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Potros Conncll No. 11, R\ & S.'\ W;.
"Will meet each Thursday at 6 o'clock P. Al
from 1st October to 1st April, and at 8
o'clock from 1st April to 1st October, on
the following data*/June 24, July 22,-Aug.
19, Sept. 1?, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, and Dec. lb\
J. F. IZLAIt, T. I.
G. "W. Brunsox, Recorder. . }
Knrtka Chapter No. 13. K-% A.v.M.\?
?Will Mnoet during the present Masonic year
at tba umial hours,' the followin dates :
March 10th, April 7th, May Mb, June
Qntl, August 4th, September 1st, October
Ii7th, November 21th, Lccciuhcr 29th.
J. F. IZLAIt, M. E. IT. P.
J. M. Bbuxson, Sec.
Suibboiolli Lodge No. 28, A.\ f>\ M.-.~
Will meet each Tuesday at 7 o'clock,
from 1st Oct. to 1st April and at 8 o'clock
from lit April to 1st October on the follow
ing date*, April 4, May 2, Juno 6, July 4,
An*. 8, Sept. 5. Oct. 3, Nov. 7, Dec. ">.
' JAS. F. IZLAR, W. M.
Gbo. TV. Brunson, Sec.
m*y 29 1875 7 m. r
Rtltsto Lorl^O No- 311?Meets at Odd
FoMomb Hall, cverv Fridav evening at S
o'olock, from 20th March to 20th Sept. and
at 7* o'clock from 20th Sept. to 20th March.
V DkMAHS, N. (5.
Holipcoa LodRO?Meets 8 o'clock every
second Wcdiiehdav after sale dav.
F. 1)?:MART>, N. G.
This body mccU June S, Sept. 7, Dec. 7.
Mayors Court, held whenever occasion
requires. _
Oraugeburg Division No. 24, meets every
Monday evening in the basement of ilie
Presbytcriua Church.
Y. M. <5. A.? Rooms on Russell
Street next Mrs. iSmoaks' Millinery Store.
Bussiness Meeting?Fourth Thursday in
each month at 7 r. M. Prayer Meetings?
Everv Thursday livening.
' M..GL0VER, President.
FSDibbi.t, Secretary.
Houlli Carolina. Kailroart.
orrica hours at ojian?kiu-uci nkror.
From S o'clok A.M.to2j P.M. From
?J o'clock P. M. to 5.? I?. M.
- Goods received und delivered only during
office hours.
LOG A. Hi .
If you like the security down with
the dust.
H?c advertisement in relation to
WilHainstnti Female College.
rj, m mmtta- - - ? Olm??-i i
Things will hri-hteii up as feotiti sir
the Hampton Government gets pro
perly <oi its feet.
Our friend, ?lohn L. II. showed
signs of lire on Tuesday morning
A. Fischer is Mile, agent for Whaun's
Haw.Hone Phosphate; the best ferti
lizer in the world.
"Amazing grace, how sweet the.
sound.'' Hampton and Home Ilule,
hovs, once, twice, and all the time.
J'idge Cooke wants the Grand Jury
?of Abhovihe to indict Chamherlain
for treason.
The road from here to Zi oil's
Church in the Fork is almost impassa
ble. Cannot something be done to
improve it ?
j Tax-payers ! do you want the ex
penses of government reduced ? If
ho,-support Governor Hampton. Pay
taxes to his appointees.
Read the new advertisement of
McCrcory & Brother. These mer
chants are among the ioromest of
Mr. Z. M. Wolfe, s<. long known
as one of our roost vigilcnt and
efficient Town Marshals, has resigned.
17 o has purchased a plantation in the
country, and will propose to try his
liand at farming. Wo wish him suc
Rend the new advertisement of Mr
T. C. Andrews in to-day's paper. He
will keep constantly on hand a full
supply of dry goods, shoes, groceries,
liquors, &c. Mr. T. W, Alborgotti
is with him and will he glad to see
, his friends. to
Mr. W. II. Girardcau, who has so
acceptably served as Trial Justice at
this place, sent in his resignation to
Governor Hampton a few weeks
since. He is closing up his business
and those who have papers iu his
rhauds are rctpiestcd to call at his
ioffice at oneo.
