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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, December 16, 1846, Image 2

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t hie g i , a "'
Thle SIb c.ock A gh: lot
to of the Ris
hous ~itWBVJ!.' . k
therla -ote ri4
nd steameshis
.Ao1At Conr In aredtit' '~
whuedeparAur o-:ie4 ript pai
iinde. (bs n t idt. mr.
IIr arrival t TamP10u the i eas
mntedy tlmed -ove t Iop.
hTeih, to tif. Armpc. qr alndoky. ya
Fort Connor; and Atrnied (iiflts
no.studer.i dtateecyn oftiforc{mn-i s
isnadpesenalle tor bA um an~s endrem.
Chiv's . ne, I A C 6toI' nrI s I n I atF
TIpio, e the v'ilin ntcw r t i
Alod besides inetaisoni o mss e he. r,
mounted ot 6thouse tp
..4,t'' of.amIpieCp is lgad
-ipdostte of deren ni i'nntmedgn
-re, arrivodg'dily Th p StAte 6i.3e.exi~
d represeted tofo d ien. Ia worse cnrmtiiion
tian evar. t an ' inna scouig ' ddressed h.ik
rinAesapparety wis te view tP exfie
bolr theman invitMrion to assame th ie co
mand of the Covernmeni. It was tod cr
stfiid .thiat he ivWas mu'ch dis-appo inted hl his.
expnctations, as the Army reeived. iso
dreassin profound silene~e. W4 imnmedlilpte
ly a Ster arys ited witih all hitc:i iy.
ts-fstated, on a scou ti e'dilt*n
Solne supsposed it wa's to cut off ooin b h
divss of 'the c.'American Aki o. e
beodei opnion seme toer that:0eh.a
gones to the city .of M't o.owac n i
re brct the'ne t Conress which was. to' C
senie abot. h st the U. Sof December.
The St. Mary's left off the Sar' Marni
Co the riate Potomanc, steamer4 Pyrell"
RIC)Op-of-war aoh ni Adams ,andti.he sml.lier
vesels of the fleet.undercommani oiCom
modore.Conner. h e steamer.' a!a. wirat ta
shdore abreast the town on a'mtid bank. She
would hail for Brai.s Santiacgo a. soten n6.
Fihe. gets alla. M t the U.S. S. steam sip
Mississippi sixty mile~s north'I of Tamlipicol
bound in. Officers -o't the St.lary'sAll
The Neptune sailed from Tan pico n
the 24th ult. Sie en ouner ed a. iorther,
waits driven! back and ivreckell' 0 11 the "inir.
All hands.saved-th6-vesselI an'entire: I 3us'i"
Re thespcal C ommitee psttee, appn tn
ledat adited to act wta.similar C amiteo t
House of Repreisent tire, in . coTfer
woith Dr. Ellet io his d~iscery of. 'gun,
cotton. .
The Special Cominttee appointed I I t
Senate and instrictedi to act with. *a lmihr
Comritteei of the fi.s on f Reprt'oftItme
sits ubmitl heoe ll inthe mai r Wio1,.
ahdisc oe rysot nrofeisc Eer ha h
mi uof beyn the firston ts siof the
baryic cdmine cetityi a.e
reached yetorCmme of anyeii prespmm a
thme cotton his noi, been divulgceel. Otto'
method is expensive, anid hans not pi odluc.rd,
* as far as ithas been trind in this cuntery ,
the expectedl resules;anmd the Ilbours oef A
merican Chemibts have not hitherto .beena
entirely successful.
When Professor Ehlet made hmis first eX?
periments ini the manmufacture of* Explosive
Cotton, hee was in possession of no furth~er
-infurmation of the muaterials of which it
wvas composed,. than that cottoni was a pamrt,
and thaot an c~plosive suibstanece haWl been
oreplared, whuich had nmny of the proper
ties mafgun piowder. From his v'ery arem~u
r ite knowledge of Chemnistry an agrent PaW
-gested itself to him, whlich lhe t~houeght wuonhil
pirodutce a like result,.*and his first expmeri
mient with Nitric Acid, succeeded i'beyond
his moat sanguine c'xpectatioins. This took
place o'n the 1 4th of' Octobei- last. Oni the
31st of thu same month, hie used a umi xteere
or Sulphuric aind Nitric Acid, which was
stil more satisfactoary, and on the 19th of
November ho completed hils process feor the
:manufacturo of the Explosive Ceotuen.
whlich lie hins communicaeted in a letter ad-.
airessed to'time commilttee of the Ilouise, teo
be ltied before thme Legislature.
