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* ~ 'iThat round my ( oar,
- Wh6rembrtali ep re?
Some ano ahd pluisantilell'
-Nomio valley inhe we
Where, free from tti(nnd. pain
he6iearysoul mtiy rest?
%t'he oncI dwitiatd teoa whispter low
And sighed f-rnpitty as it answered "No.
Tell me, tliou mighty:deep,
Whose ,illuoWserounul oe play,
Kiow'st thousoimelfavored splot,
Some island far anway,
Where weary man may find
The bliss for whicli ho sighsm'
Where sorrow.never lives
And frieritship never'didi
TiThe Idnd aives rollinig iri perpetual flow
Stopped for a while, and sighed, bo.nnswel
4 - "No.
- And thou, serenest ronnt
That with such lovely face,:
Dost look upon the.earth,
Asleepin night's embrace,
Tell me; inall.thy round
IIIstth'ou not seen some spot
Whero.miserablo man
Might find a happier lot?
1-- Bdhind a cloud'the moon wthdrew in vo,
And a voice sweet, butsad, responded "No."
Tell me, mys'cret soul, .
0! tell me,.hope and failh,
Is there noriesting place
From sorrow, sinxand death I.
Is there no happy spot
Where mortals may be blessed,
Where grief may find a balm,
And weariness a rest ?
- . Faith, hope, and love, best boons to mortals
Waved their bright wings, and whispered,
-~ C. "yes, in Heaven.
CATALOUE-Somebody, who writes in
the Journal of Commerce, lhas offered the
following curiosities for the acceptance of
lhe manpgers of the National Museum.
Nothing is wanting to complete the list of
curiosities, but the man who did this thing:
- NEw YORK, Oct. 19, 1846.
Feeling an intereqt-in hlie National Mu.
- seum, whofe firnation you have announ
ced, I beg.leave to offer the following cu
- .riosities for the acerptance of the manag.
The tail of an 1c i--h Bull.
Some sand fron Timo's hour-glass.
A torn rudlle, from Love's last shift.
The iron, from fle place of the ecliptic.
- A qundary, with a man in it.
- Part of thepatch with which O'Connell's
rent was mended.
Half a dozen feathers from a gin cock
- tail.
A fishing rod and two walking sticks
-9 made of hurricane.
A knock-down argument, and the im
pression madec.
The wvorld in 'miniature; very old copy,
joke, and a cheese from the milk of human
... ,. . kindness.
ThIe mareb of mind, arrangedl for a full
orchestra, with Trumpet obligato, by
Some-bristles from the last brush wih
* the Mexicans, and a little of Gen. Ampu
dia's dander on the,,.
.The fluke from the anchur of Hope.
Af. Whiskers and noses, from a masked bat
-""~ tory.
in The shadowv of the meat that the dog saw
.the wpter.
A pair of sculls from a White Ihall boat,
T and a table showving the phrenological do
A bottle of the smoke that Mr.' Polk's
me ssages ended in.
Some ten-penny nails, made from a frag
L~ finger post, from the road to rtuin.
Music of the spheres, original score.
The cop of a climax.
Musket and powvder-horn of a shooting
~- - star.
erth orefor the scuflie.
A boot on the last ofithe MIohegans, with
~ ...one of the spurs of the rocky Mountains
- .on thie heel.
The pearl that Cleopatra drank: and the
tdo dian.tonds that cust one another.I
~~ T Th Ialk tassel fronm the stanf of life.
The afternoon..of the Doy of Algiers.
Some of the eels that wvere used to being
A pair pf pointers -frorn the Great Bear;
j/~> iwell trained.
-' ~ A hinige from the gates of dleath, and
scroeorthe snuff that th e child was'nt quite
IboN these things subject to your or
~q ~ - "-*. er, and' s~himtd I findl anyithing further
'4n ~ y of a place on thec shelves of the
z1 asenmisuhall inf'orm you.
~ ~ ..~,, ~ A rann can alays tell whlether his idea9
a dm'tldsnor not.AWe taike u uhiought that1 wr
* Iua hndimrsr4 like a bhb in ou rbso
~ \~1~~$ td if 1t l1gk Ir ty whe n it hasi grow:i
Itd qi -ange hat Ada loved, -ths i~
W" '.-t' k' A
H 1 AyH bo'-coc.
