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two dollars per annum. )? GrOlD '??'A.'TSTiD ? t j jR ' '? OO TT-0N"-rL? Tl^ST. . ' M ' ' ' always'in 'adVIS-CE.
??? ' --? ?-:"? = ,. _?-?j'. , ? . . -?-??_1_^__j 'i! . _LiL?-_'}'?v|!y.li iii ?{l^tl ) i . vt;iL J:?.??n J ; Mivi jivf, I fit it i-1 llty.- .... .-?^ -t.r-r_1_._,tnr ^^4-^^?r'j/
VOLUME 9. ;' j ~ SATURDAY X?Z^t'^X ' ?llli?
N?TICfJ Je? liercliy given of
Vthe losBot* destruction of Certificate
of .Deposili No. 331, Orangoburg Brarioh,
Citizens .Savings Baak of South Carolina,
issued to the lato ?. J. Olivovos, deceased,
and also'of Deposit Bocft N,o. 9(i, of same
liranok/in tho name ofHho paid E. J. Oli
?voros, in trust, and that I "twill apply in
three months from dato for a rcnowal of the
same, lind for stich dividends as may accrue
thereon, to Rio Trustee and Committee of
the suid Bunk, at Columbia/S. C.
irjarG?1 qui 3m , Qualified -Executrix.
ncTt ice
MOSES M. BROAYN. the Barber plodgcs
himself to keep up with tho times in all tho
LATE IMPROVEMENTS, as hia business is
sufficient to guru lit ee the above, lie will
he found nt his old stand, ever ready to
serve Iiis customers at the shortest notice.
apl 11 30
15. F. Ml'CKEATUSS, Dentist
OF CHARLESTON, can be found at his
OfFICE abovo Captain HAMIL
TON'S STORE, o'n Mnf- '
kct Street
Roferences?Das. J. P. Patrick, B. A.
MbckkmfusS) A. P. Pklzer, M. D., and
Mhssrs. Pbi.zcr, Rouqkrs & Co.
Nine Years' Exprience
TAINTS, \ s i'
'j. r, SEUARS,
, . " ...i&C.
1 bnve on hand a!s<> a suply of
^eroriptjona carefuly compounded, orders
Poplar Driig ?tore of
jaii ? ' ? ? ' 1S74 fy
. Horsos and Mules.
Where .von will find a COMPLETE stock
of the finest ROUSES and .MULES thnl can
be procured Train the BEST MARKETS in
the .United S/iiUis.
Our pricesTftnge from $50 to $225. All
orders tilled at the short est notice.
If our stuck on hand do not please wo
will order for you at onco.
dec 18 , 1874 Cni
TS?alc or;Jfemalo.
For a Never-Failing; Remedy,
( recently .du covered .and .Known
to hin one person in the IJnlt' d
State's.) ? ? ' , ? ' ' : .'
Females wRL dchilitatcd constitutions
(of, short or.; long duration) vigorously
restored in a shbrL time, j
Address- . , i ?
Orangeburg, S, C.
Charleston jtfeut tyritf Courier au'd Colum
bia UnioiifJIcruUl pony, one week and send
bill to this office.'' a f t.' / ?
apl 24 tf
Reserving only a few foot for an office, I
ofl'or for sale the J ja i'^e- I^ot in Or
iiligeburg on wjiich^ny present Law Office
stands. It cnihracca nearly one Jialf of a
square, and pos?essctf peculiar advantages of
location. hrouting directly on Court House
Square, in the [Ittort of the business portion
of the town, bounded on. three sides by
Streets, and on t\yo of those sides by ojicn
Sqii'nrcs. It is admirably adapted for Pri ?
vate Residences of merchants, or others en
gaged in business in the town, or for a large
Hotel, or other buildings for Public resort
or business purposes.
It will "he sold either . as a whole, or in
subdivisions to suit purchasers.
Terms made known on application to
W. M- iiursoN.
OrtoJAS-il^'P^^: - ;? - '
?5 to S SO
Per IKiiy at Moin?. ..Torms'froe.