It) i too soon y'et to predict whmat mayv
bethe. co~nsequiences of this discovery toi
the world. 'It Is supposed to possess man my
qualities for practical use far superioer Ida
gun powder, anid it is possible tha t this
great element of haumanm destruction, wvhmich
has exerted such an imnportanit influee on
the condition ofsociety, may bo entiirely
stiperseded byv the new discovery. A momang
some of. thme remarkable properties of the
Explosive Cotton whiichi yourt commit ve
might enumerate, it-is said to possess fur
times greater. power than m gun powdver, ad
it has been estimated in weuighat as high~h as
one0 of thme former to seveti of thme hatter.
How much further science may carrv, anmd
experiments. illustrate this re'markuible in-~
tentuion, no on'e canm 1mfCsec,
1.; 6
A i aqanegrkiei Iva
~red ll Ctlof gail'm tiwe r., in must nsceauri
.'~,ts ~~~i~~hi~lI~iiatt~ ofsir in
w i r utey . ebut my.nsr
kife le 4;r hse Eli1.isiveC (101tt 1,0VIIi,
rfItekilk.,hitt. Dro Eiim'-t mIetvg '1110
4~gmuc~sm fir ltimif sg b tileo Vm'~mi
!sii e el is itkimi a tttce li m is is cl ihil
Ve 1i,mittse ilher.(pI re recnrmiead
oa~ieii mmmf lite foilii ngm t~miiiti,
RL ed llvcd,. 'iii tile 1mattih~o tiio Legifi
littmrmq. .a'lnm.r to, 6~r. W. II I~mg ~f
)10 eii i C.mi eimi C4m lesge.,:(ior jm ca
lielpiariimg iii t~lmm Lite hoiirruwami ~ SIR tip the
riiss'sat'r" *'i 1 jS ia~ ceas for iaakitig~hiL. iE.
flrsa:,hed, Tlhat p ceepy of this, roport AndII
rt-1 '-sl i'm 'ea;~ bae,i r,iositied i5 Dr. llisd
0111,it!u , ~ewrcmri * alit] arcuimpiumimmg letter~be
SW PJA. BLACK.-Chairmen.'
8a)t-rH,CAKQI.INA COLLISOE,-NOV 27,1816.
Ccte n 'ie pm n1cess vhmicifm I Iinte
dise.'werts-d Air the -nam uhtXjCiiiI
nm~ o fsmci ore!mf i- 'x1io'vCiIum'
Iii~iillemt'VPt tile .IiitiUu'isf IRe'ireiiatitl ivcs,
i's 11- t,,liis:
104r s.'ss-t piiii fir LGuttaii efmil-isve*JI.
tmsi lit it eils i iel I hrem' 5)immi lr's ;r os ,li
Vitrintil,- 'itnil fiur itdil'i 4mw ho i' jidsid '
still P -lit' sire ii lit- utism'i. ... 11
The 9ilt-Ptr.' iii tlim? staic-1 a clmnnst
plieisr.- is -tip lid~ himssulvel tit tile Oil sit*
Vii riel. 0is, miixliire 1glii tit brmuimd i md
is$m 11111 1 q iililiti pit it ifit', raeliri . ii
taskei thutmit im 18 ttially imiil' timiiU..ilt'
imaistetweel 'by. thitl id -imiI At Lt Vxj~r0
Iiima ett frmmi florly-ji'tseu iit('es te, l 1111 Vo
1111ii1 a ult'. vuruim iti %%ill Ilse 1 mitiveaiii-s',
piiitie's.ef.r wvater_ --,msr. wthichi the prott
'~ is imsmplet-edl.by dr~iig lte t'-t imiiu
i'iiipita~c~tstmmyhe csiusieermhit ectii
r~mizrtl;,.lfhisob.timijti t iur -tile Sal*Petit.
