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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, February 17, 1847, Image 1

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k, st ji:irli L FS R 4 r jIWw ~ th r-i
6~-It,87 b ( al
n I~~a- *I ~'w ~ ~ ~ t~
W I L-L I A M. J.. F1RAAtI
Two Dollarsan1 Fity Cen1t4 in. advance, Three
nWlars,.t1.he,.xpiration of IC noitlis, or Three
Dollars aint Fifty eait's; attli end of the year.
Advertsaemnts 'in'sertad att76 chta prer a.4iare,
(1' lini-s-or jetAh).forthelfhs't and; half that an for
each subtsequtet, lusfrtion.. h, nip4 ne
tions to bp iarked n all Advirtisements. or Uthe.
will be pibIialed otil orerodtee diacontine
and chirketi a'corlingty.
One ol61ar per esqua-re for-a-single insertiao.
Quarterly. 1.as1,t Monqthily.. ailvertisements nill ,be
charged the samo ino Ugle. Inserioo, 9pd .Semi
maont ily the ' i ie snew dae'.
For poAilishidg Ctititidhw ar to lair directi three
dollars will bie chargel,
All Olgagay. Npicepexceeding six lines,:pnel
Cominunicatint rroainenilhng Candiliates fAr pub
lic nffieed 'ft'prolli'or t'ris'- or pullaig EAilbitionp,
will be chargd-af'adverti tamnte.
. -rAccc.pahfor Advertidhig will be presented for
'paymnent qpa terl
All letterd la -must be post paidltd insure a
punctual atte nln.
I. Be it endbted,'bv the honorable the
Senate and House of Representatives, now
rnet and sitting in-General Assembly, and
by the atithotrity of the same, That for tha
purpose.of. establishing a comnnication
by Rail Road between the States of Souah
and North Carolina, from Wilmington in
the last mentioned Static, or from sone
,oint near that pIece, to alunchester, in
South Carolina sor to some -point nenr that
place, the foirmation of a corporate Com
Jany is hfere-by aethorized, to be called the
the Wiluringt'on ant Manchester Itailroad
Company, which company, when formoed,
i compliantce with .the conditions herein
prescribed, shall hatve corporate existence
us a body politic, in perpetuity, in each of
the States aforesaid.
.11. Tthat the said Comrapany he, and is
hereby aathorize'd to constrnct a RWail Road
from the town of Wilhninagtonl, in the Stite
uaf North Carolina, or from some poiit
near thal place, ta enmet theState (of South
Carolina, near the intersection aif the Sta te
Iine with the Lumber river, thence by the
monst practic'able rotate to the Great Pee Dee'
Rivet, at Or.near Marr's IluiT, theuce by
the most practienble route toa somie point
wiithain ten miles Soth of the village of
Darlitigioun, thence by 'the molst practirn
ble roate to or netir Snoiterville, theice by
the mist practicable rotte teo or near Man
chester, in. Simter District; that portlion of
the rout.e internedita Se between the placcs
named, to he determtineid by the staid Comrn
pany, after the same bhll lative been form
Ill. That far the purpose of raising the
the capital stock of said companity. it shall
be lawful to open booaks in the town of
Wilinington, tuder ithe direction of E. It.
Duadley. Alex. McRuae, J-ames Owen, D.
(, -tinicourt. P. K. DicIinsotn, W. A.
Aer ;, Ienry. Natt, Jtaht M,-Re, Sr., W.
C. Leord, 0. G. Parsley, E. P. lall, .n.
A. Tayar, Ei ard Ciattiwell, Riliert It.
W ood, Itichusd lradley' nand George It
Frenin;-ut . Whitesville, in the county oa
Columbuss, under the directioan of Josiah
Matltsh, Joseph' Pia .ll, Alfred Smith,
RichnR . o iotcn, and W, M. Baldwin; at
Fair BlufT, in said c'unt y air Columbias, un
tier the directiot- of A balon PIwell, Alva
Smith, and Williama.Griffin, or any five ti
them, and at any other place or places in
the Gtate- of Norh Caroliita, and under
the direction of Commissioners, which may
be desiginated by ntiy five of the said Wit.
mington Cu'missioners; and in thae State
of South Carsaliina, at M'hariaan Court hhsuse,
untder ilhe direction of WV. W. IIntulles', B.
