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god A.isrr>
A L W ? YS'' T A" '? t! V2 f3rf!A
r..i.: -y i f '? ?-)'?[? o-\I 1.? l?hj<wf|
l*fe#ef SATURDAY .MORNING-'^AUGUST "'il,-L875.
..I i[*
. .den.tisx^b^_
32. F. MUCKEWFUSS, ?entiBt
OF CIIARLE3T0N, con bo found at bis
OFFICE above Captain HAMIL
TON'S STO?E, on Mar
ket/StrftotS J< ' 7
BefereneoB?Das. J. F. Patrick, B. A.
XIuoEBHrUno, A. P. pELznii, M. D.,' end
M?ifcEi.;.PKLf.EB, RdqdKns, & po. .. j
OR" ???NGE13URG, h \
MCSSP M. BROWN, ?ho Barber pledges
hiniHeo' (o keep up with the times in all the
I/ATF IMPROVEMENTS, as Iiis business ia]
sufficient to gurunlco the above. He will
be found at his old bland, ever ready tu
serve his customers at the shortest notice.
apl 11 30
Nine Years' Tilxprience
&c. ,
I have on hand also a imply of
Pcroriptions carefuly ermpounded, orders
from the country striokly attended to at. the.
Poplar Drug Store of
jan 23 1874 ly
All persona having claims against the
Estate of Peter W. Avingcr, decascd, will
present the same prrjerly attested, and all
of those indebted makepuvment to.
july 17 1875 4t
Day at iioniC; Terms free.
Portland, Maine,
jan 29 1875 ly
T hereby give notice t<> all interested ami
Concerned, that Emma Goodwin widow of
James (ioodwin, intends to have her Home
stead, for herself and her minor Children,
net oil' in tho personal property of her late
husband in said County, thirty one days
from die date hereof.
A. Ii. know I.Toy,
Probate Judge. ,
< >. C
Orangeburg, C. II., July 10th 1S75.
july 10 1875 hn.
Dental, Notice
THE undersigned takefi pleasure in an''
nouncing to his many friends aud patrons
that he has permanently located at Orange*
bnrg, C. II., ?. C, where he will devote his
ontire time, from every Monday till Saturday
noon to tho
in all it? Departments. Perfect satisfaction
guaranteed in all operations entrustedto bin
care. Charges very moderate.
Office at Dr Fersner's old stand over Will
cock's Store.
basement ?f dukes
For terms apply to
Ilaving secured the AGENCY of the
"City Insurance Company
jProvicleoe, H. I.55
C'apllai, $?10,051.
With that of participating Companies,
The "Fireman's Fund," Capi
ta. $5 00,000.
And the
"Atlantic," or Now York.
I ksh prepared to t*kc RISKS of uny
amount, dividing them in several 1st Chics
COM PAN I ICS, to which I call the attention
of properly hohler?,
Taken on GIN HOUSES, MILLS and
Eir? Insurance Agent.
A few tons of
Also a supply of the
apl 3 1875 lv
Tho Cora plaint of tlio >Y 11 i j? -1 v?b r - W i 11. j
When oilier birds sK Itiislictl and st'dl
Upori.tjieir liest.? with folded, wings,.
All niglit the w:ihdcring'wlnf?-poor? -vCill
Her hielaiiehblv.salo/ing?.
Vt'ky Vh?P/T?>bV Will J I
? I? he untmu? * ' ?* i
Won't he fulfill
- Hie v?ws to you ?
Thiv'wnkfcW-WUh thy ^eii^ite sft-ainT't* f !
ii ."VViieti,siunn?t}r hr9p;Hlio-?ow.c'rtfto bloom?)
A. garden seeiriif the grove and plain,
The isir in laden with perfume*
s ?wjiy.wbtr>wwwat ??r .?* |
When flowers arc here,
.'!' i And ddow till ii A Vi.
The atino-phere?
\\"\v flit'with kuVg.Ydai gVdvc to grove,
Thy lamp t!:? glow-worm'.- jjenllc ligh? V
Art thou a spirit doomed to rove
The realm ofshadows Mt roughthe nigh',
And from thy bill
To nonr the stiiiin
Of whip pom Will
O'ci hill and plain?
