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a card
Dr. J. ?; wan nam a K Ell in in pos
neasion of the Receipts and Prescription
Books of the late Dr. e. j. OHvcros. AH
pcraoni desiring to get any of the above
Preparations or Renewal of Prcpcriptions
tan do bo by calling on
Dr. wannamaker;
mar 27?3ui At his Drug Store.
of Orangeburg, containing six LARGE
KOOM8, with all necessary OUTBUILD
INGS?fine "Well of water, Garden, Orch
ard, &c
Cheap and terms liberal to a responsible
A RESIDENCE of smaller dimensions.
Oho.ip for cash.
A splendid FARM or. the edge of Corpo
ration line. Will be sold cheap, and on
liberal terms. A splendid Truck Farm.
A very desirablo EOT, with Small Dwel
ling. A bargain. Apply at
apl 3?tf THIS OFFICE.
fire insurance;
Having secured tho AGENCY of the
"City InsurancB Company
]?royi<iece9 JR.. i.
Capital, $'210,051.
With that of participating Companies,
Tbe "Fircanau'M Fund," Capi
tal $500,000.
And the
"Atlantic," or Now Yorlt.
I am prepared to take BISKS of any
amount, dividing them in several 1st Class
COMPANIES, to which i call the attention
rf>f property holdcrn.
s3pjsoi a tj niSK.S
'Taken on GIN HOUSES, MILLS and
^ . > . - , J PJj N 11.A M IX-l^iX-^
Flr? ini4trauce Agent.
A f?w tons of
Also ? supply of the
j. A. Hamilton,
*pl * ik75 ]v
nsisling of DRY GOODS, SIP
'S atid fresh
At mv LOWER STORE Major B.
roll will be glad t? see his old friends am
the public generally, and supply them will
U.y prices is in the reach of all.
j?n 30 ? i<?7? fim
A T/j:0 UN E YS AT LA W,'
Oflico opposite Court House Squar"
Orangoburg, S. C
Julius Glo visit.
OnA^nenuno CorsTf. }.J.~
By Aua. B. Kxowiton, Esquire,'P. Jft
Whrrosn, Simeon B. Buir hath mndc end
to me, to grant to him Lettern of Adminis
tration of the Estate and effects of Allen\0.
Shuler, late of said comity, decased. A
These are therefore to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred Arm!
Creditors of the said Alten D. Shuler, He
ocased, that they he and appear, he for* ptej
in the Court of Probate; toibe held\ at
Orangeburg 0. If. on April 20th, nojxt,
after-publication hereof, at II o'clock itiihe
forenoon, '.o shew cause, if any they h;w*c,
why the said Administration should nofibe
grant* I. W
Given under my hand, this 13th daw of
^ April, Anno Domini 1875. A
[US] Judge of Probate] <). Vi'.
apl 17 1875 il
By Airo. B. Knowi.tou, Kgjjuire, j. T.
1 Whereas John IX Kogle h'ath made ati it to
1 me, to grant to him Letters of Admini *trK:
I tionof tho Estate ami cllccta of Olmjo M.
1 Kcrtnerly, laic of said Comity, derated. \
* These are therefore to cite and admdiyi?h
V all and singular the kindred and Creditors
? of tho said Olivia hi, Ivennerly, deceased,
? thct they ho and appear heforo me, inA tho
t Court of Prohat?, to bo. he+d at Ot Jfogc
fcb.irg C. II. on the 20th day of April B*xtt
Rafter publication hereof, at 11 o'clock im the
Rforcnoon, to shew cause, if any thoy Bare,
Brhv the said administration should n.?t be
Krautod. #
? (liven under my hand and this 2d day of
l April, Auno Domini 187-r>.
I [D.S.] Judge of Probate C.
I apll7 JS7? ^2t
NOTICE is hereby given or
the loss or destruction of Certificate
of Ptposil No. 331, Orangcburg Branch,
Citizens Savings flank of South Carolina,
issued to the lato K. J. Oliveroa, dc;cnscd,
and alfo of Deposit Hook No. 06, of snmc
Branch, in the name of tho 8Rid E. J. Oli
veroa, in trust, and that 1 will apply in
three months from date for a renewal of the
same, and for euch dividends as may accrue
thereon, to the Trustee and Committee of
the said Bank, si Columbia, S. C.
roar 6?1 *ra tia Qualified Executrix.
