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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, September 20, 1848, Image 1

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- 4 - - * -- --a
R i
-~~~ ~ -M, ---
use sand
* I~6~leas ti~
Itth~ ?e bresejtu tock
to tu hnedh tN Y
A till 18,0_ i t'.o Mie
esI opectfully
k a ,ent tock.
1 7*JA
cnithtaoIi CRAN,
o pen orithepati
0 . A,1
A- n ese ger :
m- of carrying,
- - Wthe jwoh Unr
p li"sent pai
Y~4 :nut dat large
b rtidy kepondc
r of DBU;?sJ~
t t iclentit
- dIMi old R ad,
evie, S. C
4 'k ~P~.AS.
el on in Ata
loti" a"M tut, mifti action did
t hjJ~ lara pJ.~ginst Be~nj
Iifoini, i eotsbent.f
e and having- neit
- ~~bwampn Whom.ace
oV~t~ Drfrr~h~ th1 arnile topl
411. (d~r~a~rd tat the defend
btr the tivet
-y *x ote fkgia l
b1le svgen
D~sJONE c C. cI'
CjkaopIce infter Q~ist?
~ ~3~4848. 31 qfla
O g~il eeTrify ifl(
~h ~p esonable ter
3 onGI
I ~ IS
n ca
~tjiN i
di injbiowh1
6 1 d & bIow
,pop~u a o t~ksbepn
,tolanLAd trife k -ato9 aa
li tyjdk ut4= dIie yhr and statadt fo)te
is!.I we t dowI oln fiu ' We#i o
., the barkpy -ti ak hi~m the lt'a ils
an! o I taltIq.pa Wby (~rstdjip
stan dj porchaniyuI tuhn1
the ~nag In the MifatoVr'ffi Mm.?
appear to beoa trnger, digna'rshie, '
-n take piensure nacumpnying.
or Thlat's the way fo'd ie geriteelealitlit?
rk, and I willisby of tIWn Chlichton7 feers,
,'all lie seen of tleim, ..hat ,,hIev knolv tuj
do the prlitef tii'tu'stran .'1 i j'd
-him I 'ws a At ngb~r, thuf53raa idii
oblee'ged tu himi, anid that my naiii ovad
SuLk; so we walked. along. togthergratd
got 1ii oiiq cmrsattiong 4b91t.towniand
ifs improvemrnts. Snys'hei to ne, says~
Ihe, we're lookin up a little, %Mr, Sliek,
t ot a little of your Yin4e spirt of in
e agli, n at twst. WV are bgi
inin build Role Roita, and lite our cli
itah Ui, and dig'A rtdi t Vells, qhd
ix up the street4 and cftrt ]nd ad foih
-pea N othin l ak tit uler, Y - r flW:6g11.
lkt I nothin like it. Thii tinghe dOied
nii nowi on thc s'team ch)gine priaUL'Iila, or niot
at (ll.
'a i ve fio'itwondrecd that CiGa 1Aiii the
ti chief se-pr of the lliLe and .o ~re'.
doste youadte 'th i P1it f0tii
anys hec; bust we laciked 11 htrt irisey but
thim 're a getti bcttJ:a 1hut "'io
e l,- gthIs'time i d han"unt to the'Ci;t
n a lnlij and there he-hleluii mo"I -w&dl1
on find the oflis on the iedand mfloor atluif
e, walk'tup a long twistinention, andt lh&iiad 1
ro rite agin it. I mti a nigger a staidha at
the head of the ntarr, situl a I tu h,
says I, which is the Mti3yor'suditi. Thst's.
it says he, 'a pintin t th rite,'and il I
jwalk'i perpeniidlorias a.lamfr posi~.
Have I the hoior to adlress the Mayo-,
says 1? I am lhe, sir,-ays he; e-ll you
taiko a chinir. So i sot- downt old him
my name; and that as I was. etayiry.'in
town a few days, I thort l'd jist cum rotpd,
and take a look at him; thatpublic ofi
I believed, was public pripcrty, and iIe'
ug fkesatid a rite tu call upoit them. i"o'
smiled, and said lhe was hnppy tu e me';
insked ho iong I'd bin in town, and bop.
- cd my visit had been agreeable:.and that's
T. what I call the way tu receve a stranger:
not stare at him, and corf continually, and
look as pompous a lien with a speckled
-0I never spent aMoIr agreeable hia
on hour, in my life, thianihat n'as;'and when
J. I cum away, lwurnt bu pried at thi Ii
o niense popularity of the man. .'ve seen
_na good 'menny otliubails in my .timn; but
n one that cum up to my notion likeh hi.
