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\TOTICI3 i? hereby si von of
JLl the loss or destruction of Certifigat?
of Dtpo.sit ?o. 331, Orangcburg Bra'noh,
Citizens Savings Hank of South Carolina,
issuod to the late P.. J. Olivcros, deceased,
nnd id so of Deposit Book No. tM>, of Bim?
Branch, in the nnme of the said E. J. Oli
turua, in trust, and that I (till apply in
three months from dato for a renewal of the
?ante, nnd for such dividends ?s may accrue
thereon, to tho Trustee nnd Committee of
Ibo aaid Dank, at Columbia, S. C.
mnr C?t am Sin Qualified Executrix.
01' ??AKGKIS?ttG,
MOSES M. BROWN, the Barber pledges
hiiau'lf to keen up with the times in all the
1.ATK lMlMlOVKMKNTM, as his business is
Ktiflielent to guru tit re the above. He will
bo found at his old stand, ever ready to
?ervc bis customers at the shortest notion.
apt 11 80
It. F. MTUCMEXF^issi Dentlnt
OF CHARLESTON, can bo found at his
OFFICE ubove Captain HAMIL
ket Street
References?Das. j. P. Patbick, B. A.
MvcKanrus?, A. P. Tklzer, M. D., and
Messrs. Pri.zkr, RoncKDs & Co.
Nine Years' Exprience
CAN 1>1 RS,
I bxvo cu liaml ttUo a i u j .It of
l T,rrrrii liriiflltiii'J<lwl''1"ll''"'iyr\i
TioiiiSo^^r^j^BBi^Tckly attended tin
]'?pl*t *">. 4 . V.f
1>K. A. C. MJKKS.
jan 'Ji 1st I \j
Horses and Mules
.y. c;r.o. vom:*? ktoub.
Wlitre von will find x C< IM IM,KTE ?lock
of ihr finest ItOltSKS and Ml'I.KS that ?an
be procured from ihe BEST MARKETS in
tho United Siates.
Our priem range from JoO to ?All
orders IiMrd at the shortest nolle*.
!f mir stock on hxnd do not plensa we
will order for von at oii.'e.J
d?o IS 1874 6m
jNdCale or Female,
For a Nevcr-Fn fling licmcdy,
(recently discovered and known
to but one person in the United
Females with debilitated constitutions
(of abort or long duration) vigorously
restored in a short time.
Ornngennrg, S, C.
Charleston AVmvi iaiid Courier and Colum
bia Union-llcruld copy one week nnd send
bill to tlli.S oilier.
apl 4JI If
Reserving only a few feet for an ofliee, I
oiler for sale the Ttfivijjci IjO('. in Or
angeburg oil which my present Law Olfico
stands. It embraces nearly one half of a
dpisire, and pus-esses peculiar advantages of
location. Fronting directly on Court llouso
Square, in the 1.earl of the business portion
of the town, bounded on three sides by
Streets, and on two of those sides by open
Squares. It is admirably adapted .or Pri
vate Residences of merchants, or others en
gaged in business in the town, or for a large
Hotel, or other buildings for Public retort
or business purposes.
It will be sold either as a whole, or in
subdivisions to suit purchasers.
Terms made known on application to
w. M- nursoN.
Or to JAS. II. FOWLK8*
apl 21 lin
S5 TO ft OQ
l*er I>?y nt Home*. Terms frae.
Address (!. STINSON k CO.,
Portland, Maine,
jan '2'J 187 j ly
i . ? ?
Phoanix Grocery Fouse,
linn hand as usual a choice and well se*
lectod stock of
ales, '
wines, liquors,
' ^ Also a select lusortincnt of
A K t >
Which will he sold at his usually
Also I have now on hand the celebrated
One of the greatest Lihor Saving Machines
ever invented.
Call end examine and be convinced.
j. w. cannon.
Kxocutiim ol* John Richardson.
John Richardson was hung on Fri
ilay bu?t ("Olli April) hear Waller
boro, Collcton county, about one mils
from the Court IIou.sc.
31c went to the place of execution
.singing, showing no four or excite
ment, and continued calm and con
fident to the 1 ist.
? The 'Wallcrboro AVir.< fays, "the
following confession wa.s made by him
a low' day.-; before hi* execution, and
when he had given up ali hope?if lie
ever bad any after tbo trial.''
Till-: CO.N'I'KjiSlOX.
"I was not tbo man who shid and
killed, Constantino l?nss, on the night
of tbo?'th of February, 1874. Hut
since I. have stood my trial iiiiit been
found'"guilt)' of the murder, I will
give the facts and cirCUnismncos of
this tragedy to the '.public. On the
night oi this dark and uncalled for
deed, Peas came to my bdiise ami in
sisted! on my going.with him to the';
store of Constantino llass'; lie gave me
li<pior on the way mit of a demijohn, |
also had his jrun with him loaded;
lie insisted on iny doing the shouting
but I was unnerved to do the deed,
and refused, lie placed the gun near
the front door, and while Jhtss was
in the act of tying up a bundle, he
reached outside, took the gun; and
tired the fatal shot. 1 wits scared and
I ran off about one hundred yards to
the bridge on the Augusta road, but
Peas stayed in the store and robbed
him of his money, and other things.