The weather chaugod suddenly on
Monday night-last.*-Old 'bachelors
aro having a. hard tinio of it *thi&
winter!' The census of the country
shows that thcro'are more women iii
the land than mon/aua for the life of
us wo cannot understand why it is
that any of tho "rougherbox" should
go unprovided-'for.
The largo and enthusiastic meet
ing of ta.xrpayers; which assembled
at the Fair Building on Monday
last, owed much of its vim and deter
mination to the.stirring appeal to the
citizens of this county which had been,
previous to that time, published in
the A'eiivi and Courier signed F. We
suspect that our distinguished fellow
citizen, Col. Frederick, is F., and
trust that he will put his pen to pa
per of tenor in future,
SVh'y is it thnt advertisers cannot
hand in their advertisements on
Thursdays? .Some people are all the
time complaining of the paucity of
news in our paper. If our patrons
would heed our wish, nnd send or
bring their advertisements to the of
fice sooner in future than they have
been doing in tho past, wc would
know better how to guago our space
for a larger aud and fresher modi
cum of news.
Mr. Edward Bozardt, who is called
Edwins for short, is as bright as a
lark despite the cold weather, and
vows that there is not a place this
side of Baltimore where such excel
lent wines and liquors are kept us
those in the saloon over which he
presides. Fischer has just laid in a
new supply in his bar, atid Mr. Bo
zardt desires that proclamation be
made through this paper to that ef
We would call attention to Mr.
.Sc iflley's notice of his intention to
close his photograph gallery in a
month's time. This is, perhaps, the
luVt opportunity our people will have
to get good pictures of themselves and
families. Mr, S. has all the facilities
for doing good work that they have
in the: larger cities. \\rc have, seen
specimens of his work which lor gen
uine execution and nicety of finish,
2uuld hardly he surpassed anywhere.
Will be given at Masonic Hall in
aid of the Lutheran Chinch on
Thursday evening next. The man
agement will he nnd"r Piof. Berg,
which ia a sufficient, guarantee that
the evening will be a. happy one.
Ticketscan be had at Drs. Dukes,
11 yd rick, Wannamaker, Capt. Brigg
mann, aud Mr. Ogrcn's. Secure them
at once, for the programme is so
excellent thatseats will be in demand.
Wc called iu company with Dr.
Malone a few days since to see a lady
patient ef his who has been suffering
for years with cancer of the tongue.
The lady is from Barn well and
received the treatment of several
eminent physic.ans before placing
herself under the caro of Dr. Malone,
hut without deriving any bsnefit
therefrom. Dr. Malone has ouly
treated her six weeks and the lady
is almost well.
Wo were informed on Wednesday
last of the melancholy end an old
colored man came to on the 20th of
last month, in Cooper swamp. It
seems that tho old man--whoso name
wc did not learn?had been informed
that he was to bo sent to the poor
house, nnd not having a penchant for
that institution, started in the night
away from homo, hoping to find a hos
pitable roof somewhere, under which,
he might rest his aged limbs, and
where visions of the poor house and
its public charities would rot stare
him in tho face or disturb his declin
ing years. Being weak, h0 gave out
in his journey through the cold, biting
waters of Cooper swamp, and sank
down to strangle and to die. Whilo
life, however, was yet in his body, ho
was foundj; placed upon a log, and re
quested to remain there until assis
tance could be procured. Mr. Geo
Stnoak, upon being informed of the
old mau's situation, harnessed up his
buggy and made all possible haste tc
the spot where the sufferer wa3. But
help came too [late. -The old man
had fallen into the watar again, nnd
when picked up was stark and cold
in death. It seems that no inquest
has been held over his body.
The Town Council held their regu
lar meeting on last Tuesday evening
at which were present all of our
venerable Oily Fathers.
Mr. Z. M. Wolfe's resignation as
marshal wafl read and accepted.
All inarshals now employed were
discharged from duty after the 15th
instant and the Clerk instructed to
receive applications for said officers,
upon which an election for marshals
will he held.
The Committee on damages lo
properly by reairori of opening Glover
street were requested to meet and
repot tat next meeting.
