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See fcotfebrfb' members ofShiLb^"
lcth Lddje. ? ? ' ? ?_L \ '
Theodoro Kohii & Brother have a
largo and skblcct supply of dry goods,
boots, shoes, bats, and notions of all
sorts. Give them call.
Mr. Sherrod Rccvcb got his anklo
Fpraincd at the fire on Wednesday
hi ft, und Edward Anderson fainted
from being ever-hentetb
A l)?STIiVCTl\rE ElttE-^
?? Wednesday mornihg lastj nbotlt
hall-past 9 o'cloc)^,.,while : our .city^
was resting in eohiphraliVe quiet, the
alarm of fire was sounded throughout
her streets diu! alley-ways. The mem
bers of blifr d Weren't file orgnliizations
repaired with all possible haste to
their engiries, and truck and ladders,
und front thence they proceeded} with
commendable promptness, to the scene
t)F the conflagation. When the fire
was discovered it was confined i to the
upper story of Mr. Harpin Riggs'
machine shop, and it is supposed to
have originated from a spark from the
chimney. Tho building was very
dry, and the flames spread with such
maddening-fury that. In a short time,
the fire was communicated to. a black
smith' shop close by;
The Young Americas, the'Cotttets
ami the Elliott boys, wont to work
manfully as soon as they reached the
spot, but found it ilnpdssiblo to check
be flames, iu the buildings mentioned.
They did.succeed, however, iu aavltfg
a quantity of lumber and tools. The
carriage repository was eut down af
ter our gallant firemen had hauled
from it a number of carriages and
buggies. This act prevented the
flames from spreading over to the
large two^story wood and paint shop
rdr.uated a short distance off*, and sonic
Vvhat allayedthoapprehenslou, enter
tained oy maujj that, Mr. Kiggs* line
residence would be consumed also.
iSut even .with the precautiouary.
Jneasure adopted in razing tho car
riage repository to the ground, the
flames Wuuld have finally reached oth
er buildings, had Tile wind udt been
against them, and thus Orangcburg
would have bceu once mbrc Hlaced
at the mercy Uf the ruthless fire fiend.
Mr: Kiggs' loss is between live and
?ix thousand dollars) without a cent's
in.-uiaiice. Misfortunes seem to
rrowu upou him of late with double
seventy. Jl was only ? vrebk ago that
we ehroiiicled the \os& of bis right
bund, and now to-day we have to re
cord ibis .second misfortune; But in
both be has the sympathy of the en
tire community ; lor the cablirtiticS to
which he bus bc\ch so severely sbb
jecttd; not only fall heavily upou a
bard working and useful citizen, but
also upon the interests of Orangeburg;
Jtliseotion gin, planing machine,' turn
ing lathes, gristmill, blacksmith ahopsy
die, had become indispensable adjuncts
to the building up of our city. They
are now gone. , But it is to bo hoped
that Mr. KiggS.will soon build thetftup
again. The sound of his shop bell at
morning noon, and night, followed by
the shrill whistle of his engine, bud
bvcome familar s nnda to'* and
we hope to hear them again soon. * ?
And now, as a legitimate corollary
from the fire, let us make a few sug
gestions to qur City. Fathers.- ,
It was apparent to' every one', on
"Wednesday morning last, that our
fire department is sadly deficient
In the first place, the engines werfe too
scantily manned,-for active and use
ful service, and in the second, there
was not enough' water conveniently
near to have drowned a church mouse.
In saying this' we do net pretend,
to insinuate that any of our fire?
men have ever been" lukewarm
whero duty called them. On the con
trniy?and we mention the fact with
plenettre?the members of our several
fire companies have been daring and
energetic on every occusion tbot has
called them out; but it is impossible
for them to- work without proper or
ganization, aud a sufficient supply of
water. Let our City Authorities do
their duty by levying a tax for the
licltcr equipment of the Fire Depart
ment, and wo venture the assertion
that tires will not be so destructive
thereafter. Our citizens should ootex
peet protection from firo wbeiV the
means of providing against it are with
held' from our Firo Companies. Wo
hope Mayor Boliver will lay this mnvt
tcr before Council.
Notice of.J?ismissulv
Notice is hereby given that I shall one
month from dale file my final account with
tho Honorable Judge of 1'robalc for Orangc
burg County, s. C, ns Administrator of the
Estate of Lnvitlia ITooker, deceased.
nov G?It Administrator.
On Saturday, Nov. 8rh. 1875, I will-well
atJ'imlloOutCfyftoaba' highest bidder/onc
HAT MARE.; tarnt? cotjh. . '?} i I
Place of nfiie IrrTrdntof Coftrt ?IcAir?
nov 13?21 CiEO. II. CORNELSON?
