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The Sumter banner. [volume] (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 12, 1846, Image 6

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Fron lite N. 0. Picayune.
G'eneral in his fighting gear,
Cone from the battle, flying;
hid himn, in his fast career,
lie left the dead and diying.
.uick boatman," engi-rly ie cried,
Before lie reachied the vater,
Quick, row to the other Side,
And here's a silver quarter."
"Anid who be ye ?" tihe boatman cried,
His eyes dilating larger,
"Ampudia," tihe brave replied
"And this my gallant charger
"Ani if you do not lend your aid
To help me o'er this river,
Right speedily, I'm sore afraid,
Old Zach, will get my liver
"For fast beliind, as fleet as wind
The shouting Yankees follow
And should I btay to meet the fray,
They'll row me up 'all hollow!'"
"Alack, alack ! Go back, go back !"
The boatman said, in sogrow;
Tie brave replied, with nostrils wide,
"I will go back to-morrow."
'hen loud the cannon's thunder grew,
And shrill the armor's rattle,
As fierce, death-deuling bullets threw
Their ghosts amid the battle!
And still the brave, as if a grave
Was gaping wide below him,
All eager strove, the man to move,
Across the stream to row him.
While stood the two in interview,
* The boatman taunting---ever
The battle's tongue suspended hung
Between the jaws of Terror!
And lo! there's silence on the air!
War pauses for a minute,
For strength to send his voice afar,
'With victory breathing in it!
That shout went up---the opening sky,
As if to flinders riven,
Conveyed the news of victory
To every star in Ilcaven!
But where is he-the warriorshe
Brave Mexico's breech'd daughter?
The first to quail, aU edto turn tail
Upon li fit-II n athughiel4p .i
While fierce Arista fiercejy bro
His mln, their valor i*1
While brave L ib ght,
Behold himn on the river marge
The boatman's aid besqechming
That boatimn would not move his barge,
For all his eager pacching.
But on him stern, from head to foot
That boatman's eye wvas lowvered!
He wvould not move his ferry boat,
Tro aid a flying coward.
The hero then, as drumnk with fear,
As mann could be with brandly,
Dashed to tihe earthm his bloodless spear,
And plunged time Rio G"rand-c!
The steed amnd bra,'w beneath the wave
Did often sink anid flunmder;
While in lis fears, the hero hears
The frequent eighteen pounders!
Each buble seemed a cannomi bali,
Ilot from its shioutinig cavern !
Fate! shmiehl tihe hero from themm all,
And let himi reach tihe ta vern!
Bumt ho! the saddlle girth gives way!
Alas ! so n my troubles!
Th~ie hero's eyes are tilled w'ith sp'ray,
And evemr bursting bubics.
A drowning man ''at straws will catch"'
A hair to him's a cabie !
Tihis brave his horse's tail did snaichl,
As quick as he was able!
T1hme horse wvent bounding on wvith ease,
T'he hero lie wenmt puflimig;
lie frequemnt conmgh'd, but couhmn't sncere',
WVith all his 2cater-sn ufingr?
Tlhe ferry-imn stood on thme shore,
Andl laughedl with hearty laughter,
Tme hero raved,amnd stoutly swore
Ihe'd "be revemig'd hereafte-r !"
WV ith arm alomft anad dripping skirm
lie sw~ore (it will mlarm'e- !)
- ind lie 'had timie to draw his shirt,
Hle wo- uld hamv e th ras1hmedli te ammy."i
A lap, alas..thait glory's d~(ream
Shohi endi in sucih a idity!
liis saddlle--iI wen-mt dowivn Ilheim ;m-mm
An md hie towa'~rds ith'e' ri-!
ScEN E-Smnall roon, lightcd -up by thi rc
penny candles, ivith fur an AwiL enty
young man sitting round a table. Pre
sidcnt raps his hamimter on the table and
Gentlemen oftile Universal Eaglewing.
ed Debalin'Society: The President begs
leave to renounce himself in the cheer.
T'Ie' questioi for debate are "What be
comes of a tadpoles Stail when li e tunis to
a frog." Before you procered to the dis
cretion of this subject, I begs leave to in
trodeice to the members of the Universal
Eagle winged Society, my best beloved
friend Mr. Crane, who is a citizen of this
glorious free country of ours, and is inst
now from the great city of Quieback, where
lie hus been living for the last ten years.
lie is a high lurnt gentleman, and got the
mot of his education in debation' soc-n
ties. [Sits down with a no(d to Mr. Crane.]