An ordinance prohibiting Hucks
ters from cooking in or obstructing
the streets or side walks was adopted
unanimously, and the marshals in
structed to sec that it was rigidly on
fo reed.
Is there not a vagrant law in the
Revised Statutes? Is it not the duty
of somebody to enforce it ? But if
there be neither of these?neither a
S'ate vagrant law' nor a State officer
whose duty it is to sec it put into
execution?is it not tho plaiu duty of
our Honorable City Fathers to see to
it that an ordinance of Council cov
ering the defect, be passed at once ?
It is a wonder that we have not had
more lircs than those that have al
ready blackened und laid in ashes so
much of the beauty of our town
Crow Is of pcr.sons, of both sexes, with
tin visible, means of support, throng
our streets every day and night!
Mow do tiny live? Mu-t they not
beg or steal to keep body and soul
together? And to steal successfully
i> it not necessary sometimes to esc
the incendiary's torch to cover up the
evidences )t the crime ? Nay, has it
not been done right in our midst!
We verily believe it has, and hereby
coll upon our City Fathers'to do some
thing to give our people a better
guarantee of security than that they
have had; or, even have now.
? ? ? ?i ?
Early on Wednesday night as Mr.
Ben Lee and Mr. Jimmy Hamilton
were passing the store of Mr. D.
Louis, they discovered that the glass
had been cut from the transom over
the back door of said building, and,
suspecting ihacall was not right, halt
ed long enough to satisfy themselves
that someone was on tho inside of the
store. Other parties were at once in
formell of the situation, when tho front
door was opened, and a search made
for the burglar. lie was found in the
pea bin, almost covered up with peas.
After being questioned considerably,
he was taken to jail where he remain
ed until Friday afternoon, when ho
was brought beforo the Town Conn
eil for examination. At this examiua
lion he gave his uatneas Johu Wil
Hams, and seemed to be perfectly tin
concerned as to I113 situation. The
following is tho substance of his story,
?S told by himself: Was horn at
Branchvillc. Is a son of Abo Wi
hams. Used to belong to Barjh; Knows
but one or two persons down there.
Remembers one Loeb. Bought candy
front him when a boy. Been in
Oraugeburg about eight days. Stayed
with no hotly. Got into Mr. Louis'
store by ^knocking the glasses out with
his hand. Went in thcro to get money.
Suppose ho meant to steal it if you call
taking what don't bolon g to you steal
ing. Went into back r oom of sloro
first. Found firo in chimney, and a
match box on mantle piece. Took
tho match box because he wauted to
strike light to see by, About this time
heard noise and at oncocame to conclu
siou that lie would not be allowed time
to examine the money drawer, and
otherwise inspect Mr. Louis' stock.
Would havo escaped but for tho
darkness. Whenever ho would make
for a door, ivou'd hit opon a box or
83mct' ing. While thus perambulating
wis arrested and carried to jail, etc.,
The fellow has a desparate counter
unce, and is no doubt one of a gang in
our midst who live bv stealing. Wc
have a number of policemen, and it is
to be hoped that they will keep a
sharp lookout. The burglar was
committed to jail to await his trial a',
the Court of Sessions.
I?y The citizens of this county arc
hereby notified that Mr. SchifHcy will I
keep open his Photogrph Gallery on- I
ly until February 12th. This will be
the last opportunity the people of the
county will have to get good and care
fully finished pictures of themselves
aud families. Come then and bring
the children along ? Special care
will be taken to please every one. 4
There is no doubt but the present
condition of all kinds of business and
industry is ^fearfully depressed, and
it behooves every family to look care
fully to their",.expenses. Winter is
coining on when children are liable
to croup, whooping cough, etc. Cough
and colds will prevail everywhere,
and consumption, with other throat
and lung diseases will carry ofT many.