He gave me only ten dollars in money.
I left for Clin; 'lest?n the sainc night,
and he cave me some money to buy
groceries and other things for hiin
all of.which 1 did; although Deas has
been found not guilty of the crinic-r
?jH^ iniMoiiKd action
this dar!; deed be a warning lor till ;:i
the future, to see how I have been led
to lite gallows by the pastor of my
own church; to answer before the.bar of
justice for this crime of murder wliihi
the principle goes scott?free. \Vi:h
gratitude to Mr. Charles II. Farmer j
defending hie, may these hiy last
words on this side of eternity be a
wanting to all men, who seek the
blood of tlieir fellow men."
A Healthy Urahi. ]
Oliver Wendell llolnies writes: No
sound working brain without chough
good blood to litiihl it, repair it, and
furnish the materials for those. md?o- i
iiiosccular changes which are the con
ditions essential to all nervous actions
intellectual ami veiitiomt!, as well i
as those of lower grade. No good
blood without a proper amount of j
proper food and air to furnish mate
rials, and healthy organs to reduce ?
a sufficient <jiiant it v of tliesc materials j
to a state lit. to enter 11?<* circulation.
No healthy organs, strictly speaking}
except from lienitby parents, and de
veloped and maintained by proper
stimuli, nourishment and use. No
licitlthy parents?no help for it. We
lire of course, applying tlio term heal
thy to the brain, as signifying much
more than freedom from disease. A
healthy brain should show, by the out
ward signs of clear, easily working in
tell ige nee, well balanced moulties: and
commanding will, that its several or
gnus, if stieb there bo, or its .several
modes of action, if it works a- a whole
are properly developed and adjusted j
by themselvesitiid in relation to each
Mr. .John 13right sent this letter to
the centennial celebration at Lexing
ton.: "Jcanhot cr ss the ocean to join
your great conijiany,and 1 know not
how to write yen a letter fitting the
occasion. J would rather not thin I; of
tin occasion when Englishmen shed
blood, and English blood, on your ?
continent, and J would prefer toecle j
brate the freedom and grandeur of i
your country oil sonic other day. J>nt 1
1 can rejoice with you in that freedom
and grandeur, and wish, with yon, thai
they may be perpetual.
??IM? . - . .)im I i
Inscription on the tombstone on a
child blind from birth. "There shall
be no night there."
The Mysteries of I ho Female Toilette.
The 1*1111 Mall <V<r.W/. .-ays : "The
latest novelty in woman' attire doe?
not .found comibrtable. She lias, it
seems, adopted a garment in which it
is almost impossible to walk or sit
down, or to enter a carriage, and
which t an only In: worn by throwing
the body into the most painful contor
tions neCordihg Id instructionsspecial
ly given by the dress,-milkers who
manufacture it. The l^iriscorrespond
ent id' ilie Quc?h gi.vr.s the following
account of this view articleofdress'.
'Demi-train?,' says the correspondent,
'are inconvenient for the street a ml
even for getting into a carriage, and
lliey are so tieil hack and banded
with clastic tlial walking, and, above
all, sitting down arc not the easy,
careless movement of yore. Some
dress makers give instructions' sis to
the management of these demi-trains.
The best manner to gathering up the
I rain is to turn lb thii right, bending
sjiidifty backwards, and to take hold
oi' the dress as low down as possible
with the right hand. When you
straighten and stand upright again
the skirl will be slightly lifted, and
thus become no longer than a short
co.-lume. When you wish to let the
skirt, trail again yon must thivw it
back with the sweep of the right hand.
Tili- will I ? found a hutch more
graceful way of preserving the train
from contact, with the streets than by
lifting it on each side with the hand-.'
.Matt dressed in a coat or a pair of
trouiici.s involving so. much trouble
and agony would hardly feel up to
preforming those duties ?vhich woman
kindly propose t<> take on her own
hands; she is, however, very strong
minded, and delights in a life of active
Colonel Leo Jordan, a Georgia far
mer, owns ami cultivates. 20,000
acres, the original cost of which was |
8 S "?i>,imt). IK-has son laborers, but
i = gradually adopting the tenant sys
tem. Tie raises twice;as much corn
as he needs. Six overseers superin
tend the plantations, .-.ml rilifc from
i liji) to 2000 bales of cotton. No fc-r
' ti.i/.crs arc used, as Col. Jordan be
lieves tliciij to lie productive of eater
pi Hues. Formerly he spent 812'000
per uituuin in guamis ami phosphates
but how he makes his own manure.
Dr. 11. 11. Culeman does the practice
? id" the plantation on the following
plan : Hi1 assesses each head of a
family three dollars a year, whether
j he is sick <.;rm>!, am! thus, by taxing
I each man lightly, it is made burden
some on none, lie is a good pliysi
J ei in, and says it. is the healthiest conn
I try h<- ever saw; Only two adults
j tlied last year out of over a thousand
j soiils. Tho preaching is done on the
j samt- rule! There is a uegro j:mich o r
i on a salary, who rides about
j the country in his two horse buggy,as
j fat as a bishop ami as happy as a
piiiice. lie charges three dollars a
bead for dealing out salvation the
year round, and with a iuetiibersliip
o! 1,000 never gets loss than 53000
per annum out of the place.
