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Aavet' w to
t worst form; that Ifor and
siiop; wnitj i pr6r food an loth.
&#d sheltor, existed(Imy
idnfhd It' smong these plantations.
ie now seen, with my owin
qAnasnyf.-4hem. and I propnse
Ote-saland of "Jehoesee," bo. .a
tS, b.est0blishment l the largetv
tI have yet examined, and
*tkat iepresenta-a -fair. and
a iW of Southern slavery. If
Mand Usituated about thirty miles a
8otthi cf Chkiqidon side'of the Ed. n
11 ., It contiinlns about 8390 acres it
bd, 10 of'which is cultivated, or h
IiIse rIpde anI d about 500
M icAbout 200 acres r
a n and gardenst yajdL c. '
nprsiwodand or unre.
'twenty. ears ago near. 0
it '~as'hitime latter condi. "
tfl oUrd the htumber of human 0
i vtw6ld uustbin'was very limi. I
a. ind~vIdual system of labor
, reldia it -continue is cul. I
gj, -0t~ 'clock, p. m. of tlat
a(utln sunny and summer.like day, the
, t nuary, when I: landed from the e
M.trEtwan,ithat had been ever since
Vin ihe md6rilng, winding her way
log the narrow channels, among the
inat '4Aho,roper abodes ofalligators, r
li *taking the same reclaiming pro. P
4 hat has made this, spot capable of I
Inga host of happy hunian .eiriT.
pen the. wharf, and about the rice.build
Ing mn1il,*erq 5me twenty or thirty ne.
gtoau, mostly engaged in loading .a vessel A
Sbelonging ~1 tr plqce, and-navigated en.
iely siyes, whth no wihitie man to su.
it sdidrect6 driv6 them totheir Ia.
Deiengny oher-c'ut and valise
46 6th'd cfa'rje'of the first one at hand, I
'.i6d on up to the house, which I found
'4ry hanmble dottage, emboiered in
I.ruhbery, upon one of the few points of
hig gla. the highest*of whiebi are only
St above tide.: The muster I
utfabent for the day; but I was wel.
0c.nedby. hig accomplished lady, who
ses that tragepoliteness witoutqostep
ta*, thatmaks a stranger feet pt home
4. IAt foir'o'ulock I sat down to
t dli. 'yiih th fai hich, in the ab.
Tr i the niaster, 6 ted of his lady
ntit hon1y daughts d her governess;
31n1d these four persons, with the addition
of thavverAeer and his wife, who live in a
hous Mt. som istance, constifuto the
hIole bite Ution of the island, liv.
pg t' te mnii ; en hundred, negro
afazt~ And for a considerable portion
the, year,. overseer and wife are the
: eiit e, as the plice is consider.
k h r any but'acclimated no.
. eprlorietorrtires in the sum.
A4Mtt f lCarot6h, and i nlY able to 're.
tn an ovirseer by iving 2000 a' year
* 'wages.g INow,, hw- at*uthese "poor .op.
prosed, cruelly treated, ri'rable slaves"
kert in subjection, and p ''nted frori MM
bIloA thirs ynC~
~~e-"i,pessor of our
black brothers,"- who might, if hre 'was
with us, hide everything that is not meet
for the public eye. Let un mount andi
away across the lawn of live oaks, nioting
things asav ~e pass them along the wuy.
Titat'neat looking white'frame, just across
-th'egArdeii, is's the -'lying.inhoepital,'' I
whareevery 'womnan goes a month before
her confinehient, and is attended by a,
skllf'ttl aecoucheur and nurse, oand 'provi.
didid withetvery necessary, and often vis
ited- by 'master 'and mistress. Further
aippgshre :he oarpenters and' smiths's
shps, and the great steamnpower thresh.
lng barl and store houses, stables, &c.
Thisfm two storya dwelling, su rroun ded
witffodfvenlini buildings, arnd shade~d by
*those inmmernse live oaks, is the overseer's
winteri~rhideni'eein sunmmer hie goes to I
' anotherupon a more healthy spot; T'hat
lai'ge, sIry, neat looking building is thc
,hosptal ofrthe "home settlemern,'' which
consist8of thirty-two double houses, each
part'oontalning a fire place and three
iroms, and having a gardenattauchaed. A I
little:(urther on, along the same great
rnad we are riding,, is the second sentle. I
mnont, containing the ,aamne number and
sadileijnd of houses; and a bout a quo rter
of'arelle' further Is th~e third sett lemexnt 1
qi twenty houses, making in all upon thtis
*,a street ohundred and sixty.eight sepm.