Addyessr >. . ^0. STEPSON & CO.,
1'ortland, Maine,
ja'n * 1875 ly
Phoenix Grocery House,
Tin? on hand :is usual a choice and well se
lected stock of * ?^ (ff _
Also a select assortment of
Which will he sold at his usually
Also T have now on hand the celebrated
p x, q w
One of the greatcat Lalxn- Saying Machines
ever invented.
-Call and examine and bo convinced.
i! r
':Ki?W'?i?t<When JLh/s D?w?." A
When tli'c.Min" oriM-paiicrity'H'drilling,, ,
,Aiid a m?h'? growliig 'rich every dayjj
'>Vh'eh in d?rt* VnuV eonSVorl reclining,
: Ami golden success crowns Iiis way,' ? ''
llotf friotidrt WilI then flock nlioittlliuri I
'] IhtlifiV^aiy.should kappen to.frown .
Ilovr'quickly hu'll.gel thu.'cohl ^liquider,"
? Am be 'rkicKcp bcca?sohd iidown!"
I . ? ,m H; VI ii. . ? Ii
How kindly the world will *im'n An him ''.
' "When liio:with its ?succe?sea ab?iatd 1
How cordially?blandly?'twilli fjjvrct him V,
Ab in nle^iiura he .<(rid'mg.a><?qnd !., , ? ,,,. j
Hut" theo lel reverSe? o crlakc- hum , , ,
' And fiioi<'d--,hotb in tfo?h'try'HhU'town, '
Have notadilnd vrvnah to: cheenlilat^r
JJitt all kickdiim tis.xptfii.aBhel.-* down 1 . I
? ??</?.'?"i ') ut)tti>b -i '/??<'*
Let a man net a JH^Jl??, Wftllf'V... . -;
Olattermnpt by inhjgue or bv. nanu,)
TbeHvmddlhbdA'Ai^HM^v'Htiffm, "'
And hiatpctH-it' will londl??apM*od', '
What thtwgli Jie-muy he ? great)Villain,
With Uu/fcimplo, the \ciw', and 1% clown,.
While. heVup ho's a( Aii| ,-tp|> fellow"?.
JUit tiip'y'll kick* li uii'never he gels down'!
11 Vi 'IT*-,? I- II . "'? ? i {*}\
When.ahnVftVhns plenty of "grei nb^rh?,"'
And he'a JtcaUli^-i ambfeKlia emnd uay,
He'a counted/a 'tbuUy-g'jod.chum,-/,Uiun, ?
And theuert?wd approve* ^jll jju^nay^y ;,
lint tust hjt Leun h><V- lin> treasure?
IVnihanti* that hi* 'wealth mV beg'?h'p?
He'll gefttBbcmlb'oiUlquicbly:' '*??
. And be, sjirc; vp boi.'"Kivkcd wljcti Iie5?
du.wu.Jf, ... ., .,,
What's the^URe of btfii^'nm'ra'l or lione.it,
,()r strive to be upright iiiuLtrue,
' F^ir unlc-a-a man's qnt flMidiff money,"
rf hei{wrjrl.o'aAbound to "put him right
through !"' * _m- - ,
"They'll "g,yfpr lipp,}1 certain and surely?
? Kreit) - me jockey. )u the priest in bis
gt/wtl^ <*?" ? 7
And all will stund ready to ?U?!| hi in'/.
?? And "kick him becaii-c he is dovviij''
: Too lfypr. to (Take u Men'sjinjier. :
' Aii anecdote is tohl 6pn farmer
going 'o^e'day' to the office of a New
Yoi'k journal and omeruig his paper
stopper), because he (was ton poor to
take it afiy longer.
"Suppose We make a bargain," said
the editor^' ''in' this "way. Go Home
and select' a,.hen that shall he called
my hdnj soft .tlic eggs'(hat llie .hen
lays d unfit* th? year, and bquu the
Vrucec?if?kl> iflg v^i|i- subset^pfjo>\
tor 'the p^r/^1 r'. " "" :
The fanner, was pleased at .-o ea?);'
a v/ay to pay fdi* Iiis" paper, and readi
ly consented. The result was, that
during tho year the hen paid for the
pap.ir twicj its rr-gtilar price ofsub
| seription.
