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NOTICE im hereby irivou of
the loss or Host ruction of CcrUticate
of Deposit No. 3:51, Orangeburg Hrnnoh,
'Citizen! Savings Hank of .South Carolin?,
b*sncd to the lute 13. .7. Oliveros, tloseased,
? nd ulso of Deposit Hook No. U(5, of siimu
Brunch, in the name of the vuid K.
? uro?, in trust, ami thai 1 will apply in
three months from ilnlc for a renewal of llie
tvantc, iind for such dividends us limy accrue
thereon, to the Trustee ami Committee of
thetaiil Dank, nt Columbia,S. C.
}?:. ho?a c. olivkros,
mar C?] i'.m Cm Qualified Executrix.
Oh' pKANGiilJUllG,
MOSES M; HROWN. ii.e Harber pledges
himself to keep up with the times in all lite
LATE IM IMt?V EM ENTS. as his business is
sufficient lo gurantce the above, lie will
he found at Iiis <>nl sland. ever ready to
.serve his oust omen- a-* .the shortest notice.
n pi 11 ;'.()
K. F. Mli?Ii.I3iVFL'SS, Dentist
OF CHARJdiSTON, can be found at Iiis
OFFICE above Captain HAMIL
kef Street
References?Das. J. P. Patrick, B. A.
Mircicr.M ess, A. P. PEi.y.ntt, M. p., and
M Ks sits, Pr.i.zr.n, Hodukus & Co.
Nine Years' Exprience
DRUGS and 31 KD 1< I ENS.
patent m K 1)1C I ens,
toilet ART!clus,
can 1)1 ES,
to ha cco.s
I have on bund also a imply "f
Pvi'criplinus csri.'fuly comp?uinlctl, brdeys
tfr?iii m>' country scrickly attended to at tiic
1' '? piaj; I'm S ijj! c ? i? __^8^P
' lTil." a. C ?UKKS
jan 'I'.i ' i.->7 1 1 y
Hordes and Mules
in hear OF
j. g;eo. vosirx stoisip..
Where you will fiml a COMPLETE stock
of the finest HOUSES and .MULES thai can
he procured from ihe REST MARKETS in
the United Stales.
Our prie.es range freut ?"?'^ to S'J-"i. All
orders ti(led at IIi? shortest notice.
!f our stock on hand du not please wo
trill ruder lor veu at once.
ha.mi'f.ko & slater;
?'?c IS i874 Oiri
1) E3V T A I i \"()T I CK
THE undersigned takes pleasure in an]
nouncing to his many friends and patrons
that he has permanently located at Orange
burg, C. H.,S. C, where he will devote bis
entire time, from erery Monday till Saturday
noon to the
in all its Depni Intents. Perfect satisfaction
guaranteed in all operations eiitrn-tcdto bis
care. ('barges very moderate.
(Mlicc at Or Eersner'a old stand over Will
click's Store.
L. S. YVtlLKE.
ii a fill w c as o o s,
ii AS E M E N T l> ST DI K ES'
For T Kit MS apply to
s. p. M!;lli('Iiami>,
Has moved bis olliee to ROOMS over Mr.
7 TO 9 A. M. and from 1 to 4 P. PI.
Cadis for OK. A. S. S \ I.I.K Y can be
left a! bis office or at Mr. Vosc's Store.
ajir.'I I in
< 1 1 A >YKIl iV ( 5 1 ,< >Y l \M\
OJlicc opposite ( out t House.SipiarC.
( >Pit l},?_??< 1 )t i )?;:?. S- ( '?
Gi/>vkk, Moutlmuii CSloyki:
J l lics ( i i.ovhu.
Feb, 10 if
I*C1' Oatv it! Home. Terms free
.Address 0. ST1NS0N & co.,
Portland, Maine,
ja.? :.''?> l^T? ly
Truth Will Out.
Jakky, ins Mama am? tuk SuxiVay
School Tkachkii.
['Halt imore American.]
Jako.y crept up und sat down l>y his
mother's side hs she was looking out
of titc window yesterday morning.
After a lew minutes of silcr.ee, he
broke out with?
"Ma, ain't pa's name Jacob ?"
"Yes, Jakoy."
"It" I was called young Jacob, he'd
he called old Jacob, wouldn't ho ?"
"Yes, my dear; what makes you
ask snob a question as that?';'
"Nothing, only I beard something
about hint last, night/'
Mr*. W'ttts suddenly became if tor
es led. "Wh?t was it, my son ?"
