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o In 1 UqIj m uuuJl ??
always ix awance:
"errrz. .i ?_i_i_-i;
b. f- bmjckenf1jss, ?entist
OF CHARLESTON, can bo found at bia
OFFICE obovo Captain IIAMIL
v TON'S STOKE, on Mar
ket Street
References?Dns. J. P. Patrick, B. A.
MOSSP M. BROWN, the Harber pledges
himself to krep up with the times in all the
LATE IMPROVEMENTS, as bis business is
sufficient to gurantcc the above. He will
be found at Iiis old stand, ever ready to
serve his customers at the shortest notice.
apl 11 ? 30
Nine Yi
I have on hand also a suply of
Forcriptions carcfuly compounded, brdc1r?
from the country slrickly nfleudcd 'oat the
!*oplar Drug Store of . ', .
DR. A.. C\, DUKES. ,.,]
jan 23 1874 .ily i.-.
Horses and Mules ?l.
IN REAR ?OFn . ";
j, ?f.o. iose's storij.1
"Where you will find a COMPLETE' stock
?of the finest HOUSES and MULES, that, can
W procui-cd from the REST MARKETS hi
the United Stages.
Our prices range, from $"?0 to $225. All
?orders tilled at the shortest*, not ioo. ji< \) jfV
If our stock on hand do not. please-wo
will order for yen at oncc.>? i *--A >t.itl a?ddi
T^OTICH i? hcrci>y jffivcu of
JLN the loss or destruction of Certificate
of Deposit No. .1H1, "Ornngeburg Branch,
?Citizens Sr.vinps Pank of South Carolina,
>suued to the lale E. JJ Oliveros, deceased,
*ind also of Deposit Hook' No. tlC, of same
J'.rsnch. in the mime of the said E. .T. Oil-,
"veros, in trust, and that' I will apply in
three months from date for a renewal of the'
Fame, and lor such divideddsas may accrue
thcreou, to the Trustee arid Committee of
the said Rank, at Columbia, 8. C,
mar 6?1 am 3m Qualified Exec'tilvit.
Dental Notice
THE undersigned takes pleasure in an"
tiounciug to his many friends and patrons
that he has permanently located at Orangv
burg, C. II.,S. C, where he will devote his
entire time, from every Monday till Saturday
neon to tho
in all its DepnttmcirfL^ P^eeif'f
guaranteed in all orj"
care. Charges very moderate.
Office at Dr Eersner's old stand over AV i 11 -
cock's Store,
L. S. W?LPE.
miO PcJfecMiskwtj
For terms apply to
- ' afXntXlQ }> ? >??: ?PrlnbipAl. ) J
Having secured the AOENCY of the
"City Insurance Company
Rrpvidece, R. I."
y?\i}iitjmiM'.participating Companies,
The "Fireman's Fund," Capi
tal $.100,000.
And the
"Atlantic/* ofXetv York.
I um prepared to t*ke RISKS of any
amount, dividing them in several 1st Class.I
COMPANIES, to which I call the altdntfon |
of property holders. 1 1 ; ! t > i |
Taken on GIN HOUSES, MILLS and
I'irc Insurance Agent.
A few tons of
Also a supply of the
?pl 3 1H7.") Jy
The Editor ami Many Friends.
One who had a wild impression
That ho wanted to he rich
By adopting some profession,
"(Though it didn't matter which)?
After lengthy vacillation,
Ending incomplete distress,
Asked Ina friends in consultation,
And Ida friends advised "The Prosa."
"Why with iah ma .ho stupendous
As'in him," they said, "combine,
Quite a literary fiiiw;
And we've always had a notion.
That it's much the same with ua."
Then they joined in admiration,
Slating* what he'd come to I e;
And their state of jubilation
Struck hie as a thing to wee.
