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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 15, 1848, Image 1

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Q.,44 4
0 e
t3ry d th y~ 4dver~
0 0
ikt s'ame as! 'eOW
UM04ay Notices exceed ix-lines,
and mui .rc~m a d
d-, p i "i r tr _:4 a g-ie.
4i in tf .- -
su e~terv.by dhaiI ut paid to ii.
The h fi- e'rdered the amounts
now 'Stebkholders to be paid Jn by
thleo i-i* 4mhberI th'oo -residing in
tu D 40061 Ll equesI et,.pay over
the ,.-Muldr*, those in
Da es ,ibso N; those in
a i.Eli d k and Si. M. Ste
aer W.4 A R.R. Co.
N0.8 2t
73 The MarionS5 r copy twice.
R~P We are authorized to
announeo.hr! .JOHN 0. ODURANT as a
candidite for the office of Clerk -f the Court
Atr uistf' ng fellor WhO is accustoimed
to Wunamg horses; for such, liberal wages
will gen lie is~wanted immediately.
Etiquire At the.Store 9f A. W PITPE, 4 Co.
Nov, S 3 t
e dor of the Bradiorid Springs
Sr ested t meet at the Town
AM. hul ,hV ~thinst4 at 11 A. M.,
Pun.t al attendance is~requested as impor
tant bi qs W.be transacted.
* 9 luIo Executive Committee.
o1 2t
T 0'V bii64"ertakes this method of in.
for n ',Friends and the Piblic, that he
will pe sAcl4im and,Comrnission Busi
e November next, at the
corn '~jitde ini 's Hotel, lately oc
U r7. GIttllichanip.
Sr vin Mprehandise or Property
that they may desire sold
e ngenay. gate notice to
thazt~ dn e"nage in his line will
iful r'ceived.
S- 1 2t
and Medicines,
r'l&r h;As just received a 'fresh
via ru# Medicines, Paints, Oils,
-so ev6ry other article that
*a i~ to a Drug store, may be found at
* ~ ~t*ROj' Mcipan's old stand.
- ~ oi~a ttr, Cheese, Pipkles, Macker.
od.Lemon, and
J4T~~cl,, :.Alq, ~conand Laird.
-W~W~rd 'and Butter.
hBu~ters'hdte jtiht ref'eived a 1et of
Vhb6 ting an4 ebuty Bacon and
,aIcured hydbs. B.'Whits. Ala.
mw. hiqutain Bultter, ,Cheese and
*~ k 4.. IITEr..CO.
~ 6jiclia idi r 6 d~'itizens of
~OW4vb ad t e Distidt generally that
d i 'naterville a
n tly handand
a f~Ia4 Pla'in marble top
i~ aethesrde, pine and ma
IIh stad low post curled
tulia sand Divane, Centre
e~j~ir~~every description,
rigChairs, do.
fit 1ur'mg, Pier Tables,
Asoe olton mat.
g~sc~irbbpo that,.hy punctual at.
to lt~tl lesuoia 0gay terms, to merit
-'- 8 ly
* 1ft4J1'l6t of Italian
V V LAloA ids,
n Enterin ach lace
Pceed tha
'Who will Enlive theScene
e r.JOHN SHAFFER, the daiing L
etebr the page ivith Lioiis,'Tigers Lioo
Lion harnessed to a Car, and will by va
control over animals usually' deemed of I
Will be Exhibited at Statesburg, Fri
November 18th.
Admission 50 Cents Chi
Servants half price.
now have an op rtuuity of seeing the
thas heon styled by critics the "Lion Ki
duingsthe largest and most terrible Lion i
:sion,.and ha ropeated lysaved'his life v
cag. His feats have been behold by mi
Ito a car, thus showing the su'reme maje
The Wild Tenants the' r m
'of unexplored Africa, the fierce Tiger of
playful but ferocious Bear, gentle azzt
striped Zebra, the grave robbin' Hyena,
ing Fox, down throngh all the esser gra
their nature at times, but perectl -subj
Fowls of the Air and. Ri e me
species, are also comprised in this valual
too limited to admit it. Suffice i to anly
highest celebrity, and have devoted years
is pronqounced in Europe and Amie,
The moral and useful purposes vhk1
all, and acknowleged by allmoralists; th
the works of the, upremne Being, and is
0T Particular reference is given to th
principal Hotels.