This is by no means a pure fiction,
1 for the same may be true in a groat
multitude of case-!. Almesf, e'vory
one' wastes and throw away more
than enough money during the year
to get a' weekly or dally newspaper
that would furnish li'tm with*intellec
tual food, and keb-p hi in posted in the
busy, stirrirV*_r ovciiU' 'of the liny. A
ivory smull retre'nellin:eiii1,lii the luxu- '
ries*'that almost'c'rery'one indulges'in
wodld Sfccuro' a diifly Visitor full 6t'
gossip about the doing's of the great
world aro'jiicl uV; lull of stirring events';
in ?the'iiKt?ry ?ial is cvc'fy, <lay being1
made in our oWrf' ebuiitry, and full of
useful general information, and (achs
in literature, .?"eieux'e,' and'tirt. He
sides it is tire duty 6f the people to
support the presp, for it: has always
stood as a g'rhnd bulwark lietween
thetn and political 'and military op
pression; it has sofinded the iVotcs of
.tyarhiiig that Ini^ hfteu aroused thetn
to action; it lias stripped the borrowed
i cloak! from corruption and venality in
high 'places, :tnd showed them in all
thelr'delo'nnity; aifd>ia to-day tlic great
friend of education; justice, relig?n
and peace. The press spcUks everv
: where,' at all ti'meS, carrying liglit in
places wdici's oth'of wise perpetual dat k
| iicss;: would reign. And when'we rc
membiu"''what' the world" would he
witlumt tho press?how darkness,
.ignorance, v'ivt*"and'opjuossion would'
itjourielv unopposed?let no one any"
longer - say that bb is too pobr to ta'ke
(i n6wsp.ipor: ' '? i ' ? ? ?? '
l , \ . ! 't.-iv ", [ m %. mm ,, ? . i
It U bad tfifbc <pooi.v It is a pityt
1 a man can't j^L,in.:foiuolhing every
I time the bat is banded in church.
Very often tjio will has;- to bo taken
for tlm d,eed. ..Tho spirit is williug,.tbc
im])ulscs>of liberality inre strong,. l>ut
goiiie thiug.is tdic niuiter,with the po<:k
et-bogk. Editors' will bavc to givo
orders ^n their deliiupieut sub?uriber?
wjicu they;havujt; tho luouey,.which
is nearly every _ Sunday,
A'traveler, putting up his itorao in
^sTew Albany, Ind., disgusted the stn.
bio keeper by ordering 'oi'ld edits
worth of hay/
. ! ..... ?? ..jChtqko.tf.?:in?l?pa.'
., A' correspondent' ot a Virginia
pit per furnishes' the Tol lowing: '
i j 111 is* "d isease, now so prevalent
throughout this section' of country,
suggest ihany ' anxious inquiries as to
its' cnusc'hiid tieatnicnt. . Wc' tender
our fnformn'iioti. licit as mere'hearsay,
bul''Trom yWctaal experiments made
upon'a iiulnttcr of affected' fowls, from
ItV'iticipicney to its termination, and'
in every instance nave the same cause
'presented thehiselves. We found in
the crop "' and'intestines of every bird J
examined several blades of grass, of h |
charaetcri.-tic sporadic i|i its growth,
with full evidence of congestion,
abundant secretion of acrid mucus and
inn accumulation of offensive gase?,
' particularly when the grass was pre
sent. And knowing that spring vegela
I lion possesses laxative p^ropcrtiesaiid
,very frcquciitly' drastic ' purgative
effects, wc concluded that a reasonable
diagnosis hnd been reached and a clue
lq ' the real cause, of chicken cholera
had been determined. Hut presuming
that ' we hail mistaken the real source
of 'the disease,'the; treatment adopted
has in a very great measure convinced
us that our opinion must lie correct,
as nearly all of'the subsequent cases
?rapidly recovered liy the following
treatment J'1 Prepared 'chalk and
povVdered charcoal equal parts,
powdered gum 'camphor and nssa
foltida equal parts arid pure carbolic
avid. Mix all together and give one
tea-spoonful morning and night to
ten chickens, keeping thctri dry and
warm and moderately well fed. \Ve
find Ihis ?- preparation v.to act as a
thorough preventive- and ' should be
given about one'rt'tir twice each week.