The Copartnership .heretofore existing
under the firm name of Crosswell, Carson &
Slawson, r?hihgi Saw, Gtiit Mill, nnd ?in,
is this day dissolved by mutual icbnscnti I :.
All persons jiaving daiius against saidi
firm Will pVcscut ihe narrte witltout" delay}1
als?'those Indebted to said tlntt will make
Immediate payment to Levi Shiwsan
,??- 'r I ? ?> ? jjftvl4 BLOWSON.
Oir.ngeburg County, S. O, Nov. Gth 1875)
' iit'iv b* lm
Orangeburg, S. C., Nov. 5th 1875.
Notice is hereby; giver, that thp County
Commissioners will' let out to the Lowest
Bidder, the 15 ridge Jcnqfuvaa^Providcneej on
State Road, on tho 10th day of December
next, at said Bridge, at lO o'clotk A. Mi, far
Repair. Also ? e Bridge known oa Horse
Range, on same date at *2 o'clock P. M., at
said bridge: ?
Also on Saturday, Dec. 11th, 187$;'the
liridgo known as Fonr-Holes,-ut K- o'clock*
A. M.
Plaits ahd Specifications jw|Il -he mddd
known at the above named dates and places.
: ByT'rdtir of.thc'Bonrdi
nov 13_5t!_
? i. }?*?? . ?? ? . i . ?' ! J. f.' < ? < It 71
>Ve want t,omc one in.,every county to
take'-orders and deliver goods for the old
aild .original 0.^0. lJ). House Large cash
wages. Splendid chance in every neighbor
hood for the right person of either sex>
'young or old." S.i'uiptes, uew b- ts, cuv li
ars, terms, etc., a complete outfit scut Lee
mid. post. paid.... Send fo.-,it at once and
make rnonev rt vour homes- Address, H.
J. HALL &' CO. *G N- Howard Street Haiti,
more. Mo'.
nov 18 3m
"" Executors Sale
By virt'itc of an order from tiie Prbh'rtte
Court, we will sell on the Slh day bf De
cember 1875tat the late residence of ?bcrt
"Wa"kc~r, "deceased", th'e'pefsonaTproperty of
said deceased, consisting of Cotton, Corn,
Fodder, Cattle, Hogs, Mule. Horses, Buggy.
Wagon, Household and Kitchen Furniture,
Blacksmiths Tool?, Ciold Watch, &C., Ac.
Terms Cask.
At U.e same time will be rented certain
lands of said Estate,' if not previously
Qualified Executors,
n?vft 51
l3L<oiLitio Hi
NirTICI" \< 1 eVehy rhvi ha? .lie d.jrni?
sbip (??tistii'v '?< wec'i W. K. I. \\'-- . I. V.
Pal'dhi ihe i'-rm o W- IC. Lew*
Co . I:a.- . i- 'ia> ?1-h', d by mui: ;d i-on
seiii. .Ajt ?li-b -. e .vb ? ? li e -aid p;?nncr
ship i io 1-?; ,'eceivcd !?- ?tic saht \V. E.
Lewi- in< .i dcmaiuN on p.ui.icr-bip
an- to ,? pi^.tiitcd . ? I Jiy for I'liiy.iueht.
W. E: LLKTo,
net 30
Dr. J. (f. WAN'NAMA KER is in pos
session of the Receipts and Prescription
Books of the late Dr. E. J. Oli verbs. All
, persans, desiring to get ft'hy of theribove
Preparations or Renewal of Prescriptions
can do s"o' by calling on
' " t Dr. WA'NNAMAKER,
A{ his Drug cWe.
nug 21?3m
iiM? C?TTER,
^QspoctfuBy announces^to 4he Citizen., of
Orangcburg, that he 'Iftfa' permaAcntly
located lihuaelf in this place, and requests a
share <if their patronage.
\ j Cj'flt iit No. 3 Law .Range, opposite Post
Oflicc. : *
rapt 4 ?R75 ly
A Valuable' Farm within* the corporate
limits of tbe Town, containing thirty-.-cven
acros o( best wooded and planting Imrds,
one-half under cultivation, all necessary
buildings and 'all new, built only eighteen'
months ago.
For terms &c, apply to
t. if. OLFE.
oct 30 friV
Book !. Stationery I Mtisic f
Xiao .
A lot of WINDOW SHADES of an im
proved I'ateut. being neat, simple in pat
ting up, durable und CHII'A1> in price.
Lamps, Chimneys and Lamp Fixtures
alWdys, on band.
