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m:*".!.. . ,ii iMMijj,_
Patrw'Coancfl No. 11, R.\ & S.\ M.\
Will pect eacihThursilaftai $ o'clock P. M.
?ror? Tat' October to 1st April and at 8
?'dock from 1st 'AprUyto ,lot October, on
fiho following dates, June 24, July 22, Aug.
W, Biiit. 16, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, and Dec. 16.
?4 - K*ptti j. F. 1ZLAR, T. I.
O. W. Brukbon, Recorder.
Emroka Chanter No. 13, R \ A/.
Will meet each Friday at 6 o'clock P. M.
from let October to Ipt April, and nt 8
o'clock from 1st April to lot Octolicr on the
follQ3ging..dattia. JaneJjS. J.ulv 16, Aim. 13.
Copt. 10~Oct. 8,'Nov. 12, Dec.* 10.
V. j. BJiTrkVILLK, bee.
e&fakiiitltfg} No. 28, ^/. fc'. M.*.^
'vTsU meet each Tuesday ,at <l o'clock^.
fVem 1st Oct. to iHt AprftVha at 8 o'clock
froEs let April to 1st October on .tho follow*
lag ?Utes, Jim? 8, July 6, ?ug- 3, Sept. 7,
O^JUSovi,.?, Bee. 7.
KU W..T? j.Aft> ^ 1ZLAEj W. M. ,.
'Aflt?^KrYWAKo, See;
aay 29 *v ' 1375 7m.
";a:/,o...q, f.: ??.
Ediflto Lodgo No. 33,?Meets at Odd
Fallens Hall, every Monday evening at 8
?'clock, from 20tli March to 20th Sept. and
at 7?faWeft"fP?tti"20th' Sept. to 2tHli March?
C. I). KOitTJOIIN, N. G.
G. A. HOUGH, Sei!.
This body nice Is ftwery secoi)d TuVsday
after the fim ?lonaayoT each month;' tor
the transaction of regular business.
Mayors Court, held whenever occasion
Up Dar Train. H-55 A. M.
Dewa DaylTrnlrr. .......' 7:30 P. M.
Up Night Up Train. 2:20 A. M.
l>ewn Night Train..11:53 P. M.
Office hourH 8 to 2 ami 3 to G.
Dr. A. M. Snider will be necessaril
ly absent next week, and asks bis
patrons to await his return.
- I, i .' .
LOST KEY? - ?* * ' ?
A key to a "night latch" has been
found on the streets, and left at our
office for the owner.
The thanks of all bauds arc due Mr.
Q, O. Ayers lor a liberal supply of
very large bell peppers, as., fine we
tthink.as we have ever seen.'
?J.. W^JVloseley offers a tin milk pail at
iheoaming Fair, for the ugliest farmer
In the count)', ti e ladies to vote as to
?vrho getSiit. Get your faces in order.
If anyone would like to see some
good/work iu the way ot painting, go
to Mr*.-Oliveros' new building and
?see how" ftfr^WoJfc1 ihus done it there.
jf. A. 6C1UFF?Ey7--'~~ ??
We see that this pcntlcman intends
locatinglime, and the Betieison build
ing has been fixed up to suit the ope
rations of his art. Seo his card elso
Kespa Im bakery running still at
his new ota-nd and ?s always ready to
supply bread, cakes, <fcc, in. endless
variety, call on him ye biragty souls.
A ragtfc&sfed meeting will be com
mence^, ^fc tjnsl^ Church, in this
place,.: this evening at 71 o'clock.
Rev. jJp iQji'B. Dargau, D. JX, will
COURT WjU&iJ&**r?. . .
Anybody can tell when "court
week"jUjW)?iBg^by.tUe way Lko law
yers rush into beaver hats and broad
clotb/'lbd'gcneially gct on their Sun
day fixings, if you doubt just watjch
them now.
NA Tlf?fhl' 553 K'geR
We have just received copies oftiiis
paper in exchange, and publish "their
notice in another column. This is the
farmers p'aper,-subscription $1.50 it ia
worth ten times the amount.