An he didn't hide his tap; r
LiI;e a di 1 ntory dmice,
Why, a loadingYJphdon paper
Made him c itor at once;
Then hid friends were much delightcl
, "WifliKis Iii*' BlKieSfuf l&ip?
w\lliolntiv 80#fiitedH $ $
^k^iat-%ey WnWnVfo fVfleepj
And with tons of contribution!!
They besciged his oflicu door,
Bearing out the resolutions
They had often made before;
Hurled the things by reams togethj
Eight at thisdevotcd head?
Some as tlimsy as a feather,
Koine ns ponderous as lead.
Then they let imagination
Bask in hope's delightful
And their state of expectation
Was a thing of which to dfbr
'Oh '.'the gra5ei<if their delusions
iiiXt was desolate and black j
; Wheniht'.read their long emisidns,
j And hq meanly sent them batik !
11 wa,4 ??rclcWtihg treason -
;,v For Uic.sole excuse he In..'
Wa.V the iiimimcieilt rcason
' 'That.tne tilings were very hadl
Then those friends, in tribulation,
" 'All1 decided, witli a sigh,
' That 'complete extermination
.. .Warthe p.ijlitlhiug to try.
And tliey( have from this tradition
./ Never fcubsequently swerved?
,,Thofothat^edi tor's position
... 1h entirely undeserved.
. 1 >/ ii . it *'t*'" ^
. And the state of lamentation
. i vtWf? those miserable men,
Oh, iUbailies explanation
By an gmdjnary pen !
|?u *5-?r/jf^'om 'the JJuvlinyton Sonthcrncrsy
:p"V?'T',l'.li"PW THEY TALKED.
, Afy5party days arc TQcr, but I con
sented to attend my c|(J friend, Mrs.
General Upshur's re Wien, the other
night. . .I .went earlyi jftud was greet
ed very cordially by d is. General, in
that hearty, blunt wij characteristic
of' h er; '
'My.dcar, Doctor, [ jam delighted to
?SCO you; I hope that you'll enjoy your
self";, but look to itwlho you talk to.
Do not, on any acootiut, allow your
self* to be cornered by old Mrs. Dull
ville . or: you'll b\ iipflkcd. to death.
Avoid her part of t f room; there she
sits in an old, fadd] lilac dress; the
poor soul is a tcrrilj ? bore.'
R^iA* i\ffj"Sw$*?"W ought I
?My dear, Do
Why should yon
to be civil to bor
the mast ugrccabi
Pfrj#aeneral V
or, certainly not.
Wc are not bound
;;you know. Select
people present and
spend your time with them. Ah!
Mrs. Head}', hoy.arc you? Doctor,
you have my periyiission to make your
self agreeable tc Mrs. Ready,' und
Mr?aGchefml bounded pi"'.' *
?^fi&W^^W^kdy, who
was radiant in liroso colored dress,
and smelling of'njjusk, or some other
strong perfume, juid I prepared to
JUtiko>, myself aj-rceblp- by(listen'u^J
jtp my fair comtfuioirs conversation.'
'I hesitated ti?dut coming this even
ing, Doctor, foijMrs. General has siiah
a knack of getting together all .kinds
j of vulgar pnCjiej at her parties,
j 'Why, is it possible? Why docs
I she. do that?! I | , i; j * \ ,\ j
'Well, yoJ ice she wiii/tsj lb jgUlb
their parties/^ she lmifcM/aMhcJ't Irt
hers. She in cans well, but Mr.s. ujen
crnl is ecrli.inly wretchedly democra
tic. Now wio but Mrs. General Would
think of having the Van Dusch? at a
party; look at those Van Duscuj girls,
Brdbtldidly a.s they arc dressed, you
c'ah, sec wf\\j vulgar they arc. Old
| Vati Dusc'n | mado nil his money by
selling poik.1
j 'Pork is a| very good thing to sell
! I'm sure.' j
'Ridiculous! You know you would
not soil j oric'
'No; because I've none to sell.'
'Well J jdon't care; tbc Van Dusen
girls lock greasy.'
