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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, February 10, 1847, Image 1

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~VOLUME LI ,mRI 0 1 ka~f ''4~m'-"'
_____ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MOA FA__8M?VLtui~ijxi ERAV ioi871t,,~tft 1
____ __ _______________ __________________ . f~i4tM4.At18474
T%.Dollarsan Fifty Ceniata.in advance, Three
t)nllars, at the, expiratiin ol six imoiths, or Three
D)ollari ant Lifty Cents, at the end'or the year. .
Advertisenteeits inserted sit '5 cent" per squar,
(Lrlines or teas,) for the first ansl half at asum for
,each, ulbeqitesst iitssertion. Tenauttier of inser.
tionstutae marked on all Advertlsements, or they
wilf hie p ilished until ordered to tie disconitLed,
atid chiarg bil acconrdingly
' O.e Dollar r iquare for a singliedunsrtInt.
Quierterly -ntin .MAthlmy: asvertisenents tIllie
chargddthe s~inoas asiigle .insertion, and etui
pnnnt I5 (hy' :,ni na new ones.
For publishing Cititionar the law directs three
.All Obituary- Notices exceeding six lines, and
CmUntnuiicaiuns recommrrenling Candidates for pub
lic nffices oproltgr trst. -or iulling Exhibitions,
will !tie cijarge' asadertisetne -it
*j'Accr.untii64 Adv.rtiring will be presented fur
pay meill, qutrtetly.4
Algters,:eyiiiatl mt~st o post paid. to insure a
pu nct 41. nA igtn in.
THE -foliuing observations were sug
gested by.the, very. interesting article itn
iheNovebnier No. oftho AgriNulturist, oin
thie-Desti'uction of thte CottoU Crop by In.
sects. I now beg leave to ofier them, ho
ping that they may throw some light onl
that part of the' history of the insect of
which the author professes himself iguto.
Of the pecitliar species to which ie atl.
isles, I know little more than is to be gain
ed froin dried specimens in moy cabitct, but
on referring to my journal, I find from( oh.
servations male slurint gthe last ten years,
that the development of moths and btitter
flies from Lite pupa always depends on at.
mospieric influences;-those, for iisance,
preserved in the pupa state during the wini
ter, will be developed earlier or litter itn
the sfiring, according to the warinih or
coldness.of the situation itt which they
may be -placed; at those that become
pupym, during the etrly p)art of the sutimmer,
do not requttire more titan five days to Iass
through the chanige, if the weather be hot
and mnoist (dry heat is extremely unfavort
ble tothe expansion of their liiibs after
their 9p,-sqqlve rotn the cocooi), while it Se
ctnd 0 d from eggs of thee flies will
reti in tihe pip atill winter sioui
tit \ventitr he coI. Iut if warm, sosme
wi IIhbed~'ielolwd ev, in i::1Wit tl s,
of coiurse, no i n jurv, ri ibPan Lint
Vegetationl tin whlich todp !!reg,
and it moth shan&st ewgeI
stato moie thain from live to twb- td s.
In warm elimates where v ke :n is e
dutatt~ntt ed in a it stite to fCL the .u'
wi-ormsvi, they Iamy Lte toun 1:: fm;;J1in
all Ile veur. Shoieubl the si mnertaa 1 (1 b g.
there %;ill be twoi tir three brtuI.. cf tio:-e
wormns that l-ed on piants r j iinttg -vir
Qeni.ve's lir tatig timie. Sutch a:.s the willitw
trees'. whilt there will bie but tte of tloste
that feled on short-lived pli:nts, 1u6ht as thite
It Jutne, 1840, T id somnc of the lirou
of the buttet fly ( Papilio acterias), whieb I
fAmod onl the wvill eiarrot, cliunaoerd to pope
otn thet 12:h il' July, 1111d ont the 0th Ithe
per'ec!t flies were levelipe't': froetn theste
1t1another brooid was raised, whlich remi-led
inl ihe pupni State unil Ihle flallowinig sprinig.
li '-43 .1 rnaired three bro'iis oe.f tits hte
tmoth (Galleria ccre:ina.) tli larva f the
first were proiured fropm it hiive. I pincedi
a1 piece of thle combl 414 whichl theyV were
feelijg inier a bIel.glass, teltse soutn Ie.