*teqyd very neat, comforta bfe tenemente
fol.fanesbesidles \the several hospitals
and "children'. houses," where IIese
young specimens of whiito men's cruelty
are gathered together during the day, andi
fed and taken care of' by suitable niurses,
whilh.the parents are-in tihe- field. But,
see,'thie laborers are., now,. all at. home,~
*fne rm threshing their own .little crop
of rice bef'ore the dbor; some are at work
in'thoe. garden; some are washing; and
fromthe display of woollen blankets . and a
apparel upon the fences and bushes,there e
oan he no Iaok or bedding' or clothing.
*Othwetrue to the natu-e of a negro, are
lotaing In the warm sun,- enjoying the
"superlative of happineis,---nothing to do.
* Nothingto do! , Thac Is very strange."
Let usinqulre of our guide how it is that
all these people are idle auch -a fmneafier. ,
CaOsa massa, him dione him task. Al.. '
- ways coma home 'fore dis ebry day.r
Work f'or 'self den.
"Arid howv do all these old people ge~t e
thardh. hhnirtask?'
Lordi! masa: dem done dat long (
tme ago. No work old nigger here. ,'
Soino den mind do ohil'ren, and somo t
isttub de gpte,.er something like dat;.but t
"And ycur master still f'eeds andcinthtest
i~e'~4, h, nd plenty, too?' And .are
niwf 'that 'are too old to j
" #d many; some old a
r- n~~bj~s der. old, I speo. Plenty d
toAYseaIt ( rfoe, homi ny, 'tater,
29 >plqpty ting, *Chothes! v
"U oppet Eto be a sepal.
le old man are a Chri tian nd will
tell t'*
ho a Ils 'ris on
tel su of dot
1ell, n, come f iom Nort
e b hk thtfhe a es
ry bad y treated, and all want to
,re on this plantation?'
"Well, now, massa, J tell you de truth,
a i Ihope I die happy.. ive wpe like
hiefolksiindnw thbw'tof make, liv.
ig, I 'spect' vould all like to be 'free.
lut hint true,.mnssa, mos all deso people.
ere would starve if dey had no masa,
nd dey know it; and dey all love massa,
nd missus, and young missus, and dey
lways want to lib jis as dey do now; dat
i de truth."
Now, sirs, this conversation is as cor
ectly reported as I am able: to give it.
.o corroborate the statement of. te. lvr.
lt for "m ssan " I witnessed the manner
f meeting between master and servant
uring several rides and walks with h;m
ver the plantation. -Every one spoke to
im with a most cheerful and ufectionate
good morning, massa,'and received a re
urn of the compliment in the kindest tones
nd feeling manner; calling every one by
ame that he could recollect, and often
topping to converse with some of the o!d.
r ones upon the affairs of the plantation
n a confidential manner; and then in vis
ting the hospituls inquiring after any one
ick; complimenting the nurses upon their
ieat appearance; giving a kind word to
very old man; or listening to any com.
Ilaint with attention anl patieneerm in.
'aribl'y rturning the salutationl of every
ne down to the child three years old. Is
t any wonder that such a master is rev
ired in the highest degree?
During one of our excursions, I wit.
iessed another mopt interesting scene.
We came suddenly upon a group of one
iundred or more children in the highest
legree of enjoyment. There . in the
nidst was "young missUs,' superintend.
ng a grand feast. A great pot was boiling
rull ofas rich soup as an epicure could
wish, made ten timeR more sweet to these
rnerry children, because it was dealt out
with kind condescension from the hand of
mne they loved. And then when they
maw, they fairly shouted massa," and fair.
y stumbled over one another, forgetting
heirsoup in thcir anxiety to shake hands
with him.
I have one more scene to describe and
I have done; although-I might still go on
to great length with this pieture ofslarery
as !found il in the~South; but I fear that
the picture will not be seen by those who
4ave the most need of correct informnation
upon this subject. . .
I neglected purposely, to notice as we
passed along, thI at the first settlement was
headed by a handsome and commodious
chur'ehrhut now, come, let us enter, just
as the bell has ceased its weekly toll.
HeIre is a respectable Methodist Minister,
in a neat pulpit, of a clean neat house;
and, erranged upon good benches, on the'
one hand, are the females, and on the'oth .
er the ma!es, to the numinir-of son.ur
LViJLhVcoutry ~All came .volmtntovily, not"
by compulsion of the tuisster; for in this,
as welt as in all their movements soberly
conducted. they are quito free. Mem.
bers are regularly admitted, and iniptis.
rntal and me~?ringe rites performed with a
nuch solemnity as in" any community.
And this is a faiir specimen of the "awful
'oixiition of the poor negro"' in the South.
Would emancipationt benefit themn.
I remain yours, &o.
