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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, December 30, 1846, Image 1

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II'~~ i.A Wia i n'
Ib AT $Y" .1-; 1Z.Z: , ON'Q . ~ ~ * s ~..~ - ~'. ~~ ~ ~
1Ea .: U .. N: vot:Vue w19,~ eh W i
Two Dollarsiifibens '
3ollats, at the p1kieti'n.*( simegoio' lhtee.
Dollara and Fifty Ce au end;
Advertisementeed a cents ar l
d ore tid ailf'. for
ions tp;b nmarkea (on. al4l rtisAl pts-Rrlk hy
Iwill be a ner91;to, aqjon ue
j afed acent1ngP Ya
acclr A .e 'fr tsig'Ietln
hrvtild an ' !ofhly ahleertisemeps. 'wIllabe
iazr d the same as a single insprtiqp Andp Sei
or Pub (a Ijitioi a t t, NlO '4Ihit ihre i
21i ObIUd 1,ogtlNotice deetig 'shliW IisA
bommunications recommending Candidtes C40
lie offi - -94 or tcUsL ug.o Qung4E hi one,
.couga .or.Adverting willWb isetiedb
All leutsi, If1y n4i nost bo poutai t tossir a
territory betweeci ihe.Nueces and..thb'Rio
4rid'd. Iei' reid"depi-mtetfin't6*at l'egx
as w.as nptad tledylident staihj6u ', beil
U1 iP rouivin is 6stitiatel yei-se. red
in; ad lierpowed 'po (n'I i6 .i.ig
W iar Wit thie Q6aited Stikesivastorb con
'idiore Miicari Ahihoi-i
y over the whole territory-ot to'lhe
i ~ b ie." ' In vie
brih proeldi~d i irforaegof Mexbio othis
effect,'I de6med it a6y dity, a'&'A nre
al"p'rebatiortnil defence, tobrde- our ar.
my toocctipy a positionn oisr. frqntlir
as at drilltay 'starii'm nh'(ch our Xf6ops
could beat resist and repel any attempted
inks~ioi:iulld'aMfxicO ni lit'maike.
Our army had 0cCupiei[ a 1aifion at
Co,rjdCliristi, %siofthe Niec's, as car.
*'lasAugasi 81145, without complaint fron
uny quaiey. 11'ld'he Nueces been reg:ur
41ed asthe true western boundary of'T.
isthat44ndlafI d been passed by 'our,
ny mady iontli bfore it advanced to
ie eks tern'iank of the ,RI1 Grander .1n
my annual message of Deeim lera list, I
informed Con'g'es that, upon the invitation
af both ,lhd. . gress a'niI' Conveption. of
exa' I hail deemdid it .porter 'o ordier a
a 8rong squadron to the coasts of Mexico,
.And. titconcentrate eflicient nilitary force,
on~h westeii Irdntier orTIekas, to pro-,
lect and defend ,the inh-ibitants. against
theibrnaced in'vasion of Nexico. In that'
.messasgeI informed Congress that' thi mo.
mesit the teiniei of annoxaition offered by
klie .United Stytes were acceppd by Texad,,
ihe la erbe ani6A6 fdr'a part of our eown
country aj to make it our 'duty to aford
.'h prot iod deme.c; and that for
allot purpose our squadron had been ortler.1
od, t0e ppiVI, aid our airy to 1ak :
pg %eIl lthe Nueces and the Del',
irte, or Ri''Grande,' aind 1 iorepelaisy
invY~lsippE ofjleTelnns t&rritory which n'iigh L
be'a iermpted by the Mexican forces."
It was deerpidroi'rto issue this order,
because.Vo. .,atqr the president of Texas,
in April, 1845,.had issued his proclamation
convening the Congress of that republic,
fortibe purpose of submitting to that body
the tdrms of anniexation proposed by the
United States, the government of Mexico1
made serious threats of invuding .the Tex.
an territory.