TO pi IK
MOSER M. BROWN, the Barber pledges
hint self to keep up with the times in nil the
LATE IM VHO VISMKNTS, a- his business is
suflicient to gurnntee the above. He will
he found hi his old cliiud, ever #k?:tdy to
serve his customers at the shortest notice.
apl 11 30
It. F. 3?IVCKE'..\Fi;SS, Dentist
OF CHARLESTON, can bo fouud &t his
OFFICE above Captain HAMIL
ket Street
ItofcrcnccB?Urs. j. P. Patrick, B. A.
M ucKENruss, A. P. Pklzkr, M. D., and
Mbssrs. Pbi.'/kr, Rouurus & Co.
Nine Years' Exprience
3 *
1 have on hand also a suply of
impounded, orde:
'attended to at the
[. 0. DUK ICS
1874 ly
d Mules
"Si fiTORE.
(nd MULES tl ?( cna
|i $00 to $2'J5. All
|e*t notice.
iln not plcitKe we
4 6ra
Futh Carolina.
J Foreclosure.
|dgment ot foreclosure
It public outcry, at
the first Monday tn
of the former pur
HHHBHHnST?T <>l' jlland Tvith the Ru?d
?WJffW'i'filn tlio jfown of Orangeburg,
known an the ?MaWihkijl, place a.s represented
plat made by fi\l. L. Ilia Id win, 27lh Kebr'y,
lS7/>, contaiuiijRg about one aero, nod desig
nated on said ?dal a* Lot No. 3.
2. Aiao all ?hat other lot, designated as
Lot No. 2 onlrnme ,]>lat, at the corner of
Amelia and Wflindsor .Streets.
Teims?OncB-third cash, balance in two
erjual senii-aniBual instalments, with interest
from day of saHle, secured by bond and mort
gage of (lie pS-emise.o. Purchasers to par
tor papers and Hrccording.
In case the JB-aih portion is not paid im
ntcdialey the Hshenfl* will resell she above
property at tiefte .chine of his sales, at tho
ri*k of the ptinflP haser.
The Statfle of South Carolina.
OliAA'J0:Klii:il(.i COUNTY.
Mrt. If. Mi An|
of Win,
J. It. Stephi
ny virtue ot|
filed in tili? pi
Court House
all that tract
the count; of]
acres more orl
hy lands of l)rl
Kdisto river,
Jennings and
ami Wo-it hy h
Torrn? cash*
pens and rccorJ
Shori f}'s (I
Ap.il lath; is]
april J7
(Common Pleas.
jdrews, Assignee
M. Sain,
Ins and C O.
phenfl. .1
the judgment of foreclosure
ju?i?, 1 will sell at Orangchurg
Ion the Saledav in May noxt,
l?r parcel of land situate in
1 Orangchurg, containing (?17
Jlcss, hounded on the North
II. 11. Knotts, South hy the
f^ast hy estate lands of .I. S.
of Sarah KJid Marv (Jraves
Jnds of Dr. 11. II. Iviiotts and
Purchasers to par for pa
it'. II.. V K.I.CAIN,
] S. O.C
Whrrtns, The Town Council of Orange*
burg deem it necessary for the improvement
wnd coneniclice e-f the Town of Oraiige:
hurg aforesaid, to lay out and open a NcW
Street lifly feet in width in continuation of
tho Street leading from Brotighton Strec??
on which Ctctar Wilson, James McPheraon,
A. 1'. Browning, Dave Hamilton and olheia
r.otr residea, across lauds owned hv S. S
Walters, J. A. Williams, II. Williamson, D.
W. Eobiason, W. A. Kdwards, W. N.
Scovill, Estate land of Dr. E. J. Oliveroi,
M. (Hover, N. A. Hull, Hon. T. W. (Hover.
Estate land of Kock and S. Dibble, said
New Street to enter and terminate (across
I the track of the South Carolina Hail Koad)
in the Street now open on the Eastern side
of said Railroad near the premises uf O.