U. S. STE.MEa PownJATmA... We lea rn
~romt the Portsmouth, Pilot that prepara
ions nre being madie by Comnmodore Sloat
md Constructor IHart to launch the ime.
nense steamer Powhattan on St. Valen.
inc's day, the 14th or February, bet ween
he hours of -ten and eleven o,elock.
The Seetarv of the Navy, wi~h Comi.
kinner, Chief the Bureani of Gonstruc.
ion and Equipment, H-on. Frederick P.
tanton, chairman of the commisittee on
inval AfTuirs, and several nemders of
Jongress., inve beent invited and are ex.
ected to be present on the occasioin.
LATER FROMi SAN'rA Ps.---St. Louis,
an. 8th.-A quarrel liad recenttly cc.
urred at Santa Fe, between Capt. A lex.
nder Papin and a man namend Whleeler.
a whichl the former was killed.
Mr. John Adams: had been murdered
ya band of Indians at Pena Blanc:,.
A. J. Sims, coaviv.tedl of the nmurdler
f John Jackson, wvas senteine--d to h)o
ung at .3anta Fe, alt the 13th (probably
o0th) of Novembe r.
Col. Calhoun, Indlian A gent, was not
'cry seuccessfual in his trading operations
vith the Indians in Newv Mexico.
Mr. Thomats Hoggs hiad arrived at Sien.
a Fe fromt California. andi reported the
migrants from Santa Fe as very fortit.
eate in obtaininig gold.
Lola Montes, th-it masculine femaale, who
ars made so much noise in Emurope, upset one
Nrone nuamberless heads, wvas at the last
ccounts ini a mioiit farlorn conidition and tfur
>us mood. Her lover-the youthful Ileal1,
(ter l'aving amade several unsucces.-fal
ffhrts at escape, succeeded on Christmas
ay in giving her the slip~ white they were
ri Spain. SMhe pursued him and sent forth
arious agents after him. Bait all mi vain.
leald hiad secroteid htimself on an Enmglish
tearner, and has arrived safety in Lo~ndon.
The war establishment. of the Priussian ar..
ty is as follows:-1nfantry '250,000; cavalry.
0,000; artillery and engineers, 12,000; total,
02,000; with cld batteries in proportion.
~he standing army on the peace estabbish
tent anmonnts to, Infantry of all arms, 07,
'78; cavalry, 23,845; artillery, 5,94t5; enigin
era, pontoon brigade, 2,624; Landwehtr, first
lass, 9is,240J; total, 217,532.
An association has been forne~td, at the
'ity of London Mechanics' inst itut ios, to pro.
tote the practice of decomposing the dead
y the agency of fire. 'The members propose
>burn with becoming solemtnity, sitclh of
teir dead as shall have lfrt their remains at
'e disposal of the association. The entrance
se is erie shilling, and the council meet to
nrol members &c, on the secnd and last
Vedneaday in each month.
Three of the grand jurymen,. in Cinoin
atl, had their pockets picked in jail, the other
sy, while examining the premises.
The hi'dy of the Rev. Dr. Lindsly,'of Nash.
le' University," Topnesee, has given a do.,
ption of. *I,000 to thte ,Theologcah Semi
any at New Albany Indiana.
0- CQ
":")W W RUAR18, I8061'
- " ; 0., fttor.
Charleston.-r-Pricis from 12 to 18
Sumterville.-Prices fnom.10 1.2 to
.du sometwo numbers back of the "Banner"
we Published a letter from Meclianicsville
over the Signature of a:8subsiber wh6,
complained of the failure ofour paper in reach
ing its subscribers through that offlce. We
ofcoursO mago all esquiry into the cause and
;sado comnAhts. F Since' which we have ic.
ceived a letter from the DeyuyIos-Ma Tr
at that place rerluting the charge of neglect,
made by us, andproducing several'certificatos
to substantinte the truth of his reply. We
are not desirous of censuring any one, least of
all, a pubkic servant and would most Willingly
give plfitce to the letter and cortificites of the
D. P. M. as reuested, did our crowded col
unns permit. We however, cheerfully ac
quit him of any blame in the matter and must
take the responsibility to our Subscribers, up
on our owi shouldors.
Arrit .0 9r. tteamcr Esuropa
at H9Ilfax.-Two Weeks later
h osta urope.
Our Charleston correspondent inform us
of the gratifying intelligence of an advance
of 1-4d. in the cotton market-see cominuni
Saturday Feb. 9. 7. P. M.
Dear Banner. Tho Evening News of this
date publishes a telegraphic despatch from
Biltinore announcing the arrival of the Eu.
ropa at IHalifax. This steamer brings news
of an advance of .1.4d. .in cotton. 8UM
Bales had been sold during the, two weeks
preceding the departure of the Europa.
