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-, zt W 1Lf
1a PtLIsuD Wg3IkLv,
T E R At81S
Two Dollars ail Fifty Cents In advance, 'Threo
bollirs, at the ot piration of six months, or Three
Dollars and Fifty Cents, at the end of the year.
Advertisements inserted it 75 cents per square,
(17lines or. less,) for the Art anti half that sum for
aab aubeqieeat. insertion. * The number -of inser.
lions. to be marked on all Adverliseiments. or they
Will 11,peblished uptil ordered.to be discontinued,
and ch-.ded acrdingly.
One' Dollar pdi -quare for a single insertion.
4uarterly and Monthly itvertisements %II1 be
bhai-gei tie san as a single insertion", and Semi.
mInthly the sim'e .s how 6nen.
For publishing. Citations ar thte law directs three
dollars will be charged,
All Obitlary Notices exaceding-sii lines, and
tUoiimnuhications teedmnknending Candidates for puhr.
lie officesof prifik or trust--or puffing Exhibitions,
will be charged as advertisements.
*V'Acccunts fo'r Advertising will be presented for
.payment quarterly.
All letters by mail must-be pout paid to itsure a
punctual attention..
ry e -Founary and Prine
ruihing Warehousei
THE Subscribers have opened a NEYV
'YPE FOUNDRY In the city of New
York, where they ate ready to supply or
tiers to any extent, for any kind of JOB or
-ANCY TYPE, and every article neces
sary for a Printing Ofrice.
. The Type, which are cast ih new moulds,
from an entirely nev se of matel-ials, with
deep counters, are warranted to be unsur
passed by any, and will be sold at prices to
suit the tinies.
Printing Presses furnished, and also
Steam Engines of the most approved pat
N. B. A.-Tachinist Is constantly in at
tendance to do light work.
Editors .of newspapers, who will bkuy
three-times as much type as their bills
a mount to, may give the above six months
nsertion in.their pipers, and send their
paers containing itno the subscribers.
Oct. 3, 1846, 1 6m 68 A nn St.
OF 'rnE
UNDER'the -above Title, it is proposed to
publish a paper in the Town of Sumter
ville. The paper will be issued weekly,
oti the morning if every Wedisday.
It Is believed, that Sumter District af
fords as inutiy capabilities for sustaining a
weekly newspaper, as a medium of Adver
tisdnient, Geineral News aid Iusiness, its
any of her slster Districts in the State; and,
confiding In this bel'ef, iwe Invite, to our
columns, the attention of those, both in
this and tie surrounding Districts, who
may be desirous of advertising and see fit
to do so. It is vell known, that the sup
port of a paper in generali deiends not so
much on the magnitude of its sutbscription
list, as on the advertising pawronage wvhich
It may reci-ive. This is the case in cities.
In a country Town, however, and District,
as this is, we must depend on the patron.
nge both of subscrihers and advertisers.
We hope, thenj that tar enterprise will not
fail from want of encouragement.
A strict attention will be paid to the lo
cal interests of the Town and District, and
we shall endeavor to keep up, if necessary,
tihe spirit anti enthusiasm, which now ex
its, In regard to the connexion of Sumter
with Charleston and Wilmington, (N. C.)
by Rail Road.
In Politics, TuE BANNER will be strict.
ly Demnocratic, and will give a firm d p port
to the National Administration, so flir as
it conformis to the pinchies upiu which
it secured the support of thte Democratic
party at the South1
-The assistante of a frinnl, fully trnpe
tent to the task, has beeni secred for thme
editorial deput-tmenit. It is not deemed
tiecessary to smake -an exposition of tihe
great variety* of matter that will be con
tained in the pages of our paper; stuffice it
ay, that no pains wIll be spared to render
It an acceptable visiter in evefy family' in!
the District. The undersIgned trusts, that
the late failure in the attempt to establish
a paper in this place, wvill not be permitted
to operate tunfavorably tupon his enterprise.
The paper will hie printed on a super.I
royal shteet. wvith five columns to the page,
at Two Dollars and1( Fifty Cents, if paid in
pdvance,.Three Dollars, at the expiratiotn
of six months, or Three Dollars and Fifty
cnts, at thte end of time year.
Proprietor and Publisher.