BY . -11-fADiREQ
4Iid t o. ~inn dmen _,voice.
It asno srage~tl'm Aamloved, o
Il"idonly "lioI'son's choi10ce."1
An lI when TiN girls are found atihome,
-Withldhance'ffr scarce Two men,
Nt i.tDL grace, nor "linnet's" hum,
i Mll ctch the leaax on makethem come,
Enc'glrnuet UnSTLrC then!
We -have soirowful iatelligenco- .for the
lovers of the wee'd. "It has-been consider
ed, fro'm-timcimmemorial, ihat the luxury
of chewg tobacco, could be enjoyed only
by man;' that'no other living creature, with
the excel)tiot of the 'a6bacco worm, found
itatmili agreeabie., Now, we can enjoy a
Ac'ics Huvania as much as any persen; ii
is a lb'utry, after tihe hustlo and toil of -!ie
day,to sit"loin and puf7dull enre away"
--it is a better plan.thap.trying to drown it
-l4ut we ure much afraid that it is all ovcr
We av'ed also, hiilieto, been much ad.
diclod to the more comm'ni mode of 'con.
suming the Virginia staple-os the'shade
of manF a departed of "honey dew" could
testify, if called up as evidence, and oft and
again, ivith a feeling akin to sorrow, have
we dephsited the last delicious morsel in its
final restihg place, and "bitterly thought of
to-morrow," and where the next was to
come from, but-it is.allovcer now. Well
do0 ve remember the first chew, and the
second, and the thid, mand nota few of the
boys. about town,..-know' experimentally
why. we remember thiose "trying scenes,"
but whatof that? We were trying to look I
manly . We enyied boys of bigger growth I
around u s mwho-appeared'so manish, rolling '
the, quid -from one side.of the mouth to the '
other, and squirting out the juice with such '
a. self -satisfied air, occasionally leaving
visible ,marks of their advancement in life,
on the s.nooth dickies which the careful
mambmas had done up so nicely for the
young -masteis. *We envied them we say,
and notwithtanlding, the unpleasant feel- L
ings that-wiould for'ce themselves upon us,
we "kept trying" until we succeeded, and t
then we fairly revelled in the delights (t
mastication but-but it is all 'ovcr now.
Those halcyon days of enjoyment, appear
now like a dream too pleasant to last long; q
we have awoke to terrible reality. Boys, t
take warning, we assuie you that this, our
leading article for to day, is no fiction
what we are about to relate is a veritable b
occurrence, one which makes us feel now, b
pretty much as we felt when our first chew f1
has -fairly got under way, one which will t
make-you feel worse than we do, for we
were ignorant then-of the fact, but.no mat. It
ter-it is all over now. A friend of ours h
who still clings to the old-fashioned habii of. c
getting up earlier than is now the custom,
(wish lie had overslept himself on this par
ticular morning,) was taking his usual a
walk down street, when ie discovered a
something sitting on the pavement, qutiedyv l
enjoying agoudsized chew oftubacco. lie C4
could scarcely beliere his eyes, and deter
mining to ascertain the true state of the
mnatter, lie stooped down, and as the chew P
wvas rather too large for the creature, lie "1
caught hold of the tobacco, hardly believ- P'
ing it possible, that the animal was actual- "5
hly chcwing-w hen to his utter amazement, u
it decamped wvith the greaier portio~n of c'
the quid." "Facts are stubborn things," *
but that of a-Frog chewving tobacco, has "
brought us short up to thme conclusion, that
we wvill be surprised at nothing,.however
improbable, that may happen.' We have "
sad forebodlnt;., w'e are afraid it wtstop 5t*
here-wve expect nothing clw. but in the g
twvilight of the beautiful evenings of ouru
"Indian Summer" to Ece lots o'f young pic
anny frogs, smking their "colorados" and
"regaliaa," wvhilst the sage croakers, their tI
granidaires and grandpas, are at a dignifiedb
distance, quietly whifiling their Dutch pipesb
-but our pen refuses to move another peg *
-the thought is too gloomy to dwvell on
-it has penned an article it never dreamecd
of, ini time wildest flights of its imagination ti
-but its task is done, the record is made, "
more it is true, in sorrow than ini anger, e
that a-Frog chewvs tobacco,
Ca mden Journal.