CORNELSON? ? / y ) (i. * )
What a rush df business he has bad
had this week! Wagons going iato'
the lot full of cotton, and coming out
full of goods. '*jl be si o j e re mind* you
of a bee hive, only they don't sling
too hard. , .
It is very hard to suit some people,
our Coroner is as cross as a sore head
bear, -ifobody hnsdied in the county
for two weeks. He is getting melan
choly too, and not even the seductive
influences o^b*^fe^aU;cau arouso him;
won't aorn^ody plenVe gVt killed.
DICK FIELDS?' \ *, ;
Died ou Thursday evoritng" last, al
most everybody in Orangcburg knew
"Dick," and all who know him liked
hint. Quiet, polite and hard work
ing, he will be sadly missed, true ho
was a "black man'' but bis honest,
upright life, leaves many kindly re
mcmbrnnocs'of him, in many a "white
man's" heart. "Peace to his ashes."
a mi --n-r.Ii aasgasaa^aag
JTJXE temperance, qbser ver^?. I
Our readeis will fiud elsewhorc tho
jirdBpeotus of tho abo\fo?p&perf which
is about being issued as tho organ of
the Temperance^ cause, it should com
mend itself to tho earnest.support of
every SonB of Temperance. ' >
two dand?
Just -Watch ' out", tiAd'wVeo you1 ace'
two Mayors seated\ in a b?ggie, and
two marcs drawing it, see how they
"git up and git" we moan the latter
pair, the first pair only sit down, and
hold on to the buggic with oue hand,
and their lints with the other.
pa re well.. her m on?> ? - ~ .
We learn that Rev, G, A. Hough
will, at 71 o'clock P. M., on to-mor
'roKv opening, dilivcr his fare Well' ad
dress ? to> 2 hj? ^congregation, at the
Lutheran Church, the occasion, is a
solemn and interesting one, and will
repay any who may attend.
A li ttle bird has just whispered to.
us that our friend 2>i?k>fafias'Kiui
john) has closed lip his trade in liqu
ors tit the splccitatioh of ^'eoui.eWly^.
how lhe.se ladies do meddle, however
they, we mean she, has done u good
?thing in^ jDicks ea*e, flo ptQ Avou't
growl th Uptime, against ?rj?. ttJiok,
tu be-f * V r
We seo that Mr. Livingston, the
contract<.r, has secured the services of |
Cnpt. James C. Bell, who is thorough
ly versed in such matters, aud*'that
the Work1 is now progressing with a|
good deal more vim, they have dug
out! the old ^ tjl nk^hcicorn$r,'tjy tho
roots, and opened up several now
ditches lor the foundation, a lot oi
fine bricks have beeu hauled to the
ground, ^and altogether it looks a heap
more asiif they were going to work.
Wc have offered the News & Times
free for one year to the lady who ex
hibits the loaf of'/'homemade bread,"
at the next .Fair, but as we are not
partial to dry bread we also offer the
Southern Cultivator, for one year, to the
gehtlomati who exhibits the best speci
men of "home made butter." W,c
can't enjoy the bread unless there is a
little butter with it, and we don't iu
tend cither to let the committee, give
all the .prices, the News & Times
want to come in-'for their share.
At the regular meeting of Orange
burg Division No. 24 S. of T. ou
Monday last the following officers
were installed for the ensuing quarter :
W. A. Ed wards j W. P. .
Mrs. L. M.-Smoak, W. A.
A. D. Cannon, R. S.
Miss Nora Neu Her, A. R. S. ----
J. L. Hcidtman, F. S.
-Dr. T. A, Elliott, T.
Rev. J. B. Campbell, Chap.
O. O. Ayers, Con;
J. C. Albergotti, I. S.
C M. Wilkinson, O. S.
Dr. A. M. Snider, P. W. P.
We ? are pleased to learn that this
noble order i'3 still increasing in iium
petit jury?
The following are the names drawn
by tho Jury Commissioner Joel Lar
kin to serve at the appToaching'Wrm
of the October Court; . , M, ? .'?
