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I*. F. Mi'?KEiWI!.SS, Dentist
?OF CHARLESTON, can bo found at Lia ?
OFFICE abovo Captain HAMIL
? T?ON*3 STORE, on Mar- '
kct Street ; '
References?Dn?. J. T. Patrice, B. A.
MucKcxruss, A. P. Pblzdb,, M.' D.,* and
-"Mebsub. Pei.zer, KenrjEns & Co;
TO I'tTIJB;. -joVi
of ora'ng eb?rg, ' "
MOSES M. BROWN, the Barber pledges
?himuclf to keep up .with (lie tiqtcs in all tlie
1,ATF. IMPKOVEMENTS,' as His luisiuess is
piifliclcnt to mnuntec the above, lie wilt
Tic found at his old. eland, <sver ready/to
serve liis'CUstoiners at the shortest etutice.
apl II ;{()
Nine Year^ .Exj^ieiice,
TAINT*,'. } / ? ?J r*
I have on hanfl nl60 -a.Buply of * j
Fercriptions enrefuly compounded, ?orders
tfroin the country Btrickly attended to at the
d'oplnr Drug Stor*e of .
?,... , .a.c.
j?n 23 1874 ly
Horses and-Mtdes^7
Bamberg ?jslater's stables
' IN REAR OF ; 1 ?
Where yoii will find a COMPLETE stock
?of tin- finest HOBSKS and ML) I.ks thai can
"he procured from ibc REST MARKETS in
?the United States. .-.-A-. . ,.,
Our prices range from^$?O'.t? $^2?j.ftiAlp
?orders tilled ut the .short ?st notice.
If our stock on hand do not please wx?
?Hill oider tor you ul onco.
?<ec 18 tS74 fim
i?f Wposit No.,..831,. OjanigeboKg. Branch,.
<"itir.'-iiH Saviijgs:,;B4nk.::of So?tlt'Caroliufi,
v*tud to the late E. .1. Oltveros, dc .-cased,
suit iilso of Hi-posit Hook No, >'.iG, uf.same
t much, in the iniTtie of the >'aid E. .f. Oli
-v.n>. in trusi. nud ?lim I will apply in
O?roe nnntlis from ilstc for a renewal of Die
fc-kiue. mid lor such dividends' as may accrue
iheveoii, i<? the Trustee arid .Commit:ec'of
ilte.?aid Baute, M Columbia, S: C
tr.ar C?1 am 3m Qualified KxecWiit.
I)enta,iv i^uTiciq
"I I 110 undersigned takes 'pleasure in an*
?uiuncing to bis many friends and patrons
\h;:t lie has permanently located at Orange
burg, C. II ,S. C, where he will devote his
?entirelime, from every Monday till Saturday
noon to the tifyf] t$ ' ". ' ? Lf
in all its Departments. .Perfect satisfaction
guaranteed in all ?j>6nitl??s?i^rustcdto his
<-arc. ChaTgea very'nidderatc: *
Office at Dr Fcrsnor'e old stand over WU1
?coek's Store.
L. S. wolfe
in THE
basement OF dukes'
For terms apply to
j Principal.
Fi ?Er jmmimaS^K
Having secured the AGENCY of the
"City Insurance Company
"Provideco, R. T."
Capital, 93111,051.
"\VHlt lliat of participating Companies,
Tlic fc*Fironnnfc's Fund," Capi
tal #500,000.
And tlic
"Atlantic," of Xcw York.
I am" prepared to take RISKS of any
amount, dividing them in several 1st Class
COM PAN 1 EH; to which I call (ho attention
of p?Ap(*t;' \iQh\?r*:
Taken em GIN HQJJSES, Mlf/LS nni
(?'ire Insurance Ajh'uL
A few tops of
Also a supply of the
npl 3 I875 ly
An Irreverent Cluckei'.