Suteldlye has been allowed by the court the
benefit of clergy and has been sentenced to
an imprisonment of too years and a fine of too
thousand dollars.
Mr. CLAY made his great speech on the
compromise Resolutions presented by him,
during Tuesday7 and Wednesday. It is
spoken of as a powerfkal efibrt-eloquent ant!
patriotic Senator Rusk of Texas has the
floor to reply.
. The Race 2 mile heats on Friday was
won with ease by GEN. CAss in tw3 straight
heats. The NIANDcAr Race 3i mile ieats on
Saturday was highly interesting and a glori.
ons finale to the week's sport.
Rosalie, Stockton, Capt. Minor and Mil
wood contested for the puise. Three heats
were run. The first being won, by Rosalie
after a gallant struggle, the second and third
by Capt. A inor closely brushed by Millwood
11plMtflN aa steatty rain all day with e'
ery prospect of its continuance.
Cottomi market to day unchanged, but will
probably be affect~ed on Monday by the for
eign advices which have just come to hand.
'Yours. &c. M. J. T1.
A company is being formed in Wilmington
to take thme contracts on the eastern portion of
the WViinington and Manchester Radl Road,
which will comnplet the contracts for the
whole line.
lifr. Roots Territorial 11ll1.
The rejection of this Bill in which was in
corp)oratedl the Wilmot l'rrao, by t Icl'ie lose
of Representatives. rmay be regarded as a
presage of thaut Ilody's course of action when
the l'roriso itself is brought up for definite
It shows that notwithstanding the great
Excitemne't of Parties on thle subject and
which must hive commaunicated itself some-.
whlat, there are northern meni, wh'lo knoiw
whlat value to place on the Union anid who are
not ashamed or aira iid to avow to mheir cuonstitui
ents, their dis:mpprobation, of such a measure
as this one.
Tur. G:EaT G;AtNEs CA.J-. -This case,
which ha:s been pending ron the (lhancery
side of the Circuit Court of the United States
for the last fourteen years, is now being argu.
edi in New Orleans before that tribunal.
Th'le bill was fir.st filedl by Mira Clark Whit
ney and her husband', in lIc. WVhitnie
subsequently dlied, and his wife miarriedl Gen.
E. P. Gaines, U. S. A , who thereby be.
came a party complainant to the bill.
Sitice the case has comne up for trial, a
new claimant has appearedl, for the purpose
of contestinug the right to the pro~perty ini dis
pute, in oppiositioni to thos~e set up by Mlrs
Ga;iines-Trhis is Mrs. Carolhne Ihrmne's who
clamins to be thle daughter of Dan ii. (lark byv
Zuline Carriere, atnd elder sister of Mrs.
If this indleed be so, It is very Ukol y thait
I he case will bie coimpromiisedl before a vrdict
has het'n agreed to -It. was proiposed someti
years back by somte of~ the original Dehfend.
ants to thme suit, bitt thle proipositont would not
be acceded to by Mrs. Gaines. Tlhe atmount
af prpet involved is about Twenty Milhotns
of dol lars.
Latter from Calforulun.
On 17th Decr: Mr. Burtnett wa~s itnaugu.
rated Governor.
On 21st. Col. J. C. Fremvont of So. Ca.
and Wmt. M. Ervin of Miss., were elected
UJnited S'ates Seinators.
24th, A large conthigration occurred at
.Sn Francisco by which a large portion of
the towvn was destroyed-The loss is estima
ted at One atnd a half million of Dollars.
The censtitutiotn has been adopted by a
majority of 4,000.
The great fall of l1inowv andl rain has im
peded the tming operations to a great de
GzoncAn.-The bill for the Rail Road from
Macon to Charicaton line been rejected in
House andl a mtotionmade' to reconsider was
lost bv a lare majority.
b r ey yeo
i h 0
he ~A gltm raup hId 1
Ap. of a
a ''to varil' wee Ta y
as th co day have '&or e
. ars foil upqu-ipper Aof j
untisual war ltie3vty was ery sonibly t
felt. The thermometer stood at 31 and ice t
was tick and In abundance. Much to the t
satisfaction of the friends of thp tur the weth
or h'ps s4'u intoderatedrp'e a fThA
cing dotad dt have boen des red. Th' daily
papers will fumislhyos-.detailed account-of
each 4:y's race. The attendance has been c
!enornlly godd,'.Ili sport elnlnEnnd tho i
turf fino condiiion. The struggle between <
CnpL Minor and Millwoocl on tho 4 mile clay
was animte4 and exciting. -rho latter ;was 4
thdvto aistined her reputition for
speed and endurance, but the victorywasi
giafl thoCatain after a Iard contest.- t
Mr. Green's b c Stockton won the Iutchinson a
stak'es which were contended for by several t
lne r ders On mthursday 3 tailo heats the
superiority-of Free 'l'rad over his three com
petitors 'a'si 4o mniiift that little interest was
aroused, aid he won the race with facility in
IwO straight heats, in the second race as in the
first one of the colts wais so decidedly the fa
vorite, an i o superior in ,speed anal power
that no citen was prUd and there
wA scnrce!y a strugglo for thepurso..