Celebrated WA'IT PLOW and Castings,
whieli I sell at Manufacturer's
Prices, with freight
< added, viz:
One Horse A and II.$6 00
Two Horst M and N...v.. 0 OH
Castings..7c per lb.
Insurance and Collections prompt
ly attended t?>
Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Co.
Georgia Homo Insurance Co.
Manbatten Life Insurance Co.
Market St.
oct 2 o(|
JlV: V
^Hfe! ?Ntt
Now oiler t? tlie chiicn? of tHl? K?f! sth r?ttridfng cddnties An imnionse
st?ck bf
Dry GoodS;
Jloots and Snoei,
Hats and Oftps,
Fancy ??ode,
Gents ^urn^b1ng GV>odB; ?
Cfl?siArfei?,' Jeftns, :-*,.'< ~ ; l i -,
At Ifaft York Eeta? Pripgg.
itvi.'. >. > . ( C >}. t .' . .. < *:l - . * ? v i? * . i f x >
Our Stack ia already very complete, \ii\t wci are receiving g?or(f,cr
very Steamer
All \vc n-k i$ thftfc, yo^' $topittith tfs.IpVjf bttoogh, to examiri
Stock and price, vrefiv^iD^en^conwiifcrjyou, flfnt ithl u.sdfeAs to go tut
lor Chcapncas or Letter Goods.
All close Buyers who arc judges of gtfods are invited to*c*<rrl rtnd
examine our Stock befbro purchasing;
We Cannot be UNDERSOLD,
T. fcOHN &BBO.
C. d. KO??o??
Uns just received a Large Supply of
T7rT ? [,?;. y/:|j?
bilUoi oil ll'W btiatfi
Dry Goods, ? * ."" ii ;> ~fi
i :| ? Ha4 Cops; ?o. ^ B ' vj
Tin Ware, Wooden Wori;
Crockery Ware,
Sugars, Coffee, ~ Flour,i"'- CJIgfclW1 ?
In fact a supply of General Merclmnm'se, Incluclirig BtoVc? of bII&SO
and any descriptions. All will be sold LOW DOWN for. jC??J>...ri;ffj
Goo?s Bhown aud delivered in Town FREE of charge. CfeU bsforff' : 1
buying ; >? , -,\ y;1.1 m MO x*<
. ? - ? ? : > -!(?<;!'! ir^rr
C. 33. KORTJOHNi^: !
:. ?' ' .? ? 1 \ ,?' :
?.i : r, r,( rtiiffliifjgiBBfc^J
THE FARMER FftlESJf?-Pb&lf1?
Awarded, the, FIRST PREMIUM., after a -FAIR and TH?>ROISflfJ
TRIAL, over the Watt/ Avprv ahdk%inley Elftws, fo&botb
horse plows'ol thir ?rangeburg-'F?iribi?l875?* 4
Circulars and Price List furnished on application.
General Agent, C?ttMe?toif, fl.^>?s'oa
!e by Kirk* Rbbii?dn',^'?i'^
Plows will be found on hand and for sale
Hamilton and Bull, Scovill & Pike, Orangeburg, 8. O. ^ >
nov 13 1875 ''^
'. ? ' yjlilil^.v^'t
and examine
our newtock.
Tlic show is gone, but I dm here
Uijuii .lie corner.ye?,
Witli lhiny> to eat, (ttntf.il declare,
Tlicir pahi s ?aui . forget.
Good flimr, bacon, cheese audlard,
And;biijlei;;grlni,*i*hd meat; .
Ahd whiskey that would make a bard;
My crowded stores reveal.
If something lighter be preferr'd
Thau whili I've named above,
Don't hesitaie or be leserv'd,
But in your orders shove.
I'll garaiitee that you will g'efcj t - j
? Just wliat your sUitnachserave?
For I keep ev'ry tldltgyou bet,
?That customers wtfulil hrtvei
Candies, nuts, and crackers faYe*,'
And oysters fresh from town;
('mim d fruits, put up with nicest care,
?I o'flc? fpilte Idw down;
.S? come along and buy froTa me,
'Thun save a dime or two,
Ahd after that 1*11 guarantee
You'll never more look blue.
My motto is to help thy friurldj, jj
i'ln all the ways 1 can,
I have tbougttt lb meet tlieSe ends
(I'd favor ev'ry man.
Enterprise Grocery.
! notice of dismTssaiT
?One month from date I wtM file mVmml
account as Administrator of the Estate of
Allen I). Sbuler and ask for letteisof dis-'
injssal from said Admhii .traiion.
