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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, March 28, 1849, Image 2

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It ,iv 4"rk
casp uh& bhd o th il
96 t ale upon teoul all
aanowasupeaesoxmeet wit
inAonbio wicle
tjn wasp oe woul eetwit
10 Ttgolle iea exwi t.
~fle~iti y'will and desiie, tha
~4 .sryants tlds June and Ay
estif diold George the Car
pgatqr~beggiventin trust to my nephew,
~rmndsmy executor or execu
*6who0 hall qualify under this my
i ; he expense ofmy estate,
buim two houses, one for. June and Ab
by, the other for. George, equal to the
- ~sp fhoy may ocupy at m decease.
*pthere they are to be erected
ignae yh trmy nephew, E.
t -,4 .my executpro shal annu
Or ,or.lhrqe years pay into the hands
safd ephew,.E. R-,one hun
*difty dolars for the use arid
i the said three slaves."
i true copy, and the ill was
bated out no doubt, to the very letter.
thatacontrast to the picture, or rath
Mr,9 reality published in the Tale
g0p1a few ays ago, of the voluntary
tarnfrom Ohio of the free man of
- ~ , ;wio preferred servitude rather
enjoy theoliberty of living among
the td friends of the black man at
thed h il a
*~&ett of kingdness such as I have do
tag , are no doubt often done amongst
s B uth Carolina; but are lnever
ogh 0 igh.,;from the fact that we
tWeA people not over fond of. boasting
A CobouWN'rieu oN FREE Somn
rentakable incident has -just hap.
Sp*ed liere,w hoh speaks volumes in
favorof our existing institutions, and
'peuvesithe real character of the preten
ed friends of the colored race at the
4A frde* colored mari who had long
*rowpliere, and owndd property enough
qlee i vbery comfortable, with the
4:" , beel iP jasvlmsi
f oe asiy prg*ured-Jesse Oxen
Syasmq-h.was seized with the idea
.Q fsmovingto the free States, less than
ayear agoz. He' accordingly sold all
hs' propertyi took the proceeds, amoun
*lng to': severald thousand dollars, and
rognoved with his family to Ohio, whore
o pllbaeda small place and intbn
-f(e found it impossible, however, to
t any work, his applications being
.#hlvays answered by the statement that
Abhey' prefered white labor there, and
-that .l4bria was the place for him.
Wearied" and disgusted, he wrote
book tit last that he wished to return,
hoiitwa~grned by the gentleman who
li*ated as his guardian that ho could
n glegly doi so, and that if he did, he
wgul. be sold as a slave--the policy of
the State prohibiting such return. Ho
2wrote word. back that he would prefer
beung a slave on an~y Southern plant a
il4ow to bein a free man at the Nobrth;
.*id daturall dhd return a few days since.
JWe' Lgltnmediately apprehended and
'lJeipto custody, but expressed him
po-feiy satified to get back on
* not. Northern philanthropy a most
movingithing, first it pluch. the color
~ed brotheors and then ships him off to
Liberia.".-Olumbia Telegraph.
His.Norpheridfrnends have stripped
hiibanr of all he carried off, as ho has
e'tgrned perfectly destitute.
6 upbas the following:--"Two
akties nero brought, about a week since
.natvesselifrom Virginia to this city.
'henvassel lay near the foot of Canal
teebfokgee.al days, and when it be
p. -'nog hatplaies were on board,
dA 1idinbM'f' abolitionists profi'ered
toaaid thonm in gaining their liberty
The lavos were. rateful for the inter
biltriefused to accept
~ 21i; e~~h l~h vessel left for
ro urued in her to their
4 ~ , ~ iA~heyd 3o ved.".
