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*'wollideI .at his i
of the-General hJ t R
officer who so at htn.Ilf
saca do l'Palmq, va.s kiled
Th~e lrau tigafiksb. 28d bisted :+from es,rl
rorte fillhli t4P. M. whenf8anta A'nn
drew ofiitt4rniy.Aid riitired 1o Agua Ni
ervu, to pWit ii roindfarpement.
It-wit! be rerembried thIstS-ntaAnna
de resrec,, comtuAnnded by Gen. sqm
had been delayed in its march, and has, n
doubt,. joined him a. ew days after .hibA
tie.., Au. In the meantime his rmv is elin
ving, and many of- his men -are deserqInj
Cap..Prentiss' stitong artillery compan
was not in the action, but had lefllipnter
'y tojoin Gen. Tfidor, with six'. cannor
two beitng I.potunde(rs. Ott the 7th M re
one' of 'the Ohio reginenta9o h-ft SlOt
terey to join Gen. Tayir. If these-an
Cn pt.Preintiss' artillery arrived in time, ih
the Gonieal's heavy loss will -be fully re
paired, and he will be ready to meetSant
Anna again.
Gen. Taylor, at the last aecounts, wa
still maintaining his positipn, undisturbe
by th enemy.
.An exchatinge of prisoners had take
place, and '-Old-Rtougih and Ietniy's >r
mise to Cal. Mlarshall to iet back Cassit
5.. Clay anl his party, by inking Alexien
prisoners enough to exchange for them, ha
been-fully redeemed.
Gen. Wo-,ol greatily distintguished himsci
in thle aclion,. and allI the officers fought lik
A fter the battle, Genet-,ravlor demani
ded of Santn Anon an unitconitional si
render tit his whole armyi, which the li
ter declined: but in return, required ofGeri
eral Tayltor to surrenler immediatelv. Im
mortal. he the reply ofr "oh Rititt nu
* endy," as delivered by the gitlatit Liitt
Crittenden-"G E N. T A Y L 0 R N E V
Santa Anna's Auinotant-General was en
tured by.. tht Americans, but was after
wards exchanged.
Gen. Taylor ocenpied his ground on th<
24th and 25th withos:t opposition.
Col. Morgan, of the Olio Volunteers
withi a small force, ct his way throl
large bodies ofurtmned l-exicitis, nnd arriv
cd at Alarin. A detneiet of 3 compani
es, under command of cl. Geadiings, wa
sent to his Rid, and the whoile party art
said to have arrived safelv at MAonerev.
A train of 100 loided wn.ginS (U). U.) ot
their way to Alenterey from Caioargo, in
<ier..an escort of3 vtolunteers, was captur
ed by a body of Mexie.in cavalry a fui
miles beyond Marine. Three of the met
made good- :hcir escape-the rest wer
taken-prisoiers. A yoing lily, the daiigh
oer of an American citizen living in Mexi
-eo, and returning home fron New'v Orleans
',where sh has bin going ti school, wa
ta-ken withithis train, her father having heet
killed by litthe Axicanis. She had eseapet
at arrivei at Monttierey to, ..ar-ty. ::.or
her misfuts tines had excited the most livjeJ
sympathy. The latly's name is Mliss Burns
Col. Curtis, of the Ohio Volunteees, hat
started on his expedition against Urrea
-who was at Aldemas, a viliag' on the Sal
Juan river.hout forty miles from Camar.
go.. The Ctolunel haI, a tine force OIV'oltu
teers, com) posif ti h t e Ohio attd. Indino.
Reogimients, a h~a uinin of Vir'inlta Vo ,ott
teer's, andh Caiptaitn Hu tnter's ceim pany. of-U
Trhe Aex-icans have posission of Cer
alvo, Chiina, alier, antd all the towns be
tween Cumnargo andh Monterey.
-Fr otm the' N. 0. Delta, Alarch 2-4.
- THEi EN-:tCy!
Recon noisan ce-Landing the A mericai
Forces-Carryjing. Redoubts--Loss 0
Capt. Alburtis and seven Mecn--Invesg
ment nf Vera Cruz -esvcu of Mid
skip-man Rogers-The Squadron, 4..
