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There is not much news from the A rmy.
Lieut. Price, whose deth has been anl.
nouncedin the Mississippi papers and our
own, is, thtank Good, alive, and now at the
St. Charles I otel, in this cit y. From soine
of the officers of the U. S. Army, who emnte
passengers on the Plineti.; and who left
Atonterey, on the I fith in1sant, we learn
that the first Government Express, order.
ing General Taylor to carry on the war
with renewed energy, in cionseqenitice lof
ie refusal of Mcxico to negaot:ate, was
within a Iew miles of M onitercy, and would
reacs that points the neit day.
The healti (if the tro.mps 'at Non terery
wits timuch better than it hand been oil the
It it Grande.
The fortilications in the city were garri
soied by the regtular troops.
Gen. Traylor's camp was a bout three mHies
this side of Mointe'rev.
The last accounts tron GeneralA npidia
and his army left them beyond Saltillo on
their march toward San Luis Potosi, at
whiei point it was rumored that Santa An.
na had arrived at the h;ead of thirteen thou
sand, and daily expecting reinforcements.
The Georgia Rtegiment was the otly
reinforcement which hud reached Mon
terey at the time our informants left.
Orders had been received, it was un
derstood, by the other Regiments sta.
tioned on the IRio Grande to move to
wards Head ouarters. The Kentuckv and
Tennessee monited Regiments had mUt yet
reaclied Matamoras.
The people of Monterey who hoad left
about the time of the siege, were gradully
returning. They had beguit to exhibit
friendly feelings towards the Americans,
interchanges of visits not being rare among
both parties.
There had been affrays between the citi
zens of Monterey and Texas Rangers,
which resun 0id, first, in tihe assassination
of a Texan Volunteer, and then by way of
revenge, in tile killing of eleven Me'xiCals
by the comrades of the slain. General Tav
ior, to prevent similar recurrences, had or
dered an eflicient guard to be distributed
through tile City.
Lieut. Col. McClung was rapidly rccov.
ering from the eflects of Isis wounds. One
of tie oflicers of his Regiment informs us
that the rallaut Colone was the first man
hlLat silowed himself oil the first Fort
stormed by General Taylor's Divisim,
and timt he received his wounds whilst va.
Ving hi:s swc,d aloft ansd clhcering on hits
in.n, showtiig "Victory!" The musket
bail struck him onl his left hani wililst
holding Iis scabahrd to his hip, aind Cut of'
two of his finge'rs, glanciog from the scab
bard and entering his alostme, frisctp"rjng
in is course, te bone abiue _P JIPL.
We feel bouid 46 state farther, t'on he
evidence furnished us, that Gen. Taylor's
coolness and soundI judgement ihrtgh
iret day.-swas cma i-ed
.. by every-one engaged, and his intrepidity
was such, hue being in the thickest of fight
and always where the balls fell fastest, that
his escape was deemed miraculous. lie
still preserves the same noble feelings and
stands ready to go where .hiWGdvernnient
may order him, dr 'the services of his
country may call him, whether at the lead
u five, or twenty thousand nens.
The American troops i~n and about
Monterey are quite pleased with tihe po
sitidtn of the place amdl lhe manntl~ers of the
inhiabiants. Thie latter certainlly sem a1
degree hlighler ins civilizattion thana the pea
pie asbout Camnargo anid latamloras.
Wec are gratsihied to be able to state that the
duels, which were on thie talis sit Cama rgo
bietwe'en C;ol. lisalie Pey ton and Geni. Mlar
shall, andsc also betweenu Caipt. Alsson, of
thsisecity, and Capt. Chueeves, of'ITexan -Vol.
IinIteers, haave all beenI amni cably a a rs aged
Gen. Amialaitlia has issuecd anotilher pro
clamation since his retras. iromi .'1linterev
calling upon01 the Alexicanls to flock to hais
stantdtad to repeiil the inivadlers of thi'sr soil.
Ilis excuse, ini the proclaat slion I, foar ald eeat
at NI1ontercy, and the suarrenider of that city
to otir troiops, is A wANT OF AniicsTma!