They have had more trouble at our
Methodist mcetiug-house. Last Sun
day Key. Mr. Moody was just begin
ning his sermon, and had uttered the
words, "Brcthreu, I wish to direct
your attention this morning to the
fourth verse of the twentieth chapter
of Saint-" when a hen emerged
from the recess beneath the pulpit.
As she had just laid an egg, she in
terrupted Mr. Moody, to announce the
fact to the congregation; and he stop
ped short as she walked out into the
aisle, screeching: "Kuk-kuk-kuk-kuk
te-ho! Knk-kuk-kuk-kuk-te-ln)!''
Mr. Moody contemplated her for a
moment, and then concluded to goon;
but the . ?und of his voice seemed to
provoke ? her to rivalry, so she put on
-apressure offiycoreix pounds tothc
. square' }inch,-and mado/such a racket
that the preacher stopped again and
said :' ; -
''Will Deacon Grimes please remove
that disgraceful chicken front the
meeting house ?"
Tfess deAcoh rose and .proceeded
with the task. JIc first tried to drive
her toward the door, but she dodged
hin), 1 anrj,,.vtill clucking vigorously,
got under the seat in the front pew.
Then the deacon seized his umbrella
?nod scooped her out into the aisle
again, after which he tried to "shoo"
her toward the door; but she darted
.into the pew, jipppco! over the parti
tion,* came 'down into the oj>posito
pew, ami in the side aisle, making a
noise like a steam plaining mill. The
deacon -didn't: like to.'climb after her,
so he went around, and just as he got
into the side aisle, the ben flew into
the middle aisle again. Then the boys
inthegajjeiy buigheil, and the deacon
began to^groV red iri: the lace.
At last Mr. Binns came out of his
pew to help, and as both} lie and the
deacon mado a dash at tho chieken in
on- the. edge, while slTo.gav?,exeitcd
cSprekslf.n to' her views by emitting
about five ihuudred clucks a minute.
The deacon Hung a hymn hook at her
to scare her down again, but he
missed ber und hit, Billy Jones, a Sun
day scholar, in the eye. Then another
boy in theigidljery made a dash at her,
and reached so far over that he tum
bled and fell on Mrs. Miskey's spring
bonnet) whereupon she said out loud
that h.q was predestined to the gallows.
The cra?h scared the hen, and she flew
over arid roosted on the stove pipe
that roji alo; g just under the ceiling,
fairly "howl in g with fright. In order
to bring-her down, the deacon and
Mr.^Biipis lh>th;beat on tbe.lowcr part
of the pipe with their umbrellas, and
it the filth or sixth knock, the pipe
separated, and about forty feet of it
came down with a crash, emptying a
barrel or two of soot on the congrega
tion. There were women in that con
gregation who went home looking as
if they had been working a coal mine,
and wishing they could stab Dcacoi:
Grimes without being hung lor mur
der. The hen crime down with the
stove-pipe, and as she Hew by Mr.
Binns he made a dash at her with bis
umbrella and knocked her clear
through a fifteen dollar pane of glass,
whereupon she landed in the street,
and hopped off clucking insanely.
Then Mr. Moody adjourned the con
gregation. They are going to expel
the owner of that hen from the church,
when they discover his identity.? t). -
A good rhinoceros costs $5,000, and
unless there's a great decline in the
mtikret must of us must he sat is lied
with a five dollar parlor mat having a
colored tiger stamped on it.
A small boy in New Haven male j
a sensation for a short time by quicOy
transferring acaid bearing the words
?' take one" from a lot of handbills in
front of a store to a. basket of oran
- -?? ? ????
A prjtcp Bay couple walked four
mi lea on snowslmcs to get married,
anrt it probably wont be oycj* a rfiiinlh
before he will tell her to split her own
wood if:bo wants any.
Tiie ReVeflge of tiio IIcmIh.
i'.'tin . in>.i\l?Hut? ? ?Ai L.b;-v!
