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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 06, 1846, Image 2

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'two Dollars A104mil-yc~ (l~'~~
C-0obe11Pti tit It Aiv end or ti,g5:rua
dv k' liwiliiilit inmeile *, Jprc toe r.'ic'at,,
owa t-wfL),tia pu st q'a.a . f' ll 11i1igI .
t. i Wstc l inhtd ?11il:aiv olvlers'app toh~ ih
411(1 edlviged accidimla9.gal y IItj~l ila aap
* ,. (re fie 't.1111 .i, s 'Zinle illisu'V fl nd & m
.i i)m l~cil o 34 'clcsanat'ilk a i ii:,c4srJ':
11r 'lfliewz oif paarnst I tmu'i -car litigll Ek0lailjaitima
~ :jI i.~' di at; allver 'l i l i ei ' l'j
All 'ulers byir;l Adi-t.tivii pu iI i ptsaiai i
r.plthe Cicjaiiatj CaXi.
1)FsAl1) 0OPE".N A N ) 'S I11I1UT
01- the! way lAt y play iii A i Aw 1 4m.*
IV it , t Whl Idii. a ve lld tV wn i t.,o IIra log P '11
A..ASil lp~ is a 111 4,111, Il 1111' t 10i pj1. 1--i
beallu wii~ dr eado the ila- sai 1(%'t WilI vhi
N14 rt ita -ml ery iI il l a pi .a. Fli e (0a-1"4C Ii
tIklezs garc ls ag l- i ~.~~ *t c, ex itle. usg i
go itry'--.I l i- f's::arl a t a i (Iaak l lkt
Ile v lujua [f t n, tva effit!' Smili'ii ia to i v
kvie i m. l a nd w i tii fapots i' ll git i Wr
.4lllis e v I At.aali i (114ii i l lt
clIUrdi oll$c follaw-.
i si- ic (e mi ill itaa in,, cr 11p1itt. ll, t!
cfi vol h'~t im. h It . ' . wrd ri 1J11rilv lic i,,. 1
*ilf,. m
. i SermidainIf het m%1-:, tviaai lia ni't[ ai'It
Ik(, trn iu I i't'c i i ii ik i, iI za dii ! (~a I hi tc
.*lwr ls, t1't i)jlitl ia l h1 i f . 11. kw cs
ilir.'i t'ro 4C t ii~ piy.it'Oi lcri~iv l lu
11am it'i , f that-. i Ar11! wnsatr theaimi ,jI
hil r a b es i . c it i r i li, ihc p I ima' 414..
sfal.%Il lmpu- ~ ,1 wills bills (aepval
Ait fr~ca~aislc;igh" Iadi .' hu do e*i
* t'&'faiic'c', li thlLae al lic wan,1 Cahit 1116rt ir
prd taise of' heigh v~tht it FaCr i'ii.
cunle cnn:e cif ''ailAraimu Hv ato wi. hat i
VvfalI, Ile1 aIi.d he t duib.r'c ra tilir
36 riy s Ill 111111. 'as Ill-li rse IiOl
prosiplfl o i li wii. % i- i ts lac ivhir fiia is.
cu e*le it j lii l(iell whit uuz a l Io a 1,1'a 41
More >a i' at e ClC Cflip rat (olild hu
-f L -:mi. Ill- - Ia- :-'i-.-ho i-I-s
- 13'C(J P~lah. The ri m lj- (ciaca -as
W)' l me th t I lk ~a~aImil aca was
m4 hafI, va ru t ii-a :1 1a a- go1 V 4-1
tihe ta icat-.ala'c.- Th
flot ~ ~ ~ am ilidIilfOw 44, r
( 1a ill to al% ic'ra Ii.( v!) 4v all
.,b ilow 14 1 ai*it "w 1' lajit Hia
LA P dwiii thra'g "11
my m oneyi; .tAfdi will bet yo1
itdlrg'rstat to sainch the Yiinlko,
bags, yOu.m will find at least - . w
h ltindired t'oM gunaflit anid s.ii
w ooden nu t-nxegnOng
"I will bette you le hun ilreb d l14lEir,
alid. thle Frenehan, "tfrt, Iy d oarr
no'wooffen.riannleg nlor na.g TO 'Ia ,1
voh Iectle'sadht bag.
al.take all such its,'' elied (b e
eral turning t.- cify bo* a .slid j
hlis* ivory, ail plaiiig tioobove nime
siim Ix his han11d. This was imhneditel
covOred by the F.recilunai while.. li
Yanti k ee :1 i amouted, ad pr epa rdd. u skal
tinter byI unialoalding his dle bag
.1-r smt:momntsallgpthered artoun
I it t l enhie0s6 m 1ice,.wheati the Yal ttitee; if
hi.4 astoinisionet, direw% forthl thEJ abov'
nameiitd 'articles.