N. B.'-For fuirthter particulars, as re
gards a Ivertizing, &c. see terms on first
page. Commutnications on btusiness, &c.,
and subscri ptions anid ndvertisements, wvill
be received at tIs office.
Subscriptions and advertisements are
To the Public.
All persons are hereby cautioned against
trading for a NOTJE giveni by me to onte
Ilotchikis, for Eighty-five Dollars, as the
article for whlich said Note was given, has
p)rover, to be entirely worthless, andl 1 will
not p~ty time Note, unldess compelled by
Dec. 23.1840. 8 a
For the Bannor.
There is a blank within the soul, a void within the
A struggle for a feeling that life cannot inpart;
Thiak clouds of sadncss hang above and shirond all
hope in gloom,
And sot row kills eath budding thought, and makes
the mind a tomb.
No tempest rules the sinking heart, no passion leaves
its lair,
But, sullen silence holds it back, in motionless des
And madness would ,e welcone, ot death wolid
h shed a light, -
When doubt and darkness keep the soul in everlast
ting night.
Vain is each wish that lifts the sight to rest on some
buight sputj
For all around is desolate, forgetili and fo.got;
tears have a feeling In them like morning dews to
They shed a moistdie o'er the soul, expelling all its
Dat when the clouds are hanging beneath a burning
The flowers and the foliago must wither, fade and
Tears are the. outlet oft he heart, when filled with
deepest woe,
But when'a stream is stagnant its waters cannot
The Eagle feels the arrow that brings him from the
And takes his last look at thoso scenes that quit his
cluivering eye;
His lofly spirit yet would rise when power gave it
- birth,
But vain the struggle with the weight that crushes
him to earth.
Man hath an Eagle spirit, too, that makes its holdest
flight, -
Amid those stars that brightly ahed upon his path
their light,
But smite his spirit in its course and hurl it back
A sigh will tell, its ruin, where sorrow marked its
Willow Grove, Dec. 25, 1840.
From the New Orleans Delta.
Jack Moran wns certainly the most-ori
ginal genius that we ever met with. lie
served in all the campaigns in the Florida
war, and was -present at the battles of Re
saca de la Palma and Palo Alto. Jack is
nM fictitious imdividutil. lut a real flesh.and.
blood animal, and in all human probabili
1y, at the very time that we write- this he is
ei ther lounging aboehut the Palo A Ito Ijimuse,
at Point Isabel, or else shooting curlews
and cranes in the marshes adjacent. Jack's
headquarters were the sutler's store of our
amiable friend II- and ti, II- Jack
was "all in all." lie blacked boots, cur
ried down the 1, rses, shot birds, drank
whiskey, did all a ''chores" and cnrsing
for the whole party. The first acquain
tance we had with Jack, uns one fine
morning directly after a rain. The back
part of the store. (a mere ricketty-racket.
ty shanty;) was absolniely alive with frogs.
Some one called out. in the very richest
Milesian brogue
"Ah, Paddy, me boy, how are ye this
mornin'? Jimmy, love, did ye slape Wel
last night? By the luka dv .yer coat I'm
thinkin' that ye wur caught in the rain.
Never mind, Jimmy, you and I are one
tbnd the same ; both av us disciples
ov the bllissidl Pa ther Mlatthewv, and(
diowldl wathier is unr maxim furiver an
a dlays Georgy, my lark, how's yer moth.
et and all --.h, mnnrthe*r murther ! Iv'e.
kIlt him ! I've kilt him i I"'
Jack burst into the t tore, with his hands
before hsis eye4, alpparenitly iti the~ grea test
agony of remorse.
" What's the matter, Jack 1"
-' Oh, I've kilt my darlin'! ie wvas the
loveliest ov 'e all-I nursed him since
lie was a babe, and nowv I've murdered
him !"
"Minrdered who, Jack 1"
" Poor little Pathrhck, the Utde frog
wid the speckled coat and thie white sto~ma
ach I I accidentally throd on his toe and
broke heis back I"
Just at this moment an elongated spec.
imeni . humanity, as yellow as saffrmn, antd
as weak as that same ceofee, (which wais aso
weak that it conhint'g run down anm inclined
plane,) entered the store anid inquired ''for
some-bird shot-to,-shooit- hem Ii ttle
birdees-that-wos a comin' all arouind."
