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The Sumter banner. [volume] (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, February 07, 1849, Image 1

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Voue l ~ ~ .BmeviSuhdiln~enay ~
.The Biifiter oBir:
To- bolthrs in advance, Two Dolinrs anil
Pifty-cen'a at th-a exp'rition of six monthe, or
Three Dollars at the end ol the yeat.
No iper discontinued until al-are-r-ges
are paid, unless at the option of the Propri8tor.I
'87Advertisements insprted at 75 cte. per
'-uluire, (14ines or less,) for the first and
half thAt sui for each subs'q'uent insertion.
117Tho nu-nior of insertionis to he ra-itked
At 'all A-lvertise-nent.s or th-,y will be publish
V tintil oru,1re- to be discontinued, and
'charge I accordingly.
ETOne Dollar per s 'tare for a single in
sertion. Qnarterly an.l Monthly Advertise
me'ts vill be ch-irgeel the s'uine as a single
insertion, and semi-monthly the same as new
All O'viticry Notices excee.lingix lines,i
and Coununicatiovis recomutnendi ng Cael
0lates for public offices or tr'it-or puffing
Exhibitions, will be charged as Advertise
.07 E ll letters by m-ill m'ist be paid to in
sure princtn1 attendance.
From 'i, Gre-411; rMint.1ine:.
On the mnarginel f this siilndn. in one
oif its nost heitiful and rtiiai't Ic v.410.
istsiies a neat ani hinible, y't tint unenrno.
ful cotttge, 1irmietrly the res.i hlence or i
i-tin, whoiase life. w'.as i qie red I some
'ofthie t ost thrilliwsr ini.lens, hair hiemith s
'apinn I p 1ie fii re-pos.- that areI inl.
cidn tilo- r benitin ntiir#..Ie.tn
frnn the rn i iotinins ofiS -a:luiI t) le uis.
ti.d Sints's, pr.-vio-j. ti t le It v(loin imiarksy
var -Vmo hor. Ilr. nr Iit in-I nitri
sing, he 4In1ess 1 i-I fmi n tiienit .Lr -e
inchgarateeristis 'which distiish hi41
0t111iitrymti.iI. 'lhe I*-s of ( aidiseriom.n:
nli i ows liwhich ever :If- hin k s ime
nits f Swo.wrei anwd I- -N-vi". were
vividly reu;sillbul boy Ohe #. viii dI auid ie-a.ii
fiful of t w AIllegai-s. Oi-- hwi
uhl oned hi-i. cntitrv, hlt h relt- aee
liis iabsits. nor h a I h.- c -s... tot oe h, is:
alitdive miirunntnin!4. 'Ib r.atv of the mis
ust ihey werat olisten b-i, t:k frotm thn
grav -.nimlmi tit f Glte-Gaires-. re' pitro Itlie(. l
feelini;'" thast -han-I their inicep-vin siwl fusll.
iilles mi v t of Ill' V rat 1,e11iS of
-ilal T i fr whicb h.... e-k,-l the
mitatnini's si-'-. I .re t i s iu pible
i ti onP'I ii i 11 strikin-'s i'.9es.n'-ll' e.- the
wvilil hentthm o - ; titi ,-l ro a r i in s
fthe Il uded Frith were ;eily r -piUn l: d
to hv tlit sweet ntrimi n.:s ofr the eLi ar.
und ieautiftial Chitumro t.
As I Inve s lift. hi.nstrea'e nowl Ili. hahf.
its remaineiidu min1,111-em1. I] had . c.
tirong siilit-le O t ths wil- r, i-eOes of
his native inasdl. A-lvi senenras. ', asN~
andu rh.anzic. teo pinnIey.- in tht. 'i.-e < 'i.
tuie off the fir. s'. to ciommun.- wtish in.
tore's G-Oi. it) tmnyv ti. x "I f'rc r. Pie
oif thie mi ulin braeez. nw I neenssi- nial Iv~
to be I ulled it'i aii t sw.ei t au-l.lreannyi -,tte
or abhmstraciion nmi r -pet -y ihv th g.-sihl.
ipplintrs< f ii. silver m iiitit enrrii'
ItIa&% withl himl .1 p in i f hablit, inl % hich
i.-ofieni iw:i'gedaI: 1and. am 1hw s fia -1
of'ais olit atten-tedet wi!t rt5*-a451 Il i
Skilled ins the use as he w.is f*.n I of
bi laved rifl' an e-r s,nriiwts tims, u1ersi-.
ding'. I's tile m sinii p1ra.is -.y; ill n 1- Ihe
still hunt (is 'i< calt ) h wa mwuenia.t
hpyd, frim ihea ienhhul oft Is ;appr o mh. the
accmriney of his sh at. an.il uthn rapuidity of~
formnly ,accor.t--~ I to him i snol hi<~ gi-t, andie
varied its wan-I r ima arme thie any% tasit
ithlof theiir niehi*ii--vment. LI von lii dh.
its i aio'hissaan:. sit rksn, n. ou C a iir. s
nnnle suirely surtapai'ss him.