I must tell you sumhing about the
Chaleston wonmen I've met a gdinen.
int ly i cumpany, and a utarnation sight in
ty the stretes. Thes way they-turn out of
ad an anernoon, in carriages and-a foot, in
md fKing.str.eet and at the Batory, is alarmin
to oil bachelors. The Charleston winen
is generally slender and dark complected;
blackeyes and hair aint uncommon; but
small feet is their karakieristic. I've
seen sum-of the purtibst lIttle boots in the
rmn world, sence 1 cnm here. After all,' a
he woman's 1u.erstandin is her principle
rt- fecturc, and they have it tu perfection.
he I've bin struck, in walkin about the
streets, wilh thIe great contrast in the dress
Sof nortihern and soithern wornen. Here,
they dress as if they were all again t a
funeral; there, as if thy were hurryin tu
a dance. There is a way to dress in
~black so as to make it the most becomini
ofall colors; and that is tu relieve it
e considerable wihh wliji.-n Take
iail a Ctgulhtrtheyadres.u ati&e tanny
not'on her, than inany place j've ain
uii.at's sayin a go'deal.' Ut.here
I hats j' t ~ti see
ag pS lofh4 amd-lun
L.. \ ttitUdpath.:wit fs'Tnnet no igger than
iapntgpih.n4:thagt so fur-back,-that
its an everlastin puzle'u cnowr lIowit
~~tays'ohfat all.t
~'ehtity '(ien~ 'utildorned, is adomed
, ,'thi lvost't skys the po lian e is ritg,
tr tlnW -.and as Igt
~~&~hl~i'.Y ihe Ended Oi-dinary
- "j~o'~ l'aientyi bt tema
.t .u a
f ,
e nil -ivqe it) 4'Mlt' I
ou' lie-k
- " no o nir v t 11
Muttair L Itir! doryou ed VT
you116. Ch I~ if" I
' ono f ne~ono -oblseei nike
at a ll Iat Se h go I- es,arc ,
m jupgl~gagge Hill deo grd
oqoiiY (or oin thireo day!
kt thy ilohinaii di'iy dlie moti i-y ha'ek!
tibnad hiey Oh e no,f couldnti,
thinktof sch ing.
Watypu. no ajod me back de money?
You A -e ltile Vld von hund red doiizire
hol-ad dIYL4iicn go at all.
l ,n te'r'piinpt'id *ou that tie *dtiti gdo.
fBy-grir vat' '. ouhoiie good or ven
hetncgoi He he no Ietter. as von dead
tk"iiss, bywr! grVill'you sare, take. de
miarehorse hack, dd giey
Vat I pay him to
No,'sir, I datalot-lt was a fuir Ir.
gain; y ouri eyes wer' your .owiP market
as we gentlmeis of ithe.trffsaV.
Venthenl le. turfl ',o io Ken.
tlemlnd'I N--a lie no 0r i di U,
vou be yon grand 'Turk-gmFoia1idere dayn
deceptid Y u' 'heat your own .i-n
miodder-"on playen alleti '146
youder ngotten fidder! 'oU i1u1 h'
-princip e
-.:11Cintoejdt is tyhat I go for in, any
S your literect is no pri-t
palld. Y oi he von grand rasCalle fl a 1!
dat's do ay tailki.'-. - -4
Failing to li atistied by the Ikey
th Frgehman sent his fare-horsp to an
auctioneer to be sold. But the auction.
e0r sceid io hav-e been'us great a rogue
as the jockey, for he took sare that tle
fees for selling should eat up the price' e
got for the animal.
'By gr,', said the Frenchman, when
.relatmng the story, ' be sheaty all' round.
Do shookey horse lie sieuty me in trade,
and de hauctioneer be sheaty me to dis.
poe-of de.hanimulle, and den sold my
horso for ten dollaire.only; and, by gar, ho
chargo me 'lecen dollaire for sell him! So
1'loss 'leven and von hundred dollaire, 4ll
in my pocket clear, for von soare, daniO
limp, rump, vbeeze.vind, -no 'see at all
good for nothing shape of a mare horse,
vurse as nineteen dleadshuckass, by gar!'
Sonieotime since in tho State of Mis.
sissipp agan npamed Brown antI.his son.
in-law Wages killed WashingteffJames
Bibocs i difiluIif* originatinf in some
charg%id3 rfi1lgadtioes (if wre r-emember
rigilybrought by- thei latter, against the
former. wages disappeared for some
time, A fttw months back Wages reap.
peared, adivith hiln a man named Mc.
