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ISJOTIC'K Im licrcl>.v Riv?ii oJ*
JL^j tIto loss or destruction of Certificate
of Deposit No. Sill, Orungchurg Urniieh,
Cilir.cn!) Savings Hank of'South Carolina,
issued to the late 12. J. Olivcros, deceased,
nnd also of Deposit Book No. of snmu
Branch, in the name of tin: eaiil \i. .1. Oli
vere?, in trust, and that. 1 will apply in
three months from date for a renewal of the
rani", nnd for such dividends as may accrue
thurcou, to the Trustee and Committee of
the euid Bank, at Columbia, S. C.
mar C?1 am 3m Qualified Executrix.
of or a no ii Huun;'
MOSES M. P.ltOWN. I be I'.arber pledges
himself to keen up with the linos in sill the
LATE l.MI'liOVK.MK.NTS, as bis business is
euljicicnt lo guru tit no. the above, lie will
be found at bis old stand, ever ready to
serve his customers at the shortest notice.
npl 11 lit)
Jt. r. HVCKEXFUSS, l*eiitist
OF CHARLESTON, can be found at his
OFFICE above Captain HAMIL
ket Stroat
llofcrenccs?Vhn. J. V. Patrick, B. a.
MvoKkxFirss, A. V. 1'Ei.y.rn, M. P., and
>lR8StlS. l'EJ./.Kll, UotlCKRS .t Co.
Nine Years' Exprience
IN ?
?KUS1IES, ami
TO 1 LET AIlTlOl.K?,
S have on hand rLc i supl}' of
>P?rcripiioiis c:?i,?:fuly compounded, order'ii
?J;-out the country striokly atteii
jan !23 l !v7-t ly \
Horses raid Mules
xiAMiJicPiO &?siiXt'i>'n!,s stamps
3. <a:f;. y?HK\'$ .vronss*.
Where you wiM find ? COMI'LICfF. stock
of the finrst IIOltSES and Sll'LKS t'. at can
lie procured from ihe IJKfiT MAUKF.TS in
ih? Utiiied Si at us.
Our prices range from ^00 to All
orders tilled at the shortest notice;
If our stock on hand do noi please we
vi ill order for voti til ohoe.
PAMi:i:i:c! k ShATEK.
?ice 18 K-7! Giii
sure cure or a forfeit of one
hundred dollars!
to s>Yss?irca*Tsc;
TI I OS I<: STJ r !?'!?: HIN ( 1
jSiTalo oi* U'tpijialb.
For a Novftr-Failing IJcinctly,
(?'cceiilly (Iii covered and known
1o but one person in Hie L'nii tl
?S?il es.)
Females with debilitated constitutions
(of short or lout; duration j vigorously
restored in a short lime.
Orangeburg, S, 0.
Charleston JVYit*.? aud Conner and Col um
hin Uriion-Ilcrtthl copy one week and solid
bill to this olliee.
apl 21 if
At pjuyate sale.
Reserving only a few feel for an oliiec, 1
oiler for sale the J^'tri^'c I ^r. t in Or
nngeburg on which my present Law O'lliee
stands. It embraces nearly one half of a
square, and possesses peculiar advantages of
location. I'"ronting directly on ('ourt llntisv
S'piare, in (he I earl of the bii-iness pot I ion
of the town, bounded on three sides by
Streets, and on two of those aide* by open
Squares. Iiis admirably adapted for I'ri
vale Residences of merchant.'', or others en
gaged in business in tin: lown, or for a large
Hotel, or oihor buildings for I'uhlic resort
or business purposes.
It will be sold either as a whole, or in
subdivisions lo suit purchasers.
Terms made known on application to
aid 21 I in
S5 TO j&j 20
Per I>ay at Home. Terms free.
Address O. STINSON & ( ().,
Portland, Maine,
ja? 2<> 1S7". ly
The Host llelovcd.
I live for thee, my bcttutifitl, my own !