Did he betray a maiden fair,
Willi maii\ promises io wed,
Ami then ilesurt her love, to share
Atiolhc: maiden's love instead?
'If her p?or heart
Is bleeding st'll,
./ Then lot him smart? , .
Whip, whip o-jor Will !
Proclaipi.thy sorrows far and near,
(And wake* false1 lovers n bin their reel,
Make every truant husband hear
Themessage from thy meurnittg breast.
Thv strain should thrill
The world around;
Whip, whip poor Will,
"Wherever found.
Extraordinary Jlmknianship.
An elderly man named Bockwith,
residing in one of the lVnuisula conn-'
tics, came to this city last Thursday
on business. He i brough.tr will? hihi
an old-fashioned flint-lock rille to have
a ettick and lock-nut on it. On the
oars he fell in conversation with a
PBltyl of three geu (deinen from .this
city, when one of them, to test the re
ality of sonic of the extra ordinary
? &atS>AtTfirta S tetttftt^rrfii ? V.ft ^tjrfr^.VgrrV'
offered him .ten dollars to rcpotit some
of them, to which the other two added
five dollars between them. The trial
canip ofl'in an old field half a mile be
low Roekett's, and was witnessed b}'
about a dor.cn persons.
The old flint-lock was (ired seven
times, and1 .<>n!y one missed it.s aim.
The bid gentleman,after making! two
shot?, tit small, objects lo one side, to
grit his hand steady, as he .said, hand
ed his ton a potato and stationed him
j at fifty yards' distance, holding the
potato I etweeri his thumb "and fore
linger. The rifle cracked, antl the
potato fell cloven in three or lour
pieces. One of the larger pieces was
then thrown in the air, the marksman
keeping at the same distance, and
again the allot told.
An inch and a half anger was then
produced, and ? a hole limed in the
fence, behind which was fastened a
piece of white paper. At the distance |
of sixty yards the ninrksmnu scut a
bail clear through the aperture, pier
cing the paper. At the fourth shot,
from.sixty yards distance, tho howl of
a pipo, which the eon was smoking,
wns crushed. At tKb fifth shot a cop
per cent was thrown in the.air and)
Int. The sixth and .seventh shots were
delivered at' 'd; blackened five1 cent
nickel piece thrown up by the son,
standing about thirty yards; the first
attempt the shot missed. The old
gentleman showed considerable morti
fication hud laid the blame upon a by
stander, who at the critical moment
sneezed loudly. The next attempt,
however, was an entire success. The
old man declined any further trials of
his ?kill, and when offored u sum of
money In repent his first feat of shoot
ing a potato from his son's hand, lie
refused, saying he didn't, care to try
such experiments unless his weapon
was freshly cleaned. The exhibition
wns the more remarkable Irom the
fact that the nmrksmhri wns an old
muri, at least fifty. His eye, however,
is clear, bright gray, ills appearance
is that of u poor farmer. Tho young
man showed not the least I rein or or
anxiety tim ing the dangerous experi
ment upon himself. The old man', re
ferring to his snii,said, "Hob can shoot
just as well as 1 can."?h't'chntontf
No true woman will ever marry a
man so tall that sho tannot reach his
Ai< 'Affair With un Klcpliani.
?A' letter from tVyandotto to a Mis-j
souri pnper tells this brutal .story :,
"Tuesday i tho entire population, .ex
cept a blind woman ao<l Rouse, went
over to sen Queen's great .show and
have a nice time. One granger sold
the two bushels' bi corn tie had rc
-&^W$f r&iof^o&rh to4?l*M,
and enjoyed"" itnd^Wwduil)'' n??ena far
mbrb Wiiti he ' \voulfl IthebplhWmg 'of
tho same: A"young lady'from across
tho Jersey took" her feller and an
opera' glass; tho format* to buy her
lemonade und peanut?, and the latter
to show th.lt bHo had one and to en
able Her to sec the performance. Bui
as soon as ihc exercise? bcgaiisdio saw
enough with her naked eye to con
vince her that a glass was unnecessary,
so she laid it in her lap, whence it wits
absorbed by one of the fakirs, and now
beams .darkly from seine pawn, shop
without a doubt. The young lady
says she thought the performance real
romantic until she stopped to sec the
elephant. She were one of those
pockets behind hi which, besides her
handkerchief} she had deposited an
apple; a handful ?f pcnmi Is, 'qhn; tor
of a pound of gum drops, a little bottle
of ummoniu, and some other trifles.