Marriage uf Miss Ida dreolcy.
The marriage of Miss I'd si Greclcy,
eldest daughter id* the bite Horace
Ctrcoloy fo Col. Nicholas Smith, of
C'dvington, Ivy., who served through
out the war in the CiWifcdcratc army,
took place on (Saturday morning, at
the residence of the bride's aunt, Mrs.
.lohn F. Cleveland, in New York.
I The services were solemnized aocord
I ihg to the Kornau Catholic form?
that being the faith of the bride's
I mother?by the Kev. Father Far roll.
The spacious parlors wert! crowded
with invited guests. ?Misses Groclcy
ami C'levi land noted ha bridesmaids,
I while \Vllitclaw Heid was one of the
' groomsmen. There was no display of
j bridal presents, except rich and ex
quisite floral gifts. After tho cere
mony the bridal party and a number
of guests look carriages to proceed to
the steamer Abyssinia for Europe on
their wedding tonr.
Women do no', talk more than men
tltev tiro listened to more that's all.
A (Itioer Discovery?A Mysto ionsB?llef*
i? . /. f} t#
A corrcHpomlcirt of .the ".Toledo I
Jllacfe, writing from 11 ast i i j gs,'li'cji,4'm
says: "About ten niilds Soull? of,lids .
place, n farmer, while, driving ttom^rr
cows througb a deep forest adjoining!',
tis fields," unexpectedly came upon an ,
unusually large .buck stretched upon! I
the ground, and moaning away the ?
last moments of its existence. The
animal was evidently very old, aud in I
a sadly emaciated condition, so the r
fact that the fanner immediately put.
a bullet through its/'h^ad.: should
rather be looked upon i as an not ol i
compassion than otherwise; Just'"?.ji
he was about to leave, be observed a
round lump lipon the animal's siue,
which so attracted his attention that
ho stopped to examine it. Quickly- ?
discovering that close under the skin ?
was deposited a round, hard body, he i
used bis knife, and brought to light a
silver bullet such as was used in olden -
times for the enclosure of secret des
patches, lie carried this curiosity to
his house, where, after considerable
trouble, he succeeded in opening it,
and found to his great surpriso that it
contained a message written in cypher
upon paper attenuated to a high dot
grbe. Otherwise than that the papor
was slightly discolored (hot sufficient
ly, however, to obliterate the charac
ters.) Neither the bullet nor what it \
enclosed bore any evidence of its late
surroundings or of the strange vicissi
tudes through which it might preyious
ly have gone. Several men of science
have carefully inspected this relic i t'
the past, and are as. much at a loss to
decipher the message as they are to *
satisfactorily explain when and how !
the bullet came to be lodged in the
side of the buck."
Ax Iowa LovkStojiy..?TJie_Cjgdar
Jady living a f-W SR^SBS^Sr4*:
Falls tbvK u into her head to go to
Kansas to teach school, and a young
fellow that had been keeping company
with her wctit to Nebraska to make
himself a home. Well, the young
lady thought she would come home, so"
she sent her side-sadd'o aud some
other things on before she started, bu*
by some accident she was taken to
Sioux City, where she had te stay all
night- Jn the meantime the youug
man had got up a house, nnd finding
it lonesome work living alone, sent
for his two sisters. He went to Sioux
City to meet theni on the same evering
that the young lady arrived there,
locking through the register to find
his sisters' names, he came across the
mime of his former sweetheart, so, his
sisters not appearing, hunted up the
young lady and talked 'business so.:<
well that they were married th& same
night and started for his home the
next morning. Names? Ilattie Ray
mond and Jean Emerson.
It seems tj be generally accepted, a
that lJ:e signs of the times in the
money markets arc confirmatory of
the theorj' that the country is verging
towards a steady and prosperous busi
nesc era. The New York Evening
Mail remarks that the feeling in Wall
street is doubtless somewhat in antici
pation of "the good time coming," and
is not always controlled by good judg
ment, but it indicates unmistakably
the general conviction of our shrewdest
judges of the signs of the times, that,
the tide has at. last, begun to turn,
that money is seeking investmjuts,
add that confidence is coining back,
we hope "to stay." That is the gener
al aspect of "the street," as any one
can find who is in doubt of the situ
ation. For the first time since the
panic, money i?> pouring into Wall
street iu large quantities from inves
tors outside of the city, who are ex
changing Government bonds for
securities that have the "promise and
potency" of development in their
Wlten tw Georgia men arc about
to make a mule, trade, the first ques
tion asked by the would be purchaser
is, "What's his moid? Seller re
plies. Three niggers an 1 a couple
dozen dash-boaid>." Here's your
moticy,'- and the new owner leads his
pyopcrty off.

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