W. H. Hennon, Ivin Adams, Pfiul
Levingston, R. M. Witir, J. W.
Lighltbot, C. J. Bowman, Cliarles
Iiiiwtou, Jno. C. Fanning, R. A. Jeff
coat,* John D. i$terfl\eus, Jas. P.
Robinson, Edward Sal ley f \Vrni. Ruff,.
W. W. Oliver, W. C. llanc, Stephen
Clcmnians, J. W. Kaminer, Mose
Willis,1 .Shock Thomas, Warren
DnunoUy, P. D. E.1 wards, S, C. Hay
dcn,'Eli Killer,* June Brown, William
Fair, Caleb Gingnard, Reuben By
.num, A. R. Buchet, April liepeday,
Tl.bs* GloVer, Noah ? Davis*, Patrick
tJannon, D. N. Carson, William
a( fiQp'p si'ORYi-- ' ?**"? i ? H )<
Eutirely too good to looso, Our old
friend "Gabe,'' came forward to offer
himself as security on a bond, the usual
question was risked,''are you worth two
hundred dollars, independant of your
homestead V Yes sir, he -wnsnt once
taken as surety, but meeting him
some'" days afterwards, curiosity
prompted the qucstiop,^ Gabe- flow
came you" to own so'much property*
Gabe says, what property sah ? Why
you swore you wcte Worth two hund
red dollars. Well so I is, I worth
more dan dat, I worth five hundred
dollars I know, cause just before the
war IUuu.su sold me forseveu hundred
dollars, and I know X worth five hund
red now. We gave Gave a fifty dol
lar confederate bill, and told him to
drink it out at our expeuce.
TUE OLD, OLDiSTduir-^- '? !
(r Men will promise to love, cherish
and protect, and the blessed daughters
of Eve, will follow tho promptings of
their soft hearts, and bolieyo^theni^
jthen 'conies thr> .par^du/tltO Wedding"
cake, tho good-bye to home, and the
clinging to that one, until death do
f> them1 part. Something of this kind
wo hear has occurred to a young M.
"p. of! oiir'ntjo^ua^ntaTicoli Otjr Uest
best wishWa'ttend them. : ' '
's Wo are requested to state that an
Agent of X'apt. Glover,wjll be at his
residence .this alloYu\)bivbetwccu the
hours of three and six o'clock, to sell
at q>iw?te^wifeBiporti?n*Vf his fiffni
ture, consisting of the following
Articles: Cue walnut cxteusio.i
Table, marble top Table, marble^top
Bureau, walnut^and.
steads, Crib, Ljjmiiir
Wasbstands, Cot; Atektl
Fender, fthovol? & Tongs, hrgc
Larnp, Halfct!\nd,>- carpe?tecs .Td?h?,
' Terms cash, articles to be removed
\Vl Udvjio}jiU w).o desire.tjoptjH
cIij^4 tp (aWetrd,' las it ?! is. flea.yekl 'to
close out the sale this afternoon.
Masonry neither desires, or allow,
public praise, but we wore so deeply
iniprewed"-with"Tt "InttT WcnTrlW W
Lddgc here that we woulfl freely ^ake
in . tho whole world with?u3, enjoy tnc
sight of an aged Patriarch, .whose
"trembling steps scarce bear him toour
door,'* as ho rises tottering to his (oet,
to show his eontiuued devotion aud
love towards his bre?h?rn:Jmdji1^e
Order. Old age is alw&ys L6 De lioh
orqd, and when it comes, feebly in its
way, conjoined with fresh, young,
vigorous life to pdjj| its" ttibUt| of ^d
spectful love, the* object must 1>e
worthy of the homage.*^ Thensight of |
this aged Brother, hesitating between
earth and heaven, yet practicing here
our mystic rites, should convey to
serious, so
ami Ao the world, food for
t.er,iho.JgW. \ A I
TIIQSE~EYES-~.?.? ~- -
You can't convipce some people
that a grouud'jm?ld Has* riO ly es, so? a:
certain party, who is always contrary
and crooked caught one, the other day
and tried to hunt up his.ey es, he first
brushed off the nvilc clean, then he
held him close to loo!:, but the mole
jumped in his vest, and he had to pull
him out, then he looked under the
fore paw, it want there,so ? he turned
up the enout to look, and the wretch
bit him, bit him bad. too) he dropped
it, stomped it, rolled a barrel of buck-,
wheat over ? jt,, lite him in the head
with one of Goldsmiths patent irou
cotton ties, that finished the mole, he
took the poor thing up, skilled him,
stuffed him with corn meal, and the
last j we saw of it was that saraeanrr^iis
itive man sitting in his store door, and
turning itlpjtjskiiyro as sorts;of ways, j
looking ?for. tlioso oyes,-.but-the mole
didn't bite anymore.