At almost every word the poor fellow
would have to stop and drawv a long breath
in ordher to give him strength sufficient to
repeat the succeeding one; but Jack, al
though his heart was full of sympathy for
the afflicted, could not resist the opporlu-'
" 1s it shot ye wvant?"
" Yes,-I want--some shiot-to shoot
them there little"
"Oh, I know wvhat ye want. Is it for
them we'e bits ov birds that come hoppin'
about ab~out as thick as gtooseberriea in
mackerel se-asomi?
" Well, I don'l--want-nothin'-else.''
"By the powers, mue boy, ye'vc cnmc to
the rigt' Placet, This is the oilly .4toor V
(torelthat they sell shot to kill th1m same '
birdees, aind its I am here to attind on ye. c
I've' tlrldel atil -thriadl to kilt 'em, but this e
is the only kidd ov metal that will pene- I
tihrate their ldles." 8
Here Jack.scoopedtip pAbout a poun'd of v
buck shot, large enough to kill a bull, let i
alone bitds I not largbr than sparrows. I
" But," said the Invalid, "I wanted musc s
tard seed shot, I-"
"Man alive," answered Jack, with seem. t
ing asperity, "I till ve these and no oth- a
era ase the shot. I rouled thim in mius- t
thard,-and otld Major Monroe, long life
to him say II used to kill thausands and n
thousands ov birds, ivery mornin' before I
noon for his b'reakfast."
Jack's logic had a great effect on the r
"green un," and lie actually sold him four t
pounds of buck shot to bc used against A
birds tamer than chickens and not bigger a
than wrens 1!
Jack was a foraging party in himself- t
money was of no use to. him-lie hail plen-F
iy of whiskey, two old spavined horses, a I
gun that went off once in about five times,'f
dd as for powder and shot, why he al-*
ways managed to get them somehow or 9
other. He would kill a brace or two of I
plover, and then sell them for a Aish; then
he'd trade the fish ol for whiskey asnd
airuniltion, or arything else lint lie might
want. So lie went on, a careles-, light
hearted- liquor-loving creature, thinkin I
of naught that might happen on the mor-.1
Once, whilst on a shootinig excursion on
the plain outside the fortifications at Point
Isabel, Jack happened to be our escort,
In fact, ie acted as pointer, and showed
where the game lay. Suddenly lie flushledi
a covey of partridges-we were about to ,
fire when lie shouted "hiciuld ons !"
"Jack, you're a fool ! what did you do
that (or I"
"A h, sir," said Jack, wi bt a true sigh,
"D'ye see that grave, yonler; not thim
narrow dirt piles, .ut the grave there wil
the muskets and bng'nets sta din' round ii.
That, sir, is poor R1inggold's gravc, and
these is his partridgin. They feed about
there and se-in to love his diisa; I wouldn't
kill ene of 'an if I was starvin !"
The lesson was stmple, but touching.
There, indeed, was the truly unartial grave
of the gallant kiiggold, aind his friends,
"Sadly and sloatly they laid him down,
From the field of his fame fresh and gory;
Yet tihey carved not a line-raised not a stune
But lel himl) ALr-X in his glory I"
Ot another occasion, to-,, we noticed
a spirit in Jack that was above all praise,
An offileer of the army was on furlough, (a
term used, possibly, to save his feelings,
fot in fact we believe it was ani eternal fir
lough ;) lie was vet v much addicted to in
temperance, which, in all probability, was
the cause of iall his in afortune. One morn.
ing, after a carouse, he woke up and found
that some person had cut the shoulder
strips fromn his military coat, Naturallt
seaisitive, this insult drove hin almost dis
tracted, anid as a dernier resort, lie again
heil recourse to tie bottle. Alout noon
lie was at perfect maudlin-fa ienlless, poor, a
and disgraced almost beyonm redemption,
lie had none to succor him, and would not
'' ilave turned up his heel to save his life."
All around were laughing. sneering, scoIf
ingi but poor Jack Maoran, the poor drunk
eii soldier still had a heart that welled up
ite purest streams of sympathy. He took
charge of the disgraced officer, and treated
him with the tenderness of a brother.
