tater,'*,
Colorado started a collego a- few
weeks ago, and up to date its inmates
consists of 0110 woman, three indiaiiP,
a butfalo calf and a Professor of Bota
A Rhode Island man carries $200,
000 Hie insurance, and if hecver takes
cold in bis head, the companics'JJrush
down three or four doctors to feed hia
"What would you be, dearest, if.'($
fhould press the stamp of love , upon
those seali 1 g wax 'dps? "I," Tespon-*.
ded the fairey-like creature, "should
There is this difference in the biogra
phy of James "Watt and the legeud 'of
the pillar of salt. One is the story of
Watt's life and the otlwr is the story,
of Lot's wife.
A Western poet who hael expressed
a wish to die "amid the grand ?olitu.de*
of the eternal mountain tops,"...waa
killed by the explosion of i a pint 'of
cheap kerosene.
There is a balky horse> on one of
the Host on street railwaj's, who has
caused so much profanity that the'
churches talk of buying him and put
ting him into som other business.
The young women in Liverpool dis
guised for months as a cabman was at
last detected by her unvarying civilty
proper language, and refusal to take
1 or ask more than tho legal fareS
County Commissioners Office
April Olli 1875.
Notice ia hereby Riven that the I.akc
Ifrldgc, between the Town ofOrnnRchnnr
nndt'icji ncit'on o'C union Br!d ?' nd ninety
six Itrimi, also the footway at i?aid place,
will he let out for repair on Pridav April
Ifiih 1875, at 10 o'clock A.M., ?t t'ho Pidd
Lake Bridge, to the lowest re.sponflihlc bid
der. Pardclars can ho ascertained by hppli
cation to tlic Hoard of County Conuni/Mion
Hv Order of Board, ,
j. p. mAys,
apr'l 10 1875 tf
DR. M. &\ S?LM,
ITn? movctl Iiis office to HOOMS over Mr,
7 TO S A. LI. and from 1 to 4 P. M.
Calls for DR. A. S ffAUiKY can bo
left at my ullieo or at Mr. Vow?'- Stores
ftpr'i " 1875 lm

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