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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 18, 1846, Image 3

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Is proceeding in the oppos tie, direction.
Her tendency is towards da'rkness, atid-not
towards light. Iler commerce:, sie never
had nity. Heihgsiculture is neglected.-.
lHer ~ilds tit. uniultivated. H~er soil.
Capable of producing.the - toicest' fruits
p4 the earth, in the- richest luxuriance,
is proifihi of nithlig, except -its nati4
vegetation. Her religion: it is supersti
tion and .idolatry . IHer litera ture: .wh+ere.
is it? The proclamations of-her chieftains
hounce its charact er.
Bitt Mexico is dea.ended from a great
and enlightened people. She laos thrown
ff' her colonlil dependence, and has es
tablished a lepublican government. Our
'constitution is the model of hers. She .is
our neighbor and our sister. Slall we,
then, overthrow her government, deprive
tier of her indepe'ndence, and sieze her
iossessionst These a rguments are s pe.
clous, and, were they true, they would be
unanswerable. But experience hums, a
ready, proved'ubast sthe is incnpuble of sup.
jorting a free asul liepublican gist crntment;
and she mnifests, alrensly, it dIsposition
to return to royalty. If we are true to
i.murselves, shall we permit her to'do so ?
No. II'miarch, which she lernItes t1 Ihe
throne, will'ever hie able to retain hi sent ,
uinless steadhied by the strong uarim .if s..me
fosreig;n power; and, if ever this4 should be
permitted, that power will bve,Great Brii.
oin. Shall we permit this? If Niexico
were true to hersaelf,-trne to vii tumae. intel
ligence, religion, and, ahve all, to Libwrti J
and Ao.erica, we should he the last to de.
sire to:see her injutred. iut she is aint so.
Her liepublican Governmsnmt is now tt.
tering Win the verge if ai pretunsture graove;
anl thequestion is-who i- tt sueceid to
the office soon ti become vteeiu I
The continuance of the Mexienn wuar,
we be'lieve, therefore, to be inst ified, al
mot14 by a political Inecessily. For. put iniog
asile til.e consideratiouS, that she hams re
flitsed to render its ols just anald eowl
edged dues, has insitheni its hv . ross ro fle(e.
tin as uapoan our tntional iteugrity, h:ss iII.
rnled our territory, inurdteret mu r citizent,
and attiackel outr troips:-putintg asidte.
se say, tall these consial vtttions, we think
ve- see. itn the situa till o-f ho,-r imitrv, the
charnctor of her people, the imbeci ivty of.
'er goveronent, her oli-p siitm ti t ih ra "w I
4' the vesiment of iepuliten taismta t" tI
assume Ithe diadem of King<. tihe indumica.
timaet of her herominga, virtuially, it col1o1%
of Great Brilain,-entgh to itbie its flor
oir ows safety. if tpot n%w taip seize liner
pssessions, at least, to place ourselves ,.a
niear her borders, that omr Eogl bl mt v wtaielm
her v1dcline, aid protet her, it ili'hour if
dimsolution, from becomning the prey of the
On ! On I ^mmeet the Mexic ;:.,
The weak invniere o our iland.
Oi! On! ti nmet. and lay iitmhmm Iaw,
With our always cottljaering hand.
Shall Mixice fiwm he' miauers, a-un,
Of1a Itheln we iouramebeas' are ott ?
Shall Texas' monsa hei recrennm omit,
Wheaan wec thitnk of thme deemds theay've dotne ?
IBy thie Alasmo's enermd wanll. !
We swear imur cmutr's soil tim gnmard.
By Fannitng'-' idrendfmu luherm demt h !
We awear our libatei to wardl.
Then, On! to the battle's dlire srife.
Oin ! On I Omir awordsm to victory
Wema lghtL for d~earest rigts anmd liii,
For Texam, Homne, anid Libirmy.
3r.yCist, irn a receint nuimlma-r of hais A l
vertiser, gives the follewing~ exaanmles of
moda. rn synat.tx:
A Ne'w Orlai-ans edbtmr, recorin thme ca.
reer ofC a madl dog, says:--''We ara' Lrievaed
tim sayl thamt the rubid ntimgial.hIefoire it caiulid
be killed, se'verely' btt D)r. I lart uta severall
other dogs."
"Fmr sale, an excelhemi young horse
wiould snait any timial lbaly i'r genatlemann,
with a long silver tail."
"A Newv Yoark papier in annuncmming the
wrecking mif a "essei ntear the. NarrowsI
say~s: "Tlhe otnly piassenge rs wetr. T1. II.
Nathan, wsho own ted three'-f''lrths of thme
cargo and the captains wife."