"A, gintlemin,'' sal Jack, " I know that
I am Jiot thme likes ov ye-fair I like to get
dllaru'tk, anal ho may sowl l'ad be dhrusnk all
the while If mae fortune casuha affoord it'-I
Ala, poior Captain----~, I knew him iwhainc
he was a miana, aand a braver nior a helter
soger nivir stoodl in shoe leather. If ye'ad
seen hiam as I have, wvid his beautiful wvife
along asde iv hsium, lisa bright soosra by1) his
side, iad his eye sparklisn' wvid the brighta
hope, ye'dl not haugh at himt ntow. The
bloodly Insguan SemtiinlesR rtalneda hiis swveet
lady--if thsey'ad murthecred her it wotahl ha'
been a blessmi'-but no atler, lie's nilvir
bit. the same man since 1"
As noble a heart as ever brat in man's
bsmn dwelt ins the breast of poor Jack
Mo ranii"
Prom thea tupirit of te Timesg.
1hia name wvas I)ANPHULP.-we used toa
call himt "' Jackass'' for sht I. Ileaven
help m e if lie shsuldIs se~e ihis s sry. li
hope lie doni'iti ake' the '' Spirit." A mongit iI
his mniy msisfosrtmiass--for hea was rocsk,
eyedl, redl-hairedl, asnda knasck -knuesd--he I
numbleread that i srs iveieniiit on se sif hashi
Cni Iness, lie was fssnsd of Ildies,titli abhaghI
when in their presenice ha nesvser opaened a
Isis nionthi if lie could hselp it, anal wheat lie
di speak lie usedl b'th hannds to help him I
talk-in faict lie wvas a young mast of "great a
actmniss." Jack, one wvarmu day, fall inii
love ; he halid just gradauatedl at College,
an ad began to ilhink lie mu lst seek this La
dies ssociety ; hae was get ainag tso be a mast,(
andsa it losok ed mnt ifail ly toa liate a "' peat-r
chiant.'" Mo Jack fell in lsive withs use F
swueetest, livelisisi, msost htoydentish girl in
the square, but hiow to tell liii loe! thre,- I
vae the rub. ohad hes-d a good deal
f the., laUigiie of the ey6s," and he scN -
ordinigly tried het-, but Khenever lie look.
1, particularly hard at the window where p
fis Emily Was in the habit of sitting, t
ome person on the other side-pf the street a
rould invariably bow to himi thinking o
e was endeavoring to catch their: eye. di
le has.dspised expressive eyes ever be
At length Jack obtalued an introduction Ig
barough hi sater and with her he call bi
everal. times, but she was %-.obliged to
eave the city for a season, and sa etchinter- l
iepw had only increased his ardor, hefi- *t
ally determined upon. 'going it .alone." b,
.ong before the hour Iixed upon by cusom al
ir an evening visit, he fouid himself ar
ayed in .his best. Blue.coat, metal but
ins-black cassimere pants, (said Pants i
eing a "leetle" tighter tilan the skin,)
nd a spotless vest, The Journals of the
ny state as an item of information that
lie Thermometer ranged from 75 to 80 de.
rees. Jack swears it was a hunlred I
ts the hour gradually drew near, Jacj n
4und his courage and perspiratiorf oozing
ut together, and he almost determined to it
i0no of and stay at home. lie concluded, i
iowever, he'd take a walk past the house P
1d see how he felt. By the time Ie reach. s
i the house ie firmly concluded not to
!41 in but seeing noe) signs of life there, he
biught it prob-ible that no one was "at
smie," and since he had proceeded so far b
e'd phiceed farther, and leave his card. C
Vo soroner determined than concluded.- t
In a reckless moment he pulled the bell- g
he dlarned thing needn't make such a s
'cussed" noise. The' door was opened
ms if by magic. and the servant girl polite. a
y asked him to walk in. " Miss Emily ii
Vas all alone in the parlor, and would be u
lelighted to see him !"
