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have bbeni1ewitli 11
snore readilyth ie catto kpl6jthe gaa
ter'theecare4o be tikenit 1hb li t
From the WilmiifgtoWaChronati
it:. T'.-1. T - dl.
- The eleventh ,ah in'al neetiig cif thw
Stockholdvs oeFtlie Wiii ngisin and R1a
-eigh Rail Roaid ompanytias held iiliis
vtown last week, onrnnoing'on 'Ilursday
%mor:t'ug andedosinkrbFriday night The
-attentianeof indd lona1 a'St k holers is
large. The Stock owne'i brhe Stite
-was riprbeinted by Hon Richard ines,
orf Raleigh.1
;Mr.- Jamesi. Batt e, of Fgecimbe.,
'was chosehn ChiairMan ofithe meeting, -and
Messrs. Jimes GriwaIi of WaVyne, and
Win. A. Wright, o'NVilmingrton, Secre
Guyr:DudleyPresident of tie Cop.'1npany,
submitte!c on behalf of the. directory a re
port of operatinhs for the year enditing. O
tober ist, and a~eport was also made iGy
the committee abpoiitedl at the pietious
annual ineeting to examine the books and
arcoints of the Csiom pinly, consistiig of
Alessre., Alex. Meltae, janies Griswold,
-and 1ihry Nutt. Doth reports were re
From the reports.we 'take some particu
larw'of general interest.
Liahilities if the Coin pany on the lst Oc
tidher, 1845. $608,817 52. W" %ich sum is
$sade up 6".4 follows:
Uinnds Fsld in Engrlnnl, bear
ing 5 per cent interest, 8222,06 07
-To th'&Liternry Fun~l of the
.meateof No.'Ca., at 0 per
cent interest, . 85.000 00
'Company's bonds endorsed by
State of No. Ca., bearing 6
per cr-nit in terest, 250,000 00
Bills Payable, bearing 7 pr. c.
iiter est, 15,00di0
Bills Psyable, benH-ing 6 pr. Ct.
interest, 42.272 86
49crip Bonds die to Contractors, 1,793 43
Aflonds for hire- of n egro labor
ers, due Jan. 1, 1810, and
previous, 3,930 48
Do. - do. 'do. do.
.due January 1, 1817, 18.270 00
Due sutndry persons for mate
rials, Labor, & c. 30,S75 08
8608,.S7 52
Amount of rticeipts from Rail Rmad for
the year ending Oetuiber I st.
For pussengers, 610,&469 60
", freight 44,756 11
"'mail transporta
tion 37,OGO 04
,---$i5,2G 05
Expenses of Road for the year 4 "1
Amrroiint of recaeipts frton Steam Boats
'For the year e'iding October Ist.
For passengers
and freight $95/.71 90
For tiall transpor.
tation 37.000 94
-- 8132,535 84
Expenses of Boats for the yeair 97.827 00
Net profits (t-'tond and Boats $28. 13 C4
In e'gard to Lhc e,:pensres of the R ad
the'examinin: conmittee Pa;y. "It will be
seent that the ex'ifendituires of the Railroad
are to aRu ainount g reatlf excee'ding that or
any previous year.
'"The Committee think proper to ex plalin
that there, hams been expenided durinig thse
yeatr for four new Locoamoives, two new
coache's, a berge number of new trucks,
mnd a new cohech house, the sum of $412,
291 07, whih does not properly bielong
to the current expenses of thss !!aaad.
' [t appears by the Report of' the super.
jnt endi'nt of the Roadl and Road .repairs,
thiat there has been ex pe'dil for Road
repairs (incluiling the sum of 821,747 14
for new iroin) the sum of' 970,9790 4.'"
Comparative tables of ananual 'ieccipta
and yExp*fndit ures. T
R'ci1pts. Expend'!: itres.