Thte titter falsity of this statement is well
known, for an~y qjsunity 0.A amnlnitioun wsa
foundl at alonterey after the capjtutlation.~
LAm Tic . 0 FiG.\ Ti'il. Ailal. L.~
AtR~IrAl. ElF Tit (;A.l5:s'I ON.
The steamnahip G i alsto a rrive v 't es.I
rerday evse ninsg f'romi l ransos Sania igil via
G alve's ton, insiniig leftI the formoe r lace oil
the 29thl, anid ihie Iatte'r on the 30 ulitimo.a
We havie luot receivedl asny correspaond-l
en ce from jl oi ercy (the muailI not b einlg
distributed yesterday) of a L.ates' date hanai
we' pubilisheda oin the arr iva'll of the l'%bitaet
to, Iats t T'hursday, buiit thei Gualve s tonl Ne ws
,.- a, of the a 30th. furiniis h.n sonme initelIigen ce,
whsich we subyo~.t
a''i'rlm IGol. Daii is, we Iern thatt lie Mex i
cans have to tally evaua oteal sthe whlsle coun
try this siide of' Stan Louiis Pot osi. -Yhpu ip.
formlationl hias beeni derived froms .so eanty
soutrce's tha t there is stow no dublt of' this
fact. They'i left behinsd saome forty dlra-.
g ons to de ~st ray the f'or til iains that hsadi
beemi constructedl at 1.'s NIluertais, a sisr
ally strong antd dillicolt p11assi the rad to)
da 1tillo0, an id a bout fj.vec or si x silehas be'vondi
thet ltii'iineomla. T'hey' liaie aso dijsmain.
tiedl Saltillai, dei.stroyinig whalt'eer miight lit
of1 0u tao aour asrmy, ath whsich thaey enuisaa
not take i aa. Ttis th're is siows notib.
ing lef fo Gn. Ta rtao eo gj~uer,. but aI
barreni saegion of' rugeuatig'hn a in~is iad
thirsty plainss, iaflrdinlg itheimr wvater ntar
provaisiouns f'ors lte suibsistencea aof soms air
lbeuas, ove.'r ai dli si a'a' aof at or*Il a thre hui.J
dred muiles to Sa'. Lotuis Potosi. if. ui. ha
cen said, Genmraili- . lmr lis ord-rs i
march upon 81i San L-is Polosi, s1it 1as to!
reach that city by the ein oilf November,
the questioi arises how lie is ti tr:averse
stich a country, us lie will have t" ,,, by it
forced march it i lie rite of iftet:n ir it w -
ty miles per daty? The mnly witer ii dbis
route is inl thl(e Mexican ii mlaiks, which will
douliess b- all broken iup) as the eiemiv re
tires. To carry waier stllicimn ti savme his
army and teams froi sulleritig, would re
itireit more horses, nmules.4 and oxei, thaln
are n i il Lite arrmyv, all of which aire re
iitired for the trmislortationl of tie Ires.
sary stores aid miimmi tions. In makinmmg this
retreat, the encimy live doubiless adop mm1ted
a wise policy, lea viiig behmi themi a far
more formidble enemy for (ieii Taylor to
eico-ster (viz this march) than lie could
ever find in their owni arms anid furtifled
'his policy ias unquestionably been
lictated by time sagacity of Sanit Anna. If
is stated, ol goodinuthority, that he had
smnt orders to Anmpudia tim evaciate Nmmii
terey, and(i mall other places this sid e of tmie
rmountains, but that those orders were not
received till after tle battle.
After leaviig the troops neceasar) to
garrison Moniterey, Satillo and other towns,
Gen. Taylor will only have an armv of
about 5000 mien vith which to pinet'rnte
into the hmeurt of the enemy's conitry, ami
fair beyond the reach of aniy reserve iuon
which he might fall back for support in case
of necessity. Such we believe is a correct
acsount (i the present positimi and pros
pects of our army, as derived from good
authority. (enl Amnpudia hus been super
seded ini commaml, but the name of his
successor is not remembered.