"Oh, iiothi: g much; something the
new Sunday school teacher said."
"You oughtn't to have anything
your mother don't know, Jakey,"
corixingly plctul Mrs. Watts.
"Well, if you must go poking into
everything, I'll tell you. The new
teacher says to toe, 'What'syour name,
my little mail?' and when I said
Jacob, he asked me if I ever hoard of
old Jacob, a:td 1 thought that was
pa's name, sol told bint 1 guess I had,
but I'd like to hear what lie had to
say about him. He said old Jacob'
used to ho a little hoy once just like
me, and had benn-shooter? and stilts,
and used to play hookey ami get
licked, and to tend cattle"?
"Yes, I believe he said his father
used to keep a cow," interrupted Mrs.
"And he hogged his brother out of
something or other, and he got struck
with a ycung woman nanud Iiuehel
(Mrs Watts became ?tili more inter
ested.) and wtis going lo 'inarry her,
but h?r old man fooled him and made
him marry Us other daughter; but pa j
?ilid_ hsed -b-r- v.vh^tn^Torry^B-fotjO
and married thcin hot It."
"The wretch !" ejaculated Mrs. J
Watts, shaking her fist :it Air. Watt's ;
"lie said bid Jacob had a dozen or j
two child run und"?
"Did I marry hiin for this?" cx-J
e'.aimed Mrs. Watts, .sobbing and
throwing herself on the sofa, making
all the springs hunt like a set of tun
Ja key said he didn't know what,
she married hint for; but -he wouldn't
catch him telling her anything very
soon again if she was going to kick up
such a row about it, and went bulb''
the raom highly indignant.
When Mr. Watts came home he
met Mrs. Watt.s in the hall, with a
very red fuce, wlio pointed her finger
and jerked out the word "villain !"
and asked him if he could look his
innocent wife and infant son in the
lace. Mr. Watt.? -h ?weil that lie
e'e tld by staring very bard alternately
ni ,1akey and Mrs. Watts.
"J know where you go, sir, when
you slay away from homo," continued
Mis. Wails; "I've hear 1 the story of
your perfidy, Can'tl you tell me how
Uachcl ami that til her woman is to
<hiy ?''she asked with forced calmness.
Mr. Watts confess oil his inability to
enlighten her on titc health of the
ladies about whom/sho was so solici
tous. Mrs. Watts Laid that sho al
ways knew that something like this
would occur, and ended with another
hysterical interrogation after titc
children's health, Kul not receiving
any satisfactory answer, she threw
herself on the sbfuYnguin ami sobbed
nod nsked herself fa fovy limes wjiy
she eve. b i'i In r mother's house, and
then she called Ja Hoy to her and told
hiin llutt llioy woithl have to live
alone in a litt jo [house and ho very
poor, and nitty be Lot have enough io
eitt.; which inadc f If at hopeful utter ti
series of niostfdplcfiij bow!.--and hasten
down to t!ic*titeh)i!n lo examine the
larder I
Later in the tlajy Mrs. Lewis hap
pened in, and Mrs. Watts confided to
Ii r the dory of her husband's villainy.
Of course, Mrs. LAtwis was very pro
perly shocked, rime tried to impress
upon Mrs. Watts' the necessity of
heilig philosophical, and left with the
observation that . lit - had never seen a
limn with a nude bit bis nose who did
not sooner or Inter prove to bo :i ras
Towards evening Jakey was sitting
on tho steps, having; recovered from
Iiis grief of tho morning, when the
Sunday .schob] teacher chanced to pitas
by, and Jakey hailed him with : 'Say,
mister, I told my mother what you
told nie about old Jacob last nigh!,
and there has been the old scratch to
pay ever since. Mr called pa a villain
and a bloody thief, and tried to break
her hack on the sofa, and said lh:\t
there wouldn't he anything to eat,and
there ain't been Mich a time since pa
ollererl to kiss Aunt ?Taue good-bye!
Maybe yon had better drop in and
see tho old lady, mister; sheain't .so
had as .\:ho was." *
The teacher, after some pressing,
accompanied Jakey into the. house, j
and was presented to Mrs. Watts iii I
the parlor.
Mrs. Watts began to thank him for
disclosing her husband's perfidy, hut
lie disclaimed having done anything
of the kind, and at length, after ton
st deruMe talking, it was discovered
that Jtikcy had misapplied the story
of the patriarch Jacob. Mrs. Waits
started right out to hunt tip Jacob,
and when she found him astonished
him again by being as loving as she
had been distant. Jakey U contented
in the (net that there is no inimediale
prospect of a;" lack of supplies* iii tho
family, and Mrs. Watts would be
perfectly happy if she could only shut
Mrs. Lewis's mouth.
