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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, January 13, 1847, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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* .: ' *~ ~V .j~''Z4' ~ '~F~~.%.1- ED,
A, ~ <.2~4 '~ %
24F iz $1 AI
41 t ~ * .
. j. .4 .A- .Cx
Dollars, a it e 6ktaiW oe -Pi T.P
Dslera ~it FiftyAnis, aM ti e o' . -
Attvertlsema-ntas-le41 ats%:~een'~ts sun
(1' lineseorlesj,) alsd'hall' h'
eneh su teqinent u p . ''ho ^-i..0. u
itsns to be mitii.rke al 11 Ad(riien i.-Aif
will he pilibcsled elatilotlire.d t? beiil opn
ansichergelaOAnseetijglf. -
0.One. oli e ssqtinfe :ftr $1.silof1t'1pn.
e jsrged~h ,sanme~j ,singl einedusrion and. Smi
a h1Te ~tiie1 san e-a nw 'oncA.-~
' r lihing'ChtAti A-on* a liw rectsithre
441 i he1 f chairtyi;9. -v
isury iN ices ed I 8is lit'leti nn
i4 reeniln-enI pndlidates for pyt
r f rpstr 11 6 tt sne Chcntio
wil t i ehstgi-rtsa aelvrtiitemen :
r~ntts fst: Advertliseg "ill be presenWte
'esters 1y n1.1l must ost paid o ns'u
p ltL'ianlat til'l on.
OJ S S0A D Iit, 33N f NU 0 11 ' )1
It ss'sns Is be tisepl .tised,. by mTniy' wh
tailk' ah10i1t deeenggtj the -atail, thast tih
.r4st putst'.lf it 1 i, to ni thise rpots il
1;:,tiit im uiips-ld by seine, thlt i
ti' h j4 isen t 1) .ej i.-. tliere eit be ha rlI
aay .gi er. Th.ieP Iiiol tis n-ither confins'
eln ithe utlyo enates nor .oppos.ets (if.h
doctriuie of leep- ttillag. 'it H litll
lime sinte' sevr.al lifferenst ins's hisv
mnnintainesi "ins itsaring, thst' it wasa
s1n use to plosgh rdig deep, beenese ti
rools of jilats rsn tin.near the sus fici- of tit
earth -While wedh.list subsecrib ton thi
coniclisiti hsere dirawi, we stspect tsi
fact to be nsistlto a far greate-r extei
th11n n many sulpposi-.-.
1ill -ol late,- iii * giving -dlirecstions f1
planting out asparagus rootis, the cutivv
tears wivo requiredi the, Iarth to he trencelh
ed to the-depth o if wo feet,a ;nd t!he plst
to be set with their roltSenbrpiiculas
the lower exitemities o1hIfixtslwithingurie
at least 15 inches hes'lsu the 'srface: .an
lest theyisouNl itnli to.go too deer
tile bottaism of tie. trencIe's rtlist hsl -51hi
'ith brick or stonltse,.formingn, a lsdrne
deep-intec soil Tie whsole of tiis plrac
tise was fouslnded on the idea that the root
af this plaot-wereeverdlelvinig downwarl
it) tie centre of the tarth, ra. tile soi
must be stirred and enriche-sd downthei-e
that they naiy ct.be Put (if fodder oi thei
So of grape. stines--a great bel tof boer
stones brick bate, a11)1-[eti t nilt, murt .b
formied ; herasuse ilha roots (if -vine a wer
ili'Ays strnying downwasrd as nuch as it
top was reaching llywar(. Of late ill
dliscovery has been miade that thq rosts u
grape vines do not runl% deep, but sire eep
ing.towarl ithe sturface, like .ihose ampihib
ionst1 animalev which lie so near the sunei'c
of the-water that thauir cat) find ready. ae
cess.to their lings.
Nor could . we ever satisrv ourselve1 thia
Ilia roots "of asparagus, halve.ng such pre
dilection for tle interior of tihe loube It
some maintain. We-always tin them-nen
tie suirfaeo, especially wheti their bed ha
been deeply tilled.