0- The whole Menagerie, -on enter
NEW YORK BRAss BAND, will form a Gi
various animals, and drawn by seventy-fi
, Nov. 1
Dry Goods in Charleston
The subscriber respectfully solicits th<
tention of his friends and purchasers ge
all to his stock of Goods for Fall sales.
Do has recently received and opened
300 Packages of New Goo
making the largest, most varied and ele
assortment he has ever exposed-consis
of every variety of New and Rich D
Goods, Shawls, Visettes, Laces, Hosi
Linens; Linen Goods, Cloths, Cassim<
Embroideries, Prints, Long Cloths, &c. 4
His Domestic Goods' Rooms, are as ui
well stocked with a great variety of Fat
adapted to NEGRO WEAR; such as I
seys, Plains, Jeans, Sattinetts, Stripes, i
ton and Linen Osnaburg", Blankets, &c.
He is also prepared to supply Plantera
any quantity, with the same style of
Georgia Plains
he has sold for the past twvo years. Samr
of these Goods wi lbe sent to any pe
who may desire, and all o'rders shall roc
prompt attention.
Planters and others visiting Charle
will find it for their interest to examine
stock, -as it will be found one of thme mnos
Extensive in the Southei
* ~ Countryj,
and ho is enabled to ofl'er Goods at pi
well worthy the attention of purchasers.
253 King st. Charleston, S.
Oct. 1. '18 tij
NO, C..
Negree Clothes and Jeai
The subscribers would inform the F'
toe of Sumter District, and their Custon
that they have become the Agents of
Freis of' Salem No. Ca., in the sale of
now repredto exhibit; In their judgeri
the best'article for Negro Clothing eve:
fored in this miarket.
57They also have a small lot of sup<
country HA MS and LA RD of a supm
quality; North Carolina Onions, and F
pounded Rice.
Augnst 80.1848.A.W TE&
Respectfully announces to the p~ublic tha
has commenced the 'General Commis
B~usiness at the above place.
All business intrusted to his care, will
coive immediate attention.
N. B-lie will also attend to recei'
anrd forwardling goods.
Nov i 1 1mn
'b AxeNb tin the oaritori F i be
Wra E and novbs ulctrie
hAn JElegant pio.
day Novem Rl A utvieaury
b Execuetng a Varie of gavrid
of M1usic.
ex TA ER. an Nh AFFER LADY, will
irds and Panthexrse Hh 'wadrive a large African
noe gra;eful anddaris'- fiats show his complete
honuoft save d ripoeltaon.'
day, Novom, er'17th. AtRmevle, Saturday,'
dren uaboe ton ears of g, ad
flounce to the citizens of the South that they will
elebratld JOHN thAFFER 4 LADY, He
ag,!" as he has exposed hi. life heretofore in'sub-;
iver caught!; this animal is at present in his posses
lin exercising the othaer n inetm in the performin
I1ions'; ho actually Dr-ires-a Wild. Lion, -harnesed
sty of man above the brute.
theo huge and docile Elephant, the majestic-Lion
the. Bengal Jungles, -the beautiful Leopard, the
l4e,' the useful and patient Camel, the -curiously
the stealthy Panther, the savage Wolf, the cunn
des, are here beheld with perfect safety, true to
act,to the control of man, the lord of creation.
et beautiful, rare,' varied and dangerousbof their
Ile collecton; description is powerless and space
that the proprietors are of Jhe oldest standing and
of toil and expense to the present collection, which
erftcaly unparalleLed.
an eyhibition like this can serve, are perceived by
e exhibitioi serves to entertain and instruct all in
particularly impressive on the minds of youth.
e Mainmoth Bills, Posters and Lithographs in the
Ing each town preceded by the Car, containg the
and Procession of tweniy carriages, containing the
ve horses.'