Those threats became more ienposing
as it became more apparent, in the pro
gress of the qiuesiiin, thiat the people of
Texas tooldcdecide in favor of accepling
the terms of annexation ; and finally, they
h1(auumed such a' fm'rmidable character,I
as indueed both the Congress and Conven.
io'r"'I'exas'to request that as military
forcesh'uld-be sent by .the United States.
intogher;.territo.ry..fr the purpose of pro-1
secting and' defending her against the
threatenejd ingsaipmu. It wguld have ,been
p, .iojanl~p.Qf gqadI.fniikitouwmrds the peo
ple of'ITexag p~lfaacre .rcfusei9 afford the
aid yhichu.tJbsy esired againsta threatenaed
in Vasty,,M yhiihey hil been pxposed
by their determhilon to annex themselves
to our. Union, in eompliancewith the over
(ure'msiasi~ tyitham bf the' joit resolution
ofdu Cigrsa foram
'MSn'tlingl, a portion oouarywas
ordedred 'to hdvanice into Texas. Corpus
Chiati' ivas the position selected by Gene
mal,Taylor. .lHe encamped at that place in
Augneit,' 1845, arnd the army remained in
that poeition uniil the 1111h of March, 1846,
T el T'ine'd west wa rd, a nd on th e t wen
., e.gfttlthat 'rmoli'th reached the cast
tbank ofthe Rio Grande opposite to Mata
meoras. ' Thiis md6bement was made in pulr
sugnce of orders,. from the War Depart
ment issued on'the thiirteenth of January
1840. Before these. orders wecre issued,
the d.9spaich of' our minister in Mexico,
tr'ierhit'ti'ng't'e decision of the Council of
Govertaiment 431 Mexico, advising that lhe
should not be' received, and also tihe die
upatch of onir caoqsul .residing in Mexico
the former bearing date'in the seventeeth,
aditihton the '16Eth. of Decermber,
1848 siei~f-both~ of which acconmanied
m~"jrhe algd.of the:1.ith of May last-were
received at thme Departmecnt of State.
minister would x o e. rdivedlbiM
Gofn ent of GU alerera. Pk,
also-well ki9o tits b1t. iDtoe hope uh
e diriigifad#'rngeuter
O*qerg gedecqsp ihaipv1Aignr
-0- eiet.hie -ap -prspptin ,u14
nea a. a I, deg
enge i5Agat t- oe Udii e'
t.; 7~s. vlre 40gadtegtop
"5. Agpspp0 andl gjyP3ga~le4go tppm et~
;JeP .O P%? ' . pg j.4nti 09
ernment of Ierre~a y force. Titegecog"
quest of Texas, in:i wqpr witlh th' Ui'ted
States, were .t hejirguinstances existing,
nasygad gecrma~d,n(Ge d'ay
T .011 py,.a it o 6 n .0., neul
se~, cIs An pon n Q
St ~ olr' have. qy nT , B
'hoipehmeen.n .'f gej I
e9 r i-ntpo hartsy ht:
States sap,,,ft eward Mner
omh op._,Q "t
f~me.h:can*M fnteofloregn.lan r 'ine ofu
Viinister; bearli' df ie" t'odf'io *hI
Miarchll 1840t, alhhad then revolu
tiomz t e goverment and his, mi er
afti s; erring to the resolutiop foi antie,
a0tio'of Tehxas, wfich ilad been adopted.by
our Congress indib I845,' roceeds to
declare thqt '"a faEtsuch as this or, p
sp~eakinhrat kXacieis, 10notabe
a 1 0to usurpatton c reatedA it e fious
nessily lhat1NMoktib1 A o' 'h-Nnor,
should repel 'it with' T'er; fiiliness and
dignitg. Tie' Supr' 6 overnoie' t ha'
beforehanl i eeul 00e diwbiild'Ub loi
on such an 1ai as casuai' b Ii,' "aU1
consequenbe 6r thit fir "lin,"negfi
tion wais by its' vi-ey nature,'t an id rm1
wai'was die' only r6ure 'of thd tMexiC
governiment," . ' " " _':'1
It appears,. also, that onthefourth ot
April'following,'9eneral raiedes 4yroggi
his miinieser of. war, assued orders o the
'1xici Gberl in cornm'aiiofm ie Te
an fronUtier to.' "ttuck" our armn" Ui -
ery means which war iermis. o
Gen. Paredes'h idWen pledged to therol
and peopmle of Me'kico difring ihs riiili~tii
revolution which 'had brought' him iinto
power. Oni the eighteenth of April, 1&4,
General Piredes 6ddressed a letter to the
commander on that frontier, in which lye
stated t6 him "dat the present date I sup.
pose you are aith' head -of th'ati'alinnt
army, either fighting' already, o. rejpar -
inig for the operations of a campaigh;"1
and, " supposing you already on the tlea
tre of operations; and with'all the fortes
assembledit is indispensible that-hostilities
be commenced, yourself taking the intia.
tive against the enemy."
