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L O C .A. Hi.
Cotton planting is going on now at
a sharp rate in this County.
- ????>?<?? ?
The now street is to be opened soon.
Let her come Mr. Mayor.
- ?wm ?
Dick Kortjohu was at the Baptist
Church on Sunday-night last.
The new census will probably give
Orangcburg Couuty another member
to the Legislature.
The Democracy all over the
Country are jubilaut over the recent
triumphs of their party at the North.
Howe's Pump ia getting up in the
world in improvements. The place
is thriving fast.
We publish elsewhere in to-day's is
sue of the Ncics and Times the delin
quent laud list.
There is some talkol a joint stock
company being formed here, for the
purpose of building a large, hotel.
Mr. E. Ezekitl has the finest gar
den in Orangeburg. His cabbages
are great big things.
Mr. Addon is in his new store. This
is the third time he has risen from the
Tuesday night last was nipping
cold. Frost fell slightly, and gardens
suffered the consequence.
What a pity that the trcos in the
Court House Squnre were not trim
med in the proper season.
Mr. Addcn has fenced in the cellar
Under his late store. Capt Brigg
luaun, you are next iu order. Mr. A.
is ahead of you.
The young Indies who form the
choir of thfl Lutheran Church were
practising on Wednesday afternoon
last at the church.
Why don't the young men of Or.
:angeburg get up a brass hand ? There;
is musical talent, in Orangebtirg, ancj
we should Hko to see it cultivated.
Wallace Cannon has fine garden
plows for sale. Tlm.se in want of
something of the kind can g?t it by
^calling at his store.
^fr^?M^Ur-hever fVols likr i-.qru Iiig
until his muster begins to get sleeky
Then he will howl at the sound
cricket. Provoking, ailft it?
Augr.sta sent, five hundred dolljhr.'
?over to the sidlcrers in Kdgpfiehl f i/o in
the recent-sU>rm. Generous for t
V. DcMars keeps nl ways on ban
\ a
?ii^st-rat:) suj>ply of groceries. The
Huiling John English is with h|im,
?and w ill be glad to sec Iii-? friends
Augustus Fischer has a new adver
tisement in another column. Bead it
and give him a call. Jim Cannoyi is
?with him, and has something good for
-?? ? liim .
There is less litigation in Orai ige
luirg now than has been the eas< i for
several years back. This speaks
for our Trial Justices as well as
good order of our community.
Miss Anna Diokmson lecture
{'olunvKia on "Wednesday eveuinj.'
large audience. The 'oeal of
Union J ler aid fell m love with
Anna's beauty.
The law office for Messrs. I?.liar &
t in
to a
utooie wilt tic completed slufntly.
Tlu rooms are large and airy,B and
will suit first-rate to deal out sound le
gal advice in. \
A sturgeon five feet long was ehught
-in the river near here in a bdw-not
last week. Our informant looked
real greasy from having gorged him
self on "fish."
We understand time the Temperance
Society contemplates getting up a pic
nic sometime next month. The occa
sion promises to he an intercstijlig one
for all those whose motto is coldl water.
Arc the fowls that range In the
Court House Square public prfl^rty?
Ifsowemovo that the CoiintyS;oin.
missioners give a dinner at the?rnext
meeting, and invite the public (officers
nud the press to parlako with I h em.
The Governor has made no appoint
ment of census taker for this County
yei.. We have no idea who he will
appoint, but hope that the appoint
ment will not be given to a niton who
will not prosecute the work fr.ithfully.
SThc United States Census, gives
Urangeburg not quite Ihren hundred
inhabitants. We want no silch cen
sus taking here again. Cite us a
good man nnd we shall be satisfied;
P. S. Since writing the nbove we
learn that M. W. H. Girardeau has
received the appointment. This is a
most excellent choice, and will give en
tire satisfaction to the people of the
A serenading party was out on
Tuesday night. There is something
in the wind. Men never do such
things purely to exercise their vocal
organs. There's love nbout there
There is a certain unpharisaieal
gentleman who holds forth on the
North side of Ma n street, who is
exceedingly fond of bard boiled eggs.
He has an original way of cooking
The General AesomTdy passed 170
acts at its last session, 30 public acts
fnj acts of Incorporation, G8 private
and local acts, 15 special tax acts, ami
left 4 in the hands of the Governor.
This body was in session 12? days.