For Hint dearliahd which thou did.-t lay
in mine
One matchless eve, and -the confiding lone
That breathed in music. "1 am over
thine !"
For thv fair cheeks, whoso deep vermilion
Ate drifts of sunset in a lake of snow;
And the perplexing circles of tho.se eyes
Where mirth and (eelitig jet ami over
flow :
For our first meeting, with it-; fresh
Of budding my riles lipon azure hands;
And the loiig night ofithat enduring trancey
Y/lien angels almost lore theo fidin mv
liamis ! '
For Love's young ilawning dipt in {lowing
<?! pearls ami rubies; and the bridal mist
Ol'diaumnds powdered into infinite stars
Jicvoud a twilight bridged with ame
thyst !
For all thou hast been and for all tliou art;
For all the memories of our mated past;
For all the struggles which cement the
That lei Is and owns its counterpart al
I I iive fortboe, my beautiful, my own!
For thee?thee ohlv?-thus supremely
Tost by the surge and by the tempest blown,
.My hotil renew.-its plumage on thy breast.
! The Hemor.seI ess Sett SVviiiloiviii^ Y\\
Three llitiulrcil ami Kleveii Huiiihti
1 Late intelligence of another shock
ing marine disaster lias lillcd the'
whole world with horror and shudder
ing. The sjihutdiilsleathshij)I'Schijlcr;
which sailed from N.cw York on the.
28tli fd ApriF boiiiulTdrflamburgi
foundered on tin- 8th of May-" at the
entrance of the English Channel, and
became a complete wreck. .She struck
upon the mc!:s at It) o'clock at night,
i i the inid.sl of a ilcti.se fog und mid
night tbirkuess. She carried some
o7l) souls, an immense anu.itnl, ofgold
aiid goods, ?ml a. huge contkietital
"niaif^" TTonien and children pre
dominated among her passenger.0,
livery column of our paper would
not sutiiiic to give the horrible und
harrowing dt tails of ilii- awful wreck.
Three hundred ami eleven human
beings, polished, while sonic forty or
filly only tvere raved, From what
we can gather, the passengers were
ehiefiy wealthy Germans returning to
spen I tin- summer in their Father
An Augusta Family Pi:ii?sn ixTiii-:
Among the passengers upon the ill
fated Schiller were Mr, Gco. (I. Leon
hanlt, of Augusta j with his wifeatul
only child, a little girl some seven or
eight years old. Mr. Looiihardt w'a.s
otto of the weii-known linn of F; A.
Brahe & (,'o. Iii.- wife was Miss
Brahe, sister of Mr. FFcnry P?ralic,
who now represents the linn in Augu
sta. y\\: F. A. Brahe, the lather,
lives in Germany. Mrs. Lean hard I
was fining out' to visit her father and
spend tlie summer with him. Put
alas! the sea has swallowed up hus
band, wife mid child?all young,
gifted, amiable, beloved, and sur
rounded with everything thai makes
life happy.
George Lconhardt was a weih be
loved friend of ?>urs, and never in life
have we been so deeply shocked and
inexpressibly saddened ns at his un
timely end. lie was, a gentleman of
high cultivation, and of .stich pare ami
thorough artistic la-to as is seldom
seen in our country. Ami heiter than
this, ho was a man with a very .white
soul?bravo and manly, nod yol us
' a woman?rgencrous, genial?nltogoth
I er good. The poor fellow's body was
! wiish?d ashore, und has been secured.
I Put so far as the telegram* announce,
(ho bodies of his wife and little' girl
still rest iu the I) ispih of I ho great
deep.? E<) .</ah* Advi /?//?:>?.
A (h'?uii IJiiy mother wou't leave
the room when Surah's beau calls, and
Sarah's beau makes :t remark or two
about navigation, slides along to I is
hat, says it's n^ce weather, ami creeps
An Ohio woman rises aiid says:
"I've beeii married ihirty-four years,
winked like a digger, and never livid
in a house which had parlor folding
doors." Pass around the hat.