Well, you see I ba R'I' won,'.' continucc
ithe (enerul, while Gul' roared., anti CHa
pered alimit with deligltil Showing 'tii
tu~li.' breadth of his wiihites.-his:Cy
p.iin.; to tni extraordinary maIgliitud
iici his nose flatteneti like a vipier-cry
"Y'Iou ded'n*it catch tie Gi neral dis 'm
tim,- guh ax :nighty! wid dem ur horn gul
"W hist lha'e yon to do with it, vou tar
lack tiger?'' cied otlian tuig
tII. h, im u ith a furiots look.
Why, Io see, I is I& Gixeral's iiidt
carnyi p, il loihlin dit! stakes, in 4iS 's ecIA
jgrnjuI ;" and ait life Pattie ti-no lie hande,
Owte ove to his master with a chu klini
The litisin1g paurty saw the deception o
the trick, and 44ppearedh doubly anxiousti
farHttethir jo.urntev.
The Genleri' wa nonc the less merry fio
h1 ingir won their moiney. aind occasionaill
bg hedil vver it, saying, lie liid zierelli
mf.iite hi sens'-, where asn he had thtott
it hve nuet l sever:a thousand dll .
Th "reichman ihed, and said I
tih.sight il 'un -.Are extensive countree!
The (i, n rai, htiw.'' or, assuire himi thn
i. hi i-ie a e imace it) win back hi
tiltoY, son a) hite shoulh feel disposed
b y any othr game, h, or his down EnsE
inen-d shmnid see proper to select.
- 1lsieur said lie moly lx ew or one
ihn: i wis lhe0. French game Ving-un, o
awt%%y1 -Mne.
Th'e! Geeruial repliid that was one of ii
tr'u Wilst glmes, and that so soon as the
0*111- make themselvi-s comiirtably situ
iid a' li tti-ir bOiig 'li'y rvidiilhave
f itdy toneh 4.f it.
A rri ving at hIntel, where they intende
to pass fie night, the Frenchmasnnd hi
cotpaixxn ha~vingidfiecrmined nt-t'o pru
ceed19 any forther. Wit, tile' Genciij, mad
titti ittncitiins known ti. bs iirxfstailng, a
therir re'ason,' that -the friena' wvhxon the
sioiught wits fil a ttur to tite South, an
th5t on it, first opportunity they shout
emlark own a hoat for Natchez.
T'te General said lie thought they wou?
hitvor a very pleasant trip, nd that l
wouiil d is1;tch his servant home with li
hoprses aild acollipanxy them.- This a
certaiiiyv any thing but agreeable, but it
eiltre tl'l,; 11o I Ip for it, our travellin
Iinenst thotight proper tio assent.
Tbc water at this t.u- being low, it wa
pitarposed by the Gem-ral that n sinll flat
lowti should be procured,- which wotuld b,
very advantr oius, asi ho and tile French
man1cu C0 l ply it thi-r faviriit game c
tun'-ne. vwhi!e.. the lho'.1wn-easek- an
I' Liirdimi1, who.m the G#eneial persuad
eii io i h',i.. hould nnnaage thle boat.
T liex, areirln-y being a eeded to, til
bmlt wa ,an uinr way. Scarcely ha
Co~ey li- the ' ch.e tre th~e Gcurrax, er~a
or theg ne ra' lie F'rench ngth~i
rhit itoi thatt edert~ --mrir they were' sot.
ai i'll hist- --hr: I rent- etix ici big ih
dealr the~r Geneai ho'i.' h.ub ,ai'iit'
a~gtxut cue tual-, rtheytI j comn~ it , li . li
alat'Een~e h~t th mane al mobnt
they reudt thcho xi hn-- t!-!e li Gen rieti
ihi r ail t S in he' cI'ja i gj't, . pi. at
Le )xid on or aitn!-, wI n he Ge i~iIxxi nr
arpeain to :i ut a neeiiIi'iqita is:istei
ri on te n , rg.z ix
.i' Go ieral still plre'ed hi suit, tin
s;*:x beo wxas wai: to ieavp it to the
inns tl- iheer orx l' it was not trighxt tlu
he' shioubll g'.r inir a c:auce to in bac
b: s ronitely'. Thlie hIt b~~~ein a ~ staunec
ad ci te tr rad, of -en tirse dec~de
1 thishu tim e all via: ready~ forth
roung depe r ur, anrd Montsicur,thn
heli ft might comle out :xrcitnd be';i .w:
thait Jus, i':ame muxtit he phxi .d, wi thtu ni
y 'ou 'shol propjtos.. youir gamli-a iiis it
-'My gain-;'" .phield~ th Genera, 'is den
'Yt ';ifr yout sty, (enalei~ ? Me nto or
eri statud yoh snre, Iis iit tin dlerd opc
antd shut s'tth voni card ?Ehi ?'