"The editors of a Westerni p per observe,
the poem we pub~lish in thuis wealt's I lerald
wvas written by an estaereed frienad--now
many years in thec grave for his~ own
CoAr. GAS AND CAMtPitliNE SuaEs.aco.
We heartn that Mona..Jobasri, folhmminmg out
a hint of Sir Ilumphrey Davy, has ascer
tained that wsater may be adse the een('ns
ofa cheal) illtuminationi. It is dlecomr aused
by a very simple process, andl furunis4 es a
beautiful light. A pennay's worthi Ot\ ciii
duly mixed with waoter ita a retoit will lar
nish the lighat of ten candles for tweekv
hours. The Frenchl Giovernment haa s l
come the owners of the pantent fur pubill\c
purposes, and several large mnn 'i ctomric'a
in France are successfutlly usaing it. Oatrl
readers witihindin Fishei:'s N.Y. Magazine
(or October a fqla ecountt of then invrentioni.
Ti'PEVPNTTIIERAv AGo a F alCo'rna s
Mo(in.-You have nothing t< >k butt to phiier
shallow hsoxes In your dlrawve wv~hh a lit.
tie of spirit of turpentine in tif q,,~aJ as
the turpentine evaporates and' p~tttes
he cloth, the hisrve iil proitiude,.asir '.
found dead on the uutrface.
Election Notice. 4
N pursuance 'of i AcCi'f the Le Isat
)a14sed in Ibecember 1839, an Electin, folr
LERK af the Comtnr 1f ConmnoI . iea
ml General Sessions for Sumter Districi ,
6i take plae at the usunl-plnesi of -Dlee
ion.in said District,'nm the second Mida
n January next, being thlo-I th day ,f
laid nonth.
J.M..DARGAN, c. C.
Nnv; 3, 1840. 1 ti
E st a-y.
WILLIAM 8.. hOYT,. thi4 dn, ulled be.
orei men lightIBAY HORSE,. 13 yea'rs
i; appraised at Twenty-tive Dollars.L.
I'le owner can have the above Eiarse by,
anplying to W. S. 1loyt, Sumterville, S.eC.
ild paying charges.
T. J. DINK IN-, Manistrae.
Sumterville, S. C Oct, 26, 14. 3 if..
. Notice.,
I'l E undersigned would -respectfully in
arm tile citizens of Sumter. that he has
ecli ned ruining for the Clerkship at the
ntiir Election, and would-take this oc.
:asion, to express his sincere thatks to his
riends who have so kindly forwirded his
uterest, &c. IW. E. MELLETT.
Nov. 11, 1810. 2 , if
Puiblic Notice.
'iE subscrihiets will atteid on Sattirday,
he 21st of November,' to contract for tle
)ildin 'if two Bidgi-s of 50 feet each,
11141 a Causarivy of 120 yards, -lnd two
%butments of 54 feet ench, nerosi the
iwimminig Pens. oin Scope O'er Swanj;
he Bridges to be? built Elf good and stub
;inutial materiails; the Bridges and Cause
av, tit be 4 1-2 to 5 feet high-the Abut.
tnvits of Brick.
The terms of plyment made known on
lty (if entering inl the contrnect.
8. LACOSTE, Chairman,
Salem Hourd Committee.
If. SPA NN, C.nirmnan,
Clarenont Board Committee.
Sum tervilIe, Notv. 0, 1840. 2 - tf.
The exercises or this Institution will be
resi-imd oil the 151h of Janutary,- 1847.
Tli hiterest nanifemsted towards his en
terprise, laes indcied the Principal to pur
'InilSS tle estalishet, and lie is now
niigag.ed in nilking extensive improvements
m thte buildings nit! oroinds.
The localtionafter hal ing undergone tlte
est if ilmore tLaii a Ialfce-ntury, as i plaice
if resort foar health, certainly ieeds ip
14Ww como11:elu1lation. Anmd the wvriter, (hny%
iog n very strong consumptive tendency.)
Irasiim his cowi experietce durinig ile l'ist
rery severe wiitier, helievis that the dry
eil l th aitmtsphere rendere this one f
le best winter, as Well as stmmer resi
I ne4es, 11ha1t. Can1 be selected in tie Southi
rn cotmiry. As regards heiath, economy,
ind fiefedum n frIiiom the influeies that ofte:i
retaol thei.prolgress of' yilolng ladgies il vil
nue and to, this institution presents
i-ruiliiar advannages: It which mnv he ad
It is 111e pulrpase oif the Principal to
ol d- up nui insiit i im in wich i a Ibhoroug h,
ndt., att the ( slam ime11, accoml lishedt ediu.