A TeiTiiil? Jodie.
There have been such annullier of
cases in which the perepetrritioh of
scnsclcst; ami wretched jokes has led
to very lamentable results, that a very
strong argument be made therefrom
j in favor of a law against the ?langer
Lous exorcise of this propensity. A
girl, who had been attending revival
meetings, returned to her hoinc in a
highly agitated state of mind oeca
sinned by what had been wrought up
on her feelings hy the exciting scenes
witnessed at tho "revival," which fact
stiegt de?! t" some bl Iror heedless
friends an opportunity for Tun. Ac
cor'dihgly one of them dressed herself
iii (lowiiig, ?white rohes, and with
."presiding muslin wings fastened to
lior shoulders anil her faeo whitened,
stole softly into the girls room in the
night. The girl awoke to find
she did not doubt was an angel stand
ing by the side of the bed. She
set canted in terror, and tho oilier
girls ran into the room, expecting lb
end t!r; exploit with laughter hut she
had been frighten d literally but; of
her senses, and had to be taken to an
insane asylum.
A TjiUTtiKUL Sketch.?Lot a man
fail in business, what an eli'ebl it lias j
(>n his former creditors! Men who 1
have taken him by the arm, laughed ;
and chatted with him by the hour,
shrug their shoulders and pass on with
a cold 'How du you do V
livery irille ?l' a bill is hunted up
and presented that would not have
seen the light for months lo come, but
for the mislortunos of the debtor. I f
it. is paid, well and good: if hot, the
scowl oi* the sheriff, perhaps, hi eels
liiui at the corner. A man that has
never (ailed knows but little of human
In. pVpi/>e.vit.y 'ic ??Ua <\\ot?g
wafted by favoring Smiles and kind
words from everybody. He prides
himself on his name anil spotless char
acter, and makes his boast thai he has
no! :in enemy in the world. Ala:! the
change. He looks at the world in a
different light when revot'sc comes, up
on him. He reads suspicion on every
brow. He hardly knows how lo move
or to do this thingqr the other; (hero
?are spies about him, a writ is ready
lor his back. To know what kind ol
stii!l' the world is made of, a person
must be unfortunate, and stop paying
once in his lifetime! If he has kind
friends then they are made manifest.
A failure is a moral sieve, it brings
out tin: wlual and shows the ( had'. A
man thus learns that words or pre
tended good will arc not ami do hot
constitute real friendship.
An ell'or I was made in the Metho
dist Conlerchoc in Pennsylvania last
week to edict a change in the system
of itinerancy, several large and influ
ential congregation's protesting that
they woul.i not be coin [idled to part
with pastors who hail grown near and.
J ear to them in years of faithful ser
vice. Tin y referred to instances with
in tho limits of the conference where
clergymen in other Christian seels
had remained in charge of the same
ebiigregatioii for thirty, forty, and ev
en lift) years, and urged that, nocharfn
of novelty, ho advantages of learning
or eloquence could equal in weight of
inllucnce the trust reposed by the j
Hock in a man who had held i lie hi in
his arms as children then, ollerod llicir
little ones to Cod's service, and bu
ried their dead. The question was
.-imply debuted, bat the old fashioned
Methodist predilections for (he il'ine
rant system were loo strong for any
innovation, and so the conference de
ei led to make n > utterance that could
be construed in favor of a change.
-MM III I 'I IU? ? ? ? ?
Mrs. 1'.vails -aid lo .Mr. Kvarts yes
terday morning. '(.Set up and open
the daiiipi rs, William,'and Mr. livarls
.-aid absently, turning over lor another
hap, 'Your honor will please note my
exception. i
,Somc people have peculiar constitu
tions. Mark Twain bneo complained,'
after a long interval ol' idleness: 'This
working between meals is killing
me!' : 1
Human Sacfiilcos in Ihihyhm.