1. 8t
for BR-AN) D READ?
The subscriber respectfully informs the
inhabitants of Sumterville and vicinity, that
at. he has opened a BAKERY for the purpose
ner- of sdpplying Broad, D'scuits -and Cakes of
every description at Charleston prices.
Families wishing to be served with Bread
,every morning will please leave their orders
ds, at the store of C. D. Gayle.
'ant The subscriber trusts, by strict attention
Eting and punctuality, to solicit the patronage of
res the public..
ey teC. D. GAYLE.
11.l, Ready-made Clothing,
irices A large assortment just received, and of
Cer. the latest fashions at unusual low rices.
Cot- A. J. 4. P. MOSES.
. Oct 25 52 tf
It and Is-on.
17,000 pounds Iron from 1-4 in. round
ples to 2 1-2 in., do. 1.2 Square to 21-2 do. Boiler,
rson Tyre, Plough, Hloop, band Iron, &c. &c.
eive Cast and lister Steel, at Charleston prices.
Just Received and for Sale by
tnA. J. 4. P. MOSES.
this ____________
aces Blacksmiths, Carpenter's and
Tanes Tools, Mill Irons :
-Also, Groceries, Paints, and
D ye S tu ffs ; linseed,
Sperm and1 Whale Oil,
18. & c. & c. & c.
aers, COLUMBIA, S. C.
Mr Oct. 4, 49 Gin
his _____
.ro And Dealers in Hats, Caps,
",Trunks, &c.- 1 door below
reel, I. D. I~iordecai's,
C OL U MBI A, s. C.
0. l0. F. & Co. keep constantly on hand a large
__assortmenit of Genatlemnen'g andl servants'
. Clothing of every description, and make
Garments to measuro in the imos t Fashiona
blo style, at the shortest notice.
y T Oct. 4, 49 Gm
c. 'lfhe undersigned w~ould respectfully in
t lbe form the Public, that his present stock of
lion MElDIClNE~S were purchased in New York,
(and witih a few exceptions) from the Manu
r-facturers. Purchases may' rely on their be
ing fresh aind genuine.
ring ..L MILLERt,
- At the sign of the Golden. Mortar.
Suminevilla. f. .
jttatIe i -rwrWrw
ro d, 6 11d4f0
nip'a e
door, ayprooheft
YOUpb6'id boer
A ih
'he is a dear Joid $ d
been sent to a Sund S
read myself; buit hjsreadl that ial
book the.Bible, to e
treason to bls T l
heard f:riiri thia in 0,i
heard fromn him dfJ3eathis rs M
as a poor uinner,-puthiyt frust 6
hope hewll ee serv6 h6 0 'h Y
forgiven me.d 'angngto'de, ti i
not afraid; my deatmobildellas bears1t'
measof:ndiig'i m oiil. fho
thaku. 6 kmlhig n n
day $Nb'ftsa
{(Fromt N. Y. JournsAof Cot 6
AN INCIENT .dF 'rTA~.'Aot'
passengers in the stame :~n mioe
from this ity to liel'avesa4nltSau.,
day 'morningne e ill >oia s4n sh
minor by theii
six child isn;ohieflyf I/,tis oldeioti
exceeding ten or eleven iyara-of a~d"d
the youngest albabe. '1'ey arrived hiro
from Wales only shoust two'weeks eingpe,'
and wore on their/ way lo the ikltol ~
(Conn.) copperinee, whore theyg d 1
to meet the I"husbd addither'.;a
steamer was 'leavingethewiharf, thi mfK
er stood.at-the gagay~li
with anxiety andqgn i
hearted captan (Y. ptun
and undersirad her gi~ ,h 'wul ', aff
w'vaited till her d.ughjr hadnie o
board, or unt the nothr, i h other'
children could be putopahore. B ur It a
wais, the faamily -e seprated, 'nde 1
circumstances .offpeiuhart trial. ltf p."