'aimfin )y be btinued; and4 rega rdiing all
uien liin as r;ail ien IIy defecti ie, which
lies nbot nim iit the forma tini andlE trai ning
If the moral chtarneter oecur dinig to the
lurit anad precepts oaf the Gospejal, lie will
ndenyoa 'tr tin edulel thle hearts as well
s thIie mindiis itta n i mnners of hiis puigI
a .t prmepaare themi 1for becominug usefual
Itd4 ielligentt micebes oif suocietv.
Deieniccy om buids5 the Il Pincipai Ilo spieaik
,f ilie c.'mipaetec of hiiamelf anid Mrs.
I) r l01-: to coiie t such san I ustitiutionii
ta t he p lgeis hi itself tha t thle Teachers
-i n'ge , are of the first ordler in thIeir de.
notwentll'i s.
A C:hapl has been'i opemicad, amiu the
-liunig hl~aies ill enjaoey t he iiadvat ages osf
egulair religiout.4servies every Saubbath.
The 4 schoa ilast ic yeatr wvil Iliosiht of te'n
riiitts. A vaca~ition of twoi wee ks wiil
)e give fElrm thle Ist to tihe 15th of May,
nd the exercises clouse on thue 27th of No
e m be.r.
[luardf :andl lTiitin, inicluiiing
1.''nel, Lights tad Wuashaiing, $l50 00
lustici--Pjino, tar Guiitar,-iiiclu
ling Vacail Music and use of
Instumets, - - - 50 0
3rnin ad aiiating, - -30 00)
Spainishi, German or Italian, 40 00
J1r'het terims, except the furnishing orf
taitiontery, will bie the same as thay have
eenCt during the preisent year.
lv. J. J. D)Uht0OSF i Mrs. M. E. D UBOSE~
lSAAC AUL),j M.L'.|I Miss MAilY lIOtRT.
Dr. A utt> will deliver a coturse of Leo
ures on Chemiistry doting the year, antd a
oiirnp0 lete heicalI andm ph ilosophiicanl app~a.
alus will be parovidled for illustrating by
x ertments, tihisubjects of his Lectuires.2
n lstrution I~t in V.'calt Mutsic will form
afrt of the exerc'ise's of the school, hui
eithier foar thiis, Chetnistry, nor Lot in naml
*reek, wtil there hie anly extra cha~re.
i~huclirge of $150 will cover all the ex.
wnst~ of a ptipil, un less- she receives in.
:truirt nm in itustrumenti1 Music, Drawing,
>r1 thie'\ oderil L-tnguages.
N -..Ench yung lady will be expect
ed to Itv, her namo distincitly marked onA
every ar * (If her clotinlg, and also to f
utrnish hecr e n ici.C
Nov.1I1, 1 6. 2- t
Nitteyhvl oael ne
~G R
_A - S..Y' OLD 'S TAN I
4 DZOI9OM 4d
hlicv will bes otfered lowy fir CASE
ims. 'I-Their fNicdities (or keepini i
,uahrntee satisfA64tiott to'their cnstol
b h114s. SUGAR,rprime and low priced1
l15 bble, DO.
00Olaves Douible refnned Lar aid Crash
ed. AIso; fine.- -
5 barrels -do.
Etrai tine Hyson TEA. Fine do. do.
Oonlong (blatk) in half pount fmpers.
Do. very Muperior
Powshang (do) In hilf pound papers,
Bags old Java COFi'EE
0Laguira dot
Rio. - do old ai d new
Boxes Sperm Candles, 4, 5 and 6 to
the pound
Boxcs Adiamantine (in papers) 6 to the
Boxes Chnrlesion made Tallow 6 to
the pound
11 & 2 1b. canisters Preserved Salmon,
hermetically sealed
I lb. canisters Lobsters, hermetically
Jarr. mixed Pickles; do. Gherkins, q'Is.
Band pints
Canisters Sardines (in1oil) I and 2 lbs.
Layer Raitins, (all clusters;) Zante
- Quarter boxes MR Raisins
- Soft sIselled AlInmons
Drums Turkey Figs (small size)
Bordeaux Almonds, soft shelled
Boxes Genoa Citron, preserved vith
w white sunar
East & West India Groceries assorted
Jars East 1. Presbrved Ginger ; Mac
Whole and ground Black Pepper; do.