came pine, tnd in llirteen days clatnged
to the umoth; these itt a short ii time epositeds
five or sx dhays were htatchled, ands aititied
their ftill groth itn thtree weels; wient
throuitgha thit-ir c hanisges andte depIosIiel theti r
eggs -tat the rtgmtrts of watx tat lily stent
terecd a riotund; thte latrie fr ''t thesne f'ede fitr
a short ti me, bitt- teishe ~d Cor wranit aflood,
hatvintg d~ev'our ed gLot ntly' tall thse wiax thlat
remao iined, ih t thit bitieis sif t het l nmter
mthls. A vatriety' of the' hairy ente'rpilhiar
whichl (Itt rris eni s ite y'elliw hteatr (Arctlia
virginica), perfects two'a broodshi int the' ~ Mid
dlie andut Suttern st'ats, tandc stometimries att,
short, mtost sof thtem perish, thou tgh tatny
bibernaite tdu ring I le itttr. I Itav ie foundtit
the fulli-g retwni cnt erpiIla rue a live ami itn
search of i'otod, dutritng the miiltd weather of
,ottnry, 1812, ani d F'brutary, '43, at! y'es
teruday (Nov. ltht) I githleretd sev'eral
fromn thte field, intentditg, if' potssible, to
licep) them unitil spring, tso ascertaint their
fture history. Judgtinaig, therrefore, frotm
analog'y, an sd the mite d i o escriptiotn given
Sty Mr. Aflleck, the htistory of the coutOtn
moth (Noctua xylinua) may be briefly isi:
Tlhes mo t appears itt the sprinig, wihent
the cottstn plat, is int a fitstt toreiv
athseggs. She pilaces thtese on the leaves
of' the plant lto the tnumber of' fromt two to
six hundtredl;. these hatch in from twio to
five days, aS ccording to the wentthter. Th'Ie
young itartp tire very muitute, bttt grow
rapidiy, attaining their full size of one and
a half iunches int fromn fourteen to twvetnty
datys, dur;ng idch time, like their conge
ners, they muotilt every eight datys. TIhe
dilfI'eence in the coloir of the worms Is ow
Ing to their mouiting, as a slight chaange
takeA place after e Intihjsk -in.c81steiI tlei
dlurathin in: the lurva state is six ierekis,4i
w hich tile they feo-d voraciously , ixe
then spin their co ns, ndtemai In .t
pua 'state.n itAnger or .sho.rte'i inte
arenurciing; to the season ofut yer.
The moths o that - rei I , t e plia
till ill thit:followingspring,:tyijl be her
whose laryte mill destroy the sumnker',
cropu. Shuilhul t fall anl. iwinter, be
litoable tit the prerhnture duivelomintt.0
the mitiht, the. plbitnierta may be griateftil
it kyill ble their greatest rufegtiurd, uuskess
they will gather and d estroy the puipa,
Mr. Afileck staites that the catergiIlir,
freqi ueiii spill on the i planfid 4Vntl.
it n1.1t le wYell to gatlher niI bilirn: all thus
in 1efe i i nL? lit llmrris' book on Insects, you
find that ' in some parts of France and Bel
ium1, the people are required by law to
echeneillr or un-eaterpillar their gnordlert
and([ orrhards, Ailid tire pomnishied by lino if
th-y neglect the duty. Although we have
notL been me, prelent 'and public spirited as
to enactsitmilar regtulntions, we night hiid
it t our advatntage to ofler a bouemiy. for
their destructii. and Iiioutgh we shotild
pay for thei by the quart as we do our
berries, We shouhl lie gainers in the end."
Now, suppose wO ea'culate by the' rule
tf proportiomi, if the miith from onIe itill"
will produce six hiundr ed eggsa how many
will those from a quart?
Turkeys tire voraciotus enters, antd teed
uiil fatten well ont the tobacco worm, why
abt on those. of the cotton plant? M.
American Agriculturalist.
TillS PRtAlsE, WimiCHi WOtI.D BE- UNA.NINO ,
FI..%TTEry IF iKsCtiZBE) OVER lit:31.N AsHIES,
A Dhl.
AND DIED AT NEWSTFAZJ Ait:y. NOV. 18, 180d."