194l ,162.628 08 131,385 14
1842. 118,103 67 94,807 42
1843 122,108 72 70.i',G ~0
1844 . 158,705 34 121.6410 ~1
18 101,484 11 12i.W 5 55j
'1840 185,28 5~ 101,854 49
1841 134.000 3 .1 11ONGO 20
1842 . 92,871 81 840,085 23
18413 ;104,064- 27 ~ .79008
1844 I 108284 22~7 09
18415 127,009:nO4 6 ~~5
1840 -132,535~ 4. 'O~ 90
Governor. Dudlley dleclied asvothaer e'lec
lion to'.the oliceof Fresilent of the Com
pany, (for reasonts oif ist private nature,)
and General Alex. AloRaejsof tis townr',
was chp~seQ in his stead Tl e individual
8)ockhiolders elected as.-dii~.tars for the
.ensuing year, EdwvidBi Ddiley, John
illi; P. K.. Dickinson Gilbert.Potter, Jas.
-T. M1iller and 0. G. Parefey. The four
8ta~te diretors have not y et been appoint.
Annexed are some of' the resolutions
atdopted by, the meeting.
Offered by Gov. Dudilly.
.Resoved,. That the proper n9le ,be
given that ,this comapairy -will appily to tli*
next Legislature for an amendment of-their
.charter1 ith a view tosaniex tension of the
aad 1,o.Fair Bluff, 01 agme point) 'ON the
south Carol ia line.,
Offered by*Mr. Henry 1. Troole, of Edge.
Resolved 1st. That in the opinion of this
conventio~n material rednettns shioulid hi"
made in the salaries and expendituires; that.
omittinlg,.tty specifications~theO conyentioin
rpnonmm-nd to the P'resdent and Board nu
Tid~nfwhett ij~ti~I
must bePust
nuti~he czend lat~
oug3tolgffbrurter. 1a ~
the.:GetevaI Oovernmuc~itja aivle to Si
bandk That the nev. ehteiprizest&ngly ui
appeals L the State prlde.'of th~I0JtiIadS
of' N4th Qarolina,: oresenting the usinp l
questiowwhethoer wve shall remain as hlere
torpre in commercial vassalage to Virgin2- v
in, Sointh Carolina, and .Newv Yorkg: 6r .
.whtther uniting all our efforts \ve shall anid
to buildi up in North Carolina a.city/wor- C
1by of the State. 0
-In preserging the above resolutions 'Mr. C'
Toole took- o4$casion to 'express at'kame
Iloth his views an the' project to extend ai
the Rand so as to connect, with the-SQea I
Carullina Roadls. - I advocated, se exte i s
siaon in an able und'inergetic mnI~ er, or
trayinag in. vivid language the immense TI
benets which must of necessity result to
this town aIn the State upon the comple
jon of the wvork contemiplatedI. Mr. Hines, e.
of jRal1eigh, spoke to the -samte point with ir
clearnebss .and rigor. Ile towrcl6ly urged It
the peopte: of Wilmington a'push onward
the extensioa. j.'nject with an unflinching
determination, eling only on what they h
thTslves can do to a-chVe success. Both p
of these gentlemen etined a hearty uiter- g
est in1 the prosperity of 3Vilmintgton, as it
wel/ as tuht of the State at ~ a hrge Te t,
gratitude of our citizd is justa'Ing due to h
.Ot'ered by Mr. G. J.- Mcflae. ' SI
Resolved. that we memorhialise thene .'C
General Assembly of the State of N. Caro- .
lin, to relinqusish the mortgage held by lQ
the State on the 13ats and Wharves of the I
WV. and R. R. Road Co; to authorize said h
Company to negotiate, on the faith of said m
ioni anl Wharves, as large a loan as pos- a
sible; ta cbscribe the aount at said loan ai
to the extensiotn of said Road south to some sh
point on the South Caroina line-the said an
stock in th new Road being pledged to the c
State in lieu of sid mortgage on the Boats i
and Whirves, and for the smibe purposes. t
00'eredl by Mr- Thtomas D. Mieares- ai
Resolved, That tjte President anid Direc- to
toars a-jply tol the Legislature for an exten- be
sisan of ec edit on1 the de-bt due the Literary.