The Jockey Club B:dT comes ofmto unight and
will doubtlesslbe a brilliant aflhir. The club
attdnded eil Theatre last xidght in a body.
The h'. 1as crowded and the play (the
"Riv4als") .waa perforned with great .success
to an aihniring audiences. Fleming the Shuaks
perian Reader begiis an engagpment to night
at the Theatre in the charactr of Hamlet.
Boo:h the great' Tragedian and Hudson the
celebrated Irish comedian are expected daily.
The diktinguished Violinist Reisinger will give
several concerts in the city during this and
next week. lie is an Artiste who has attained
great celebrity, and who is gifted with extraor
dinary :nusici powers. Tho "Creoto Min
strels" a band of Screnaders froim Now Or
leans are announced to appear at the Theatre
this evening. The steamer Republic is ex
pected to arrive in a day of two with '73 passen
gers. Tli faire on the Republic wasptduced to
A25 for a pleasure trip to Charleston and back,
and a number of Baltimoreans have availed
theinselves"6f this reduction to visit our city.
This arrival with that of the Rail Road Stock
holders and their fanlies on the ilth and 12th
will greatly indreaso thc nuinber of strangers,
and render all uncomfortable. I understand
that five'gentlemen are the occupants of a sin
gle room at one-of our principal hotels, and I
believe that the others are similarly crowded.
The decision hi utclifto 's case will be given
to-morrow. Tbo!$hcriff is ordered to bring
Sutelifro before tho>Court at 12 o'clock, to re
ceivo its fiward. M"dssrs. A. G. Magrath and
B. F. Hunt have been appointed Counsel for
the Neck, totry the legality of the act of an.
nexation. 6tstpi cil have declined any par
tcptoint) 'sulti _theirac is .highly
delicacy to.gurbrethrerf of tho Neck, and by a
sense of respect for the laws of the iand. Re
cent advices from California give the intolli
geneo of the inauguartion of Burnett as Gov
ernor, nad of thie election by the Legislature of
Liaent. Col. Prornont anal Mr. Gwin as U. 8..
Senators. A t renwendonms conflagration occur
edl at Stan Fra.nciscoon 2 ith Dec. which des
troyed~ a large portion of the city, and property
to the naount of one tuillion and a half dollars.
lionam. F. 11. rdmore i.s writing in our daily pa
pers a serie~s ofketters on the Banik question ini
rep'y to those of Col. Memmiinger recently
pnuhlished. I have no doubt that they will
shaed great light upon the euhlject, and in some
measure weakenm the effect Mr. Memninger
has praodlu~edl . In Congress Mr. Root's terri
toarial haill inPcoarporating the Wilmot Proriso
was !aid cin the tab1le of the I louse by a vote of
105 to 79, .3a1.Narthern memube~rs votinag in the
zalli native. Rtesouit ions oflered afterwards by
~alr. (eingz~s iaohodying anti Slavery provi
si(ans were likewise laat by a very de~cided mta
jority. T1he ceurresponzdent of thec Courier in
sorts that the I'rovio ctannot nouw event pass
the I louse, in whaich holy it luual a clear mnajor
ity of 3n tat the hatoinningt aof the session. Mr.
Clay was to hoave muadl hi:: great speech onI
aTesdlay last wvhaen his comnpronmise resolutions
weare' to hat tak.-n up. Tlhae ilatimnoro Siun
hans relitab.le inaformahition thait the Nicaragtua
quaestion has ba en broughat to tan amicable ad
jtustmentut. Mr. Cliinman's speacha written
(out by t;himefhs lbeent recenttly pubtllishted andl
wvidely dli.ssemitnatedl. Its etflhet tharouighaout
lu tin atutl1 futtering even namonug tho fianatics
themiiselve's. The Senate is engaged in a de
cision ofC the ('ensus 11ill. The I louse upon
the lle'venu e iapplropariationi.
lThe ( oattoni miarket was qiet to-day (Fri.
dlay) and ra'har dlat. No) chantge in prices
andt nto Latii dlecline, althouigh tunfavorablie
aeraounits from .tt w York wVere rceivnad this
moaarnuing. TIhe foalowinag quo(.tatiotns are aceu
rate. .\iddaling. to gasaliimiddlitng 12 1-4 to
12 1- ; f.tir 12 5-89; atrictly fair 12 3-4; ex
trema"M I I 3-I1to 12 3-1.