W. Wilson
And Whereat, the Council and the said land
owners cannot agree up mi the ammnunt of
compensation to the land owners aforesaid :
lie it llaolval, and or laiucd by the said
1. That the New Street be laid out and
opened under tho direction of the Com
mittee on Streets, fifty feet in width.
2. That J. F. Irlar Esq., be, and is hereby
appointed Commissioner by this Town
Council, for the purpose of ascertaining ami
assessing the amount of compensation to be
paid to the said. land owners, respectively,
oFcr whose land the said Street will pass."
o. That the County Commissioners be
notified by the Clerk of Council of t hesc
resolutions, and be requested to appoint a
Commissioner for the purpose of ascertain
ing and assessing the amount of compensa
tion aforesaid.
4. That each of the haul land owners he
also notified by the Clerk of Council of
these resolutions, and he requested to ap
point a Commissioner for the purpose of
ascertaining and assessing the amount of
compensation to be paid to such land owners
in each of the cases above named.
I>one in Council this lUth dav of April
A. D. 1875.
Kirk Robinson, Clerk of Council
apr'l 17 jg ^875 - 2t
May 1, 1S75, to AprH 30, 187G.
The'P.cvised Statute? oftl e United States,
Scctioji, ^232^^7,, T^fl/mul Z^^r^^Ytm
jfia-ry-.1 person': engaged^-ih ? airy htinincsa, j
avocation or cmplovmclnY which renders
him liable to a SPECI?jSTAX^ TO PUO
OF BUSINESS a ST&MP denoting the
payment of said SPECIAL TAX for the
Special Tax year beginning May 1, 1S75,
before co iimencing or continuing business
after April 30, 1875.
The Taxes embraced within the provi
sions of the law above quoted are the
following, viz:
Rectifiers . $200 00
i calers, retail liquor . 25 00
Dealer?, wholesale liquor . 100 00
Dealers in nialt liq??re, whoUwalci.i?O 00
Dealers in malt liquor, rotail . '20 00
Dealer* hi leaf tobacco . 2? tiO
Retail dealers in lenf tobacco . 500 00
And on sales of over $1,000, fifty cents
for every dollar in excess of $1,000.
Dealers in manufactured tobacco . 5 00
Manufacturers of stills . 50 00
And for each still manuL<clured...20 00
And for each worm manufactured..20 00
Manufacturers of tobacco . 1(. 00
Manufacturers of Cigars . 10 00
Peddlers of tobacco first elasfl (more
than two horses or other animals ..50 00
Peddlers of tobacco, second cIsrs
(two horse? or other animals) .... 25 00
Peddler* of tobacco, third class (one
horse or other animal) . 15 00
Peddlers of tobacco, fourth class
(on foot or public conveyance)... 10 00
Brewers of less than 500 barrel* 50 00
Brewers of 500 barrels or more.100 00
Any perron so liable who shall fail to
comply with the foregoing requirements
will be subject to severe peiialities.
/Vi suns or firm* liable to pay any of tho
Special Taxes named abomust applv to P.
V. DIBBLE, Deputy Collector of Internal
Revenue Orangehurg S. C. and pay for and
procure the Special Tax Stamp or
Stamps they need, prior to May 1, 1875,
without further notice.
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Office of Internal Revenue, Washington,
D. C.
apr'l 17 1875 2t
Notice is hereby given that an Election
will take place at the Town of Fort Motte
on Monday the 3rd day of May A. D. 1875,
for one Intendant and four Wardens in Ac
cordance with an act of the. (lencral Assem
bly :>f the Stale of South Carolina approved
- 1875, between the hours of ."even in
the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
The Polls will he opened at D. .1. Carroll'*
Store within the corporate limits of said
Town, and T J Cioodwyn Cieorge Brown and
M. Wagner are appointed Managers to con
duct said election. They shall conform in
all particulars to the act of incorporation of j
said Town. All Bar-rooms to be closed
according to law.
Witness my hand and Seal of office this
13th dav of April A. D. 1S75.
GKO. BOLlVEtt, C. C. P.
apr'l 17 1875 "t
notice of dismissal
Notice is hereby given that I will file my
final account with' tho Judge of Probate for
Orangcburg county, on the 20th day of
April, 1875, and ask for letters of Dismissal
as Administrator of the Estate of Frederick
W. Jones, deceased.
mar 20?-4t Administrator.