Slum 111 Criminals lie Publicly Kxcctit il.
Tliis question has been forced upon
our attention by the accounts of re
cent executions which have reached
us from diU'event parts of tho stale.
The failure to convict and punish
those guilty of the various grades of
tnurder diinugjthe .past ysjr -??^,^OB0^
yxi?'rs undoubtedly, worked out great
demoralization and contempt of tin
law. And unquestionably a vigorous
anil impartial execution o?" the law
against that class of criminals will he
required to restore, things to their nor
mal condition. We are of the opin
ion however, that the public execu
tion of criminals does not assist in
accomplishing this end, but, on r.Ue
contrary, both directly and indirectly,
ictards its accomplishment.
Wc are aware that in stating this
opinion we run counter to the : pin
ions of many excellent people, and if
is only because we. have a ( bar con
viction that the present mode ofexet u
ting criminals ia demoralizing in the
extreme that we venture to say any
thing on the subject.
Without refining to experience at j
all, wo think that it might be shown,
from a consideration of the nature of
mankind, that the classes who arc
expected to he awed and restrained by
the public execution of criminals are
really affected in quite the opposite
way. The punishment by death of
criminals is justified on iho ground
that it is necessary to the protection of
society. This protection is secured,
first, by the removal of 0110 who has
proved himself to he dangerous to the
rest of the community; and, secondly?
by the deterrent influence bl his pun
ishment upon others of like tenden
cies, ff the clement of revenge upon
the murderer is allowed to enter into
the question at till, surely his private
and swift execution will more certain
ly serve that purpose than will the
parade and excitement of a public
execution. Wc think, however, thai
it will be denied that the law which
takes tin' life of the criminal is based
upon a feeling of revenge. '1 he ques
tion resolves itself, then, into one for
tho 'protection of society merely. If,
as we have already [stated, this pro
tection is secured first by the removal
by dealh of the criminal, it can make
but little difference whether his death
Ik; public or private.
Hut we conceive that lo secure, the
deterrent influence of the death of
criminals upon persans of like Icnilcn
cies, it is of the utmost importance
ihal every things which conceals or
diminishes in the. minds of these
sought lo be influenced, the crimi
nality of theaet for which he. sit Hers,
should he carefully eliminated
from tho scene, The more ig
norant and degraded the people arc
the more likely they are to besVnycd
by passion ami feeling rather than
judgment. In the midnight murder
it is not the death of the individual
that appalls us so much as the sudden
and mysterious swiftness with, which
death comes upon him. So we think
that if it were possible to conduct the
execution of criminals in absolute pri
vacy, the. deterrent effect upon the
minds of the peo'plo at largo would
be infinitely greater ami more appall
ing than as now conducted. We arc
aware that absolute privacy cannot be
secured, but ccrfainiy comparative
privacy may be; and the scones that
wore witnessed recently at Orangeht*rg
and Beaufort, and more recently at
Ca indent may ho avoided.
Is ir, possible for any one to think
tluitd he execution 61* Josh Frascr, oil
Friday hist, in the town of( nnidcn, in
the presence of six thousand persons,
as described by the re porters, had tho
slightest (leterr ;nt influence upon per
sons with similar temptations or ten
dencics to his own ? Tic acknowledg
ed having killed Cooper, and he also
con tossed the murder of his w ife's
child and a negro woman in Canideii.
He als?) acknowledged having set fire
to gin houses, mills, etc. He siiid he
was ready to meet death, <????<? he Inul
hern ihrtshnf in //.> h'Otnl o/' liik Savin)",
anil floral no Jt>irui to hi.i suit'.'' " Tin
iciltlt'^t religions i%n'hri.<io*n\ fircvfiilvil.
It seems to us that if the ingenuity
of man bad been deliberately set to
work for the purpose, it could not
have invented a spectacle better cal
culated to plant the seeds of ruin in
the minds of tho six thousand people
tljere assembled than the one descrih
j& blasphemer, hypocrite and niuis
?yW^lyvrn''* npjr h ^JiVICnl^fhp-i'bjuifs
mi'tin excited crowd of religious cn
tluissas'.s is not a speelae'e likely to
impress men of bis own class with the
cxcectlwig sinfulncss of sin. To us
the spectacle is disgusting and fright
ful. And if, us we believe isjjthe ease,
thee U no law on the statute book
reguht. s the execution of criminals,
we trust that one iuay be speedily
[Hissed that will prevent in the* future
Stich terrible, exhibitions of human
I depravity and fanaticism.? I'nu // //?<??
