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?t. \ .\. T. ,
SS. F. MUCKENF1ISS, I>entl?t
OF CHARLESTON, cau bo found at his
OFFICE above Captain HAMIL
ko* Street
iUforonacB?Dns. J. P. PATRICK, B. A.
MVOKKxrcsB, A. P. Pblzkr, M. D., and
if nans. PxLSKR; Remains & Co.
MOSES M. BROWN, the Barber pledges
himself to keep up with the limes in all the
LATE IMPROVEMENTS, as his basin esa is
sufficient to gurantcethc above. He will
he found at his old stand, ever ready to
serve his customers ut the shortest notice.
apl 11 80
Nine Years' Exprience
I have on hand also a snply of
Tercriptions enrefuly compounded, orders
from the country strickly attended to at the
Poplar Drug Store of
jan 23 1874 ly
Horses and Mules
Where you will find a COMPLETE stock
of the fin eat lib USES and. MULES that can
be procured from the BEST MARKETS in
the United States.
Our prices range from $50 to $-25. AH
flrders IIlied i?t ihn shortest notice.
!f our stock on hand ib? not please we
iw?m fii i rn ii ii 11_ .
dee 18 1874 Gin
?\TOTIC3E is hereby sriven of
JLi the loss or destruetion of Certificate
of Deposit No. 331j ? Orangehurg Branch.'
Citizens Savings Bunk of South Carolina,
?.?MU'd to the bile E. J. Olivoros, deceased,
i nil also ot Deposit Book No. '.'(j, of same ,
] ranch, in the name of the said E. .1. OH- i
?vi m.v in trnsi, ami that 1 will npply in
three month's from date, fur a rencwiil qf the
mine, slid tor such dividends as may accrue
ihcreoii, to (he Trustee ami Committee of
the said lianlt, at Columbia,S. C.
mar (i?1 am 3ni Qualified Executrix.
J) ENT A L ;V 6 T lCK
THE undersigned takes pleasure in an'
nonncing to his many friends and patrons
that he has permanently located at Orange
burg, C. II., S. C, where he will devote his
entire time, from every Monday till Saturday
noon to the
in all its Dcpaitments". Perfect satisfaction
guaranteed in all operations entrustedto his
care. Charge.?; very moderate.
Office at I)r Fersner'a old stand over "VVill
cock's Store.
For terms apply to
Ilaving secured the AGENCY of the
"City Insurant Company
Erovicleco, Tt. I."
Capital, $2HM>51.
With that of participating Companies,
Tlio "Fireman-h Fnud," Capi
tal $500,000.
And the
"Atlantic," of 3fcw York.
I am prepared to take RISKS of any
amount, dividing them in several 1st Class
COMPANIES, to which 1 call the attention
pf property holders.
Taken on GIN HOUSES, MJLL? and
Fire Insurance nyept,
A few tons of
Also a supply of the
np] o 187j ly
A Common Thought
Somewhere on this earthly pl?ttet,
In the dust of flowers to he,
In the dewdrops, in the sunshine,
Sleeps .1 solemn day for nie. .
At this wakeful hour of midnight.
1 behold it dawn in niist,
And 1 luar a sound of sobbing
Through the darkness? hut ! Oh, hist I
In a dim and murky chamber,
I am breathing life away :
Some one draws a curtain softly
And I watch the broadening day.
As it purples in the zenith,
As it brightens on the lawn.
There's a bush of death about mc
Ami a whisper, MIc is gone.'
Major f odd's L g.
Major Todd, of our place, lost his
right leg at the battle of Fredericks*
burg, and some tin.c ago he purchased
an artificial leg from a man in Wil
mington. It contained a' system of
springs, which enaolcd the major to
use it in such a natural manner, that
when he was walking along the street
nobody would for a moment suppose
that he had not both of his own legs.
On Sunday, while the major was on
his way to church, he clipped upon the
ice and gave the store leg a severe
wrench. He must have dislocated
some of the springs; for after reaching
church and taking his seat, and while
the clergyman was reading the Scrip
tures, the leg suddenly llcw up aud
rested upon the back of the peu- in
front of him. The congregation
looked at him in amazemcut, and he
grew very rod in the face. As soon as
he took it down itjumped up again
and wriggled about on the back ol
the ^kjw* finally kicking Mrs. Thomp
son's bonnet to rags. Then the major
suppressed it again, and held it down,
but it instantly began a convulsive
movement in his own pew, during
which it upset the stools, plunged
'trrmvwir-vtrrt.'ti^- the.'nysiH/dnjru'fcs "ftiriri
hats, and hammered the board be
neath the seat, until it made such a
racket that the minister had to slop.