'Not to fine.*
'Now?buttrouls alive ! "Who wou't
Mrs. General have next. There cornea
that f/rcndful'Misa Dorau.'
'Yjphat makes Miss Doran ao drcad
iVi ?t She's very pretty, I'm sure.'
you innocent old stupid, did you
vor hear twat she wanted to marry
r father's carriage driver?'
?%)id she say she wanted to?'
cNo;'but every body says she did.'
At this juncture, my companion
ts led out to dance by, a military
ntleman, and I moved my scat next
'to Miss Perryville. Miss Perryville's.
dancing days, like, mine, wore over,1
so I knew that she was likely to be a 1
fixture. She greeted me with : .
'Why Doctor, I was astonished to
see you talking to Mrs. Ready; people
say such dreadful things about her.'
' Why, do they
'Yes; they her husband is dying of
a broken heart, all caused by her iu
famous behaviour. I am amazed at
Mrs. General having bei here.'
.VWelj. I do declare, how all you
people abuse each other.'
'Has any one abused nie?' and Miss
Perryville bridled up.
'Not yet, but I am going around
the room to see,' und 1 joiued Mrs.
Slattcrs. . - *. ? ? .- -
Tired of Miss Perryville already,
Doctor ? I don't wonder; she's a fear
ful woman, always abusing and sland
ering people.'
'Put you're all doing that.'
'No, we arc not.'
'Yes; you all do it. I'm going home.
!; After this experience, I'm going to
ho more parties; for J find the great
staple of conversation at them is the
foiblc3 and lollies of other people.
Mr. Cooler's* Third.
? My neighbor ' Co?loy married hi*
third!'wile' a short time tigo.'aijd the
riffpff after he canic [Tome* with he? his
oldest l>oy, the son of his fust wife,
came into the room where sue was Fit
ting alone sewing. Placing his elbows
on the table he began to be sociable.
The following conversation ensued :
Boy?How long d'you expect
you'll last ?
Mrs. C.?What on earth do you
? mean ?:
. Boy?Why ma> she held on for
about ten years, and Emma, pa's
Is'eco?dj stood it for three yeais. 1
i-eckon youVc good for as much as her.
I. hope so, anyhow. I'm kinder sick
of funerals. The}' made an awful futi
when thoy stowed away inn, and a
bigger howl when they planted
Emfim. So I'd jes as leave you'd j
keep round awhile. But pa, he has
his doubts about it.
? Mrs. C.?Doubta! Tell me what
you mean, this instant.
? Boy?Oh, nothin'! Only the day
JjSnvnm got away pa came homo from
"no funeral, and when lie ripped the
crape ofl his hat he chucked it into
the bureau drawer and said : "Lay
there1 till I want you again;" so X
'pose the old mart must be ex pectin*
you to step'out some time or other. In
fact, I seen him conversm' with the
undcrtnkcr yesterday; makin1 some
kirider permanent contract with hi in,
11 reckon. The old man is always
jcwtb'i people down.
, .Mrs: 0.?You ought to be ashamed
to talk of your father in that manner
Boy?Oh he don*t mind it. I often
hear the fellers jokin' him about his
wives. lie likes it. He's a good
ha lured man. Anybody can ?et along
i with him if they underst and him. All
you've got to do is to be sweet on him,
and he'll be like a lamb. Now, Emma,
she used to get mud and heave a plate,
or a coal scuttle, or most anything at
hint, and it used to irritate him. And
ma, she'd blow him up about l?.U?O
times a day; both of them would bang
me till I got disgusted. And pndidn't
like it. Treat mc well, give mo candy
and money, and -you've got pa sure.
Emma used to smack me; and when
pa said he was opposed to it she'd go
atJiim with an umbrella, or a fiat-iron
and maul/him.- I on ess you and mo'II
jog along dl right.together, and by
the time pa gits, another wife I'll be
big enough to don't care how many
airs she puts on. What I want's time.
