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- P - - - .
. rT Ei S:
Two Dollars in advance, Two Dollars and
Fifty-cents at the expiration of six months, or,
Three Dollars at the end ol the year.
No paper discontinued until all arrearages
are paid, unless at the option of the Proprietor.
9iTAdvertisements inserted at 75 eta. per
square, (14 lines or less,) for the first and
half that sumu for each subsequent insertion.
IrThe number of insertions to be marked
on $Il1 Advertisements or they will he publish
ed until ordered to be discontinued, and
,cliarged accordingly.
ere - ationth v Advcrtsd
ments -vill be charged tha i-ime as a single
.sertion, and semi-monthly the saine as new
All Obituary Noti s exceeding six lines,
and Communications recommending Candi
dtes for public offices or trust-or pufling
Exhibitions, will be charged as Advertise
trAll letters by mail must be paid to in
aure punmtual'attendance.
The subscriber placed into lan:ls on
day the 2d August, last, a letter enelosi'ng
a One Hundred Dollar Bill of the 11lank of
the State of South Carolina. The Bill I il
b3en torn in two and either pinned toge:b mr
oipasted. In'the sane Letter was encleMwd
anxectition on Thomas oione on which an
assinment was made by him to John Hf. Ii i
in; also an account of McDnncan aga nit
J)n H. Dix:n ''or 8175 of whit I accountw: a
eceipted by ieDniani. Tie I ttcr was
Ie-iledaind directed to JohaIt'ix R. ihr.,
.ville. lie money and paph- were4nclose'd
in th presence of W. T. T 1.pajnand twei
son Sanders, and delivered to Swepson L nv'
ders in the presence of WilSiamn TI. tipan I,
wi'th particl.;ar charge to Swepson Sand- s
nm to ':u the letter nad contents an I I
chr Jh n si - ra! time, in the presence vf
W. T . y-11-v. '-n be ver. calreful of the lee ,
wich'I I- pr .i.sel flihf'. ln!ly to deliver to .1.
Ii Di., t. 1 is %.'ail the let:cr w:Is lost bv
w a :-,ia I's w-iv from Is fat her's
to: .iohlu1 Dm. All th~e Ihnlks and inl.1;
ulus w\ .' may receivn a B i of s-lid de-.
snri.:io:.. 3 : ple:e.e inve.-edgate when thi
prna r-:-1ced the- 111. I wvould give -i
r::ainzm R~e wnrdl for lie money and pipersF.
and wil give the whole of lia molney if a
d.scoverv :i; made tlnit he lt-tier w;s troken
openi an1 th*2 money taken from it; for I am
determnel to hring the person .-nihiy to such
pinish:eam as the h.ws of Soc: Ciirolin
prosics in s.leh csns.
Se\AI It i BON 1'N.'1~.
From a noice in the 'u'n:er Ianer, dated
Sptember 14:1. Captain W. if. Howen, evi
de: I . i atinnt;!, and wse the puh1:h. to bei
lieve, that may .w', Swep.-on! j ,; W odr i'. *1 yonth
(;f ri.Nteenl yeso a, rok ;p v' r*
took from n a letter, h 1,h e n'n.'te: Ih
rare, for Mc. Jmni 11. D ::., 0:I-- hun
doliar bill. Tl'he :anexed cor:.icit', ro'. :
genitlenin, w1i' w'is wt10h .1 i. 'r.
t hi-e ,l e c . i ho e., util thil :
h,.s, I icei s.i ieient to show, th-. h It
umwos, were alfo:;eher gro-aind - Ir.
.l,'h:1 ilixon, tan g en.ean with vh oV
-- bo.mr.lingr, a0 the time, for t11? he urpose
. , a to sclool, hnd no suspilcim, hut slit
-,-h !e'ttr wi. lot, by aciden it. m-rf th care
I".-v'ss inmdealnt to y:.ab. I( Cap:n BI.
wen hadd ;- :~.-l th loter c, w~mftont ,-a
d 'rin' to iijure the rept:itin If Ilny son,
t.ie the mile lV cHot d nit hn-ve i1 renmover
I would inot have lositated, to mk:u4e 1.;10d
Nov. 12,.18-. JO1N SAN i)l;S.