TnhsE shniiips?
They do bother so, sometimes. We
saw a man buy some lha ?thcrVlay,
anil bad tnem tied up in a paper bun
dle, tboy were alive, and "fresh from
Charleston," one would jump out?nd4)
then anothcr^jpogwo suggested ?.to* him*
to turn them all out and drive them
home, it was a good idea, and h?,J first
providing a stick, turned the whole
lot |out onrtheT growndi then' suet?
itlB+iflg-ftBil^Jlapping^ but the utick*
brought themiUjto rauksj am] thela^t
wo eaw of'tlrosjp sl|rin)ps? .the^ . were
flopping down, hie street for( homeland)
tho owrfcr1 fceuduig> oyej;(tlieni; with
that same stick, juat ready .to .'hit the
first ouo |Jmt turnc<lthe<wron]g<corner,
aud ho'was ill, earnestj, too.-j li any
one doubts tbis.stpry,just atk : ./ |).
Well, weknojkv. die, won/t pwn itj sn
won't giv? ids name, but,w,q can prove
it by?^ ? . ;,? but as tboy aro uot re
liable, wc.wou'tgivotbeir<natues eith
er. We know though certain ilint
this flock of shrimps were driven
through.tho-6treeUi.'??~ ?
Books! Stationery!! Music!
also > ? '? f i '*.
a lot of window, shams of, an im
proved Patent, heilig wikaa, tdmplo input
ling up, durable, and CJlliAP, in price.
Lamps, Chimneys aud Lamp Fixtures
always jou hand.
soheMMn? ipu .Tiik , .
Celebrated WATT 1'b?W 'and-Castings,
which I sell at Manufacturer's
Priced, with freight
* added, vii: 1 " ? '
One Horse A and It.Sfi 00
Two ilorst M and }i. 9 0(1
* : ings.f..'..t....7e per lb;
Insulimcp and Collections prompt
ly attended to.
Mverrool, Lonfloh and filolie Insurance'Co.
Georgia Homo insurance Co.
Manbatten Life Insurance Co.
KIltK K01HN80N.
Market fit.
oct 2 aq
Market Reports.
Corrected every weck by Messrs. Bull,
Bcovill & Pike.
Low Middlings.12(3112}
Good Ordinary^.:.lljCfcl1i|
Ordinary.H?11| j
Corrected every week by Mr. J. \V. Mosc
? j hCvino ruicrs
Corn:...??. 10
New Corn. 1 00
Peas. 80
Fodder, per 100 Iba. 1 00
Hough Rice....?. 1 20
j hkllino pricks
White Sugar.7608} lbs to the $ 1 00
Brown " .S&O VJ'.... . -1 00
rcBBe??^?;...25 r^ao
Lard...,.18 (-?.20
Si'- Haro*.?..~.16 0>\l*
jSipoked Wldcs.17 (?418
I)S " .15 &ltf
flttbkcd Sho^dgrs..y.IhpH^faU?!
Ooshcn Butter.40? 50
Salt per Back..?..$2 00
School Notice. ;
I 'The uyiershjne'd hawing |jecn ejected by;'
;tb4 Trustees, as Teacher of the jhVeb
School* located East 'of the Railroad and
known as tho "(hove School," hereby gives
notice that the Exercises ofsaid .School will
commence on Monday next Oclober,4lh
net 2 '2i
. The accounts of Estate of Dr. F. S.