You stick tor three or four years and
thc*h the old man can consolidate as
much us he's a mind to, and 1 won't
sea re worth a cent. It's only tho fair
thing any way. Enough of this
family's money has been wasted on
coflibs and 'tombstones, and we ought
to knock off for a while. Good morniu'.
I blicvc I'll go to school.
Mrs. Cooley did not enioy her
hour.y-.iioon' as' much as she had ex
pected.?Max \A (Icier.
Showing tho Vj Lite l'civt?or.
A man took umbrage at an article
which appeared in a paper, published
in a town in which he resided, as per
sonal, tho olbor day, and in an irate
manner cntcn^l the office, and inquir
ed of the first one he met who wrote
that article, showing the paper, and
pc \ng to the'one to which he took
Said he (raising his voice in aloud
key', and with ' clenched fist high in
air), VI want to see the editor that
wroic that article'."
"Ybu do," answered the young man
"Yes, I do," answered the stranger,
angrily.' "Itis satisfaction I come for
and will have it, and before I leave
here, too; do'jjt ?',' ^r.l' and understand
that?"" '' ? ? ~
"All right," said tho. young man.
"But/ before' 1 call him, I would like
to ask you if you ever saw the gentle
man before."
"No of course not," was the savage
answer; "Why do you wish to know?"
"OK" nothing very particular. 1
thought if you did you would not
care to soe him.''
"That's just, what I come for, young
man; and there will be fun, you bet."
"\Ve)l, stranger, I tell you before
hand, 'jhc is 'a'powerful man, stands
six1 Jflfc ? two iii his Stockings, weighs
? sf^ttgffl&Bf^rf^^ Vvt'b
fists inaT" strike tremendous 1 lows;
when angry, his eyes flash fire; his
tread is like elephant, and be can lilt
a three hundred pound weight with
perfect ease, and top it over his .should
er as easy as I could a base ball. No
one dare to approach him in an angry
mood; for they would be in dungcr of
losing their lives. I to has held an
elephuul.'.s trunk for ten minutes, and
put his arm around the neck of a horse,
and turned him over with compara
tive ease. He has done powerful things,
[ tell you,stranger. Besides, he al
ways carries a si.v shooter, and is an
excellent shut, scarcely . missing the
bull's eye one timo out of twelve.
Stranger ho is the counterpart of
Samson, of old." , ,
During the young man's brief ruei
tal of the personnel of the editor that
wi ote the article, tho stranger turned
very pale, trembled all over, hacking
all the timo toward the door,out of
which he suddenly darted, and bus
not been heard ol since, doubtless,
deeming it wiser to depart quietly
than to encounter such a formidable
Tin-: Diu'sskd Wkioiit or Axi
MAils1.?Farmers who have but little
experience in feeding annuals for the
market, are often disappointed because
their beef and pork does not weigh as
nittt-h as they thought it would. They
are likely to overlook certain points
which ought always to be taken into
account when estimating tlie dressed
weight of animals.
An old ahimal will not dress as
xiueh in proportion to its looks as a
young and growing one. '
A creature w inch is very fat will
weigh a great deal more than one
equally as large, but which has not
been well fattened.
An animal which has had twenty or
thirty bushels of meal will dress much
heavier than one which has been fed
only about half its much meal.
A crealuro which has been mealed
for live or six months will weigh more
than o ld which has had about the
.same amount of meal, but has been
led only about hilf a's long.
In all eases, liberal and long con
tinued feeding is essential to the at
tainment of any great success in fat
tening animals of any kind.?New
I'Jiif/lanil Fanner.