but c:xds.' saxi'l the t o e:,. wrihh asi.. r
*g ill, give y-oi mi . xampiy.l ;
Le Cducd , I 11 n attitu Ifi- to i-'iain is
a Wotil am iicli, W a's t)0b vla ci:arliii tands
b hehil him acill reqilring li : enchman
to siy ihelther they wertt opei'-or sifu
Mioljlthrt horilly'kinoit ing tat to male
'pCi, said 'epen'
B * Hoivmucl ill you b tent iuir!ed
- I'ko me bette u o le hull.
dreil cl1are
'Done !'tsaid Q M. eneral the same
timie sh ing the astonished Frecilmnn
hiofr osed-hnds. '1 anm very sorry to ill
or you that you havi'e lost,'--and a smile
of 'petr ileaiing pliyed aront311d hiia
m ionih.
Ah I sacr' I ic 3hall no understanid vI i
such gamne,enerale..
Must understand'it, by Jupiter!' thun
1dered'the Gene-ral, on.ce mnore planing hi
hanIds behlind him.
Th'1renlchmia gutessel again, and lost,
. of c'urse. This wai repeated 5everal
tirneg, until Monsieur dechred hie Could no
lonse~r ;lay.
'Producc a substitute,- then !' cried- tihe
r Generai; 'ly thunder I ths. must be play
ed V
Mosnsient theni referrecd him to his waor
-. thy frield, tile Yalken --who, b, eing called;
u11pon, propsosed thiit lie should be, a)lterna tc
ly, entitled to the privilege of secreting his
hauds. But the General soon gac him to
uhderstand that Iis game could oaly be
pljiyed ne way---a the same time telling
r the. landlo.rd le might as well stt'on him
Iself aln lhore, wil/his rifle, 11'h intended
there 0hotuld be very littl. qiv o'cation in
'his gambunlig tranqatis.
The Yankee, 1i'41 that he was decter
r mined not to give him a fair chanmce, pro.
posed that the other shoild bet iwo to his
C on'. The eneral I1augh! ed At his simpile'
t proposition, anid renaily cen ted, pnevi.
dcd the Yandkes woubhil 'kre(c t a, him fix
thle amrouint, which wvas also ~olicelled.
To a northerni traveller thi -en iwoul
ithave been highly' interestinn. A bo ii r:
ly yards from the boah p hed Iupona a
stunp, with a lolng r;le an mii he i'l, wa.i
t their ho.i. re'ly to obey the slliesIt com .m
m nanld Othe General. A t the s!te: of the
,flot stood Monfsieur. 'I Ib a pie che,
r and feelings that t&an be better ima.gined
than described, n lie tiumgh t of tle ter
q mination of a gamaic which would in
all prohtilitv. end byI) leaviiig him und
- isi rirend sevieral thcli;nand dollars minlus.
*t A little in advanict of 4it1 siood Qhr ie
eral and the Yankee--the forner cool and
I collcted--the latter exhibitingpmich 'it
easiness; vhichx, 4ts p;arficularly p'rcepti.
ble in his bloo;iess, quittring hies-and ha
see1le half inclined to~ 'bick 'out.' A few
oaths,buhoever, from his dreaded untagon
r ist,'fihally nerved him to the stilcking pint,'
I whiCA was made manifest by Iis sayilg,
I 1 guess i'm just about us ready as I ever
will be, Ginerl-so h v much do you
I dhink I oughtt to -bet? -Do1't be getfti' it
C Iew high, nowi', causc you see, Gincral,
a you'll halve to bet te tew to one.'
s '0, that matters not, iy dear fellow,'
a said the other, 'we Arkans'is Genierais on.
ly play for amusemeit; and so, mcrely to
make the game intereslingj, my lurkey, I
s will try you nVi IWit Iwot!aiJ dlollars."