At an election hield a-. Savanah Geo., for
membiter toa (Cotinres to) supply the ac ieancy
oaccasiontedl by thet resignatioln of the 11ion.
hits cop~et itar Wmn. It. h'lemaing ( Whig.) 41(12
votes. Ini -:flinaghamn, the vote wias for, F'leiin
ing 103l 'Jacksoin 4:.
lrl11us-roN Cus-roat I lo's::. -Mir. Greely
collector oft thea Port of Iloston haas given no.
tire to some half a dtozen of his subaordinuates
that their services wouhlI he naa longer requnir
e l-This is inu obed:nee to ordelrs fromti thec
l)cpartimnt at W\atlahington-aome tweutay
five disamissals are extedata.-IThe nlext lilt
we prosnane will lie at Charleston.
Th'le Deury Case.-Thme trial of this case
has comte to a close without any defimite re
sult. The jury were unable to agree on a
verdict and woere therefore dismniused,.
I~g We tendor our acknowledgantenta' to the
lion. Jo.. A, Woonw.ran fbr Oongreseional fa
771 F
nI oto e e and re
ve nt Hoid . git no
ary ti 4 ,ight oulde thrown on
by b2' pream lI rkSquiqr's
maty explains matters thus: Tho., govqrn.
nent Qf .Honduras .expecting a. soizb - of
he Island by England, and unwilling that'.p
.vyantagpou, a position should. by east
iy goveinrebt inimic4ble toihe Co
f the New World, deuded upon ceding the
3hand- -loto- tiN oseialdi slibetal 'n
rumnt, and chose that of the United States
z16 ripient. She gave us the Island in
irder to facilitate the carrying out of the
ontract entered into by several of our citi.
ens and the Ptate of Niegaga for the con.
truction of a canal over the Isthmus as well
s. to insure .theipependenc4.pfherelfBy.
he terms of the cession, the United. States
vas placed in possession of 4lo Island at.the
igning of the articles by the accredited
gents of both Governments, and only thle
atification of our Senate is now wanting to
onfirm us in lie possession. - We give the
oncluding articles of the cession:
Art. 2. In consequence, of tihe preceding
ession, and by virtue of thle present, decree,
he genoral iliplomatic agent of the *United
iates,resident in. Central Ausoricalor -*ho.
iver may repreent hit, may take inmmedao
iossession im' the narne 'of his government of
iaid island, an'.adopt whatever Ineasures be
nay det-mn expedient to secure the object ek.
ressed in the preamble of this decree.
Art. 3. None of the foregoing articles shall
ilter or inmpgirkthe priesnt lawq and regnila.
.ions established in te s.aid' island of Tigre.
Art. 4. The present decree shall be printed
md circulated in the Territory of Honduras,
knd shall he made known to the other govern.
nents of Central America, and for the di plo.
nhtic agenis and freign Consuls resident
Given in Tegucigralpa, at tihe Governmenit
1louse, this 9t Oct. 18M.
Jtarc J.nrno,
Minisiter of Stateo hlonduras.
A very large ami respectable mleeting of
he citizens-of ihnover County, N. C. was
'eld at the Court IHoue in Wmliuingoni on
ie' 29.1h January to consider time best and
nost proper action to be taken in regard to
subject of slavery. Fromi among time resolu
tions we clip'the following.
2. Resolved, That a crisis I is arrived
wvhen it becomes necessry for thinLing men,
it. both ends of the Uni n, to ,dopt ,n .h d&s.
erect umeasures as mnay evert the consequen.
es likeiy to flow froinm this fanat icimi, dishon.
esty. and excitement; or, if they calmnot be
averted, so to ameet th m as to dininish, as
much as possible. their mischief.
3. Resolved,- That the Union of time States
is not less dear ;md important to us poihtical.
ly, tian is life individually, and we will there.
fore, maintain it at every sacrifice but that of
4. Resolved, That dearland es-tential as is
life to the individnal, no brave -and virtuous
man will consent to hold it at time sacrifice of
honor and principle; neither can we yield up
principle and honer, even if the maintenance
of them should involve the sacrifice of our po.
litical and individ i exatona. in the desso.
Uinn .*-. ias Uni and.. the, Olpody conse.
qumices likely w thefr .