I(. Ilennsegan, A. fj, Scarborouagh, Win.
Evans, S. F. Gibsona,C. J, Craawfoard; a;
DarlinsgitinCourt Ihtouse, utnder the direc
tin of Q. WV. Dyarge, I. I).: Wilson, J. P.
Zimmeran,. .Jiames.S. Gibson. Gasorge J.
Ws. MicCaill; at Stmttervilhle,.umaiter thea dI.
rection of Wmn, laytssworth, M. Moses,
J. D. Blainding, La. Whiite, J, Dyson, J. L.
Mananing; S.' E. Wilson,1 J. E. Denntis, a.
McBride, atd J. 0. Dqrtant, and at any
-place or placce in Snith Carolina, amntd tun
der the direction of Commissioners, Las be
named and desigiiated by at majority of thec
above named Soiulh Carol inaa Corn raissian.
era, for the pturpose of receiving subsciip.
tions to ani amoutr lit exceeding fafteen thun.
fredl thousand dolliars, in shir.res of onc
latndredffarih 10 'onistituate a joitn:
capital stock, for the purpose oftconstruact
lng anti carrying itt operation 'the Rail
-Road above mentionaedund designat ed. Tha t
the times anad placedfor receiving stabscripn
11ions, shall be fixed lby then North Carolinat
and South Cottmmissioaners herein nsamed
or a majority of said. Comnmissioanears it
each oaf saidl States, and-ssailh bed avtertised
-foar30 days in a newapaper or newsvapapera
ins each uf said States; and-the books fair re
ceivinag saibacriptioni shal'be.kept ope'n i'oi
sixty dayss at each of theollacses wrhert
they shall- he opene'd. ;Thtat oan eacti shari
_of the stock stubscribed, fear, the subscribei
sball paty-tP the commaaisinners whlo shaul
fake the same, the stin of five dollars, is
-pecie, or the notes ofC specie patying Banks
-he saitl Commissioners giving a rci
or certificate for the same. And at tia
Ne*04eing open the books, the-sid Coni'
u1ls1t4drB and .diputy Con~m sioners,'
skatI evintih6%ins ie'eived 1W ihem
en the aakNastilainlam'ntrine'' ie-spebI6
paygg hnaik of theoSiate of North.arwn
Ulna or South Carolina; and h peosia. r
missioners atid tlepuity .ommisAotners -n
North Carolina, hl iina ra etri itffe
Whninug toth Cdmnlilss'eise'f thp ibr
s'eripi'ons takenby> theiandfalle stiim
'pail ther-On, and, the .said .Qpmmissonrs
and deputy Comnilsjoners in Spoth Carp
line, si all make' it return to Geo. *. Dar
g4n, William Ilaynsworti, and
Ilarilee,.f ithestibedriptline takeniby them,
and the stujnspaisi,thers. c.
'. lint i'( at the expiration of the time
phscribed. for , receyiprig pibscriptions, it
aball agi var tiat tidsni of thr-hun'liuired
imtisianl dlnrs, or m'ore,! of baid capital
toe i hast be.qm s.obserited, it sllm be the
dut of time samifjNor j t Cartdina Vminis
sianers,.and 'hisaid soith Cardlina tom
fttisionrn tin!ed ii thiW Ae, Dr a ihnjor[
ty oftthem, to mak6 "it" kiivn 6 b'yad'tiver
tibement itisone Noetiti Carolina and South
Carolina newspapers, and to call a mneeting
of the subscribers, at such timei and place
as they alill appoin t and dosignate, of
which they shall gi e thirty days 'ieiCO.