When stiome prouil son or man tetunils to earth,
Ue.known to glory, but upheld by birth,
The sculptors art exhatists the pump or wo,
And storied urns record who resis below;
Whcn all ik done, upon th- townth is -pen,
Not wlat he was, bilt wbro h0 should have been;
Bhut the poor ting. in ife the fitmot frienil,
Th'e. frat w' elcomile, t.8l're -.,t to <h f'nl,
W hoI.e hoie't t:eart is .,i! hit, ii:arter's own,
W h s ir. !*-iht, h ivr,, lreat ah iar him alone,
Uihonus11i'd fail!, untiia tned a.lI t:: wlarth,
a ll !l I -!%,n :he. ul eti ha d ten earth:
i; a:al, v.i- 1 ' ! L... 2 il; ble I .ar::iveli ,
8 . 1 8.:w b el' .at e'e .v:;iv1 i4aven.
ohi man! thou feel. tenaint fi an IUr,
Viae u t ly si .*ry,,, r t aam :8! by pow er,
\l\'h kn.w time w ' " ma.t quit thee n ithl dis
Degzria.letl mass f atnimited dust!
Thy love is iiut, thy lriendshai1, all a echeat,
Thv sunles ha1 pocwri.<y, thy wirlat deceast!
Thy ntatlre vile, eunn.lbled but by nm,
Each Iidred bruto might bid the blush for
Yv! who -wrch nce litehahal Ilis-simaple! urn,
Pitas on1-i hnnors ntie you wish Io ourn:
To mark a rtiend's reishiinsthe stanes ariae;
I never knew but oiae, and ietre lies.
Aeastead Abbey. Oct. 30, 1808.
Fur the laninr.
I'le fllowtiig have been luu nded 1us by it
lad; ad wa ent i leslify ta theirexeelleice.
SAI:..V [jL', A KIND oF tin .AD.-Mix.
in a piunt f milk, a tablehP-sp Aid I hut
ber, onue ( uj., a yenast baiscuai, andui a pin ii nut
Ja half af floiur. Cove'sr it, set it illn aarmi
llaee, anad, wheusn ii is qiie ighi, baike it
A'P P'a.mE Cii At i .aoT - lBu i Ier samita' iilices
ofC lighlt bread, ais hur thuem iiu thes lim01
of' a ssh: thanai plut ai lay3er ofi aipple', oine
ofh csurrauut , soe of sugar, stomea slices oal
ciutronu,ni wuine-'glei full aaf brnandy, andl ssoue
r'imaiaiumon, tuntil ilhe dlish is filcld, andI then-m
hnauke it.
MIaccaIt'NIu,-Iii a. dubl Iie handfii Cul of
mnaccairom ini wtatir unutil iL becomeas soft;
hrin sf' ewtr anud put inu 'ault toyouir
taisie, a hen'upi..: iaible-spoonifaul of muisiral.
n tabia lsiofsul aof bhutte'r, atmi six table.
Ssoon.sul ofI jra ied chaeese. Xiir' thes ingLre*
d ieuuts wellI tagt,''her, puit luhem in a hakinr
dIishi, an td, after spriniikIin th~ le toup thIaic k l
with gratedl c'heese', bkeit.
PrisuNCIAT~o4 1)1 MEXICAN NA It s.
C~shihunhun is puruooiunce Chsee-ivuw-wnwuu.
quni ncent Isn Ihe i twuo las t syIIal'ae.
Mo antersey, Mon-te-ray, unecent on the last
syllable. Xallilu, .Sal-tcel yo, acent~ oun
the secondtu syille. Mani Ljois Pailosi,
Saun Louis Pb-to seec, neccent on the ser'.
sinid sylIlableit of' Putsila. Gnanalltxtuaito, Gan-sa
a-wo-tu, half' accent sin the first, aind ftul
neccenit on the third syllaible.
Miss Julin Loung of Iundianat, wvent recent
ly befoure the 'Squire, to get manrriedl. Ii e
is rathier an absenut-miiindedl mant, andia in go-.
intg throuugh Ilie ceremnyiu~ , lie said, ".1 mly
[Long-is youur name .Julina Lv.ntg?"'4 WellI
'Mqtuire," said the aminble J ulia, int replhy,
oit aint Gon, th,,g ms,,t."a
Frtom the Wemfern ContinepLt.