unop, azd the Bngds of tie Company on
which the State is now an indlorser, in such i
way as to t hem may sent best, to
Resolved, that the President of this Co-n. a
pany, ithi E. B. Dudley, James B.'lBattle,
Fred, J. Ii1ill, Ii. L. Iloatmes and Thomais y
D. Men~es, be appointed a Coammittee to
attend the sitting of the L'egislature for the -
puerposedof.merializing that body for th
extenionI oaf the Chaster of theNW. and I
R. R. Rt. Co. to enable them to contract
with the S. C. Roads, or to procure anoth
er Charter for the samte purpose, ad to at
itid to tohe interesis of the Rad in all oth
cr particulars; ad'd that the Committee ap- ca
piuited .as aforesaid, he auttho'rized to add
to their nuinb, or till any vacntcies in in
thei? boidy which may occar. n
toffkred by Dr. Sogg, of Edgecomtbe. y
Resolved, That in the opiito n of this an
meeting, ai Sinkinga-FJund should be provi
d~ed fear the liq uidatieon'f the debts of this
Company, and that we strongly recommend t
to the Stockholde: s, tocuntribute for that -Pl"
object. D. Me
Resolved, That the President and Direc- to
tors be instructed to prepare withota de. be
laty, an instrument of writing and cause it
tai be presented to every Stockholdn'r in
this Companey, for huui or-her signature, s
binding them to the payment of t5on e o
Share af Stock nnuallH feor 5 years-on and
after the 1st of Nov. 1817, foar the purpose te
of raising said Fund.""
Resolved, hfliat no such ubscription air
shi he cnsiaered biniding until the assent ,tm
of in Rdivi holders of n st 5000 Shnares
hle obtaieSd, an also, troonsuent of the
Legisla lore, to a similar contributionz on at
thie Sct.ck lheld bv the State. th
Reslved, Tat till the net proceeds of "4
the Road aftehr paying the L'exeses of' the ~j
Colpany ad tl e interest on th e debt,s all sn
be a*hled to sai fouid, until the whole deb)t mi
shal I be extinguished. thiu
Resolved, Tht after the debts of the 4re
Company shall have been paidl, theO whole die
proceeds of sado Road shall be and are here.
by pledged to therepayments to the Stock-."
hohnlers of their contributions as above, Itu
tuntil the sums so con tribtuted shall be re- kni
turned wvith th'e interest thereon.
-Resolvedl, T'hat the President andi Direc- rev
tordhbe instruicte'd to mtake aplication to -
the Legislature at the ensuing session, for
its concuorrence itn the object of the above no
resolutions.- as
-- 'en
MaN AND Doas.-Addmison says that the
dog hats been the companion of' man 000t0 .
years and has only learned one of his vi
ces, that: is, to worry his species when lie
is in trouble. -Tie at saucepan to a dog's IN
tail, antd antothoer dog wtill faill on him-.put p
a man ini jail for debt, anW anaither will, CE
lodge a detainer against him, atn
- wi
"Can youi intfornm mne where the office of' .'0'
thte Ibid is sir?' i
T1he office of whaltt?"sa
'A pqper called the 1ciid?'
'Thtere is no <mieh pa per publ)1ishedl.'
'Nai Why, doitn where I come fromt,
the editors are continually'takinig first rate wy
extracts fmrm it.'ai
Two sextonii meeting the other daty, one T1l
pf-them remtarked oan the vast increage of ap
mn tality. ''Well," raeplie'd the other. adi
"you're luckier than me, fail I htavn't buri
ed a living soul these three weeks."
4 ~ .