- ~ ~ ~ ~ 'By thte'arri va, a.Ottnn ettr ly hlur ti moanirn
ing o'fth,- sche . Portia. Ca ptt. i'owvell, whiie
-left Anicrificios on the 15th inistat , we or
receipt of the faollowintg highly in.tmetini
itelligoece. rm the tfor cea ca-o pera tini
angitinst V'orn Crttz. For th e factus d<h-tnaile
wve are idebied to our correspondtence ant
.~~conaversattionts with patssenigers. -
TIrootps were landed, after a recontnoib
ance on thte 7th, by Ge'nerus Scott, Pal
terson, WIVorthi, Pi litw, Quaitm:an an:ti
TJwiutgs, wit thleir A ids andi the Topogr:1
phica coi ir ps, whiicih a ppronucheti near iih
shaor e, town'rds thle irectlion tif tihe Cast
'the gnus fraim Man Jutan i de Iinea oapentin
iremt upton thte ,party, thrni.w in g shltii anu
round shiot, bitt witihout doitng anly damatti
to the reconi termittg pearly-the moundtt shi
either passing titer tr falling short, anid ii
s helliiii althogh ithirowntt withi pmrecis iei
-tfirsting at at ctonsitderabl~e elctean, dotn
nmo l'h~rgr. Otne shell patssing ttverulthesteinn
-er Peitrita, (the vessel emutployed in the:
tdonn iisan~tce,) aund anoiiithet'r hiarratint,<ro unc
laher'how, withotit during hier anuy injury.
'Ihe recnnoisanntee was made while ti
lraunsports'and- dtitvoyse were iying tifT
Anitn Lizarudiot after th-eir return, attd tl
heast phsibile delny, transports and cOt
voyst weig bed anchor -itnd stoatd to the stuti
wvard tf Suc.illitcios, teutring in touwardis1i
' rnai n.Iand, -withI a ftair breese andit in gailit
style, wihent they camnit to antchtr, thte cot
votys teking posui itin in stieh ita manner,
td'protect the dir embarkentt ofthe troop
the first 6000 heing landed at 2 o'cloc
-P. Mi., on the 9th,, atnd the remnainider dut
im5tg the~ day. Tie landing is spoikeni ofi
persons who were eye wvtinesses, as5 a Se-Pi
-ofmiatnilicence, rtare iv wvitteesseed more- h
once4in a'lifletimec. 'ih trooeps inntdedti
mounted to the cxact ntumber o f '2, 1000.
unit assda5jri[a h og
y. H 4~ep sors.Vazn agt ilpihre,. layin
tu rgnta cl4/Hornos, opencdian.t'e 1ty
A acros the..poit- and in thedirectiotof'the
-Casitle.with shell and rottrnd ish4t, M*1ielti
'a .s .etun~e). by the t, tithout ef
o, :..Genera Worth' dlvision which, it is
t- sald has beeti tssignecl to the operationis on'
-ile left hni nk of ihe city; from the loealt;y r
t. orthe lanling-on the Soth'andinder Pun.
y ta de. llrnos,.had necessarily to move in
- Ocheltnn to thie rearipat tht right, in or- A
I' dr to gain hit pl~ilper position-in'the ee-a
, dution. of whlebiitbecame necessary 0 a
- ak a nd trak - poises sln of Iwo tetd e ubts
d throwni olby the enemy, on one a
b %ys a plpe. of artil ,ii an )1411 hc l
Slr.y, aid both filled
wiih in fantry. tIhe redotibts. were attick
a ed, charged and taken, a'spirited resisltince 0
beinlg madte bv the enremi, who lost sever
s lit killed,: vou'ited and r :
d loss some'seveni killed and several w'ound
ed. Capt. A Ihurtis, of tha 2d 'Inan ry,
n was k illed by- a round shot, suppmeed -tobe a
- from tle Castle; the 11111 severel his head
s from his hotly, the sam shot til the alrm tof
ni a drumner, (a boy),and wounding a pri. e
s vale. . Capt. -Alburuis Was a Virginill,and 01
formerly coincted a newspaper inl Fred- e
If ricksburg. C'ol. Dickitison was wounded
e iw the breast by n.misket Sfit. C
. The skirinishitng was howevQr no check
tothe t advalncing coIumin, which.'passed
steadily forward to its position on the left
1. ainti. rear of the city, where 'it ltied and
- commenced the work of entrenchinent.