Air. Crane then rose and addressed the
society its follows:
Gentlemen of-the Universal Eagle-wingr
ed Debat in' Society: I an thankful an'd
proud of the priviledge which I at this time
enjoys in mixin in your distinguished so
ciety. I shall remember the honors done
mei here, til this body of mine returns to
the mud from which it sprung. Gentle
men I have nothing more to- say. I Re
stimes his seat-looks solemn.]
President-Mr. St. Chair you opens the
bull on the question now before the Society.
Mr. St. Clair.--Mr. President; The
question for diebate seems to be, "What
tecomoes of a tadpole's tail when lie turns
to a frog." Mr. President, I say it draps
ofl and turns to mud.-What sir, becomes
of the tail of that bull frog that dadly cu'tch
no longer ago, sir, than last Wecdneishdav!
I say it drapped offabout the time dIie
transmnrification from a taidpole tuck place,
for let it be considered Mr. Presilent, there
was no sign ofa tail to that bellering
fellow. lie was eight inclies long ind
three inches betwix the. eyes-just u hat
night be considered a tarnal smasher.
Sir, lie had no tail, and I say it alalpped oil
ind rotted in the meadow.-Jts olne of*Le
ancomprehundsille liawts of nutur that
:auses these aniimals to drilp their tails at
& certain epoch of their history. Just as
t is for a calf, or a sheep, or a goat to get
iorns not until they are about a year old.
'hese are undispuiable i ws of iatur. as I
)bserved Air. President-and I dare nity
nan to deny it. Mr. President I have done.
Air. Horn.~. Mr. P'resident: the gentle
nan jest up, says "it draps off and turns to
nd." How does lie know that-did lie
ver see sich? Air. President I say the
adpole either pulls off his tail, whien e
utns to a fro , and feeds it to tarrepines,
)r else it's Woff by miners. I can tell
0ou there's no drapping (ofand rotting in
iays! and lie talks Joul about a certain bir
iull frog his daddy cotch in the meado
ast Wednesd thayad Ho tail; and says
iccordin to c a ~netlle laws of nit
ur its tail dr d off gigtticular epoch
n that frogs., istory.-Mr.aPresident that
var a mighty big frog, a mighty big one,
ud I should en been glad to subject it to
intoua.aton examination. I think it's likelv
some valuable facts might have beeni erol.
veil thereby. But I can tell the genutlean
that there is a first and insuperable lawv of
nature that speaks in tones of muighity thiun
ler---that speaks in the voice of the hiurri
cane and blazes like a lightning flash, and
t iS iin (ppositiotn to his argument. It is
he law of economy in natur!-.---rHnEt's
so-ruINo Loss.---thiat the intepretation.
I'hereforc I argues that the tadle~Ol's tail
s either fed to tarripines, or else is clippjed
)ffby craw fish, (ornibble'd off by m'nners!
41r. Presidenit I have reviewedl the whole
jueshion in all its possible bearings anid
endency for good or evil, atnd these are
le cloor convictions of a cool and patient
investigation of the anbljroet. I have done.
P'resident.--..GentlemeuLn of tthe Universal
Ragle-winged Intellectual Debatin' Soc.
.y: I puts the question to vote-.--what be.
:omes of a tadpoles tail when lhe ttumis to
(10 voices)----nibbled off by mlinners.
(5 voice's)..--bit off by cra'wfIsh.
(7 voices)----dra ps oiff and rotts.
I voice)--drit. tup.
l'res ideniit----geni tema n liere's ainothle r
hivisoan--1 decide that it is ted to tarri
>imnes. Genathemen, thme next question for
leba te is "Ounghtt Weni to haiv e thema righlt
o vote.'' The Sorii y is dv-journaed.
A jolly set of Jrishumen:, booni compian
umns and stworn brothers, hadl niiie up
heir minids to leatc the obl "soil,'' anid
vendl their way throngh ''till Amnerihv.
li hey wecre file in Inumber: t wao Paddlas
imie M arurphy, one lDennis, anmd one Tne
tso happilened tha.,t lie v essel the vivwerme
11 go ini could only taike four ol' them.