Il t~ent ce ing itoji
Silts; . lnieera to.: ie
O.telih.M ieno u Laieids;o
On reiket or aary rmteS~h
One regmeant of in arntiv from Penisyl
One regimens ofn mnry fromViri,4nja;
Orte regimelwt of drunt uy :rome.Nortll
One -regiment of inafanotry l'rom South
One rgimaint of infantry from Louisi -
One rgiment oaf infanltyy (rotuMis
Ohrgim ent of'rnouniled me poa
'Abuexchange says tliat tlte r&Arriage,
reiony is the mostjinteresting spectale
life. Time Bnstoni Stai-sas 'tailnt nothini'
sfe first baby.
LObrsIanA "GAt~s."-A Yankee,wrtn
kt 'witwriting.o
me (fan this city, recently, sald: .- "1This
ace beaj all ntatur' foar big hotels, pretty
ils and ust raie juleps. Mv'.sommni~sion
erchant toonk me into thept. Chsarles yea
rday,1 coline with the ladiphraidiry, at
'eta lied 'em. .elf, I' kiept a lcooking
.unt re, jest as. -if I did I it e nothing
range. By and by a felowv banged away
a big brass dish', 8.n(1 in come the ladlies,
oln' jugst as beatiful as so many large
Otbeactikeys; and ttoy would, any 4rn 'em,
tell you, unlo~kethe dooj o!f.ai feller's
art in.'iss than no =time. Well, I sys
thn' - .'yi one, but its dawn bSut I did
y Jo my frie 'ttdgys I, 4 these .be your
lies ordinniv, or'. W riitary fallies, I
oubll like to ktcow wthere ymn'd pick out
y that's handsomerl Why, Nathan, (P-1l
u,-and its as trukas g;rei:'chin, you might
le all the pretty gals vLau> could fimnd in
e6e meetin' housas 'l.ijtum .togetaer,
d the best on 'em wouhn'ti6,:' *.'o imore
these here Lousianar gals than h tkleg
rries is to ripe pacahec!'-JI.O . kehl-a.
r wias called tupo the stand out West,
testify to the character of a brother
louse The testimony was as follows:
"ilw lung hare you known Bull y
haeci '
a5biger tie he wias born."
"hat as hiis geteraul a4aract ur?"
"Letter A, No., 'bdt tar a greai
thys, judgl e. it*t fw, u i
"Would you ielive him oti oath?"
"Ys -e!"on or'off or any tiway I
"What,-in your opinion, are his qtalfiht
tions is to gooad chcacracter?'
"le's the best shot on outr 'prairies, or
the woods. Lii can shave the eye-wink
Sof n wolf as fair as a shootint' iron '11
ir a ball. He caun drink a gart of grog
y day, and cha rs tobacker like a-hos's."
'lAiltRIEFD-At the Presbyterian Chairch jn this
ce, on 3'huusday evenhing, the' 19th inst., by tk6'
a'. Donajdl AcQueen, Dr...JosrN 1. MmLL~tEs to
as EL.IZa MRU~amrT,' daugter of. William 9&1,
Lorme, Esq.
O eTUAny. ,
)ied In Cpremont, Sumter District, on the morn
of the 11th inst. MAts. Er.mzarua CnAND1.ER,
sort of Cot. S. Rt. Chandle'tr.
n M rs. Chandtler, an assembtage of quaalities were
he found, which made up a character, at once
inhle, energetic and urbane.---She was unosten
onas aln her adeprrtmnent, conscientious to a degree
nnag to scrupulosiayns the estimation, no
.tht, ot somae; andl, us a necessary sequence of her
h sense of rectitude, her purpose was-f r, her
'rmniaitioan unhtoudiig.