An important communication to
the English Society of Biblical Arch
aeolt?gy byKcv.A. ii. Sayec. 'On
HunVnn Sacrifice Among the liabylq
nians,'shows by the translation of two
Acetrlian tablets that this custom was
prevalent nmgng the ancient Chal
dean?, who believed lliat the 'iinmOla
tion had a vicarious cflicacy, especial
ly in'"the case of children suflcrihg for
tho sins of their parents,' who w? re
wont as they thought, thus, to ex pi
ri 10'.heir own transgressions. This
ndc) a lull description of which was
given on one of the tables, was know
by lifo Chaldeans as 'The sacrifice of
Hoi, or of rightci usncss." Mr. Saycc
concluded Ids paper with a list of re
ferrerices to authorities in wliieh these
sacrifices arc mentioned or described.
Tho Society of Dihlicnl Archaeology
is amusing slcad.lv a valuable fund of
reliable information uprn kindred sub
jeefs fending to throw much li.Lrhl up
on the historical events recorded in
tho Old Testament.
Tun Li in: Fi.owku.?One. day
two y;qiuig girls wem to t wn. They
were both daughters of a gardener.
Each of thehi carried a basket full of
fruit or flowers. As they went along,
one of them became dissatisfied at the
weight of her basket; the other went
easily, singing all the tilth .
"J cannot understand why yon
sing," j$?id the first to her sister; ''von
arc net any stronger than I am, ami
your basket is just a- heavy as mine."
"Tito reason is," said the other,
smiling, "that 1 have put a little
flower in my basket, wiiicii keeps hie
from feeling its weight. Do you like
"Thai' joust be. a very costly flower^*'
said !<^r sister, "but Ishouhl like to
'?The little flower/' said the other,
"which makes the heaviest burden
easy, is called?Patience."
Dan Davis, of Virginia City, paid
a visit tu Promontory, on the Centra!
Pitcifie rnilrdad, and was charmed
witli the manners and- custom*?al
most patriarchal in their simplicity?
of tho people. lie stopped at the
principal hotel of the town. I; was a
nice place, and the landlord was a
very agreeable ami friendly -ort of a
man. Says Dan: "When din?er
was ready the landlord came out. into
the street in Iron! of ids hotel with a
double-barreled shot-gun. liaising
the gun above hi- In a-! im fired <;ll tine
barrel. J said to him, 'Waat did you
do that for'.'' .-aid he; 'To call my
boarder- to dinner.' 1 suit!, 'Why
don't yon lire tiff both ban e!.-?' 'Oh,'
.-aid he, '1 keep the other to collect
with.' "
A gentleman owned a farm in New
Jersey. It had been long in the latni
Iv. Embarrassments Compelled him
to sell, and the farm was [it'll up at
auction, lie felt so bad about the
sale that lie could not attend it, but
sent over his head servant. On his
return the master said : "Well, Joliii,
was the. farm sold!" "Ves, sir." "l>:d
it sell well*?" "I: went very low."
"Who bought it did." "You.
.lohn! Where did you get your
money ?'' "I laid up my wages since I
worked for you." "Well, dohn, I'll
tell you what I will do. As soon as
you- get the title to your properly I'll
come ami work for you, and buy the
farm bark."
? .<?- ? t?
