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slWRD?Y^MORNINOrMAY 1, 1875.
-? ._jj_?-rr; rrirafce: I t
i ' VJ !
NOTICE i? hereby civcu of
tlio loss or destruction of Certificate
of Deposit No. oUl, Orangcburg Branch,
Citizens Havings flunk of South Carolina,
issued to the lato E. .1. OHvcros, deceased,
and nlso of Deposit Book No. W>, of same
Brunch, in the name of the said' E. J. Oli
veros, in trust, and that I will apply in
llircc months from dale for ? renewal of the
satno, and for such dividends as may accrue
thereon, to the Trustee ami Committee of
iliOEuid Bank, at Columbia, S. C.
mar G?1 am 3m. Qualified Executrix.
OK ORANGE H? litt,
MOSES M. BROWN, the .Harber pledges
himself to keep up with tlie limes in all the
LATE IMPROVEMENTS, as his business is
sullicient. to gurunlce the_Anbnyc. JJe Jvill
be found ittglnffi ^"ldjj s(Wd. j?v?}r^rcaiJyi'to
serve Iiis cnsioim-rRvii-the ?loiie$t.rioticc;
api 11_riJi ifvi Im
55. F. HIUCKIvNFUSS, J>cnti?t
OF CHAULESTON, can be found at his
OFFICE abovo Captain IIAMIL
lvet Street
References?Uns. j. P. Patrick, B. A.
MccKExrirss, A. 1*. Pklker, M. D., and;
Mkssiis. Bklzkr, Bohueks & Co.
Nine Ypaaps^rExprirace" y
TOILET ARTICLES, . > i , -, Ji
CANDIES, . ? f j J
1 have on hand also :i siijdy of ? ?? ?
ttf-;,' ',?-'??? ??? V"'''^yjiii'irp~Mt'?dt'Tl, <?t4?v$>:i
PThe 1 minir) sudukly mir <z?J i?i it; the
Poplar Drug Stiii-e iif 1 ' r / ]
du. A O- Di k r.s
jan l':l I NT I ly
Hordes and Mules
At !
i;aKKC. .v si/ATinrs .staiilks
IN llEAfi OF
j. c-r.b. vok.i*:*.s sTout:.
\Vliei-e yon wid lind a (': i.Ml'I.ETE -loci;
nf tin- liiiesi IfoLSKS ;.ud MULES, thai cum
lie florin ed tum I lie ItEST MARKETS in
life United Sl.it es.
<lm- !?!??< i" range from $00 to ?'-!'>. All
niiliT.1* ti'ih A -it 1 Ii?- fe nirt *st ilotie'c.
!f oiiv->?ti-i-'c mvlmnl <l<i noi please wo
Will i>i<1 .? .?Jl VOl'l ill once.
? " ?BA.MBKhn k SLATER.
dec is 1JS7I him
The State of South Carolina.
In C'oSfS^oxiiPi.EArf'. 'i \: " ? ?3
fJeorge Bnliver as Cleik 1 Judgment
of the Court,
_ v? I
15. .'fi Quigly as Trustee | of
of James BroWn and 'j
Elizabeth' mown his
wile, and James Brown
and Klizaheth Brown. Fbrerloiurc'
By virtue of tlic j Anginen I of 'foreclosure
herein, I will sell at public outcry, at
')rangcbnrg ('. II , on the first Monday in
Moy next, at the risk of the former pur
1. All that lot of land with the Build
ings thereon, in the Town of Orangeburg,
'mown as the Marcliant, place as represented
,lnt marie by M. L. Baldwin, l!7lli Febr'y,
tS7?, containing about one acre, and desig
nated on .-aid plat as Lot No. '.'>.
*2. Also all that other lot, designated as
Lot No. 2 on same pint, at the corner of
Amelia and Windsor Streets.
Tel ins?One-third cash, balance in two
equal scmi-unnuul instalments, with interest
from day of side,'secured by bond and mort
gage of the premises: Purchasers to pav
for papers and recording.
In case the cash portion is not paid im
mediate'y the Sheriff will rc.-cll .-In* above,
property at the close of Iiis sabs, at tlio
risk of the purchaser.
Tne State of South Carolina.
In Common Pij:as.
Mrs.ll. M. Andrews, Assignee")
of Win. M. S;ii:?, | Forc
vs J closure.