Ons a lie'y nf'iirnoon in Ocitober, wh-Ieni
thie lave's were tiing.- i h i heIi' geleu
hutn tht e-arly f'reuls-e airs wnt ia, be.s:eew.
failing asothe< e wh i-lad into com-emsi'sptn
lion, a-ndl one( is inclined to In li, vie iat he y
Inre tenrs shnd for the apprhinglmt dIseniy
of natulsre, dlid ou r hs'e, withI a l ight hs'art.
einstic step iuwil his t rust v rifle, phl ingeds
into the deep foarest or th O',l-ne in gnent
oef gamu. .A Ithiurht cl r weres iibundanieit.
lie wnmnde-redl far. nort witht~stiadinz lhis 51n.
s-d viguiance, bi-lbre. he saw~~ amghit sonl I wieb
birconl prove his ri la. Ilist c ia :.th lhe
suw nomthing', hsis move m.t nt-s were I-I n-b. m 'L'
hv keenr andi line rrng eys N. rettatfu nw
fatieed, andte u inrdily' uig hi Inmuk.l
bxegsin toi eticriuin thoughts of re-tsurniig
homeiuwnrsl, wvhsen, fmmu a shark tlanrelI thsick.
et sprnnug fihrth ana old hsock, wvhou sen.reel-v
knowin shanrps reporsst of'th--a rifle w'ias honurI
andslii tthe artid victim imnbstlsed hiendtl;(ni
dowun the sit; -p. Roani, di at on frmuua,
stalts of'npatthy ainds dlse-iptnd tny inte ii.
tivc ainimattiain, P. -Cay s-ngse' v riae-dl fer.
unret o seccure his priz... Caers fuly but
qickloly l..'inig his rifle tnLaint t i rec'. andsi
il etlng htimse4lfof hiisshost poeh, It' site w
his hutntinig knlsiifeian prosc'elsed to e-xer.
Qtise his skill ini wo .-leraift.
WVe wilh. fihr a w~hih.. leve lhim e'nsrugena
in this ni1reenbilP enti'stion uuu, e'shsl .ietingV
the dlepth of fat netl thinukiing sf the' go e
cfiieerVwhtich was to he thet rew ,rd of' b,
ergionn'us teal, and turn oar atttenItin sit
wtmaothe'rs of theo dramastia pierssni
our Itale.
T elw ainn ,i' otliinia tninta' M ni~ i t n r l'ma '
lin countlry w.m tin it" iisrri-g gimcl.-i to Oihei
vily 8.vt;ae, if he. hal wanitni minys,', ino
Jim (wi Will unaci 11-141 r hmmtii to) thai
nore coinfoirtable nnel civiliz cel pons, ma-is
'h je pialle fac . imlol- m t 11 inl ill ri aR
c te chariuc urol'tlhe in lint , ig. sto-1l.
11miy avoiihxJsire rm let- toil, athk ms urct.
'fii to it li ieussMity. To thi1 Irait 4f ini.
limnt imrnieter my life mttrilbutei th so.
.1arit of time wiitzq, auli tih'eir frc'a'iiemii
'roan Iunger iluiring the witer. TI y
ilaireimiecil rn hostile visit from tie llt.
linie,%u hile ilh snw covereeil tihe' groumi
su I th Wi4m whistil cuttingly corlfi
brouigh time fhreistre. The r i manai pre.
-rr,.cf to hunimhr in the semoiike mail quiet
f iis ovi wigw im. whs-rs, hie I o ul
Iratmim ov, r the p-lusttr. s oft time cha',
i11 the Xecielent for liof war d.imA
illiw faiiy to ling, r with i'ligit on
4unit thit were past. or with hwr tins--l.
!1 pmeil, too gild tho prosp, Cte orf tih raa.
rn-, to encount t ring the s~e'vetrineos of
wvile r, anid the sutY-ritigag'u f, coil ciun:i
But nt tlho appr mmch of S;pring. his
vriimbetive spimrit nu1.el mmvg' nature, which
a ii (I empoIurarily chillA in:c tirpielivy.I
wi r.- tLratin rs'viv'e:i. emi giliel, oi bloy tihl
Ain ofm t aines, lie elir cte.i hois c u'
o tim S. t'l miit if' iw hites, to If. nst fiim
ie painl w'imhi lit po Itieeil. an I in shiake
i' eli'mamn th.irst iii thwis bineeri. Tis
istovac: ' wS re- egst lem it-m.9l dutinm m tIhe
mmmim-r umid nim-uin, mit I the armriv.. cf
wimter all inr r.--e the a fr.im fis or. -if' lim.
A pammy f S n 'cas imi -ie'scri. oi Me.
s na he' enti real ilie tr;ie'st. iel haul,
Li el a' ' ci, st.-ii luauv trail'el his mit
it'ps. tmi watch di his iSits. e lure,
As he%'r Suapmis #i, of thir victim. thm'y
wimre if- te nin1ma4l to minake him terisomi .
t'i,.vi riemiig 1thait Ilh-- 0hani s of sle.