If these facts are so, is there any use i
tilling so deep; and may we not confins
otur culture to tie surface ? By no mean
The necessity of deep tillage does not res
on these facts, be they one or the oilter.
Some of the more generatl requiste
or a soil are, lt, a. fund of food for tih
planta it sustairs, consisting of those mism
rni 'ostitusenets andI thisse sorgauiib muetter
sldlspted to f'eesi thsem. 2dian eyenness
can ho easily -perme'aied bsy moisltre an5
air. Ands 4ths,suach a mnechaenical density' a
wvili iinwi thse easy panssage cf the resnl
throuigh it, and ut thse sume time isoldl th
rootes ini their planceis atiindaIlbrd thecm .thei
seuitient ins *tullic'lit qutan tities. '.
Th'e reoonis for tile tieist of~these is read
jy tseen. lie B'ecnil iSslot. so (easil
compllreended's; taut lihe (ne i', thten sol5
wichel htas nst-elsei sitirredl fomr a long ltsm
heri-nes a read t'csy cone tta cor ofi eaC
I iece i:4'i ltmphrnsture. i~s aff'cteds wilh a')
cry l~u chneil aeltmo'~shte, wvith-thIis diillf'
encee-thats tice .cachd below~i coantrsoh,
muleisches'te' than lte lest fromu tuh5ve.
lraeigusent uite inisens ofl hei liue' i, 115e
ats are commonalel 5' o ia the i en l'-,t. sat lih
l'leso, nsot ise y injypr isesny. uponet growl ie
veJgel~tatio. II the' soil is soe conestrneste
ats teo eatrlitin ee en 5'tempe'5l1lrnelet, it li m
to at greait extent5, s'ounteernet till t'fct' 5
slte chaeis' elf tihe talosphe re, bust ii it
am~t e d bcy p i theaseo chlnes ,sIt is ohyviot
Is is wi ithits tsh' ebcs'ervton oef tany on Otllie
a soil' whish is Ihesroughtly andss deep5liy titlet
is far better iltted .t mia'itain an sevent tens
patsture, thanet one wich is only moed~'5 toe
sis hasw depthi..* Th~thIirdn quaility is sahy
o is; n deespytille Jso51i isisi ' de~ i
timeil, ands comparaltttively diry its a wet Iieee
Thels feuirth only teg~nres it to e sesri'
thtat 1too light soil is snot faviercebi to II
best growthl of v'egetations. i 'nce tie' sin
of rollers, antd jirelsste a 6ppili intl'5 vii
wayeis to) bring thet eairlth intoii 15 r('esonnb
cosn ilet stat after sr pel v'riziaise.
Nowv, il is rsesnal.-e tso susppoe-nl
ai apl i-eh3;nas
h iltiooner s 6 ii
1f cecasiorQ t
p e o u cat
Sibli i gjoote ieow e
rep~lig ,o'ritbyfats otth.peurahtion
. oi' usm s ote Al. onai
act rri
3 -' I. jj
itg co h the aso fi
ngtbais~ Oil senpe al te 1fyJaiss ii
4iirig gn trio
noe~ilAn, nanui m ie ne ril ihf'.makt
Iii glfi rst rateham, IT '- h.'of hams1
a k eur .oimedi'e.--of 1)ltIden6Ogar iered
itcs 6 f su1t pet aad one itI in
sual'; jiiverizo- and1 iUI tijeni thlihtiua
rubel eIi~tna veli a'tI-ovrjpairtfetifariy6o
Ie hesh-uide, and l-h o nt p if ;aruds (di
36 of 48 .heuirst~ilhpn pa'ck thenrI . b cske
uedding..two .q,itu-ts.o( (lice lt o) e~Ver.y.8(
t" iey maty b-hungu4it r
. - - A.' . 'i., ' .isir oudiees of gall
oneind n qurait'ess ibi Iirotv-str
twi lkeeal-good' iobrtiii for100 1'4 .Ai~
h) I f " weny f uitotirs. a: pickle tha
L wi'l ben . eg, eid alwaOys should bb ap
. plied,
ST A.0 n r.iv -'loos.-A -writer in i1.