Oh Lord ! here was a fix ! Go in a t1
dark parlir with a pretty girl all alone! c
t was ))tot late to retreat, the girl had clo- ti
ed the front door and was pointing the ti
voy into the parlor where "Miss Emily f4
vas sitting all alone." Being perfectly
-tinvinred that no choice was left him, 9
n4o the dark rooin he walked or rather v
idled. All was perfect chaos.to his eyes i
or a moment; then from the steepest
,loom came forth an angel voice "bidding
tim welcome ani draw near.' To obey
lie order was -the work of a moment as
t supposed-but he little dreatht of the
>bstacle Fate had thrown it his iway. He
mew full well the stream of Love. had P
nany. ripples, but full. grown snags enter. d
,d not into his calculation. Judge there.
ore of his astonishment at being tripped d
ip almost at the fair one's.feet, by a 1at
tool with plethoric legs which chance or d
careless servant had placed exactly on
us road to happiness.-Over lie went,"and i
is the tailor had not allowed for an extra s
ension of muscles, ani sinews, lie not on
y "procured" a tumbler. but also a "com- ti
iound fracture" of the black-pants ifore. a
aid, said fracture extending ailacross P
lint point which comes -in close contact f
vith a chair. Having picked himself up "
s carefully as circumstances would allow, v
lie smothierel laugh of Miss Emily "not
etting him forward pnyj" he at last sue- a'
ceded in reaching a chairi atil drawing 1i
is coat tails forward to preveut i disagreb. a,
ble expose, sat himdelf down with as la
nuch grace as a bear *ould be expeated el
n exhibit when requested to dance oit ne- i
les. The young lady, who was almost ol
ufincated with laughter atihe sad mishap of
f time bashful lover, felt truly sorry for at
im ani used all her powers of fascination d!
) drive it from his mind, and eventually ol
ucceeded so far as to induce him to make - i
remark. And on tii tock lhe split, for d
ust at that mnoment shesdiscovered site hadh
ast hidr handker-chief. "What had be- ha
ems of it ? She was sure she had it as
,hen he came inl It must detrtainly be a
omecwhere about I Havnit you it tandor a
on11 Mr. Danphulef Jack was sure that b
souldniit be so I but poor Jack in venturing w
:o answer couhld not possibly get along p
ithiout raising his lIans, and ot course y
ta must drop the coat tail. In his anxiety 1
n recover this missing " viper1" he eventi
entuired to intdinie his body so as to get o
glance on the floor. As he did so the 51
racture opened, and beholdl there lay as g
he lady supposed, her' reperty. It wras a
lie work of anl instant to seize time corner, o
mid cxcii-" Here it is, sir, you needin't il
routble youirself. Raise a little, it is uinder ei
ott " at the same time giving it a long p
smil. AlIas, the tail was now told-no es. a
-.spe-nothing short of a specipl interposi. w
14)n Of Proividence couild save his shirt.
bit whast asold lie do? Another, a strong
miul.evincissg sin the part of tie young l adya ta
r;iraewsirthiy determination to obtain thed
list " siy gosods," csoupled with the re.d
sInet ts, " Get up sir, youmr're sitting on it,"
lemsrmuined him, ands in time agony of the 0
ns'ment, gralbbcl wvith both hands a fast "i
Ilsa ppearing strip of linens rhich encircled a'
is meck, he exclaimed istheart-broken ac.
et,"For Govd's sake Mius Emily, leave
ly shirt collar !"
Tan .SADDLE ON TtrE O'lIER INo~sE.-"
)ne i)aniiel ines, of Newv Bedford, Mass., ha
ecently re~coveredh 820 of Ehiza Ann mi
hiiithi for a breach of promise to marry. Vi
Ve think that Eliza got rid of Datiel ti
trctty cheap. - s
COLORECD 'NM.-fk F alua op.* 4
my. be mad, frm n .strodg de ton
e ingrediepts used lndyeftng nIe*iI
little aluma,' m orabic. yid
dinary~ water er cakes emp e
-awn,,g difuse'd. Irough stere m yl4
used for, dolored ink.