Whio then shaubll suanit to1 thle bar.l fite~ of
wcingt left belahimh ai sea~l:ratedh fromn the
hairlinig crewv, wtas a <'ia-tini wviihihdod
~very miother's ion of them. At length
ioinest Tleagae axchlaimedn. "Arrah!' I hate
t. We'll cast lots ito seeo whlo shall re.
nain.''- Dut one P'.aly Mvwore it Itas not
l'aengua'," says hie, that I ama an -a/uei
-in, aiid I can wtorkl it ,uat byv the r.tale of(
-/trc ion hic.h is a ii redi dea .heIiter.
tnt you musdIt aill agree. in LiI l v t3 1 . fj.,
es."' All haingii. piledge d ihieaam,ta ies, ,
Frcn$ tle N. ..Delta.
ED. t
Mny:arec the anecdotes ant stories <
which our Volunteers till. the sceie of t
w hich.his beei the Rio Grami, and many
yet remsir to be told.-The following
gomai 935e was tol to us yesterday by our
friomil sewel Taylor.
Oi a et'rtaini starless night, in the latter
part of July, two volunteers-living editions
of Daman and Pythias, s) rincere were I
theirfriene'ship, so mutually strong their t.
tacmiients-were siltting on some Isalumer in
the neighborhood of Sewel's (tie sitler's)
tent. They had given pretty strong pit oofs
during the day of their abhorrence of the
water of the Rio Grande in its primitive
state, by mixing it with a liberal compo
ient part of Sewell's brandy, which, as
Butn s says, made the 'unco ha ppy. They
salt there for a considerable length of time
and talked of 'olel times' anid ew times
of times past, present, ami to come.-of the
ilnomitable courage and inviicible power
of the cowardly, craven Mexicans--nleel
fiom the mood they were thei in, 'they
could,' is they expressed it, 'wailk inl to
Ampuidia and his whole iusillanimous
One of them haid occasion to withhaw:
for a few minutes, and after maskil' in all.
Vanee due apology-for his temporry ib)
selnce, ie assured his friend tha little
time would elapse before he would rejoain
him. Not returning, however, as soon as
his frie 'nd thought ie should, the latter put
caut,' too. I1e who first left, soin, ins
zigzag course. returtied, but inisiael of
oi4g up to where himself aid fricei hal
been sitting, ie approachedi tt where i vi.
cious Mexicain mule was haiereq.
'Corne, Bill,' said Ite, laving his hand
onl tle hind quarter of the tsule, 'Iet's gic
to otir tent.
'Wee-e-ee,' eiid tle leiiii. lein' g 1ih
his left hind leg at him, striking I aI
tle atidomen, and senling him oi the broai
of hsis back inl atoncg the neighborintig
A fter recovering, ie picketd himself up,
and advanicing towards tle mule, said-,
Look here, Bill, this is i d sliablby
concduct ! I wouldn't treat a lexican sO.
letting altne ai old ccturat. If voni hav
aiy spite against mile, just say so caccul 'ci
your m.1in; but doin't strike a ftllo1w tlata
wacy, with the but emi of your tuncasket, inl
the dark. I tell you, I felt that Ilst lick
jist as if a dragooi,s horse ladai kicked mle.
Come, now, io more of thai; let's us shake
lands;' and agailn ie wetnt ip within kick
ing Tdistance of the mule.
Wee ec-i.e,' growled thie mie, aid
again lie gave the initrider a kick which laid
him flat (ln the ground.
Mur der! murder!' lie cried, I'm shot
-I'ml stabbed-he has rinl his barionet
through te Ie lis broke my head with
the butt end of his musket-lI'm shot -I'm
killed! (iuard! IRounds! Gramd Rounds!'
Vy gathered round; lights were brought,
aid the Great Kick, d winv'pickcd up oit of
the chaparrel.-Two of hiis ribs mi-y
were founid he broken, a.tl his frieid aid
comiatde, Bill, was the fir-t to reiie'r him
assistaice. Of course, although he roubd,
niot at thle be maade to biielieu e it, it wacs
at on1ce seen that hsis enemcy its disguise
was the peevtishi miule, an a no itt is frietig
anid comnradec souleiir, Bill.