One day a number, of animals that
bad .been. hjgb/ly .nggriovsd by -the,
tyranny nnd injustice^!! man, resolved
to petition Jupiter.: Iftr .^ajisliiction
"Ob, Jupiter l";oxclai;ned ,(tho.icamel,
"revenge mq ,on this \pdolp.nt-tyrant,
who instead of, carrying,, bis ^onn
burthens, claps them. 011,11) y. back, and
drives; I me ? into, the . desort, where I
travel \vhol? day? without a drop of
water." ."Oh, Jupiter !" cried a great
fat green turtle, "revenge,ine on J.hi?
gluttou, who kidnaps me while I,nm.
.sleeping in the eun?starves rnqfor
weeks on board ot a ship, und eats me.
af'lerw rtlf, though Ue; gives nie noth
ing to eat." "Oh,. Jupiter !*' squeaked
the pig, "bo Stulls nie first, anil Iben
studs himself?with me afterwards!"
"Ob, Jupiter !" brayed the ass', "be
leads mo With" panniers of liquor and.
delicious fruits, and gives me nothing
but water and thistle*; I beseech1thee
to revenge us !" "Behold !" answered
Jupiter, "thou art revenged already!
Dos'tsce thatturbanod wrelcb yonder,
chewing opium, and dozing away a
miserable existence? And dost thotr
sec younder Christian, in Iiis riigjit
gown and slippers, taking doses ol
physic, and making wry faces ? And
dost thou sec that wretch, reeling
"long, with his b!ood-rcd face, and
earbuucled nose? The one is martyr
tn indolence; he is thy victim, oh,
humpbacked camel; he is reaping the
fruits of making thee bear bis
burthens, instead ?f carrying'them
himself. ThcJ;jdjysic-taking mortal,
is paying the forfeit ftf, your wrongs,
oh, jug and turtle!. And the reeling
wretch ] is securing to himself a life of
gnilt, misery and disgrace, by means
?f the liquor thou ekrnaston thy back,
?eh, most unreasonable donkey! Go'
thy. nays-.,iu. quiet, for< again l^sny
thou art amply revenged."
The petitioners departed; bu* the
camel lifting a rjualrnpcd cf great
ittA}'1 V) ; nd
pner, cou^PtiOG
self, neither he tic
beasts were much ( the better for this
species of vcngeanciV It is thus with I
man. lie persuade^ himself that
revenge will rctb^O- s? his wrongs ami
assuage his .?oJoStws, a)ne! when In* hugs
it to his heart, find? duly the fangs of
tho serpent dtstilUngi venom into his
wounds. . , , \i i
j J -. Savins ^W^lfk. ^
One great cause ofl the poverty of
die present day, wisely says an ex
change, is a failure (If our common
people to appreciate Wail things.
They do not realize how a daily'addi
tion, he- it ever bo siulall, will soon
make a large pile. If the young men
and wonfen of to-day wipi oply begin,
and begip now, to saveUvlitllc from
their earnings and plant H in the soil
of some good s.aviug's bank, and
weekly or. monthly add their mile,
they will wear a happy smile of
competence when they r.ci'ioh middle
liib, Nottmly the}desire bntHio!al>iUi
ity to increase it will also grow. .Let !
clerk and' tradesman, laborer and
?irtisan, mukc. now , and at unco^u,
beginning,. Store hp sonic ofyour
youthful force for future contingency.
Let parcntu leach their children to
begin early to save. Begin at the
fountain head to control thV stream
of extravagance?to choose, 'between
poverty and riches, Let ouV youth
go oil in thu habits bl'exlmVng0^00
for fifty yoarsttu come as they have for
fifty years palt, and we shall dinvo a
nation of beggars, with a moneyed'
aristocracy. Let a generation ?\C.fiUch
as save in snujtll sums be roarctJi and
we will be free from want. Do liot be
ambitious for (extravagant forfutios,
I but seek that which it is thedijtv of
every oue to obtain?independence
and a comfortable home. Wealth,' and
enough of .it, is within the reiVdh ?l
all. It is obtained by one process, nnd
one only?saving. '?.