- The pipes usel for the purpose of sup
I plyini the city with fresh water, have been '
. discovered and broken ill), comile-tely cut- "
- ting ofihe supply from tile tanks, which
are qituated some distance frilm the city. w
- During the advance upon the retir of.thel
- city, passed midshiliman Rogers, whop haid
not been sent friom Vera Crut, was bound a
nil t cart and ordered to he cntivelyed. titl
der a guard, to the prison at Pe'rote, but 'i
, fortunately they were encountered by our
* forces aid Mr. ltgers was rescued and is
-141W ilt board his ship.
- The city is no w completely surroutnd3li sa
by our tromps, each division living takie"r
tit advantag 1aosI position, with enstrenchl.'
ments, conpletely .citting offall entumnini
a ca iol by sea or~ latmi, and. at tite snmei
time, 're safe from the ire of the ca-tle.
'The positiills of diviistions were establish.
ed 3il, extending from Ponta de [hormnos, p
i on the right, to Punta d11& Catia, oil the m
left, in one iliboken liiieOil aclive prep. "
. arations were in foot r the immeudiate
.subjugationi of thir formidable ptice. .
So closely is Vera Cruz now- besieged, il
and so entirely are every meants of corn
iniication eut ofl'. all in a vcry few days, "
I the newsimuch reach us that both tho city t1
,41.) neact'ilo.nrnsemiipied by our. victorion's Ce
troops.. .et
The general impression seems to be that S
I the city will surrcmler in: the course of tet
, das or two we.eks. No doubt is express
i ed.of the successful termination (of the en- Ct
- terprize. p
The Portia was delayed from the 13th to a
k the 15th by the prevalence of a Noirther, a
- uritng which tiune the dlischarge of lhenv 1''S
ordnanttce was ..frequetily hleard which
dont~less proceedel from1 thle Castle.
Tile resse'ls bieoingiit '. thle squadron
employed inl the service as coutroylS, and' (
for the covering thle iandings-of the troops "V
helov Psinta de I .srrnos, tire: Flagship R.- "
ri tan; Fri gaites Potomnae'. 55I Printce'tots:'
. loips St. Mary's, Albany, and .411hn A d- a
ams Stnmr Vi~s'en and Spislire'; G. e
boni ReeerPetrel, Bon1ita, amti ll.Th
Guinboats carry medilum 32's. I"
Correspondence of the Ch/ar. Mercury. ~
M EPXl(CO,h Maich, iS47. .(
exception of outr own i, aren' coph1 tlelvt uit
. formed; and'seeing the latter when on pa
Sradle, rinds41. me -or.na cerin city R egi
111ment as it iL existed snat a hunitdred 3yeart It'
sincte--that is to iny I limuliisms being tI
the 'predlotinn uit fe'a ture. Imina some S Alt
iise ven hu ondlred mlenl. com1npolsintg ittn coim- ru
pa is's, each companyitli withl lte excepjtiont II
of the Chlarle'siiln timii Ric~lhn, ador~snedi is
.sh irts over t heir utnmen lit ionableh~s; Kilmar. it
dInoch enips, or whlite' costt-mt tskull huts, ol b
ite old1( t il' .Gr ie c i,*protec sing-a theIir setsts '"
Sof kns~olge fromn the pelting of' tile piiti- ii
less storm; whie their lowser e'xtiremsities
nretenensedt inl every vagrie-t of hant, shioi n
danti stsaekinlg ! Shl, with ian equal inde1.- 54
pentdenace re garin tg ille oultwttard anil in.
wnaljiman, will Iirnishs youi anl idletni l the
CaoiaVolutetiers, for whoste use tlzenfy
t housaond dollars we'.re aplprolprinated by
gite Htinte Le'gishituret. 1 nm1 lfitn askedi y
. where I his m1oney has1 gone tto. btut I mst' s
r. wil for alln. exlaatiown from some~t folks/
r ' nere'r tihe Cap ;ital than ourlve~ts.
Se'rgenit Murmphy, olf the Stumtervillec
e. Ceompan, died iso-di'y, Cr41m1 itnfinmmtiiaon or' -l
t he howel,. brousghit on by tile tilnwholle.
e omene 5'ss oft' tfoiod whi ch we are c'm pi' .
.led toi e'il, ini oirder'to isumsai nnaturme. ifs're- S
.- t-of5re1.thle had4 efl'Tets oCfis'm Elf the' rt uiius I
Shave beeni counternetedel by3 iv intL hei men II 'l
trice, bunt evenl that is111 ntilfurnished' now, *
and it enn readilybe-imatgined whatt follows bi
a frosa onily pork and oltd beans, eaten alonle,
, wihte thermomneter approiaiiln 10.0!