J. 1\. Stephens and C (i. |
Stephens. )
By virtue of the judgment of foreclosure
tiled in ibis ea.eo, I will sell at Orangcbiirg
Court House on the Saleday in May next,
all that tractor parcel of land situate in
the county of Orangeburg, containing 017
acres more or less, bounded on the North
by lands of Dr. I>. II. Kunits, South by the.
Ldislo river, EaM by estate lands of J. S.
dchiiings ami of Sarah rnd Mary Graves
ind Wc-t by lands of Dr. B. II. Knolls and
Terms cash* Purchasers to pay for pa
iers and recording.
ShcriM's Oflicc, )
Oraiigcliing C. II., \ E. I. CAIN,
vpril 12th, IS7.">. ) S. O. C
april 17 id
5 h 1 ? i 1 \2
einl 1/3
'./'?>-? UM WM -
PlKBnix Grocery House,
lias im Ji.'ihI :ib imial a chpi''0 Und, wall ?.e_
iMttwi" stock of ? ?** ?
FA A til A' <! UOCEKIJ-.S,
SICCA RS, ige.
Also a select assort nu-nt of
SI 10 KS,
YVhicli will Iiv sohl tit Iiis usually
Also I have now on hand the celebrated
J? x, o w
One r?f the greatest Lahor Saving Machines
ever invented.
fall ami examine and be convinced.
A Coniimh Thought.
Somewhere on tin's earthly planet,
In the dust bf flowers to lie,
In tlie dcwdrops, in the siriwliine;
Sleeps a solemn day for me.
At this wakeful hour of midnight,
1 behold it daSrn In mist,
And I he ir a sound ol sobbing
Thro-c;h tho darkness?hist! Oh, h.wt!
In a dim and murk v chamber,
I am breathing life away;
Sbiuo one drawn a curtain softly
And ^jcateh the broadening day.
As it purples in'thc zenith,
As it brightens on tlie lawn;
Tbaro's n hush of death about mo,
And r. .whisper, ''lie is gone."
. Early.r.Inrrisiges.
Discussion in the British house of
commons on t?e subject brought; out
information as to tbo earliest agrs at
which "marriage may be legally
fulcmuizcd in each of the Slates of
continental Europe. In Austria it is
14 for both sexes; Hungary, 14 Ibj;
males, 1,2 for females; Ilussia, I? for
males, iO for-females; Parky, us soon
as they 'are able; Italy; IS for males,
15 for females; Prussia, 18 and 1 I;
France ami' Belgium, IS ami !?">;
Denmark, 20 and 10; Greece, 11 and
12. In "Hesse Darmstadt anil llcadcii
the consent of parents is necessary ?n
the case of men until they have com
?plotcd their 25ili year; in Iba I of wo
men until .they are twcnly-nne. The
Completion of IS years by males and
10 by females is necessary in the
Netherlands, an.I ? in Suxe-Coborg
Gotha 119 male is permitted lo marry
heioro I/o has attained his 21st year.
Iii Saxojiy the legal age for males is
I?; for ft'inalos 10 year.*. According
to the amended paragraph of the new
(ionium -civil marriage bill, the age
would \.A ?c.-peclively 20 and IGyenrs,
hv^tciH^'r">jJ.8.ni)d.l4. ?n thed^uft.
bill. In some of tho cantons .ol
.Switzerland the law as tu the ages ol
thu contracting parties is as bigli as
20 years for males and 17 for females,
and in others as low as 1-1 for males
and 12 fur females.
1*31 i in Love.?"Did yoa e ver do
anything r? a state of indiHetvlr.v,
Miss Julia ?" 1 asked an old swc'-t
lieari of mine last night.
"Why,yes, certai dy, 'Ar. Perkins?
a good many times.''
"What! did it with absolute, total
" Yesj perfect complete indi/fcrence,
Well, Julia, my beloved,'1! said,
hiking her band, "what is one thing
you can du now with perfect imlijfei
?'Why, listening to you, Kli."
j post pom d proposing.
A moment afterward my beloved
grasped uiy hand convulsively^ looked
in my face, and said :
"K!i, such a devoted, warnt-licartuj
man as you are, often make me feel
very happy."
"How, darling?1' 1 asked, too hap
py to live.
"Why by keeping away from me
1 haven't proposed yet.
The air which ventilates the Nouses
ol' Parli'uiuul passes through filters ol
eotton-Wool. The appearance of the
fillers after having been used is start
ling indeed, 11 icy arc of a heavy, in vir
ky brown colors, thick with dhs', and
loaded with organic impurities. The
sieve through which the. air is (irsi
passed I a e ih posited near (hem quite
a heap of intercepted particles.