'~ ~ ~JL..~-It is said that
e-n,~~ ~b fIteine will not be
~" 5vernd bya Prsidnt, as in France
Peiehi chn s te'
tifprie h %k t0
lve an the oitia
Russ rCont.-coha b6en or
deretiry andthe C .UbG~ur er or
Aulicy Philns '
oftheenoelounsel bshaaprntdt
to te incrteargum te It-ofror nn 1nst
i ret a tw h s ith on- 4,ppra
cieporteave~of th.Crtyrne efor
nbe ad ueasa ao pxint abstra7o
eYI7 - I .
the R caeefis Cfi-le l togethen i.e
pointsb itneh e made 8. 8pang Cuut
athotie ionsend tbqtil ~ enitrd, p.
spective oints; a the6 ooso
case can beo refred tout the -argu
miaevT e ofthe prte it to
fuiesch WW'a sttmntqano-b
he argumnt theis. Colne i rerd
pared unhe ar gumnte abste p
bythom thse fstatiedoenthe w ie. tine
December, 1849.
ontne to A.TE e,ipu t.
see, Ct.eat arranged n' yter y-.
pfctrom ins;, saile one, eokth
insre chae ro eri lagthe auM
be. f.one of ther aonrtg womts eor
men sucer ataeent, privaesnothe
atean They ar e ment o ther
thcate e frsttement fitledof ne.
ruheyt trereet oha the fins dare
Dene in1849.ter force taney have
see, tie attes arriv o ed, bute
from of nol ai sained on . the-. -
bertof passer hamowhoe'mied ande
such poites an d pavo te
Amicane.lnersltl srigi
cae can rtefor thv cirI t aome rn
tersio, harvice hisosexpf irte Woe
han learnefrof the ites o ine s.-o
ThO reese the 18h winst, Sarue
ote ws t gredar fore th mthey hav
wenlso the starit, ommnced, b te
hoof lno i sudcen heainbt tad -
sion. TheAprosecution ip codGed6
bye, a. pap.e hamwe Siceioe, and
snc prvthe lefecer, a wes are -
fern asnot eai o exness ing
Amican.lnersltl srigi
Ycte. Court fohise Drceh;the
sermossion having soexfpitte more.
or leare f ao the siass ofh Donet
Or, Tueresan thn 1th int., Sael
Bowtleratre for thn murde ofa
nsie the proer o Mrew ceu
herls of thsmaistr and cv, ted
mNoet a preyeone m evey seni
scmmunivte tregars sle avey sea
fuso o ptricha istiuionwhich0
heof the udfeni iseat aly an
smon."l bonTthfre proseutonr conuor-d
don amrongh sv, es bat atn tee
aney time ogoeenb thesith paiede
roand baasc;to retanth ria
e aing frispnatue in m coresing
thr pasr a the marns ofthe hiso
ortudFoge good inpfsn themntnc
upo thrsonerHisHnr thew presiding
he relaios f pumatron.deeus
Adeetaread espnenevr -ni
bed it i os elaed minanthe
tcmmn iy.a Huttoneard ia resca
sort lofkn patrchlomaitinle uponh
hme te aste aiu pto speakiia wth
shme.time tol gover th ant atiofe
kindl foerand rstrain otherrita
bley feently pasn his ntrinceenings
them;l anhaffodye and noingfMrd
tm torease an faherl thote
might For abhe oo t'l e ofhecomuity
he trus, his Homor the presidin
Jhughe, cull avibor us with-oto
ou ighis resfrputliation.s cojer.l
Tdihe ied of a cemlebrate,.d mhe
be loIn couentvrykoan calledfapo.
Ahway oneda, anoust hsea witha
hi.The olda himese wihear ofanks
kidlyroppeartes and ougt other com
from hmeth whichrwade her waied ex
Huttonton bwihan upe oughtn ow
whcsehouldmaaed toimr her husnd.
4. 3k
PPrmooo are
evee i rpre~t, rndhuPthIsamefcondition
acet, for that distainc there does not ap
pei. have beenirninent danger *at
in 70'f iever fliL'bv2is Whain
bdti~W~aald fdroattis tobib/dk
the omce?6itIo' irrd, and 11till tiio~i
er 'iefdrol it .rea6hew;thie Uebnkment;
AMove,.Ca'rrolletn, osfar as* Mr. Hooy?.
Pigm|qtC Werthe gr~eatestidaps
er spppo.:ndpd, iipowlem1d&se
lpve ~nb f '1e .w the
haieI noI z nmter'ilIchange smnce stge
rlveFnreed 2its: inakium ' hiii.