Thc Honolulu (Sandwich Island;
Gazelle says h violent snow slbrm visi
tc<l Hawaii on the l\! of March, coy
i ring the three stalely summits of the
three mountains of that island On
the lowlands it. rained very hard, and
the lightning played brilliantly over
the i.-laiiil, followed by incessant and
terrific [claps of thunder. The. next
morning a grand and beautiful sight
was presented?the most beautiful liv
er seen in that regioi ? Ihivemountains
capped with show in the tropics;
Milk punch i* now reecommended
as a cure for dipthcria. It has nl
ways 'beeil cov-shlcred goo;l for tin
Tin-: Month ok May.?1 lore is
what dn'.'kdn-thc pulpit says in Hi
.N ichdlas for May :
Th s is May, my children, hut I'm
not at all .sure that .she will giveus
spring weather. The months seem lo
have a curious way of swapping
Weather with e eh other. March will
borrow some fine days from May, and
then, when May conies along, we lind
that she has taken some of March's
blustering i\i:ids in payment. liy the
way, the pretty sehdohinistress v?rote
a very queer piece about the months
one day, just to amuse the children,
as they sat with her upon the willow
slump- in my meadow. She called it
an acrostic. 1 couldn't help learning
it by heart, not because I thought it
pretty, nor because i*. was so queer,
but because each one. of ihn little, folks
in turn insisted upon reading it aloiid.
So yotij loo, shall have a chance, my
dears :
tiii: -mi sTonv *>r mtti.k .iaxk.
.l.io-?<.', little saint, was sick and taint,
Kvh?rifugo she bail none;
Mai- -f-iiiabi le seemed to make her wotve,
.Apr ? icots wue r.H gone.
May-f be, she tie light, in some fair liehl,
.1:11.;?berries oveot niay gniw;
?Idly?arid .lurie they searched in vain,
Aug? menting all iier wiie.
Sept?inois tailed to find a pill ?
i )c! - oroon slave was in ;
Nov- ice. ].r thing, at fueling; ill,
I>ee ?-eased eru long was she,
Friendship, love ami tiuth! Aye,
my brothers, they are "three .-tinny
islands in the river of life; three links
amid the golden letters" which link
'heart with heart in the sweet con
fidence- of a sublime brotherhood,
i They are
'?Thrrc watch-lights en the stortnv high
< H" earth's wave-beaten strand:
I Three harbors among the rocky island,
begin with treacherous sands.
I Three lilii-pro.-?rver.i on time'.-, ocean,
i With dangerous reefs below';
'i'bree void s nod the heart's commotion,
To hash its strains of woe.
Li.'j'}..^.. ?'iu... ,\~ j-^jX. .f flri<ttittg. .
To cheer the fainting sotiTf *
Tlirco ray.- of beauty from the bower,
I'eyond life's utinostgoah
'l'liri <? strains of rapturous music swilling,
Around tin- burial ?<??!;
Tiii-.-.- pillars in lite lihlv dwelling,
'l ie- temple of bitr Uist"
A good joke is told of a certain
Dublin professor?a-tickler for ven
tilation, lieing put iu a room at a
hotel with an I her gu.-.-t, ho asked the
latter Id raise the window at night, as
the air v.as close, '1 can't raise it,'
said Hie gitestj after working at the
window for a while. 'Then knock a
[Wine of glass out,'said tha professor,
which was done. After a while the
professor got up'Jand broke another
pane, then he Was able lo sleep; but
iti the ntnriiihg he discovered thai
il'iov had oii 1 v broken iiitoa book case
- *- ^. - ? . - ? tf|T.VJ
David Crocket, after returning
home Prom bis first trip lo New York,
gave his backwoods audience his idea
df the first gentleman in tho metropo
lis : 'Philip Hone is the most gentle
manly man in -New York, boys, and
i'il k ii you how 1 know it. When
he asks yon to drink be don't hand
you a glass? he puts the decanter on
the table ami walks oil to the window
and looks out until you have finish
The Sim Antonio (Texas) Herald
give.- the foilnwing notice to its sub
scribers: 'Hereafter wo .-hall publish
th ? list of the names of those who go
a fishing on the Lord's day and fail to
send us a string of trout. Porch [and
sucki rs have too many hones in them
to allow us to forget lliat the moral
element of our population look to the
prose lo eradicate IIiis growing dese
cration of the Sahball .'