RU 'IL i4H11 i'RK 11WO E7
Two~ ears ago we were at the little towi
of Coluibia, om> the bnuka sf the Alissisiili
p1 at th ime. a.place of.some liaaal inter.
est. fromn thae fact of a rulianl being imisri"
tised ihes e previousuto hi6 trial for murder
itg aT poorlinit'r. .nin. The victil o)
this .eroctitits ninitde'i-tid called at Stew
art' it. huse.nuflr sanset, and begged a 141dg.
.INg.'or sbotesightiahiefi~ as grnted; bua
aifterth''itit. 44istisitit..tle resting place
poinled out 1o:him", Stewari, in a spirit .Al
brutail pport,. set his dogs uptn him, and
urgvd theim until lhe ptor fellaow, after vasin.
Iy atternpting to. delemil himseif from-thei
aLcks, uas JiteraIlly torn io pieces, and
thet iluigsoist of doors to die.
The ciriunstances of this horrible mur4
(le: may. till be fresh in the memitory. o
inuy, butti details of the capture of the
mtrdererlmhave.never, we believe, been
masttle public. A-id as the personages cot
ceriied in the arrest, tuge'her with the iode
in whicla it was performed, aflftrd a linme op
liortunity for exemplifying'sone of the pe
culsiariies of Souith-western character, we
th-ll.give the.,r:lation as we heard it from
the aoath of one of ihe actors, indeed the
prinicipaai in-theaffair. But to begin at the
A bout two weXAs affter lea viang Columbia,
we were slanding aj the door of a small
house in the little town of Jonesboro,' on
the Waslitn, COnsisting of five or six log
alwelliangs, and a cotion shed of the saume
primitive architecture. Near where we
stood were two Arkansawyers, as they call
themselves, in earIest ConVersation, MIa the
course of which one of them used a phrase
which, though common at the South, was
-at least new to us. It was-'Ah! he's a
Now, although curiosity is said to be the
peciliar prerogative (if woman, we must
confess that man likewise has no small
shatre of the same ticklish propensity; at
least we felt it on that occasion, and step
ping forward, said
'My friend, what do you mean by a
IThe man eyed us for moment, and then
'Why you see, stranger-but stop a-bit,
till I take a Virginia feast.'
'A 'irginia feast,' thought we; 'what is
\Ve soon knew, for after diving into the
recesses of his capneiis pockets, lie drew
ft ailm large piece of chewiag toibacco, atl
after affering it to us. with 'IHave a chew?'
lie hit sifl. railician tti poismi a hoirse, amd
rolling it to the side of his Cheek, coms
anenceil his explaiation afresh.
'W tb you sae, stranger-Moses an1d At
rim war strikers; Ge-rge Washingtm war
a strikear; mnd liat mai thnsr. (pointing tit
an ina dividal ati it la sart distance oil.) 'he's
.a striker, iail n mistake. lie aint felt his
61n1ts for notliina'. I itl ve.'
This defin iionl puzzled its a little. but wea
adetah otit eiough i it ti milerstital that all
persois w%,htis perfoarm deeds of prowess are
The 'mai thar,' imlicated us a striker,
wats a short, leia, niscitlair mn, dressed
ia a white blaiket cait, wit stripes romid
the skirt and over tlie thoulders, so cam
un14n lto thle S1111h. Hie bmre inl lthe bend ill
his arm as Iaig rille, and tat his side a stain.
sal iu greasy leathicr tliuch for bullets,
h1aanit which tiso dlelided a long ltingtiat
kiaife inl its shieatha.
Alter taking this survey, we turaed tc
stalr iiew anetalinitanuce, anda usaid.l
'W hat haas hte donse, tao htave ihat tiade giv.
ein hai?'
'Doniae--wat R it' Bell? Diadn't lie cap.
"TIhis iten is th mt nan tht perforimed
iht ex plsai ,' ilhoulghit we, luook itt a it lair
wvith still itarei interest, foar tile lf itne of thai
Isld spad aliar ands wiade tharatutgh ths
;aa iiiveis regtiaants, nnd iwlue inwui adly w iahe a
wae conhll hteatlr h imi relatSe ah maaann ier irl
sh ich it w'.as iaahie. A f'ew days afier,
v.arads wie weare g.ratiilled.
'Yaau see,' said hte tat a knit atf auiditotra
sa botardn a steambatob am gaing itg iIo~re F.,hIre
'ysou saee there was a ra'wnrat aeferasd to an
')atay whois woualda t nkea Dic k StewairS, as~c
wa 1 tough~lt I mtight as well hiave it asa nt.