Ilt if the sum1 of three hundred thotisand
dollars shall not he subscribed, within.the
time first appointed, the said Soutl Caro
lina and North Carolina Commissioners,
ierein named, or a maijoritv thereof in each
State concurring, may, at their discretion,
again open books to receive further sub
scriptions for said capital stock, and keep'
them open at atuclh places, and for such
time, and at such intervals as they shall
thinlk proper and fit. - An1d the like course
sliil be pursued by the said Commission.
era 6nd deptiLy Connmissioners, on the se
cond opening of suid book*, as are preseri
bed us to tothe first opening of tlim. And
if the whole niount of the capital stock
shall nat be subscribed tin the first and se
c&Iand openinig of said books, ten the said
hooks may lie closed or kept open, as a Ma
jority of the South Carolina sad a majori
ty of the North Carolina Commissioners
shall thiiak fit, atid for such a period of time
as they mny prescribe. Provided, thfit if
upon tihe first or second opening of aid
hooks, the sium of three hundi ed thousand
d',llars shall be subscribed, the power to
keep open said books, shall be transferred
to, and rested in the Subscribers of said
stock, #or thle President and Directors, whorm
whom shall appoint. and noit in- the Corna
missioiers. Provided, also, that neither
the said Comnmissiiners, nor the subscri
bers of stock, nor their President and Di.
rectors, shall have power to keep open
sahid books, atad to receivesubscriptions for
a Ionger perioad than twelve years from the
ratifi-ati.on if this Act, uiless within three
% ears from the said ratifieation. the sum of
three humidredi thous.lnd dollars shall have
bei suibscribed, am' the work co'mmenced,
V. That whenever the rum of three hun
dred ihmousaid dollars of said capital stick
be subscriel fGor, in manier aforesaid, the
subscribers, their executors, edministrn.
tors assigns, sha1ll be, and they are hereby
declared to be incorporated into a compa.
ny, by the name anid stile of the Wiliaing.
ton and MAdtelester Rail Road Compau,
an1. by that name shall be capable in law
aid equiy, of purchasing. holding, selling,
leasing andi conveying estates real person.
al aam mrixed, and1 acquiring the same by
gift or devise, so far as siall be necessary
ror the purposes embraced within thescope
and object of their charter; and shall have
perpetual .succession, anl by their rorpo.
rate nanie may sue and he stied, plead and
Ie impleaded, in any couirt oflaw or equity,
in North Camrolinam and South Cairoia; and
may have and use a common seal, wvhichm
thmer may alter anud renew at plleahhure, amnd
shall haue mnnd einjoy all other rights, priti.
leges andl inmmunities, whbichm othmer corpor.
cite -bodies may of righmt do, anid may make
mali stich bye-laws, rules and regulations, not
inconiusmtent withI time la ws of the Uinited
States, anid (If the States of North Ca. olina
anil Soth Caroliina, as shall be deemed ne
cessary for the well ordering and conduc
tinig the affairs of the companly.
VI. Thait wh len tihe sum of three hundred
thuousan I dollars shal bIe suabscribed for,
tand public notice given thereof, as afore
sad, the subscribers folr said -stock shall
meet at some convenienat time tand plaice Ii'
be designmated, anid ad vertised as idirectedi
in the fifth clauase of this Act. At suchi
meeting, or any general meetitng of the
company, each meimber shall bie entitled tt
oneC vote uphon eachm share hmeld by him noi
more thani fifty; tmi one Vote foir every five
uhares, tupoin ainhores bmehl by him more
than fifty; and niot more than one hundred;
to one vote fair every teni shares uipon all
shares more than one hundred, to begivei'
by~ tihe share-hiolder itn person, or by hil
proxy, ini all electionis aiid tupon all matter(
to he stubmitted to time decisionm of the-Com
pany. And to e ,mistituite a meeting of th'
stockhioldlers aumthmorize'd to make elections
or to decide upon anty matter uipon whiii
it shall be necessary for the stockhlolders t<
act as a company, a majority of all tha