SAlbintry dultivafor for 3841, states ihact in
g1eg -i d isease by splitting open the
onMi In the 6 lengt of :.d'cii
71 itli i k nlp fe:e leoosetsiiig ilhe 3aiii a lit
t'' Ise ac . .ie af the eut,;a't litnertiil
iine~ sut. A ctorvesp)nde nt'fthe Souheri
r. Ciliiatu' 'tor NoPiiIer, states 'tha
his .i igjI bitr. m lit hzliid lost one of hi lidgi
'tilli IT1. diniazsO, us4-el tlie -stiie neans
sul stiiling spirit.. of turpelhtine for Alh.
11i, with niveraloiher logs auacke vlI
I the disease, micsavedthem all T .f
Prom the Wil ibngtne(. )"Com eric in D n
ber 18, 1dI6.
Ofth Srvcroirs pfti.. ~
1 o coimct-wilia tli'-aSoutli.
Carolina Itail I oad.4
To the SdUscriber 'to the SurVCy'of thg
r Roeute. fdr a Rail Road to connueet-the
* 'ith tU16 Ci ' h iDEN lfla ntIt Road:
S iaNM'ELIEN: In einmpiunre' with yiou|
3 wish'euneil instructionsi at corps was orga
n nized and the survey of iiha Ro-ule for ti
a contemplated Road conmencd in Juij
f last. . - -
- A - Report upoKn -0h' )S6 ver, togethe
whit a -Mlap and profile. f lte rotite, we b'j
a ltgave..hrcew ith to stibmit.tou you. .
At commencement, various scheme
,werd proposed for making the niecessarj
'connection 'ih the Wilington and'itio
naoke Rilt Road. One, to cros the- ap,
s Fear,bclow the junction of the two riveis
r with a bridge or starnferry.boat;. thenIC
s over the- swamp otj Eaglu's ishiund am
Brunswick -riter.
mAA *seecod, to..start, from- the Depot-o
the roa4'on the hill, and curving aroune
to cross the North Eat at 'or, neur Iiltit
I thence across the point between tle, tw
rivers and over tihe "Northwert." Anl i
5 third, to commeIce h& sone isint on tit
west mide of ihn Norihwesi brancli of thi
Cape Fear, amii above the point at whici
S the Birscwick breaks from it-and fron
fthis poinit the. comectieon to be inade b'
a mins of a small steambiheat. e
tI Thi asi, beinig deciiledly the cheapest
S mlotives of present economy 'dete-rmin(es
8 us in selectintg it as the poinu.i 'which
e line to) serve as a basis for out estimat-i
r shlde commnce.
.Ssaiting, then; at "Meare'a- Bhtff'," threi
milies abmove town, the tabtle -laind beii
V renetieed at an elevation of fourteen fee
Ia beve tider wvatet thn linet purisesa snorth
r- westwardely dlirectioni, feor sthe purpose'*o
-i aidlinig the masin boadtof the U reen S wami
andl Waccomaittv'Liihe. to nea r Li vinigston'
trreek, bePfore re'isinig wvhieic a 'suelicien
borthingi a beincg ecbtajinedi, a chaiinge acf dlirec
onaci isn mai. 'O*Crosintg thle creek at a tea
bi vorinble pinee, ciberuit oneC and1 Icbnif mtile
Ssculh If ealt e mritiii raaed, the rouite, pausini
g * hal f mnilie re erthI of the W acumnwc -Laki!