The.movement of our army-to the: Rio
Grande was made by the comtmanding gen.
erul. under positive orders to abstain from
all aggressivo acts towaids Mexico, or
lexinimi citizens, and to regard the rela.
tions between .tie tIwo countries ascpeace-l
ful, unless Mexico should 'd.clre war, or,
commit acts of hostility inifica ive of a*
state of.war; and these orders Imefiitiful
ly executed. Whilst occupying his posi.
tion on the east. bank of thd. Itio Grande,
within the limits of Texas. then ricently
admitted as one of the States, of o1r Uni
on, the commiianding general of the Mlexi
can'forces, who in pursuance of the orders
of his governmnent,-had collected a laree ar
my on- time opposite shore of the .,u
Grande, crossed the river, invaded our ter
ritory.and commenced hostilities by attack
ing our forces.
TVhus, after all the injuries which we had
received and borne from Mlexico, amid after
Bihe had'insultingly rejected a minister senit
to-her on a mission of peace, and wvhom
she had solemnly agreed. to receive; sheo
consimmwated her long.esourse of outrage
against ourcouintry by commencinmg an. of.
fensive war and shedding the blood of our
citizens on.our own soil.
. The United Statesnevcr attrmpted to
acquire Texas Jby cp.4quesl.. On ihe con
trary, at an early period after thme people
of Texas hand achieved their independer~ce,
they sought to be aunexed to time United
Statesa. . At a general election imn Segitim
ber, 1830, they decided with great unanim
ity in favor of " annexation," amid in No
venmber following, the Congress of thme re
public authorized time appointment of a
mimnister to bear their request to this gov
ernmmenit. T1his govermnent, howev'er.
having remained neutral betwveen Texas
and Mexico during thme war between thmerm
and considering it due to thme hounor of our
country .anmd our fame among thme na tions
of time earth, that we should not at this
carly period consent to amnnexation, nor
until it shmould be manifest to . the whtmile
world that thme reconiquest of Texas ,by
Mexico, wvas impossible, refused to accede
to time overtumrcs made by Texas. Onm thme
12th of April, 18-44, and after more than
seven years hmad elapsed since Texas had
establishmed her independence, a treaty was
conicludled for tihe amnexation of that me.
public to time United Statecs, wvhich wvas re
jected by tihe Senate. Finally, on time first
of March, 1845,- Congress passed a jimt
resolution for annexing her to the United
States, uponi certain prelmimnry conditions
tonwhich her nsnni wna rmqmirmd. Ti'in
foetemg ag q*g i'Yee'yP'trgsg
a9 X.O M3Or. part
at mins eg it ; gn~ ip
'a M t ar.h, TIrl',e -qtgrigs
uanJ fcphu.rv A9Xa4
. ntuit ~ralgpcridnQfygF terrp
tj goteg pgynnyth rs.tpoq
. f I'xn r, Acob
t . t n ,,pa a. ;9gPA hus, p9otIN
LN ~
1 d Mkr A ggraaig-nng et .ie
Iy I ryg i - n'p'r~ ;'Al MO~o Ido
,1 In t ic U e
- 'Monprnlfo~i Ceto
ase by o g g(Icpn
Every hnYh d i'*gle IrIieedy
f *.:.:0 .jm 9,7li g
zrYe Orh(e1 ,,1 pereio.g
rc af aleg geioe' niaeuds
,.e o*lus, .na d ?,1 ngegain thy d
*s avto th shoe so~~taega:4
rhc ,ov srer, oe portdo gfexJqaej.r1 itito
ry,'e el eta potengagit the resoluti o
nof aprltjuss ;being Csqsqa and idvr
ntiounced thaioara cotstrgenu is
sion..l to nited .SII's le( U red
Mii'den0imu i histrik >oWPI
p-ili tedll./I ;itipo (th e b r p t
i4adeby cauerofchpat deve t hr
Lgenenie-to' auA to theult taj, u f
aHl kiindest id * 't,'rt'endlyuk relatioil1.4,'
h'at'thri d=e x" (ijd -opblcs
dproyia fi-a exied i this a .