Grath. Wages got inito 'a diffieulty with
a young man named Harvey, on account:
of some claim which he pretended to hove
against him.-Harvey shot them both.
The father and mother of Wages, residing
in this State near the line of Perry coun.
ty, Mississippi, where they harbored a
gang of outlaws, swore vengeance against
Harvey, anid hired a man named Lee to
kill Harvey for *1000. Lee took three
or four Iiith him to help.-Harvey~in the
mean time, fearing some attack, had mo.
ved from his o*n cabhrto his fathers,
visiting his form every day.' Leo and
his party finding this out, enteredi hi.s cab.
itt and dutting some loopholes, waited his
comings 'ael.-tned, Iharvey getting~
soi~r int~iation 6f the; rijogpt6n prepared
for him, toek ihis younger :brot4h~ sAd
eight-or ten other men, arnd pih dgho
his hotaso, They, seeing hire coig
fastened the: door.a Harvey burst I. h
door and was notb Lee; shfet di''
mieditely shot~ by6lg Harny
shot down anothe ~tso,.nanied ordif
as they rushed out. Old fHrge o
hearing of his son's dsath, gather~ some
of his neighboursaapd .proodgagross
the linp. into thit State 'OdWages'
houset'seizedisod n womnini
~se.T~s~j~~t ~Y~ted a ful hourc
~n~Irr~ws.n e utinct, aniithen
O i
. drew f 11
h.at once ca m te o it'
Thp dept .4pri
F i g l v eot .p -1 . , .~ r p e 1t i
t ok y nothipg dan
agii6stihif de\ a bows kb i
ed upeot hiskantaht IIaiis
guns in i U ?- 't i r
conba a en wa
Jmni,- tSssA- q*
Mir. R. 1bo)e recowery
that. ges aennnbhingu 5lgg
lim elf hhvingwV'
ha~d he o
usef othr. A horrj
the ha bror iedwhibr .
at thix (ie tookefida
wom* haducr
nd erett endth'
tall his 10'I't
now gi duf' i.Ct d
bt tha d nd
ke enih
inge .tibbut an-hour an IoU
impreft 8hrmupon hislis e nuhtdi
tunatnii-8 ickninaw.!% Ib
could ot1 p 1pird 61
fiir hu
~The d 3 er Was e
dead..t William in ~ x p
ers, s.IErtet n pursit n~ aIltt~
This is uhie-it .abbotmcwe ha ea~rn
bi e Ioi-br Ra I'e afte
his brother-in-lawnnd Ber
turned :iomeand isfii iw i
---Heans severely un
by thie bowler knife or'td n
the renbcimtre &bdie rela(i1.
The Irish Soldirrad Wole.
dier in Ireland haing. ot his pus oit
go to'Engtlanfitiu 1iowehit i trugh th
wood with a kniapsikon six* ha*kbel
weary, sat downi, andfrelro cting-hofrn
victuals. t.Ma'a sudden he waasurpri
ed by ono or two or th ree, - c4.,comut
of broad and ihiscse as long asho :~dany
when the wolves having comea nearert
him, he commenced plying a pair -e
bagpipes he had wltd'him, and aesnoon,
he bearn to'play2 gay.ran th.*1ei
as if hey hgdibden scared out of ti
wits, The curse of CromwveU~o'
all,' said he, if I had ked'n tl tlok)
ed music soiwell, ybz s~uhid a
before dIinner. -
Drd4oh.odined- with a Sctellad
who hI hoteh.poth for dinnerN Is l
god D Y~r'ale h hcstea-Yes,
sail tii. Dotisrply, 'it is good fo
hos inu.'. 'Then pr aid the ol
lady,' 'Ietime help you to a-little more c
Au You OU grtsFIED--f%~oaa
an angnaf. 1eY Iivo fe t6' e*
first man or *ronan who is satisfied wlt
his or her coniditlb*. They all oaes st
possesi the disposition of thie po~
who ditg up bbxa Qguineat.
counting his treasures, he eaed
I had U(pund theif twenty fett wiI~
might h~v h'ad the i forest o tta t
rlied an layvi ~ 'h
4 e . e~
.. 'it
i 49*
o, thl
an .
ment at
ihty '
metatichwn f
~ i
, eipUReME ao
~ - -o;
1 e *&'t*

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