The sexton came rushing in to find
what was the matter, ami the major,
titter explaining the difficulty in a
whisper, asked the sexton to let him
lean on him while he charged on the
front door. As soon as the major got
into the aisle that dissolute leg kicked
the sexton sixteen or seventeen times
iu a most insolent mail tier, varying
the exercise by making eccentric
swoops off at the side,during which
it kicked right off the high hats nt the
pew doors inio black silk chaos.
By the time the major reached the
vestibule the leg bad become perfectly
reckless. It ilew up before and it flow
up behind. It butted against the good
leg and darted out sideways, and de
scribed circles, ami tried to insert its
toes in the major's coat-tail pockets,
and to whack him on the nose. When
the *extou came with a hack aud put
the major in it, the leg bauged through
the window glass, and when the driver
got down to sec about it, the leg
brandished iteelfiu his face, and con
cluded the exercise by planting a
powerful bio:? in his stomach. Ihen
the major told the driver that he
would givo him ten dollars to tako
that leg off; and the driver accepted
the offer. For several minutes it
eluded all his efforts to catch it as it
danced about, but finally begot hold
of it and hung on while the major
tried to unbuckle the straps. Then iL
came off and rolled the driver in the
mud. He got up to watch it. It
writhed anil kicked, and jumped and
throbbed ami hopped; and whenever
it would make a dash to one side or
the other the crowd would scatter in
order to give it full play. Finally
Ben Wool ley set his dog on it, and a
most exciting contest ensued, the leg
two or three limes running off with
the dog; and as it seemed likely that
the dog would be whipped, Air. Wool
Icy got n crow-biir and aimed n blow
nttho leg. with tho intent to smash it.
But he missed it, nntl nearly killed
t)io dog. As Boon as the dog retired
Mr, Woolloy whacked at it again and
burst it into flinders, and then there
was pence. The major drove home
and got his ertliche?, and since then
he ha.s confined himself tothe use ofa
wooden leg which has no springs. He
tells the story himself with much ani
mation; hut thinks it a little hard
that the deacons tried to expel him
from that church for indulging in pro
fane Iwvity during service.?Max
Tho Army Overcoat.
Thero are men in this vicinity that
wear blue army overcoats. We went
down to the wood market the other
day, to buy a load ef wood. Among
all the grangers (here, our heart went
out toward one with n tattered and
soiled blue army overcoat. AVc gaz
ed at his weather-beaten face, and
thought, 'It is to such men as these
that the nation owes its life. That
strong arm may have upheld the ling
at Gettysburg, or a ball from his trns
ty rifle may have unhorsed a [rebel
commander, aud turned the tide of
hat tie in the gory Wilderness.' As
we bargained for bis load of wood and
saw his eye kindle with the old fame,
we did not hesitate to trade with this
hero. We thought it was more bless
ed to give a dollar to a soldier for a
load of scraggy wood than to dwell in
the tents of the wicked; and as he
drove up the street with the wood, we
followed him with much the feeling
of a pi ivate following a victorious
genoral. When the wood was unloa
ded, we said to him:
'Comrade, tell us in what depart
ment you served you country during
the late unholy rebellion.'
The old flame came again to his
eye, and as he stood upon the hind
end of the wagon, and with his whip
tickled the off-mules car, be said:
'Rebellion! I went to Canada beforo
the draft. I traded a bottle of whis
key for this overcoat, with a veteran
that lost both arms. G'lang, Beech -
er ! Get up Liz !'
r i-nd the hero leftus sitting on the
racrfrcd edge ofthat four-dollar "water
elm-wood, sighing. But he was out
of reach of these box toed shoes.?La
Cros.ic. Suit.
*- nnwilll_UJ ? * * AMV^ T-1
[From (lie New York Tribune.]
Kef Dim in South Carol inn.
The movement begun by Gov.