Mur.s ODITUAR.-Died at Blakely, in i
Baldwvin county, ont the--inst. Ezekiel
K. Polk aged 74 years,-fourth Corporal
by brevet, in company No. I, of Mlarcy's a
Mule regiment, stationed at that place. =
His fune'ralh obsequeics wvere attended by the
whole Regiment, and heo was buried with3
nilitary honomrs.t
As lie lived beloved, so lie died deeply
lamented by his military comrades.
-'Ono morn they miss'd him, on t he 'enstom'd lill,
A long the hathi and necar his t'avorite tace;
Anothera cnme; nor yet was he on udrill,
Nor uip thme lawn,, nor at thme wood was lhe."
Ini his youth, during the revolutionary *
war lie wtas distinguished by his swiftness.
of foot, and the ease with wvhiich he could I
carry graa weight toa very great dlistance. I
Hie hore ofif froni North Cmarolina, the seeds I
of o'ur nation's hutumre exahtition with a -
locity and safely almost incredible to the t
.The distinguished family he served was
in retiyrement durinig the last war, on that
occasi,iherefore', he could not exhibit
then great powvers withI whlichI nature hantd
gi ftedl him ; yet eveni at that period, lie livecd
not ''unkniowvin t fmae.-for his pli:ieni~
sitgac ity still buril linnf'lyv shmoue, manad shed v. a
luastre arouthe~ ti family name,
rth1 reorl'
Itelgi 0is csfitho
. 12,~
at the biiess' honor slic~'tree. eipl
ranl conlfer, hla- the, na ltin ii:ioa
Nvar witi, M ie'Gxwoi'u 4 ispiirsd by thna
rpirit of patriotism- tha0i e. hadpmbied in,
wrly life, respone the rails oft'is.
:oumntry, atid jot'ned Marey's regimen~ah
ita mnarch'to Blakely There bowed dotveg
4ith &ged nnity the duti'es ofthe cpm
iecame tonuarduousaid seere for 1 0s con.
stitution-Like Marcy's Weteifeis, which'it
ost the State 6f New' York 6Qcents to put!
m patch upon, he couldnotstamd the iecar
mnd Icar of his onerous -duties. .
Whilst the Warrior convey tMe tarrioi's
an their way to 'the land ,bf promise,"
beyontihe Rio Grande, pur heto sweetly
fleepsbeneath tbe soil oflakeiy. -Re.
quiescsin pa cc."-Mobile Advertiscr.
NoTE.-An incident thaticcured at the
momemarysrites'of this ,mule which we
have from high authority, may be record
ed as a remarkable fact in.'the instinct of
Inimais of the baute-kind., A teans of some
4x nmles was attached to their deceasel
compunion, to haul him out into th bmg
For inhumation. Judge of tlie driver'% aston
shmrnt, when looking bck after ie had
7otton some distatiec from tIhe eneamp
rnent, he discovered that nearly the whole
'regiment" had lieeled into line-, and
were following, in foridal procession the
relics of their venerable comrade to their
last resting plac.-Ed. Ado.
HINTS TO YOUN M EN.--Beeconomical.
No matter if your parents are worth mil.
ions, if it not the less proper that you
dhould understand the value of money, and
he i'iest, honorable means of acquiri .g
t. What multitudes of young men, partic.
:iarly in our cities, make shipwreck 4f re.
Sitation and ieultih, and eventully of
,roperty, by neglect of this maxim? They
re aware that their fathers obtained their
realth by habits of industry, but they are
shamed of the name. They forget that
vealth in this country passesraiily from
lite to another, and that hiewho Is rich to
lay may he poor to-morrow; or that he
vho relies on wealth amassed by h's ithi
'r may end his days in a pauper h.use. It
a for the young man to say whethir by in.
ustry and ecenomy he will secure colnpo.
ence and respectability, or by idleness
ecome a worthless beggar and a.spom'ging
Be just. In the course of life a man fre
iently fmids his interest or his opinion
rossed by thisse from whom he had a right.