We insert below a Resolution passed by
both Houses of the Legislature, of Indiana,
a few days previous to its adjournment--h.J
strikes us as being maore forcible and exhibit.
ing more dleep seated animosity tom na of theo
South than auny proceeding ones.
'Be it Resolve:l bmy the General Assembmly
of time State of Indhianma, That our Senators
in Congress be instrneted, and our Represen
tatives requested, so to cast their votes, anmd
exert. their influencee, as to ha~ve ingrafted up.
on amy law thait may bie passed for the organ
iz.ationi of time territory recently acquired from
Mexico, a provision forever exe:iuing from
such territory, slavery anid inivolunmtary servi
tude, otherwise than in the punishoment of
crimem, whereof time party has been duly con
Transmitted for the Petersbuirg Intelligencer.
WVasHn~roNo~ Feb. 5, 8 P. M.
In thme Senmate, Mr. Clay's resolutions were
taken, up.
Mr. Chyv spoke at leng'h, in favor of themn;
anid gave wayv, without concidaing, to a mo
ti'iniu to adjo urnm. lie will cuntinue his
stpeechm to.inomrrow.
In hiis Spee~ch, to day, lie contended that
his resolmminms covered the whole ground, anmd
imught to be sat isfactory' to both sides. Tme
Southm, he arguedi, gamine'l all it had contend.
edl for im Congress, forheiring to apply the
Wihmot P'roviso, and thme North shoul lbe
satisfied since all the niew territories, in thie
natuire of things, wouldhinhe free.
Tme Seniate Chmambier was crowded from
ninme o'cloc k in thle miiornming until thme hour
if adljouzrnmiment.
Mr. I laymonid announced time death of his
predlece.ssoir, Mr. Newmmani, mad, after passinag
rime cumstomary resolutionis, the IIouse ad.
P'rininmg By .Steam.-Messrs. Wailker &
.immies hive the' honor of beinig thme first in
Cha-riles-on to dryve thmeir priintimg presses by
steam power. Thme engmne is remmmirkablv
cormpact, occumpying~ with time boiler a .space
)f liut four feet square, and is of sufficient
power tai drive thbree Ados presses. Messrs.
\V. & J. hive quite anm extensive? Pritinug
esttabblshmment, andl they execute their work
in a style e lual to any other oiic in time Un
II. II. D~mii, of Ilison, lias beeni appoint.
nil and re'ognmized lhv time P're- dent of t he
Unim ed St ates, as Consuil of thme Netherla nds
for the States if 1 Massachunsetts, Maiine, New.
Ilaipshire, anid .Rhode Island.
Nr.w Post OmeEt.-Th'e na~me of time
Pst (Otlie in Abhhev lie, in this State, knmow n
a 'l'rastersv lie,' hmas beeni chmaged to 'llar.
TmE.sUmR~rn's S-raTRItF.N.-According to
thme statemenit of thme IJ. S. Tlreasmmrer. time
amniit simhject to drai'. ~ ih Assistant. Treas
urers, Depoimsitories, and in t he Mint atnd
brainces, oni Maniay, Janmmuary 28, 185, was
A SMA far MACutNE.-The Newv Orleans
Piicayuneit of the 4th must. samvs thart a mechan.
ic hase invenited a ,ma~chine for awakening hmim-i
self early in the. moring. To a Dutch clock
is attachmed a lever,-which may be set to any
giveni hour, and when the time arrives it is
released by time clock, when the machinery
rmngs a bell, and strikes a match, aind lights a.
lamp, boils water to make cofibe, &c, ready
for you by the time your clothes are on.
A now novul by Miss Breinera i ~nuotmf
ced, entitled "'he Light IHouso: tor Sosti
in time North,'
bay .rest said V
rain and hail
31, a great hail-storm and much dam.
age done.
-neJ, 'riiqend en
9,ert' 88 * or
92. 12th, do. 94.
much injured.
14, 1her. 93. 29, do 90 to 72.?
Luly 5 and 0, tIter. 07. fire pleasant in the
26, ther. 92.
kugust 19, very great rain, much fodder in.
"22, great rain.
e - and;2 froYt4 14, rain and hail.
%'ov. 15, cat soine Bie usteo melons.
ac. 21, sleet, 24th snow.
" 27, between land 2o'cloc,P. M.
it rined, s!eeted and then asnw.
ed, at half past 2ison out bright,
at a greit hail, sdowtralin. thun.
and lightning, y
31w :sleet, very, cold.t i -
31840 -.
ran- 1, sleet very cold night,2 ther 18.
" 18, snow, 29 thunder and lghtn ng-L.
warm-f -2/days. -
'eb. 2, snow and slee 18 ther- for seveitl
days '60 to 74. ftiin, 20,' ther. 78,
willows In lesve, peach blossom.
klarc~h 24, -snow, 25,. frost.