* >,?/?r the News and Times.'}
?bli/coiiie, some kind nnd 'generous friend
And a theme on which to write extend,
^I'or.'oh i td-nighl, all wearied is my brain,
And.almost any subject gives me pain..
llut, no^Voiii'c a Clianga coiiica o'er ?y
I'ts found a.theme, and i\m no iongsr.bd*dr
Juit now I've rous.d me from^r?tfulidr^tmj
And waking, taken Friendship x? mymemaj
FriendshipInhf jnad/hosrs^ptydatfie-?*'9rd \
o vor 'oho with smaller meaning dic'ard ?
My friend?but nor-1 will not call you no.
For, thore'd no grander falsehood, now I
Fulse as tho venom ofthe sland'rer's. breath,:
False as the sleep of man, wheil I feigning
dmth,- . .'i ,
False as the plaudits ?ta drunkcu throng,
Orye?,aa fatac, as is tlie Siren'hnong. i
Young man, think you, that ygu,can find a
Who, when misfottune's clouds above you
bend < :
To blast your life?^o consuinu a'.e your woe,
Will cling about.v_pu then'/ah,'tis not ao.
Lot the bright, sunlight round about you
dwell, .'.."j,; ,
And joy null ^ladi/eka all your heart ntribgs'
Let rose-leaves 'in* your pathwhr scattered
lie t? III ' ?: i lit a\
And not a speck of cloud obscure your sky :
JwCt marblftjibrui guard vonr palace pate,
And all surroundings, be in grandest state?
Then call for friends! and logion is their
.?' name,.? ;
And yet, -you'll-dream not, why so many
came. ...?? p
For, alJL ^wil^thonarTitmdyoir closely cling
Ana nothing nut your loudest praises sing,
Till, huvirl'g SLwEwjl tbem wildly to your
, {-..brjUiit;?; l/.a.".i. . V. :.*
You find die poisoned dart you've fondly
No marble lion* gijard your gate to-day?
Your mansion's gone! your friends, oh,
where atclhev l
Cnll'fdr them udw1?oiid will von find'tlista 7
WhcraPrrr-'T'f -jo " ' .J
Where theyL; jy m?ck yon, in vour .-deep
3 ff^n^jslL >* **** * ?? - *
?y- ??
rt^jnd with a _downeast,eyc
lcetthem?but, tliW^pfss
/on ')
With scarce a glance, to tell you that they
They wero your friends, a few short hours
Friend) away?thou lying treacherous
Not one in thousand, e'er could truly claim
To ben friend, as that was meant to be,
In the sad hours, of sore adversity.
But, mother! wife! oh! won't you coll them
No, they arc angels, such as hcavsn lends
To guide, and guard and to protect and sarc,
One from the cradle--the ether, to the
"a rEKFiDnais wretch."
Tho following letters hare been
handed to us for publication. They
sliow that when great linto suc
ceeds to lovo, that d-v linent will
-, Janurary l?t 1874.
My 'Daki.inu Kobkut:
Thrco weeks have passed since J
received your hist letter. What i;i
the' world is. the mattet with you ?
WJicn you were last here, you were
80 -full of lovo and promise* of eternal
devotion to me that I felt secure in
your affections. And even now I
ennuot believe that you have grown
cnreless of nie. Your letters hnve
been intercepted or miscarried in the
mails, nnd that is the rcnM.n I have
not heard from my dear Robert.
You fee Iain unwilling to accuse you
of insincerity. I have too lofty an
opinion of your . nobleness of soul to
think for n moment that you would
triflo, vrith , female delicacy. Mnmu
says you nre the soul of nil truth and
honor, nnd t hat when I see or hear
from you. the cause of your mysterious
silence , will be explained to my satis
Tho mail ..will close directly, and I
must closo this letter. Please, dear
Robert, write soon, and reiiavo tho
anxious heart of your loving
.Maciuie. .
-, January 9th 1874.