Nutmegs, Cloves, Ginger Cinnamon,
No. I Cloclate, prepared Cocoa
Underwood's M ustard in 1-2 and 1-4
lb. bottles
lRose Water, Lemon,[Pine Apple, Straw.
herry, Rtaspberry,and Orgew iSyrsips
SweeL oil, Harvey Sauces Reading
Mushbroom Ketehup, Tomato Kctch
Paoli Vinegar, Stoighton's Bit ters
Soda Hiscuit, Pic Nic, Water, Pilot,
& Navy Crackers, Lemon do.
Pearl Starch, (a sup. article) Fig Blue
Letter Paper, Foolscap do. ; Salt PC
W-ite Wine Vinegar. Cider do.
Canisters Dupont's Eagle Rifle Pow
d er
Kegs and half kegs FFF. glazed do.
A. full assotrtment of Shot, all sizes
100 Sacs SA LT, extra large size, anid in
Nois. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel, Kitts No.
I do. -
('rortT TtIE CA'IIDEN nAN K.)
WVouIld respectfu lly inform thie citizens
if Sumter anid the adjacent connatry', that
hey keep constantly on hand a large andt
glenidid asso rtment of
'1 agethier wvith a bierge assortment of
f the latest style, and all qualities.
A large anti well assorted stock of
~f every description, with
Blagging, Rope anad Twinse,
~rockery, Ihardware 6 Cutler y
-A t.so
A large Stock of Ilats Caps, Bnniegs,
louts anid Shoes, of all qualities and pri
es, andi many-many articles, too numer
us to mention.
Por sale by M. DR UCK Eli & CO.
Camden. 8. C. Nov. (6, 14.
Ientucliy, N. C;arolina and1 N.
Orleans Whliskey.
4 BbIs. Old Kentucky Rye Whis~key', via.
tage of 1836
0 dlo. Old North Carolina Rive W hiky
0 do. ''a lo'w pric'ed
0 do. New Orleans llectifie~d WhiskeyI
0 UIds. NewI Orleans Mtoilasses
() * North Carolina Flour, for sale by
Cimdei, S. C. Nv. 6. 18416.
IHacon iand~ Lard.
'IllME N.,rthi Carolinai liu con and best
eaf Lard, for sale' low by
Camden Nov. 3, 1846.
Saddles, BiridleM, &c.
good aissortmnt of Sad~dles. Bridles, I
larmingales, Wangon andI Riiding WVhips, I
ir sale luiw by MI. DR UtCK ER & CO.
Cumden. Nov.3,1 51t.
zetis of KUnmter CA I
tnisive assortanthce
0 U E.. E 1*-S -:
, at priceu tt, k tsI
up -their supp ieure I
imine Aple Cheh
Oldqhard'V' BraniM
reh-b rated for its soft fuity jh 6r-i
Herekellwath &.L0%iq. 'j. J.:Du
py' * . Brandy;
- li D0. .Hltig t -Gn n'
Newifn, Gordon &; ,urdc a
ild Madeira .
Pale Sherry, SPeet Mala
Ol Jamaica ARm,-old c
WV hiskey.t i,
Bakes Camppign Cordas auss d
Bbis. Morongh.ela Whl
0. Rectirie do,
Bbls. N.- E. Rum
Double Brownsto UVPorter Dunbers)
quarts nnd pinls
Scotch Piile, very siperior pint
Philadelphia. Pale Aleirq'tis ndp t6
Ward's big grain Ried, strictly ptme;
2d quality do.
Goshen BiuttertNortlern Cheese, Mild
- and rich
Pine. Apple -Chleese, Codfish, -inolke
Nos. 1, 2&3 Mackerel, Kitts No,1 do,
Extra bleached Spe:.Ol n
strained Solar-do.
Shoe Blacking, Sal AErat s,. Londoi
Cooper's Gelatine, Raspberry8Syr p
Strawberry do. --
Whole, half andquarter bee Soap,
- all qualities, -
Corn Broormns boxes TableSalt Pant
ed Buckets '.
Jars Tamarins, in fine syrnp!
A full assortment of CANDIE, of all
sorts;'Almond Soap; Fancy do; -
Extra Canal Flour, whole and half-ll.
A fuollassoriment-of CROCKERY al
6000 Washinigion Regalia Segars,
3.000 Louisiana Flornda Regalia d
4,000 Palmas di. do.
5,000 Casadores d d if
4,000 La Coneolt'a do.
0,000 Gold Leaf ou
6,000 La Norma -
4.000 Laranaga -
2,000 Princip - do.
3.000 Panetellas do.
10,000 3-4 Spanish do'
10,000 1-2 Spanish doa
2 Boxes Myers A romiatic Tobacco,
2 " Thonmas's $1.00 brand dl.
2 " WVatson's 'do.
5 ". Myers 6's to lb. .do.
6I " Young's 10's to lb- - do.
