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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 12, 1846, Image 1

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A100 is in; uh
hat 19)t T1*
hi SIS 4N i
The* geiut. 1.ftiesg it ithe (1h e9s
7tern uf a giit, ao'~ nurr na water
and, ou tt eseti to enies
are )v 'ted 1l A;jllfsr r~ ' ihle.d
Brw.o e u i. .is ,l pi
v dIifler&~eaniis ai* Yso iixed
iethe iinrie eho j. am1; fa t eaii
Ii siaid: fura i ng , atanced
nlnmx. henry -saail, an~ I lom to
put t-vichsngp 'e. loose
During h mniks , ai i n t hnie
soutiheri4 I ri ee, the. S |i i.inmetig
thrwin up intolitews, i-r a husbeen
mi dedI it l soni eegets l c lter tihus
making a kind or conip., u pre
seltla 11g a greater su.pfie lt a tl a4 ef1
wthich, fhise 'lands *h~i r -'qtjire iltom4
ag, are covered with -nte . andi ho: 9
wid turned-ovr untii Ih iesui face C1
redcd to miud- hisa a-~ic sa his stil
i frtir fe.riliziten t icy. Fo I r a min
utethe hltinese- col-e4 1. rying a
vegetuible orunimal kimid ltliltaita pos bly
beappalied to suchi a Iurpse. Reserv irs.
of brick irtod, ate cluig is fhe ban is of
the field 'nearI analiit( whielt dry
~refuase ~tance it piut. ieh prialcpa n
lo as a r O~r-it, aid is ihstered, ist
e "Ylsm 01 not be 'bso led into h d
, IdeshA * n, I jt
74 tnaus
ia e o itr i nies t!
epnsitet or creek s and riirin
dustriously gathired up ti t ughat suffi
ch-notly vulunhi~e to hee rr ed a. great dis
tance, especially if war:r . nia ges bcean
Velienit. 'ihe timing of Ftl ai.tiQls is es
terned aho te h ay ther h01.11 4f manure;
it often becernes in arlici of tmmercie,
inl the uhape of smill c1S, vich are
i::dc by mni wiuh it a i ortit ms of Iilumy
earth, and theta lieirougly dr inag tem.
These cake0 are ijiev.er applif I dry, but
are ilutied-in as muih animil nier us ctan
be procured. Old jiaster is teemed,. so
valuable a fertilizer as s.,nietina - to induce i
a farmer to re-plaste'ra n 'id om that he0
.may fertilize his fields jw(tlwit. Before
manure is taken out of gieJ reptacle, in
the field, it is suflered to/,become haif.pul.
trefied, in which state ii is :Out tpon ti I
plants. Some seeds-arp p ina rmanure
uiitii they have gernmiiil ,f whiile othmer
are plaimted enveloped in tjcir appropriate
manure: -After the pliant Aas grtown a fe't
Inches, it is iagain m anure w ith that wvhichi
is mutch dliluited. Th cati s imnmediiate.
ly apparent, In an accel ated growth.
Ch' eso Repository.
Al a meeting of the Finladelphimi S e-i
ty for preomiotinag Agri duare, held uo 1V U.
Saiml:C. Fort inade thi folovingstats ent
as to his method of i trdvli de trltit of
the paar tree. Ite e ii O~e nri
pnce,.J en stute the fid, tob .de.I
iheat It~nm the g plica tAi 1on tf time
amots, of pear tare i is~ oewn (to tal
naturalists that irot esiitts Iai-g-ly'.~ n
componetit part i to the rit of c the~ pesr
tree; and as man r40 o eboicent varie
ices have very m Ii det 4ioratedI feel it
* dutg 'to state tai may fri it haes bebiu mtich
imnproved~ and s il liw L -wet almost
worthless, restor bytje following tap.
nlientioni Durin jiLt winter, wheiLn the 1
frqsl.iII~ndmil, iave tp tr ees dugi rotnd, I
Io.fpfistance f thiree feet, barinag the a
uppdr roots, ant then la e applied a bushi.
ci ormore df ders frt mg bhicksumithi's
shopa-.old, ir o tild e itetter. This
nxydizes 1y tie rains a the~ densnn, nid
Is takeni;p.in the saip a it nseendus in the
rspring Ili's a I stimpi experiment, anid
(ti:jhat il l e highly prizi-d by all the
lqti of fite Iruits.'.. 'at, Cour.