I do cer:ify tint in tlv h:ter part of August
list, I left the honse oi'f Mr. .thin Snanlrs in
company with his .so, bweipson 8:mdas.
ding in a hugtzy togeth*'r. Atter goinig me
t hirteen or bourteen~ miles~ ,wp-toin 5'mn.l'rs
excla-imed I hnve lost a let er conltai in g mo-!)
mav for V r. I iixon.* We hinoedi:ai elv turne
b~ackn, an.l ro Ie until after night c2111me ('n,
without heins! able to hind the lette:. 1 thben
proposed to S. Sandersa, to return hack to myi
fathers, antI go hack early ini the mourning' inl
seareb of the~ letter. lIeJ did sao, and. ais hec
informeind imm, could hear nothiung of it. I ama
confident the letter was lust Ic cidenutally, as
I saw it ini the possess5i of S. Saidears, ua
short d~stanmce after we le~i his :'ather's house.
N ov. 12, 1'417. 3 t f
A. WIH1TE, & CO.
Jiog leave to infr'n t heir frniend:s anad thle
pale eneredly thlmait the.1 Inve just .recei vd
fruom New aolk an.l1 l!.dlephians-and will
.self on as re'asonasble ten na s they <an Ie
.ubtamued anym where ini this narket-a l..r.e
ad s.'pendial assortmin t ot
F A CY AYD ST.~ lisD Y (a)01',
snuitar~b for thne FallI Trade, conii.L
jugs, Sheeting.c and I Iomiesynmns ; fhe.u
clothIs, Satiniets, Twmeeds anda .hean , Ne io
cloths, Ilikets, &c. of every dles ripltion.
.Also, a large asssortmenut of lI ats and Car',
floots antd Slhoes, Stationery, Saddlery, lBam
gmg, lRope and Twine; I lardware, Cutlery,
(Grocer.eCS, &c. &c. of the most approved
ql'2nlity. Persons wit-ling to make pulrchla
secs wdhl dio well to call andn exammine for
thlemrselve s.
Neupl. 'it, 1647. d17 t
The stubscriber, thiankinl for paost favors
hogs leave to inform his friends and thne pub~llic
generally that lhe has jtust received a rumll as
inrtent of Frenchm and l'nglish Cloths,
4 'arrnuers and Vestings. Also, Gloves, Cra
v -m'I makerhiefs and suspenders.
~(f 'Ved by Wa~goui 1t')31a
-~erbi 12L~onls, Citron, Currant, andl Candies,
eic a'ndti American Rock do., Jlriz.il Ntuts,
Vibents and Almonds. Fruits received al
8jt. 29. DJCIKSON & L ATTA.
- hanbibates.
&-Wo are authorizcd to an
Iounce JOHN L. MILLER,. Esq. a candi
date for Clerk of thiie Court of Common
Pleas, tt the ensuing election.
Dec. 15.1847. 7 tf
rjoDWe are authorized to an
nounce Col. S.R. CHANDLER, as a can
didate for the office of Brigadier General, at
the ensuing Election.
Nov. 24, 1847. 4 tf
-zThe frieqds of JACOB HI. WHITE
HEAD, Esq, announce him as a candidate
for Sheriff, at thp next, after the ensuing elec
Srf.T We nre tt jorizetL to npnounce JOS
M.'NETTLES, !sq., a cmdidate for the of
fice of Tax Collector for Claremont county,
at the ensuing election.
(f7We are authorized to angounce Dr. W.
J. WOODS, as a candidate for Representa.
tive of Clarendon, at the ensuinig election. -
11T-We are authorized to announce WIL.