-ire lsr the inforatihon anid satalaotion of friends
Sdistaince, than froamany -deqire to thrust before
putlic, the scenes of the Lhater or intense
lily aufiring ad fiaaly os deati itself, it ia
et stated, that thoug~h thae ditase was of a amost
tent and excruciting ctaracter,y't she bore her
1ieringa with calumness and reaghatin l-ler
id was noatch exercised uapon the saubject of li.
n, and il ithe hope arid belief of ihos, whao aid
.hest opporunihies oh knowmag thei state of heri
hngs and hi r views of scripture truth, thsat she
di in the faith of the Gospel.
rhus has gone to the tomab, another v'ictim cf deatha,
he prime of life andl in the mnidst of usefulnesc.
whado we drop the tear of heartfelt sorrow over
loss of so much exce!ience, we pray to be stili,
awirng thcat ii is God thaat haatha dones it.
drThe Souith-Car'olinaion, ~ad Charleston afercti
wiil please copy., ,.~
rjWe are nutfaorized to a-.
une WV ILL' A Al tar. IA RH ETY, psq
a Candial.. r T1ax Collector, sit the
tuinag Ehection. .
Suttrville, Novr. 25,' 1810. ,4 ]
Election Notice..
pursuance of ani Act of the Lecgisiasture
ised in Decembaer 1839, an Election for c
.ER K of the Couart of Common Pleas
I General 8esihions for Sumnter O.istrict,
i take liaae at thae uasual places of Nice.
n in saidl District, otn the seond Mondaiy
Jantuaury next, beinag the i tthday, of a
d snmnth.
J. M. DA RGIAN, c. c. r..
NJov. 3, l84. ~ I ..if '
LLLIA}i'S. HOYT'V, i'is mli, tollced be
e me .a light hAY HlORSR, ;3 yemars
l;-appriied at Twienty'-live Jiollars.
iecowner ennt have thae above flersec by
Plyi~a tq)W. S. H oy t, Summterville,.S. C.
rI paying~ehatrgel. - .
T. J. D)INK iNS, Magistrate.
Sumtrille, S. C. Oct, 26 116. 3 tf
o ire P1 tatLLt 4 I~~
Sat f.Sutrrl nown46i4
3Pes mo, rls emsmd nw
T 'U.1
%ILL' tile. "%'t-jjl -W . HO
l ruieille,% ~cN v2. .. 6,
f P 0 nd
n~~mbearos pet -ali
Boar . A avoe . '
Bedsta~lo tini H~dik?3;ttr
-4 HI I' Pillwe:'e4.
ifr" ot!s; nga,' r. po
ol AtC,144h1ve
.,7ssainimen et'00"4
his buiness n, th ile- qualeit fi J
fee infHo t. bdwate e a Wq~i
fee' t)ded. I. Nvo alv 1846As4,Jji
adnc aw ncrtpoh thaleltb 1uw by
ingoo ti isAetrment ore4 Sadillee Br6-dles
fdil eiiaslt, M.Suiern nod, Ridng nVb pe,
arsr ole o r Cos ". DIIUCRE~t Cno
Camdrn, No'. 3, .40
. 1':m~r t*,' ticlbxt
n. .
4 i tj ni tr I
I ar(~~bt ;Pf f 6of"~~
an ~k.& Ila Iitt'in
a- J ' ;Aled -h'~h 4- hIr W
monije e iD "
~tE0C1 t. r
rg -
king Vt'c*1 M 16i arfi r."W -wl
a e to
V e
i t Ahin '.
d do .' - ":
dImar sI f samPdt
com sb e andAMrs.
e ca i thiE
a bla )lr.n 6 -
be gOve on me " j Ihi1
&nd 0 cr e ' n clo the 2 fth u -
uriKwiqyuni toe. 4
Mldfsic-:1Pienh6 ar' Diltarie 6c
RM ttuse 4
ESpay-ne cerm4an -oro
r;A 0 r
tre TAon - i6 agaist ea
ompe. nd
20Du en Cog re hin.L~ "r
stAe, rue.. de rd
'or ei -
isey &o. nm lsi
N, II r' iwf e l gW alo
tir~nle Piat l(ore f
FROM ikedo h6~t'
con tning ntcii ,Foul y
,6i.o kor %A O
s ny p a.id{ 4 -2ar
65 gwen o th herby
bjs dt ~t Se. i
are ier y ca aganst ra n
s "id no es 7, 1
Sute'D.t c64
C~ngreB' an
20Dzn oges i

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