8AINO I OlIilPs.
A curiouts~ Is 'me tonted an Fairk ers
Trfatise'on A p son who kept six
set~ f rming1edrhes m it he fo! ilng-eox.
perigf9it wIst se't n~ ytheit wvhich had
W .e
8&mo o te Crp of7bpgk p ca
Ighmnhe o 1aLriep(Ge Kpgri 01 a
vtaked u:pfandbifnwt t Sir huiub-erdI
nlea laud c~lece saof'thmeVegas,
y dL~ iIes islan~1t,~ we 1t) ~opposeimis
nareb. Ii the0n'orning,,orders weCui gie
to prepare to meet theenmy. At se.
'ten the army mnored, and just as wvo-mae
lhe rad lendling thi mlo'gli the tov wn,. M ajor
wordts, oI tihe: 3 , and Mr.;Dupapt jo ied
a4 from Fotrteacedrth,:and presented
Aliabel iearyyKdiithi his coinmissi~on as
arigudier general int the. ermy 'of tlj UnI?
edl States. .At eight o'elock preisely,
hie genmer tal ini the puliic squaire, wvhere ho
'v~ms met by the alcalesand peo ple, many
if wlrhom werd.on h1iieback. (for :these
>eople. live oni horsebatck.) The gedbsaal;
minited toL ihe top of-one of their honuses,
w'hichi are all ofs on0 story high, -and flit
oufed ; and1( suggested -to thme alcalie, thait
C he wouldl-go Lo that ulace, he and ii
tlT would iollowr, aonfrpin thdt points
vbhere all couild hebar. il see himi, hie
vnotld say It hem whlat hehad to spieaki
Thmis wias a w'ise predaujio.. Ilefwan
hm~ enabled! to eak so that al 7o
4 e
p :amongst )ou 'by the~ ordecrs of
n) governmefntto take possession of y.our
otiry, ar.d extend ov'er it the lawvs of time
JiteId Slutes. WVe consi.lcr it, andt have
one so for some time, a part of the terri
1ry of the United States. We come a
nongsl you os friends, not as enemnies; we
ne toe you as protectors, not as'conque
trs; we comie aongt you for your beIie.
1t. not for your injury.
'lIenceforth I abseole you, from all al
egiance to the Mexican government, and
rom alobedience to Genteral Armijo. lHe
5 no longer y'our governor,[(great snsa.
inn,.] 1 amit your governor.
"I shall nmot expect you to take tip arms,
id folw me, to fight your own people,
,,ho rmey be in arms against mc; but I now
eI you tat those iho remain peaceably
L home, attending totheir cropsand herds,
hull be protected by me in their property,
heir persons, and their religion; and not a
epper or an onion shal be disturbed or
akeni by my troops, withiout s~ay, or with
ut the consent of the owner. Bit listen!
e who is found in arms against me, I will
"From the Mexican government you
myve nieve~r receive~d niy protection. Tlhe
lhe moumttntamt carry off your sheei
nd your women whoever they, please.
vy government will correct allthis. They
vill keep off the Indians, project in your
ersonsand property, ajd I repeat again,
ll protect you i-5 your religion. I knoy
'otu are all gotod Cathoiies, and that some
C vys ur priests have told you all sorts. or
t ; thattwe would pollute yo wgmen,
ol brand th~em upon the cheek as yop do
-our mules upon the hip. Itls false My
~overnment rcspects your religion as muchI
, the Protestant religion, and allows each
nan toworshmip his Creator as his heart
ells him Is best., liar laws protect thme Ca
holto as wiell as the Protestant, the wveak.
is we'll as the strong,- the poor as wvell as
he rich. I atn neOt a Catholi myself; I
1as not brought up in that faith; btt at
e vt otke third of my army aro Catholics.
otit Iy 'espect 0 god Catholic as much as
J good Protestnnet. There goes m t arpy
osee beut a sm part of it. There
nany more behind. Raesistance 'uselss.