Those disenses should not bo neglect
ed. Doctors bills are expensive, and
we would advise our people to use
Boschce's German Syrup. It never
has failed. One bottle at 75 cents
will keep your whole family well
during the -winter. Two doses wilj
relieve any case. Sold in all towns in
the United States, and by your Drug
Call at Dr. J. G. Wannamaker's
and get a pamphlet and read about
Dr. Clark Johnston's great. Indian
blood syrup, tlic bet>t medicine in
use. Dr. Wnnnnmiikcr also has the
inedicino for salo at wholesale and
retail. june 2-1
Dr. A. C. Dl KKS, M. I), is giving
away a handsome hook entitled
'l\-arls for tho Peeple," containing
much valuable information and ninny
interesting articles, it also contains
history of tho discovery of the
"IIopaline;" for diseases of the liver,
dyspepsia, contiapntion and indiges
tion, ?fcc, and gives positive assiir
nude that when the Hepatine is used
it effects a permanent and lasting cure
of these diseases, which prevail to
such an alarming extent in our
country Take the Hepatine for all
diseases of the liver.
The Hon Alexen 1er II. Steven?
says :?"The Globe Flower Cough
Sjrup has proven a most valuable
remedy to rac."
(Jov. James M. Smith, of Georgia,
says :?"I shall always use it with
perfect CDiifidcnce, and recommend it
to the public as a remedy which will
afford that satisfaction experienced
by me and mine. It excels every
thing for coughs, colds und obstinate
lung affections."
Kx-Gov. Brown, of Ga., says: "He
finds the Globe Flower Cough Syrup
a most excellent remedy."
Such endorsement by our great ami
good men deserves the attention of
the afflicted. Those suffering from
cough, colds and lung nnectioiis
should use the Globe Flower Cough
Syrup. It will positively cure con
For sale bv Dr. A. 0. Dukes.
Goods For the Holiday .
Fresh Confectionery?(Gum, Cor
dial and Plain.)
Layer Raisins, Bright Citrou,
Mew Currauls, Dry Figs,
A frican D.ites, Brazil Nuts,
Filberts,, / Imonds,
Knpdish Walnuts, Peanuts,
Cox's Gelatine, Baker's Broma,
Fsscrses?(Lemon, Hose, Vanilla,)
Pulvorized Sogar, Soft A Sugar
Yellow C Sugar, Mince Meat,
Gilt Edge Busicuit Flour,
Keep on Hand Alway s
Pure Leaf Lard,
Cream Tartar (pure) and Sea Foam
Colgatcs Family Bar Soap,
Kingsford's Pure Starch,
both uncqunled for tho lauudry.
Other seasonable goods all at price*
to please.
J. A.. Hamilton
llubscll .Street next to Cornclson's.
Having removed to ?Eos?ley's Old
Stand, next door to the Post-Gffice#
I will keep constantly on hand a
full and complete assortment of
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
Gaps, &c, &,
I have also on hand a full supply
of Choice Groceries, Liquors, Se
gar3, and everything that is gen
erally kept in a first-class Store,
Thad ?. Andews, Agant.
Respectfully informs the citizens of Orangeburg and vicinity thttf ?hcy
have opened with, a large stock of ,
in this place consisting of First c!us3
Which will be Replenished Weekly. Also a well seloctod stock of
Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Boats, Shoes and Hats.
Besides the above we will keep constantly on hand a full supply of the IrMt
Fancy and Plain Candies and Fruits.
We call upon everybody to step in at T. D. Wolfe's Old Stand sad
examine our prices before purchasing:
One door East of our Store is, Stocked with everything of the beat q uadfcy
Now is the time to get Bargains!
r , dec 9 1S7G : ' 1
? S ? ? I'. 3 Ii 11 hi b. ? _
To our Clients and Friends.
In consequence of the determination of
.Samuel Dibble, Esq., to retire from the Bar,
the firm of Izlar & Uibble'wiM undertake no
new business from this dale. Capt, James
F. Izhir will cantiiiuc in the practice of the
law in its various hranrhes, as heretofore.
Both member* of uur firm will attend as
usual to all business now in our hands.
?SAMUKI. bnuuir:.
Or.mprhui-g, S. C, December 15, 1876,
do.- *_?:: Im
Iii:PA [llED
On {.Up ?h?rlest Xotico
oiLibGUDUJia, .s. a
All work iu the above line done on the
shortest notice. Also Jewelry repaired.