Tfhe fioliowinag is frotm the pen of a faice
titus Eastern writer-a raail Juck Downiing
of a fellow. It purports to comec from
Phi ladelplaia. There is more truth than
poetry in it:
For my part, Iveo got as much feelin' fair
tiggars as atny one else can hiave--buct setise
they are here amoning us, acid I've giot to
live with 'emI, I psrefer beins'master myise'lf
aend treastin' emn' well, to) kettin' theci he
masters aind takina' the chances of their
trealiinc well. lut one thing is moonstrouts
certauin if may niggars was'nst better ill'
aii hal >er oan myi Idanitat ion thianc theee
Nosrthiern free niggars is, whyv I woauid'ist
own thsem a sincgie dlay longer. My nsiggers
has gut pilenty of hog lad Iimmiiny tos eat,
anad pclet ofn goaodl ti c fmfort ale clthes toi
wear, ait no debats teo pay, with tno mactae
wortak ths~an is gotod foar their hlth. N'aw
if ticast a inI btctet thliat, frceedm, cwi vithI rsags,.
dirt, stasrvations, doctors' hills, Ilaw-suits,
andlt lit e thouisan taihaier gltoritmts privileges'
and i ri'sponissibhilities of free tuigger eitiztns. t
sip~, iithout thle hope tif evter i urncinI'r
wit'lite iatd haccu cun' equ al wuit ticiir supe- .
riomrs, thien I asint no filItseler.r
A fter loonkini' into somre streets that I r
wouhtIna' t risk may life inc, andai saeei i' scente
tof deistitutimnc candi mise'ry ensuf to miiake e
onie's very hceairt sick, I left for nay hiotel. vs
N~o Facst'e.r.- -Anc oild ilady fromci ihe coucs- a
try was Iak' ng he'r first ride ina the eairs, nccli v
thay las wee'cck. She ex paressced her surpris is
uit theC rapaidity wutit ihih they wrere tract- ra
c'intg betwiean l.tswtell aind ll.~tcin, lea la-c- ci
dly wtho sat ne(xt toa her. TIhec ladtv poatintedi ai
ito the wvires of( the mciagnetic telegrclaph, Ita
toa iauston inim tw i itiues ott t hem. "Welii," '
sid cithie cal hjlady, "thley'll ntatch mc ie go- ti
ing~ oan thema are, fcar I ic't wacst to goi facs- I
ter thanic this, tnu haowi.-- Voiec of industry. s
A petctdler ith h is ear t, iverniataig anc..
athi'ef isis clais et the rmeii, wass thius adc
Src'ssed, "liallIona, Ifriiend, iwhfat tio you c car
ry!"' 'niaugs cool cmecdicinets,'" wa's lthe re
ply. "Go'aacd,'' retmurnsed thce othier, "you~
tay ga ahie'adt, I carry grat e stonest.".'
.aanin wtent toine lice iatie'r teventcg y ii
ccc lnd eaa new tacin'ci saomuetthat oirienti~l at
c.c hmenti c hi': Iu ins p idano. It was1 putO
is tihe man who wrestles with a chimnney
weep gets well sooteil, even if lie ralls oi
p,j so ie that comtends with one of bad
haracter, comes oil' but second best
hiough ie gains a victory.
4)F 'rIIE
UNDnE time abovc Title, it is proposed to
imimlish a paper in the Town of Sumter
ilie. TIme paper will be issued weekly,
mit the imorningm" every Wei iesday.
It is believed, that Sumter District af
'ords as many capmabilitics for sustaining a
veckly newspaper, as a medium of Adver
iselmlent, General News amd Business, as
my of her sister Districts in the State; and
:onfiding in this bel'ef, we invite, to our
rolulmns, the aliention of those, both i-ii
liis and the surromding Districts, who
nay be desirois of advertising and see fit,
o do so. It is well known, (hat time sup
ort of a paper inl general, depends not so
nu1icl onl tie magnmitiile! of its stbscriptioi
ist, is oi tie advertisiig plieronage which
t may receive. This is time case in cities.
Ii a comitry Town, however, and District,
is this is, we must ude'pen4md Oi time patrot
Ige both, Of subsciibers milmd advertisers.
WVe h-ople, thei, tiit eur entertprise will iot
'ail from wanmt iaf encouragemenm.