'-Wal, Gincral, scvin' it's you, and only
for anlusement, you lest lay down them
- are foir thotusand of yourn, and, I'll try
f and raise the lish' on'i.'
I The Gencral accordin:gly laid down his
four thousand dlhirs i he hoil. while
the Yaneln placed hi Ltwo thod:aind in
ScoipiIli01shi p.
I 'Now Mbi,ter Gieral,' said .cnaitlian
r 'jest hide them are hanuds of' yout '. rnd'
i speak ii all ont lain-so I shntt hn !me nt
I il mi flke.'
'Fat The a Gnral ems i. cre- ,owards the
- iadlord---winb-d-pl...1.ced1 Ios hand~is le
lihind himt, and~ thecn, ini a low, ai.titt
, Thupe Yuankt. lo'kedintI) hi otik for
'of hias fac, as 1tuih, h)v Sf so elntuiidon
-i hewaS about1 to di VIO. thet cerF in posi tion
i of its hiandy---a an, wiah a mlotin. ? 'iick,{
as' ligrhtning, hC tilt' ze ha'rwni be.I
n io sooiner takenl' I iidert tI, a, het we b-in
5 prottar ti upon the tlect.
'Opn by go:t! cried. the X nkdee, us
hse.saw 1the otei' li'-mla ding hru
U lIhte air-.t tilhe sarne timce smaching tU~he
moneyit', cranme..ima '.t hies potcket :alni
LI hau shog the straite .0 bodyV of the' Genri
r onr the shore; then 'i ile hon ta t.tsi.
' den .shoere by means of a poale, he and his
kL French companli'floS, to4 he grea's disacollsi.
b, ture of their eneiries, were ston glidia
downm the atream.
'Fire !' roared out the General at the
r. top uof his lunag, as soon ats heC eenii regain
his feet nedl tiira to hN host--r'ire! I te-ll
i,..i onVou stopAh i '1o ! lIIayeo awr'i ! llowi
li t f~sv <b,"'s me'a t I'
Ein: it wais .no go l. he m re' 'a' trie'd to
" shoot, th h ihn';able.cm
d ph..o their clanrn n-n toIo uid l to their
vexaion~t, the voice oif die ,inke'e'---in the
'- real naisaI twrang----ii nah leni' r attiing oaut,
ni . ' sa'y Ginereilt Il ~,.a. - . oiisid.
Ierable Itincd of a sleIk gun' to ' am 0 il- 0 t,1
e ant it? 'IT'ell~. th. er isp oni the eatumpi
et o blaze. t, w a r a ji tt'..h, w': ....ti
pin i rt ral unl t lout,
Stlt, tint they,, inni
'L give it up), ei the G
aithat etssed Y1ank1 hAiwut m y
gtti'f tltadl 1(Mi .atilsitut," by audiung
my11, .,ii hav1I)l ethI nd i6 I g
Utl h1il y i g -I its
:.'X Y., Ginm), a l elts t t'thie (
uaani, with Mt.utfal1h ba hij
hitlui to hla nuhseatid givinug lies
itefvw "rta iurnd'se~l '11ag- Git ~l
e~st giC ve any eJcts to thqtaa ntggro
yoina, ni iat t foL jintg dIieI.
t'our 'loi (p)and tiil ht' with.ga ti
kee iuti; undtt h idd 1f11l to tlge 110u8)ieof
ai flitveIrs by givin'g his other nrim the
1o6im tutirf'in.' of a iytw)C, and eeyi
itii by n'itghis rigIfoot V II d low
114 101aL is it w nu ill sightiW
Until Ite day. of tha Getteral's delthj
;PVerer elhu-tisemecnt'.iould ,liuniheegCttNl
eacted po110n hiln, than it. S1mniflgcly -
'orn gun flint 'l--'Voodel nit megs'-.Tbig
1ankee'-61rench genhhrutan, or, edead
)pel and shut
The folltwhing is &llopioer's" descrip
ion of his fit sighit. ofra. 10,comotive, anti
'iis adveptu re. r..eq-un. thercon:
I came a.crossdtrough the country, atId
;truck your r~ailritnd, and was, plyingit at
hout four knots an hour, 'Now, - had
ncardi tell of a loconotiet', but never dream
i of seeing one alive pAd kickingt bot,
htout two miles from herc, I heard some
hinitg cofuilig. "sneezing ani thundering,"
it, I looked round. "Sure enough, there
he comes dowl arter moe, pa wing the Hirih
up, and splitting the road wide open with
nort: smoke and fire a flying than or to
ome) out of a hundred bilu ring tnoultaints.
h'liere was a dozen waigons fidlerin, arter
t r, und to save lwr tarnal black, smoky,
no. i.. neck, r.he criuldn't get rcl-ar of them.