miIi. ins., -- r' mi'st e'x iesi Ve aicie.I - en0
iheiyt'5id. .thme- Nikeaie (1*S)C In, a e'k~l~
~it-mtiice' :alt viieii will bes eiltmmuly lef
rscieI anie tiuiltitiis. 4 As- I ha~ve
aot lieenimall 4t learn (lime jmr'ciss C11t-Cit
lit.-NNiue lif -SoMaeie, in time large! %waUY it i:
nijimatsibiit tt):8iiltt. aic,'crimietiy. the lrcise
iliinht u ai dii vutmtge Lu bte di-rivr-d insim h-i
'~~~Vadi ~ th a'~'n'' f-) LIm as~ i'tie RIic
mlI'tPe. iiSi;1 mm,''. "itiii'um cu lird rsb y I lly. porit
itaght 1*stat iv lrtiti by, 'u ed Iii l'igmi-I
a A
1 . ' Z1
a iln :N . . i
ILGES A witwLEft
ko n4 4J*i I
enl. J 'J. CAL; DWrLr. h b-' 4elec
paper'oI~dL, IRVeI '" 'bi le
Chane-liirin - t e'a d C t!. e -
jvigsllnei. tP Ige. ,
Senat3or from thisW .91-U6, .~ .cod
gres c~inmmh pinte hea IIr GCgneior
ein lde fir mi
Timmie A . BuTL. har.been as been
re-m- nr rrm)Ifl tlmm41s tt- tili Ona e or fsi
yearsm',. in .the Unee 8 te i
re~tlct~.i. ~emnbo, frotl. bm. ia;e for. six
Co.' Tno..J Vairis ini be' ect.
ed Lill Jdge"im timt ih aedp. he . 'ontoA.
P. Bidt1Lr,*rcsigned.
6 -.
Time Charlestoni maiktn* e , for tIhe
eek :emnin Fiday, Dec, 1 ere. 0,34
hhlind ce iitin thet s.ame time ''ere
14.473. hluep. The pries. arwedrom 8
t, ,0 eeintq prr poisud;A .i.frior ani ordinp
ry 8too 8-3.4;Imliddling Ii 'nuidd litig fair 9.
mo 9 1-4; fair it; fully (Gil,9 S'S it 0 5-8;
giod fair is lin 9 -'1Lkj. ce4att.AOgr
reporm, f course, alwiaysretfer to Upland
Gotton..- -.3 it s .: l:
A meeting of "IThe Sumiers" w';A'iield
isn Si l riipy , tle ''lh y . a' I 1 t _lflbIlection
foar ni aitidlisonal stecond lieptenant,, igree
ably te. the lute order of the War D.Opart
ment. . Mr. JAa. D. .BLAN6DO was elected
to this office, ald lifr. Tu'os M. .BAKER
Ordery Serge.nt, i thIe pap of Mr.
ilbindling promotel . hy .eleq1n. The
ceompanmy jaretook of a dinne'.auded by
-.Jom CuiNA, which w0 reputed h
his usual excelleni.stOe.
On nejilny mpfirnono T int ,
"The Sumters," wi tWihme .isItiH'ite'numiJer
of. men,, marched -from ime Cmii't -It isee,
iinder tie cwinmantdo C ap I'inv
to Shot Pu c/ Oamp, about, I7 41
Sumerville'i i, anilditese - reniainueit-for mthck
ighti. -Oni the sueceeihng diny, tey tnare -1
d w in Aw i' 'S ii'i I 1 'ni
Sumtr~~~~~ fo, didhrjasd t. i .
residients of the vicinity provided wagons
in. wichI:mhey relchedl OGadsden ~depot on
t'enet day., amid on tile10oh, arritnIl isn
Chammrlesten bTy -the Railrdhdt.' 'the disi-.
anO .evident-desuire on thme part of the0 officers
nti on1ce to enter mmn the duties' of- time sld
ier, and to accusLtom their commands lo
ile rierstqiSthi~linee or a i~fr'tiI h
X t the rn il riaim, "Thie imniters" wr e
byr ime ''Iomllmon Guamrdla" from Iurnwiell.
lhe "96 [Hays" fro~rm ~d geliel andt the Chtes.
I er Cin p, ,~mam, mlning in) amlI to 300 men.
Themy rmechmeldie Magiolia Famrrm t.er
Ch a riesuton abonati 5 im tihe aftern'oon, jttd
were esciorted to tnts preparedl feor theirj
recepion by a detnehment'composedl of1
mtme \Vaishington [Lijtht I nfaumtry, the Mnul-1
trie unmreis andic the Cha~mrleston Vmoimanteerse
Ithe wholeaIt munde r mih:e ommandliii of Capumain
If:-r-r4. tiint. Col. DmcensN is atth
cme p mngag tes inm nilm' necesary atrran lgemnts
fe r tihe semt~.mod~ahmti C ofthe vlunteei~.rs
ai tently linere iami I hose ex pectedl..