'huat wvere yatu anot taxiouts tiaout She rae
-uli T'hiis Siewairt was, by all Dacounis
dlesperi ate clhi aneter, aindl I heatrdl a at
nyl, if Dick iS.tewatrt tld himt io siml t
~lisasissipp~li, lhe woualdl hut av t t ldt ii.'
'I know, straanger, but thtat was te bes
f it. 1 saaida tat miysel flRu' Hell, vostnan'
lada a tearina' ilswnt ighat for ia mig'hty lain!
uime, atatd heare'a a sanart chiiance tat wvak,
yatu uap. Butt I'll geS sotmeabody So gat aloni~
jest tat see fair play like. Sat I enltled mt
GJiner il Plitmmatr, anad ses lie, 'as I aiat't gao
noathini' Sto tct jest ntatw, I adoin't care if
jin youa,'--miad Sth I kitomckedl up Rtaf
Moargana, anda lie saiad its how thitugh lie ha.
thte agiur rnythier SallI, lbe reckatnedl he catul
see the funi 'twixt the saakins.' So we g
ouir ptlunader andta puit it in a alnaiu, umi
sarteal fatr the Diat parthltmenae, as 1 hera r
tell Sitewart was5 in) the swvamp iup thast way~
Whlenm we gaat to the swam p we briack tiara
thme caite, akini'a htee.linte fair ithe nigga
buat whmar [ mora'n Mnpected Dicke Mtgnw
'airthe.. I !Pil -J M
and Uhmr A armmt agtili f
fromt the Missiesipjl to
$mar"mtlmi'dfaum1ged l-iiiil 6
a nd stam tinm:fresh ase t'. ah
i Wit -Wereuyoua nomt.4 f W
Well I warn't'irosl - wa(li i e skeu
mie, rior -*janher :1uiker.Wrhe'm~ ibard-il
wuss nor all 'hthl'rvhlr'nidi t
-the'y~vo git a mightynastyhugI ellgo
T n'm you havc'be- nstred Ig.
bears.' .
"'Well, stranger:I dolon mgdubus iol
onee't--a few., But lis'fisa.yhi'j
struck-a bee.linq thmammiiii biei n'e, an
bimmeby we came in ,ighti of e t
hmouse, thou seas C-44 toheGineaVl: 'Gineral,
ses i Aron got m1m10 auit'4i itRafm ilie lif. -
and dan't youttiuo do/siothianidjDil
tries to make.tresfo'theisivaagns
'Well, we won'OtRue, ese le GinMl.
'Whel I seed-'emistau eit oil l ed-ge
myself to a big cotillnmWvoi'l tee '0 a' gUOI
shooimn' distance, tidd-hollerwouhl- N1
- 'Hullo 'housel' Ond. bimbby lieiittt
door open a leetle-jeat a festte,!ardthi?
Dick dtewart put his'o
er of-the door-post.?. Asieaun ao d .oe
me, he ses
':What the h--lioto yomanthereR'l
'I wanlt iy.0u,..-DickV sea"
'You flint cne to miuke me?'es he, ladk
in' as blackas thunde', ''... . i-a ''i
'Well, I.am, hons,' sec. j sort o" quie
lik e;'and,here's GineralPiuminer at dKaf
VIourgan come to sd-:f'air play.'i
'You'd a d-t sig it better clear out whil
you can,' ses he, 'for I'm not gWiie 4U, b
taken alive, t tell ye.'
'1 dar say,' ses 1; 'speteLas much, ani
told the Gineral so; bmmt I'mtthe manwhat'
gwine to take you, Dick-' the.Gineral ani
Rafe wont do nothin,' jest. to. obledge me
onless you try to streakit.'
'Go 'way, ICu', I don't won to hurt you
sea lie; 'look here, you see I'm not:upre
'That's a fact,' ses I;f ou've got ,twt
rifles, a doublebarrelled shot-giut, two iA
toils anid a bowie-knife; it ain't no use, los
-you mu st comn. .