[Dated Urangoburg S. C;, November 6th
s. n. HAIR,
Administrator as aforesaid,
nov G 4t
Notice of Dismissal
Notice is hereby given that I shall one
month from ditto file my tina'account with
the Honorable Judge of Probate for Qrango
hifrg County S. C; as Executor-of the^wili
of Anna Elfe, dec'ed, and ask for my dis
nov 6"?4t Executor.
Seed Rye, Wheat,
Riist Proof ??ts.
Rockport Slime
.Liverpool Salt
New Crop New OrlctuiH giignr,
Rioanil .luvr. CoIIVch
A full assortment of SHOES, HATS,
CROCKERY &c. My goods* arc oflered.at;
lowest rates for CASH. ? ' f
Agent for tho ATLANTIC, MILVILLE,1
ItMiirance Co.'s. Representing $2,000,000
Next to Court House on Market St.
*&5 to $ 20
I*cr Day at Home. Tcrma freo.
Address G. STINSON & CO.,
Portland, Maine,
jau "i'J 1870 ly
1 h? St?te Ot BMfriipjjpb
By AUO. D< KKOWWCWi ?^aro^
P*ro]b*i* t?faml ; \ "i ?)7>
Joel J Hooker. CaroHtle thtObl
J0)1 h 8 Brooker and ?aen D!
Assignee of Elizabeth
Wife of Dej?p?/'
) Plaintiff*.
Agai.iHt Wartha M R Ay-lnja* #i?Cf:B#
AriHb?. A1lr^^V-Uffl0o%^Uy?t>??t
C Odfdner, lad Jtteb'WJfaW *fl r
fendanuv "1>T -^fla
To Marth? M R Avingt*, v/Itt eff tif
rfe> and Allee V Gdrdrttlra?d JfittJb" Eftts*
liefendantis tfffe?ffgj
Ydu nrellerebj required id tpptfi* ftl ffc?
{, for Oraflgebrffi
burg, fof ?ra%?4r^ .
dav of Dectrril-er A. D. 1875 to lke? ?au?,
if an v you carl, whr the Bed BstttO Of
Froefuan Hooker, de?e"*MtL ?Baal? Id aabf
rountv and Stdta, B?tttldl?jJ on Uftfctif
Henry Fiinderburab, Mflry h UIBltr. 1 O
A Hooker, O B BlTey And JwMmr OU?
cuntaining sight hundred fiSfeeautfooTl
iihould not He pdrdonc . and dlvidsd, cllot
and;Mai3bj\ *
bne-fiftli l.ere?lj an
fifth in equal portiOno to the t&ld _
Gardner and Jacob ill lev, DflfrndftAt% eu3
to atmwer npoh oath all and ringa'ar tii?
iii;ittcradtiil.u>ingB4?ntoined to thepeUtictSi
" f iHe? Ptiuit?T thift tf aV filed In th ? O&CG
f tin' ?:d(l'di?dyeo? Pr?- ate.
Given ?mdtr my Hand, th?? fiftscath day cS
Bfepteniber in the year of oar Lcrd OA9
thousand eighteen hundred and ESScnlp*
five and i? the one hundredth yeas ?9
A?*rto?; Wgg?ftft{^|(^
[Li*)- -. Judgp -of Probity Ol C.
To' "Martha it K "A vingor^ono of tltoD&fen*
dnnU above named?
Take Notice, that the Summons .
tion herein now filed in the Court o
lor Urang'burg County, ?o?tli Ci
the 1.7(1' d:iy of Septemoer, A, D. 167?,en<2
that hnle^yojr abpoaf and show sufficient
cnii.--c''a??\'m"st-'<hd-aalo or divbiloa 0? tio
landrt mentioned in the Petition within ths
time required by law, an order proC0pj$MBO>
will be euteri;d'?gaihgt Voli/ LsES&IIjit
IZLAK & DXfl?I^fe,.,, ^
nuv 6-r6 Attorhoyrf for Pot&JWitSli11;
Cancer?, Tumors, ChroaS* V1?i]Dl SfeNft
Kpileiwy, Feu*)* >MtW*
Dbea^ea, V?aatefl>MWPHEw ? ImA
Cancer?,. ?Wd Tu r
i^or ; 8]pcci6c*y withq
without* foiw of Mi
pain to the patient.
Terms of treatment easy. Wo IMA*
opened a branch Office at MARION Cl
Having entirely Recoveigvi torn i
nea?, can be found at hb OFFIC^
Capt. J. A. Hamilton'? Stove, whflre M will
be glad to SEE hia FRIENDS Udtbu
Tublic. ?
oct J > \ If

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