a expect better tiings, and lte .youmng
ien are apt to feel such imaters very sensi
ly. Look at their conduet carefully, and
C just ts) motiv6e that prompI. Youl m-lay
id that, were you plaiced in their Io.si
o, ihe course you now condean wouald
e the proper one for you, and the one you
ould be under obligations to pursue. A I
tile cool consideration would avoid much
specimen worthy of preservation. It is
icribed to a member of one -of our Legis
tures, and was spoken on a bill to en
surage tihe killinig of wolves;
"The wvolf, Mr. Speaker, is the most
rocious anmal thmat grows in our wvestern
airies, or runs at- large in the forosts
Indismna. le creeps from Ihis Imurkinig
acc at the hour ofrmidlnight, whien all nsa
lockedl in time silenit emnbracet of Morphie
;, antd, ere the portals of theast are unbar-.
1or brighst Phoubus rises in all his gold- j
1 masjesty, w~hole litters of pigs are de- I
.royed. -i
ing birdi mt a butterfly, and'being ple~as
.1 with use beauity of its person, and mthe
lory of its winigs, made an offer of perpet
uti friendship.
"'I. cuanot tink of it" wans tihe repsly ,
as you once spurred mse, amid called mse a
rawlIinsg dosh."
"'1Imposs55ible!". excimined time bmunminmg
ird, "I always ensteruainedl the-highsest re
pect for stuch besustifual creatures asvu.
"'Pe'rhaps yotu do notw,"' saidi thme other,
but wheun yon insul me, I was a cat
spillar. So let me give you a piece of
divice: never insult the humble as they
any somec duy bectome your superiors."
SEEIN A POsT OFFcE.-(Alteredl but
ot original.) "Mr: Post O11ice man, I'
rant to pay thme Postage, on thi4 letter. 1
"Sinigle or dou~ble, Miss 1"
"Double sin, (wviths a coturtesy,) 1 wcas
tarried last week."
'HIE Subscriber respectfuslly announees to
'e citizesns of Sumuerville, amid the vicinii.
7', that hie has opseed a schmoml in this vii.
oge, on Min 0St. oppiosite the Drmuggist
tore, fort instruction ini all time branches
f English Edumction.
There will be four terms of'eleven weeks
Terms, 81,00 for Elementary Instre-e
mn, $5,00,- for A rithmneuic, Grammar, and
;cogrua phy ; $t,00. for Philosophy, Chmem.
itry, &,c.
N, Bi. Mss. Houles, wvill give instruec.
ion on time Piano Forte, in Needle wvork,
Sumterville, Nov. 0, '40.-.
saddles, Bridles, &c.
i good asrtment of Saddles, Bridlecs,
klartingales, Wangon and Riding WVhips,
.'r sale low by M. IIUCKER & CO.
C2amsden, N'ov. 3,.1846.
'i - 441
UNDER the abovo I ropised to
publish a pa'par jh soToml of ,tiHer
011. Tl'ppelli be I, eu liewe-ly,
on tit morning-of very 1Vitesday.
It is bclieveuj that*8undor:Disirictif- I
fordeS us iny calab'm ies fesulitiia
veekly nevspajp, as a mediim of Aif4r4
iIsement, Genera IBew4and 4 U-ines;is
ansy of hier usiter Dhstriftis inthle Sit~ ,Alf
aonfiding tI (liis bdli, we inf ite, ij ' .
dl umns'fthe' attentloi of li.ois. bc li
this iid this H rrdimig Di Iric o I
may'be desiroius:of advirtiahi ani-, fid'
iStio so. It .is well knowvnthat the 1)
06.A if.'a paper in enral ejendsmuit so
mrdhan thme'magmitudeeof its'arbsription
list,aaiin thi ailvirtisng petrdnaage willh
it nayeceive, This is tie emsei es.
lin a citltry, rown,.bhwever, aind DisrietfI
as thiitis,we* 'ngust depend -on,. tl pairn
age 'ioth of subsi'ribers anit it vrtisers.
W 0 hope, thenthatour nttprise i n'o1
fail from wantgof eAurngement.
A strict attention will be paid toI thie lo
cal interests of the Town ami District, and
Weshall enfleior to keep up, ifne nsary,
the spirit aud eithusiasmI, whichmho-1-e
isits, in regard to tihe conneixivnmi ~Sinmter
with Clmailestom anmd Wiinimigton, (N. .)
by RIailitald.