.. vitle,'' is coinu'ed straighit,a - distance .41
'I lorty-Ii ce- niiles, t) wi thin two- mile
" eof Fei r ilh1ll' on, the -Lumbeiiir river,
a dlesigated po .Cein tin the line . Froma thence
R* lihe reo1te p.tzising ichectt a htalf micle bac-k ci
ii Fair II'uff andae crossing the S5it line tw
dl mili-s baeleaw it, runs don oi n the ridge be
- we-en hce . LbImciber river ande Gapwncv
abe iiam il,derecsses the former 'below tic
IFary. TIh. eoce, belowe the feint of1 th
e h aen Ita' t Set amp~ ,an .the Lit
e ei- akveDr.Gilchrist's briudge, thme runt
C . flie w'' the idgej~4 between the e"Hig 8ister
a aui "taieilc-a Down"c' hays, an1)1- passe
1 ; abouet ni( <lua rter oufna inie notrtht ofl Ma~rio
Couadrt Iilue. Fruom the~nce to the G re
)5 Pe ne n i.e.. a fr...be1. point fr. e......
and 'theri i.tw . miles I
thed et wkMji l ainp
k,,Ins"if f h e road lea
oi~g'am r-l V ingnoUdlitti' on ~ Ebe
'gie f the outeI
coftsr i -% ejsn . a k nit
river, Seape. O ti4tl ,id~ ' tvmm
to a fpoig~tpou t th de,~~*iw~lo
Weiitt ig of0
I'hns. far th'd icbuitify73 .6er Abi th
hOe lIisR , 69-es e n~i.~ to fAluto N, I
fotm da to pgeselit fit:liulhe Narte
Ivili'ome litnin pqi rtant excdpti ns, i
a . u n d s ntih h e r o th . . t. .be"t q ali
for':the ecnitttis t$: Nihe-bad 4
'Ihe ridtiatitn it e h'Ltwilljihe com
paratiyely slight, and --of e~sy 'exectinmn
nsistgig,ex. efiting wherg stre ih's
vamips-avre crossed; chiefly oflight -err
ham iin nigsufilciianti..high 1r 1ect th
r t the sfatpr thpt .isnlyly renmain
.l . . iiemaraly flat surface of 1b
earth1) i wea-thecr.. .;. e
.roil n.firterville, the route passts ori
ii coinir preset;t si-milar ppearan'c
a4 imtoireadly described,' until it- re-ache
1t 1 j'ihi Ioore, ,pantationi ussin
abho~t a-gqarter of n mi e to the' soatha
his)ase, it crosses'iohend 6i "6fMcRae'
al " inu- s.ceiding friam tli
strikes in Mr. Reefdeli, i -ie AM.Aihl'
ctinimencilrig below Milnchster aind bor
fle'rbig upon ime low *rmqu dsi-f th'e Waie
re'ivef-n4n as the "h1ijh bills of ti
Santie.' Passinmg time rilge utits lowes
~int,in.Mr'..esfield.'at 'an el'eration o
thirty feet alove tid e- water, and abot on
iLunidred iand set'~eity-fi-ve feet above thm
C'nil( iftvrYiach road. tie ronte by a con
tilimious curve,,i of from '2,001). in .3,000 fee
Fndins. with a grade of 6ifty fret to the milt
imid-with'so ne heavy .excafItons aid erm
iianknene, -conntLs - *h the U:ndei
rbad. .- -5
Thus. presenting a ,roaa 158 'miles i
le9gtit,. '.which 10I :miles are sirqigh
and-the halance, except that imediatel
It tihe con n.ecion-, ofcurvesi f over 0,00
'e/. raiusuiawih. .ewe r heavy grades, atK
witht'less _eXavatio,i and embankment th;s
liny rori iofsinmilar ;ligth iii the conntr3
imay'l be Priper here to siate'.hat we ai
ih miii ion that fumthir exininatio
wou lid d1emnistrate III jrneicaility eoft
b ette'r rute ove r it-."'Iligh hills fr. th
:.mItee" brinig f-unid,tditt the (else here pr
: ,nled; imei %% ith uts, boting limited, pre
vinted oit giig inio the exiineuui atioIn -n
minutely Its we Would otiehvise have doe
Hef-re prrceeding with the estinates,
description of the kind of rpad estinatte
for, lecomes necess 'ary. -Thegradiatio
is intelaeed for a ringle ireck only, an! cot
sists (f' excavations urith slopes of 3-4 hori
zo:Ital to 1. perriendicular.