The base ball season is here, nnd
yet we hear nothing ftotn our young
men iu relation to the matter. Why
not call your clubs together, gentle
men, and commence a scries of|
games ?
It is proposed that our members of
the Lcgidature assemble here on some
sale day and render to tho public an
account of their stewardship. Good
ideji. What do you think of it, Ke
prcientatives ?
? ??^> ? mm
North Carolina is to have a Con
vention shortly to amend her Constitu
tion. We wore under the impression
that an instrument oflhat kind, when
once adopted in that Stale, : :uld
never suffer any alterations. The
tar-heelers, we thought, would stick.
Dr. II. It Wiltbcrgcr, agent ior
Columbia's famous druggist, -Dr. E
II. Heinilsh, wa3 in town on Monday
? last. He appeared to be a jolly, good
fellow, and as sound as the House he
j represents. l)r. ITeiuittsh is one of the
best medicine men in the country.
Hon. W. H, Iteedish has had built
a neat two story residence for himself
at Branch vi lie. This is tho fifth
house erected by him since ;,hc war,
thus showing a (lecutleflmirit of enters
prise a"nii a ilejffe^jpjliipi in u oil!
sister town.
A rumor has obtained circulation
in some parts of the county that Wil
liam Auhl, who was executed here on
the lid inst., is Mill alive and . at large
in the country. The report is false.
Willian Auld is as dead as Julius
CYcsar, and will never be seen in
this world again.
I?"yod want, a first rale paper, racy
and up to the times, subscribe lor the
Greenville Daily \Ncks. It is some
times a little breezy, but that is be
cause it is published at the foot of the
Blue liidgc and edited by spicy
It is said that the new Comptroller
General aud the S?atc Treasurer, work
in harmony together. This is as it
fhould be. Comptroller Dunn is now
where he can watch the Treasurer, and
it is not supposed that that officer will
attempt to violate tho law a second
We acknowledge the receipt of a
complimentary invitation to foe pre
sent on the 22d inst at the Anniversa
ry of the "Philosophian Society" of
Furman University. The orator of]
the day will be George. W. Gardner
of this County, and the essuyestT. E.
Lake from Greenville. The day will
be an interesting one.
ii mil i ? ? ? ^uu?a
Moses Brown, the barber, is always
prepared to wait upon his customers,
and has a reputation for making an
ugly ninn look pretty. His establish
ment it ki pt neat and well appointed.
Those whose scalps need rubbing
up should pay their respects to
him at once, lie 1ms all the modern
appliances to be found in first-class
barber shops.
We have a very respectable depot ,
an accommodating and industrious
agent, and now wo want tho Railroad
Company to give us something else.
We want to sec a largo lamp put up
at the depot for the benefit of the pub
lic. All the passenger trains arrive
here in the night, and it looks had
for the Company to thrust their pas
sengers out iu the dark. Will you
give us a lamp, Mr. Suporintendant V
If you don't wc intend to go for you
with our gloves off. Having nothing
special to write about (his Hummer,
we'd as soon hammer away at you as
any body cls.c.
A stroll down by the river is. rcul
pleasant* of an evening now. The
voice of birds, commingling with the
sound of rippling waters, makes the
placo most eloquent for lovers. And
then to sit down under the branches
of some wide spreading tree, and talk
of the tender passion?how nice!
Who wouldn't be young and have a
The shad that passes BranchviHe have
courage sans peur to such an cxtout
that when it reaches here tne
fishermen should lift their nets out of
the water for pity's sake and let it go
by happy. It would be as easy for a
camel to pass through the eye of a
needle as for a good fat shad to come
Scott free, by Brnuchvillo,, Fisher
men are plcntW'i 1 .here.
A subscriber scut the Nnws and
Times back to us a few days ago,
with ''jackass" written on tho mar
gin.- If said subscriber will let us
know at what stable he can be found,
we wHI forward a receipt for what he
owes us. lie seems to be corn fed"
now, and has concluded to shirk the
responsibility of paying for his paper
by allying himself with the long
eared specie of the animal kingdom.
Wo have been presented by tha1
excellent and successfull farmer and
planter Dr. W. F. Barton with a
bunch of Barly and a bunch of Black,
rust-proof Winter Oats, which wc
venture to Bay can't be beat in the
State. We heard a friend from
Fadcrland say, on seeing the bunch
of Barley, that it could not be beat
in the old country. Call at our otlice
and see what this County can do in
the way of growing smnll grain.