, -it I-f^.'^-?rAi '
Ohr Uccrpations.f
. I ? ?_
{ r li?rAt~ peopio - \\ ffl iffrVe '*?3jpicr^tnrar
lor' the leisure hour is a truth \:hich j
legislators are . sometime.-: top . apt to j
ignore, aiid:'to which many weiri'nlon
tioned 'persona willfully shut their
eyes. A coal-miner, for example, who
spends his holidays', as' some do, in
perfecting Iiis knowledge of sonic
, musical instrument, or in learning to
take a creditable'part in the glee club
to which he Hclon'gs, is a worthier
member of society than If lie insisted
on improving the ".shining' hour by
patronizing dog tights and badger
baiting bee and pugifismj The worst
,of it is'that ihr iicedf?l taste fur and
instruction in a mild accomplishment
itrc - 'hot ? alwrfv\V' prctent, while llie
rougher and 'ttbarler* nVoubipf enioy?,
went force themselves but too readily'
upon the notice. It is an error to sup
pose that while work requires care
and forethought, pleasure-seeking is
a.i art spohtaimoualy acquired. No
form of amusement can by possibility
1)0 discovered: which cannot be abused
tir perverted, but of the gr at majority
of existing diversions it may confident
Ljy be alleged that th6 good which they
I occasion largely \ outweighs the' l'nci
do'.ito'l ? evil, and that this would he a
worse 'ai well' as*; a gloomier world
could there be an end put at once and
fpr ever to our recreations.
There were clergymen who kissed
before Brecher was born. Said the
Kev. Sydney Smith : "We are in favor
of a certain amount of shyness when a
kiss is proposed, 'but it should not be
too long; and when the fair one gives
it, let it be administered with warmth
and onergy; let there be soul in it. If
tihe close her eyes, and sighs immediate
ly afict it, the effect is greater. She
ejiould be careful not to slobber a kiss,
but. givo it as a humming-bird runs
his bill iuto'n honojnUcklt.?deep; but
delicate. There is much virtue in a
kiss when well delivered.' Wc have
the. memory of one wc received in our
youth which lasted us forty years, and
wo believe it vyill be oho of the.last
things we sliHll think of when we die."
' The ^r?a^'est discovoiy at Ppmp.eii
is tliat of a w oman making a fup in a
cook stovo while hor husband is in
bed' and asleep. She was a noble
woman. '
At GntudJvapids Mich., ? man sud"
I denly fell at a burial service just as
' he colliu was lowered into the grave.
??.-->. i.'r-urr.-7ttst??^ttt^i?*
Josh Hilling'sWhidotn,,.,
1 don't think that nriy ?ne'U?s- eVet
realized the ,-.mount''6f1 Happiness 'or 1
nr.sery he at..ieij)titcd! ?'<>'? V1
Very lew in6n ll'dvC^made air-'1 abctt^1'1
sions, hut oceoHiong'liav6 ffia'de',mariy1<I
a nhtnV1 1 :!- ": r'"' ' '''" ?Mtu fl'??."*?a1"
If wc were golh'g rd exist flifeVer ih*:"
this world cVcul'tfj'irbHr^
excuse for the' m'ariricr,'in1 SVilich'-'nVbst1'
of us live.' . ; ': " - '"i'""?>
There is so much' learning'' hi'-WHo1''
world just now that gcdti; bid 'faMifqfi-!t
cd,' common sense looks like* fboiitj?*1''
nc5^ .' .;? ;mT iuH-' rwrilmA
If a man will do1 the best hV;can:'?iin''
any kind of a job" he untlerl'nTtc'a/'liQ"
will not only surprise ev?n body!lljlsefM''
hut ho will surprise himself, tob.""