Chamberlain of South Carolina in the
name of Reform continues to excite
comment, with great division of opin
ion as to its scope, purpose, and pro
bable issue. In the Columbia letter,
given on another page, a staff corres
pondent of the Tribune concludes his
history of this movement, and reviews
the present phases of political senti
ment iii South Carolina. Gov. Cham
berlain would seem to have fought a
good fight against the corruptionists,
winning in almost every battle, al
though the enemy was bold, confident
and unscrupulous. Thus far his ad
ministration has been marked by a
series of surprises, which have been
agreeable to none more than to those
who opposed hi3 election on the ground
of his reputed questionable relations
with the robber gang who reduced the
State to ? bankruptcy and made its
name a byword in the politics of the
country. It is a good sign that the
leaders of this gang are now his bitter
enemies. IIo hns only to persevere,
and with the hearty co-operation of
the Conservatives and honest Repub
licans, South Carolina may be redcem
As they entered a dry goods store
yesterday you would have said that
love dwelt in both hearts and that a
dove of peace rested on every shingle
on the roof of their abiding place. She
saw a lovely dress and she bogged him
to buy, Imt he replied : "I can't dar
ling, not before next week." "Can't
you, dear,"she smiled. "Well, I will
wait." They had hardly passed out
of the (h or beforo he said : "I'd liko
to see myself getting that dress ?" And
sho answered : "You couldn't buy
ona gjdo of it, and if you could you
arc too stingy and mean to do it!"?
Detroit Free JW.**,
- mm * O?' ?. -
A fiishionabl? but illiterate New
York lady, traveller on the Conti
nent writes to a friend (hat sho has
just seen the 'museum of iniquities' in
Genoa, and she docs think it is 'per
fectly splendid,'
An Extraordinary Case Of Somnambulism.
A curious and very amusing inci
dent recently occurred at the residence
of our friend, M. J. Townley, ISsq. i*
is generally known that Meli takes
special pride in tlfe nine pigs of which
he is the owner, and for whose ac
commodation he has erected comfor
table fpiarters a hundred yards or so
in the irenr of his dwelling-house. A
few nights ngo the family was aroused
by a terrible commotion among the
pigs and of course Meli rushed im
petuously to the rescue of his pets,
hardly expecting, however, the denoue
ment that was so near at hand. It
appears^ that a young lady member of*|
the family is a somnambulist, ami lip
on the night in question dreamed that
a pitiless storm was beating down up
on the pigs, and sharing the solicitude
of her uncle Meli, she crnsidorcd it
her duty to go promptly to their re
lief. Though sound asleep, she arose
from the bed, went out to the pig
quarters, and "faking n pig in her arms
was rapidly making her way with it
tothe house. Meli could scarcely be
lieve tho evidence of his own eye*,
when he was confronted with the spec
tacle of a lady clad in peerless white,
with a pig tightly clasped in her
arms, and the pig squealing as loudly
and vociferously as its lungs would
permit'. The situation, however, quick
ly flashed across his mind, ami ho
breathlessly exclaimed, "Why, ]>.,
what are you doing with that pig ?"
To which the young lady replied:
?'Grandma told me t:> bring it in out
of the rain;" and on she went towards
the hotsc with the pig. With consider
able difficulty tin young lady was
awakened, and after a hearty laugh
all around at her expense, over..!he
ludicrotosness of the occurrence,;all
went Hack tn bed and slept without
furthet disturbance till the morning
Ikfrii^Wfoayed.? Qluwiois (JA.) Lead
A Terrible Knrthqunko in South America.
Two Cities and Sixteen Thousand
Pekpons DiwrnoYEi)?The De
mon of the Andes?A Volcanic
Havana, June 12.?News by the
way of St. Thomas reports a terrible
earthquake in New Granada. The
destruction was great est in the Valley
of Cucuta. It is stated that sixteen
thorns ml lives were lost.
"I say, Mr. Sinithers," said Mrs.
Smithcrs to her husband, "didn't I
hear you down in tire k'.tchen kissing
the cook ?" "My dear,'' replied
Smithcrs blandly, "permit me to in
flist upon my right to he reasonably
iguor?iit. I really cannot say what
you may have heard." "But wasn't
you down there kissing the cook ?"