*Must come!' see he, grippinglmis rifli
and geuttin' ouduciously, savage. . 'Mus
come look here, Ru' Bell, tain't-five mel
cin take In, nltr ten nuther, amimlyou knO
it; soi you'd better rake tracks for the Bit
mighty quick, or I'll blow iy. rifle throug
'That's all c'rect onough, Dick,' sea I
lorokin' right into lit eve all the' time, fo
I seen lie was a gettin' cataiwaUmpnLes
-Thal's all e'rect enough, Dick. but I didni'
paddle all the way 11i tie Bit) for nothin'
an d it woumldn't louok well fr meto gi
home without you. Besides,' se Is .With,
would! tihe Gmneral and Itafe any-I promi
sel 'elm it light, and it wuvuld be unfair t(
dismappoint 'emii, it would.
'Weil,' ties lie, lookin' as savnge as I
she bar what hus rubs, 'ifyou will have it
blaze awamy, then.'
'No, Di k,' ses I, I'm madle up rmy mim.
to callivate you; but it's again tihe lawS fi
mme to lire afure you've mimadle any risistance
so shot at sonce't, or else suirender-itain'
mi use tmikin' so nimich about it. for ya
n u'st cimne.'
'stranger, you shoulil have imearn liii
rip and cuss, wlhen-I said that; lie stompi'
andlie swuuore. nd called mime all nsinner c
immes, until he churned himselj up into
froth! himt it wasn't no uIse-lie coilli
akeamr me, mtor yit put ine anl a passioni aim
make mi forgit whilat I war di in'-I've fi
the Ingins too muich for that. So All once
lie giv u shreek, anmd blazed right away.
sem-d whmat war comiin', atm so I dlodged be
indim thme coittomn-wvod tree. I war jesti
inme, for the bullet plummgimed ulonig tim
ha~rk amnd tuck off a spmlinter right agimi m
mmumith, amid the~ wvindl of it tuck away wi
brimeath, sim as to ma ke moe stagger a' oni
side a leelle, whmen crack! m'rmes aniothi
bumllet undm t ips may bmut right offmmey hmead.
'II iorrsmyl' sea Stewart: "that's twic
l've hit you, 1n'; go home now, like a go
bmoy-youm cani't lake tme.'
*I dimdn'tsamy noim n-i m, butt I driops quieti
doinwn behitnd mihe tree, amnd curInm' my rift
rounad it, blaces away at lhim, amid hit hiu
in time side, anid when I seed him fall batch
I crawls to) the cend of a big gmrumait lai
Iotn time grmmtmi a rottin', amid tturns my bac
antd leads my rifle agini in double qiei
timne, andi thei peepsI) tihe lectiest mii
thiroumgh a crook of time limb to see .rt
Stewart. Thar he was In time dotor-wal"
- with his lips tight climnched amnd his eyes
linmshtim', amid lookini' mill about artter in
with a kindier snort. llis fuce was au leuti
t ale, amid time blood was auzi' . uit froi
his simde. WVell, wve wmited jest so for
gomod whiie-hie a wamtchin' for me, amnd
p ~lerpin' for a chanice at him; fiar he ke
I himself covered prtt mumcih by tihe doo~
ausm, andt it wvarni't nom use ini me to flit
mm way a shiot. At last I got tired, am
a mlhoutghmt -'d a better draw hmimi ouit. Sit
I Ilifteid may hair on my head! till it..st
I rmraighit up, hike, anmd thmen showed it aibo1
,1 the log. , Crack! wvant his rifle againm am
I I felt time bumlet scalp me'; bitt t didnm't cmi
nu for thti. bitt til I jumtps amid tires right imm
.himt. I kniow'dl I hit himn, for lie g4t
' queer sort a' screwv tin his momutht, amnd L,
'r back beahindi te doiour-past agin.
4 - - - e
44- 'i -~' 4 i '
itit n t itp i
y cGlneraol.P qmiiGck
'Look ont .R ot Su 8
V 4wi d RI
t o i id
i 161 nurwac -: iaW
lei-t 9ole inmv 04CI# u
4;lI _pyu-ifs;ae~~n lci
uthernaid . ilb cir f
e.a eltle "(pabn~ 11anlidAi
seoe iot fe trfe eafilDk ad-te -
I ie 'm d (heAW g-11 an ie ~ Ilt'1~
or the -d,.fri maingene hlaret trci io *
I knuiein4A fr d h1dn1; the grr-WidsIje
.ceii bn~ole, octor for,: 16cWI. ;.iv tit
'rendvrrl?- es
e nfillse'yu -ufus ' ; se hase Le
e-turn'edil to is w-o.coidrs;an. dlflinted
- aini gwiue th istanh-d te
.IslonI l1th i sitoe i Dick, and. theni or.