"When a'nmri're?cdies'{h^'to'p!'ro?\id'*1
in the ladder of !fduio,''he,,;;thiteiik,:,f
owns that round, arid-Tie ckhnotJ riialc'e'1'1
any room on it for anybody*else. ,,: ,; 1
It is comparatively eas^y1 to 'see1 '?0'
ghost, when 'you don't want' :'ih; 1 but"1
'nothing is harderth?ti tti'iind v'o'nc:Tiyi'
hunting lbr'it: ' " |,,t,: <"' '?'?,!'>-1
I have seen1 plenty bf (Trig's' tliat'-yoii
could no:t flatter, butTdrj not IhuVT*1!; ' '
ever saw:a man but-wTtat'wonld tike "'
a little of ifkhidiy; '; n '',;,<
You cannot bury a lie1 stf'1 deep* tiLfi'' 1
what it will sprbut.:'?"*? *i?0?????l l*"*
No mnn can c^eci to'b^'Ha^py*" ''
whose thoughts all center oii liimselrl 15
Moral suasion and catnip' tea 'Are'1
both food in niild'cases,'but when'tb.e ":
disease is acute,' the'kmfe ancV the olia^ '
tor must be adopted.' " ' 7 ' V\* '''"
No man wtib is unacquainted1 with^'"
himactf can be well acquainted 'witii" 1
others: ? ?'?'- [uui ";',! ? ; ihy: H *'
' Laziness is a terrible riurden,'"arid
one which a man Cannot 'dfop^lf'lie'"'
wants to. ?"? ' ? A ??'?'?-??
What a man docs/riot need is dear1
at -Tny^.ficcr" -i-' -
A Now. Orleans Judgc, riding id the '
cars recently, from a single glance at T
the countenance of a lady by his side, ? '
imagined he knew her, and ventured' !
to remark that the day was pleasant.''"
She only answered : ; !
!"A>/' ? '.'. :?,:! , -\? ? il A%(li\ 1
"Why do you1 wear.a-veil ??' ?? / i" > .
"Lest I attract attention:'' >."'< ' >"'*
"It \i the provideried of gentlemen;
to admire," replied the ? gallant mau i
of law. ?'? ?. i ' ./ i: ,-i ;l ?':.?:???? ?? '-in
"Not when theyiare married-" i
: ."But I am ?,h.'V. .! ... n;i m I , jjr.1
, ("Indoedr - ? ? \ n. I .t?ViW.
: "Oh, no, Pin a-bachelor.V :" *aon
. The lady;quietly removed her veil,
d is el oai u g* to t he astouished magistrato i b
the fuce of his mother-in law. di :;n?d
He has been a raving maniac ever ?
since. ? \it, id ?...: ??
Long ?fe in Great Britain is on the [\p
decrease, ccutenarians are much frc- ,
qucnttban forty years agoJ.d:espite the fN>
increase of population. Tho ^.OfjfJ.OOQ . |);
bfpppulaliou in the South, eastern^ ;!
Counties produced ,1,086 non?gena- )?
rians, but London, with.a population ,,i
of 3,250,000, can , only ^muster..,834 ,..,
) ersons abov: the age of nincfy, onj^ir ?
Chcsirti,-with nsimilar aggregate pppu- :<j
latiou, p8G. rLj to 1 ?- I - :
The noblest thing on earth is the '
man who riscs'to the dignity of self- '
mastery. The man who cAn?'rcfiiso '
indulgence to a clamor'iMg desire, can ^
hold the craving appetite" nngratilicd' ''
and say to the i ising passion, "Peace, ''
be still!" is a trtie hero. ''
The Free I'rcss-U trying to p&rsuatlo' ' ?*
the Universe' that a Detroit matt is ' : ?
building-a bouse with thirteen ols?seL^r -,!
in it, but nobody is fool cuongh to be*""
lievo it.1 If it had said-a women was' >H
building such a house,-wo migb't have
believed it.? Boston Globe.. kiO fii -' il
In riding from Boston to Concord^
hist Monday, the President tidd Mr.
Blainc that he felt hko cracking a
j joke; and when he cracked it, tbo pas
sengcrs'all got up and rctjucs'.cd the
conductor to i nut that man off Ute
car. ? , . ,
In response to an inquiry r7 djfow ; >
shall I -keep my-husband at libmb',5n; ,: i
the evening*Y tho' reply is" mado:'?^?
"Take a club and try tb drlvo him " <*
out!' " ?? ?u tinliid; tljiili

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