Hu ~st eatosagh pour le present. c
-. Yoars DAN.
e ILfis a singular coincidence thuat the same
n tdiss'ase wh lich hals atinucketd tile plotato~es in 5
i- iter coutatnies fhas -sucked'l the cocoa inc
.amaIia. I
i. YB
Bydh j{~jIt BAT n.
o6rtonnifrom the Hyazosi, whsdt %
"'14thsrist.,we learn .ver(1 aIvot.-;w rn
eineptf .bet'age, C61. Ci le 1.n'l' ch
IdCamargo, in which the-lateorw defea
d and driven tf' with coniederahe loso
anpptdrs that:Gen. Urrea, with 0 ca(
ry, .as beeen Camargi and MOnterey
th7th and that Col. Curtis,:with -ii'e
Ieres. undr his command, determinel. I6
ght him for the pIrposeof. r.'eutalhiishing
mmninicatialis bet/tveeni tire twevp IIlaces.
coirdingly, he marcicd out of Cumargo; .
id soon,came ut t W .Urrea. ivhen the
)nflict begat Th tfln-ed-for sever.
i hours, and.Co. dt having been met
y superier r,ivnmhers, -Urren tnanaged to
arrould himt and the Co. was onthe poiint
r sutrrentlering, ns, His retreatwas cut ofr.
hen he was encouraed( by the aid of Co
mel Drake, who commenced a sharp fire
pon tile enemy's rear. As soon jasthe
ring was ieurd by Col. Curtis. he:male
desperatte charge and effi-eetd a jinetion
ith Col. Drake, which -enabled. themn to
Nin a decssir vietvory. Uren retired pre.
ipitalely, ainl'ihe line of combtlnientions
a tIre Ro Grande is thios entirelyre-Open.
1. -3opn
it is reprteid that Gener'ai Taylor- had
-nched Monterey, and was on is way to
amlargn with a force sufficient to 0101n -the
)mmunications between the two point'$.
- [Prom the Jf'Tersonian.)
We have aletter from Col. Jeff, Davis.
stedt at Saltilln, March 8, ilhich sephka
his wound (in the foot) as 1i01 being of
serious character, ald that he is deoing
lie alsn states that the enemy had run
,yond the reach of Gen. raylor; dispirited
d dlisheartenetl, ins a complete rout.
We are iulebtr'ei to Lt. Critenden for
e letter from Col. Davis. Lt. C. coifirms
* statement that the Muexicans wvere in
I rettet for Stn Luils Potosi. The Amer
!nsivere in full possessioan of 1111na Vis
and Aguat Nueva. The roiadl betwven
amnitrgo and lonterey was ngain contflar
ively free rrom interruption.
was supposed thhat Urrea had re-crossed
C mo1untains.
Negotiations for Peare.-The crirrea.
niunt orthe New-York Journal of cum
erce. writing from Washington underdcate
the 24t1 utit, states that Mr. IHAnGoous,
P financial friengand baenker of SAN-TA
SSNA, hau been Stme days in that city,'ttnd
at he wvas led ts believe that a- nersllin
on was Iocin'g on between this cousintry
id Mexico, and on tie eve of consumna.1110
an, for n geiernt pence. This. tuk-en in
annexion with the delsar:ilon of the Giv.
nor si ii Mexienn pintiicer, -oir which
Otillo is the enpitn. ntiressed to Colo'
I WARNER, acting us the American Coy
nor at Saltilhs., that American Commirnis.
oners were then in the city of -Mexico,
-oposinig to the government tit couruicde
pence between the two countries-gives
i air of prijability to the surmises that
>methifig oIIthe kind is ont foot.
Char Cour.
Alonnr.n.-WVe hav'e seen a letter fronm
ra ngebuarg, tunder d~uIst of the 1.5th iiust.,
hich slates that a mutrder had been comt
ittedl in thuat Disi rtct on the 'lesdayT pre
(Ill?, on the boady of Mir. Benujamtin P lumu,
ntivte of Pe.lande, but for sevt'rai years a
sidenat oif this city, lie hnd for someW
oniths been peeddling in that District,.and
hile (il tile road side',eCxpdsing his wart's
r saile, was mauidered byt at negro fromi
e0 of the. adij oinin0g platetioens ; w ho ha:s
'e n,-ri.ue'd. The body, of NItr. Pl um
as5 founld about11 fourteen mlebs above' tha
lage' of Oranebhutrg, ntitht the skull bro.
