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2. I
c. 'Vi.'Wi
- e e t ,
iv sbtquent- :' irtion.
~n arked
-n i l blith,
4d . idied, and
"Oa . An dsglei
--ert a r ertige.
j'on tho-saie as new
It tice eceeding six lines,
01j 'y e)inendmi Candi
t. d e8 trust-or pufing
adon Advertise.
bne em lin te pid to in
v~r o .i eomndn ad
V~6I~tI~Ia atIfie ,, -.
'"frie-ds of Captain J D.
announce him as a candidqtp
e at the ensuing election.
)ai;1 1~12 -_tf
M r. Please announce
dapt. T. M ER -as a candidate for Re
tresents ive 't thb ensuing election.
Jan. 118 11 tf
8fVeo ar authorized to an
poduic6 OHN . MILLERl Esq. a candi
liate folrl' of the Court of Common
eat att election.
- V~L7-~4 7 tf
fa~~trg atfhorized to ain
c EIL 1. RICIIBOURG, a can
dd ate !eoffice of Clark. at the ensuing
e ion
2 &1 : 183 tf
CUTho 41e0O ofJACOB 11. WITE
HlIApA 6unee him as a candidate
1ext, aftetheensuin-. elec
8 ~ thorized to announce JOS.
NETTL Esq. pni'4;to fqor the of
eP Ta o lectorWc fo agont county,
at thensuin n lection.
eoare authorized tP announce Dr. W.
D, acandidate for Representa
e io at thoensuing election.
OrWe pe uized to announce Wll,
T.I ~RE i. as a candite for
T id at the ensuing Election.
r leave to inform hir
yAlf PH ,ti public generailly, that thew
etere into -p liralip under th'4
1im ot. CONW AY N, for the pur
pose qf carrying on theT in siness.
Th ha.ve taken tho New iilding next
Sbeow Chins Hotel. They intenl
a gentral asortment of Clotli,'Cas
meas V'estispgs:and Trimings, and oelie
eystHict attention 4O'husinens to merit a con
.inu ino of the patronage heretoforc so Iiber
ally extended to thein.
-1D. J. WINYf.
january 1848.. 12 tf
THE subscriber is nowv receivIng ni large and
genera! assortment of New Gouods; viz:
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Cutlery,
oarpenters Tools, Crpckery ; Shoes and
te, Jgata, Caps and Donnets;
*Coats, Vests, Pants, Slhirts, Fine Black Cloaks
*Cendies .fIssorted;
,Tobacco,:segars, ec
Violins, Guitars, Flutes, &c.; and also, a so
, 5tdlot of Italian Violin and Guitar strings,
and a great many Fancy Articles too tedious
-t mention. All of which, will be sold low
kits ?doiintain Butter
6 bushels Cranberries.
90:o ls.slaughtered Dry Hides.
17 pposite China's HUotel.
Nov.15 84722 tf
*1 W1VARD.
pawa esubscribor on the 2nd
a et ia nmed
* oi'e of liar cheeks; much hair
.~nIi~iia4v43e long foot the big toe pro.
~'u~cI1beynd the .others,; aff'ects to
* li*2~tp ady The avove reward will
~b~p~t~arm ~me~on tht will deliver liar to
tl~4,~4~'r'ti~ lmlwof Sumter Dis
k~iaradford springs,
W~lf ad '.1hmnpa Uhame's.
* vill *.on
4 *I4
o~ ~ ~ Oi Pareo4 9
on0 a . "6rl'u t. I
D oier -4, at 4oclodk P. I hwo
purpose 8 i qelminarlsna'
taIn ktook i lated Rail R6'Mr
et~eeen the cityf o and ~Vi
and tljet rod oints Many fo to
tiaens otheU. Sates having hidiatedi
deteriilation to eeupy the territory
Meido, it is expected St thdA pirit i
internal inprovei'ielt, hithei-to .irilndwi
in this couritry, vill c
Sanyhought'the thin ydt we
leag tha .the meetingpyas ., and pre
liminary step)s takentj to6e t he neces.
saiy -infoination, to e roported- at a sub.
esequent rneelig. It is also further stated,
that one of thp, tew Mexicans present stat
.ed, that he was there to represent some
four or five otlicrs, and - pledged .himseIlf,
should there 'be a -suflicient security for
tho undertaking, to raise nine millions dol.
lars towards the stock at once.