- mini ???????? ?
There were three or four Union
Soldiers shot at BranchviHe, in 1864,
and arc buried between that place and
Edisto river in an old field. As their
graves have never been disturbed, we
suppose what is left of them still re
mains in the small spot of earth as
signed to them by the men who bu
ried their bodies. We do not sup
pose their relatives at the north know
anything about the manner in which
the)' were put out of the world.
Dli. T. HER WICK LEU A 111:
Wc arc pleased to know that this
g^Tn^ieihinr'tra-- TCmrrty^Trirjv c&Httr
Cam den, for the practice of his profes
sion?that of dental surgery. Dr.
Legare is a gentleman of the first type
and as perfect a master of his profes
sion as one seldom meets. Wc knew
him well in Orangebtirg, and wc
know the excellent reputation he
there maintained as a dentist. Having
thrown his fortunes among us, wc
most cordially recommend him to our
fellow citizens.?Kcrshnw Gazette.
We are requested by Samuel Dibble
Esq., Chairman of the Commissioners
of Election, to announce that he has
received a part of the money to pay
the expenses of the last General Flec
tion. Managers can receive their
shares of the same by calling upon
him at his Law office. The Managers
of any Boll can authorize one of their
number in writing to receipt for the
entire amount for such Poll. No
money will be paid to any one but the
person entitled thereto, except upon
such written order.
There is a certain gentleman in
?iangeburg whose general demeanor
and style of dress, are sufficient to be
tray his desire to splice himself. He
patronizes the bnrbcr regularly, goes
to church every Sunday, sits away up
near the pulpit, has quit drinking
whiskey and, it is said, contemplates
taking charge of a Sunday School.
He is never heard to swear any more,
and goes as neat as a pin. Of course
the young ladies will notice and ap
prove of all this, for?
"Can auch things he,
And overcome them like a Hummer's cloud
Without their special wonder?"
Mr. G. W. Prunson, one of Mr.
Cornclson's frump cards, showed us
through his sh c department the oth
er day. To say that he has shoes for
the people, is just'tho idea, and the
manner in which Brunsen expressed
himself to us. Ho has boots, shoes,
gait?rs, (hand made) of all stzss, styles
and prices. The farmer, who wants a
substantial pieco of work to cov.r his
foot, and the young swain, or lassie,
who always prefer looks to anything
else, can all bo suited at Cornclson's.
Mr. G's stock of dry goods, groceries,
&c., &c., is complete. But his supply
of boots and shoes arc, par excellence,
tho best in tho Burg. If nny one
doubts what wc have to say 'about it,
let. them call on Mr. Brunsen and nsk
to be shown that stock of shoes for the
Mr. C. D. K. got mad the other
day, and thrcatend to break up keep
ing store because our devil slipped in
a line or two last week, charging him
with having purchased a quantity of
dream books. I)ick had no dream,
and bought no books. He is n quiet,
prosy old gentleman, and doesn't
believe in woman's rights, the use of
chignons,. switches, or any thing not
given to her by nature. He is
against all innovations, and says that
newspapers should never be used to
supply any natural deficiency in either
man or woman.
W7itrots, The Town Council of Ornhgc
hurg deem it necessary for the improvement
and concnieiice af the Town of Orange
burg aforesaid, to lay out ami open a New
Street fifty feet in width in continuation of |
too Street leading from llroughton Street,
on which Cieiar Wilson, James Md'harton,
A. F. Urowning, Dave Hamilton and others
now resides, across laur?* owned by S. S.
Walters, J. A. "Williams, 11. Williamson, I).
W. Hobiuson, W. A. Edwards, W. N,
Scovill, Kstate hind of Dr. K. J. Olivefos,
M. Glover, N. A. Hull, lion. T. W. Olovcr,
Kstate land of Kuck and S. Dibble, said
New Street to enter and terminate (across
the track of the South Carolina Hail Koad)
in the Street now open'on the Kaitern fide
of said Railroad, near the premises u?G.
W. Wilson
And M'V.r??<?<(.?, llie Council and the said land
owners cannot agree up ni the amninunt of
compensation to the landowners aforesaid :
lie it lletolretl, and ordained by the said
Council :
1. That the New Street be laid out and
opened under the direction of the Com
mittee on Slrects, fifty feet in width.
