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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, April 19, 1848, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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pg. tit 0, AkCd
I vngto. the-ono lot
'-oai il(mu to the othe
r; iii- th tef he
Ib~~mndir~ S"hfld% fA
iii al'hlt h1 d ben I an d rit Wn
s.1h g that fresh Manure imniditely
applied: to, the land, or sne h as p,'reairV.
td( in .tubmIk se)r unII der covp Ir, or'b'
ture. with ati'aW or en it, is it . at 'four
4inseI the yalue of 1hat 11 oo~i lla h. "
ad al su mme r expose~d tosun iand."eaihi,
wiiasting its richnjess in the Or and drgeh
ing it.fertilizing stilts. away;et.many
mfr -still beliea, Qr apt n~pon .he pin
pe' h cider,
goigbet tpt with, ago;- and- thus, thire
dung is safely kcept in tho' yard, etill "A U
gust.or September, a great,"nuisance- tp
all arud,'anid a sad loss, to IlIe g" 1 ing
Sp Wel pware that roted
amnur is 1 sir indispensabl r
ei- c rps,- and reforo mdanysay
y hprede to sustain the oss of its rot.
' . in the inconvenience ofusing It iri'an
formented stat . Let those who thus
k poesider that when manure has he
Moin rotted it is hen tre hunus or veg
?Ig le niatte, Cuch as decomypoad laves
rdes, stri halWcy% , or alks, muck,
lurfe peat.ie hamndditesrapikeng cih
gr atf betavitgovr anrm thuaswe the
man frmer let aln the yuare tilou
Sgs ori beptin agra thnislvcs t
aloundleasa loss-adpeito ite valuin
of trmanure nda~ ndiecspebe
~routn crtsi dthrfooma. a
URtE.- pr tle o k "Ota n eJManuf is rt.
jipentd tabl.e ;in thenhocus
sithn tohe olwingonenibcema s t ian
saofe rted ofitus is th euan umso ve
imprukosetmha nicaure hs
InFatersu s ompseae
hoItr~fastropv ehayit on-stlm1 k
n ur.-Copte, r~ndisrpns h
sae rose ths rottcdlamanuren. Hoe
anfame let ofl thee Nato go
Marogle lloais ereitaoin the valuef
v ftictoryinu an4dlo a neg yc ofih deth;
iou-alrs one thirta prms ae'othera
runitc riinm.g W
eydbl~ens It Frat i:hi concude
~ htha follwinsanichahi"~
aci'olyofanuroet dis tca9eQie
fi ioft nge andi ureegy a arehi e
nrln~iet t istc~rionly ' un ydaJi i
heryst p asso e b titi
me.Ct d*'V4ne nd P;
as I
n ,,, t
o . D. istrech
end :
'Sriftlit rtaii eold mnan -hi'mself,
Jait frien thoiourig 6fficer, thoe ethej
loye, woepings each otber's arms
-?N i , ycRty foupidi- c
Bt, was al desti to be the. t
iyuiin. r U'ifortiunte Dietree ',
x'-fbw months later, alked to the seaffold
:. the spuipd of those yety notes whip).ht4
prug forth at his hearth from the heart
f his friend and 1he yoicea of his daugh. 1
The new song, performed Reveral days c
e cWardg at Strasbourg, flew frorn town a
otown, to ill the pular ochdstrias. the
Warselilgtls sprad .it tiirough France by
inging it P their way to Paris. Frpom
his care the name ofMarSVJarse. c
The old, mother of De Lisle, a royalis4 t
orriflod,at the ecbo of heur son's voice c
vrotsto hii What is this revolutih. I
ry hym wyhichi hs e ng by a hord f
wrignd trayel)ingFrance, 4rid *with v
WI mnaea ia -sociated?" 'Do .
Lis le himself', iroseribed as aroyalist, .
ihuddgred ashe IAnrdit resound in his
spa pwstnapco death,. yhen flying
logh'ph-asof the high Alps.
'Wht..o" heycall 'this. hymn?' de
ine eof his guide.
ThdJiiaffeiflise,' replied the peasant .
Itivaa thus that he learged thea ime o t
biscdwn work. MTt was purstodcjythe
enthusisaimwhiph. e had sow~n .ebind a
bim, lie eseappd ieath with tilfficulty. *
The weapon turi agnimst ther fand which
ha.' forged it. The R~evolution mD its4
madness no longer recognized her own
"hp othertcday, an iable lady not far c
($ was rending an accownt of' a trial in a
r of hiorrid rder. AM the copel~p,
ira se fopp4 ;he fd~ipwg:
~ e stop the pres~ ct say that1
h~ur Was hung, and the prisoher ro.
thalne fbr another trial.
"Goodgracious," said the a:Wiablo'old
lidy,%fwiat were the jury* hung for? *
Why didn't they hang that bloody ninded i
lifoe?' " Why, madam," oerveid a
waggish person standling by, 'you must
bservestnpt the'giurf'didn t hpn the jp- ~
ry;' they chii~.bng mslvel.:: a, .me!
replied: the'old lady, '5o shocking, I
have heard that there. woeamen who c
would hang themse y~st o ge 0*m
ropeenough bt ' li't ao you a
none, n6 hew
Arkansa. IniVg nce
*s R ...Ipt lo sinoq
' tobe celebratoe in thvi
mityintqr ajt tpakid a
-nd tobhipb dlscurse on
it in
I- n
.'".Ab t$ Y"61
w Sarl ga yih
iej ; tto Se~t
Iug. 'An Iuf
haipg b ca 'r4,on
Oxntry V- 1dllw
Pata~j -
layn Nowah c stz
asaeab-p RNA
A!\ cotfde "Sid-t
ry Iaborl'Y 0. ~ r~wet"
md ~paeanrb
aretaaerdth hbti
~ Oug . -- 1
A rel e eak htag.t t
ahre theis r u r und.khf bd
ftegetabep Witotte dtlnouto?
"The *61 proviiona aeMa'o theI N
upi, eiin o ei a OO mu1*h".~
eOqtoolssykie -of 9ai1.k -y
dgota repriwithut;so et h
-,;,4 4k
* 334y
Y a a C,
,f. y i'
-7, va
) 4
Wi, I
*W4i GF .. 4
- . - 44
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L1~Il . 2.
&I1 P~ - 4 4nI
e ' -tm4 mJmmem"r
44 - 44
-- D t 4, - ---
f .4.- ~
e- 4 j~ 4,",

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