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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 23, 1848, Image 1

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W , P -f -
- 777
e on.
dnt 6
Ion h aone
i pleased, and
kto thIa Screw
t76 Packing
ght o
'1t" Press has
it for three yeare.
mnebc of t& Press, it
toi~niena6 i&d shel
fZ_ it is well calcula.
t indred and fifty to
-on in four and a
flat. h one mule.
I -h R'6iiiPyess
Ill Wunraand
ve to info the pubit
~inon_ ady to
by infor.
u. fer Dist.
nAierrile, S.- C.
t4o Co tin.
man riale "and
ey1 a rra d to give
-ill be Althfully attended to,
r rs51 ully regnests a
01 M.ithe planter
S iLLS,w vi
ijf, inade expreily to be
: ct G aring. The subscribei
won hand.
A Gins or Mills,gill be prompt.
y $18. -30 -.6mt
M. I~ KRu oW -for sale, hiesi
ahern part of the village of
e'D'welling Hotlg, which
and rewly and well [email protected]
upon a spaciouiA lot etintain.
bordering westyrdly tupon
et. -on the pre m re con
d~ ut-buaildna. Its rotiid psto
redFtsapediall 4esirable for,a residence
r~oe lot i~ti vili of Sumterj)le
n proad at :gmdiately 6p
? i td iina'sH .odt'li i'the centre qf
e 'Opetatiotner ,ivnl feet front and
kc to Mr. P. O'S ~Ivana'8 lot.
dll be soj togeth /or separately.
, whichVMllF be accommtodating,
jr2L D. aliker, Maj. Wmn. .~
Dec1grrai$n Altach't.
Mrega thie hntifr in'this action did on
dejl~4$fil e hlc Obpmrtion against Bcn'. J.
4ieI'bhrsiant,who is absent -r
1Wdwithout th it~its of the State 6fouti
~! oiii as it: said) and having i lthe:
- stonyknown, upon whom a copv
vs eclar-ation ith a-ruleto plead
oplrod, tilat the defendanj
on o beorethe twenty.
lit be tie given am#
ega ast. the saiid Bienj. J. .Weut.'
N . D. ONES, c,. cacavr.
dMe, Sumter Dist. qf l
oisl tthe Old Drug
p~4lr~iand.Cabltge seeds.
~ %i~gitS r ille, S. C.
boys i aniest
trade1 p at thi of.
- tr
)g Sirts, Vest.,s0
Irece tttLtI~iaitc .
25O Spo gamrenip~ L igod
200 " 8ilwj~ronto
10" h-noti
50w 1 Inarlstarch
100 "'Voeilan Rted,
Sal 4Mratus, y
0O a! sod -
50 *' Stp. Carb mde,
50 keg. white Lead,.
25 boxes assorted~ Qlass, . .
3 "Congress Watni-,
Linseed, Sperm, Neatifoot, Tram aNid Oa..'
'tor Oils; Annatto, Indigo, Tui-pentine, Alco-.
hol, CochinealgLamp Black,a lteed
Ivory Black, sealing WVa,,Wafers hte&c. .
Erd!acing every erticle uised-in the practice
from' thonLabortory of'phrai Loribee of
Perfumierv, Caibs, Brushes, Soapsvand
.Fancy articfes; Ilair Oil, cold Cream, shav-.
ing cream, French and American Toilet w
der, Boxe an d Pull; ch:dk balls, &c.C.,
hjich he ' t a groat reduction for cash
or appro t.
Nearly oppositewasant hall, Camden, 8. C.
N. . Mr. Z. J. DEIIAY still continues to
act as my Agent, and w'ill give his un
divided attenton to all orders address
,'d to me for Medicines coinuted wi-li'the
rEstablishmient. - A . C.
SThe subscriber will be in Waushington
City during the montl of August, and will
Fmake arrangements by which le may pro
cure an time shortest time and at least ex
pense, the Warranmts for 100 ac~res of Land,
brfu ieou thereof Government Scrip for
100) 00 duo each member, or the heIrs-at
anc t each deceasedii ber o f C mpany
rat futer heeam and wnTith pow
de, Palmett Rgid ufig.eati ba iaapanyc.
on his part.
Juealy 21,ld~isai 1848., Cam9 n 4tC
Aug. T , RI L . 40 ER$8
-Ei RenlI . T claration ine Atr
c vs. A t acheint in Assun-.
Istc D. Whitworth cl) ift.