Ferancri and T. B. Royd, have been placed
in my hands for collection, anil if neccsirafy
for SUIT. Parties interested will save
? Cjjsts by calling soon. ( .
*- W' ' Trial Justice
oct2. 187? if
The Dentil Bed of Andrew
v 5. Johnson.^
A MAONI FltJENT Engraving,just pub
lished, on heavy plate paper, 14x10 ihchef
in size, it tonchingly portray the last
moments of the great statesman, witli fami
ly, friends and physicians grouped ?orrow
fully around him. It is a gem ofart.
beautiful in design, and artistic in execution,
and should hang in every home und cottage
in the hind. Agents wanted everywhere at
once to seU thLi and other popular pictures.
Largu- ,'P-ay.'. [ No nurney required until.pie
turcs are sohl. One copy of the fine engrav
ing ''Death-bed oi Andrew Johnson," with
terms and instructions to Agents, will be
.sent by mail on a roller, and post-paid on
receipt of HO cents, or I wo copies for 50 cents,
No terms sent unless tample copy is ordered.
Address the Publishers,
Nashville, Tcnn.
oct 2 3t
HTr. W. HUjSTER & CO."
Cancers. Tumors, Chronic Ulcers, Scrofula,
Epilepsy, Female Diseases, Liver
Diseases, Venereal Disease;,
Skin diseases, and all
kindred aiilictions
-Cancel* l and Tumors will be. treated with
our Specifics, without the use of the knife,
without loss of blood, and with but little
pain to tfie patient.
Terms of treatment easv. Wo have
opened a Branch Office at MARION CiL
S. C
Office under the Star office, Marion, S. C,
opposite the Court House.
sent 25 tf
11 i\ *C O T T O 1st
RAflGE, ?' /.-.??
. ; C11 A tiLlESTOIVr' S? C.
J. II. PARSER. ''A ' \)'A\ TRUMB?j
. .'E. C.&J RE-EN, Jr. in 'connected with
the abovoiirm.
fclIA?O^TOW store
Will he OPENED in Orauge
burg on the 1st September,
1875, next door to t.
W. Albcrgotti,
511 V ; 1 ' fcy ?
? 13? h. MORKISON.
A well seleetcd Stock of
dry GOO AS,
' ' ETC., ETC.,
Constantly on hand.
? nag 141 1 . j 1 1805 tf
Notice of Application For
Final l>lHcliargc.
Thirty days from this date the under
signed will apply to tho Court of Probate
for his final Discharge as Executor of the
Will of I. S. K. I^cure deceased.
T. K. LEG A It E,
September 18lh 1875.
sept IS It
Visitors to th
Will find it to their iut< lvst to visit the New aud H?rulfomo Store oil
Russell .Street at Captain BriggmanriV.Old Stand, now occupied Vby Brigg
nidac & Crook, where they will find tho "Old Captain" surrounded by Nn-v
Goods of the Latest and niotrt Approved .Styles and Importations. The
good people of Orangehurg City aud Couuty
Are Notified by the Committee
Of Arrangements of the Agricultural Society that the Fair commences on
the 26th day of October and will continue until the ?Dth. During tnnV in
terval crowds will throng tho Marts aud Emporia of the city of Oi'angeburg.
Tlibse who desire to unite business with pleasure wjll be shopping,pud par
ticular attention to tho varied stock of 25l?"V CrOOtlS olYFjdlfultiJ Wiii
terdesig?s, ?lotllin?? ?? endless variety, HatS, "Boots aud
SnOCS, CJrOCeriCS to suit the farm house and the city home,
Isiquors, Ales, Tobacco and Seffarsi-?f ^every (W?rT
and gluide Reserving change enough
'TO QJBT- ^[KI T* Tie^ET^
To go into the B air Grounds, peopl are assured thafcthey ulr.ould loose noth
ing by in vesting tho balance in purchases at-thu Old Stand, upw so com
pletely filled with goods to suit the taste aud add to the comfort<ofulhelasfea/S.