Ulen'by'O.6 Melean di, I.
Every ihoenoe jbccuro. t in i
Mex-ico I g id b /whl trinte aG iplo
preserve geaceriye "t" bee - hn
firetitoas e o es-npron e atil.
M ijilld re'n;I enoaed e .t
not ofble othSepretary of sater or tie fd6'
heMarcaa845 grinnert *'"li t "Uf h
mxican ri'iste u.'Wilto f d
re-htate adicusciftio withidclhid aelfe h
allahexbanetelr ai p bet11ed t
two goyer anciit InSptm f 8
rr MOhao ahe hde Oex, Tby xas
licr.pl e, hi d pro'h ov n he in a ei
thli~e ery'i'/t et 6 t1. ''
goeohtion'gMercmens -hk d agroe id
kntledel at the pbeoulin o n
nexation tpoassidn by. Cdisress, ,nd gav'e.
asuranc rt tou-" mpost 6rnuoti efOrts
Shif'he devoted ato' the ineabl aijstmen' it
revery cause of compeeint btween the
hv governmnt,'io the te tultiaidn 'atD
the kindeit and riost rt'ndly i-elatiohiui
T iatuive'actied in ie spirit of this as.
;;idaCr icyill appear from Ohe, e'vents Which
have since ccurred. Not ithstanding
Mexico vnmd abeut,iy terminated all dild
maic in ter'course'wtith' th'e.United' Stafes,
anld ,ori'ght;' th~erefore,'t-0, hilve' been the
firsC :to sk fr its resdvption, ye, av
in all-cremtony I emi-aced,th eraieal
forihablte oprtuny to paero erta nruz
svthetgoiiatotg homen whbetiey,
ould th reivpVt nvohioy frte, Ard Una(t
States entrusted with u full peowerrid'ag1d
Ali nestions in 'dispute betweenthe
tio g6r mei -TI September, I845
believed thepraiitious mohient for such
an overtre had arrived. Texas, -by--the
brentusiatic and almost unanimous will'oi
her-people, hadjtpronou nled-in favoPor
innesotion, Mexico. hers'elf -hind- ogre'ed. 1
Ackntiedte oh n i nndpeldencegofal'etot
ubject to a condition, It is, nob dout .e
had no rightto imptse al no, power to
yforce. The last lingering hope of Mexi.
ho, ifthe still could have restaind -fhiy,
pronces must hav bee and-.
-miseionsu inormh ied Stgras at theor
bi ty t a teimeas the"reforned such
by teo Seares of raes on the 15othr
oul Sepeber pr845, to makhe iquiry,
ofgrs tut ert the Mexican governme. heigi
rynasnade thndg manthethyJlu to do.-so5
upnth minit of oriAfaistr inth Mexo
efuse oereenin aote- adreie himo
forenlieh e thdrab Vera Cruz tettr
wiehief nootaton. sho4uld e pending,--a
Upnthe ecip aftis h' neror rana
"."JL lot
Iti4ibidnoaesjin'c 'it
or Here.a.
Alat 41,W4 ibe ito nfj" J.""taxi a,
wel,4ispond. io~pcfb dutlal'i
-0hio dfidU~licuh ioa; _-Mu*1,, proih, Alrved'
.M tile, 'dulner "of' tb ~lkvilttlqfia led O' by
had baen hvse ihulpt~~~i
;kl qalestioaisn0 illpug& b~fti" witheii**
:gOVQpjnrnetAW&Yj eAiieing the.fiotb 6I U0a'e
texks 6or this refusal, -.the' ..pbipalon4
IVM, .hqioliminate i~anoptgonetadpon
941 ?0TOro noi~ that,
liitlenniity should be tIriated ofq'itAfthek,.
4Pr$Iqgll lki, lq1Cn 1
1; pp~v ~~ l gI. rtie;
jtlist ceYf49byVaiothiedasi~e ai A
kno.iq~o.be bit xly hostile o thetUjited
1:19u -It 11W iPrOSPeb A. Po~ ps'elfid. mid.
justment with the asP~~OP~1V
lunprp isig, frqlp OVbe 4ikuw hosIj o
Mions bejwy em,~WQ cutrsobmi.