.AM G. BARRET, Esq., ns a candidate for
T:ix Collector, at the ensuing Election.
The subscriber expects to continue hls
School at his residence near this Villge ihe
ensuing year-to connence the second Mon
day inl January and ending the first day of'
December. The school year, which will
consist of Ten Months, will be divided into
Two sessions of five mountlis each, with an
interiediate vacation of a week or two.
Terms for E!emnentary Branches as far as
to first lessons in Arithmetic 08 per e
lur reainldh.ucglih lrandios aid Latin
anl ('reek L-4anages, '*s10 per session.
Engih1 Composiion and Ieclanation shill
ra ese as Iremited an attention, as lie is
able to g.ve,
lilu;; ehlargl I.s house, he is prepared
to talkc, as many as eight or ten boarders-on
the followiing terms: $50 per session hoard
ing all the tie and having the washing done.
$35 pecr session, boardinug fromt Momny
morning' to Friday evening, and having th'e
waslhing done at hume. Boys from twelve to
aixteen years of .age, would he prefeired, as
they could walk to chur.h; bitt we will not
object to girls.
WV. G. BA111,RT.
Suntervi!!e, Pec. 7, 1810. 6 3t
iFrIsa Garden. Sceds.
Jus: received and for sae at the
A general assortmnent of Fancy Artides;
I imIj.jqr r llung wr,:. Otto -Rlose.V nlv.-Fun-v
Via!.e, ''ilet Cologne Orn:anents, Cht!!,
elrfinerV, Soaps. Nail a-l 1i-ir lDr.osdi.:
Tee~~~h CA Rig I 11 -= o kLot 1 : -
ci e: er P, 1. 7.
- . 'ElIlST.
rreader hi his ail m ;he ab-.-.
c ep, b1 t.ied ! m1 i ir his t ilt o:,
prlj t' r it benefit or [ihe Act offdie Gen
eral Aserly for th;je reclief o" l o vent
DIebtoze, ti-ge:her vith a scidule of b I f..
late atid efte; ts:
Not Xc is Iii'.hy given, to Ih: sadl r.,
J. Vin .g & . .. r.tm: :.11 olier credil o Ih
. I i j. it I ear :sviz
( otrt 01 Iinton Icas for thtimic ).- :
to lie held ot lie first ondy a;ter the !ourti
lon.lIny in Nlbrch next. to sliew caure. i: 1n\
theycanv the e.utate and14 ellects o:. 11h.
a.ild .\endal kimith shicnfld lit' he assignie
an hl he d.schirge. arcorlxim to th pri v.~.
io!.; fit tle Act of the Gner:l Assembiv ior
til- e! o I of insolve it )ebtoirs.
J. D. JONlEI, c. c. c. I.
Clerk's otlice, Sam. D ist.
D)c. J1&h, 1 17. 7 8-u
IN 'l .1 ~ 001311% il.:.iS.
Wutn. II. Ilnt adis. C. int, Admn'r.
Whiere:is Wmii. II. II iat, who is in the
en utody of thle sh.crill' of Samnter D istrict, byv
virtune of a suirrendler hv his hail, in thel aibiov'
statedl case, hats filed in i y olicje his pez tion
piraingm for thec bllit of th1e Act of thle (Gena
eral Asaremly for the relief of I ,siilvent
I ebtors:, toget her with a r-hetd e of his (es
tate and elhiets:
Nobe~e is hiereby Sven, to the said C. 11nior
.\daer., ad all other ceitolrs of the meid W
II. Ii int, to bee aml apipear before the asso
(cf J- '- es of. the said State, ait the ('oerj
of (' .n I1'e's for Samnter I)st rict, to l'e
h'bl onm lhe first Aleindea ntier the four hi
alonday in Mlarch next , to shi w e:ec, it n
theyv can. whyi the est'e.~( andi edPts of th'e
& W. 11. Ii nut,.i-h iihl not h~e use.red and
hei ; o discharg-'edl accoirding to tlihiiprovsionis
. .*Acto Ii th--Ganr.I A'ssi-ilv for the.