I don't know whether tihey seared her up
ar n), but ler,- she come, foaming at the
-, with her teeth full uf burning rcd hot
ci? and nle pitched right strui rht nt me
like 11 thaoUsantd:Of brick. I coih n't stand
it :mly !liager; so [ wheeled ronid lnd
broke ulrdow n the road, and :began to make
vr.wel fly in everg alrection. --No soofer
lhad I done thait, than she splitright arter
me; anid every juimtp I mude, she squtealed
like a thousand wildcat's! Site began to)
gai ont me comin' up a little hill but we
ome rotund at pit to a straight level on
the rmnrd. Pov, thinks 1, I'll gin you gin
e as I'm. *dt on a dead-eres eal
!~ed to it. mtt g~ot mrysef unlder full speed;
:and the e sbl' min to yep and couthand
slampaidj"Me Jn viIc ndieh, autdn'ake
the 4t"r'1hh . flut I keip ieor&
bouunding t the rate of twenty eel atey
step, till I got to a turn of the ro'd; and IY
was utnder stcl heridway that I coiddnt
turnt- so I turned-head over heels down a
bank by Lcjhouse, lantled cosmolick into a
will barrel, and my feetstnek out behind
9nd tup it) the air! Just at the. time the to
conotive found I had got away from it, it
commenced spliting hot irater into one,
aidjusti literally spattered it all over me.
I thought in my soul that Mount Versuvus
lhad bustcd in sore place in the neighbor
hood. Bult do you suppose I stand there
long? No, sir? I just walked right thro'
that baurel, and come out of the'other end
so quick that it really looked ashamed of
itself. Now, lcre I Imnr. a real double.re
volving locomotive Sihlly-Goster, rently
to attfack anything bit a combination'tS
thunder-a nd-lightuing -smokie, rail-road iron
and hot water.
"Give me a picayune, Mr. --- o.1 buy
b~read,"' said a consumaptivec little tirchin
y,:sterdayv to a frietd of outs.
"Wh. byIos,'t your fifthter bauv Drend for
yo? adour (rienud.
"'Cause he altt got no money," said the.
"Whyv so?" said nur friend--"does hie,
eve r ge't dIrtlnkl"
"Weli,"' said yong htopefutl. "he) don't
do any~ tig else!"-N. O. Tropi)c.
Tu1 ntt:t wri1.-'My dear P'olly, I un'm
-uI prised! at yOmt tatste in we'aring 'inothter
woan~c~'s hair om' n yor hte-id,' said Mr.
Sothh to his, wife. '31y dear~ Joe, I am
ualt ly I: tonisebed that you persist in
wveari ng anot her si ca7p's uwool on your back.
Thtete no'W? Poor Smith Sneahked.
CoON' a:.-- Now sir, Qti your oat, ie
-~t50 W te s (it ia I o i t one---?" igt
preentat haenit, 1 swear, o yo
hatve ino recoleCtit o th~e ?ct,.
13D iti N h Biars.-A curious fcei
cenat oi'Curt J-latelyv in floston: A gentle.
moan utd hady it thaat city were blessadyu Jlth
at beautin:1 I hihi, of about a yecar old, n htlch
niutrat ted so rmh a~(i ttetioni frwm the
oeighbocrs, ihct the younrg la:Hes opposite
Irent cy d3 era m er "Co borrow the baby.'7.
.\ Cter being ob'liged to trend foar the chtildl
several timttr Al-r. --, on comning hoN
to dinner, gotitt f tempea on fmtilingit
'one asi usnil-"'Ifere, .lan:e,"' stid heratd.
altessing thet tnua'e, ''go o)ver to the~ NSilsie
--and get thaebabyl give thaem mr comn
plimifetts, a tid tel! themr I wish they'd get ai
tbahr of their oawn, coml ntL he aH'ig'd to
ha..rew my o- (-;c I .n;,'., i,.
ki.6 -.9-~ ;;j3; ~ ~ 7
n j e
ut11;,qt o . 7 N F"1i ' e1
Iten4le nt Cdw;( 6,11f C A
ration of the matitt I 4
lLitdans. iIs talcr b dae '3r
AhS~I~iOAii~,I!~I ~ 44
.rw 'I", ttI
61 i I se; Ai r
d n a -ne ie nw ioub
_5I liey inrl(e u to kisui th de
bri(EIrl Andt if idi'.ttiaouht a (sClow tu A
ru gfi by the prlkgi ~je But we ii 'seio
para~es~tt. 1w I .-n. I
brnId,~IIB M be1e uifte4 ois We.