#fi vittlf6:vind)6eqIdy* allma
fu6i6b, n&iditho heit rf~iig 6itfro'
*me Vlevl'OWW dnesav 6,iii censiegd
enceotf thblulling of the soi'ihrl wIndr4
wbiahhadpretailebd, it fell a few .ncho'.
a*4lr.esligrpeejse apringmngjud, from the
RangePdiVfton yrda agagg(usu.
eiis'ieigt:- . few an gporflo t :fa
enioutchrcter ut. wher) thiriYrbo.
gima it'fall: lami-sli.u mmyogetcr. it is
I be ed, howevar. the belier that the
b dangr exists bcte6v Carmllton nd
H :say, b'- vMitled, aid t fich i
idiwhih i dW~Nn erin'ed, vrent uCh fi
V LATER'FROM) AEIccd.-We havv re
oeived our' files 'of the Monitor Republica.
no, from tho:city of Mexico,. to the 27th
pltimo, .being three day.* later than pre
vious, advices.
ted4 coi6into p.o pslion, m a secrgt seis
$rin afOngrss, to th one mentioned by
us previously,.Whibh'bqumred Santa Anna
t6 Miake knowb . h' time and. plnc6 of his
rtt-entering Itho lRepublic. The doci
M:entwas 'retIined to its author for revi
a8i6ibeing considered: di couched -in un
parliamentary. Isngunge..
..A journal,in -Zacecas ,saye. that the
adhrvnts of Sunta.Anna declare, that on
the 18th of iexiJune; he 'iil occupy the
Presicentii'ciiair'for the:60t time. , His
friends are belkved t be the clergv, the
cultiviitors of 66tton', 'the agriculturisis
and mechanics, vit: a portion of the Na
tional Guard, and all the disbontented
office seekers. It is said that Santa Anna,
among other. reforms, is in' favor bt nbol.
ishi*ig prohibitory duties in favor of do.
mestie cotton, and the toleration of all reli.
gions in tWe several parts of the Republio.
rThe journal in question--.tie 'ucutecano
-expresses the charitable hope that all
trnitors and pniscreants vh1o seek Santa
Anna's return may be hunte down and
seen a private letter from San 'Francisco
dated the 20th of January, which cntains
the latest ncws ,from: the gold region.
The writer was .a volunteer in Col. Fro
mont's expjedition, and waus.taken prisoner
by the Indians,.and retained in cap)ivity
'nine months--his life lhavinmg been spare~d,
anmd his liberty famally granted hmiim, as he
says,.on: account of his having been dis
covered by the Indians, to be a free-mason,
of which fraternity, many of the red men
are members.
Thme wi-iter had been very succesm
engaged in the gold imines, and had.:'b a.
ined gold enough to satisfy his highest
amnbitiona. II:s statements in respect to
the extent of the goh' bwds and the purity
of the metal, rathmer exaed time smarvelous
descriptions whmich we have heretofore
rccei ved. He speaks of still fnzrther dis
coveries and 'of t!!! richer 'mines, which
might furnish; profitablo employment, as
he thinks, for all -the young men in New
En~rgland. .He is so confident in respect
to the golden' promise of the land, thmat he
urges his friends here to go at once to the
mines. He speaks also of silver mines,
in which lhe says there is an abmundance
of ore; but this inferior metal seems to be
an object of minor regard anmong time for
tune hunters.
The writer of this letter has left the
mines, to recruit his health, and to await
more favprable weather for carrying on
operations. Hie wats at San Framncisco,
which place he described as being' full' to
ovorflowving with persons awaiting the
coming Spring, to commence or resume
operatiops at .the "diggings."-Boston
Traveller, Friday.