WIZ.Lows ABinSI. Mto1sTUNkI-3-An '
ance is related wherefruit tees wereist
d condition from the:subsoil retainng
ofrpchstui&*i re, The. plntink of wil
w trees-near tirh ws toi owed by a re
ationjo oelath, This reenlt wgs attri S
mg,-An iih turir
:To cis sORIC DACe IN ItdRsM.--WJhed
ur gaddle.has.ucualded the ak of jour
3rae; get som White ashes; clean and
es rrdtIhrHl,'sprinkle tifAm oketle dorel
utsyour blanket od darefully, and.thbh:yod
av saidle your horse and ?Ro ahead'
et will be a new skin, over. H before
BOTTERED Eaos.-Put A piece o hbte
ir in a saucepin, andneltit iddlbg a lt.
e milk- Break the eggs-into a baih, andt
nr them into the saucepan. Season *itli
it and pepper; and continute stlrripg th
gs till they are adflidiently crssedda
erve *m piebes of toasted bread.
FoOD.--Por young chickens notdin Ai
titer than Indian dorh dough, until if
an eat corn or the refuiseof wheat. They
'ill eat the latter in a few ilays, and small
rain corn in less than three *ebks. 'Th
ioner they get to eat griin tihe better.
A corriespondence of the Ledger vom.
unicateithe fullowing recipe for clean.
ig kil gloves; sun uiades, silks, &c.i
'ithout injuring or changing the color:
Dip a clean white rag in a small quanti
r of camphine olIl rub the article to bd
leanod until thei soil or grease is removed;
>en take a dry iag and ub the article un.
I perfecily iry. 'It will then regain its
rmer beauty, and look equal to new.
entle heat black rosuii; lb.; reimols Abd
essel fron the fre and add oil of turpuau
ne 1 pini,.
Font Va: Dboas.-Wutt heai br wheta
ran for a week or tio, kept inicoop ei
lace that they can go atiopleasure . A f.
!r some time, a rich wash nisde bf ;any
Ind of vegetailest-bdAihg::bester thaw
araley, thickened. .wh-vtlthe husks of.Ini
ifn mInl. It will hot do to keep -both
iri of ducks foi breeding on the same
PICKLINO CbcfimEizs;--To each huna
red of cucumbers pat a pint or sailt, YoiV
I boiling water sufficiehr to colertheinj
Ithier stand twenty.four hours, the vi.
l closely covered; they are*,then to be
ken out and wiped dry witbouth eakain
le skin, and put in the ja'i in-Wh the
re to be kept. Boiling f1negaids ihen
ut to them, the jar clnsed'tilight, and In 4
rniight delicious hard pickles are prodii%
d as green as when they' were upo'the
ines--tho-best vinegar mnust be used.
INDIAN PUD'INO.BoI a quart of milk,
idstlr in Indian, meal till it is nearly as
tick as you can 'stir it wills a spoon, iheli
ida ,ea-spoonful of salt, a cupful of inmh,
$ss, i tea- oopful of gingei or gri'n
nnginon an. told tillk gh to make d
,in batt N il in i thIq gfour honr~d
bake ihe adme len [W t timfe. Cae
tould ie taken that e itir dids iie .
op bolling irhile the pudding Is lQ d' ?d
ng made In this wap ,*h (the iilitlaei
a qdnrt of -chopped saveet ap esn
ked from four to si* house til be 'fened
.ciousg -I~ ~~~
Tus ~d' TIiB o iAPPL* PAtNT
as long been a subject of qnluiry, says
a exchiar~ge paper, as to the best time to
)gp3y piaint' to hecla pboards of hopes~ fao:
irability. Re pealed experiments ai
'en madie, within t wenty-five years''pastW~
haich hape resulted in the dentiction that
mint applied betweeh tNotember an'd
larch, will sland more alhin twieebM
ng as that which is spread in the 6tliail
onthbs of the yekr. The compoment psrt
the paint form a hard subs ajef oA 'the
ir face of tihe cgapboard, nearl .as'fhard Wi
lass, and not easily erasedo ivna ut'
ith a sharp knife, andwill notsoon Wrest
Il; whereas when paint~ re aliEd.'fif
e months of July and Augnsi, ad mot'd
'pecially if in a seveare droughfttaq deli
enetrates Into the wood like water ipw
sponge, and lestea the lead nearly drg,
hich will Boon crumble aff
A person *tho hied been lifte:ing to u
'ry dull address, remnarked. that every
ing " went oh well," eiped1a ly the au.
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You're too late to come to supper"
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Will the Venerable DaidhiTucker, Esq. 4
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