-1 Z4 Vol I Its' incr'ls..limwl tihr' ei.e r
Wlth' cs-ii. m- .ii-ii.h A. v wn ing tilt.
ii Ms:Cav hai elisi hiar e- I i rifl '. oppor.
luiies fihr whichl 1hny i-elieveal wen. io-t
Ve rv slist.I~l
0.r s'uiiiy S':rstehm nm wa., feps.ly em-'
b-'--'isl i , tm bek, mi eng.g. I inl
ilit:ati cmeC, s..v'oury. inaikinmg gaf nmeetti.
bl's, imi.k 1is . i phuiikris weol rave'n.
bim--,'' m taly imipprh lsive fii linier,
whm'mn 1im(' 1411i ih miami unmgirv b-1rk (of Vei.
la, I 'tsh t'rrir. itrr'e st 1 Isis tlitn.
issi. 1mnil erhihiff-i'i sid. f'a'irfutl einmmv hid.
Nhr.. him. M--o w.s bav'aa'.'Jm:t .s sivis.
-r mi. N't)ri i'e jat'lvwml' 1i Iiii t'm 1imi'
With 11he fivnns f hne h sprang
i s ize h4is rifl'. It i< quick ly r. is im
It *r .1 ili.ii h i s w ectel i. ra'.!c4an.i
mwr; m-i thimn, w-iih a wvjit rin. res.mu.
aimi .sit r. r-,%y whichs nl tile oum.v ofii
yi('N~ Pr.e g-v$. ie ikEI'I i's I. s.---II 1
a eo ii t ui',y warriors rim'cleel imipl, in.
is!y III him. i ri a i fi -i lish y- 11; Ih
4s111 iiiitneventte. ns fire:I f Croari. fai
holinsi' i n'!' .t ice' hiopote a masel If' ha ve
r. iai I. I. i% inu. iim he'r sNta.:el -xlr ".
i-nA ifiieh- itii r st hmt of amii ti li I p st
i. it rmim siln. ()mt isther enn11m-. w.:ih
wunon nlit-fe-i, h111 Meu , itb Ohe
prini cf*a tig r. m i ha- lea Im 1tii .aioi
si - The ' lim liSti 1, buei ers ' r ma:r It. ra
1!111h6 rn.q-ov r III, w.-tipo I, ht.- was- hill
- !t pmi tes-l iy ia lheir, aici h ui i. If
I e <.oel 1o the e mtilt , ii I.e. wa.s , usi.
Sp tae'isy itr'ii mite c ' em ' , the ir
Siniii cimiuiis-, ill er e:mi i x m.i
m-'1t1 iti e mi i its itiiim t y pr.
par..i to ritrii lumlm u% ir:. SA, il. y amii
:eisy th y miel hiliir sl' p< t::w mr.l'<
the applrce: chmina I s'ir act; iiit it 1mw1 hicent
Iecmi.i d rat he e .i- si'rim if i bi f
m oi .b. ir brav, si mmel h. st ione ci. I.
Thie dlays wvas f'aor si t, ande the' stil
' as just is'isinig tli'' sulmimmit eofei o a-- liii'h
himine si p a k:. t . i th- y: sco mmiie'ic'dr tim- ir
tmmrehl. Theai vr'is'ien e.I dlinge fie fuir.
r Ni. tihe im nssulmieg it- br;il test mmndi hlem'
lii act hu.a s. wams mitae glori..as i-y his pm. .
Iinig ray-. ii is b-smicmimms htadc shed' live r
lih. boite,up.- Ia ii 1ace ofl bighat li,.ht.~ I bich
r. iceh meal th.- sc''mne iimimtily ba.'-nulil'ml.
leut tiheeff a w's. n oi M'i CtII v. At mnml tm
ir t im-- , mad unmi. i' ci i r. act circumanmm
c': N. lie ~iic ma,' onh chuv- is,'oel tihe ccm mint ii
andii imuxirialnees of' atmir'c; lbt nmwito he iim
tihey, w.' r' clihi mitmi iniide. 8.ciirely
hicuamil. min-i s ill bli'e li.mjg fromm his wo'ctui.
gurmm b til byl his ste rnm andls t ime,uAllenmt c'mup.
maims; thii y mcvi si eipilvy mamel Nih ttly ecn.
wordi'e.---.\lv ii semrs, imili' hadit bieln
imass. ii. andm timev, laud long. ice lien z'nibrcii.
disc lay ei.:rkoi .ss, eboinhemrinmu cmvcr sleil.
r 'lms e'imil. e it' ths y iaeopolmI-e tii hamlt.