?J. That J. Fi Izlar Esq., be, and is hereby
appointed Commissiouer by this Town
Council, "for the purposeof ascertainingami
assessing the amount of compensation to be
paid to the paid land owners, respectively,
over whose land the said Street Mill pass.
:t. That the County Commissioners be
notified by the Clerk of Council ?f<kc*c
resolutions, and be requested to Appoint a
Commissioner for the purpose of ascertain
ing and assessing the amount of compensa
tio)) aforesaid.
4. That each of the f-aid land owners be
also notified by the Clerk of Council of \
these resolutions, and be rcciucsted to ap
point a Commissioner for the purposo of
ascertaining and assessing the amount of j
compensation to be paid to such landowners
in each of the cases abovo named.
Dour in Cum:>il this 10th dav of April
A. D. 187?.
Kntic ItoniNSOX, Clerk of Council"
apr'l 17 hbT? 2t
The Stato of South Carolina.
Lv Common* Vi.kxb.
I). J. Quigly ?s Trustee |
of James Hrown and | .
Kli/.aLscili Jirown bis
wile, anil Jamc* Hrown |
and Klizabetli Hrown. I Foreclosure
Hy virtue of the judgment of foreclosure
herein, 1 will fcH nt public outcry, at
Orangcburg C. II , on the lirst Monday in
Moy next, at the risk of the former pur
1. All that lot of land with the Huild
ings thereon, in (he Town of Orangcburg.
known as the Marc!)ant,place as represented
plat made by M. L. Baldwin, 27tli Fehr'y,
187.r>, containing about one ?cue, and desig
nated on t-aid plat as Lot No. 8.
2. Also all that other lot, designated xs
Lot No. 2 on .-ame plaL, at the wrner of
Amelia and Windsor "Streets.
Teims?One-third cash, balance in two
equal semi-annual instalments, with interest
from day of sale, secured by bond and mort
gage of the premises. Purchasers to par
for papers and recording.
In case the rash portion is not paid Im
mediate'y the Sheriff will resell she above
property at the close of his sales, at tho
risk of the purchaser.
The Stato of South Carolina.
O It A iVi: K Iii' H( 1 C<) U N T Y,
In Common 1'i.kak.
Mrs. II. M. Andrews, Assignee]
of Win. M. Sain, | Fnre
vs f
J. H. Stephens and 0 G. |
Stephens, j
Hy virtue of tho judgment *f foreclosure
filed in this case, I will sell at Orangeburg
Court House on tho Saledav in May next,
all that tract or parcel of land situato in
the county of Orangelnirg, containing (>17
acres more or lc?s, bounded on the North
by lands of Dr. H. II. Knotts, South by the
Kdislo river, Fast by estate lands of J.S.
Jennings and of Sarah xnd Mary Graves
and West by lands of Dr. H. II. Knotts and
Terms cash- Purchasers to pay for pa
pers and recording.
Sherifi's Office, )
OrangebuigC. H; l F.. I. CAIN,
April 12th, 1875. ) p. C
upril 17 td
5 O'i'l C!JB ? o* 1>ISM ISS Al7"
"Notice is hereby given that I will file my
final account with the Judgo of Probate for
1875, and ask for letters of Dismissal as
Orangcburg county on the 17th day of May,
Adtuiuistrator'of the Kstate of Archy Wil
son. II. W. JENNINGS},
apl 17--It Administrator.
County of OnAxoKnuno.
Hy virtue of an order of his Honor J. P.
Heed Judge of tho first Circuit, a special
session of the Court of Common Pleas for
()rangcburg County will be holden on
Monday the tenth day of May next at 10
o'clock A.M.
Witness inv hand and seal of office this
7th dav of April A. 1)., J875.
GKO. HOMYKH, [i. s ]
C. C, P.
spr'l 10 1875 -tt
S5 to e 20
l*cr Day at Monte. Terms froe.
Address O. ST1NSON & CO.,
Porllund, Maine,
jan 2'J 1875 ly
jg_!.!.?.< l-LiJ_g?IM-I-L-^^-J ?l. ?ii iiV; " ,\J PIT1 .'"I1"' liit*IlMrf -
ISTow is the time f??* mr?US^
lVronnge. I have just received a choice variety of , i ?{<"]/ ]{ yr'-^ "|*
To be bad in Charleston, and will sell them very cheap.. ^ .