A letier dated Ci.nargo, October 22 to
to the editors of lite N. 0. Times, contaiis
ihe following paigrailphs:
"Before my departure, the account of
the deimrture of Gen. Ai putli front Satil
lia witi the army wmms fully confirmied. Ille
proposed to tortify that tuwnm and miake ti.
other stanid; therefore lie called on tihie cit
izenms to assist hilml. They held a meetinlo
and the answer to his call was Almiterev
was a townl naturally easier (if de fence
thant S.atillim, that it was forti ied, and ble
hid beein driven out of it, thereore they
would not expose their fmimilies aiid priopi
erty to certain injury and danger. h'le(
General then left, takiig time road towards
San Luis Puotsi.
"I have this imomc: I seen a letter from
Salinas, dated l8th inst., inl which tl:e wri
ter statcs-" liearml fast night that Santa
Anna was :at Sun Luis Potosi, with 30,000
mien, artillery and infaitry. lie had sent
his cavalry near Monterey, il (he imoui
tains, to ma place called Labradores' where
thej vernior of Monterey is at presetit.
I also itea:rjitit twelve Texatis, oi tIleir
tqy from Mlonterey home. haid all been
murdered near Lampases, a place about.
tenl leagues northl OfBaiiia.s."
"Tiie first part of this statement is not
to bchrelied on. There were no such ac
couits at Monterey omn tie 17th inst. Tht..c
is no such place as Lubradores near Moi
terey, unless it be a small rancho. Gv.
Liano, it is known, was not there, because
his .wvhereabouts had,, been ascevrtained a
few ilays before. Sulinas is mumich further
fromt Sain Luis Potosi than Mo.terey,
and that part of the tory is but the ex
tension of a report current at tile litter
place ten dayvs beforne time timce mntiined,
As to the killing of time Texanis necar Lamii.
pmamsms, itg is itot imprmba ble. Th'le t roopm
from th-st State were mdisbanded at .immmnte
rey*, an~d a tnumber set ottf itn time roadh by
Sainams, Lampamlmsos, etc., to Loredot oii th'e
Rio G ramnde. Theyc were without provim
simins for Ihemsel ves, or food for their
horses, a certinh sum beinmg allowed fmmr
eaich damy's expe:ces. Tlhmeir organhlizationml
was brokemn up, andm themy wenit oil. imm
partimes,mamny withmout othmer arms thman pis
tols andmi kives. It is very probabmlle they
leviedii ontrtibutions n time pmemplie, aeud i'
itimt waty got imnmo dillieniy. At f irst, ..ml
the pumb lic arimns were tamka mnwa.y, a nil iti
was mnoit uniitil Geni. liendm!ersoni semnt Col.
Llays to Genm. Taylor, ilhat time arms werme
restoredl, sim be deliveredm ump at Ilexi r, inm
Texsi. Manmythen would not go iu get
Thie Conmmerciaml Timrnes, of Nov'. 3rdl,
sis We receivmed yeis ermdazy prnivatime mmm.
micms from time city of N Meico, so late ais
time 28 t' Sepjte i me r, whImi ch simate thamit
S.min ta Annia hadmm le ft thme capital thm1121atmornt
inig with 20(00 cavamiry andmm 1000 infan~ stry,
fr San Lu1,mis l'otmsi: an tim atm pomsit ii n-m m
striliuins hadim lieen des pa1tchied to t~me air my
ofi time Nortim mmmmt to occummpy'S altiil, ha t tmo
ret reait immiietdimatiely tom Sn m .miL . The''mm
Dictamtor hmad bieen uitii ly unmsuccessfuil im
his attemlpts to raise -> looan iif twom ililionis
minm a1m mmr tag e of thel rev enmuems of time chumrchm,
as time lie., was cnmid~meredl biy caphitmlsts
mser'.rem, if nmot i-ilegaml. Iii thenti iappliied
$i-l),00tJ, bmut coul mlinly rmism 270t0
.whlich wa~s ti.e smm total with wmhich lie
s t ar tLam."