"A LL AT ONE FEtL Swoop."-By the
following paragraph, whidh we copy from
time Baltimore Sun, it will be preceived
Mr. Secretary Ewing has decided, and is
sustained by time law officer of the Gov
ernment, that it is not necessary'-to apply
the guillotine to the clerks in his Depart.
ment, their official existence having ter
minated for want of breath:
"Hon. Reverdy Johnson, as United
States A ttornojr General, it is stated, sus
tains M~r. Eiving's claim that his depart.
ment is' a newv one, and that all the clerks
of tile Indian, Land.Pension and Patent
bureaus (about 100) are subject to be
turned out, their commissions 'expiring
with the transfe'r of the bureau to the new
What-a. relief this must be to the tender
sensibilities of'Mr. Ewing.
cently passed by the Legislature of Ohio
takes effect on the 1st of July next. It
exempts from execution property not ex.
ceeding six hundred dollars in value.
nittiswiti i 6
lautmi teii a
ringthiprosens d t
R n ok I t
P anyweippe or good
honior: atd 1'entifi t Wi unaditA
vred to ~i~ mmle~j
tionlrand, jeai*eof.1-e
fran6i anythingth'it 601si61 : d
parten:nthesoit.;cl t ueg et t
day as'would say. ud; h6niestjbp
-chagh offdtiaticism',ahe yetiof \1
conscious 6 aneolsei~evyi
char-ge iat*glb~iheven'fitouA
ty, particutlairy.e"prge'
ttrid :.Momentouse rsof ,8otj4rU
Rights, "er d to- plearhe
ast of oth 1d;;amifo-uri4fW
at t e-;tad d e 1 't - t
thgrpeat eterro e -P tmp~q
our-countty t in itA -
chestertiil Road, andeke interegiserf
the Village,ith at I
agrVc .? W Ap ogoodic BO
havo- d fendeditherfo -dVond Aet4d
vayoen o .p -zo nop {~ i
toasfnee iud'p esu i yjflor, c(0vriph
the bet aslh' ~ii - 01rAo'~bt
these fel lin w
leave-of yoi.'diariowelki.
Oui red s ii Mir
paper (-f i;weassen e
cHead,ad TRped andth annagmn
thied at soecst6 fre a~oi
thro euhCason,if a iewl 1 'tf
plan eers which contnul~td the in
atsie besilt d )1atntio~ ~ to i e
te e n weav "n~o 1y ,4kp
wecoed b.you foidn .-.e bju
The Enetwl resenut. a g-t
Oermutf readi-mteriwilprit andi'a
mopreimpoigapekranc thaifo &
Headov anur pope, am size tElatrgemnt
ofes fohr elarme tied reas ob
tai neeatagme' otf~ bNp* rg
planrett,ata additoomch cosuep.ehee.
Ini dong teseirzngs, w'e ayeofe
ah sirai ofreage and texaplea~~tt
eofmn y or cropeers, the pquntng
orandouto frarngtyiatisr :at.
moe iosinghapearaeffrso thn forii
fi.Catonsfderbl patronse nd a gen
hel .cill .use it~h oncgrageev
iwprve or 'nlr, in he, andlt the
Hipearas to l eorparn e
Thdeth par willt befrniseda att
cn ur recntino muchndipenree~
Whope that these efforts soi pes the
Orblly will meet with ohere'ae ntr
aand ttenr wilmentt. nt
wOent hel ino th H od'~i 3 ih
sHears owal - , ,se
lT~o he a wllnerynihedw-stetni
aoetat thse efots tplaee thena
publicy wllkedtwith icogde oat'bg
ae adused nd mjin Ieioi sor
t CmsQoge~Lss 'steanlAI
Onefu e anternn o- -h ' oi,
bt d h~
&& wo %
fMhe~ laoBM Mto
-4mpf byOO*
2su c
* % E* * 9 W~ r
.W*cops , W-4
ei oMnt 4 e*
nay bwm,, jwr~~~y
th e iti t bi
Jiih Wpgep bqi
fo eson Aewrvp
ienomios, and strong n~l p~~
ofAefenpo A4 ssupiqp ns ~oe wd
assail its equal and constitutionial rights3
* A'Y~ rept,4% gq gh9 I&
.pat OpiAti 4h;ayoi elQp
1li59ov~eratl 19 hingts#p4 zoJb
cutp4t ayhpyinh~t as Wt49ij3
tr~ue.4h haor glaadjua
least- :.-ahg Ji i
AogradalM9 ## 1robi
and ear a tes, a in all t rw
-mo aa r ~ $erA -ma in ,smemrs.
. -, 4
a 0 LIZ
I% %v J" I
ei~iub d~Pr~ .
,. I
.e 1*
* -t - 3
tei iroatn
vdiearhe Si
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