(Clern.'s oire~, 8'ionver I) i
IIec. 18 h, 18 17. 7 3m
In purtsinnce oa Act of ihn L~egislatur
pat'ssedj iin I )ecemiber, A. 1). 1 'Wt, nn lh-ioin
ir Sh:ir.di' and Ordiunary for Ni.ter Isiart,
int i j --t rict on :he serotiil alondaye im .Ja
uir tu *t, being the tenuh diay~~ ort wi'd month.
I .J. 1). JONF, c. c. r. s.
Oct. 27. 197. I lot
2500 pounds North C'arolinia Uacon, for sale
TJo 'hi Jlail of Smnttter District, on the 28th
inst, a negro man who says his nam is
AIJBRA 11AM3, and thait lie belongs to D~r. Getd.
dings of Charleston, t'. C. The ownier .s re
questeud to comec forwardl, prove property p ay~
expenises and take him awny.
g20th? Nov., 1M7. 0 t(f J~r
A bargain may be hail if applied for mime
diately, in a ,11.antat.mn of about 700 acres or
Land, 3 1-2 to 5 niles from Statesburg, on
the Road to Charleston. Blided on the
East by said Road: and exteulinw ieirly tq
the Camden. Branch ol the Rtail I o:v--conm.
prisng a tolerably well settled Plantation on;
one of the best tracts of the RiLD LA NDS in
Claremont county, long lameld for producing
with a line Orelird, numeog0r4 37prings of
good waler, atid linc range :t Cau le and
I logs and Sheep.
25 Prime Negroes, w; iih infer.or or old
negro aiongst then. and ratqig at 11 1-2 to
12 Task IIturds. -' .
0 imules and hiors&s; -50 li d of Stock ca'
tic; .100 heid of stuck 'hogs; . 0 bushels of
corn; fodler; thucks; casi pottoes and
slips; blacksi th shop, a.d h nd-mill; wag..
ons; carts; p1nhrlis, &e. &c. &c.
$20,000 in fhe pricc of the
whole-or sepa,:tratte sAles o cadh dcscription
of property, wll ie muade to ruit purch:cers.
Paynent as iollow:--A Bqcnd for 812,00)
at 10 years; intefest jyabe ainnially, and
secirad by Mortgage and personail security.
A B'ai ir $4,000-pnyable in;I anul 2 years,
iAtcr:!ot payaihie annually, -utid secured by
Mot -e nd personal tse;:rrty. Tere
mnainnyr. $4i,0Q0 In Cash.
I'urcizasers 1o pay for all nepessary l'apers.
Apply to the subscriber at dtrutehurg, So.
* * .*jjgnt to Sell.
Notr 15, 147. t
35 Negrocs,
as Iis ever becn in iarket at Sumtit'r Court
Phey consst of FIVE FAl I l S: and
will be sold l FA MIllIS; ii one or miore
LOTS: though a s:ric in onve lot is desirab!e.
Tfhcy" are Hil.LD iAN)S, comprising
Wagoner's, I'luo:nmei, I l a!;mds. Ditel
ers, Co toi Piekors,&.& -;rad rate at 17
Tus'. i I :''. ..ia or in:-erior Negro
raime:-r~:: 6 -. : o are;narkaubly line
riung oii N -s, ,,.h Vaolly ni morally.
I'ruirs o ; y ir vwr ace:w ry pr.
Apl~ to t ruat iiterville, S.
C. W. E R1:llAR0:;0N,
A e-.u to Sell.