111 the aivient ritual of marriage,
litering was placed by liio husband
on 4&C top of (lie thumb of the iefi
band, with ihn words. 'In the name ? (
ilui ballier,' ho then removed it lo the
forefinger., saying; 'and of the Son,"
then to the middle, finger, adding,
'and if the Holy Ghost;' finally, ho
left it, as now, on the fourth linger,
with the closing word, 'Amen.'
A few weeks ago, a lady living in
Detroit was assisting her dog jo catch
a rat; when it hit her. The bite was
supposed to be uccidcn'.al. hut after a
fortnight the wound began to grown
inllamcd, hydrophobia developed-, anil
Abe lady died a horrible death.
Sorry. Hu Wasn't There.
1 Ir.iv? referred in my book to Unit
corotierte ours who seized an Kgyptian
mummy that was brought into town,
summoned a jury, held nn inquest on
tlic mummy, brought in :t verdict of
"Death from causes unknown," and
charged the county with the usual fee,
with compound interest f'loin, the time
of Moses. Well, that coroner.is still
in olliee, and is still entliu.--ia.slic about
his professiuii. Last Sunday night he
was at church; The minister preach
ed a very .solemn sermon upon Noah *
Hood, and after it was over I in it the
coroner in the aisle and said to hint :
"Very impressive discourse, Mr.
Wheeler, wasn't it?*'
"Beautiful, sir! beautiful,'' replied
Wheeler. "And yet it seemed to be
hinder mournful loo."
"Indeed j Why, it didn't strike me
in that way. It was solemn, of course:
hut its tendency certainly should lie to
lill the heart of every truly good man
will? chci rl'uHne-.s and hope.'-"
"Oh, 1 know all that," said Wheel
er, "hut didn't he say there were
several million, people drowned in
that Moot!." m
"I hcliovo ho did."
"Weil, then, I shy thai when I think
of all that mortality, and remember
that I wasn't a coroner then, and ain't
likely to lie who i there's another such
a freshet, it makes nie sick. '1 hero
uiuj't anything cheerful about such
reflections. J feel's if I hadn't been
treated right; \s if I'd been robbed."?
Mux At!<hr. , ..
In Case of t'oisuus*.
Make your patient vomits by giving
a tumbler of warm water, with a tea
spoonful of mu.tnrd in it, and then
-end for tlir^dr.fjtur. If it he ncees.-arv
to act without the doctor, and the. poi
son is arsenic, give large quantifies of
mill: and iatr eggs, or ihm rand water.
If the pwi.-uri isan acid, give magnesia
and water, or chalk and water,anil
plenty of warm water I asides. I! it is
ail alkali, like potash,give vinegar
and water, lemon-juice, or some other
safe acid. Always remeiniier the
emetic lirsi. I fit he laudanum, strong
collee is a good thing to give un i the
ddctor comes. Keep the patient
Toin presented his hill to his neigh
bor^ tide f ir,seryico rendered. The lat
ter 1 iokell it over anil expro.-scd much
Surprise at the amount. "Why, Tom,
it strikes me you have made cut a
pretty round hill here, eh ?'* "I know
it is a pretty round one," quote Tom,
"'and 1 have edfiYc for the purp >sc of
getting it Njtiaivd."
A. Westen? editor complains that
ajl the gtrid things in his paper are
cut out am! inserted in other papers
without acknowledgement of the
sUii?*ce [whence they were obtained.
He siys, "Tlieydo not render unto
scissors (lie thing-; which are seissor's."
What is the dilferenee hot ween a
clergyman with one leg and a clergy -
man with two??The clergyman with
two legs is duly a clergyman, but the
clergyman with'otic leg is a clergy maii
and a layman < l a hie un I
??? ? - ? ?p? - - -
A dandy who wanted the milk pass
ed to him at a hotel, thus as!.cd for it
-"Landlady, please to pass your cow
down this way." The landlady thus
retorted ?"Waiter, lake this cow down
to where t luv calf is hloatiiig.''
An insane patient at Utic", former
ly a seamstress is reported to have
had tlu*.v hundred needles tikeu out
of her body, w hich she is supposed to
have Swallowed (Vom time to time du
ring I lie last live years.
".Mother, what is a hush ?'- -'A hush
my child? 1 don't know, what makes
you ask that question ?'?'Cause the
other day i'asked .lane wind made her
hack stick out s i, and .-he said,'hush!'