Thie it. INs tlm y w~t. re' r- li. v. ci iwmm ' arms
of puctrsucit. ini ma htlii mk, smurrasmombi i hsv
iihl p mmk". nt hh-hei s cred iheim fronte, .
serv'atiiim. andtc piromc ateed tihim from time
cthiilingt blists cif u ini I, thely tmmai- tile ir
lnmmp. F~mg ri vy i devouint time eirae
w~viithoumt (' exr'iEF thitemi nri sits dif hics.
pmiaiii ft.mords Mce'(~ssy, times, ar euri'ed his
hi mmd s tea tha p i'-rnis if' m ws mif alme pa mrty.
mal icolmpoed~' thme mt' lve sc toe re NI. O f' . i.
durInii thii nmigmt, mis .\fuC. as, p .rctiv.--i bys
im-- fl~ek rings mfath i r eitm. hat his se amage
toria wria' re ai,ac p ii d im e ima eiiceim
lthougtst car. sm p'' ; bumt hcil sli ie ret mme
tin ducissi!v'. ii ihcim rlumeii's. inil i'outs d
i m m s i b i i' i o fm e m e m r ei ' N t'ti m e' h p u r p e -e
umnss sibr wdcly gwin N.''-d r'ep--''teed mll' mf'pt.r
woubill l ica ilio theim'-w-'ei.ii' sNei'fiUe oft
his life. A~ i' i t . arli' at cbawns, fin v re
'Imed(' mh. ir'Sl mal, cirs e'ting thmeir loute
ae befor)iec, nnim bym, is' w me ar'vced r.t lie
unccuuif'ul Knosws'e. w~,huosu lau~in g w~,aers.
'I. ie- is i., cir b 11" glihls xwt ly e'er
wbur sive rv snci.e.l.
Little fliffiulty I .vsitel inl crOas4ing- thi.
icov-yIv ctream. c'ecd it fhw lionsirs ncorl.
boraeuilt tIh oIII I i) lw Ii'll town. it L.'l.-C.
tioin oil* ruh- htes, built certaintlv withou
etcc:h acttntlion to 'eiariert fr aircilitecuicrae
lntv. 'T.-er ri-turn w-s w . lIcnms .d Is%
t shott which wis re-ehiied hay the fhr
et5, nilil it. jlly "' le'i viliages s s'ee'
iinaansuirabyIsv great. whe. they peruceivv !
the prisoner. Now thev wev~r s -cure for
it viet in ir ih n-irro '' est ival. an even,
of whilch previoisly thie y had .-gaiun tr
despondl; blit ln-ir scr.-uin-; ofrcl.-ight were
qieikly changed intoc to hilenti Ieow'.,
when inofonne.t of tihe prict. at which he
haed le it pr:naire d. A...idi at v-ilvy of
Ow:( bilid re %t tatints eal unrst vinrlieltiv.
riling . teis thrus', lalf th-ic d. iice
it log hut. cneel the uwiair s--euredi by Ibirmngs.
Aseoneig the Crowd which wel1comied Ihn
the re turn of tie. braves, there wasi nnt
whnwe arun tennccne was net expr siive of
jtyi tit I hIe p i 're , of Mc( py. This wse
ic in l f're d neid handseite youiig woo.
cnacn fl'e-ighten, "s chifintin's ritughw-r
K- en-d thPel emic."- The suepriority of
her dre-s, tle jrolsinii oaf'eeannent, us
welI ius It r g- nea'raiei 'intiunior aned tile- tin.
cmsage paii ( Ier, ieidiienlei such biltI.
*Fren11 S. elnid uciti'-, Icunknownv',. stnd idiceedt
Inpje. reelvd i y thi Ot hiI, <he s.:m.-'d te
soerrow a'Vct thIe ciruiiitnic.'
S title years preeviiis to the iat date nr our
stcerv, in i skirmsiih with tie' i-lines,
Ml. GOV head41 cilt'cf--ded inl ci avilng lile lif.
elln IllnWiiam irl, midle can rried her to
his b Tne... 'Thre, iby his unifrort kinedf
ai.'I o. ntl- trnitn: it, lie sccured tho ai'
( es of iis yeuhi'a ceaptiv.', Vimo wis
ul:ilait. ly i:8icisiseI, thait shie iight re'.
taBrat to ie r - ,%nt t ribi., with tine Ihpe that
through hlter ite: lii :ttcre p.eiliu n tit.
lioIns ne'ih t h-'est b16ish.Ilu- w OnWh.
wtail. ae61 ni. lts than11 Ohen exist, 1t. It
Win<' W1a1 d-kaIn thaict s-w atndci soal rol'wCei
i1l .hel- air. iviel ccitt r firn cr pret ether umal
li 11'r-; und klio ingir he i eirrid tortein :s
t'a which the tc-'rrow's om wouht subij. ci
hih, :1ab1 pri.iyd the t it l.an-err caight t,
aevrrtiol. A muacag ianikimi genc-r:lly, btac
*ntec '. r taii'ly wi ti- g. Ia rousA 111111 Iladh
gi li':d, tic. re. c xis's ca a crei,, s'lent. subl.
tI.. beut iniscrinla lhl- ya'e'acthy. iko aQic
tee thIel: w-1rblil. nc* i-'te, s.IVae to tihcosm wi'
pc rt icipate ins its t ej.ven Mls. ar ccre seth.