She and her swain, after admiring the
complexion of the huge beast, turned
their backs upon him to watch the'
monkeys and the live kangaroo, and
ga::o into each other's eyes; to do this
the better they leaned hack against the
rope which enclosed the stately mon
arch of ihe south, who saw the apple
pro'rudmg from the pocket of the un- '
conscious fair one. He hesited
moment, and was lost to all sense of
honor or self respect, fur, with shuffling
J.WdlW<ttV-ii(r 6iiTu\ute(VlVie"e'jrAi\lTiltLr
of our common mother, plucked an;!
ate the fruit, but instead of clothing
hiinsc'f in a fig-leaf, returned to (.he
pocket ami scooped out the gum-dn.ps
and peanuts, with a sly look at Iiis
nephew, who was looking on will;
anxiety at the proceeding. But in the
last mouthful the majestic beast tool:
in the ammonia bottle by mistake, the
cork came out. aud about an ounce of.
hartshorn ran down the thront of the
greedy beast. This beverage is said
to have a reviving and stimulating in
fluence, aud in this case it proved its
power, for a more revived clephnnt
was never seen on earth. With a wild
yell he grabbed the proturberauco be
hind the lady which had been the
cause of his disaster. The young man,
wit h great presence of mind shouted
"shoo," and tho gentlemanly clerk of
tho elephant, with a long prod, per
slindcd the beast to let up. But the
inn was over for the ?luv for these two
souls, who v?n!kcd home with but a
single thought about wild animals.
Tho lug elephant has learned a lesson
in moral* which will probably induce
him to let other people's pockets alone,
though nobody dares.to cany a bottlo
of ammonia within range of his-pro
boscis. '''-' " 1 1V
-wm -It ~nm
A Suffering CAPfTAtsr.-.?'Yes,
these aro awful hard times,' said py La
Salle street broker, as he stood on his
slops, talking to a friend last evening.
'Mighty lough, I expect/ was the
'Why,' said the broker, 'I've hi- n
Investing and investing for v. y'ctir
back?a pile of money, 1 assure you?
and I find I've boon losing Iii;; fury.'
'its na true a-i I'm living. If I've
lost a cent I've lost more than $"00,
'No !'
'Ccrjain,1 continued tho broke r( ami
what cramps me, 1 feel the wor.st is
that fully 8150 of it was nu/ own /*
Then the Inend? retired fo a seclu
ded spot ami 'smtlod.'?The Chicago
Contrary to alWhc leaching!? of Sun;
day-school literature, a Pennsylvania
lad has fallen upon prosperity by go
ing fishing'on Sunday, lie diiln i enic u i
n'ny fish; bit1 he saved a weal I by gcii- !
th man fi ?ii drowning, and has had a i
ten ihousaud dollar bank account
started for him by tbe grateful sur
?? Ojicer Lawsuit.'
' .?; ?iMltilii .;;t" .t ?? ... y il .'.
: Quo, pE.vtue tjueoreat lawsuits on re
cord w reported from Ulster eounty,
New \brk. 'iMersra. jahies, Sehpon
maker find Stephen Case made a writ
ten contract in April last, year, by
which tji? former bound Idmself in
CasV^Caso' ^ot married within three
?Wlnrf th,/Soar,d' aridlodgo the bride
Six''moniW fleh ofcost.'and lo bbWd
and lodgo Qase himself for tlirfsarrie
p^ribd^Tft'the rate of ? fiveJ!tf?llrtrs a
Week, 'ite^rtlso agreed tb* allow'the
wifes.?ck4r the free use of his ber=r
team, two horses and a buggy, for t wo
days, and' also to pay'one-lialf of the
wedding Vee. Case, on his part; rtcrced
to ii-.;" ma' best jiideavo'rs to get'inar
ried within the spftuifted time} and in
case of failure was to pay for tha use
of tho curriago for one day and 'all j
I in mediately after the conti act was
m'aVln Case stiiVted on his journey, and
for three months he:scoured tho neigh
boring country' to lind ihn girl who
wanted sfx months' board free at Mr.