A strict attentim will he aimil to tie lo.
rl int rests of the Timow and District, amid
VP shall 'memiavor to keep )p, it' iecessary,
ie spirit an ii tim tusiasm. which no w Cx
sis, inl regard to tie( connexii of Simiter
Viti Charlestom amid Viltmingtot, (N. C.)
1n Politie ts, 'Im . 11.% i.N w It it-ill be strict.
y henJ er'utte, amid will give a lirm support
Site Natiomil Admiiijstraiion, so likr is
mconiformms to tle- priicipls upm wlichm
seiured the smpport of the Democratic
Iarty at time Sotth.
The assistantce of am friind, fully compe
e11it to tie isk, hmas beeni seced'i'm for ite
'd itorial delpiertmnm. it is noit dem'imed
t'cessary' to male m exlisition of the
Preat varieiy of miatti'r that "ill be cmn.
ainmed ini the pages of our pipe'r; stuflice it
;I-. that Io pmimts %%ill be sa'ired to rile
i n accep table visiter in mvmerv fmili ill
he Dist ict. The undersigned trusts. thai
[le late failure it the aittemipt it) e'stallisi
papm r im tis phare', %% ill niot be permiittedo
A rperate uti livmoraly uini his enterprise.
The pper will lie primted on a super.
yal siet. with live oli ms tip til t ',
it Two Dollars and F I my Cieits, if pmaid ill
I'hree Dollais, at tie *exiiratimi of six
nomts, or Three Dollars and Fifiy Cents,
it the emild of, IthI vr. .
Propreitor and Publisher.
N. B.--For f'irteicr iarticilars, as re
arils mm Ivertiziig. &c. see terms on first
Itt gin'. CiottiI til0m ica I itios on) iumsiness, &c.,
mdiii subscriptions aml adveriisements, will
me received it the oilice of Messrs. JAi'
-- - --A. aw-&. . ii a i IbIAutaiim jmu
'imom1 of the impaper.
Siliscrilions and advertisements are
Z~lpe -Forinetry mr Printers
FeirnishitiesI Wareho ise.
I'lrE Subscmribiers have' uopeneud a NEWV
l'YPEm: FOUhNDiRY in the cimty ofn Newmm
'ork, whlerne theyi mm ar ready ti 'apl or
Ilers to any extent, f'or anyi) kimimn Jo10 oir
~ANCY T~YPE, amii every' article neces
ary for mm Prninmg Oflice.
Th'ie Ty'ipe, which mire caism in niew amouiis,
rm atm enmi r'ey mne w set of mt teriails, wm'ithi
leep conimers, are wmarraitemd tmi bie unismr
atissedi by u'n, andim wii be sold at priers tio
mmi time timesm.
Prinitinig Presses i'urmiished'm, andim also
steam Engines oft time omoist appirov ed limt
N. 13. A Macintist is conistamntiy int at
endancimme tin dii light woriik.
Ediito~rs mif mnewspmapers, whoi mi w limhu'
itree t imitts mis t mclh iype as themi r bli s
Iiuntt tim, mayii giv'e the abov'e six montthms
umsiertion itt thimr pntpers, mmndm se'mmi thim'ir
lsters comnlmmiinii it tim thle sub lscr iibe ,.
CO'l((ROFT~i & OVh~Il:N I),
'i1 Sesslion mit Conmmgress, ni hmi'b is'.ahmout
a te'riminte', wmill bei hiotng andim gramtefully'
e miembemmred byi all true repubfi ii canms f'r
me triiutmiphantt suiccetss mif manymm ofi thimr
hmerishied pincilems andi imi'asures. \Vib.i
-e. hemartily' rijoice' atn them tm'im ph ofi ~ time
ri inciplets whItich it ha ims been'm ouir comn stanmt
itirt to advocateii m mmml hdefendi, andii from
'hichi mii prhosperity, mum adiilymii, camm
iiemrve ius, mwe camnnommt be unmmmiidfiml ofn time
'tiutmde inm m whichl wie arc pliaced hb' a rment
it e mfit' hmoummse's ii Conttgress:'we m alhleii
time cmonm'tmpjlammmled l ihdramwai mit thm mir lilt
maiige frmt thenewimmsj amper pre(ss. Tm this
ecism iin wme chemerllly liow, sesmibly~ ais iwe
re of' time pamtriotie mmotivems wichii'l havme ledm
mit. limt wem trutst thamt tisdemcisionm mot (Com.
rm'ss incm'ease's ratheir thmanm timmiishes imm
lamiim tio time simpport mof a higher powemmr fur
mat iof thIe jpeople, mmndm to thmm we comiidttenit.
miii peali tm aid tis, byi thei' limt ronamgme,
statin ig mit them'seatoii gmov'rmmenmt a joutr
inl thamt is infliexibily devo'mted tio time lmter
sts mof the cmiumnmri'.