eel awic i e w i its y inltlincen-a i:hor-I
1ict reiach s lice In it. ad iswers tic iln
t li~ggs car coe-mv iiity-n voive, swe, I
is th- w-enioag ' Mirien, tht re 4podtii inl
I'on oIjoy anud giilhoxs far sorrow- a
it, brili..iit cs ilice tity in l'-ther,
o 1l. eti fl insek, p'air' , aid a'rigL.it. :iil ii'.
irmis ias lilt- g'crg met-% rac m o' i'h .tmt, oir
c.n'n i in..- hre' U terc ii ry, %'.'wir t-hi s ss
cm wc-. ir-- vivi.ilv de'pici. i--a so.
tiiig thc1l Swelenc< eiec lh. c the' w'av
oil' Ie- w in C% pilgrinm in the pa:i of lif.-. cr
lianiit i Im hi' t th cree as with at
wicip ot's'orpi .S. wiih the ir.idi of'C.ii
lijece Ih-- li'ai ceci c anikie r act :Ii- Ice art.
W.a I--kan saw th.- isoo isiericeit of
h. r i mc.ci r teerv'iei' an.I l' is cd. and %%nas
i41 xis t) ci-li. %0. hie, tbut lcm1. raiin 14-4
to tihe St si thiccee e il; e'ingL! t, r pir.
p..- .--Shi (I t. rmine ii to make it elihe t.
ub gha garhi hd t,-e, it pinc, it nricl
Ihw pris'm houLies eof M-. Clv. elid the'v whl.
vilig.- s. . to alive inl Is% ir-parnii
foir lice- n lyrecing ec r. cecmi, s. M Cm
hicms: :l'hc.ei i11ol h1 e it ccii uinobs I-vi':It Sp '
fctae-.-l''rnin hii licoti- r r sid- -o- mnd
;I. in II iinti'e . ; eithc 1ice ld1 .1-4S. le
h1.14 Ia C."110.- wll 11 anictceiledt '1 with tIe it
c~ ag. s andclt clmr.'e'cr. Ile lid ilt 'ail I-.
witness. wbr ii tib il uie in ile. ir idticis',
pr. e.ar.tie s hfor it 1: ."tival. 11i-.t 1iin.e114r
lhecc .ll. IS tiat ..s 16 S esigned t1I
ccc c hi' and sccih Sadie ceehappya vichilie.
celd h.-i tih'oighti theat esticcv hi Ce!l'-red
hien us the...ubije et.
lReose in exert o,, inteni of being par.
c bczc t tny thIr irn-inenut dangter ce hcic situ:ction
hic w is n:re~~dy biuculy ecng'gJr in edb'cri lto
uictir:na~e th c e/ib.nc, w.ah c lahs a~ttte t- a'w's
arre'stedt by' the3 -ippranchi) o 0) soBtepis, an.he .i
$ i.lide'c ta-ing I) solin~taci nii lan thear; ac
Iih3 wnnei' tiene ai veocie w a hrar I; expare'scng
inc en uc icer tna cit cone of tc? 'cewe Ia tic"
'co.s: "a .sct---' kn~ie--- -ui the ' ce enaing.a of .hit:
door-'-sa pedt) to-niighit.-to-:norrrow'e it 'ae1 dlib
to.e t:ite.' \V. thcat bait y niae ico disc'oves
wholc hi s uniknaivnc frctin. was, hie idlce cot sa
tic cv e: hc nwei~f ofl the ucnoi.ne, I tica uanexpect
e itly ofi'redi. o:* nico h a escape.
The a niaght. was wacnog it ' moirncng, and
ci all was cciii aned iilecnt acc thea grav'ee-ncot ni
coum-l ti e h iarct or ac hgt, to a e seen-SO.
toarea : bi ae h'. it p~r.icde'a to cmake the edhrt.
'ITha e'wtth cte uttni-sct enuioni, he~ po eat
o to acreer he wee.th and.eic ihcngic whieba ae
cuare-I ;ha dtocr. Th't a itsay e lws no ud.tli.'cit
'ct.c n ioent, but lice noice am th ie cre'kakm
cof tic' .toor, a ndi thev so m.ie o. th a ciew'i ntooat-fah
ccn~.Ich iis y inrm'l lahose pclac'ed ats gut'rtcc.
Ni, clern c v it lresenc;et itsel ; cfibeare as~
dt'cnger .ni the' attemphlat hcroe'as certac die'thi
in dle:ccy. lic i'curse cnei iesoledea on lie clii
ntot benscta. Gient:v openliy the esr, hca
stdae errdh into ti dark, iad wnh'il schi
hcas e a wii vs pcra lent, pro'vidtedi tormike lace
exet, fromc clue ve'ila. Acs usienctly ats paos.sibie
theade.ncg his wn'':y therucghc the theic'ket onc ithe
ieutsk rs daof he'cldnge, Ite umccteret ".hank
to bt'iva'n liar iene, ra tecemedi icuhopedh," Ifria
seemu ak nylyhurst mc evituable des rncletin.
A t'.on,.hi .nt wreed~.'a by fc a ga of lice
ch ccce. heionght cii i d-mgercL's wha'i. hi
ccl l u:ro-.medu liem, anid lihe best eansa i
carueting hta cceci.'pe.