A Lusus Natuuk.?We are in
formed by Mr. Sol. Cochran, tbo mail
currier to Dunbarton, that on thc2?tb
of June bist, colored twins wero born
on tbo farm of Mr. Joseph ABhley,
near that place, with a Hganicntnry|
connection near the. stomach. One of
tho twinshns neither eyes, nose, hands
or feet, and the only orifice answering,
for a mouth is a perpendicular sljt
runuing .lcngthwi.se of the face. It
seems to be perfectly dumb and to re
ceive nourishment entirely from the
other child, who is healthy and well
formed. If the dumb child is touched
the other feels it, and if asleep im
mediately awakens. The perfectly
formetl child, as ma}' be supposed, is a
female, while the dumb animal belongs
to the male persuasion. Quite an
exciteme.it is created down in that
region, and several enterprising
Barniiins have already appeared upon
the scene and made extravagant offers
to the parents to allow their abnormal
offspring to goon exhibition.
This is truly a epieer world of ours,
and Dame Nature is a strange mother.
Here is a poor ignorant negro family
who have struck a bonanza without
leaving the "Ohl Cabin Home," while
thousands wiil travel to the end of the
earth in search of fortune ami return
poorer than they went. .
To cure bridIc-brcaUing, gcta jiiecc
of 'bodcord, four times the length of
thehorse and double it. in the middle,
and at-the doubled end make a loop,
through which puss the animal's tail.
Then cross the cord over his buck, and
and pass both ends through the halter
ring under his chin und tie both ends
of the cord to the trough ring, thrnugh
which the halter strap piny*, ihs end
of the hal'er being attached to abillef
of wood. Shod d the horse attempt to
pull back the. strain will aUJie on the
will (become tij^^^J^ndhe will at
once step forward to avoid it. A fter
so fixing him a few times'in the sta
able he will abandon any such pro
pensity. . . .
.- mmf>-?~Qm'
Willie had a purple monkey climb
ing on a yellow stick, and when he
sucked the paint all off it made him
deadly sick; a d in his latest hours he
clasped that monkey in his hand, and
bid g?b'u-byj to earth and went into a
better land. No more he'll "shoot his
sister with his little wooden gun; and
no more he'll twist the pussy's tail and
make -her yowl for fun. The pussy's
tail now stands out .?tmight; the gun
is laid aside; the monkey doseh't jump
around si.-.ce little Willie died.
The guessing mania has takon a new
shape at Bridgeport, Connecticut,
where a druggist placed a large globe
of pills in his window und offered one
hundred soda water tickfcts for the
nenrost guess at their number. More
than two thousand persons made the
attempt, their guesses ranging from
eighty-seven to seven thousand. The
real number us two hundred and
thirty-seven, which two persons guess
ed'. ;
The Apache Indians have arrived
at a beautiful solution of the mother
in-law problem. They utterly prohibit
all intercourse or conversation between
fathors-in-huv and their daughters-in
law, or between ?sons-in-law rind their
mothers-in-law. And yet we call
them savagos and boast of a superior'
What a thing fa ma is! T/Ilif is the
why in w hich one of our French con
temporaries, the Mesfanyerj describes
that little difficulty at Bunker's Hill :
'On the 17th of June, 1775, the
American volunteers, commanded by
General Artomns Ward, attacked and
thoroughly beat the British troops
near Charlestown, in Massachusetts !"
"Bliebe Couzins doesn't dress like,
hor brothers of the bar,".says the Chi
cago Tribun^, by way of commencing
an item. That's undoubtedly true;
she dresses by put ting on her clothes
over her head, while they don't, and,
what's more, they uu n't. But what
business is it of tho Tribune's, any
how t
. 9'?
Summ Bit Sports.?As wo are &owr
iu the midst of summer, aud in'the
abscnco of auy regular profesaiorial
amusements, we would uuggcct tJi? fol
lowing "parlor tricks" as'a pleasant
means of passing away ^Ue 4ft\Vk
evenings; , . .. , ' T,
Tlio Spittoou Trick. Tnkp t^.uojfr
gallon spittoous, . white, ouesnre.thc;
best?then . aclcct a strong, red! eoxcl?
worsted is. preferable; pass tho card
through the two holes of the Bplttoona
and give the ends to a geutlerana^and;
lady, selected from the company* to.