20th Nov. 1847. 4 2t
A very desirable Dwellin. llouse, nd Lot
of r.houit. 2 neres of l-ind iII Sumitt-'rville,
nearly opposite to Oha B-:q: ( hrch, :an1
adjrIao tIhe I-0 ' A: V \\i liw.sworth
mdll Mr;-. . 11- r.l. '1 . we; bl I .
is a one story h::i-: - . whic h
3 ..vu lire pl<..e : :!I ne
CC..1 tt.:',
The0 1 .m1.e....:-.....;.:..!.
the Ilo-.:-rhl I *a --I- -n .
the I 4cec. aryV :1r b' o .: pe ii
tile I*X -I rv -Ir": V
the I l. :h L..-: m e:, r : - r p
A py th . . -sP r .or t Sm:ervalI,
.- ;pn1 t) Sell.
2N(.1v. 1657. 4 3t
A :'.n :~n-i Is s , h 'e ; the 11111 a
I aiged we:runn, ar go..J I oo, antr.:o.:-scr
S0otin rli:rlt), abourt 23, a rio".(Tiihi. o-r.
j- - 11 1; rltii i :1. Il .lids of u:, i.\:' wIr un ,
wei~rr ao : l: all l! . 4 .4 .:1 to I. m thela
.br.Oin ad hel.h:- wo n..itt hbro,
(one 7 aind t lie t tier 3 ve:ars ''i : ire; botlh
A\ lfr:h of 1(0 No.:roros. Tlh.' fatheir andrr
miothrer rabout i~> n'.il ;4; yeari. .d; inth very
prrime tie'll In h unI.; rat,] the.r 8 . h.idlrea; -1 ''a
w'homii t\r. mrri ihie 601 andr a :-s T:s
I l-ords; and~ th ri .on r u'-ger *ihlIroa; the
chiiirn are G .r- . ;...i 2 L4oys. Th-.- i re---s i
anI 411.hI'ren -4-- .i. 4 Iin !h4y 1.reiy, n
are .i4'.ime I a .0... . ., u .e . .; la I. : N:'.
App '~y to th subse1:5r. .er a4t SmauateralIe, S.
.gent la Ne!ll.
ATi Vif1VAL **ALE.
A :r-lt of a-i. :' r*., ot la ., .:i Cn .re
e.1 : < oin:y mn . ater r. -, a,. ct hati
wv- ho'.ween 8:rrte'.ur a.1ih II.hordI .prin;5,
s.;natedc4 mi part onr lthe sou~hirnlc dochiv
of one of Ihe spurs of thle liigha liiI oil
Snan ce, :and1 embtrac'ing severaIlia huidred mr res
of tel, i*0El L.l .\ /)X' nonrrediatrely ad.
pon'rta the' lid's. Th'lis r-et is :,lier-ihly
s ln:td :r a Il-AlaIj l(il- lIpl-N(-l;
and hor a (.oIton :Ia - o.--a sm55 g at
*'Ilis, wt degfl J pCrna ,*og. wa40r; suil
level land iii sutpeor gu1i .:v : :rm~ed.:itelv
adjoiinini. Ios':l hehinres-s b-n'. Leont teste'u
longi timre: hiaving for manya yea~~rrs bieen lie
retreat oi thle hate veneorablc Crapt. Itouenbe
Ismng. A dlesirable portionl ofb this Iland ha~s
formeirly beenr cleared aind planted; baujiti n
oif it is fast gzrowing nyp into Forrest again
and1 thre Bunilings andl i-'enaces aire en!tirely
ount of' reparir. T'ermis accommien dat mag.
Thre P'urchasrier to paiy for nll anecessa ry
pa~pers. Apply to th' subhscribier at Sumter
ville, Sn. (a.