It is knmowni m to every one, thatI time cief't
airce tofsmstimiiing a newmspamper is nt
im magniitumde mit its subhsoripmtimim list, som
ocih as time adl vert isinmg pa trmnmage ui iichi
iav b le beis tmow'emdi uponm it. 1In large com-ii
'mimri mities, indieedm, thme lmtte'r is tusuailly
me concmm'tmitanmt mmf time fomrmmn-r, tis it be-ctimmes
me iluvious inte'rmest of mnercim ei menm to
iise' itt thomse papers wh~ich mire time
tot), however, is difierently.situated. De
prived of the advert'isingr patronage hici.
dent to a mercoitile Community, and bur
dened with pectulini1 and en ormois expen.
seswhich luse not elsewhere hictirred. ioti.
ing but a very long list of suibscribing pa
trsns cal susiniii i paper in esefr iness
if, itieled, e ven in existence. The projprie
tors of the "Unioint" have hitherto speared
no pains, anid no expense,' to ike their
paper worthy of the metropolis, ad wI) lly
if the stisport (of that great party nmider
whose banner tley arte eilistiil. In publish.
ing the most fi .1 i ll a mple debates of ithe
two huiises iof Coigress, it is beliveird, ever
before attempted n tih Ilis continent inl a d1ai
ly new spapr, they have secured the servi
ces of the be'st reporters which the coun
try afflorde!, but lot the enormous cost of
$12,000 or or $15,000 per year. Their
extensive foreign land domestic corres
pond-enee is nnother large item of ex
pelse. hlt the insitructite lmsfuhiies or
which is so higlaly eoimemiled at aippre
ciated as to justy hn1mo. . any outlay tot
attain it. Still, it mus:l. :je epviden.t hna;
these heavy expeises cannot ic borne, un
Iess tlie pisuteription list is coiensirate
to tie undertakin smg;a nill houg h we en U
boast of 15,000 sutseribers, (incimi:;, di
ly, tri weekly, amd weekli,) Iut this list
lust be still cisiderably ena rg -d oii tide
the proprietirs of the "6Union" tustain
aell its usr-fulness M11l if) inassi. i14-ti1m aogainst
pecrniiary hlIS. 1InV Iking thien, aLsnin, the
aid aiil support If all iruaet friernls of re;
puitblican government, nmild ilvieliitg iIurse l
ves 141 re"enil el t11ats ii ilite clause of the.
glori-us lis inciles iwe che i:h, we e Ter thl
follo In l- propposalz:
The "i)A IlY UNION" will lie pibhlir
el, as hier-tfeajuat, alt 11 i per annm:t, !a)h
blt iii han. its rarier hithet to it.s
t'urposse ini ftmeit ia ldevoate aI p'rtiont of its
colu s l is 14, th r.,s-ic ews ofl id eerl irter
etst, amii t-, ili:-l-ihanelitouls liternt.ini -, u Ubl,.
w i.t out iipais ing its jiliiitcal iJIn irte',
mita remier ii thes- moire ierieital..e t ti x
temniet' clsan of rt-nlsh-rst.
Tis- *--- Ml.l i.KLY UNION' uill
he pllllnal d eer Mmloiis Nlay ial Thi.itrs'!ay.
sllriigi the rece-sts of cotnre-s, at ;5 per
antml. This cilitainsall ; lte taitter cost
wained in e t "ui/m V nion," expr;'t Iocal
iad-ertisemetI. l)-rintg tle sewins .r'
C(ong aress three ntims-rs, i.strae emi I wo,
ill Ie i-seld, uitlaiut ansy exta charge
I, subsciribers..