My Dear Kobekt:
One full ?nontli has gone by since I
luul a letter from you. On the 1st of
.Inuurary J wroto inquiring Af the
cause of your silence, and nuking for
na "cartyAuawor^biit up to thif time- 1
have' watched fite arrivals of the
mails >in. vaiii^. r;l .am at a Joss,-} must
CQiifesf, \o underetaud your conduct.
At iirat j I was loth to suspect your
truth, but circumstances lmvc led
me nt last to feel that your feelings
towards nie have undergone a change.
Need I say that I have forebodings of
the gloomiest nature,?forebodings
that tell mo that I am doomed to dis
appoiutmput, deep and bitter disap
point men t.?, If you have grown in
j$itTc.rentL towards me; Jf your resolve
iji^tp tjj^reftfc the;.?oUion chain, of love
ilpjlj?^^ bound u?
rtpgcMier,".your, owi^cojuseienecshould
tell you that I am not happy.' ..-I have?
confided implicity in your integrity of
purpose, ai!d.T if you doceivc mo, my
faith in tho honesty of man will;re
ceive a shock that it will never re
cover from. Wholly and absolutely I
hare relied upon your promises, and if
they were made but to bo broken by
your own Iiaiy', I canjOi^y.^epe^iUQf
the day that. I fmade your.acquaint-!
eu'ec. '
I shall mail this letter this morning
iu\d -no .matter, what cause has liitid
v.red your - w^itipg to me heretofore,
let me beseech r; you to overcome-it,
and send nie ,a, {few. lines.*:,Leaj>not
endure, 3uspcnse,ni\j' longer,. As'much
as -I, r, love you, I would fain.k 119vs.my
doom nt ouce,.no matter what piuu it
brings will) it.
. ? Yonr nfftctionate ,, j
[j Ma<hjik. ! ?
?-r? February 28tta 1874. .
JJEAi: , j>opBar;: | ,. ( ori ? n
I-bavp;u?t heard frmn.you;:btit it has
been my unpleasant j>riVilegeJ.o JiEar
ol you. Can it be possible * teat the
Robert ?- ? that I once regaded as 1
the noblest type of his race, and as the 1
cherit|ied object of my soul, could so .
fatlftvget.bis manhood, his honor and j
his sworn vows to me, na to thrust him- I
('e'lfcUpon the youncr ladies of ? t: !? , I
and represent InmseW^as'" reiievcul I
from his engagement with me? I ]
have it from good authority that you
thus represented yourself to several 1
young lady friends of mine at- j
Inst week. Thank God! you now I
stand in your true light before me
anil, stripped of all the false traits with I
which my love had invested you, I
can now discover those faults in you
which my dear friends hnvc so long
endeavored to mnke'patont to me. i
In the blindness of my love my
eyes were eh scd to all your imperfec
tions. I looked upon you as the man
who was to be my future husband,
and I endeavored to school myself to i
love you with that pure and ardent
affection which a woman should always
cherish for the man who i* to pilot
her lt!c-boat through this world. I
sec you now as you are, nnd I thank
Heaven that I am spared the pain
that must be the portion of the woman
who consents t> be your wife. A
beautiful delusion is better than a
tcrrihlu reality, and I cheerfully re
linquish all claim on your false heart,
and earnestly pruy that you will be
foil4tl in your effort* to deceive*ny
mor* of my box.
?-, March 5th 1874.
Miss Magoik-:
I must confess that your letter of
28th of Febrtipiy, was a surprise to
me. I can't sec tho consistency of
your conduct, nor can I reconcile the
tono of your letters with your profes
sions to me. It is true that I have
been enjoying myself up here with the
ladies, and that my feelings have un
dergone a change since I saw you Wat,
but I deny representing myself as hav
itig been relieved from my engage
ment with you. I full)' intended to
comply with my part of the contract,
and when the time came, to consum
mate it by marrying you. But now
that you have voluntarily set mo at
liberty, I take this occasion to thank
you for your kindness.
I can forgive your ungenerous allu
sions to mc and my clmrac'cr, and
hope that the future will discove?* to
you some one who may be free of'?im
Respect fully,
?--s M n rtft-, 1874.