My dear, I really cannot recollect.
I only remember going into the kitch
en and coming out again. I may
have been there, and from what you
say I infer I was. But I cannot re
collect just whatbcourred." ''But,"
persisted the ruthless cross-examiner,
"what did Jane mean when she said,
'Oh ! Smithcrs, don't kiss so loud, or
the old .-he-dragon up stairs will hour
Iis?' " "Well," said Smithcrs, in his
blandest tones, "I cannot remember
what interpretation J did put on the
words at the time. They arc not my
words, you must remember."?Ex.
"O, mamma," said a dear little girl
of nine summers, as she ran into the
maternal presence, "while I was skip
ping outfida on the sidewalk, such a
kind, pleasant gentleman came up to
where Mngie, and Sadie, and me were
skipping, and gave us each some
candy, and told us to go on skipping,
and said that if any little girl could
skip 750times he'd give her parents a
pretty rosewood box, all lined with
white silin, with a glass cover and
silver lundles, and her name on u
silver plate. And I'm a going to try
ami get that nice box for yqij, mam
ma, ami the gentleman snid when I
had skinned 7?>() times, for you and
papa tc civil at hisofljeo i\\u\ let |um
know. He said ho, win a corner, but
I. Kupple he meant his oflico was on
the cojnir. ft>V how could n mnu, bo a
corner V
Indicted for Murder.
On Wednesday last the Grand Jury
of Georgetown County returned a true
bill against C. C. Bowcu, sheriff of
tins county,and Eli G. Grimes, for
the nmrdor of jColoncl Win. Purker
White, at Georgtown, in 1864. Bow
en was represented by o formidable
array of counsels, viz.: United States
District Attorney Corbin, Mr, Wilson
Dozier of Georgetown, It. B. Elliott,
of Aikeii, W. 3. Wbippor, of Beaufort
and S. A. Swails, of Wirliamsburg.
The state moved to continue the case
until the next regular term of tho
court, or until a special term, tobe
callcil for the purpose of trying it, but
the motion was resisted by the conn
sei for the accused, and, after hearing
argument, Judge Shaw (h cided to fix
Tuesday, the 22d instant, for the trial.
Preserves eggs by n quick dipping
in boiling water, and pack in fresh
salt small end down.
When feeding corn in the ear to
horses it is a good plan t> soak it
twenty-four hours in a weak brine.
Tlie wheat crop of Oregon has not
been :i failure siroc first settled by
the white.?, tliirjy years ago. What
country on the globe can show a bet
tor recftrtl than that ?
Orangtburg whs settled in 1704,by
Germ ans, Subjects to the Prince of
Oruiijgo. Hence its name.
In twenty one counties of Georgia;
as shown by the late eensus, the no
grocs own and feed 4,211 dogs, and
but 265 sheep, or about fifteen dogs
to oik? sheep. Vigorous community;!
Great inducements to emigration!
?-?3- ? $m -? -
A IMitc Woman.
The other day a lady reached the
.railroad depot just as the. train on
*Mtliich she desired to depart moved
train, her eyes full of tears a genii?
man arrived at the depot on a run,
with a valise in hand bis coal, on bis
arm, ami face streaming with perspi
ration. IK; also was after that train,
but alas! was too late. As he looked
anxiously after the train now moving
swiftly away, he sat down on his va
lise wiped bis face, and vory delibe
rately said: 'D?in that train!' The
lady heard it, and smiling on him
with all her sweetness, her face light
ed up with a .heavenly glow as she
whispered. 'Thank you, sir.'
An old yet good sit ry is told of an
hotel keeper, who engaged a hand
some, well dressed barman, who par
ted ids hair in the middlo and wore
a diamond ring.' In two years there
after the hotel keeper became insol
vent, his establishment was sold by
the auctioneer, and the purc haser was
none other than the barman, Out of
compassion he engaged his old em
ployer to compound the insidious
cocktail and the soothing smash. In
two year* more the whirligig of time
had brought about his revenge, ami
the hotel was again sold. This time
the first proprietor bought it back
But lie did not re-ongige the barman.
Tpt'fHIXtJ.?The. following forcible
appeal closed the argument of the
colored attorney for the defence in t he
murder case, yesterday ; When Cain
kill-id Abel, God pronounced sevenfold
vcrigin on whoso should kill him.