:n tn several places.
A miost neg..rav'atedl mlsuder, we regret to
'trn, says the Aulguista Chronicle .Sen
uiei of 9i l Sauday, was commirittedl uplon Dr.
.BonT of Edge~utield .Dtstric't, S. C., whoie
'sidedl someil te'n or fifueen miles above
Iamburlig, by~ one of his siwn negroes, yes.
retely moreninlg. TheO circumlst aces, as5
'-Inted to uis, are these: the Dr. attem pted
>~ chustise thimi, for w hi ch purpose hie had
roken' offl the branch of a peach tree, ithl
hie'h he inifl ictedu ia few st ripjes, wthen the
L'~e)r seiz'ed on lIES ,nnd alm~lost inlsIantly
itled1 him, niotwutihsaninsg the Dr. tat
Illpt1eed toeenpe.CI Th' 'e nug ro wvas atrres
el ande is in culsiy.-Col. S. Car.
Th e isegroi whoc commiotteed the Imulrder
a M1r. Plumblh, was t ried at Orn.ngebhorg on
istureday labst, andt finn 1ld guhily. .lie wais
flntenede to be hting on Friday, the 9th of
pril neCxI.
We stated Iast week that twvo or-three
ecre concerned in the murder of M~r. P.
'his was anl error.-Pal. Banner.
tidi hv ihe- A lexanudia Guze.dtte- thait Ailr.
'esk wtill visit Ndorth-Calrolinia int the month
f June14, tos a.tten~d at ce'lebra tionl of the Unti.
ersity, before wich Mir. Se'cre'tary Ni1asorn
as been invited to deliver an address.
NIIsdHlsvoUs Ml ;cE.-From circumstan.
esc sinico discovereld, says tihe Saliem .Inz
te, it a ppe'ars that the recent fire in tile
011se ol D). A. Nel, Esq., was unuques.
onnthly occasioenedl by the actieon oIf mice
plOn fricciont maltlches. These5 da ngerous,
nniVenIieces requlires murb(1 Care to pro
c'nt their hecnming 0intetndinrie.
Vl Y
Masss' DaLonstz & WU, ; Sunte'rvlie
T . Paoeuy.a Oknmden9 6Q -.
The office .of j1Tfj. BANNER" s reAoVed
the..ne buildiagnst hd ffr -
'VAQGRAn oh Otb gRoad.
;Any business cnumnoted ih 9q 9ybe
attended to at-the.fflico a 1y gpped by r
Sev.eral -commnications 'iaye been red'
ceved, Phich vib etided to as son s
we ee hale.-,Vc.d sk 6( 6'r'rcadl the
observanelofo ue eitest in regar d
The piice of,thisartiele in the bhar es
ton Market for the wiek ending Fr'iday.
2nd-ist., vari ed froma 10 tot12 1-4 ccats
a pouuna.
The Article orr !,The..q lugenus" wa
written witd' reference to the early-lene
ment of the Flugidenots iQ' South (aroilia
The improveeni.nt or inin as b en ieffaec.
ted bya succession of Rqvol itiOns. SliTrn'
have been moili and peisceable, tli resultor
causes-workinir for a long rerire of isge;
others have burst forth on the "ivorld's
trembling mulitude.' sudden -ad power.
ful. Such was the Reformation ofr .ther.
Its great princIple-its ntobleaiin was civil,
anil religious liberty. 11istoi'y'recordu the
struggles ofthie contest, rousing up all th
energies of Europe. Foremostin. this dra.
mn.stanild forth 'lhe Protestants of'France.
a Sparton band in the great army of -Re'
firuiera. Svnpathy for - their luiffiprogs,
reverence for their Ifiety, udniration o(f
their fortitu de and persev'erance, and grnti
tude to God for the preservarjon of a rip.
nant or this .-licted people.affect ns, ihen:
we think of the reljgions:desputisin which
for ages, warred iagainst their aqu;:
The Iiuiu.n.ots-were a ..People peculiar
to France'. Separated rum their bre(thpei*
.OfSwitzeriid)(by thu vaut~ mbuuntagin-hat-r -
ers of naire,-, removed from -intercouei
with the English by'a great extent; oflndii
and water, they formed a 'community :a
mong themselves, leagued together for thed.
mltual defence of their conittr and rolisr.