Th m e sveramIlil o manies thiremnghout time
Hinmte mire rapi.iy orgamiizing; anid it is e'x
persemd mimbmt the Pamentmmo Regient will be
emsermed Iinto serI.ce during this week.
In them de'partmure of time Sumuter Voliun
(mers'. thog wiai(i eOiie' hidually m'rgret the
pmrssent loss5 of nlinny) a deaor frienid e
co.lier immely rejiceI im time spirit neaniifesied
byv thos'me wehoe hamve left all, mteir hlaos amnd
kisame'red, far thle hmono.'r andtim defenmce omf thieir~
common ii) countmmrye. Themmirs l'e time gallant
henrin iiof. -thme utmhlier, time tmermcifl jumstice
of mi them conqueror, mnnid the nobale coand muc
of the ilure. To" tamr 8m1. ite.' bmroatheir,
timu's imarcho .nig tom mm for.ei ginm lad, wee wishi
Mae's,. li(e amidta fotiet. Wec feelI thatl to
the mllhei lonotr of Sum ter is deamir; mm mmm
imim th Iu'ey'will everm i.id ' it in thime iny tof
imnmih.and,11 Iii hetbout of viectory; that 31hev
weeill immteme rigior weith jiuitie, unel veIctor'ev
wI ltit mecy.
P'or thle lianner.
~Mn. EDar': I take' time opportmuity,
thlrough youir colummnse oif expmressimng on1
lamehmn.if f maCmy feilowe soldiers nndit brher
oilicers our neknow'ledgmnts fort the uini
F id"
n, grre it;
vi n A p r
itr *tdr
qiENT.-! to~ Pipnr! vin
's'' :46I
,~j'supon he igiI~o,
;-J'u A
Wj 6,4,' q,
9..169 eri p U
s1tinijf~w4 t-r guii a4x
Ak *pinc R, -i up ~ p
pp p yi4 -
ON q I
~hnr App~9jmM
IS~~~ AIroCI 9 c'.
jq~qxeq~t vw
r ,eypqq 1,1 eaj t
enI ~ ~ . wbps, NP) A p'Jq~
r h t 'aiut
1.s ON inR it~k~wt
pO A i to ' h . : d f r " a t '
MIO $O~ ~5 no
oahic The'
1 ~ ~ MY 2
[email protected] 4A~
p Iop - ~ ilfl
~iJ~ji'inV it
T46 1
n ru'
twtR ,g I, ,it Ih' . :cdJ & n e
whilI .ejl Ne ..d
Muw.it anan at~ 1 !,k
sweetly~~~~ .Ipdii vHciw1.4lee
fa temdj3en ... rlj'l~Tm at.
fiialli w ..d'n *13utlt -.I 'i it ly th ysm
,seet. J.1WILdU'tiI, id W L~
eleinapi -.iteOtrv m 'min cr Wfi .
DIsK Iu,% IN ifk a R., jaij s u'im 'in a is
'Jog.an spi ited i-il %nnr utr RB
GAlst rdi q llirlgatuclto.
crit n 1i thyterhee.*h,.ps
litned w *im riefiii em bltt' GiMa t
WAill T 1 4 CJA ii LL, 0 X-~t imid Pi 98'T P*
yti. Daou olit~~ija~ t~drc
Dhii cx triicieif frimni' 8coUes 'Laiiv 'iik th
L5JAp..MDiWAL 90*1 - 41111Ucii~l
imps; the fuirm6r ' 1hViiii '1Wsd tile
exprciia.r Am th eveni-iiigIr.h~whio
md~easgo ue enate.'illigritaifr'aWd
eOnmmcce. Wj~jTonjI(.6Xjenii pl;et6ar
arther, hbut fiuTc.he pres'ent m ti! iastas
we mraiamortdtm i1trh hkum
that siubject;I and -%ei iwutit d etirie rifig
our hearty :thtmkoltli bteRuisseL, im t ciriie'
delig fIiir'iemteraiipti 1L.Iii.ecJsn
inrasiip~ ha phi e ) . its ti eer ct i ur

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