22nd1 Wn-v 1847 &U,
The Stillin'ia, Sylvatic
Deserves much more notice than has been
bestowed upon it. Its iirtues have been, for
a long time, known to some of our negroes,
who probably obtained their knowledge :of it
from the aborigines of -this country.- It has
been used for the last ten or fifteen years by
several of our most distinguishpd Ithysii ians,
and I believe they have never hd cause to de
ny to it a litgi. rank among our indigenouv
mIedical I)lntts.. Its remedial effects are
1ost conspicuously dispbiyed in syphilitic and
scroftlous complaint.-[Lds. So. Jour Med.
and Phar.
purifying the bipod and rotmoving aldiseases
arising from the impurity of the same, and is
especi:lly recommended for .the cure of
Rheutmtatism, Scrofuia, E rysipelas, Ulcera
t ions of the Throat and Legs, pains and swel
lings of the bonoe, TettarE, Pimples in the
face, old sores ntnd all cutaneous eruptions,
Neturalgic nih'tions, Mercurial diseases, and
for ass.stng the operation and prievonting fa
tal consequences of Mercurials in Syihifib.
it is the best remedy known for s'rofulous
affections, sores, and brenkings out in young
children, and is safe and eilicaciouscinremo
'Ying entirely every trace of hereditary dis
enses from the system of the tenderest in
fant; in fact, in l cutaneous affections-it is
invaluable. As a general purifyer of the
blood, and an eradicator of all obstinate di;
eases, this preparation will undoubtedly takej
tie-precedence of all other remedies. ..It
gently operates upon and regulates the b6w
els, restores to the blood its wonted purity,
gives tone to the stomach, ard promotes di
gestion. Few families are exempt from
scorbutic allbetions, which exhibit various I
sytml ns, as eruptions, ulcerat-ons, debility,
loss of appetite and digestion, all arising froin
impure blood, and if not properly attended to,
are sure to produce the greatest injury to the
There are few cases of chronic rheMIna
tism that will not. yield to the influence of
Sarsapcarilla and Queen's delight, if duly per
severed, especially if taken in conjunction
with hydr. (f potash. A tea-apoonful of a
solution of the same may be taken along with
every does of sarsaparilla.
For the composit ion of this prepartion, and
the nedic'inal properties of Queen's Delight,
thtsicians are respectfully referred to the
5th and 6th Nos. vol. I of the "Southern Jour
nal of Medicine and Plharmacy." Prepared
by J. 1. M. EPPING,
Chemist and Druggist, 277tKing, opposite
Society st., Charleston, S. C.
G R E A T A R R I V A L!
30 BUsh lAL c'r5.00l) 1 :s of r.
GOR)DON'S PANIt 1t I'l I.1.8. The v:.st
and increva-in decman I f..r i:-. c-%w mid justly
eIg*, btr.I tei Nl ccdicinit.. Tid th c r .um ru cures
Ihv .rc' dily eITh tin! in toll y ri;:4 o the
e .ntrv wheir thler ha e v-m- en in: n iured, of
I . 'e-.;., 1.iver ('c i - intcm n-.d llitiious Dis
ei, their nell kmtnn ;it atte dtdus, Vick
i-n . I , h.e itt n-Ucrd the' utdersigned-c to
,.e Ih- ar.r.-e n unts to rt co-iv.- their st. c'.eP di
, eit c.c the Prcprc incr. nnd wonil say tic leir
rom.-rc-'c-'I;, en-i c i h the v are' preipared4t to
I::y tm wltlesatle or retail at N. York
FOR TIl ('U1I1F. OP1 lil L LIOUS FlIllt,
Yol'nw F, ve'r. lIte. itte'nt and Intermite't Fe
ver, in ':;I, - ncinrv. Ncrvous an-t Putiid Feve-r,
lP.wi ill t - 1I1 d, side, It. ek mod Stminch In
ti cit a cine ti 'n Il t'+. llmi n, Stiincel, iin s,
.i-eir. Kidc v'. 'Thr-at an.l Che't; Dropy,
Ser -intI c. vh-.hi Sick i uche, Itthruttn.tti.cm,
r -titc I.,- S irit<, cDypii n, Ilvsterics.