The new building of the New YW>k
Tribune is nine stories high. WheHtf
man comes in and wants to know 'wjwo
wrote fhat article'?' lie is told that w?
author is on the top floor with the eje
valor broken; \
t ?fii Beaton With'ilutch Cli cso. ?
Limnurgcr cheese "u 'strong'enough
to pul one to flight without Tiding fi red
at him, but the kind referred to lie row
seems todiave been .that sometimes
known as Syiiife-oak eiiecse,' such ns
the, IruVrtl headed old.,negro piistSnk
for a grindstone. *A n'exchange pub
lishes a queer sea story, showing how
this "cheese once saved a liero Ins' vic
toiTi -
.? tVft} 'Trial ll\'J) \\
Ihe greatest ^ammunition that we
have lioard of lately was used by the
p<ycbmtca .Gomjrn^yo^o* jCfoc^ 01 the
MuiitcVidiun Navy, who* ai) en
gagement win*i*'A(bniral_ lir'own, of the
Buenos Ay res service' fired* every shot
iroin Ins locker.
^/"vVhat shall \\c\fp, sir? asked I he
First Lieutenant;''we've not a single
shot aboard?round, grape, canister
hud duuble-h'cade<t,,afl "gone.'
. '**I*owiicr gbiie?:'uskcd' fcoe.
sir: pj\6fsF<>?tiiat> ^ " :
ft*?1} c"jJf?un(1 vilfhaid clieese,
hfroHii.fi liutch'one for fiesscrl at din
aier to-day; don't' you remember it?'
"said Coo;
X 0$f?JPJ?}'> Y <nokc Ape' carving
jkinly in l\y\ng'tp ent iI, sir^
' 1 Are'UieVe any on bmird?'
? ^\WjUPt\vo tibzenj 1'0'ok 'oni from a
Jr?B'?bifcy Lmjunoilorc!' That's ' the
idea'! ' Hi fry 'S cried the First
! Lieutenant.
, . And m a few minutes the fircofThe
'oi? i.HfiiVta Marii^fe\>e|^8ji 1 )>) j .which
had ceased entircly^was reopenvd mid
Admiral Brown lotted c ore shot Hy
in^?Jv^cipMs^Wa?tl,n Dii\clly one Of
thdmstruck1 tbtf mhin'tnu.-ty and as it,
did^oiirvt^crffterod and *ttow in eve
dirocrl/fn.1'" a v.; ,f-?????
'Wmit'isirthnt I he ''enemy* 2{ fe:
ing?^Ys!tt*d'Bro\vii; b.ifiiohody c< Ml|?
tell, if" '</"?- m?dJ ;*oortx| tin a r.gn
?ct'lvC-'nlfother' one. * cftine "'in'
'ZoundsLthis is too much; this is
some new l* ixhan or other; P don't
like 'I'm at all!' cried Brown.
Ami then, as four or five more came
ship through tln ir sails, he gave orders
to fill away, and actually hacked out
of the tight, recoivinga parting hroaiL
side of Dutch cheese.
? ??. ? ?? ? ?????
The Biooklyn Argus, gels oil' the
'Cross-examinations' aro uew.ol' dai
jly (occurrences in Brooklyn families.
l:"or instance, the other clay, at the
breakfast table of a well known resU
dout of rierrepont street, the follow ing
eoll.xpiy tpijk, pi ado.
. J,tUt:rj\rrti;.iti<i.-il{[\i a stern .yoice to
a pretty daughter, aged twenty)?Ju
lia, who was that.young man who was
bore last night V'
Julia (with deliberation )?A friend
j , Ailhcr?Yy'hat is'his nn.mo:?.
ti p Jut?I can't recollect,,
Father-^-Where;does he live?,
?lulia (quickly)-rrlle'.s moved.