iochoun maker's ex pen so. The history
ofdiis tradsitalter Vends would make
a volume of more general interest than
the narrative, of the recent seiend c
ex'peditiohslin the same direction; but
the New -iYor k.Herald was ton much
absorbed with its Pandora's box in
Brooklyn to improve ? this gulden op
portunity, and the story is for (he pre
scht lost to the.worid. The expedition
was a .'ailnre. Either Case is not a::
energetic ?tiitor or the ghds and
widows of'iUlster county could make
.better tuajwigemo tit's for board- Ati
all events'; jbe three months passed!
away|.and|Case returned alone to the
disconsolate Schoonmakcr. lie bad no
Case's . wiljfc.to* bring hint milk, no
t^TRb's %i?ffif-iu-mW- tO CTrtrWa tioTTT!
Trouble ensued. The benfvoleiit
Schoonmakcr brought suit for breach
of promise, or something of that sort,
Claiming damages to the extent of two
bundled dollars. A country jury, look
ing at the ease through Schooiimakcr's
eyes, found a verdict in bis favor.
Case appealed to a higher tribunal,
and the judgment was reversed, and
the !::.'?::.;?. v ^eh?bhmak?rfinds him
self out a heavy bill of cos Is, the wear
and tear of his ham, and tho bitter;
disappointment of his matrimonial
hopes for Case.
- mm * ? i -
A couple of enterprising men, doing
the clothing business in Atlanta, are
interviewed by a customer in search
of a coat. The senior of the firm han
dles the newcomer, and soon finds ,sa
tirst class lit." In answer to the price
the response, is, 'Eighteen dollars.'
'AS'ell, sir, I iike the coat very
much but don't like the price.'
'Well mine frein, ze price is not
ing so yon like 20 cat. We lot yon
lake 'cm at lil'iccn dollars.'
Tho customer, still complains of the
price, sayjog ;that fifteeu dollars was
too much.' 'This was too heavy for
We ''AcVl'tr/so, taking his customer to
the extreme end of tho store, and
drawing him into a rdark corner, he
whispers in his.ear, 'Mine front; 1 let
you havo zut coat for twelve dollars
and a half.'
'Yvcll.sir.' said the customer, '1 like
your coat very much, and am t .;is
ticd with the price, yet I would like to
know why this mysterious perform*
'.Veil, mine front, you see dot leotle
mat! dcre? lie was mine broiler, lie
got ze. heart disease, and,so help me
gracious, if lie was to hear me tell
you L lake twelve dollars and a half
tor /.at. coat he drop tied mit his Inn k.'
Tub" Game Law.?lij the special
request of some of our suhscrihcis wo
would state that the restriction on the
killing of deer extends from the lirst
day of January to the. 1st day of
August, The restriction us to wi|d
turkeys, pa 1'ridges, doves; woodcocks,
snipes, etc., extends from the 15th day
of \pril to the 15th day of October.
?So that new person:; fond of driving lor
doer1 1 :ay c< thmence fir sport.
Who was the only man that ever
went to .sea lor fear of being drowned'/
Noah. j
The IioritV Prayer. ,,: .,
Hero ia bouielhb t g'eitirio?&for yon.
I It-is the Lord 9jprnyenin-the English
of former times, apd.it shows how. the
language has changed :
A. D. I'M
Fader are in' heune, hnlecweide
bcotW 'Thf' ncude, curaOh Thd kui'i'er
icbe Thi willo- booth idon hi heunc
and in. Tho eueryeh dawe bridd'gif
014s tl'ilh dawe.- Aud.worzif ure^le^tesj
as yi vorzifen u;e detloureS; And,
JllO''? u+ iT.?-r-?? I ur.fc?,:?? '
lone ous nought into tcmptat:ou, bot
delyv?rof' uyef; ''Amen.
A. D. 1300. ? ' ? ? "
Fadir our iu hevene halewyd by
Thi. name, 1 hi kingdom conic. Thi
willo be done us i:i beyeuc und i;j
ertuc. Cure ii.rche oaves bred jive
us io-duy.: A nd tprgj've ns afire dettes,
ns ? wo forgive our dctlonrcs. An:!
lode us not into temptation, b?te deiy
vuro.us oi'<y vol. Amen. 1
A. p. 1582.
Ovr Father which artinheauon,
sanctified! by Thy name. ? Let they
kingdom come. Thy will be done,as
in heaven in earth also. Giue ve to
day our an per substantial bread. And
lead y? not inti temptation. Bu;
deli tier us fron? evil. Aroeii.