Ishares simhllibe represented biy the ushare
Iholders thmemselves, or by Ihis, her or theil
proxy or piroxies, andI if a suflicient ntim
b er do not appear otn time damy appointedl
adjournVrn ti og pite, ia rfgu
peetpg shallbe f" ied. B t nf stoP
otJla whose 'harea are.In any form pledig
id i heCrporatidnor-or isybenefit
shallbe permitted to vod Anv.Och- share
ani noti dt6 shall abe 'givenhytke depor'
titP fiers9or any otier person, li
such fsre;<or. shialiany vote be ginn
by a perstln for any sh1e actually o ii
d8 uich porporation~
Iv i.i T0,41 the propritor of stock,a
tljgenerad utietin abi've dlirected bliefj
!Weryriinn"1m'neeti themenfter, shall klde
a ?r~'il4lit aria t. i .Dire'etore, three 'i
tildoishall hb'clios~ns from stockiibhfer
refidet tiduli Caarbina, nd inre/frmi
stockholileie hsident InrN Crih- arolini
who shall cotitlni in: officeunnss s'oI'
rerndved, until the next annual me'eting'al
ter their election, and . 1ur lttiheir success
orsasitil be. elected aiie shall eItr.u. oi
ihelcdtiks' btit the said.Presidei12 annlmii
of1 he Dirieli'rs may, af any tnie, be re
m(yed, inddwi W e vtcarev thareby' occas
ibned beffilled by a majirity of'the vote
given at any genekal'tir* alled meetih4
The President, with Snyaix or more fh
Directors, or in the event of the sickness
.liability or absence of tie President,ah,
seven Or more ofthe Directors, who in suel
case. shall appoint one of their body Presi
dent pro tempore, shall constitute a boar
for the transaticon of business. In case o
at vacancy ins the office of President,-or an
Director, from death, removal, resignatiot
or inability, the vacancy may be filled b
the appointment of the board, until. th
next annual meeting.
VI. That there shall be annual. meet
ings of the proprietors of stock, -at snel
times'anmd places as the preceding annua
ineting shall have appointed. At such,
any special meeting, proprietors of stocl
may attend anld vote by proxy, under suet
regulati.,ns as the bye-laws shall prescribe
Provided that ii no case shall the Piesi
lent vote under the authority of anothe
stockholder, noor shall any officer or agen
of the company be the pitoxy of a stuck
holder, and all and every proxy madie i,
the President, or any officer of the Con
patny, joiitly With another or with others
shall be void.
IX 'haat special meetings of the com
pany may be called by the President an
Directors, or a majority of their board, as
sembled assuch, and they shall be calle
wheiever ten members of the company, to
more, owning tngether three hundre
shares, shall require it. Provided, th
publia 1.,,ico at,.tI fi, a o 6* ISton ..( As
imte and place.of such meeting, and of Ih
object for which it is called, unless the in
terest of the company requires that th
cause of convening the meeting should n
be published. And provided also, that e
tiher in person or by proxy, there shall b
prest nt at the meeting, a number of pe
sons, owning together a majoirity of th
X. That the President and Directors c
the said company, shall be, and they am
hereby vested wih till the rights and pov
era necessary for the comistruction, repai
tnd mainitaining of a Rail Road to be loc
ed as aforesaid, and Prosecute the san
on the route designated in the first claus
oaf this Act the intermediate course and d
rection of the road between the places di
sigtiated, to be determined by the stoel
hiolders. And the said President and D
rectors may cause to be eniistructed, Ri
the said company, all wosrks whateve
which may be deemed necessary and expt
dient for the successful and proper cor
pletion (if the said Rail Road; they mn
appoint a Secretary, Treasurer and otht
aoificers, ant take frotn them bonds and sa
curity for the fuitliful performance of the
duty, which said bonda shall be made pa
table to the company; bttt the salaries,
or other compensation, shall be regualat
t-y thte stockholders, in generul ameetin
And during the intervals between the gei
eral meetings of the stuckhIolderc, the rem
dotnt and Directors maar transact all te b
.4iness of the company, nnd'r the limita