In Politics, r::. fAlNNEn will be strict
ly Democratic, aandwilI give n.firum stiport
ti the National Admninistrationmm, so liar as
it conformns to the pincime !p'n ich
it secured the support of the Demcratic
party at the'Souti.
T'he assistanmeq of a frien'md, fully c0inpe
tent to the tas , has beent seuemd for the
editorial department. It is nit deememrd
eresary to make an. expoitimn f th.
great variety bf mmatter'ihat will be citn.
twined in the panges of o-ur pmper; sumiie, it
say, that njo pains wtill be sp:ired to render
it lin acceptable visiter inl every fammily ill
mihe Districtf The utdersignrd trusts. t!:mt
tie late fiailure in the atteimpt t esh blish
a linptsr in this liulce, will imot be perinmittel.
to ioperate unfavorably upon his enterprise.
. The paper will lbe pminmte,d on a sllper.
rovnmimhet. wvith fire clunins to iThe imire,
lit Two Diilars ant F.my Ceits, if piid in)
udvance,.Three Dollars, at time expiratim
iof tixmaonts, or Tihree Dollars aid Fiftv
Cents, at the end of mie yeamr.
Propreitur andi IublishverV
N. B.--For further particulars, us re
Panrds a lIertiziig. &c. see ternp on first
mage. Cnmmunications on hu'isimes, &c.,
mmmd subscriptions and advertikenients,-will
me receired at the ofice of Messrs. mAlAr
I -ANT & RiCAROSON, o at the0 ptiblishinm
r(jon or the paper.
Subscriptions and advertisements are
I'll E Sessiotn of Congress, which is about
o terminate, will lie long and gratefuilly
emembered by all true re publiisms for
ied tritumphiiant success of mmnyisv of their
:Atished princiles amd nesures. V Iiit
vt hearily rejoice at the triummph (,f thei
irinciples which it his beien our constanm
flort to adlvocate' ama i del ndi, amnd frm
rhmicha nao prosperity, mno adelmisity, .cman
nt erve uss, wte cannomit -be unimmindul of time
umitudse in ihich we rare pinced bmy mm recemnt
ole of botha houitses of Congre'ss: we almude
n time con'tempmglated withmdramwat ofC their lat
anage fronm theniewsj.arenr pre'ss. To this
ecisiomn we chmeerfuilly bow, mensibly ats we(
re omf time paltriitic limntivyes wh ichm have* edl
mil. Bumt wme trumst thamt tis diecisionm ?of Cnm
ress5 imncreases rathier itamnimiishes im
tunimttm time suppomirt of a hmigher power for
ha tof thme people,and. tim them we conf liiemm
y appeal tim aiid ums, by their patronae,
~ustainting att theiscatul govenmmient a jmur
tat that is imiflexibtly devoted to thmeinmier
~sts of time countiry.
It is kinownm to every onme, thmat the chmif
ource mf austiainiing a nmewsi-~ er i. noii
lhe amagnmitumde of its smibsorip1tion lisat, soi
nichm ams the advrtisimg pataromongje 'n licih
naym be becstowedi suponmit. iI' arge cmm
nmerciaui cities. ind'eed, tihe tatutem is usuamlly
lhe confcomitanmt of time fomrmer, as ii hn'eimc.s
tie obvitaisa nterest uof mercamn tile .en 1'rm i
mvt i'nise in tihise papiers *hmiebm mrei the
nmist extensdively circuliated. - Washming
on, howtaevem, is dillferenthy situated. De
iriveid of time adtvertisinug pa~trnage' inaci.
lenat to a merccanitie coinmmuniity, andi bumr.
iieed withi pecutiam andi enirmoums e xpem
eswhmicha am e notl elsewhere immcurn ed, nioth
nig but a very long list oaf smabrering pa.
rimns can smstain am paipi-r in usefi Inmess-.