. 'Il,'os py rstr it ure to consist of.stbsill
4 Ily -10 idcees ider the bari'ng of th
rails, and heddea so thu ltheir 4pper sin
Iaces All be two inches below tIe grade
stirface of the road, and it'tLheir'j aits ree
ting on cross. pieces of similur dimensioam
On these the cross ties or sills 8 by 8 anl
8 ieet long, are placecl three feet apal
from eitre to centre; every other one be
ing notched on' its-tipper surface- for th
reception of the rail; the alte-nate sill be
in'g' brought to a lle1ezwithi the bthei byb
ingii-lnied on the underside and letil o
ulpont the subsill.. Upon the sills the raib
6 by 7,'fou'r feet 5 1.2nlies apart,- a
chamfered ol their iner edges, one a hall
incies, ar'e'placed; beijig confined to Ilh
notched sill by. imenos of a wooded kej
and kept in -its 'plaice on the other by
wo(Jdeti biacket on tdie outside of the rai
Oveur streamrs and1 swnaps,,Laittice bridge
aind Trc'iet wek hans bee'n estimated fo
Theq fore,.r oin "Towns"m' plano, roofed an
weam her boairdled to lprotect them from th
weather, aind of the'se, theore are four, vi:
three of one span each, across Liv'ingsioii
ereek, Lumber, atnd Little Pee Dee river
auad onet oif tui o spans, dith a draw ove
the .Ggep Pe ,Di'e.
Th'e trea w'ork wvhere, as in thme Grei
~Pee Dee swamps)1i, it is not over twelve fee
-' in *htvight, is on the plan adlopted on ill
Somuth Unrtain a rondsm; the piles being caj
pedl and croas-braced, with string pieci
I10 by 14 iinches ~hatched onm the cups an
seeniredl by means of wvoodena keys, and
- ihese stin mgs the roadiilaid. In the Grei
on Peet De e r Tretis of the form uist
: th ilumaington Roai have beeni estimri
ted. for, in consmegnmence of i he hmeig lit.
- 'hidh 1ithe swamp ha-i toa beCcssed,:to pri
I Ceei the road from thme action of freshtets,
For a rid built in this niamnnet',-withi
i plate rail 21-2 by I inch,double alie weig~
.ofl that .ordinmarily nsed, arid conseqaunt|
I cotstinmg aboacut Si,40O0 per nille'more; (at
' iat ii will'unswecr well till lhespurpose's fi
-which it is in tendwed we thimnk nao onie ci
' dlobi) we l.resenmt thiefillowving, estimnate
L viz:.
* For Excavations nndl Eimtankmeniar -
incluing grnahliing and clearing, - 7'2A58I
P or Supotnatu~itre, inciiihng T 'urn-'
tPor Ware louses and Wa'ter sta
lions, on ine arnd at ech 1'id, - -40,000
V or t'ay of' L-nginaeers, including con
Stinagenee, (this sin dlependoig
upntetimiu occupied in the conl
stntonf' the .oaid) - - - 40,460
po1r land damng'a . . . - n nnn o
i~ps#.akdlyj -In Af,9
( po land dihbp&5
For S b & 4 4S*9
-,1For -Esdqatlon,'
F6j.H' il bcnI~
1l 'o - ugsClts -,A
11n (IIi~Cl t autei
r r-r~m abn o us
vllle a11ect, anted i. (rJend aWAi. i e frir
1, thtS uTV~y ofijt-ethould bA r~eM."
%w' lnte~didegl-ln cO,1I3ltace wi I
totat effect, to. present et
Cali ftCteo( Ahe cost.'o - ioda, Iuclt 1;
bui~~ ~~ a~r~g..~a t hrer-prosedI
: he Legi1Alti.softl tvo 'Slat' .