4nd ages. Don't fail to call at
... j-| AT TUB vt
Can always be found a Selected Stock of T?RE CHEMICALS; Gxbui
ine Drugs. Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Soaps, Combs and llrusho*, Fancy
and Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, &c. . n . ? mummnm m
Also C utlery, Segars and Tobacco.
Pygicians' Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.
NIGHT BELL answered promptly.'
? ? ..... ? . . ' A M:;*w I
.A. FISCHER. i .-di ,/>.??i
Has just returned from Charleston with a COMPLETE STOCK of
And a full supply of iLiiqiiors, .Ales, ?Vines, etc, both
Domestic and Im ported.
Best brands of CHAMPAGNE.
Imported RH INE WI NIC, warranted genuine.- r - *r r j y-~v
The finest lot of HAMS brought into this market lately, j* '-f *"| j; f
The BAR attached to the Grocery i? well Stocked with go'?d LfyurVrs?
Wines, etc., and attended to by polite and attentive clerks. ? -: ;
?- Td
S ' tod
[email protected] -co Advertisement Next Week **X^a
Oranuehcko County.
Orangeburg, S. C, September 14th 1875.
Scaled Proposals will lie Received at thin
Office, for tho Repairing of Horse Range
Bridge. Also for the Repairing of the
three Bridge* over Providence Swamp,
within thirty days from this date.
By Order of the Hoard.
Clerk of Board of Co., Com'r?"
> Orangeburg County,
sept 25 1875 5t
Qrangeburg, S. C, September 23rd 1S75.
Notice is herohy given, that tho ltiver Bri
dge near the Town of Orangehnvg will be let
out to the lowest Bidder, for Repair at said
Bridge on the 8th day of October at 10
o'clock, A. M., specification and plan to be
made known at said day. Also on the Fane
day ato'clock. 1?. M? there will be let out
the Bridge known as Caw Caw to the lowcut
Bidder Plan nnd Specification made known
at slid Bridge on fame day.
l'y Order of the Board.
Clerk of Co. Com'rs.
sept 25 5t
The undersigned would offer his thanks
to the citizens nf Orangeburg County for tho
liberal paironRgs which he has heretofore
enjoyed, and in announcing to them that he
has associated himself with Capt. F. II. \\\
Rriggmann, and removed to the NEW
STORE of that gcrtleuian, hopes that his
old friends will hunt him tip there, and
that he may add many new ones to his list.
A CAlvD.
Dr. J. G. WANNAMAKEB is in pos
session of the Receipts and Prescription
Books, of the late Dr. E. J. Oliveros. AU
persans desiring to get any of the above
Preparations or Renewal of Prescriptions
can do so by calling on ? ^
At his Drug Store,
aug 21?3m
McCOB'B, ^.
and dealer in
3r*l ister JPttris,
And Other Building Material,
Land Plaster and Eastern
Office No*. 1 Oentrar Wrrftrf,
July 17 1H75 Sm
cotton ai3sre.fi
Price $4 00 per saw.
Price $4 00 per saw.
IIALL'3 PATENT ^OT'i;9}| G)pQ.||
Price C4 00 per saw.
with Feeder Attached,
Price 85 50 per saw.
The above are prices in store at Charjea?*,
ton. Send for Circular., '"ill/ I f
C. C.RAVlJLflYi f * *
No. 111 bast Hay Street,
Ncrth ot* the I'ostolhce,
ang 11?2 Charleston, S. C,
62 K M O V E 1>
TO THE REAR / / v / wrp
OF > ' * ! * ' ' *
Whore I am jueparcd to serve the Public
at the shortest notice in my line of business.
Thanking the Citizens for their liberal
patronage in the past, I beg a continuance of
the same in the future.
M?SES .V. BROWN, Barbar.
Oftiec opposite Court Ilouso Square.
Orangoburg, S? C
T. W. Glover, Mortimer Gi.ovkr,
Julius Glover.
Feb. ID tf

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