16i6lw tote wgvtrainent, and asok to.be
in WNiWh liet hadl been commisioAed$ These
ins~ructio~p p he ,.u 0e4 lii~~l~fje
fnirt o(.hJter , or4es4Kote
M e~~lciti i ~ A fa s L
;of thesame molib~etiuv e
maineld f~fbi r nflnlst,
p~supttaaanal fetii 646 the Untied~iis
T . Tius 'U kiithe'
presented t h'cvlzd ol, r
jj cijjij-oin, eprvas
agrt-emenit, haiifg rjceauf~i
justali the AA iti jg d iffiti heoes'i ete r, ihh
two' contrieo in- t -Manner just'andi hifoiu
able, to both. I -am Iniot awvuro' that htilten
history presents a parallel casbIt"ig1~ch
i n time of pea-cej. dgi n--a-'' tioa, "hi' refuse~d
eveuito -hoar rpropoalti-onwi fitim a'itothir '611
terminitaing ellisifir difficultlios 1betwejii
them.. Scarcely -a hope falutd u
difietulties; even& atv a remoate dayi/ orf
p)rerwrving peace, with hlxd;1*'l"VF
cherished tt bile Ptrcdites t~n mi' &jyiithe
7 9:a -
V1 0 AA' q1
19r ..1 Vv
[email protected] MA-, --
ths-"7L -
-A I S* 1~
1* h'~
1a) o'vr caa
Or. R4ri~
be H dd e tsitgd
fdif~iir niy**hkl
litdi Of dlM &Wel i'tA'd*
Ynf We;4 h% E
-tneM vnteffkeerngna e
iii.fdeal onil oi b o( 7 --
*4.hst I Aiinb
ofl' e tC. ier v{
Si Al ira tIn 4M
of, i $tulflc{ t
n8SuWO E' f"#riflid U61d nesr.
iii4 t14 F
q tcd n rh u i o icr io
heditit Wii oi
0oibe n ar Inag lk1is i
pro fession/ and -6t
(u l &iul1itary revdhi grt et
hitobtlict d ion r. IHo - -.1n1 *wo% '.%
ene~niyer thbI.0Mied S iiiftjtiw,
hadfintiolyd- bhi4g n~i:?~
war8dt Al
ptedgedoea fvittg tt6in t d ~ -
Asr L9 i 4dtL
tohealb.4dzata l' "t .4Wfn
fnvietWoffiottietbd4 -d
aasin*hianyderS q
onHimidder' bf- cki i f
an te ieeni, didfWMill d
Jausler sh& e*WebY W(OtWr W'S
recognfaen a'bf 'th4geJs'4 A~t.
Soetnita A idreitth (
riet Y. t 0 T
Wpk6wt0 t6i$p Ar
feth'e dy ryhj-:? 'isu e (ooiqd
Sti'6Aly te idds,/S0ita '.tMik -
lt re ilAiiHV be:e'n' te hp retfn
id:W ~ ~ ~ cl A A F tlegr t
elim3tb ji 'j'1 . y exipjp g o a pue
it. bed ainfra~ tius itre
iunve're n'fh6 !!ecti'ont d t6 A
nidieddy1iet' 'T %'c'inb p r
deso b'~abEitelecfpue9MI a
power, lt Is inorigj Siala'et apy
tic adjusment woulaey pis
iMxila'' Iii,dmn ta,tgthfs
indi gtbpnt kViW tS rnation wsa, at*nes
UooaC ngeua progtptil r. *ondj
(onth's (I Ax'catosgfte'on
th' ac o thti te coin~rgQ
14a31 fift tat wari exsat pact
of' txicd bbiwoen iI "n" gs
ther rbpublle, muifrantedit moinans nie
cessary (or its vigorous pros'ec p tloy p
ihtvufrd'lkeir *Watthds n6dfi' eib by
Ntexkd~ahd foi the juealde a which'ob~
parta we utnky don tigtiy jiY6 t4" .h
,woile #orlil'.I' ridsdl ed W prod iftt
*wrth therutmdst tiger'' Adcordik "ytlib
ports of Mexico. on the Gulf and on
Pacific have been placed unider' biltase?
end llbr' sdrrltory in'vaqL d ecr1l i~syd4

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