The '-manifest destiny" metiwill be do.
lighted, no. doubt, at such a proof ofpro
We copy the above fi-om the Savannah
Republican, and take pleasure ingivirig
currency to a fuct so creditable tothe en
ter)rise ofour count rynien ind so strikig
ly illustiating.the coilfidence felt in it by
foreign countries. It foresiadows tlie
"niaitfest dvtiny" of the A nglo Xiherican
raco, wlic'I provok'es the sneers only ofu
factious portion of our people, but Com-'
mands the serious attention ofthe rest'bF
the world, in a manner not to be mistaken.
It tell?.a yory plain tale Of fnture' m1nphs
to our peoplo and their institntions in the
rapid promotion 'of the arts .of peace--the
extension of trade-the develo pemidii of
natural resources, and the 'briA Piia
use for the wants of man, "h' infii'cent
gifts of Providence, strewed with .a lavish
hand ov r a country so favored of leaven,
yet so eursed by the evil passions of man:
Augustia Cotitudoggqlis$.
Snoeyo TnAGEDY.-On Friddy even.
ing wee S the Jacksoiuville, Ali.,
Republiean) a i,1ss E31111nair, ydung ady
who resided with a refiative, abod~e mile
from White Plains, in that county; was
shot by a young man named Rooney, and
severely if not mortally wounded in two'
places, one ball entering her Lreastith
out passing through, and the other her hip.
It appears that Rooncy prepared ~himself
with two pistols, went ~into a cotton field
where the young lady was alone and
immediately on declaring his intention
shot her down with one pistol and then
fired the other tfter she fiel. He then
went to the house of a ncighbor--told
what he iad done-gave up the pistols,
and said he desired to be hung. He also
plead guiity as charged before the coin
mitting magistrate.--fhe only reason
given by the prisoner for the horrid act,
was that ie desired to marry the girl, but
she would not have him, and he preferred
to kill her rather than she should become
the wife of another.
St range to say nothwiistmnlimg the
terrible nature of the wounds received,
ithe voung lady was still alive when last
heard from, and hopes were entertained
0' !pr necvery.
OntAI AoiEJIisTw .--The fol lowing anee
dote of Gen. Tlayhor is related by one
who was present. It is characteristic of
"Jlough and Ready?"
' WYhen Gen Taylor arrived at the Bra.
3os there .was but one boat ready to start
for New~ Orleans. Gen. Taylor i.nquircd if'
he could get a pasg for hinself and
suite.. Hec was answered that there was
room lelnty for the accommodation of all
who desired to go over in her, but that as
it w'as an old boait, the-re wes some danger
of her blowing up; andl that he (Gen.
Taylor) had be'tter dehav for a day or two
for a better imnd su rer boat..- To'this' the
old white horse of Palo AlIto, replid- 'Let
her blow up!-Put my baggage on!-and
let her blow up, if' she wants to !'
'The crowd presenit made the welkin ring
with huz'zas for Gen. Taylor.'-She/f
A TJWEr GENT LEMiAN--No well-bred
person will be insolent to his inferiors.
On the other hand he will observe a scru
putlous tetndertnes ofrmanner towards them,
a car'e of word and action, that will lighten
the load of' humility that they imust nmecs
sarily feel, as much as possible. This
retiremnnt of heart is thme muost promineni
charac:eristic of a high and noble apirit. It
is the only mtark of a gentleman thtat is
whiolly unequivocal. When we see a
personi very choice of his wvords, and very
dainty at the table, and yet capable of
insulting the unf'ortunate, or ridiculing
distress, we always think of thme ass in
the lion's skin, .
CAN IT nEt Tnii7-A paragraph op.
pears in thie N. Y. Globe, stating that
Geni. A naya the newv Presidetit of Mexico,
was at New Orleans in the battle of' thme
'8th of January, 1815, acting as a sort of
aid-de-cainpto Gen. Jackson-Bait. Sun.
Paot....~.. n
r i relg" up1n e;uood
4torsiitif y o nt to
or iirselfinf 'wit 14co
alt"too 111 v. lnT uIt'o
U~.Mo : I . .