Tihe "WEEIKlY UNION" is issued cv
eay Sliaia); a;nd as ttrrtingeetn-ts aire ill
progress to ilarget it noear d blemih- its pre-s.
eM stze, u I shall sooni Ihe uinablil to) gii e
n e'rly every rticle hiri -vi.ay appisear in
[le daily tmsi seili-. we'-k Iy rEliionisi, it the
extreime I,-w riate- ofs2. We propoise alsoe tit
givae, il ti.is -ditisi, a cos;:ph1-te sy moplient1I
mIlmarysti -V for thn- prsce-ed-ilngs its bitlh hioi
1S Of Cong ress-ms ets ndrinsg the
dW-0-4 )l i ,5 nit" a num-a 5 i5 ale l. carittel
of tias iiOn till cl'aes of otr inolltrv.
But, to retinter-,te us fair this eterpris,
1tn extetisive sutl-scriptiin list is absoolutely
inIdisliw-in able.
We seize tilis opl-ortunity to ratd isal
some sIc lasy has takens p lace in pUttiig siur
otsnter to) press, wiih has prue'erl its
eal dlvry to our reasde-rs. anid coee.
quenly e-trcms)c ribled its ei re ilastitin. We
shatll imake' arrantgemenis soi. remedi-i this
de-fe-ct, an ad to obt iit th b s is hje-e to'. A C
tern the piresentl weesI we. trustL tht at dusct.
plaint willi bemadse ispeon this rtilbjee.
(ON RES.' NA~I L ,Gg yi,
In add sitioen tom Ithe loreg sinmg, ite tI nie re
sto! ie! to pu blish, dlusrinitg thie sessins 'ef
t ti'stnal Itegisilut .ire, a --Cure i'-il
Reg iter,"' to lie is-sli d i, e klIv a lto
constania is vii.t n 'rn-r ef te 'lasayi prsa.
ciredilgs tasse dembate-s ef bosllt tihous li
deltel, thet a rr-anigseents utlichs we hatte
mi~tle it ihii. vetry be-st corpss of repoerters
n ill eniabhle us teo gite eeni msore lull awsl
e'xi t1eel rtports thanui we have prnoduceed
dulinilg thiis se5sion, su1pe rior as nt e insimi
mhem toi be to'anyisii prtecedin g oneis. rThe
Regi-te-r ni i l'e mtade upj f,-om thet diii
ri'erCs in thse "Unini,'" cairefulbly reise'd
lute a compjle te atml atu then-tic recoerdl osfie
sets~sin. A ii appleisix nill l'e adeil liil
Iorss it iths the lRegister and14 tu bie se'ne gtat.
si t us ly to tsub scrier,commipr isin al I list iif
thie actis pa~ssed idurinthe seIisisig, iihl a
sy ps-is of their coentenats, anti ai refesrenre,
twhetn naec'esy to) pirev-iouts le'gis-bat ion.
Thbi w~ill form inhle mst comple1 ttte his~teiry
cal the sessionats ofCongress, iind will be fur
taished it th lsow prtftice usl t- E r-rv
ciEx-rs fin the next session.
[.t is-ra:AsT t.:s a5rei auithiorised lto art
as cur ag e ats; andt by, sendin g it 'sive iiar
ly s ubsc'ribemars, w ih th de subsipti on msimerioti'
feor either the Daily Semi-WJeeldy, or
hReek/ly, will be enstitledi t otte copyl of
the sae edition as they furnaish us susbscri,
Inrs lotr.
oj~ilc(iNt Rt EteN At, JtE-aaSTr~ will|
be furiiiihed thleml on thec salme teri'es
plectua, iw'nhi the iimtes attn cee, usnt i I et
ist tif Deember nlex , wilt lhe en1title'', du
singg lie niext sissiont mof Conigress to~ rmes
Ieive at copy ofC the Congj~ression,,5 Un ini
mnd Ti- lli'eckly1 inion.
Ciubs illd be furniskeml.
5 co pies o f the Daily' fert - - $10 00)
5 'e " Semi-Weeky, 20 00
D ' "~ eho, :35 00I
5 "i " Weekly, - - - 8 00
0 ec e C o' lr (Ii
o ii CXogressieonal Rlegiser, 10 00
TIhae inme oftne personli inee entered
sJon otur books nutless thei pa menit of thei
ubs-cripitin he p.nde in aehn.ii.
11T l'c - & IJEISS.
WiVashi sg in. A ugne i 1'8I"~16.

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