Persons wishing to purchase, will firnd if
to their interest to call and examine, fur
Camden, S. C., Nov. 0, 1840.
U e Founadry and .Printers
irishinag Wareheuese.
TIE E Subscribers, have opano tr~W
TYPE' FOUNDIflY-i the city of. New.
York,-whers~he~y ate ready to supply -oi.
iters to any extent, for any kind of JOB or
FANCY TYPE, and every article nieces.
sary' for a Printing Oflice.
"Tle Tly pe, which are cast in new monids/
from an entirely. newv set of materials, with
leep counter,,, are warranted to be unsur
passed by any, and will be sold at prices to
suit the times.
Printing Presses furnished, and also
Steamn Engines of thme most approved pat
N. B. A Machinist is consntlyin at
endance to (10 light work.
Ediaors of newspapers, who wi buy
lhree times as much type as their bill.
ilmournt to, may give thes above six months
nser~tioni in their papers, and send their
paers containing~ it to the subacribers.
Oci. 3, 1840, 1 6m .08 Ann St.
110.\ the House of the Subc'riier1 n
le 30th of October, a POCKE 1" 100K,
en aining, in cash, Fortfy-six Vdolhirs andl
Ceighty-onec cents, and two Noies, nao.
'iws: onae for 8220, given by Irvin Rtoger's,
as Principal anid flichard I)rpwn as Sei
iiy, dated Februarf 1, 1840: andl: one fyr
15, given to the subscriber by Ileuiry.fee.
les-date not recollected. ,All. persons~
re hereby cautioned ageaiugst trading, for
aid notes.
Sumter District, Nov. 3,1846. I St
iongress ad Pavilloneifer.
0 l),zeun Congress Water, pints
0 " " qiarls
5 "' Pavilion '' pinits
15 '. " 5' quarts
For zsle by DIlCKt40N & L1rAT
CXundaen, Nov. 6, 1816.
b TI
44 lot- A!,
"OpIur -ta'pqm
Veil~~~a Itlr~g~d~
esey g~a. ewd
n edn -:f
un . -
unnt pe --
~~~ea~~~ ~sn~~s~eio:ii
B fianirt4 o 1_ ci -.
U1e" B r . 760. zn
eart.o er4. wni' us, A
BflN'aiipe~u at O. I~ot -o
Blaak a
In56 )i -.:,p
anlipesk anBkifr .wata,
8 lil thr a t m0- 6,-*-~ i..
e dh
ear Wpeir ad uskY 4.'~ 7
Ilqe ndclgifNE Bpt a
I e n,..i t;
ln an 7-'
Meat en 2 . 2 ~ ~ P'r~
Blk iold knoio c16id,
B eek ndl- I'dZ.g e o
to uv Tsert tatako alto .
L . eg. AL O e s en
AM8is9 &B
fiojhe e 4t
Calidees;n POar sd'
tPland a an d 1 17era.
)p ur, " o;O C l dstio iz
Men'scy Drab n s
.!.t C lotn ef et
Childrnfancy cloth. a et aps
30 dgn. round dqar t voH
veylwithi r.: re neLr by thloze~~..~*
',ealu~~ and. Mises Le htf,.u'Nape .
Sflkandh1~mbsineinsl[.heir* vsr~~
,sndiaans~anl Pricesthat caso4..
ng sia large retail trade, sad ask ~
none an exaragprofitfo rpake uplr f.4
the 1 osustained by ?ha.earedgynt,m:n
Ospmosioo is '~quick. as~nd u*&f 1 .
pr fi., o 0 Our oap gnnn s say4 "zM
MME)'RMu$HE all shoes sold by5 u
ere wAranteil ap iin every instance ii A ,
repairedhwithaouj chaiee*.- ~-~ ~ ...
H. DARlET at C -
Store neartyoppo.intheBank ofC t1n..en.~
y that be has o aie~ whopln faIls-vi
Iuge, on. helDiilMt
Store, tor Ipf *~I~ neiia~c -'
ori English Edpcation - ,~.
TIhere will-be four iermsofeleven week
each. - R. -
Term,,i *4;00 'fr Niemen~jisr~,.~
u 95 0l. fotArlatnotic, h.n ar, iand .-,, -
~T~ Goi,4ilge dru - .eography ; S6K0 for Phk - .
on eno p ae fQ edle work
eumt he, Nov. O,46 y'
.fullyassortmengf'i.l~ To e yad. '
y --
00 lbp. igin ul ple ' J.
6 I~lloa8Sausa $4
Pickle elef ahd, -.~.
Jiu ~a mn ap s ~ &?~
den N - E

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