I ose imnihey calddfrird1
ttouisade hsie:tt? because
thJudic hor Rely only upon
hdnaei: Whih is mad fly your
A., know tht the' 6best
riend tvo is uncoiiuerable
to ted yiti doeision of
'-TS ' - oflowing is a nost remarkaile
and p-iatiiavorthy.nistanuiieof what. per
.s0Q rtpce andinsteutry, rightly directed,
ei e'ect Among the graduating
4! 0 thO confnencement last, week, at
g,: was one by the 'name
I NJersey. Thjis gen.
Imat a oemakettnarried, and h118a
fily of' four children. Six years agona
becoming sensible of the blessings of thi
educatioii 'ho commenced learning the
simple branches, such as are taught in our
primary schools. Oto by one as ho sat on
his shoo'rnaker's bench lie mustered gram
mar, aritlhmeticgography, &c., with
some occasional asslance from his fellow
workmen. At this time he determined to
obtain a collegiate education. With6ut
means, and withai large family depending
upon himi for support,11h commenced.and
le:arn cd'.ltin and Grek ithe evenings,
af ter his day'slabor Was oiver, under th
-direction'of a friend ! and, afler the lapse
of a year and a half prepared himself ane
entered the Sophomore Class of Williams
College. lHe brought his bench and tool-,
as well as his books, with him. The
students supplied him with work ! the
faculty assisted him; and together with
the fund f6r indigent students and some
occasional asiistancc from other sources,
he wds enabled to go through the college
course and at the same timie support his
family. He graduated last week, on his
birthday aged thirty t wo. Ile stood high in
his class, and received a part at the oom
Imencement but declined. At the farcwell
of* the class, in consideration of his pei-s.
overance talents and christian character,
they presented his wife an elegant set of'
silver spoons, tea and table ebch hand.
sonelv engrqved wvith an appropriate in
Mr. Condit will now enter the Theologi
cal Seinianry at New York, and will no
doubt make a faithful and popular minister.
(Syringfeld Rrpublion.
lwas-the sneering expresmion of a person
i usiding not a thousand miles frot the door
ofour sanctumn in referetce to the profe-ssion
we follow with pride "Nobody bura Print
er," in sooth! It makes our free blood run
rampant through our veins to hear such ex
pressions fron the lips of those nursed ont
republican soil. And has labor beconc
disgraceful-and is the name of Printer a
reproach in the land; We cannot believe
it. Whoever gains an honest livelihood by
toil is a nobleman. Let those who scorn
the laborer look back to their grandft'hers
and 'they will see noblemen after the make
of God's own hand--men who stood and
sung among the waving corn-menwho
wore their human naturd like a crown.
"Nobody but a Printer, any-how! "Who
was Wilham Caxton, one of the fathers
of literature? ."Nobody but 4 Printer!-"
Who was Governor Armstrong, of Mas.
sachuset(i ? "Nobody but a Printer!"
George P. Morris, James Harper, Horace
G reeley, Robhert Sears and( Senators Cam.
eron, Dix and Niles, and a host of ito less
conspicuous names! Vho are they? "Noth
ing but Printers, anyhowv! "Let the mis
taken souls of our lanid scorn those who
honestly work out the penal condition)
prescribed by the Creator, and if justice
has not gone forever, thcy will blister
their lilly hands with manual labor. We
.have seen such justice even in our day!
Madisron Visitor.
OT 01r TuAr I-Take your fingers out
of thaut bowl, boy I Whtat, it's only a
lump of sugar, is it? A lumip of su'gnr,
hey !
"Great oaks fromn little acorns grow."
Remember that, boy, as long as you
live. Only a lump of' sugar, is it? It is
only fourpence ha'penny, says the shop.
boy, running his hand into is master's
drawer! lt,s onily a filfty spot says the head
clerk, as he figures up the ensh hook! It-,s
only a few hundaed thousand, says the
great! defaulter!
See how your~ lump of sugar has ac
euumulated youngster! It isn't the value
.of the sacchmaritne mattter' we are thinking
of, it is the princilhe of' the thiing. A boy
rogue will very likely be a man roguer.
Trhe child is the fauthier of' the titn. I Ion.
esty Is the best policy Never do a dis
honest act no matter how trivial it may
be. *These little beginnuings---ah they
plauy the mischief with one's muorality. A
rogue may escape dletection---somei roglies
do; bitt the~y always fi'el antd look as
though they had a -halter round their
No. my little fellowv if you want a lunp
of sugar come and ask for it manfully hut
mind now, keeph yourj finigers out oIf the
bowl! [ Young Peotpl~s Mirror.