P$di'h efiet fdo every f a
d;4. p unaynii0-4
Cu. 74$uid ly 1 v 41 ntmurr va~Ul
ic; so ' io d dhav
Iaee. ~ - ~~
Aug. I dhevedlgn
might, and reg it: hough I
t ratilerht rused from sa
Oiniber l ik Ik at nigt:At f
rast g e'~fire thetinrch wheqe %tile
'an4ssimosjt~ts w ere: lrea'y rab
Sf'r'the %Wi' Thse asitante
onqset). of 'eldedly{Mecicau.and four
anys the hatter bitgyg tedfaurth Indian
I'he altar was -likeip with long wax
andles, set in massive silver candle sticks
imd candles were nlsoburmng in the vicini
Sty thelarge wsx'figurtis, in other parts
dif e building. The bridegrotnn soort
lnade -his appentnCe, with the bride alien.
led by bridesmaid.atid groomsman.
.The bridesinaid, a beautiful little wtuni'an
xvll dressed in blach -a prettice figure I
never looked at, The blid, a tall, awk.;,
wardj plain luoking woman of twenty.
three was dressed in dark figured stuff..
The bridaegroom, a short, stumpy fellow;
rbotit 30 years old with an ugly vi-age;
hail oin white pants and n blue roundabout.
i e looked confessed, and took every notice
if the bride; in fuci, he acted like a mad
who felt that c.4 as getting himself into a,
iinagreeable shlu'iln. hie first part of
1he -eremony was siniTdr to that observed
in uaisinna. The hands were joined the
ring placed upon the En 0.2 &C. The
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the mean time eng ed 1)1 afaet, ad dhe
of tlheboys rang a htt6.icvaitse bel occ61 '
lonally, tW wake up th eliettle.hadene d
t(tenty or thirty who crossed themselve-jg
and then relps*ed -itto their fortnpr state
of!stupidify. Ali hans' retirad trob
eburch, an d sea ttered to their homes.~Oblyl
four or five AIerican s-were rresent.
Isti R EsiW RFMINISENcE.-Ono of
the Charleston papers.tells a very intereO
ling uncallc Uf fr. Laval, whos .a sig
!ant Suib-Trexsurer at that city. le is tile,
!y of Mr. Lavar who fought itt the revola
Una writh Lafayette. . The sub-treasurer
saca ptain u~nder Gen. Jaelson, in 1818 -
anid at theu siage of lFensaenIa, highly dis.
tinmgsherd himnsekfas a brave officer. Na
one of the narrow streets of theo town sixe
picc-c 'of artillery Awe're stationed, Whtielt
threatened destrunnon to tlio Amerleart
forces, and to Lsvs as assigued the'duiy
of taking them. fayattemptIngit the tlrsE
man shot1 dodi *as the Capiaur himirn n
andi nltyr our arnu, we'ro victorious hewa
conveyed to a couch welterfig~fige ft
blood. TFhe surgeon pronoimeedlniin pa
recovery, and said to Jackson,"Gedual'
hie can't live !" The old He o'inoffe4
hinm a mromnit, nad' ex ie~alg
Etcrpai, ho SasxLL live !'.'..e ni4 ..
1ter~ssiv 9..C in~A1
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cots of the a ts-bhivide. amaneieTin*
dtse -'e ~ nee~ (hp f the witnesseie
6600'suild, UA~ve' sen' t -
sirrdt'anipAftnh iods op eef in'
t~venuyour boors. I am fthtder of opin.
ion' thaatjthefgHi2eM; dally,.teft pounds
staited ttbat they eneh 'co~ittsumafrotm si to'
eight potilds or ieat er dof atrd gee
ally. (hey p-al meet o):tt'e. Oppt Dttal(r
wtho has fleed 20 yoars'.among the~m, say :~
that r frrdie 1,liary, particulaif~ Osoger
often cats fruih ten to fifteen potimde o(
teit inathe cofuse of (*enity-foizrhonte~
anr9ul hni greatfy fmudg'ued doubl dolestm -
fromfinv to ais potu~ds at f meal.
A tondorthalter days tfi.,f #- efaf *n(f
hist her kittensg waged folIfwing~ alrein
piemnan, rmuwbig most udisennsolAte j.
a regardu: d na(he1 of the Nuos( Nondevl
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