Whi ce atibsorbted in thcese reflction~e, he 'e'e'a
staertie-t hay a noaso nte a. siainte.ctg re-lecd y p
pro'clch.ncg; conajec'iureing t1t he gunards waer?
cm h.s wee'ake, aind eemaig fi~ght uner ea Ia
'icictacies~ unvaeilintg, imaniced hi.mcse.
'aw'i h ciautlescs energry wich'l ony the taan
ctoncieht el. hoe-iaante enacieuscness aof ee
sorrow enn canpart. Weuh ht.c knnce, hc.econli
weaujin readcy I repared, hee wiasteud to atae'.
ni nd wna 1n:1 it surpar;se h gra tile.t instidic 0
be.ncj assailo.l by an oet.nv. ate that inaamat8
6 is tai h ul terrier, Fido. The dor hid nor.
.aaeredl the lhut,:h h:m annstor, but hai kept
.vitch oaL'.iea; And be. osning aware of hi.
*wosanue, ;ollowetl and thas created the pres.
ant alir n. Itecoverod arom h.w surprise Mc.
Coy w th r-pid strdeA,. liurisueJ. h. lanrme.
wsar-l coasrse, prude:itj, husbanfading. his.
strengtha whlcls he found Cading believingthit
hI uasaght need.its uunot powors. Plunging
!io th3 ihsh nIg tide otle Keowee, Fido tol.
u.vIaIS wo 'ah "-ha;nperng cry, "ie reacle.I
h. oppos- t u-ink. Ennerv;it.e by the loas
o)f blux.I in I Want oistatentnce as all is by
he exciting crcumstanaces of the last two day
n, joiarneyod on. knowasg tsit his escape
snu,t soon be d.sovera:l, and thit immeliate
parsuit wouIld a.n nonce.
Nor was Isi :n.sike-i; h's cloths nvar yet.
iraptimgr, and i.e limbs chaIled with -frost
wila.h tit. at ia just risen, h'id not power to dis.
soiue, when he discovered from a istantyell
Us it h. wit. piursse I -' L'as said theit fear lends
wimgs to 1i sh:; sure it is, that Mie Coy's pace
was accuiur ice I ny h i praximity of hi 02s.
They 3 i desr.e I h;an .rom a neigh.soring
h 11 anid .l a yell rushed rapidly in pursuit.
Nor did lie tail to exert hit utmaost speed,
awqre t-isit the "ioriest w-is dnth, the prize
li e." M.-Goy was a rapid runner but those
who foliwe %%ere uoth flare and fleet; he la.
bore 1. too, uuder-the disadvantages oa waik
ness foam hid WOunil, and sutffiess of ths
lhmbs irom exposure. Urging h.inself despe.
r:ite!y bo.-warl, le hid traversed many miles
o'er cl.fl'ad diste, beore, fa.it and worn, he
biegan to depar. The I.ndians w're rapdly
gnaiamg on h m,-o continue the race was
trmn h.s exih uation unposible-to fight un.
rme , save h.s kna', would hive been iolly,
ngasns s i .enrinia is ids. Avaihing himself,
w.di true ironi.er v lgav.-ty, et the inost ready
ile ms u es al.e, lie, craw.edi into the hullow
oi n itlen themnut tree, drawing with Fido,
L.til as -r is possib!e obs.teratog all anrksof
his re.re't. awa.ted doubtingly un; anx.ously
th ! result.
lie had scir.ely efTf-ted h's conce-ilment
whe.; the Iad'iias, nt ".iot I tst-:, 'passed sapid.
iy kay. F'or several males past they had been
im :tsniout iconstanst v ow o. Met~oy, and land
there art' p-.d bit.eatoni to the trasl; and
bel.evang ;If t le was stail in ai1vance, they
ra.- I j.i .,s etier pursu.t. As eilh suc
cess ve w-irr.or uasten Fo uttered a law deep
grow.. '-he agaiy ,:-ay w:as indescribable,
semr.ng .l t lie wouid bark aloul. when dscov.
ery was .ov taic, am o.i.h by tarture cer-o
t.),n. ii- sacce.ide 1, however, in soothing
i.s wnap..-h compan.on into dalete, until the
tanger tron tht source! had vanished, whiosi
a.tesr .hse ins o some toie, cautiously peer
int iro.ia h a ,r.son-.iise', anl see.ng the
coist ciear. Isa agasn st.,r.e.l komnwara.
A.:.er usainy houirs .t ,v:, 0; intense snfler.
ing .rom I a jucerteil-ee , uidressed wound
h-.anger and excitemven , hI ar.ved at hn 3,m
a state of cumpleie exhatustion, where he was
joyars y gree.e.i by I s fai.ly, who vere fear.
til It - i :d ben s.taun. Loig did ie ive alter
tis aeve.t to reir a nuin.oui fa.ily, an.] har
row tha30 , ama areoza die young b aid o his
hearers toy i .r.-aing Lgo peralotis inciadeat of
bh2 iW. ti..lu.v ira an I I. anJl.lscreet an-I al
iimtat :atal cis..rnge 05F.10
A neaw nail ralsi r itve ispravemrnt
ill cisiis uetiig r.ods is apistly ill:velop.
mg lin ni smic at of the agrivultural dis
t rus aif N. York biigiag inato pin21y tie
est' rprise 4of astir .,iamers, in giviig
tlhl Ill hlvivastilgi. for iaval little si:-or of
railso.ra.; n11111 in it mannaaaer iarticilarly
ndil.sptlsof io the ir afcmmodatisi, Lad it a
cL'opanisimvelysIiall ru l o eataxplenass..