A. L?. Hill.
Our Father which art in henuen,
hallowed be Thy name. Thy king
dom conic. Thy will be done in earth
as it is iu lion lien; Gieue us this day
bur dayly bread. And forgiuo vs our
debt as weibrgiiie our debtors. And
lede vs not into temptation, but dcliu
er vs from cuil. For Thine is the.
;kiugdnme, and the power and the
git try for euer. Amol?.
A'big It thlery aud Arrests!
C'oYijctJ'ioN, Ky., August,7..i 11
^ TVitrifl-t-T\7^I*lnr r?f* fhin rit-t f.Tn;- p/*l
- ^/ir.ceu .u .??'?.iv.i, *i vhialHj, t*nu.uij
?he detectives, brought Theo. SW
Brown, known as "Pe-leg" Brown,
here from Saratoga, charged with,
complicity in the forty-seven thousand
dollar theft from the treasury. Benja
min B. 11 a Meek, clerk in the treasury
cash room, now on leave of absence,
was arrested in New Wirk by Leiuc 1
t\y08 M< Levitt and McICifrcib, on the
same charge. Win. II. Oilman, res
taurant keeper of this city, is.arrpstcd.:
The theory is that Hal leek took the
money, that some of it. was left.with
Oilman, and that Brown u-eut to Sara
toga to work some of it off; meanwhile
llalleck was muking arrangements to
buy jewelry, clothes, harness, and
other paraphernalia of fast life, in
New York.
Indian' Tradition.?Here is the
Yut account of the creation : In the
beginning the earth was covered with
mists. Von could not see before you.
The Great Spirit look his bow and ar
rows and shot?shot so well that he
scattered thi' mist. The earth became
visible to him, but there were no men ?
upon it. Then ho. took clay, fashioned
a'mun,nnd set him to. bake'Man came
otii white; the fire^hnd not been strong
'enough.. The Great Spirit began Ins
i > ,1?- . '1. ;,l.'n '< 1 * ?
work again, and this time tho man
came out qiute black; he had remained
too l ing in the oven. Tt was necessary
to try a third time. The experiment
al length succeeded, ami man eairioput;
done to a turn; hi: was the redskin, ihc
most perfect of human ty pes.
A Dntchman read somcw!.ore Chat
money doubled itself by compound in
iciest every fourteen years, if !1 was
put carefully away and left untouch
ed. The guileless Hollander'"at once
dug a hole in ilie cellar ami buried
four hundred dollars packed in a tea
kettle. This was iourteen years ago
last \V? diiesday. On that day be ro e
at four o'clock in the morning and
"re-umt.'kd" his cash, with the con
fident expectation that i had increas
ed to eight, hundred dollars. lbs dis
appointment was great; and when his
friends interview him about mathema
tics now, he expresses the opinion that
1 dem arithmetics ish all a lie!*'
It is strange how soon some wives
ean tell their husbands "they ain't
worth :;ult," but y;ni let 'cm get hill
oil mi a railroad and aeo how qnkk
sije'il sue the company lor fifty llious- 1
and dollars. 1
Au Arithmetical .Cariosity.
. , TJie -d /n ?*r''VAUotatai ns toTrc fei Utting
curioy,^ arraqg.Mjicut o?,J?gttfgw wiw
1 !iWt.*jg*i
Ham 11 ">
9 :? ift 3 U j if? ?^t*r^
,:;>in jUmWj *v\
t'H : >Ar?; td; nt
line, each column, an? each dyaspnnl '
v n#?i. lH t-xnn M Ji im ?rtr.9lt*K
" 1. rnc lour corner figures 34,
"ihe' eorh?r1 Rg&oB6 r^'tffVre of
iouu figures \ 'f \vlfK?b 1" 'wV^rVrTAW
in the^argcra<;nare)7-/jik vTiiri dtiifv
figures oV..the e,ent/.'.l.fiqu:^p) 3^1 TJte
fo . ? figure's of eticli (corjicr t^^We
?^hoie square, L.4.. Mjjkin?- a'tn'getlier
twenty riiflcrenV'^ays ?:V wYiich 3l
may he reckoned/1 Q1he b{?i?? stim'^ r?'