N mw-Gmn m~-IA Ns.. Nmmv. 3.
Iiavet a lmtter fromim miur cormresp:Ulentmlil 'Jim
dli'tiento," who m is yet in l'ensacobm mml di sintg
mms that thme U. S. storem sip ieliefI, ltlmllu.,
I.iemutemnant Comninmmlinmg, ariviedi there mmm
thn 3thm i, twmeimy mdays fromum Vera C'rmz.
lki letter is dated'm thei 3lst ult. lie writes
---" imonly in tilli genmim byv lierf minteIr
i-st regt.amsdms timem priojieteidm ittIck oni Alva'mram.
mimi wim'mch Conunodomm~mrme (Conner intendms tmm
iss -nom r ini thme H. im4, bmmminmj L. ii .b...
Adams, heretofore second in command.
Cominodore Perry has hoisted his red,
braiid pendisant oin board the Mississippi,
and of course is to be regarded as a Coi
modlore, not as a Captain. The attack on
Alvarad, w 'as to tale place on tho It iti or
llth, ast firllhest. The steamer Mississip
pi arrived as the lRelief was coming out.
There is nithing sure worth communica.
ling. The Princelon sailed this morniig
foir Vera Cruz. The John Adams was to
len1ve to-day."1
We learn fuirther, that the remainder of
the Truxton's crew arrived at Pensacola
oin the Relief, also several oflicers on their
way North to attend the Naval Academy.
W eiuesday, Nov. I1, 18 40.
The first numb. r of our papelrr was i.,sued on the
6th inst. Ve then proumised thlat this, our next in.
sue, shoul.i be on 'Wednesday nornit.g, the Ilth
sat., in time for the nmails of that dlay. Owing to
press of work, this was found io be impossible, aR we
had only three days-Saturnlay, Monday and Tues.
sby, in which to work. With an apology for our
unavoidable delay, we l'elieve that our third nusu'er
will be issueid in tirne lor the mails of Wedneseday,
19th inst. As Wedn~ssday's inail leaves at 7 A. M.
it is necessary that our paper slould go to press,
and be ready for mail, on the evening previous.
We are infi'rmed, that the Santeu Ilver, on the
5th and Gth instants, rose, in lew hours, with such
rapidity, tisaL considerable difieu!ty was ex periecied
in firrying over tile imeil stage. The waters, t.y
this tirne, have, in sonie degre', subsided. This
rise argues that the fi'edkrs of the Santtee, in the
country ate this. have been swullen by a siort
and heavy rain, which, in a short timse, increases
the streanas of a hilly or miountainous country to
sevaral tines their usual mnusnitude.
Tia Court clised its session on Satur
day lazst, rt 8 o'clock, P. M. Judge Frost
presided, for the first time, arnigat ts.
hlis urbanity and devotion to buinisess have
been remarked by all; anid, as a gentleman
and a Judge, he has attained ani enviable
popularity with the lawyerp, and the com
munsnity at large.
It masy not be impertinent to remark,
that whilst ills IHonor spared no pains to
despatch the business. of Clho Court, the
issue icket was' not even openg4''he
Summary.. Process Docket oceaihed Mon.
duand Tu'esdaf; he.Traverse Docket,
the remainder of , T rjeel s D'4 r td,
however, was L ftiyved as.aJay of.Thasait' j
giving, in1'accorT'VId with the re t6tihmn-.
dation of the'Executite.., This had 'only
the effect of continuing standry cases. on
the Traverse Docket, which wo'uld have
consumed an-, entire day. We hare never
known Jurors, and the parties and witness
es, more attseti'e and punctual, than at
this Court. This state of things susgg.!sts
tihe inquiry-what is the natture of the evil?