Whereas the Plaintifl' in thW aove stated
1 case having this d y tiled his Declaration
awt the Defendant who is absent from
n wih out the limits of the State, (as it is
said) and having. n-qitle- wife nor Attorney
knoe, upon ahrra ' of th e above De
claration, with a' v edd thereto, mny be
served: It is thX)d e re in pursuance of the
Acts of the t Gend' Asemibly of the State
in,such eos wade and provided, Ordered
that the Defendant do plead thereto on or be
fore the eighteenth dhay of Junet.A. D.1 1848,
othervise final and absoliite jadgdmn will
he then given nd awarded against him.
Office Comn.1%lAs, Sumter Dist.,
17th June, 1847.
J. D. JONES, c.c. c..
Jum:0 3; (p6.) 34 qfifydl,
A choice stock of rcIceries, consisting in
part of the following-.
4 barrels tine brown Sugars
S bags best Ri Co afe,
2 Hhid bacon Sides,
i vnel Rtiynoldi n lamen
D utlr and soda Cr'acker. g
Sardines, Lobsterwt ; (inger preserves,
vest India preserves, Pine apple, otm
on, Orange, &c. &c.; Olive Oil, Picklese
Uomecstic Dgg Godg.
Lrown homespundaorted; C'otto1ale'.
Stripes, &c.; lusquito Netting, Grase skcil
do. made; Saxony wool shirts, Berlin dr -
ers; Ladies' and -Misses' Hosiery ; Gen s.
1-2 do.; A fine i ut of Suspondors...
All $ery low for % j.
Aug.9 , 1848. cL. B, c.AN S.
The subscriber would respectfully inform
his friends an'd the public generally that he
keeps constantly on hand, a comp~lete assort
mont of Negro, and Welted Shoeas, which ho
will dispose of on the most ren'oabiloets,
prrantmng them to wear asgell as any in
the State. '
Aug. 4, 1I48. 40 ff
.Or stolen from nmy flockin the immediate
vicinity of ny resadence,*a' &rlgrna Ewe,
about throyare old. The above mentiodql
she . 4,anArked, is not of a cleariwhird.
The fylgs, and head'are taitclouded,
wvith a pd ier colorpd inue. Je~ gne
and apptidto beajg di lanmb. ~I~ uni.
othep~ ale br elsne has be den into
some -neighaboring4fock, 8Ih a' ve~ fate
and no doubt woul have a afn to
mutton.. -y nformatjion t~yd~~
the rgeo ble 1tp pto recvr
skoop w ~; tankfully receive~ ,
4Ug.7,1848. i
lwrr c" rI A '
_'Mnyk9 im fiaer
N~ra4p~pqj jng to
tore p oary rt I
s ne o nelrps 9.
'a coo t6f v u, ich wr' t.*
IOn of siidifebus0% rfn'eh4Ubeed
pua *i i.nkhigtrpeifine/ rold
a l ' . ihisf brimeh :lTe has Also.
sue well, and the yield'dfMhe pro.
sent promised a ridh retarn (6rshl. labor
and enterprise, but we regret tojearn, he
has recently met with lossamd disappnnt.
pient by fire.,. Wehave jfore s a.F
ter dated "Augost. 2d, i which irnformd .j
that on tho jast day of July, his - turpen.
tine distillery,,wiIh-600 barrels -of pitch
and 2hit.rosin.ami a small qua0y o
p .rsea4pd.turpentine,- djwas en
ti rely, consumed. Theoss- -,is not leq
than T1h00. , Ti oirt as occasioned by
a defedi' in tho ottoM ofthe sini.-Col. K
is now repairipg damages and will pre
sently hive anothgr atill and appaada
up. He has now on haid1200 galloihsof
spirits, saved' from' the fire, andAa I-10/i
quantity of t'ie crude turpentine/from
wiith and the future gatherings, he ex.
pects to distil 8000 gallons of X its this
Col.. James,, we learn, set out to make
fdr sale this season 150 bales of cotton,
5000' bushels Qf corn, 2000 barrels of tar,
200 do. spirits of turpentine, and 1000
barrels of white rosin and pitch. The
fire has cut .thelatter item short, but put
it down to500 kbls., and'ihere is every
prospect that he will comae up to his cal.