My Dkak Fhiknd :
I do so wish that1 you were with me
to-day. I nm so lonely, and would
fenl bo mueli better if my darling An
nie could be with nie, I havo a thous
and things to tell you?too much to
put in the small compass .of a letter
By the way, it is reported here that
Xr. Robert-?, is no\ykn. citizen
of your city. I learn that he left hin
hbnie under mysterious circu instances,
and thattho members of hit i^.?cw3i
atc family ,httYe.we!I.!nigh"Jiscard?d
him. lie .grew ?txvJWk a regular de
bauchee bet?re abandoning his home,
and associated*'with no one b'u^'druiik
ards and gambler^. It is apiLy^for
his family are nice people/aui^
know it must have' coat "hisi'fnthcr
many a bitter tear to'bb comp^li^d.bv
his sou's conduct to'.tnrri 'Turn"out of
doors. Tlic young ladies of ? " . ,
put his acquaintance long ago, and'he
v?jt$ thus left' without.the parenterale
r.rr v,T, ,lV^ ,.. vu, m* w ??inrt \
sent liable, he sought and. won the
ui ?ov.:. ,:i> .
v?ji's thus left without.the pa.^
society',1 Before' he-abandoned him
self to the .wicked influences of Tiw pre
. .. .Ii . I ui O'.'.:. -
heart of a .most cstaemayle yod.J'p
lady of this place, and even went ao
far as to have ? tho nuptial rlay ap
poiu'ted. .He showed her letters and
notes ?o his friends, and after making
public .all her secrets, aiid glorying ill
Iiis conquest, BetrayedJici; coufideuce
in'lliQ most heartless inanncr..T"^ la
now'nheartilrokcn and miaerablewp/
^i.i"?>f< S 5 '/fijiaffirtiau Mj
man, while the destroyer ot her peace
of . mind is roaming about the world,
doubtless tiuntuig for some ppe clso of
our sex ? lo^deceivo.-wl hope)none of
my acquainttneesf will hot permit such
a pcrfidous wretch to make advances
to them. Warn ail the youug ladies
you know to beware of lib tempting
andi Jascinating ^manners. Uali&fSf?iu?
to couquor woman only to ^yevhcr
betrayed and heartbroken. _^
fljgj^nough or tjpfer- TThch^Nff^bu'
going to pay mo that promised visit ?
There are so many handsome youug
men her?, now. I had a call last even
ing from Mr.-, aud spent an
hour or two very pleasantly indeed;
Ma says you must come soon, as she
tins a sweetheart selected for you.
Write soon. Your loving ?
There is nothing remarkable in the
above letters except the coolness 'dis
played by "Maggie" iu abusing hor
late lover. He had grown sick
perhaps of her insipid and supercilious
manners, and very properly conclu
ded to give her a chancj tonc?uee him
with a want of sincerity. Thrs^ sho
did to Roberta satisfaction, and more,
voluntarily set him at liberty. But pcd
the turn she takes on him. As soon
as she heard that he was dead in love
with her "dear friend Annie," she ad
dressed that unsuspecting creaturo a
letter replete with hidden malignity;
yet seemingly full o'f good advice,
Maggie'knew when she was writing
to Annie that her old sweetheart was
crazy to marry her, but with truo wo
man shrewdness she affected ignorance
of tho fact, and preached a long loctnro
to Annie on the wickednees of peer
Robert. And she succeeded in ac
complishing her wish, namely, to in
duce Annie to shun Robert. IJq
sought hi vain to have the cause or
his mysterious dismissal from her list
of admirers explained, but up to this
day does not know how ho wafl out
generalcd. Of course what Magg:o
charged against him was false, but it
suited her purpose-. Young men
should get written dismisals from
young ladies whom they design to
break off with; lest they befooled like-;
wise. Both girls have since married^
while Robert is left to solve the cnig.
matieal conduct of'Mii'scic.
jVtillinary and Dress
Wc have just opened a AIILUNARY
STORK, in Orangohurg at tho foot of
(.Miuch Street, aud will keep steadily on
hand a full supply of
Mil Unary Goods.
j: We will also carry on the business of Cnt?i
ting, filing and dross-making iu the latest
fashionable stylo. We solleit the patron
age of the ladle,? of the County, and will do*
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