. rather (jv.p.ov.ingly)?Don't an
swer me in that c^iv-ive manner. Did
he .kiss you before .leaving V
A young sister,..who had been read
ing the trial ^turning to rich, old
bachelor uncloj?I objecL^tiio <juc-s
tioa is 'lyading.' w (l
rather?1 insist upon an answer?
yes or no?and will put the question
in anothur fo?|n: Wad there any salu
tation Of lllO.JipSl ?VAr..??... -
Jtdiii (absently?My memory fails
me in matters of deUiL, although,
(.(with a pause") there might have been
fioiucthing of the kind,
At this point the breakfast ended.
The cxperimentortr?u'slu.singblood
has just been applied to Gen. Frank
Blair, who has long been prostrated
with paralysis, at his homo in St Louis
Six ounces of blood were injected into
j Iiis veins, and the result is said to be
An nssesior asked a woman bow
many chickens she had* and, doul t
iug her wordi proceeded to count them
She took him to tho bee hivo, kickid
it over, and iuvited him to count the
He llet Tiidt'??slo the tfaus'Were' (irEl^
UtT V/r O'-UH/tOM ttiijHV AM ?/!!???/ ? tJXJii*
A soil of the fad&fl arid', savrf'au ox
chiuigo, webt', iiitb BarneyGalligau's
salo?n ' Ilm other day rind cidiud fbr'it
ing he was ^yith ..theVrn*y' aln.-adv,
And shook Ids head,- saying 'You linye
hud-: wioug'h.<V- ^bhioiigh of' 'Wliad/''!
gues* Vb-n-Ued-tho 4'euton. ??KWmijJh'
ton drink/ 'AWio-iis running my inn
fchinej you bh'J7" 'Yon are?hnil yo'ir
nro^ rhnnhigiit'iii the ground/ ? ?i.?d
I bade you-bMi dollars dilti aln-tt
liar/ .said h*>, slumming Ids' hand'
down upon the bar;:-' ?' - M
?There is do bet there;' Sind tlarnev','
laughing.! noM.-)"tjdo n-t 0">*d ; '..
j ? 4Gife:u3 ii dribk/ i*l ' ' ?yl
'No; you are drunk itdwT " '
?'I luule yiiu fint.5 ' I
1 'Well, 1 Will bet you filly 'doIlnrS'
to one thai you uro drunk,' srli.-J Bar
ney,.while quitl; a nuniber of bystand
ers gather*d arobnd to see the fun.' ?
' 'Good enough, T hade yoii.'Viiddie:
pulling out fractional currency ?Wtigli
to make up a dollar. Kow, who will
you leave it hi id ?' m:
'I'll leave-it to yourself;?? Are yllu
not drunk V ri hl i/o vi ??? i
?Yes, by jingoes, I ?rii^fiatd he
niotrb fully, 'dak6 dot; idoller".'
A friend ;of hSs) happened to liij'iii
the crowd, und upbraided him forde1
e4tlhl*w against himtiJf. '
? '^Uif.it was the druih.' '?
?Woll, supposing it whs; what did'
you- want to be lool cimuglvto bet for
then?' ' ^<<?H ???>'?!fl 9tit "Id .-i ? q
;+i"couldirt help it?8?citri* odds watf'Bo
glohd/ be replied, ttit-hitlg-awhy, more
itvsor.o'.v -ihuli'nngpt?." ?' link
Loafers are an, cx^en^ive. luxury.,
\Y<-\ Lave known :a vyi'^, to work hard,
sewing,.an.I it took^il.iuost.evory ecjij
lPnlSHlM'i l-Sf !??-iMlrl*i lY-Af? Vft
loaf ,r. If .any young .ladies aspire^.
\,-,VJiiV?,iLitM1 ?l '<>. J.ojUer>|.,\-jjlbf<ll^
inus.L niake up their minds, they.hqvu.
got .work.. Who has not seen a^
get to giippo.rt one or two loatexs. .. ,.