Pitiek asoas c.ai he tnle, as a general
rus , lihr hon thi ylear's interst ' it
w, ll.m..al ruilbol. Aulst one hinilred (
Uam.ip iias 4 imve ilrsilly Fermiid, or a re
t sat Ib. ig fsraa-s. to cossirnet these
is'.l i s au p iris i, th file Sunie o New
Yorak. The tis.: i.4 conasinlg whom e nlsst
oil aml.ls oI' the Sintae 1ta11l Uinioni, where
theare ia ay cn,i-t r..hs I ninunif tniavel,
.al timbi a .-I assailaol, will lie pltisked.
''is tar i vry planmak isl mai ins this
-Sian. hss h'uliy (j' q lal, iitnai a xce'ak-d,
ala- a xp--et aaioni oft alh. isr praoj. eiors. Thei
heit that a y si ofl haeoi-s valm with eaic,
snaal wtilh inacrl sis.-d speeds, c~arry dosule
the. weaighti oni. aplank riila t the-v' usa'
aaa the b at u''snana raamis, i haout anys~
uothe r ci. asider, ast io, seat koa their vniltua.
Whe' lahs nsa la s'aal re haus, ns the y usaual ly
aara* .tsing sail fall lihur Einwsas thei we'ight
us.n ha' taka an 'as plank rosan t asch seat.
:4'anast ihnai csansI i akena ont enmainia ronds.
T'h' tihna r enni gos eat mark-t sat aall timues
when lie cannoia t welk his .a rman aicecout
of wsaths r, tar lemam as1hi r rainds s a im.
p~~~ asbh, heo csan iris! oaf wail Isis pasir of
homr'.es sal a was 'nas' wr igh~t, zandi retaurn
( livinag someaaa5 or JM sailes adis4innt fromt
maarket ) alas siame ay~; whaile with haad
qusire seve'ral dlay.. lbsides: grenat weonr and
tesar sat haarsets udl wagoirns and- haaresn
ins fsct, lesavinag isaial ly liittle retarn'ualiar
ii. daaainsg aeptpenses. 'Thais is nn' 'imailfiul
enai'sacaata; it las buai'a fadlyv proved.I
Tlhai. impi av ass sat ill braing up dte alu
as'f~ hrmas ni i.hiaa racha' ofl ark' ts. wichij
have inst as gratly I. prss . Iby the laow
pr'~icio sumi a uth Wi 'i 5. hea convencai.
enac' oft g. ttiaag thae prohl.cs' of thae Iharan to
mastka ha will en5slal thaaem fa rar of the' lhast
biii!, r toas unpistae wvit h the ihrmaar of Ihe
Wets':t. A'thouaghs the coss of hmad' ii sea
aimco54: h-a aa t h s W.t, ihe ex penas: of dhia
-tami iranaesporaiona wiilh seirveu to) confsi'rma
th-- valuea asf f rms a. ital th r''tata m .rkets.
Our wawt v.saaiai, umtil ths'y kanee msnoe
ania, y,alhnidi go! toa iorsk conastresctiang,
phosk rasmal,; tlia y will fsr at lisua limsea sat.
de~ir ihna purps cif ramil rondas, exce~ept on
t't granaat ani I ui-t rail thorarontghfaeres.
Ms -chig;an shoubal hei idea awuako ass theo
A ph~ank sal is' to tae immedr'siately Isnit
itwoa 'an theo city a' oflschenecimaIV ssnd the
vilh..ge oft 8' rat, a Spsring.spcR ng
atharoutgh ihna thrniing vitlhago of II isiton
Syns. II also mnsitariels cstan ho prouredh
in sensan-theo calcuulattion Ilto have ihn
roadi built id
1akre tri l of th
travllefn from nd
can 'arry .1home accu in
road will 'pirse through geoiny the'
rnost part very beautiful. Il t is:-centen.
plated-to have xpaqiouomnibhtises, ii'ud
iconnexioi 'with ili&iAlbanysyid-SNo'n.
ectady railroad nidlite~ ijte EaiWil
rond; so that pa sendad daii $d rth
road in two houhas, and to4n
batnv in three hoursa, or l A
nents wil prolf Yj ma4 ;Lit It;pas
senaerR through from New Yokc. c.r..m
Saratoga via Albany,'to NeW .kd
th'nt no care need- botaki ibot t((gagd
uiiil it is deposoied at the hotelsi at the
Sprinizs, or on arrival at New York -
Those who travel with" ladies Vill nd
great relief in having the care oijo ggge'
token from them by such on, arrangement;
in the dryost season tiere ia' itle o'
dust to incommode the traVielier on plank
The press cannot be too dillieifr'c1al.