'ried'em ed theldieuig-butiand I nyat lmegn
ithe -Bio, raXig the nearent1tracks fodCo
Yumiy1 , A re'r V-hadl left Refe 4,tin
i 'Undigt. doctor forSte.anf--'.ax
'.Butiltalf,- did he'recoverli? ~g
H olver! to be sune, hie did.;Big~ee
int gaine to'hurthim d
%nd Stewart,l ht betca.imie. o()nby, jii
Wsll, hstood his tria), (nsl.oghM-ti'
cwant ofm li e a brofeT - rAydsI'nigg
enouigh seedl the thing btbyynjg
'You *ha b r r r
out .ugatil. t C -:,S: k
a 'k-care- whav 0. -1twor a fa0r. ightg-.
shot hintwicg-rtuk iin- down the.reec
in .my dug-out-got a octor r at dessed
I iuns, iseanel put bi4) I Coliembyia
loves me like a iptiher -het tde'
r .
SThis celebratrd enactment which is go. of
,01 en quoted i~s.'spieecheswithin and witliou
athie witlla (ofeonlgress,is vie wedl in tiespeech;
Sof-Mr. Burt, 4)ne of our, representatives in
Gngress, in. the, spirit of true statesman-,
) 8ship. -He dipuites,. very .Ajustly, th a con
1titutiona righIt'of. Congress. to paIs, khe
I ordinanc., ieshows that i: was conirary
in its purpose'and intent to the act of ces
sion by Virginia in 1784, of the North.
I Wt-tsern iterritiry out of which the States,
r Olai, aidiana, Illinois, Michigana with the
Territory of Wviscolnsin have b-en formletl.
t -Thiis is established on the auothuritq' of
a Mr. Madison. Onse of the conditions of
this cessin was that the territory so ceded
I "shall be formed into distinCt Republican
I States, and admitted members of the -Fel
erul Union, having the rights of soverign
r ty. 'reetdom aid independence as the otlicr
i St. Blow ho-v can the formatiuo of
I States having the right 'of, sovercigntv,
t faeedom and independence, tak place
t consistently with the restriction contained
I in the sixth article of the ortlinance, " 11i,
-. there 61hall be neither slavery nor in
ni voluntaty servitulde in staid territories!"
e WVhat species of sovereignety andl indepen
y dence is ii that would control the action of
y u member of the confederacy as to the
e chatracter of their domestic instittuions?
r What color of righat wvas there in Congress
t) impose)5 a coneditioin of admissio inlo
e the Untioni that violated an antecedernt co
d dition, ain essential feature of thie ,gras,
itself, and coanft-rring ae righi' at gil to
y leg islate on the sub jaet &. Why abould tis
e ordlinane. beau often..ejted asp paramount
ni uuthourity-ats ani senacimenit; controlin
and regulating the iholo riafter? - As
d standard of legislation antd the, sole~ egte.
k ron touwhich A merican statesionr are ComU
k pelled to conform I Whsy Is' it thai hi
e character of infallibility should ho . Iven
r to a mwre act u~f Congress!t.
', It is Impossible to say wvhy thinord.
a nance elanuid have become so.sanicti~ede
e ato unealteruble, asg if. it wore part of thpe
le Constitutione itself. .It was in fact a naked
n uesurpattion. If thie qtestinot'f constitui
a tionality were pmade, betore the -Stprleme
I Coturt, the decision must bh .in favor oi
p Iteaviqeg to the States wvhicIphaJ bdemi
r- ed or5 meay be formed 'out pfaho Nq~~
ag WVestern Territory that etitire op~pInr
ed freedomn, and indepeiude e ,h~~
I in contemplation .O( th 'ne
ed of ceesiona by Vrii
eo of Ohio, daa
ill mide that ctjatli nDitI ,msdlf
re. verse to ta co1.utnt a1n a9~~I
Ito of thes prpesg5S of an ipa t g j~n
di ditlo o thus 1 aes, aht slay y ~dd
not ,es .Wta .their 14vit. di
al nQ [email protected] t ncPe o e~

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