Therefore gentlemen of the jury, 1
ask yon for a script ion 1 verdict for
those defendants in the dock it/ And
they got it.
When a man mistakes the height of
a chair ho is .going to qccupv, by
about an inch and :\ half.il is rppiark
able the amount of moment um (jO will
acqu{re making that little distance,
lie will strike the chair with nearly
a? much force as if he had sat down on
it from the rutif of a two. story build
i ???m> ? - ? nmM ? i* ?
Tiie Grand ?! tiry of Burn well Conn
ty, report in their presentment, that
the paupers in tho poor house have
had no rations for five weeks and are
necessarily suffering. We should
think so. We had oiiya stopped once
in the army forty eight hoqrs, but wo
nover I vied |t live weeks.
? ? ?
Useful Inforin.itiu.k
A rcv(/lvcr the?The earth.
A henlth lift?Tlie elevator.
A shocking scene?Kerosene.
Go K> work should be all the go.
A wife's secret?her opinion of her
Where to go wheu short of money?
go to work.
Heaven from all cr..atures hides the
bo?k- ol fate.
The corpie of friendship is net
worth entertaining.
A Sunday school teacher recently
told his class that Jeremiah was the
first prince of Wails.
The luiir of ti lady in Montpeltcr,
Vt. turncd^whitc in a single night.
She fell into a flour barrel.
Mattie Smith of Chesuncook, Mass.,
stabbed herself with a penknife be
cause hoi young man would *u6t wait
for her at the front gate.
It is said that a pious man who can
drive a balky horse ten miles without
being set back ten years in his religion
is ripe enough fur a better world.
If a man really wants to find out
what's in hi.n let him go to sea. Tho
first, rough weather will generally en
able him to ascertain it.
A Colorado tcTmbslone remarks :
lie was young,
He was fair,
lint tbe Inguns
liaised bis hair.
Mississippi is singularly blessed in
some respects. A traveler there says
some of tho land in that State thnt a
disturbance could not be raised on
'Spriug's coming,' exclaimed an en
thusiastic the other day- 'I saw a
red headed woman peeling potatoes
in the backyard, and singing like a
gfa?A Milwaukio wife says that before
Lucy, hcavec above knowslln^uepni*^^
of my love for you, but after inarriago
she found bottom very quickly.
Women give evidence in conrt in
Carrolton, Ga., with a pistol buckled
around their waist*. Their evidence
is never questioned by tho lawyers in
that locality.
When a man dies and leaves a
nice young widow with plenty of mo'n
ey, and you see her walking out with
the executor on Sunday afternoon a
change is imminent. .
A Boston auctioneer. has in his pos
session an umbrella seventy two years
old. It was built in England. Poets
are requested to limit their contribu.
tions to three stanzas.
Alahamians arc very prompt in
in paying bets which-have been lost)
on horse races, but when it comes to
settling lor pew rent, they get mad if
they are pushed.
A lady wants to kuow what is tho
mcuning of 'ante' and 'pass the buck,*
Her matrimonial companion ?be* it
in his dreams, and sho is afraid it in
dicates t) phoid fever,
A business mnu in Watertown, N.
Y , is named Tnbbs, and every time
he slips down, the little, boys begin,
'Every tub .must aland on its-,'
and then Tuobs gets up and tho boys
Sehhyler Col fax wont atjond a cir?
ens. lust ho takos thq children and
paces slowly around, tl|u canvas that
they may hear tho song* of tho clown
and the. ghn) voieo of the trick mule,
PtirtUt Pre**.
A DubuquQ printer received the
fpljnwing note from his girl: 'May I
get yapked ou.t of bed at midnitc ev
ery pitchy n eiii?s like Tl??*ydoro Til
ton, and carried tip a million pnro
qf stores, if ever I seso to love you,
All persons having demands against the
f?tale of tbe lulu OLIVIA M. KKN
NKKLY, deceased, are retpiaMcd to present
tbeir claims, properly attested to the tinder
signed; and all person* indebted to laid
Kstate are tcquvrcd \>\ make immediate
pavmen* to
{Jnaliliod Administrator*
Ornngebnrg, S. ('., dune 3, 1875.
blue :"i 1875 InK

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