"Mr. Alede, and you two captines of
nilitin, the laws of my country ncuoi-e the
ill men who 11o office untder it, shll tae.
ie oath of allegiance. 1(1o not wish for
ie present, until tiings get settled, to dli
Iurb your mode of govenient. If you
are prepared to trai the out of alegince
ello flitly be ina m agis mebu Ino
Atln bu
t1kC ~iIA, Ojk% ereii 1.
Zeejai sat express
~du~mtil climi~bir burdefs,
14OR a tifd to6(
camet r a i swing, and extend
iiI ind a.tegeneral,- congratulatedl
layikid r il a arm,
amil igtrugps have gone l tel n~ ttiir
canon Is ally~ceatV" TI'hs was the alleaile
oratheset iiit,twoileip athes tend
from nghe rune,' where we enatnde--54
6nle tdfrom our ast anej, an'doniiles frbvim.
neos, once a frtified town, is built o a
pro j.amtory uf rock, somethh g the shape
of afot- Iere burned, until itin the
last seven eimmrithe eternal fire or Monte
?t~ 4 iedemains of the architecture
exin 166 66 inted manner, the engraft
mneni o hoafici0ll0 chutrci uplo thie anci
ent religon of the country. A t one end
of ti r spire forming the terminus of
the romonotory, are tie remains oi the
ett~flk, wivmti al its parts distinct; atthe oth
er,ar time remaihs of the Crholic church.
oit'sowing the distinctive marks anti em
blms pecuiiar to tie two religions. The
fires from the steufl' burned and, sent its
inconse through thie snam altar froins whid
was preaed the religion of Christ. TWO
religions so utterly diffeient in theory,
vtere here, as intal Mexico, blended ifther
momimomus practice, unmtil, about a Century
smice, the towii was sacked by the Navaoe
band of Indiais.o
Amidst all the havoc of plundering .tl e
clty, ti e faithful Astek .manged. to keep
l fire img in the stufluir and itwas con
ba &' I uev~~
i .~jhi a'tzuma~ eie; anda
ws y ed tsee te 0n1 of this interes
.rlin eo utrlle.een n h
I have eaen in tle.churchm of San Augus
mmin, ne or atio bliiidid people assembled
ait night, the chapel was darkened amd they.
took offiheir clothes and lacerated them
selesteirey with pie mof hard, twisted
cord, mad olikea catiTo'nine tails. It was
noet such a fl'ogginmg as Saucho gave himself
to disenchamnt Dulcineca, but a real bona
de nstigaion. Of this I have no dout,
fmr I picked up one of te disciplinas, tihe
tused, amnd it was wet and soaked
with blood. I stood at thme door ais the peni
tents came out, and recognized among
them some of tie most respectable people
in Mexico. No one in hissenses can doubt
the sincerity of those ho wvil voluntarily
inflict such tortro upon themselves.
There was an amusing incident connec
ted with this scene of self-castigation.
Some mischievous boys (for boys arc pret
ty much te same imn Mexico as every where
else) had contrived to get into the church,
aid for fear that the whipping wvould not
fo r I eedone, they commenced operations
thiemsefr.a They were discovered, per.
hamps, from 'thie.gr.e r severity of their
klowsithaa those whindh. th: meon wvere in
fictinig on theslves, i w wtere was a
great commonion for a shmort ?dme. Thie
whiglasted for ton or fifteen miniies,
andthe od Iwas very much like the pat
tering of hail.-W. Thonipso's amexio.
I do not think that time clergy of Mlexico,
withi very fewv exceptions, are amen of as
much learnimng as time Catholic clergy gen-.
orally are ini other couuntries. Tme lower
orders of tihe priests amnd friars are gene.
rally uentirely umneducated, and~ I regret toa
aidd, as geperally licentious. Thmere' Is nmo
mnighmt ini the year that the most, revolting
spectacles of vice and immortality, on time
part of thme priests amnd Iriare, are not to' 6
seen in the streets of Mexico. I hauvo-nev.
er sesi aniyclass ofmencimwho so generailly
hmaye&'sach-a "rouitdi"mappearance as mthe
priets anal friars whmom oine consinmtly
medAf in the streets. -Oftime highmer orders
undm more'respectable rmembi'rs of thmepriest.