Dr GC rl n'' ll-; are. truly the sick e:in'
frie. i. N-- trattclr tit famii shluld betIwth'
,tit the:ii.-TIcir tinciv sdininistratirn wihl
preilnt 1ch141 puae and :tullering, and save tmany
-o'r S.,h- in Attictus- boy liuviland, li-ti v &
niucil nc amn-iry wit Ie t'i nticn int altlthe' Tuwns
ci ot -.try Stcre's in the sauttccrn States.
I'ric. - 5 a 'F.NT'S pa r boxt.
/ i'. r I'ike'tlc I ps.'
T' $T' \lI iNI A i.S. -latr.cet if ni I tte' tromt
I)r Wn'in-.cc cc l'hti!:acdelp:inc. Feb. i2 i-.10 -
* Four t'ill ireii thc nldelist in thecir icyeurations,.
nn i set t mccit powerfu Ccl int theccir el't1 s nci any
'it I have~i eccr met1 withc int a practice of ceight
andt tonenit years -Thetir netsiouno nc' thecyle',
acnic :e.c'iei oct the imip turit es of thei blocd, is
lhtr:mero a lc'tter froci Dr. Il nry I latl, of'
Qut hcc-, I, C''., Niarchc i'. 1811 -"Fo..cl.er tiltious
rf'e-c-. scc-k te al c tbes. I -rpidity ocf the I oweic,
and~c .n'ar em ntt ofi thd splec n. Dr. P'eters'
l'itt- ac e a :X eI cut moedic'ine."' ror ccale I.v
allth :l ruccci-t< itt Augttat, I-lamitcutg anot
'ti ir i',,,n. ini Sucmte- ile" bi A . .1. Nlosr~s.
\ ' . tcr saie Icy A. .J AOSF.S, cand Drue
- c'-- ey lI~ A it ist IN'S OINT Al F.NTl
uni uni i ine'. re' c edcy in thei cuirie of nl t.,nds nI
W..ui cdi Siccis. Sica.tls antd Itfls and tthe
Il'ile's I'rici' 50 ce'nts.
(A3ll)EN, S. C.
lkig to infocrmt the gentlemen of C'nmdemn
nmi its viintyv theat they have jtrnt opened
thme rhove~ esctabhm ltent with a futll scuply of
lo' hcing antd gentlletoen's cut t'itings, of every
descripction, cotnsciting int part of stuperfinte
Dress acid lFrtck ('oats, leaver, l'ciot clothc,
D~oeskin and double milled clothc, Over
coasts andu Sacks, Casisimtere nhcd Tv "iad butsi
nce'ss coats, (casimerro Twvc'ad and uatinet
l'antts, Silk, Vlvet,'. satin cashtmere, and wool
pclaidl sitgle and doutble bcreaste~d Vests. Su
pcerfinet cloth cloaks, shcirtsc linten clars, Bo'
sotms, wvool dlrawers anmd shit Is, i-rc'lks, sits
pendecrs, gloves, cravats and scnrfs of every
v'ariety. Th'le abtove goods are all of first rate
w-orkmanshlip, andt~ will beo offered lower for
thme qtuedity of goods than over biefore known
in any part of thte Union for cash..
n1:r'observe, the Masonic IHall, Camden.
De.1I5L 7
From e Saurday Evening P-st.
The Farmerp, Ho! The Farmels, the men
'that I admire,
To them I dedicate my song, to them I tune
my lyre:
And to that noble class of men iy rustic lay
For if 4pere were no Farmers, how could the
poolo live I
They still are surest of their bread,,for when
their crops are worst,
They will not part with all th ir store, but
help themselves the first;:
Out when a hungry brother comes, they
won't refuse to give-.
Oh! if there were no Farmers how could the
people live4 -
The men of wealth who feel- no want, and
dress to fashion's taste,
Will look upon the .garmers 'as of a lower
Will view each hardy sunbuint face, with
7 loks akin to scorn,
But if there were no Farmers, they'd better
beoii unborn.