pears thota few 'nutes.bsbrirhe stea'm
er started, the mn ioh'hiednitlieFoid
daughter, a girl between 12 and :13 year
of age, tobuysome bread. Before sh i
turned,the steamer wasoffforNew Raven
iWhat the poor .woman's ahough
when she returned to the wharf arid foap
the boat oiie, and herself , dln
in a strange city f alsimi
tants, we now not, but d trpar n
ine. 'The mother was, Ifd poisdl sii
more wretched When ri 'thf a
the steamer was actia g oftiaus thatt
there was no hope' o returning to the
wvharf, all the tenderlydalhes of a pa.
'rent's heart were' a'wakened .lfilii: ler,
and she, ran about the boat erfliiig, "Oh,
~my child! my poor child! .Oh-oh'.oh!'"
The steward of the. boat and sot me of the
poassenger tried to ocnsole her, by- telling
her that the little girl wouldino doblal.be
taken care of, and be. set up toer heit
New Haven by the evening boa T
afforded her a glea .of eebut hi
mears still predominated. What 9 ould
Matilda, ,do, penniless, in the, midst of
strangers, without a home,. or friend, p
koedeof' any tiin arouli 'Aler
Whom could she trust? Hovw lieble to
be decoyed away by villains, and reserved
for a doom worse than death? Hogajh1p
could not have desired a' more lively peri
sonification of grief, than-when that m;oth
or, after being in a measure quieted, sat
sobbing in her ohair, nursing-her infs
and hu ging it to her bostm, hlbfile
other children x espt h$otld.pe2A, J1
round her otlt a floorist on ~ftieiV~
tering a cry, lhut every, count np
pressive of the deepest sn o hi of a
Capt. Lefevre came and -aitd
them, and i after' some soothing rerc 4
returned them the whole of thoeir passage
money. 'Several dollars 'vere also given
them by passengers. " This was thd miore
needful, as by waiting fo' Matilda at N '
Haven until Saturday evening, they ire I
'Onder the necessity of spendlirwgdhe Saby
bath there, as there was' no subsequient
train -for Bristol until Monday. Bitt what
if Matilda should not come? Whait if they
should never soh her agatin! These 'ap4
prehensions, together witle the aii'l :
ready endured, even beibro she lzi' f
-New Haven. Immediat~siyori th'elr e
rival, a tolegraphio despatch was ?onwarr
ded to Messrs. Sexton & W~elib5 'agentedf
the line In New-York, reguestin~ thetn to
send by the afternoon boat tke li:ttlef ~'r1
that was left in the morning,. and, stits~
that her motlfir would wait fdtb er N8~ I
Haven. On receiving ihie imy eo
Messrs. Saxton &Wq9bb,. rhp hart 6 pe
vious knowledge of' the inisbap,' vrdtAo
ihn wharf and found the little girl sryktga
Trhis must' have ifeen at least fdig
after thestedmer's dep 'te/ fie oli l
hoer the message th Iibd Me ed frdrn
'New flaven, and that t hey. would' eg~
her safe to hir motitsr in a few h0uty
which they accordiingli'dtd, fee'ofj icost 1
At a
Ond Aim
)r r
J _ww" q "0-M
dk"'hihh l i s
. -a* -~r
aqueczin asd ollI~
Iiterly Aant"d
seaed te. re-ete '_ot
ut8ii if I
rotwne vemoe .1
.a.inso An -
80e6te ~ntob tpp~~ ~tv
ina tht biu dii~ hi b~~ t~~
happe ~~ t a th
Iidteqrqq a
earh~ thet
wighl undessed o~ dji~
Obiln 00 *A
-~ ~c~w.~ *'
-'44 'li

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