'Fivecents ihre for that child, mad
nut;'said a .-(reel car conductor, as
he opened the door ami put his head
into the car. 'Very well,' she replied
feeling iu her pocket; 'llits is an or
phan und I'm its gu.<rdiaii. I must
have a receipt lor all moneys paid
out, and as soon as you write one I'il
drop a iiicklc in the box.' lie shut
i the door and leaned over tlie brake
like a man deep iu thought.
1( is said that nothing will cure a
po t's affection for his idol sooner lban
catch her at the dinner table excava
' ting the kernal of a hickory nut with
' a hair pin.'
To 'hone' a turkey?Take it when
tho poulterer is not looking.
Young folks grow most when in love
It increases their siglw -wonderfully.
'Four angels turned out hy the
hangman yesterday,' is a head lino in
the Chicago Times.'
Frogs were the original greenbacks
and inclined to inflation, even in "by
gone days.
A young man [hag sued his .barber
for cutting off his moustache. The
barber says he didn't see it. I
A Long Branch baker has received
news of a ten thousand legacy. He'll
probably knead it.
A Vermont woman boiled, baked
and fried some bananas sent her by'a
friend, but couldn't bear the taste of
them iii any shape.
John Anderson, of Indiana, didn't
win the prize at a spelling match but
he licked the man who pronounced
the hard words, and ;that was comp
The greatest discovery ^at Pompeii
is that of a woman making a fire in a
cool: .>love while her husband is: in
bed and asleep. .She was a nable wo
A widow was wccpii g bitterly at
the loss of her husbond, and the pur
sun tried to console her. 'No, no,'
said she; 'let me have my cry out, and
then 1 shan't care anything more about
Pause ! young man. You want to
gel married, and it's about time you
did! Put recollect that unmarried
then don't have to sit up all night
once a week, with a shot-gun, watch
ing the clothes-line.
A prominent Detroit Uuty?rsalist,
some months ago, married a red-hett
d.:d \vidow_w.ith lour children, andi
last^-k remarked t?^J'WlUhdp; Vgl
was blind when T believed there is no
hell. I sec now.'
'Now let us talk about your busi
ness affairs.' said a Connecticut girl
to a young fellow after he had propo
sed marriage to her in a long address
filled with expr.ss'ona ofpat-d n*te
.Spell defendant, said Prof. Spraguc
at the last spelling match. 'B-c-e-edv
e-r,' whispered a little school girl, but
the audience did hot hear her, and sp
the precocious child wasn't presented
with a copy of the great trial in book
An old colored woman, reciting
her 'speerunce,' said she had been to
heaven. 'Did you sec any of do col
ored ladies dar'/' asked a younger
sister- 'Oh, you git out; you 'spose. I
went in the kitchen when I was dar ?'
'Then you won't lend mo that dime
novel, eh?' inquired one boy of anoth
er in the post oflice en Saturday. 'No,
I won't.' 'All right then; next time
mil chimney burns out you shan't
come into the yard and hollei.'
During the late tourist season a
traveller walked up to the bar of a ho
tel iu the English lake district, and
with a considerable flourish signed tho
visitors' book and exclaimed; 'I'm
Lieuteunnt-Go verh?r of-'That
doesn't make any oiflbrence,' gaid tho
landlord 'you'll be treated as well as
the rest.
A Dnnbury girl received a porous
plaster in a gorgeous envolopebearing
a monogram. A bout ten o'clock that
night the owner of that monogram,
standing disrobed before his fire, pre
paratory to applying a remedy to his
chest; fainted dead away on drawing
from a paper a mass of paper, mottoes
ami flowers. There was no fire in tho
parlor Sunday evening.
For Sale.
A Sung little IKHiSK ami LOT in tho
Town of Orati?;ehnrj??can be trated for at
private sale until lai Monday in June?will
then he oHered at public outcry, ami Hohl to
the highest bidder. I'rupurty ohliged to
be sohl.
Api.lv to
May Sth b^T?.
For Salo *
7 000 NtllXULKS.
Apply at
this office.
May Sth IS7?.

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