hmod, I cannot speak with thme sa~me cenmifa
demnce; if timey' are vicious, theuy are not
publicly amnd indeceantly so. Veiny manmiy ol
them hauve several nenhmcws anid nierus in
1$ 4R ": r
e t j's efq
nima 4 writtn i
est, -hill e p
'ifes snth&j
Oure it
00mnbush C NE whc T tviuhba 0
K r C-I
hoeei~ope igexotige~ u
Tyhe son a ing ear
ent, beioreh ha~retfi solr frndf
facirite n in the1world. Fo 6
exa~m, n have now'emgcra for :J
afthe Wt est cr I
ureight tesmt ofpn fou hndred toree f
nyoek, athey would.I reeireit Te,Rus i
000 colhes of the -noth " ar eyin sing
beans a7, _i1rconumptionewa i
ready gr, an is J.1 now- fo :hl. -, i a
yf and soI . on e ih su leding )ear dd. 11
fanlega .,0tti biushes of -hlo~ Ts usully t
Worth r aibout two dollanr, btd'ire . I
enot, bef r the hIurvs m it'isinWdg for4dI-'
p .en inOfgIt our xoedleiuier p cor
munietioth ,-the saleo ourproducts ie
hih nrashe torld. d
exaple, have nwnkarge contracts for
wheat an otherhitaples vith e Itu sias
of the orthwesi Congo. Were I able'lo 1
freight the imamount of four.huiAred tkes
eiore, thhyatoulu receive-it, j hrel i a
sian colonies of te north are increaung i
every year. WVhen- I visiitedi Sitkua, sX
year .s ago, their" consumption j,5M1
reay grat, and is.not four wfold.v itA
is the Go rnor's rcsidenceto and th csi
ofthe bishop, h ie h a sminar, m 1ed
sch0ls, a theatre, etc., and,0 iesheep,
north latitude I am negoiating fur th
opening o fsecond n goodtc pr
eport nwththe F nha Vaent,
aich nuires no tb bu i
france tou-ne nedai.i'ectl
Inis aslaorr ver chapy Te
houb se tork Inhest i the frequently
edto te aiculraeng the exceilgletwie
is our e momprt an aur t cendere
quair by ty e fanyt.at Ay one whopyant
to goo iyartu re nthi nristas ree
managerment, a in a fewyeaursi, ryding
winhte yids gsnow grea rofts. en
ho ae isameverayteso rnhind Amd.ee
again, and stock is fat thephole inte, r
through. MY vslectio of st'ck conists
of about 4,000 head of oxen, 1,200 mree,
200 tanebrses, mu les; f&c.-3000 shecu,
ud emony hogs. They.all paiueo them,
selves ithout difficulty, in thetrich prai.
ries, iii bottoms ofithe acramento valley.
d raeqires no trou)le but a litnje .watch.
ing. generally attended to by1the'nitiVe
I nce ri v -er ar u of ihu - i j o h
sarlyn wichns srpasthas e c4 hr bi
rnianr. The laboers veycheaply. T40
e0loyed 40-nin. eun
Noill,.ohnrydi the elk'ld is beaa
is haei sm prs, and a cosiderabl
quantiy ofmrandy n aetvoee whopat
management, canuin abe. Ar nva'ring
witso tespy~ils, g'ain grat prfis -ne
have isevliht anilis of rcks gad
rcans, whpeineoun.--ilat,-on, . I
laa~ ~' v and oter mty tig re-seoRd
traisheabunachiiii the ayltld ta ne
rs f (b'U1
Teg .
pen 2~~o tmt 1.>
A.~t Iss agrcu ur
PbAItAxNBInd HunpoLor -linit'da S C54
g19.ts w~pdeifu f'advantse_ Ijr ,Illeos'
dspepeIory,' jt QWJrdns 144 4,
)r agrogseller name. Tefase,4,%.-Thi i' 'I '~.
pr. j I o dieorh W s ls rvlc e ,:P -
6- rclei medteI ur
hl ast ten o'clock At ll I''
Te Iutchnmsan '0i r rg&Ibn'fie :p'r ~ . '
v rs andl sung ,4iCAVihi. o
More as 0lno~okan-l ~~
c a~i'Huo 'and-a1oa. tt" CNN_
- andotcgm~ihy
itmors. ean alrsbu jroib,
o~w insIo 01'2-M4.kissr1
f~nofh Fn eii~l..oinaW' v

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