We regret the loss of Col. James the
nore, at ihis particular juncture, bhause
he was the pioneer in the turpentie busi.
ness or AlabIamna, and was-t beginning
to reap the reward of his enterprise. The
southern potion ofthis State presenisa fine
field for the direction of industry i this
line, but from the habits of ouiplanters,
who haveso long adustomed thinselves to
the .xclusive culture,ofcotton. very little
progress hai been made. Tho efflrts of;
Col. Jumes we haveo - believed, from the
beginning, would aid in divering many
therwise intelligent planters fromn otheir
ruiiousaijd impoverishing system of oul
ture; and therefore his present sigh
terruption in business ad the at
loss muy be considered 4 public cala Z
Anotnna CoMPLtu.ptat .-.-.Mr. d. W.
Kendali, in his European correspondence,
speaks of the loss of oflicers in the late,
battles in the streets of Paris, and in the
course of his remarks pays the following'
high compliment to the gallantry of our
own devoted Regiment:
"You will see a comparison made, lin
which the number of officers who fell in
the last revolution is placed alongside of
those in some of Bonaparte's greatest bat.
ties. The loss has never before been as
severe in officers of the first rank. tore
in the streets were killed Gensi Negrier,
Brea, Begnault, and Bourgon, while dens.
Bedeau, Duvivier, Damesrue, Foucher,
afontaine, Francoise and Korte were
ore or less snverely' wounded. - Yet
great as was the loss of the French here
.ziheistzreets of Paris, it *tll not beat'
partison whemn placed alongside~te ea.
sunlities experienced by the leading offij
ce in some of our regiments last year,
whiile attacking the breastwvorka and bar.d
riendces of the Midlcn*.-.t do ndt metij
officera oI' the same fidi; but ofthoseowho
led they d4rent onslaughts.-Look at the
retuMffg the 3d infantry at Monterey,)
thie-Gih ist Molino del Rey, and the South.
Cnoin0%sj Ghlurubusco anpf the Gari.
OcEAN.-..On thme 2nd of June, whlen in
latitude 15 deg. 8 milna sauth;anid longi.
tte 20 deg. 14 ni(p.. west, being nearly
calm and the water quite smooth, (says
Sir James C. Ross,) we tried for, but did
not obtain soundings with 4,000 fathomns
of line, or 27,600 feet. This is the great.
est depth of the oceau thmat has get iteen
satifactorily ascertained; ut we have
reason to believe that there are many parts
of it where it is still deepet. Its deter-~
mination is a desideratum in tegrestial
physics of great interest and importance.
-A voyage to the Southern Scano.
JEn~i. HOUSA, MOUNT SIGN I,, on wyhich
Moses received the Ten Cnnaidmnpnts,
is 9000 feet high, surroudedj l her
rrio'tildt, wlich are coveredb snow imn
winter..tThe group of Sinail~ full of
springs, id verde n. Atittrihetn e$.
tremity lies (lie de It of elIs'h, seventy
miles'long and thirty broad, In which the
lsjaelties wandered' forty yndrs. Ihis co.
'ered wvith on~ rangef ohigh rool4, of
ftfoat reuav tfn into deep oleils
gnly a few fiet eiobmmed in by 2walls
oifsgk uonmetlrnesI40 feet, high, like ieo
dose.tted.teet* ea Cfylopat~~t
The whole of A rabia Petrea.-2
the sabted wtitera.--ptepns a p~
appaling desolation, coprty Atl~l
the dentmnoinition of pr ,c
3 Se r~tll
ty ar
o, fla.. 1k . . .;6A
sides eopst f g, ith~ MM jhi
to isgp Ua lb
ntion In os %ingbthia.ih
.to eulogue thisiifoeth
t has conferiad oind .bt
forentiy anotherpurpose
Cc nor letter .4s, or sue
oI as Ank1ho
I' t lven twelnss a W
an average, still ostirnething.