SillS ; cuflformitv, Zvtmii e!~lt
pas1.sed at thie;141aispn Convenltio,1f'
*cise rout . 6over which thetsoail is t ebt
we deem It 1niecesserya Ipreqnpd
piba -6iicare 06~wIad~
*Un~..r this bind; it 4ynptn
li eofieldbt~lul Ofplocw*trai Lgua
to o1erTlpt nythiiqk 1in?~ Alimiats
life iifptaronceaudl '90"
are so welu1ljt'4, Rl
~ssiy fmI~~los, sid arie'slireire jell
ba-eelf. 11 eblltt.'Jto Isre'sent .anL
upuninsennu In iite~ip d:ai
thliaat. 13011itfeL' %V~p~ eecad
venuuring,-ullu I e, d-;.
- I.h'ilte pmbrjof. P~rJfpaa s
iwee n ndn Vtaliu',;a
iled riom use. b..sofi66 iinn
Cdnipany, fgte'year enioig~t1
1840, was l1,PUO whichai du~ lld ICA
Th'le (rcight'aaac wa4' p en
'g(Is fort the samtie P riu&dO(
The mail to
We honestlybefivoIjo rpgh
Sbusiness and wiy [Iasie~tW .js~I
will exceed that o 6 19 hallm Lon
Itounnok'o Road,.' t 'least tivti 4 e .'
cent. in con'seqtjence;01118 aSi' tgfaatO
Sacountey fir more w ealth ,M moe 9
popqtleted and. cousequpnsly lasn-gV.
Sproduce fr market and *requiring niof
return" ini the iway of merchundise. ~A
Iregrdithe i'hrough travsI e-1: en~
00 , r eN - - 4
Is.* I'~
tr/ ..
sa y . e d ti
r - *:igsre
di,vee ~ JnW
40- T4K. J r
ub eihit -We fiht at~
*~ ss~aus nit~iwa Cum atfr i lu
-ip: pis .hws an
eteneg? u m ppunaion ain athg
- wp qlluia jt eji f -!~P
a , keit a n . * r .anhed e
3rth Cueof pS t ea~ctn h
nd dh.T itt
ilti a"On t,
e resmm ip uao of an
a a m: Ainf b~e y e
e %er j lily
e~~~~WA b.iita e jk
lepern t h'todstheeuia lG.
ppriysge t ri: a an
A il~ Iuii *'L I.~wilx
$ Wea os ci t! i'-ores rien
urnuca (i inadtne
'nd l ee flcritsi. -
C(th tier.. ndnoft
oefyr iper r e u~e~
a n of thit
Od istotdiaa
Lr . t~ n s %
hO lth~l pan ts soyUvl~ ndesb~inhi a
eo *pranprodu nt nl aetm afadal
edt ctvt a e id pi navaicinndnlt. t
W.40ukN D 214
Indadnce wth prC4a
enhi c A MPi' CO, Ded)1jnumn84b
d14i 442chwm te "lnhlrn'i fi te wnu
iam~ben'Vleme'--Thi lit Byle is a slaake
eat, kp 10t OMSriKns. a
0 hist . i it tIt 4*o e; 660
ii-j ~ad preset coiry Umetey. Ih uth
Sf pearabnce'.ni W of nl'hiv thie nal n
vts- tiiyaeni:N d nae drie
dil hfab'te i tt Con trreisinteeneesae un*
pl00 .portus oring er~N1oe arll-#To
ng faor-h o fPeic dim m
r' enet sc'disapbolti -at m etita En'le i l.
Ateitheirhreh inhait.Vas ton'ahIt~ pun
O, Te' iCe b 4.';Q
a 1, %Vla .A14910ni.
00 Alconefsl unasiane asii e itent g ase
bee i ite by the exicanarlhorei
tie, nil thet eW'iry inordtel In~ the
neighbttrorkd th ofy. Tamie' big'im thinl in. -
has itofed -,rth a or thel pefr theexst Iiny- -
gnr; . bi al ,0 in t e'L A?
a~nti,60k. n o t roiles or pluitipn.
Anthrge er a : p
tore .
elindi riiep. ng"Cpt If u ngt
ets' onedireui 'A lai m e
autbi ana r~yen
ton, and tn C fr4 Rik lietw

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