A t the last regsular Termn, the Issue Docket
was barely opened; and, notwithsstanding
the intervention of an extra Coturt ini July,
there are now, on that D~ocke't, one huns
dred and thirty odd cases-ninecty-six of
wheich are old cases; anud somse of them
have been fightting their way, from the
foot to the head, for foturteen Tferms. If
the fault is tnot with thle Judges, (whieb
none allege,) then, certainly, thtere mist be
more business ina the Cutrt, than the ternai
of one week can accomtplish. Of this, no
sine'cani dloubt. Whein a Garantd Jsury Is
kepti, in constant sessioni, fromt M imbauy
till Thnursday', it may reasdily be imae~ginsed
that the Solicitor mutst occupy mutcht times.
Our wturthiy Solicitor rema~rke'd, tt, foer
e ighIsteeni umothss, he hars occui ied the
Coart. The ex tenst, weailthi andu poipula tioun,
of Sunster, if for a mion~enlt consiei',.
will give someW ide~a tif th nyit.'oer and Va-~
riety of contracts, oi 'all descripstions,
whioch, sooner osr later, finds thteir wtay to
the forisum*. It is certainly untjudi to dhefer
chesaants oin the civil side sil' the Court,
forev'er. for thec purposes of example ons
the crimialssI. Thle want of time is the evif
comps~'Ilted of. 'I The remessdy is a ppa ren{.
Let thu Lecgislatuire give two weeks to
Siniter, insteads tof onte. Or, if' this can-1
no lt be (10net, g ivue ans alit'rnalte second week,
with Richlandis. Ilo [1 ite atrransgemsenit cast
most conivenienstly be made, it is not our
perovinice tu suggt'sh; lust of' this, we are
certai-n-t-the juistice oft the counltry de-5
mntld it;. the pesiple demnanid it; anid their
lisepresetattives shouli look wellt to tile
Cors'si. -ince otur last, the sal'es of
botton, ini the Charlnestoni Market, have
sbeeni, sdutr ing thle w'eek cloin 0g in Fridany,
ith Nov., i12, 1:3 haler, agaiinst receipts, in
h~e ,ame~ timte, sofl? 211 hsalets. TI lhe sdil
II 'nce., itn f.,uo of sales. is 31 1 b'.a1
'rite prices, as at our previous aidvices,
varied from 8 to 10 cents; by far the great.
er portion selling at from 9 3.8 to 6 5-8.
It seens placed beyond reasonabl
doubt, that a new planet, calledI "Le Ver
rier," has been discoveredt This planetis
nXt visible to the niked eye, and its appa
rent iotlon is so slow, that it l.as, doubt
less beeni heretofore, considered, by astro
numers, as one of the fixed stars. Le Ver
rier, who first declared that it existed, ont
in honor or whon it is named, deduced its
existence as the cause of certain irregular.
ities in the motion of Urants, for which li
could account on no other hypothesis.
Before ever it was seen with the aid of a
telescope, he declared not only that it ex
isted, but its sire, its distance from the sun
the period of its revolution, and Its exac
posiion in the heavens. It is said tha
tlis planet is about three thousand millionm
of miles distant from our earth; and tha
the period of its revolution is about two
it ndredI of our years. -1 . . t -
If it be inhabited, as our planet is, and
the allotted duration of man's life be there,
as with us, three score yen'rs and ten,
then the Adlum of Le Verrier is now, less
than thirty years or age ; and our i'irk
will have to reach the age of fourteen thou
sand years, wheni he shall see his seven
tieth year. Shouil the diuration of this
new planet equal the present lurationi o
the years of our world, when it'shnll havet
arrived at the ngf of six thiisamiIl of its
ycars, our world will have reache'd the agr
of twelve hundred thousand years,
Le Verrier, hiteself, issaid to be not niort
than thirty years of age ; if so, lie aud lih
Adam way considered as contemporaries.
The pilanet is of the eighth mtagnitude
it has been seen inl England ; arl in this
country, it has been observed, at the Na
tional Observatory, in Washingtoni, bi
Lient. Maury, and, at the Caibidge Obh
(Fron the South Cirotinian.)
We present to-day a compIlte return ol
members elect of ite Legislature of South.
Uarolina for 184t0. Those marked thtus
Are Senators elected in I 14.1.
Scnator.-T-Thomas C. Perrin.
kepresntat - Thompson
Mau'in, Piessly, Gdri.
enaktor.-3nshna-J, Wnrd.