Xf?UT BARi presided over by Mr. JAS.. CAtfNON. Jr- In the
FIKp:ST ESTABLISHMENT of the kind in Orangeburg/aWd conducted
in a quiet and orderly manner., I have also a RESTURAN.T*ne*i w my
Grocery, where I keep constantly on hand all sorts of Is'IC-Js ACS, ?ucb as
Hnm, 33eef Tong\ies, IPucldings, &c.
In a word, I have just everything calculated to please the public, and Tre*
spectfully solicit their custom. . ' . ^ mo I iloidw
A. FISCHER, Enterprise Saiopn, u?l
Proprietors of the Orangcburg Mce Mill, Grist and Saw Milk
Our Mill* being no* in full opc-ation, we arc prepared to fill ordere for Kiev and
freshly ground Grist and Meal, (bolted or unbolted), at living price*.
Our SAW MILL, being Rituntcd near the Town, is now turning out euperler JLumbflt
and bills for all sizes can he til led at ?h?rt notice. I i - M nJ )}h (O
We csn Mtpply secondhand Stonm KligineRi Portable or St?tfbnaty,-tm?
SitAV IS'I ills, guaranteed by our .Mr Strauss, at law that half, the usual prlee.C'a-.
Highest price paid for Itough Kicc and Corn. **
By Aco. B. Knowiton, Kfquire, P. J- |
Where**, Simeon 15. Hair liath made unit
to me, to grunt to him Letter? of Adminis- {
trillion of the Kntatcand effect* of Allen D. {
Binder, late of raid county, decayed.
'1 hese are* therefore .to eile and ad-]
monish all and singular the kindred ami i
Creditors of the paid Allen IX Binder, de- |
ceased, that they he and appa.u-, before n.e,
in the Court of Probate, to be held at '
Orangeburg C, II. on April 29th, next,
after publication hereof, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, '.o shew cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration should not he
graute I.
Given under my hand, this 13th day of
April, Anno Domini 1875.
Judge of Probate, O. C.
187ft 2t
OKANctKnuna Col'NTY.
J?y Ava. H. Kiftnrr.TOir; F?qttir*;*$.*lV""
Wlicrcaji John I). Fugle hath made suit to
' me, tn irrant to hiui Letter* of Adndnhura
i tionof the Estate and edects of Olivia M.
I Kennedy, late of aaid.County, derated.
These are therefore to cite and ads.onUh
j all and singular the kindred, and. Creditors
of the said Olivia M. Kcnncrjy,-dsceaard,
- thct ther ho and appear before me, in the
I Court rif Prohotc, to bo held aU*'?^a^^^et,
j burg C. H. on the 26th day of April nut,
after publication hereof, at It o'clock' in.flie
! forenoon, to shew cause, if any ther have, ,
I whi the said administration should not be
I granted; 1 " ,J
Uivcn under my hand and'tlds 2d day of
! April, Anno Domini 1876.
I [LA] JudKeof Probate*). C.
I apl 17_1876 jjt
in?. ,w
? i. Uli?. ,?f|i7JO j
i:J ;ernaH
I bare ADDED & fine assortment of
Being determined to extend to my Customers every- indnctJmtAt&tttgfiB"^
abl<\ I will soli Low Down for cash.
Quick Sales L SmallsPrgfit.
It mj MOTTO, utd I ?hall adhere te it ? fRICTLY. The QUALIFY ?f mf
J 11?
DRY GOODS cannot bo surpassed in Orangeburf.
MY GHOCEUIES and LIQUORS tr.h bought tpedelijh* ?
this Market, und 1 was cartful tr purohaat tht BEST to be had.
U t friends wit] find it to their ADVANTAGE to git* ane a call aad ecaania* my
--r-t> ?TT?ur-?*_"r*~-*
STOCK. Thor Trill find that I am offering roch exeollcnt BARGAINS thai Iii??/ wit]
not httitato to inaae purchasoa
i ei irrn ivah t
On RUSSELL STREET, I will bo found at all time*.
;/.'>? ;;I
' ? ' . . !' fc*io'?'AT ''I
Messrs. Win. SAIN and C. H. HAIX aw wkk;. 3rdvil*?
wdl be glad to see their friends.
v . ? In i* i oT
i ' '.'/ MOT bi?n
lanli (idol, M ?
J. Wallace Cannon,

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