lions and restrictions herein before expares
-XI. Tme President and Directors shii
have power to make contracts with ar
persotn or personms, on behtalf of the sa
comtpany, foir miaking the said road, at
performnintg all others works connect<
wyith the same, that may he necessary
proper in constructingr and maintainaing ti
samte. A nid thiey shall Ihave power to r
ceire the cash instalment received lby ti
commissiuners. 0mn subscribing for stiac
and their receipt for the same being on
posite im bamnk, shall be a legal dhischa rg
and ina the event that any of the said colm
uniissioneors shal hmatve fatiled to de?posit I
atmonit received in die cash instalnent
bank, as requmired, the said de.fauhting em
,missioners shmall pany over the same to
Presidlent and Directors; amnd if, on demau
they fil to doa so, the staid P'residemnt and I
rectors uy commenee suit thaeret
aigainst the said defaulting commissione
by petition, in any of the couarts of law,
which the defemndant -or defenadanits shm
nt be entitled to) any imparlamnce. A
the said President anti Directors shall baa
power to require fronm the subsc. ibers, su
advatnces em instalmnents, on their reap
tive shares, as in their opinion thme wa
,of tihe company may requsire, utial
a lwhole of their sutaserlntions shall be nail
-1 fA)landr'sr shautr', bi .11, Ies
retlork, m mijNi
S nontbjafter theaine sii -Ilk e M. 1
slikis'nWntlay; be w PK
and Directs orsMir 'a'ftJn
sbli at 'ptiblic dthiohi'nt1
41days-ijoilee'-6. f ing-z1
and-Dmrert reshuin ha
t, cpigqse sidaieisats is~i
' r n g's *jt .1- ~ ,
St eede, shuliday the su~rishiw t5i Y's0
Sowner, or dsulm'gl repf-es% Yiye, 09
r ignses; ani anyt pr64s#r-or tis 6tj
ihe cum'anylnra?1e sale'hy the>P14r.1
dent and Directors' s sforesal,46 alim 4
I sehjeet .ti Ale amerJc6s-a ind regu liti-o
as tihe origial -drprieiar4 anil' za -byi
:the original pr~oprieIorlof toEkk m~asgn~
eesp shall reaWsethe riirgliiali, rnprtor
i from his obigati'on to theicompnydtnpig.
the whole amount of his subscriptin~ 1 A1 1
in addition ttlyb'e foregoing'- retrse M9t'* i
President. and Directors may proce 1y 1
r aCtion, of assurnplst, uri debti. Inany 4. 'the -l
courts of Iuaw Pf-thm. Stietes, of Nort -aid '
- South Carolms, for tIhlorecowery Of theio. Ip
I stalments mdue and notpaid aniy delinquent I
f atockholder. or his assignee,wVhos notlihall.'
pay the same, Oil requiition made inMani a
t ner and form, as afuresail, in %lii1*his" aid
act.ions tihe iefendant shfmaltn69-b, eitiAleud
to an imparlance, but thesome., shell beI
docketted and triell -t the first termrnOfdlIh
court after the eommencement ther If.
Provided, that in cases where the Preui
I dent anid.Directors shall proceed by a.uin
r against sho oriilial proprietoru, and is$
t assign or assigniees at thnsname time, tiey, 1
I shall Inot collect from. them more than the, I
sum due on the siae.iIn regard to which J
there has been deurfit.
r XII That'if the capital stock of the
t company shall he foiund insufficent for the
- purposes for whicimsaii colmpany is form
>d for incorporatetdit shall a'nd may he law
- fil for said company, at some general meet
ing, by a vote of tlhe susckhmolde ss, from
time to time to increase ihe said capital
- stock, to an amount lot exceeding three
I millions of dollars, by the addition of as
- many shares as may be necessary fori hai
I purpiose. And time President and birectois
r shall first give*. the individual stockhiolders
I for the timenh, or their legal representatives'
I the option tf aking stcho additional shares,
-..Jagi alpl ... .. , ..,. ;r , . ... .
e be matte among them. Anti if que addi
- tionalshares shall not be taken by tle s c4k
e oilders, tie President and Directors shall
t cause books too be opened utider thle diree
tion of commisicone ro, to be app-ointed by
e them at such time and plaice as they 6-11il
designate, whichm time atnl, place shaillibe
e duly advertised for sttbsciiptions for saidit
additional shares. of soo muchm thereof as
f may not he taken by the said indivdtsiiol
e stockholders, s aaoresaid, anid' mhe subscrib.