! ttt.l.
Daniel f. I) inly Arrested.
A warrant was forwarded from
Lautens county yesterday, to Solici
tor Illy the, for the arrest of Daniel ('.
Dcndy, charged with the. .mmlcr of
Williani Ueilly; colored, in that coun
ty, 'Hi the night of tlie iMlth pi" Octo
ber, ISi'O. The warrant was endors
ed by Trial Justice Sherman, und
Mr. Deudy was arrested by Marshal
Orccr. A writ of habeas corpus was
immediately sued out, and Mr. DotMiy
was released on :i bond of S'1,000, !
with the following securities: (!. I*'.'
Mosely, Dr. Juo. I*\ Dorith, Alexan
der MeJiec' V. MeHee, S. {'.. Me
Clatiiihah, !J. Williams and others.
Judge T. 'I. Cook lurid the ease?
I Cob W. 11: Perry for the defendant
ami Solicitor lily the prbsccutinin
This is a m iv begining of the old
prosecutions and persecutions of the
citizens of f.auvcus county?j inaity of
whom have been 'riven away from
the coin, tv for fear of prosecution bv I
scoundrelswhii themselves are guilty l
of murder, and are Irvinir t ; hide their
giiill by sulsorniug witnesses to ensure
conviction of innocenl men. Vr,
j Demlv is an aged gentlemen who hits
livid no honorable life, res pet ?d by
'his fellow- itizons gem-rally, and the;
case created considerable 'celiiu:, ami;
the good men of (Jr??nville rushed to i
his side in his ho'.ti' of need, ami if a !
j bond Of 8H 10,000 bad bu n required
the citizens who have furnished it in
j a very short line, notwithstanding
! Mr. Dcndy has resided in Crecuville
I but a few months; The niurder he* is
ebarged with is Said lei have been
I committed in the ye: r 1870, during
what is known as the Icu-klux riots.
Mr. Dcndy present oil affidavits to
provean alabi. wliieh w< re so conclu
sive '.hat Sblicslbi* Hlythe waved his
privilege of requiring tin days, in
which Lime to got up i;ii^ptcr-iU|ii!uft,
vita jukI consented to ^''1111,1 ing i ^ftl'
iuu]it:tii:ilo|v, winch j^how* that;.tho.
Solicitor and tho Judgo,. while,, they,
arc ready to punish crime, ? arc ..not'
willing to lend thorn-elves to (v system.;
of persecution.? (n-ixntn'tle la ics', . ;
It in Duly a Ciiunnr it content i
The trj.n; hill which; WOftq rwtuniflK
yesterday by the;.grand -jury- n^nimii
ev-Se.i|ni/?j Kobe*.. Sinei is.; in eljhetv
thai he did advi>^??on>*M*d-nnd procure
j *. >so] ?I iYix? W nth! tuti; oi f? Hk t>i'7.W4*ift'fV?ite,
and A. Q. Jones; ehrk, of .the huiye
of it;pr< s. utut i vs, t<. sign alnl certify
to the allowance (if a, claim for
Itll 1 , i: 'o
of ?l (1:
250, thereby t<> commit a breach ol
trust witli :i fraudulent intent
.... . /o! im.i i ? oiiot
J lie tiivcystigsilnn made by. the,
grand fitrv i.- the result of exposure.*)
* ?m i ... x i ? ? , j '
contained in an artieie in .the Liu-m
litrttii! of.April ?!. We tlinii sl::teu\ih
effect lim! wc had posiltv6 kuowh-ifge
that a hold 'fraud had been, connnit
led; that a claim .bad been ' eertimip
to 1 iv tho clerks of the ficneriil asscin
hJy as liaving been allowed und passed
which in reality had not ,lioih pnssp/l
by cither house, that subsequent .UJ
VC tig?tibn .-bowed tfia't tint pnjy'Tm''
no such claims passed, but that the
pay eer't iii elite upon which the/ clerks
luid acted was. in itself a fraud, hav
ing been paid a.year, before to thy
person holding it. We explained
the ease with Wnicn such a fraud
could be successfully [practiced, by.a>
porting the fact thai there was no iiro
. ./ < , . , .?, ijo/ ? ?? 1'
vision compelling the clerks to can
eel'pay certificates received in ex
change fir "passed claims,r' and that,
therefore, nothing prevented the ?jer
tilicutcs froi'p being preserved, ready
to appear again, iii new ?i* old liaudsi
to be again ground over into "pulsed
claims. .