A young fellow in San' Francisco,
suddenly snatclied a kiss from a lady
friend and excused himself by saying
that it was a sort of temporary insani
ty that now and then came upon him.
"When he rc.se to lake Ids leave the
pitying dam-el said to him': 'If you
ever fecl'any morn such flu coiuiing,
on you, you had better come j right'
hero; where yovtr infirmity is Known,
and I will take care of you.'
Yesterday noon as a Sixth mas was
digging in bis gar* en his wife appear
ed ut!tlie Uobi'* ainl shouted: Gome,
you old fraud--come into dinner
As he did not ?Knie, she opened the
door pretty soon and yelled : 'Hain't j
yon com tilg to dinner, you blasted
-V She saw" a/hciglinor in the
garden along with her laisband, and
finished, '-old darling.' you !'
Women require more sleep than
men,'and fanners less than those 6n
-aaed in other occupations. Editors,
reporters, printers and telegraph ope
rators require no sleep at alb Law
yers can sleep as/much as they'ehoose,
as they will thus bo.kept out df mis'
chief. Glorgymcn are allowed to>leep
iwenly-fotir hours, and to put their |
palishioiu-r? to sleep onee a weok.
llo who goes through a land , and
Kcutl$!$ 'uses, may bo tracked next
day by. their withuml petals that strew
the ground; hut lie who goes through !
it and.scatteis rose seeds, a hundred
years after leaves behind him a land
lull of fragrance and beauty for his
monument, and as a heritage to Ids
suns and da ugh tor.
When old Sam Growder, down in
Tike, was running for Justiee of the
Peace, his wife, in anticipation of hon
or* iir store for her, said : "My dear,
when you get to be .Ttistic? of the
Pence, what will T be?' 'You,' snid
old .Sain, 'why you'll be the snnlc old
fo>l von alwnvs wns.'
*-.'-^> . ?-ij
Why du people call for a pieco of
string, and did any body ever hear of
joe calling for a whole one ?
Tli?scViftrVIteinililc; "liiitr eKtVnot ..
lind, unless parents faithfully, t>erfar^'lrT
curdy )ife:'!''i ??" ? ??nJtgio ws~
; <ftfc ultch ?l!itu?Vthat*Hbc ?phren*h'Ml
?Jf lo tluy, ai'd im her i criVfflt?f1 ? 'tfflfr*'
i:liuiii\}lijlUhiii.T>.'Tliwrcliiiga'; appetM?
true, vvhen we .compare thirrchlhirehae
dfj tlift?:pi;esijnt,MYith ithrne or; theuipastja?
j PawM UlMt hoed. Jieuiemhe* i'?mr.i
and .wninen pltl)g.,futijrjr.jn \\!hdt*d
l'W?aH?11 .ft'W'.^Sf vnuX. iu i!i* t^ffj
w.irscd yr^^}}^.^my^t
ami reap a harvest of iov to your-'
solve* 1 ' ' v,ft*r~;i^ ?? * Sw-fn")
.'- \t?3 ?& -11 f^iaiftiaaa {^*"-"?-? ?l
bei) ': ild>rtl ef<U?ail0kOrirg f -irnlrT
?:THe i?lf|*? ii;
full of etirbu? and romantic incidents.
Among tlie hiost'eurioiis' U file'cirami
stance of tll6 cVeclion of a ''?p^rag^n*
ihc pewm of an Indian: CliiGftinK1
r'iruVVulter Raleigh, on the' Island" ot*
foronton on the l.'Jtli of An^usr','' 1587,'*
attended, the 1 .baptism of Mtfntc"/ 'a
iai t h fu 1 'I nil i nif (,'h iefto and?n ft?V\Va rdS'
made hire adcudafc<-l$aronVondeb the'
naine;of.th3iLo"rd of. Roanr.ke. 'This
was the fust and'hist " peonage ever''
created; by; Kpgliadi- authority H11
America, 11 ,soilv.. ?dilj ^ ? ?Hat - >
I /Iho;iiamo of Mantep iia ipreserved7
in ?ie ?tle?f thQjJojlge.{ of/Odd Fei?