f, indmieed, e veni in existeunce. Thie prioprie
iers oif thme "'Unflion" have iihertom siaed
to paimns, amnd no expenmse,' toa nmke their
>oper wmorthmy of time smetropimlis, andii worthy
>f time sumpport ofC that great party amnder
tiose bmannter they arc emnlislei. In pubmlsish
nag time most full anmd ample debatte's of the
wo houuses ofr Congress, it is believedl, ever
aefoire attemptedt on thmis conatinient ina a duii
y mmew spamper, they havec secumred time servi
:es of time best reportera whichm time cona
.ry mafforied, but at time enoirmiuas cost oif
$I2,000 or or 8t5,000 per year. Thiar
x teimsive foreign amid domesti c cornr
amondence is another large item of ex
esnse, bnt time instruactive uisefuhmess of
avhicha is so hightly commnedm andm alipre
:'inted as tjm jmustify almost anay imumttay tio
ittnmin it. Still, it mutst hie eviudemnt thmat.
these ieavy expenases caninot lie bornie, ur .
less the subtsription list is cosltemmnre ..
to time unidertakinag; annd alhoughmmri we um 4
boast of 15,000 subscribers, (includingdlal- 2
ly, tri-weekly, and weeckiy,) bumt this list I
mmust be stilt considecraly emmlargeud toenabie I
time proprietors of time "Union" t stini I
11i1 its uisefmicss and to instiro thghi tagainmst
nccnniary loss. ' Imnuniig thnuramini tihe
n n ifand
-endvedi i el j~;: iinI, causC, er
DI i "t U 1 iD 4 '.P I 1:
10h -al ro sp_.j CIrb~ p d as
a nisnd Iloi rdnaic firWs ofr ni-al intar.
itbe~t Op'~ifimi ands oijlealgld Gec
cl&,mu- irititcp sbceacrslIV( fe dael-S~
- -fJ
Wei blh A- NON dld "nglids - " *
irn a leotn e, of'Con ressr n at65 pe
nloum :ltis econtainsel 'thermattens .
En'ied I' Oitls ali non,"'ngu
Vitelioiens' ir~Iiging po~l~th wesitli
ay lneiud,.ithou~ti 'exfn e
ln ntae-;recras;s of rangeme., at.rl
in'mum. ~'hse~~an l le~te~. -
Iai "ell Jdiui!b~alyU a, exeep I 1P l1k
prongress tele intnr, .dsuted.i p1W
ill id ia-c,-ky eitrifistatg
exL nI G r 2EMENT. prInIE W al
The, nWliKL UNION" is 46 .nt
se 1W4 f ngruteil us-a ranending hreII
lfigr.s. ti e alre it cnlsosi t r ej rei .
lii -lyesive aucrtipiWhir lis niu .pbieltey
exitl n sill:e . * , raelf. lv f.12.i itrpes lo t ti
-We~r 1 Iez Ise 11i41 o o-unt to dd to
give, tit ifJit edilltliii, a rtsaeJo~ai plimnjtil,
someeld y s inken here i pting ,oti
'perVih ta p1e1" whie hu rhe initel
ef iar.-mmn deli to all cla es fles.r rald.trt.
hnt, tmi renmtauy rhtie ots fdr ilais senterriass',
flie a i t osit bsL riaite ia list i i.Lat.sil.Ay
plan wi llr bes., Il. sub t.
CONGRt3 tiE .aliN O~~Ltiti EG~i ER.( uau
nair .t) legir nr, ui nli l ns prev rin its
rorle dlirr tt isud reitsler. anad itsojip.
'ili ti na rFt. R ine- sf th reinady ilpi
is. i-ev, 1114 ati toh%''.i iiv Islis s11jseati.m. .A17.?
-ling nte i h-tee uetst ofibth io Citin*
iltait w',ill lie- iwsiss tiplin ltis stalaj.'et.
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asede by .any, anid will be sold at pic~ toe
Printijg Prosses .furibhedl, antd arso'
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N. V.' A Machinist is constantly in at
enidnsee to do' light work.
Eg9lors (if new'aspapers, who wvill, buyn --
lrinsas much typo as thecir bille.
nisulit to,.may give the above.sik months
usioin in theLil papers, anal sendl:the '
acrs conItainuing it to lt suabscribers, -
Oct. 3, 1846U, I O6m . 6Ana 81.
ongress aund ravilion Wate,.~
D Diazen Corgras Water, pinits -I
" Pn d'Iion, "' pints
de/ No.6 86

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