said thaitheredre but toW three
In th4d-. State who can,.nake2h a
ce In. which ty pea li at i pequl
complete, proportionbed, jmifWRm sdie
act the work to bedone :Theletters.a
made prinoipallyoflead, mixedVwIrh -it
er metals in orderto harden it inficien
ly when cool, winigaa'the 5Ahettil~
other ingredisnti cauTtie fusrne
s' '.n toftill the iestienafo's cendje oI
ix completely. For every d4& h
and every different shape typo-avi Ihr
are more than 800 shapes <and sizes
each letter in our alphabet In use-nei
matrices have.to be made, and each-*it
the same exactness, or tha font is d4ti
tive. In roma each lettei uaiuf: mhi
three times-irge and .anhA l 0 apital
lower case, saying pothin , ganip aii
ures and other indispensa . .haraterp,
To give some idea of the t Aribifehi
acters add lotters whih f.ontic
types, it may aiw*er to !ta that thes,
are two esses, 'h hipintef 'rl - theni
thldower caer ntning laho coiivmur
or0smallltters, thengusand po
V' re inio 'Met h .b xesi
hil h a p ncoa
evory omee occe T~tj e
~contamining the large adsmal dypltild
~unere~s" ma iiid ohiiratei
zhieh arc in commoi use, has 98 boxej
and but 2 or 8.of thein are unoeuolin
Thus it seems the-type founder ln orde
to supply 4 common fountQF ron lttc
has t.hav6 cqnstructed Ab6ut6150' nmiri
ces; and tlioji0s are bot in idUed ibi
which will over a hundred mory
just to manhaiture letterm o., o o
size and corresponding faces. Here
then there. must be sbout tib .tadre
dnd jify cAdma ftw mde and iome c
them a good many thousand'ties, 'vei
just to print the plain u tter of colnmol
new aper. To give the unintiatei a
i . . 'the numbers and ptopor s.
ty -aor' pritters have no Moe
that now of-it may anvswer to stat
we use, say for a common aYerage fo6i.
a 8,500 n 8,00
b - 1,000 o 8,0
C 3,000 p 1ag0
d 4.400 q I0
ii 12;O00 r 62
f 2,500 a 8,00
g1,700 t 9,00
h 6,400 4 ,9
i8,000 ~ 1.2
j.400w ZO
k 800 z a
1 6400 'y fQ
m 8,000 z 20
Nothing here is said of poits, flgites
double letters and other charatutere, *hic
would awell this list amaz~ingly. *An
all thismakes but one item kr 'a oommno
bountrj die .a o3.-19t fi I
thing said oft thu pidtures, flou
era, ornamnent#1,' ; ondesed-e
teualed, &o., &c., ' used in job an
nevspaj printiing.s1 all dhidh ate 'Mr
5ear makte up the stock pf ri rdi
ry eaper establkmdnt." Thea
cents t~ t on. A commoh sisei
newsjpr r oU bto~ h np
plied to thif* pounds
type. Thiese with se~se worth.e
wood work, #250 fo/t press, bgood int
ny mpqro dollars for brass rules and stil
mogfor iron mnaterials, paper, Ink, &e;
wyillb~iake a very large substraction frot
Who all these items are paid Mt b,
the p.Jtrehe Is about ready to go to wrl
y-ifhlas a roller made-and sets h!
The traial wjdth of newspaper columu
is 17 cns of type of thia aize,-but jua
are 18 eids wide. AnerdI. the'thiekpes
of a line.,O an vere nearly thre<
types will goio a em, counting spaoes
For every 1000 ems a printer hqudie
near 3090 typs, and Ihe sets~00
which is a dthq @' l ~et
. ext (lay [
t at
9bWIthry the dxdl~pt
fi'r eroes--fItheyean y
enie no
- '
r 4~j j h 6thi -
ine oit en amgwn~ ip.NO~brit
P gna
a "Dpndra 14 gr o olw
9 -h ru ..' .moi ths boistre i of 'tis. u * <.
n. nkitd4
* b- W, ou
h e li aos tt
r)am tnimi tii it ei bue y P at4-r1,.
Fie eih o lsi h
% er'dd hic t' 164i W
0 dysi -ii~~-~~jeho
, uforate", e
jeupo o1A'ian the D, te~
Oi erahdiena ad j ~iy'ee
aonsi thr~towoud -~neI
eB o .eT, cou h o
ai-hodo t, (altonojitom m ;p vi. -
Weparadik toc esta
a daiei4.idli why doqyd
ug byand~'iay o~tdtr ad r6
scubll, asto stayhere Oto
- misto a dmpout fhtbu ipe
inMacy eny thin pe
I add
.*1 -
d Nomw~o saee th *-;
I tesa e
a ' r
tdIva~wh o
I" V.t
mi fA a wmu
ies aioden'Wt get~~
re, a a"- rh y~~f o (le
cy of tw(tdgv .am dleo t
Do Tyor.o~p~Kt
~d -o
W1n~ Wi7 "lost
dpog x
%~: o
ek "D pnec ,'',-I 0t fllo

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