l(>.wsjn .the.uty ojVKaleigh;,i hi f . v)
child goft? 'astray^"\ihi bcc:iusVihere!is.
a ^wKM' of prayer- or5 virtue at'home,
buV simply-liecrius hnnll^^V^Vsun
slfftJW \A' Mms'hoci]%kiti&lL R?ucir
as ? llowrts-nceVls'suidMnSs1.1' '"Clulltrcn
look litflebeyond:Rl^pTclBfl?*m
If jadhing pleases; thfcy ?rcm^H' &>Facck
iUdailfi hpme. is tlie'pWe^ltefe'fHcW
uj^jgj^mj words hai-sh. nnd faul,':
as iually^ hv^eiftltfht i'.they *
mother, tl on try to be happy, xlc?
thejn talk to their children','especially
the littie ones,. hi suoh rii'wnyaBto"
make them happy.
; 'Is my face dirty 1'. remarked ft
voiing lady to her aunt/, while at din
jner at a IIartf'ord"ho|el the other day:.
'Dirty? No. Why do .you ask ;.. *J3e
Icaitkc that insulting waiter ihshuy uji-,
on putting a towel' beside my phue..
I've th.rown three under the table, ami
yet every tiinc he comes round he puia,
another one bt-fi)ie, nie.' . ^ ..., . . t
A rustic.youngster', beiiig S?lccd out
Ifo take tea with a friend, was 'admrin-*
ijjhed to pruise. the'eatiiblcs/' Present
ly tho butter wasrpassed, to \\\\\y\ MhW
he renmr;kcd, 'Very tmdkte butter^T
what there is of it,' amb".jebseVvittg a
smile, bemadded,.'and?.plenty- Bofeit^'
such as it;is ,. . ?? . - ?
'We'l, (ioetor,:its.no uic, I'm going,
do die V iN9iisonsc,'.'saM^ ?ie d?Qt? r?
, ?you'ic not'going to die at allv "No;
.man ever died with feet, as ,warm.,;'?- ?
I [yours !' 'A h, yes t hey did, doctor,' L
shnui?l like'to know;'who, theii\T sai^l
tlrl' doctor. ,.7ohn ifogers did).'said the
ftc*f9fMA ?l niton a
patient* . . ,
During tlio rjeo?t speech; of 'JSfWf
!?on Davis at tho I Houston" (Texaft)
Fair Grounds, Iwhen he so ?Sfnmgly*
urged loyalty to the lln^; nClitrge oiikf
tree in front of tlu startd was filled :
with-colored .citizons who joined'lustb'
ly in: each round- of applifuso. ,*'? '^i*
Reason ii the glorv'*of" Idiman na- .
* * v ?.1 m - ^ AT?-Mml
ture, and onf of the chief cmincncesL
wherebv' we are raided * above' U10
beasts in tlils l.SwoiMvorbll'
1 ?????? 111 111 1 mm g ; * ? ??
? ? it ? hna
fr? accordiince' with die Order of Honor;
iddo AimitMus It. Kuowhoni.lud^s^TW^
hattv I will.scll at p\il'lic v,?"'1'.v QW'.'SH
hurl; fo'r' eVh ?'??a?iiciicinj? oil Mondav tli<^.
'Jlst of ?'Jime* J8^? i?'i?intWfl? fi'Aih (ttyltV
day uuiUiiil,! diu pci;isl.ial)lt> property-of fkuT
late ' -hi-. MeNiim'lva dcwascil rcmainiti^
jinsnld, 'con^intiitK of (*rocerfW,"1 Thy (*ondv,
Mouse hol.I and Kitchen fuini(iO>', Ulloi^Jffl
1 Wag?n &c, ?j, ?,
? v ~%Admiriibtrator.
nny ^0 1^/9' . W)H *t ^

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