My terms are re:isonahle ami all work
warranted. Give me a trial.
dee 23 1875 3m
Ilchiji abnul to remove from the State, I
?tier l*<?r sale my place near the town of
Orarigehiirg. The place lias been recently
settled, ami the buildings new. The Dwel
ling House contains four .Square Booms 15
by 1") with Passage of tf feet, good Kitchen,
Darn, ?Sc, with twelve acres of valuable
I.ami. Terms easy.
Apply to Messrs. [jslar A Dibble, my At
torneys, or to undersigned at Orangeluirg,
S. ('., fur particulars.
i1 er. 23 tf
Administrator's Notice.
All persons haying claims agaiust Henry
\V. Murpliy, late of Oratigeburg county
deceased, arc required to present sworn statej
ments of them, and those indebted to the
same will make pavmcnl at once to
\V l) FOGLK,
December 22, 187?.
dec 22 3t
The Copartnership heretofore existing
between the undersigned under the firm
name of T. Kehn ? Brother is this day
dissolved by mutual consent. The business
will bo continued by Thcrdorc Kuhn in his
own name and for his own account, and be
therefore, alone, will sign the late firm
name in liquidation.
Orungeburg, December 12th 1870.
dec 10 3m
3D IC N T T S T ri Y.
Dentist Rooms over Store of Mr. Ceo. II.
O?y Charges Reasonable.
I am prepared to receive a few Pupils
more in Vocal and Instrumental Mnsic.
Apply to
fcep 30 tf
Orangkbobq County,
William II. Wroton nnd Henry C. Riga
Copartners in Trad* ander the Finn Bam*
of Wroten & Rice, Plaintiffs.
Against Ralph W. Baker, Defendant
Copy Summons for Money DemaTid.?Cfcsz*
plaint not Served.
Defendant in thia-Action
You are hereby summoned and rcnuir-23
to answer the Complaint in thia Actica
which has been filed this day in my OGc?,
and to serve a Copy of \ sur answer an tbo
Subscriber at his Office in Orangebarg 8* C.
within twentv <lays after the service of this
Summons on you, exclusive of the day of
If you fail to answer this Complaint' with*
in the time aforesaid, the Plaintiffs ?U1
apply to this Court for judgment against
you for the smnfof forty-three G5-100 dollars
with interest at the rate of twelve per eins
per annum from the eleventh day of March
one thousand eight hundred and seventy
six, and coats,
Dated November 24th, A.D. 1876.
Trial Justice.
Defendant above Named:
Take notice that the Summons and Com
plaint herein were filed in iny Office at
Orangcburg, South Carolina, on the 24th day
of November A. D. 1876.
Trial Justice.
November 24, 1876.
dec 9 61
State of South-Carolina.
Co cut of Common PlJtAe.
William II. Wroten and Elijah II. Don!
ing co-psrtners in trade under ths name
and firm of Wroten and fowling, Flam*
Against s
Ralph W. Baker, Defendant.
Copy .Summons for Money Dcnand.?Ctr>
plaint not Served.
Defendant in this Action.
You arc hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaint in this action,
which baa been this day filed in th* ofSee
of the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas
for the wiid County, and to serve a copy ef
your answer on the subscribers at thair
office, in Orangeburg, So. Ca., within twsaty
days after the 'service of this summon? oa
you. exclusive of tho day of service ilft
If you fail to answer thie complaint with
in the time aforesaid, the plaintiff* will 4jk
ply to the Court for judgement against #m
for the sum of one hundred and thirty-four
36-100 Dollars, with interest at tho rate cf
seven per cert, from the ninth day of
October one thousand eight hundred an4
seventy-six and costs.
Dated November 25th A. D. 1876.
Plaintiffs Attorcayo.
Defendant above named,
Tako notice that the summons and ogm?
plaint herein were Bled in tho office cf tho
t'leik of tho Court of Common Pleas fcj
Ormigoburg County, at Oranjthaxg BaaK
Carolina on the 25th day of Nov?iacar^AT'
D.;i876. ?
Plain; ids Afamsjm^*
December 1 at 1876.
dec 2 6V '''
d?5 to $ao
rip Homo. Samples worth $1
&.Co., Port Und, Mane.

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