ling publio attentios to these ro.d. "A
the Soutti, where tisiaber s aheutjlh'
commraron i-xerablo, they vill be ofg at
value; indod, in,etery pan o~onr Unien;
thelv can be constructed-t groat a'dvan.
tage-agiving omploirentto thediaboring'
cnies, imcreaned valuo torealst'atefahd
a guso investmeht td stockhaid4." M tii
in improvement. benecfil fd Ii'1a'us;
Some fear has been expied tf.ah.ue.
timber ofthe country woudhb eihausted
by tihe rage for plank roads; ht iehwill
not he the case. Ths ioads wilybe
conistricted so as to lend to those distristd
where the timber Is now ready, but of lit.
tin or no value to, ly one, or the.luaion
which it grown, on account of the ei eiso
of g-tting it to market.
Theso.punk roadsare *lottoppeni
wsonre's or wealth to the northern part; of
this State of nore valup to le public iteh
the gold mines of Califarnia. ast isfoubd
that very little grading is required 'ts'
foot rise in fromn twelve to sixteet6 dnt)* & .
ly ho overcomc, with a pair 6f -
with two tons. If made perfe6t1 1r;
advarntage woshi be tuken, uan Iga
.anded with four or five tons ivu MpW
without any additional toll-car
weight too heavy for such a Wad Is.
lation will bn requiredlo eUlatete
weight of loads, so as to prevent itnsoli:
When these roads were fyrst to' -
it was supposed they ,would risty'ou
accoursit'of The .perishable. ait otJ e
manterial used; but it is now disxoerred
thvat theso runds wear out beforeth'eyde
cay,-aiad taif tl'ie+ iill af prfdf ,,e""bt.
to the stockholder (the ninxifmum i til.
lowed- by law in the State.f New T6i y
sund- froim 10 to 20 per cent. nirIlfTs' 0
keep the road in repair, and aIlif it
It will take above 3,000 loads of plank
of tire incies in thickness, and eight fet
long, to lay the Saratoga -S-hencotady
road. In sabout o~ory soven yeasthe'
Worn plank will have to be replacedj the'
old ones will be valuable to the farler ~ea
the Iiine for many purposeA; Theso road*
will also give a good foot*alk Ofall .sei
ons of the year free orconunht, ae tho
Iron ble ofinuch horse harnessingi n neigh..
horhoodi visiing anid church-going, end
schools, the pride of our Aat .
- -These ronds are also to be a -so ie of
adelitional income tothe great oentratline
of railonl and canalsaalre-adyc6isf (diUOd:
Plank roads diverging from eadh side of
them, extending through fertile valleys'up
to our mountain regions, will bringalf
the resources Of our State into active play
'-mplovsying every idle hand, and evry
idle dlolla;-. T1erns of thousands of dollars
ntow looked up ina our agricultural district.'
-otm hundsrl' here, five hundr.ed there
doing nshing for the wvant of a favourable
inavastmenutt. Plank roads will call forth'.
such snesnu, sand net it at work for the'
putbJe good,. and at thse same tirne give at
fuir return in inaterest.
T'he following are .setted rules af Law'
12 8ubscriber~s who do spot giVe d'xpressno.
tice to the contraa'y,tare'considered as'desifsnj
to contmnu.
2. If subscribe'rs d'rder ti diascontinua nce'
of thoi' papers, the publisher may cotiih .to'
send thema till all the caalt chsge a4 d.
3. If subscr'ibers refuse oif n"-~'c tti~k
thaeir pape'rstfromn the oflices to wich'thby are.
ditrected, they are held responsible till they
h'sve settled their bill- and ordered their pa.
per discontin'ned'.
4' 1: subscriberi remove to etherpae
withoaut informing the publisaher, and ihops
per is sent to- the former direction,' tha
heldl responsible. ~
5. Th'le Courts havecdecidled th:li is
to take a paper or periodical from the ofiq,@
removmng, it' not called for,- is "pjrimahfe
evidence of intentional fraud.
WRITB Pr.AI.' . .,
A newspap~er establishment at' Spri eoldt
Mass. sued a meorcantile firm on a bill af a.'
vertising. Thne firm refused pyet be.
e'nune the advertisement wvas ii. waermo ~b~
I shed:-"-To th'a the plaintaieb respudIb'
prosving th:tt the errors wore ca'used. by t,
imferior writig of' the manuscrji'pt/ wI~~i
c->uldh tno. be i~'.--Yeidict idas'given fekth~
plaintifla.-- 'JlW.
lion. W. C. P'resIaan ias a y~osi.
cing hut continues grest esi~bef'x h
acute attack of' theAIs~its s'a ith '~,
h'ss been so severely afsted. igq heat -n
rtrengt.h are two important beth to h
loge and to his fridas (4 be' seolid
aenseaof duty, anid we thereforebo*snta
Will not roeaine his Jaborotsakopbj
streitt W completely resfaM&na

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