hold. Now let a lady seizo the wit
toons, and sliding each to tlie opposite
end of the cord, bring them1 tc^etuir
I smartly, when thev will break t?k
pieces and fall to the floor. This trick,
is easily performed, and will excite
considerable applause.' ' " ?'.-"'? "
The Magic Stick. Tb dotMs'trick
properly, you will need a pearl handle
pocket-knife and a hard wood stick?
some (wo inches in length. Sharpen
tho two end 3 of the stick and then try
to crush it endways, oithar between
your hands or by sitting on it. 'This!,
to your astonishment, you will find
impossible todo. . >,..'*, tdoSI
The Cable 1 rick. Takc-a pieeq of
tarred , cable, about, fifteen inches
leiigth, cut .it . arefitlly intwo-witb^rj
sharp' knife,. aud then try to chew^b,^
endsa together.'? ilou Mcau.tr)? a^long
?S ^"l^Mi j 'VvvVm'II -^'^'" "?T
i "Whore 'was Bishop T,atimet- ''bura
ed to ! denthT' 'askttl1 a^tb?'ch^riu a
commanding v6icb.' "Josltutl, kn'ows?*'
said n little girl at the bottom of tho
class., ? YWeU,'' said>" tho-tfe^e!ncrl/4,-if
JosSuo.knowsj hd may ?tell:^iawiri*t%'o
fnc,V rep: ted ? Joshua; vlndking y*r$
grave, and wise. * . i ?? V'' 1
It is hard* to; remeinhcr .when tlid
heat was, Jjlie..causef)$4fr^much-pro*
?iiiU-V r^asJ t Ji as. bReofcfajM?yQ^i3fl?^i
past. Certainly that^nnW^IB^w^
been since Mr. Boceher was moved to
remark, merely by way of ill ust^fcion
and warning, however, "It's damned
hot to-day."' ? ,
_J w ; ,m'l'l' ' ?'? j ? ' j j
"There 1" exclaims the* indignant'
Boston wife as she fetches her'n'?ij
band, who had heed taking hio oon-|
tonnial appld-jack too ?tr?tig or Yob?
frequent, a resonant whack ?lfthe
head with a chair rocker, **IM1 raisea"
Bunker Hill monument on you tlnuV
you'll remember'!" ' .
Several Irishmen were disputing ono
day upon their o'.m best points, when
one said in an aggressive mannen >
"Faith, and I'm a brick." ''An^i
indadc, said another, 'Tma brickluy
er,'* aud ho felled the first speaker to
the ground. .,
Next to the "chromo" o'fair iutoxi-1
cated man fondly steadying a gas
lamp-post, we don't know of a more"
heartrending object than that of3"
lean canine, reaching for a business-"
like flea on the extreraq Southern por
tion of his tail. .ir.if
' TlV-i , t erf *
When thoy build ft ra'droad, the first .
thing they do is to', break ground.,c
This is often done with great cere
moi ey. Then they break the stock
holders.' This is done without core
>l ;tf.; ill -> <dv
_m ... iv ....i ; i ut
".Well, I -.always ranko it artfltf fo ?
tell my wife evarything.'tlintiiapi&ne'A'"'
"Oh, my* deaf fellow, that's nothing,'
replied his friend, "I tell my wife lef*'"'
of thin^H that never happen at all. i:
- I WIUI.-.-fP'IMil t
Tho man who ad vortisos shovfa t\t\l
only a business talent above hip neigh*
burs, but he may be at once reckoned
among the independent, gouorou.3 ami
public spirited oftho CQtutnwnity?
'"? * ? j ; . ?
It is said that the world weighs five ,
hundred million billion tons, hut there,
j was a bushel of potatoes on tho'scales'
at the time aud we call fox a ne?{.
MWhero do people go who doccivo '
their fcllowmcn ?" asked a Sunday
school teacher.: "To EuroTSo/'waatta
prompt roply. 1 *
The G corgi'i . state .agricultural f p* ?
ciety has concluded Urprohibit racing |j
at their a ming fair.

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