34 inayii he, obtsinedi >b^ taking'.ffife
Hgures .which SjUndtliexttp11fcbq?t*>?htor
figures, going round frqm lefyo rjgh^
thus?3, 8, 14,9--34. :th|h toko tlm
figures thr.V stand 'on''the left bYtho
corner figures, going "the other* W
round, 2, 15, 12?34.hoM >dJ uidw
Dfd'nt G::t O.vk.?'?)e'ot%e'iwfay
a snd-eyrd hian entered tft?'p^tmftce\
ami after finding his why1 l?thk?mdrfey
order w indow he said ;^ n 1: -?t notar*"?
'The old, wonmp's .d^wn^atT ggrt
Gibson, not a rctlin her iioeket, and
I want to vend her down an order,
'Very well,' Yepl?.T itfe'cfcrtl^an
order for how much ?' 11 J<P*
"Well,ii <iupp3se>sho.temhli*qugft!e
along o"o 50 ecaus,'nursed (K^jin^s.yete
stranger, 'but.. I don't want /^.jrCjjiygi
her right down to the last cent, and
you may make ir 7o"> ",j 1 *ai',;< 1
Ho was<adv"sedlo^tenlUllity?fi|flb.
It Iva? 'at a parfy'that '^nid'yotih^
ladies were disc?3sing' the'relatiVb
benefits of tho rpariowsand tberw.orms,
when one of the,lair ones^apyqajled^tp
young Fizzle t?n, who had. just jqined
theiu, tind had nor caught the drift of
the conversation!- b'h do-y'Si'think
tV?? worse, worms orsp'arrows ?* Wfia\
did Ihestuplvl brute do! b?f-innocently
answer, >"J .don't, Hnow.^tpeff?Miajd
spairpws." |( .(j.^.j- ,;,^a
"Amon l amen IV shouted I a Ce'daV
Rapitls jiarsoii.at the elegant remarks
of a strnngeij at the eqmpmeet ng.
Suddenly tiic parson turned .his ey ep
o.! the man, and jumping up, scream
ed, "Cat6h him, brother, catcli him!
He's the three-card monto in an that
got my last month's salary.'*.. This is
a fact, and tho monto njan..is u.Dw.ili
jail at Cedar Kapids. ,
At a trial, not long sin J&j flff old
lad}' of some eight,y years was plosely
questioifed by the openitig counsel re
lative to the clearness of her eye sight.
'Can you see-tue?' sfdd'he.^Ye?.*
fil?w well ciiu'vou.Br.c!me?r-pereist<?l
the lawyer, .',Well -euougi* ?ret?r^erl
the laity 4 Jto^p ?^t^oj^ajf^nejl^r
lio, _ wACite tui/1 (pj(}jiQiJ\v v??J4ibo
around at eigh^O'ch^ekiir^ [^.^6^^,
coiieluding bis note with tho following
? ?? ?.'\7i;h hVea'h ^^^rWVoscV/*!?*^
,. . ?,,L\'.U l!r^';--di.Wi0-*VX+r'' .^?J
And she coldly ranwered: .".You'd
,. .ii i I'tt/'q tuntf>i??i
better not come. We had'onions in
.1 1 ?? - f4: fmtn
th ; aotip to-day.
--.0 . -V ? O? ? , -j 1
At Bridgepori they tell of a physiog?
;lon;is^ who, after attending a late
murder trir.1 it: that place, declared
that the prisoner's face proved'htro'a
man horn (o bo a ninrdcror; but it
tin ned out that ho had heon. studying
the features of a lawyer, w?pm he^h^d
mistaken for the prisoner,
In a recent scandjij c^oi^ynti^h
county, Kaptias, lady( witj^cssdeclined
to answer a question, and tho attorney
demanded her reason. ' "l>?cau3e, il'ia
not fit to tell doctnt peo^le.nr "O,
will," said the lawyor. ^just wrilkJup
here and whisper it to the judge."- mi
Ivoll call?the baker's visit.
A bootless task-?rutting on one's
Sweets iu adversity?A sugar-notfae
failure. * :>

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