Then health be to the rarmers, who till our
fertile soil,
Who labor 'neath the summer's sun, and
through the Winter's toil;
Long may the fruitful earth to them her
choicest treasures give,
For if there were no Farmers, how could the
people live!
From the Tallahassee Floridian.
"MusTANG" the Mexican correspon
dcnt of the New Orleans Delta, whose
admirable letters descriptive of the bat
ties of Contreras, Churubusco, Chqpulte
pec, &c., have been so extensively copied
and generally praised, is a practical prin
ter, and worked in this office in 1844.
le is by birth, if we rightly remember,
a Marylander, and is well known in some
Sortions of that State as Mr. James L.
Freaner. The members of the old Leon
County Hickory Club will recollect him
as the very excellent singer who led the
choir at the enthusiastic meetings of the
Club in 1844. While here, he compqscd
a song, and appended to each stanzas the
chorus which is quoted by, him in his ac
count of the capture of the city of Mexi
co, viz: " Our flag is there," &c. This
song was sung by him on the presenta
tion of a beautiful flagto the HIickory
Club'by ie~Dier-ii IsIe-fti
city, and produced a happy effect. His
democratie songs added no little to the
spirit of those never-to-be-forgotton as
semblages of the " flat-footed democracy"
of old Leon. By the way, we remember
an anecdote of those times, in which
Freaner figured conspicuously, and which
therefbre do to tell. On the day of tho
election in this county, which we believe
was just three 'years ago this very duy,
in the fall of 1844, our whig friends ral
lied their singing crowd,' and marched
forward to the polls, in high glee, and lash
ing the democrat afler this sort
" Henry Clny and Frelinghuysen
To James K. Polk will be rank pizen !"
" Mustang's" republicanism could not
stand this, and rallying his- forees, lie
struck up in a clear, loud voice, sufficient
to drown the opposing minstrels
"We'll give our Polk our suffrage poll
To drive the Coon back to his hole,
And Jersey's weasel, and Sunday mail,
We'll ride upon a Hickory rail;
0 Coons you rtand no chance," &c.
This was enough-the Coon,s fled, and
we skinned them pre'ty eflectually that
day, elceting our entire Senatorial ticket,
anid so en. Mr. Freaner left this city in
Novembe 'r, 1844, for N. Orlearna. W hen
the news of' General Taylor's perilous po
sition was received in New Orleans, Fre
aner was among tho first to enroll himi.
self a volunteer for his relief, and march
ed and served a campaign as a private in
the company raised in Newv Orleans.'
hAIarrT OIur-MAFF iTTEn.--A Lady
writing for the Louisv'ille Courier aboist
the lectures of the Rev.Mr Maffitt, says:
"In after years, when the Itirid flame of
criticism, prejudice and malice, shall, like
the school boy's rocket, blazing' meteor
like, for a moment, in terpentine birilliatn
cy, expire, leaving but their black zitd
fronts, shall the name of John N. Martiitt,
batho in thie sun light of immortality,
phoen ix -l i ke, rise from smouldering ashe~s
of dlepartedl glory, spreading her ruby
wings henvenward, cleave the blue donme,
and hay her trophies - at the the feet
of that Angel of eloquence, who, rising
from her celestial-throne, shall inscribe his
atutegraph npon thme brightest gems that
dcck hercoronal of glory."
Raleigh Register.
Post masters should,'in every instance,
bear in miind the following extract from
the instruetibn to postmasters, page 50,
sect on 11 8.--Greenrile M~otmgainger.
"hin cvery instance in which papers
that come to your office are not taken out
by the persons to whom they are sent,
you will give immediate no'ee *.f it'to
the pulilishier, that they are lying dead in
the ofhece.
" In all cases where postmasters ren.
der themiselves liable for the subscription
money for a paper by a neglect to notify
the pulisher that it remains dead in the
postoffice, the Postmaster General rec.
serves the right to admonish the postmas
ter for his neglect, and require him to
for the paper, or remore Rim out of ofce

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