Senator.-A. Panereon.
Representaives,--Jamnes J. Wilson
John M. Allen, Jos. J. Ifarley, Henry B
S iator.-J. S, illieit.*
Representire.--DWarren Du Pre.
Senator.-N. R. Eaves.*
Reprsetire.JsF. W aiT
$1'Luirep, J. i.'Ueinu.,
Senator.---. . anina.
Reprresentatires.-. W. Bloakeneyt
Lohn bouh.
Scnator.-Fj. J. oses.
Rep.eseniaive.-..Cader, JB
Senator.-JN. L. Mannin.
Reirsenstatirers.--lG. W.lCooper, MoseC
Senator.--Ue. W. arr au.
I'ohne P. immrean . P oi~~
Senator.--N. i. G rillin.'
Represenatire.----Oules Towrls h
anyArhu ISiiAs Dnie oln
-Senator.---J. uanan.'
Rep)resentatiers-Mamue it~lti U.Owens
FRt. G. Pahe, J.R.AknW..Bye
G R ; [ENSL .
Jowe, . E.lliemea, P. . Jaion..
~Senator.-J Lui.e loipr.
RCenaftor.-W. J Talnr.Gier.J
Represerrtatires--A.Xo llailtons, lBoki
ra. Cant,Jr
Se'nator---Wm. Ellbv.
Senator-BLiemue Hon. *
Senator.-John 1. Noel.'
Rceprcsentatives-lleij. Wuldo, Nup'.
thct flail, Henry Slimmer.
Scnatur.-J. 11. Felder."
RcpreccntIivcs-Dav id F* Jam leson,.?'
Siaor-Alexansder Evnn.
lRcaesminatircn--Mhvid S. Tayhrvy .
James L. Orr, Jolhn TI. Broyles, Wmt.'
Sloan,1E. [1. Gripffin, E. Alexnzinderr Jr.#
Jamnes1W. flarrisonn
Sen tur-Wi~lhfin W~lli01n5.
Recjeintatiiic-W. P. Vutlcnck.
ri',lNtE OtGE, WINYAW.
Rcpnsen~a~jcs-Jolm J. 51ieldleffon,. r
Ilarlesan Rteafr. Jr., S. T. Atkins~oun,
&'nathr- Jos:1eli A. Black.
Repre.etlthes-A. It. Tiayl-sr, A. It,
Vinsoin, Wirn. '.De~ussure, Juitmcs DI,
Sena r--Guiriel Cannon.
*'e ,-I I jhai'eJ. E, - i ( c i i riy
FI-ler I.Miller. S. Oulersomi, r.. PC.
lec'p~cru7I~~.nj' V J. Bul11.
8". Il3Ait'1lOLOMEWV.
)'pre4tatircs.-AM. EA. Curm,. 'I'umat
.:/.rcW~.a~v .files S. sri (agwrle;
Sen ator..\ 11. c. G . itl 11:111.
lb1 jprcs- 1. (Jf's.-i'. J. whI.', H,.
Sevatolr-l" . PalImer.
Iht'prL'e111(icc-Jobli II arlestoi, Itus.
1'. Pm'rclier,
'Seriafor-Dr TI M A ppleb~y.
U4rcrstenmrit*- r- S iedomi.
Sruntur. I ). Tlreville.
Scytur-'l' G(iuuclwjmg.
Represcytvifir c-. MI l11zm ier.
Si', PI'u's.
Viii--A & lar in I'I.
ST. PII11-1..
it~~at~VRtW D HPter,, Johin.
Philkips.Jame1 Simo~ns, P D Tourre, J All
Welkcr,,( 0 emm iger, IV A .P1iiaJ y
U C ecldv!., \1Jjh Earev, D RtichaWrd
son,~ I Dul 1~im 1, lletiry Iluribeck, It IV'
Ilmit, D E lisgfr, Jr, C 13 Northup, 1 0
Senatr. . I C "trdii..
Itcprt'scntati4, b.AlMzyck Porciter.

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