ion. -A nimated hf. these '-hianal
pridciples,1 hey falteredinot-inl the.hour of'
dnnger-vhen -iieceily:calh-d the", to-the
fiebl,,they shrunk no from' thiord of
p'ersecution-' lhen the fires ofit inish bili.
otrV kindled armund them,K:Athv. bore -theIr
martyrdont tilh that uifithijfnL constat)
cy s1;chracrnteristic of-their faiuh,inni of
their enuet, Thedove ('f religious libertyi
nrisiing from the contiation of duty,.has,
in all pvast time, 'given n-- uitfil*:ed-Apirit
to its votaries.-':W ~itness thie zeal di the
early C~hristian Church! Winesa the .fir m
ness of our'Pilgrim fathters!. Witness the
persecutions of' the Hitugenots!
Most prominent -ini the history of~this
peo'ple,'is the tragedy--nf Saint Ii ihole-.
mews. 'Th- Protestantaj of that timeof were
erinsieped ot formidable it .pun y to he a n
inngertolerated., As Caio continua, lv'si l
in the Roman Senmnte, 'dle-nda esti 6aril.
ago,"' so did 'he meni in power of. iha t time
unensoingly shout, 'Let the H'ugu'enoets he
detstrioyed."' Aini, at lengthI,' thenir desin-'
was well nigh accomiplisheid. The ighi
of St. Bartholemneuy gluta -the all-devoutr
ing thirst of th'eir enemies. Duiring thcas
Srrite~slaughter,: the cry for- merev --wais
drowvned-'in the relenthessshoat of''Death
to the HIuninenois," a nd the light. af fdny
but added'tnw horrors to .tihe see.- Thet.
streets of Paris fl'wed with-the blooud f
her murdered citizenisf-and l(ntin that- city
the massacre spread through aJIl- ;he 'pros
vin1ces, bring!ing de'ath - nd dc'solatioin to
every part of tiab hind. Thousiands of use'
fonand poucea blecitizens waere struck dhoivn'
by- the demnon~fdnstrucuion,and on.ei ni ted
cry for vengeaunnet on eruch 'monstrop~ In
justice .ardse to-.lie thrr.'nk-f hodr and w'ill
yet huv' ta ba silencetl~iy the WOLs ofeoin
ing _nges. Th'ii dreadful i'nnec or true
biarba:rism of r-eligious higsvfyteocites the
irdigliation of: tho wot Idi. iAt iti.idime ii'
was eulogized, by many-0o1 thte natisens 'of
Europe, as si gioriOis tritm'ph--the cohil
bhiloedl murder af thousanads;-a glomrious.
triutoph-the triumph-of religion!
But let uis hirn from such 'a scene, and
contemnplate thi- ang nanuimity 'of Ileinry,
so wtor'theiy styled the~t Great. This Prince,
ascending:the throtie at a time wthaen'faction
had turn h1'kingdidm-for miore. thin a ce'n
tury, lhad exhieustedl its resources, and im:
poverilshe~d his peole, whoi had1( wrIongs to
revengeandl crimes to puiiish,-nobly buried
them ,all in oblivion, and the world satv the
proof aun exalted mid in the Edi ctof''Nat
tes. '%Vhiat acontrast with the condn,iteof
the gilty and execrated Cheurles; who,-a
century before, hoeked calmly oni themur'
der' of his stubjectsi This celebrated Edict
placed thterighits of the H tug uenots .om a ba
sis, wvhirh thin most' flngrant vlinlationi of
justice cotild alone overthrow; and It Wits
to be hoped that 'no future Monaren of
France would have the rashin'iss to aunnuii
it. And y'et, not one century had 'passed
before its revisciatin filled the wihole land
wtith thin blond of her slauight'eed citizens.
T1he EdibtofNuntes gave to the Protelstants
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oil t. 113 , te etti rai,1 eont o'a v e m
rp' h ots -t, %-','1 not IV -llve.b eo .
soe ap itl tii-,in',astoh n'ediu&~
theo nu a:. lmoa et or-s~ 1'P*o~f
OCR ~ ~ ~ . tarcat or e, i rniii du "LOi
it!a~ i re t npr~~' w rb
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Ho ifd cauiiet cth "I
ntosuer ~ ':ssunp ti e r''ln*
1r1u: & iI t rl'oggle o - i 1,11h l~
Sho~i~krJ~nshouder'o i~tli suir,
ithe Iili duin4.i f0 o ickinWour,
theL _ I -i -us o' r o ffIgm be'. M _.. .&!

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