eras for such asdditional sisrex are heireby
, declared to be thenceforward incorpiratei
i- into the staid comiany, with all the privile
e leges and advantages, anid subject tm all tme
e liabilities of the iginal stockholders.- - -
i- XIV. Be itfurther enacted, That. the
President and Directors, or a majority fr
them, shall have power to borrsow moneqt
i- fir time objects of this Act; to isasue certfil
r cates or other evidiences of such loans, atodf
r, to make the same conveitible intia the st'k
of tihe comnpany, at the pleasure of the hold
m- er: Provided, that time c.apital shall not
y thereby he increased to an amount exceedi
r ing three millions of daollars: and to pledge
tie property of the conipany for the pav
ir ment of time sane, wish interest. Proci
-ded, that no certificate of hoan, convertible
er into stock, or creaming any lien or moert.
dt gage ont time property of the comnpany,shall
~. he issuted by time P'residient andt Directors,
*unletss thme exp~ediency of making a haoan, 0on
*t- such terms, anmd of isasuing sucha certificates,
u- shall have first lbeen determined on, at a
-~ gemerai meeting of the stockhmobiers, by
a. two-thmirds of tihe votes which could. be hi.
gamlly givenm in favor ofithe same.
II XV. Be it further enacted. That the
,y said President anmd Directaor,, their officers,
idI agents amnd servanmts, shll fsmli powver anti
ad authotrity to enter upon all lanssmnd tenme.
-d ments, thromugh whmmih they desire to con
dirct their Rail Roadl, anti to lay otut tihe
me same according to their pleasuare, so that
e- time dhwellingm hiouse, yard, garden or grave.
we yard of no personm ba Iivadted, withomut is'
k, consent, and thmat thmey shall imave power to
e- enter ini amnd lay ouit smeh conitigmuus ianmds
', as they may desire tom occuapy, as sites (or
ni- dlepotsites, toll houimses, warehonuses, e-ngin6
me shmeds, workshoips, water smationas, anti oth
in er butildinigs, for time necessary accommoi
n- tiationa tof their officers, agents anid servants,
me the'ir horses, mumles, amnd otimer cattle, andl
ii, for time protecmioni of the p)roperty entruas
li- it-d to their care: ProvidedAotoever, that
a, thme lamnd so laidi nut oni time line oaf the Rail
s, Rouud, shall nt exceed, except at dieep cuats
in anid ilings, one hutndrd and twenty 'feet
di) inm wvidth, antd at suach dleep cumts anad filings,
mmd shall nt exceed a whhhti sumlliciert fomr time
ye conmstrutctiona of time baniks anti deposits iii
chn waste e'erth, andi that time adjiinmg landt forn
-e- time sites of buailinigs, unmesas mime Presideijt
its atid Directors canm agree with the owner om
lhe tawneras fur the pturchasse tmf time samme, shall
I. -not exceed five acres in anf one parcel.
it W'4
puff'. "J.
AIDr P, 4
- P
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a ri t iw h T - - <
mi it iAbisetih g -
hedieas~~ ~~~ rer.I~a anln
righ~V Qa A
h alb urel Rh d arWid
edisif a~$~jnr1ity 6l&niismtt. - >'- .
re.to gh*e Churi rrnm which the uln
iion ibsned, therel tiarerjape fV5eeidl,~~ .-.~
1ratig.tgeonmissinand 'e iea:r W e
Inalg mne h ni.'p tyrminr os f "
to apea, n tidoitr'~jlnier
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ged'.hew o etit ea the r.a
e (ilal ndacaicssielieweeii he. pear.
es, 1i4es a VpZnL4Iql shull lbe giranut -
isIs lan.ds or right 4way snvalued bt
lhe Cernmnissiotera. or jty, suhl vestIiu
he said compani:Isf'-sauiale. so s0on ad
he valuatiuon mayc. paui, Or when reru.
ied.,niay. he teldere.. When thisre . haill
le an wgal, as-aforedd loiae-vahli.
at. 9f commssigners,.1.y either oft A .