Aniy, a fren woman of color, died at the
estate of Wither's Midway Plantation,
near Georgetown, S. C., a fowv (lays ago,
at the advanced age of one hundred and
thirteen, years!
wilL doubtI..
Th go Ai
, - 9
Ivilrie boe r'
tit fe
but itWis 67
themselv iWl &#vtia.4.
If bustlesout ffa
church p w more tha thirC.
dics. rdd car tlrtirda
there will be les work2for thearbef
and he who wears niitach bes ill ha
somethint 'to sneeze at. 'ere will
mb manyC lipses 0 virtun, someviil o
Otherin . ble. .hheieie in
lovotMllrik tili nhimtressit perfect agel,
andwillonlyfind out theotruth of his bus
picion by getting married . bfaij
delicate ladies, whom - one i4 us
pect, will be kissed without telliW theii
ia's. -Thoro ll bp mkV bo ki
published thaniil Ind purchasers, nidr
bills made tbanhyill f4nd pyers.'
If the inciunbe:Iiofafit o Ice, should die
there will be a dozen feetady to-stej
into one pair ofshoes. J If a vo
lady should' happen to lolush, she lil C
apt to look red in the face, without tii
.use of paint; if she dreams a oung
-man three nights in succession, it will-bc
a sign of something; if she drepnr of hini
four times, or have the toothacheit is tev
to -one she will be a long time in getting
either of them out of her head --.
Many peoplo will - drink more. strong li
quor than will be necessary to keep their
sober, and take more medicine. than will
bercquisito to the enjoymnt of gooc
il bev Diniers and entertainment
Jill be give nto those who have enougha
Wigne, amd th poor will receive much ad.
vie gr1tis' lea and medical ex d
4-Tht -elgofrthe repd t
States il :dybeadjusted, 0ic
siame-f~eewll erypbably attendii'
private contracl unthbs latitude.
JIo who marri his ya.vill. ru grea
risk, especial le dois 'it in iurry
--- Ho o steals match, gives tat
ter occasion to gossip, pndvill be apt t<
involv'ehimself and prid. in disagreeab4
ehtions. Thereo ill be a grea
noisoall over the country when it thun
ders, and a tremendous dust will be kick
ed up occasionally, by coach horses
- M ahy young ladies, who hppe fol
it, but little expect it, will be married
and many who confidentially r.nticipit<
glorious consummation, will be doomet
to wait another year.
Finally, there exists little doubt, thi
will be a 'most wondeiful' year, surpass
ing in interest all that have precceded it,
Politiciansvill malle fools of other;- an
many wopin with pretty faces*ill imki
fools of both.--The world Will
round as usual and come back to the p)tec
whence it ret out, as will many a fnin
who engages in, business.- There vill
be great cry and little wool, both t
shearitng of p'gs, and the ineting of Con.
SPAmsu.-'Now you see, my honey, thii
spaking o:Spanish is jist the aisest thing
intirely, especially if you have a goot
knowledge ofyour ain mither's tongue
We see y'er only to stick on the tail o
each word an 0, to mzako the illignates1
Spanish in the world. Fast, it bothierei
mecsel,' until I got to know the like, ant
now I've no troublc at all. 'Now jist sto,
in hero wid me, an' see how aisy it in."
Stepping into a lhat shop' Pat gave th<
attendant the regular nulitary. sgluto
'my sarvice to yer honor'
'Buenos dias, senor,' replied thie sop
"Have you any hattos,'' mildly inquir
ed Pat.
"No rintiendo, senor," was the answer
"Divil a bit does the man his own ton
gue--f say sir, hiablas E~spagnoiP
"Si senor."
"W ill, thin have you any of these hat
"No entiendo inglis, seor
"hyou understand English, is it? 0
the poor ignorant crathur, I iust try hin
again. I say, misthier, hiablas Espagnoil'
"Si senor."
''Si andit ha d-..-d till ye. Hay
you any of these biottos?' and taking of
his weatherbeaten paln leaf, shook it ii
the face of' the Mexican.
"A h, si, senor-sombrero!"
"I ax your pardon-sombrero, is iti
l'sme that did'nt understand my nir
mither's tongue-and theo more shame f'o;
AN ODD FELIow.--."Oh, dear," ex
elaimed anz urchin wvho was chewinmg
green app)Ile.