-1 * ib" - --
Industry is not. always rewarded.
A Sing Sing convict wor ked eighteen
months oil a false key, and it was t a
ken awayTroth him the day lie com
pleted it.
Coiuplaint against loiiuno is often
a inasked apology for indolence.
Cie.dk may be rub.cd in a moment,
width cannot be rebuilt in a Iifo-timc!"
Men like us to laugh at tlicir wit
but not at their folly. "
A woman never tells?that 'which
she does not knaw\ ,fl|
?ild a big knave and little honest
men will woishiphim. . U'
There is no,grieflike the grief which! j
does Jiot speak. . _ . . . (;|
Pride is precarious, bat virtue ia;p
n - ii' i I *rf
Kvory good actis ;a flower which; ^
will beautify our final home.
- ? } . i .' ' i'Ug - iWtiil
The covetous man makes a half pen
ny of a farthing, and a liberal man
makes n sixpence of it. '' ? f
It is snid there is a twenty-thfee-1,1
year-old mhntin Memphis who is onlyrb
thirty-cue inches in height. rV "gni
Neycr kick a man when he's dpwtt ?%*
unless you are sure he can't get, up ??
without your help. . . :<
Fj iendships arc never completed
till mcii arc bound to each other'by
the common' experience of sorrow'.'"' 1.
The most popular judge in Missouri'"'
just now is the one has decided that a
womamis uOhau ofil maid until -shoht
Having, been enveloped iu agar"
ment much too .big for him, a little
boy told Iiis father that he felt ''aw.ul
Ioi:e<omc" in Iiis new shirt.
One of the' scerewt penalties to
which criminals in Holland wcrO ' ili '
ancient timos'bondemned was to be de.
prived of the usa of salt. . il nin! )
Owing ta the great supply of din* ?
mendsin the. Loudou market,; they..*
have declined from thirty to forty pep^^
cent in price.' t \ I
A - ????ih'L /was Uorjt ^"'*^B^S5?jBM?^J^ftfc..(3
.Mass., recently, whoso mother was
aged nineteen, grand mother thirty
six, and grout grandmother, sixty* ?*
rri i oslo sljimm:kixg
IViTalo or Female.
For :i Never-Failing;* Rrm?tlyf
i 'trout ly (Ht covtTCU and known
lo but one person in thcUiiil;.d
l-'cniahs with debilitated Constitution?
(of hlinrt or limp; duration) vigorously
restored in a short lime.
Ornngohurg, S, C.
('harle.Mon Sen* f ourirr Cnhim
hia Union-Jfcmld copy one week and send
hill to this otHce.
?mi 21 if
l^sixvhig only a few feet for an office, I
qIW fox ?ale Iii?? 1 ^iV^'O IjOl in O:
ahgchur? on which my present l.aw Ofhrc
-land.-. It enibraivs nearly one half of a
square, anil pns*esses peenliar adv intakes of
location. Fronting directly on Court lloitse
Square, in the 1 cart of the husincss.)>oriioh
of the town, hounded on three sides by
Street?; and on two of those sides hy open
Squares. It is admirably adapted for l'ri ?
vale Itesideiuvi- of merchants, or others en
gaged in h?rtiicss in the town, or forn birg?
Hotel, or other buildings for l'uhlic resort
<>r hiisiness purposes.
It will ho sold either as a whole, or in
suhdivinions to suit purchasej*&>
Terins made known on apolieation to
W. M- ULi'ftOX.
.Or to .1 AS. IT. FOWLICS
apl '21 Ira
Nif ice is hereby given that an Khciion
will take place nt the Town of Fort Mntto
mi Mojjdsy liie ?rd day of .May A. 1). 187.%
for one Intendant and four Wardens in Ae
cordatuw with has iw:t ^?f Oic-Clrnoral A?*rni.
My of tin- State ofRwuLb Carolina approved
-U.T'i, hotvee* the hours of seven in
ihc foieu?on and ft o'clock in the afternoon.
The l'o'ls will bcopened.it I). J. Carroll's
Store within the corporate limits of said
Town, and T.I iiobdwyh (icorgc Drown and
M. Wagner are appointed Managers to con
due! said election. They nhiill conform iu
all particulars to the act of incorporation of
said Town. All Tlur-rooms to hcelowd
according to law.
Wime.-.? my hand and seal of oflice thU
loth day of April A. IX 187?.
fiEO. llOUVKK, C. C. P.
api'l 17 387? St

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