arlies, ,the.sm sij i1.qt. prev.gnt .the, 4
vorks intended to ie conetructet) ;tom
roceedi~ng. But-'whentioappeatis made
bay sllecomunpany,re'qujrinag the srrender
ahey, shall b-- atjlibertyto procoe n itheir
work, only "n.conditiqn ofgiving to tile
Tp nese party, a bod, ith go sc ity, a
whr h-valui h' esursied, Ina ateuer
atyequal to daloib1e hie saiie vuIain atiin.,. -
liilioned for the paymnti of th'e siivai a
tinte eand inieresi, in cse tile mie bqs s
trined, anid 'iin case 1t0"e reverUs dr
pthyment o'the .Vsaation thureater to 84e "
"logid by the' jiry, and confir'medb3 by' I,
II. I theabieneeof any*con tracto
contracts with the'said company in rclatos5
to land thro'>vbich'thel! inseild mef 4
igned by the or'tier ahert(, - r b ii
agent, ar any clai iidit or'pcrson in p .ide 7
'iion there-of, whiclY finily be confil'nmcd .
the' owner thereof ir all be presumetti a -
the 'land upon which thsid lainay be con - -
structed, tolgether"tih space of kit 91 (
et on each tside '' , i: t -, q
0h: 41 wner. or-owns ' kd,4M i lid
corn patsy *aislhfe'o 41od rightg Wittiul
theirent,- ail shahl'la I oldaniienjoyfthe
asen1, ai long as thi samnstaV bei4ssilyN 1
for. ther.ptrltoties Wiith e sail otriaq aitd .o
ton erulttleifs thaut lie~si or.,rFs '~
lonerintes te prsuid, r persons owiJ
itg 'he salid land,..t.ir time that the paW
ftht said s and which may be nsai the -alid
and1, was finlishedt!'or thiseclainaug uider
hint, her or them, ahallapply fu.an asses~
nient of the value of the said Ianils as -* ''
hereitnafter directedI, withiin ten years next ~ ~ -
afrser the said piart was iniished: attd in case
the said owner sor owners, oar those 'elaim- ' ' .,
ing under him, her or thern,.shahl not apply,
for such ab~essmment withiin ten 'years -nex V
after lhe said roaitssfnished,- he, shetosr '
.lheyshasl.be forover.'barred frdmtirecove..~'
rinag thle salid-land, or. ~itsvg any-'asaess-. I a
mne;.or 'compensntion thecrefor:: Providedl,'
ni.ng herein. Coniainedi shall 'effi-ce ihdi 'I*'~
rights uaf femne coverts or Inafant,.until two4
year. after the removal-of theijr rees'peciive .n
diabtilities. . .-.i,
XVIII. All Iaunds not heretofore gransel -
to, ainy. persont, sitr approtpriated by -law, to
thsa se of thse ttue githin sixiy.tive- feet - d
of the centre of the uabl. syisich atay be'9
.constrneted by the Oatd1,utmpany em so'on -~s
as thse hise of .the road i '1 dreuiely lraid t 'n'i
throaugh it, and pa~ay graysi-thgreaifter shalIl u.a'
bie 'void.'.*. . 1 '. 'a %7'
XIX. (( nypren- prsnshald
triude upon thiel seldelBiL hoad,, or-any -g
part thterefore, by.atny minnnet-of sitheie. -"
'for, .or- of the irighseandu privileges aopp. i ~
niected' therewIth, wlissilt the permsissieon, s .,,
or constrary to the will of ujie saii estmpa .
he, she or they shallfiiah it test to etU. 2'i' ~.
said romplanty, all yehicles tiintpe~y bsnA~
intrudled on slle maid 5rea5 nd the pmn&
piersonl or persontPsiy (g#a 9 .
be initrted (or mni m~eausi'anal upin1.:
ctoviction, flint-t pn4s) h.;qsaqied ly, .asa. y
Coaurt oif compiletsit rJt~ij ionu 7-i 7., '4
,XX. It' am .perusn shall wilhfi91y rAn,
ii alhiinsjy. dsrtay -ai assy-mquspsr hur, -
darnage or p ruact or shall wiliil op~

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