"I've swallowed on odd-fellow!"
"A n otl.felCow?"
"Yes, lie is giving me thegrip."
BARnER's PoL.s.--The Emperor :o
Russia has ordered all the Poles to hiavi
their beards shaved ol;' peparatol'y to in
visit' to Warsawv W e shldklhaye
thought-Nicholas the lastuiih\hoeotik
\vish toalook a.Polntho ea ):
1% 7,A. VI
iR eBUinR
t On
sec i jod wnrS
ew is t 011;111h1 4
theif a' uted "orne* ad
fifk filed toietc-h a n he - oul
within: ait e14 ittleA u tojd " thusa tle
Ilavingndada the nege Mary pep
tions,.liicomonenced tho .ascent ofodo
our. "nently dressed" 'posts - tia
ment'" our rineipal . stroi&
feet, his-ha Jel ' ddownrd
jar hdingbi ei na6d
3oth? - A
rn 0 n ur
necg -thj
Y'k'M ~ ~ r d,'~
fortunig vs
tookhimi mifd4
our e hfa ostz Ak ,
I fd a entuckan-s P1~c-~ ~
Sin himiself.up; . ed'ith heite
that the "third time thecharm!" he - -
recommenced his labors, and succesdp4
in puttin the precious documed.M n -
proper piace.
Descending from his elevated ost
the next trouble 'Was to knorw h o
where oi whcn he.: should gitaieply t
-his comrnunication But the wag, wh -
was standirig'b (together with some -oth
ors,) enjoying t is ludiardus sene,was at
no loss fbr giving theeoesir' instrue
tions to the.orn-oracker. They told him
that if it came.to t. 'kn wieg of the a- A
telegraph agents that e had en -thus
Wclandestinely sending "despatches"; with.
:Outpaying th9 usual fees; they would cer ,
3A lmake Mim pay dear for his whistle -
i.'acordingly instructed theT Neo
r litbut'. half-mile east f town, clia
.b the undressed pots and there await --
& ,wrival of 0 :,which he must
kep a sharp looko ' or it woeldcese y
hp observation. :Tbe ir 's
obgyedapid the lastwe cardof this tel. -
graphoperator fromKentudkyhe
snu.gly perched on one'of the posi a lit.':
tle way out qf own ith his eyes in
tently bent 6n the niagiistized wires
.r A In. De*, . .-A
A BSENcEOFND.---A few weeks enc~
a highly respectable citizen of at southerri
city called at the New York poist office -'
and( said----'Have you-any letters for me1 A' '~~
'What is your narne sir'?' anid the clerkic ~-'
T 'he gentleman raised his finger to hi~
nose, looked grave,.and said, '1 will tell
gou directly,' and tidned on his heel ot4 -
of the office. A few yards from the pe.-i
office he net ai filend who said.---lov o
do you do, Mre NM4'Thst's it,' sal 4
thie gentlemnangarid [email protected] returned to the of
fice, told hisiainind oiitiined his let
terj. - -
B3EARS lU v l~J~dn great Der '
bers nMich jai2iegtseason than any -'
prvu -nCounty aldria
upwards of tw& hundred have beeni laliAt -
to tholdnd. -Ono"Jndian killed twelve i4 .
on day. --
A VERY ,OLD DooR.--A .gentlemnaD-i ~- 4 :
New Orleans has in- aossion -a mn
script copy of an old Rian missal, writ -
ten in Latin, on vellurm, by amonk, about
the year A. D. 00. The booklis, conZ
.sequently, and thousand five hundred ad --
forty-seven y'ears, old at least.
* VER AGE length of hum~an life mn Me ~ - ~'
co is only fifteen years, which circi, -' -~
stance alone is sufficient to show the '~
daiffec existing betwedn the morala
physical condition of that pedgl r4
own. 5 * *
Tus AsPRATrED " "-Ms Ga~Q /' -
says sheo wrote one b aeii her "Kpthie
Mavourunen forh oress pupe y ~ *~-;
e~onfounding. the -o -ewe
sm~g ft ths ~ i~~~e 'untr~~-,~U
card ocio f'.?Mb 961dlldj8~
tlist isambprin ft ~ torit3ey
Jt "r~t arcet thi
p 1rura

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