? '?jTI'jrui. L^i^ji^\'^^vT?^'o^>ClJ^^-U
? l^cclerks hurried "from Charleston to |
IVdumkia, purchased the "passed
idiiini" from a person to whom it had
ileen sohl, and canceled it, with, a
great parade Of contrition for having
made such a im'stttA*, I nfnrtun.itely
fur them there is sonic eyidenco that
they made a precisely similar misfttki:
in t he. ca.* e of the claim of N. K. l'id
wards. We are assured that, ab hough
A. O. Jones has certified to a list "con
taining Kd Wards' claim, it did not pass
the house of representatives, or sen
ate cither, for the amount its it appears
in the published list. In other words,
it was also a "raised claim "
We ::re unable to see why a bill
should lie sent to the grand jury
agaid.-t Mr. Smalls, unless it was ac
companied by hills against SVooHrnlf
ami Jones. To couiieii ;i breach of
trti.-t is, of Course, unlawful and dis
honest; but to roinmit ti brcaeh . of
trust is a groater crime. We insist,
then, that the grand jury is bound to
present the clerks of the general as
sembly, and we call their attention t<>
the ease of lid wards.. A careful .sift
ing of the transaction in regard to
this "passed claim,' business in ali its
ramifications is due to the people who
litiyo Iicmi robbed for years by means
ul pay ccrtilit'iitesj contingent, claims,
and a dozen other contrivances, not
mi.? of which will he found without
the names of the clerks of ilia senate
and 1 use upon it.
We are assured by those Who ought
to know that the pu! licity given to
this claims busines in the coluinns of
the L'uioy.-llvrnfd resulted in despair
to as many as a dozen members, who
etuiio hero to meet tho rlcrks ?aud di
vide around thirty thousand dollars'
worth of "raised claims.'! Quite that
in neb was offen d for sale in advance
of getting! tlmints bf paper from Joe
ami .Jones, und great was the disap
point nient when lliosp worthies de
clared that for oneu thy were, scared
oil'by that "danim 1 i'nion IlnaM "
Never pay old debts?settle them.
The paths that lead to the grave?
Allopath and homeopath.
When Jonah's fellow passengers
threw him overboard they evidently
regarded him neither prophet or
OSS. ,
'ftaod-ANeW foi'oS?*1trf(lI flf??fclief?. '!.* '
u// f-ti'd 'fi. ail J 1?T V>iifo ni loiibo i'th
the ibllowing letter 'o,tj Hop., jf. IC',,-?
Jilison, superin teju leo t^flf cducntji)ifr.,
to" the, .(}lt,?ff,.;rR./L^^n^j^'
treasury y -W( p {pip4 f "p^p jnformed
by the treusuror?4.hf?i-he -i? reutly to
Day tho uidhey' on'tWfn-and. Thin will
le voiV-gr^ in
t)be .^h'rmri.^Oi^t?'ll? of the state who
have waited several-ytxfo"Sor"'OTV*
ifi oney. W e?' R**t? HllM * ArPwnrbh'tlt
wiIt Vfo'lif-pildnW tiro
certificate^ <;iit5jaift}h\g,^6l.l^u>ic1oFtnl5'i 1
ijit#ii iirftl-flee >W'?4W- 'sclWbf'ioiH^'
missioHer* of i&u t ifg^b^'iJfic'atd!' l3fj|c- *
ly in exee.-s ol'thc ai)j)ropriatlUii'ilihd6'''
for idioif- ?\}speoliVe^6ounties:
I blu iGouifMiiiij Miy l33f?Wi7;ji.tI
[MS i iSmmi^^^t
! iSfdtr nf tSiHt/Ji. Luroliiitf, (.Aliimhi't :
of v'?i^q?O,lor jniyj^emf. p$\}$vw\*m%
of school claims" and saluries of
county school7, 'etfniririssfnncrs duo
prior to.JJs'p.vj'uiher.iIsjtt'To, inadi and
provided Jbr in.di.visiop 2 offt
nf "An act^tt) ^j^^j^m^opnaH to
meet -the ,f .o^inS** ).-\poii^yfif/lutf
itiite govern if. e it tor fisoul year com**
i.r'he'ng' ^N?Vemfier^ 'f^lin'r Vp
provW rMtf)f^Uatf<'lo7^ re'-"*
ported to tbia l?tftee^hiV.tilft bAlancfl!>
a WyluUlp,; lo,tibqrM j^rrieJUa Q<JjSdhool >
il?nns clue IVil^M^^-p^^a
the si.in 'of 882^64.05. I have tiro
horiof t6= m'foiim y?W Ihrit'l Mft^Sfe*
portioned said sum $82,;JG4.0d'to'tho"'
several.! ctfu n t tog i.-of-lfl?o-tsrate^.aa'f?l
lows:,; AblrovHIcj. 05^.0;-Anderem,
rmlWtpfk 1 <?; Cliaflestou, #J,8wW;.
Chester, $2,81.70; Chesterfield, fc'!'-'1
852.10; Cl -reddoil. $l'jftolt(l5;<L'nM<M,
$:',S??.G0; IJar.Ungton/ $2.835.45;
Kd^gKehJ, $8,070.05; Fairficld, $2,
[>18.*So; Ocorgetoiyj0?2>^iIj2.(JC;Green
ville, $MU&HO;olUor?vl 8l!,*i 18.30;
Kershnw, $1,930.85; Lancaster, 1,204.
20; Jbaur.ehs, _S2<3j00.9ty?. Lexington,
ttt^jft Marim^??.Ql^
&or\cef h \;21 llm'jf'I^JSi^ 3,- ~~ a
07?.95j Piclcenk, $Tj:'c?.50; Rlclila'iVl,
$2,M.?5;--^fcphrtnlibiiffc, } $8,903.80;
Su-ter, i $2,720.00; lUuionr: 82y024r
WiIlianisburg.i, $1,820.20;, York,'&2,ft
433.90?toiul, $82^4,05.. , . -..
I hereby certify that the foregoing
app?rtioiim6ht "is, to' the best of my'
knowledge and belief."cbtre?t; ?
1 wmJ. KyJu.LfiOty,in
Stute SupcriutendenL.uf Fduca.tipn?, n
.,? ? ? iTTTv TV:.
A Lawyer Sold.^
A horse trnder 'got awny with ? law'-1'
vor irfithe fi)ljbwing ircat style :?' m*" ''
: "How mhy drinks hail yh\i t&kei^
that day V ' 1 ' ' .
'Or.e or t.Avo. I qferie'rally 'driuk wh'en
I feel dry.';
' Wei I, how many cTrinksf Q? y*o\t usu
al ly take in a day?' ?!: ! ' '
i,"i:>omefimes on^ ?r'^hM,''s?Vn^timea'
ten or twelve. ?/1 hftv'e tnkoiV?A many
tia nevf 'tty drinks in a diV-' *l! <* *"J
'Ah ! .?H.'.v^nt'y 'drinki dhl ^yotf -'iay V
' ?*Yes,!I ?aidseventy.' ' .-ns
'About how much did you lake at ft
drink?' " < li i"r ' 1
'Aboutbuffo- tuniblerf?l/
'And you do not get drunk'?' 1J
'Not in the least.' ' -:
'Seventy drinks did hot miikc you
?No sir.' !
What kind of liquor did you driuk V
.Water.' ?> ? ? ! "
'That will d>, you may step down.'
Siil|inai*Y a iid ,"3D'rps.s
We have jurat opened a HILLTNAIty
STOJtFC in brun^vburj; at the. foot ?f
(*hheh" Street, and will keep stradiTr oh
hand a full supply of ' . ? ? :?. .
Tjlillinary Goods,
We will also carry on tliobnsinciviof Cut
lini?;i filing aijd dress-inakiny in the latest
fashionable Ptvlc. 'We solicit the patron
age -of the ladiei of the County, and will do
our uticrino*t"to- jjiye Haiixlaolion. All
orders prompt I v atieiirlvd to.
apr.l 17 1ST*> 1 3 m
T. K. LKfiA'ltK Kx'r. v? K. C. IlKOARK
ami other.*.
]lv order of titc Court of Probate the
creditors of the Kev. I. S. K. .I., pare will
present and prove the demands apiinH the
Mtul I.S. K. Lc^arc before the sidd (.!onrt in
OranitchurK, on or before titc fmt day of
June next or thev will be barred.
A. B. IK XOWLTOX, Jmlce.
March Kith 1S75. . i
apr'l 10 LS75 4t

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