%pril 29, thunder storm.
lay 12. frostwseen, 10, iond -19, 'great rain
and freshet.
rune severd very co'd. days, high freah.
ets, 27t1, ther. 90. 28th, lher. 02.
29th and 31) do. do.
loly 8 to 7 fires necess-try, th:!r. 7.
au. very wet month.
iept. - and Oct. d.v nnn he, 19 Ii fin.' ter
melon, Sept. 13. frost was said to
have been i-een,'11 to 13-h ther. 62.
1-t. 23 and 2 ,'frost hand :ice, 27th heavy
frost. Nov, 8 and 0 eit figs.
Nov. 10, apple trees -'in blom, 22, rain
mouch wante!.
Dec. 20. tlher. 00. 27th snow, warm ii the
l'tic Mana-te h1A pass:d Mr. Crv's resolu
Loll to purchase this ever to be venerated
lowcunani, which is to be oiTared at public
a tie on Tuesday next at Philadelphia.1 No
ine can doubt the authentiqity of this docu
rment and, we trust it will not pass into foreign
hands, as it id likely there will be great com
petition for -its poaession. Whatever .per.
Lains to Washngton is of interest to this
country, by far his most lasting monument
should alone possess hip rMlica. Speaking of
his, imtnuscripts,.the following letter of his,
now in possesiona of our 'cousul at 'Vienna
wvill be read wish pleaue:as another eViJ
dence of hit' disinterestedness:
Mouar VEason, Feb'ry 5th, 1789.
Daar Sir:
The letters which you did me the honor of.
anon~ t','o ent n iIh andt efth Iaat ma )jth,
came duly to hand; and their enclosures were
safely delivered to osy nephew, Bushrod
Washington, whq has lately become a resident
of Alexanidria, wherq and at the courts in its
vicinity he mneans to establish himself ini the
practice of L-tw. No apology,' my dear, sir,
on thisme any other occasion,-was or will- he
necessary for patmg any letter you may
wish to have safely conveyed to a friend in
these parts undeir cover to me.
All tLhe political manwuvrem which were
calculated to impede, if not prevent the oper
ation of the Government. are now brought to
a close until the meceting of the new Cor gress;
andl although the issue of all the elections is
not known, they are sufliciently displayed to
authorise a belief that the opposers of the
Gov'ermnent have been defeated in almost
every instance. Although the elections in
this State are over, it will he some limie from
the extent of it, hefire tihe Rtepresentaitives.
to Congress can be finailly announced. From,
'tonjecture however, it is supposed the major.
ity wi'll he fedleralists.
So:ne are so sanguine as .o believe that
seveni (Ut of ten will be a a; but this, as.i have
already said, is ah~ogethaer c~onj -.re and
vague cn'ijec:tureu; for much pains h-as been
taken, and no art left untessayed, to poison the
mimil and alarmn the fears of the people into
opposition. On the list of the Electors wh.ch
h*,s beent published by the Executive authori
ty ofthms St-ite, there appear (as far as I am
acqutamited with character of the tzentleme,.)
eight decidied friendsl to the new c.anssitt.o'i.
lie thec causue unf the Blritish~ King's insa nitj
commalnseralum. --hetter perhaps wo. uld it h-av"
been. for his nation, though not for ours (un.
der present prospects), ii this event hadl h-p.
pened at the time. Doct. Franklin, you suay
su pposes his% Maj'esty's const itution unas ft st
ringued w'ith the malady under wohich he is n'.o
laba' ing.
Mnr. WVashington, the M .:o anid -Fan'iy,
andl oters tunder the, ro4( -imite in best wsh.
es and atyect'n'ate regards for Mirs. lu'sen
and yourself--anid, I anm, D)ear sir; on
most oIh't and very haumnbeserv--nt.
(Signed) G. WAS[l[NG I'ON.
the following was a regnuar toast:
"IVWoman.-T1he fairest wor-k of creat ion.
Thle edition being extensive, let no man be
withotut a cp.
A Sintosa GAr~.-A Lieutenant Gale
proposes to go in a balloon to look for Sir
JohIn Frankl U. Jack Frost, we fear, would
soonI say to Gale, 'Cease, loud Iloreas,' and
we cannot hut think that Gale, if he made the
attemp~t, would only he the ill wind 'that
blows nobody ainy good.'
lm::igination forms icicles on the tips of our
noe, as we lignre to ourselves the daring
Gale, 'blow high, blow low,' with the ther
imometer 15 degrees below zero, his gas cn
tracted, his balloon congealed into a flying
icebergy, or like the head of an airy giant with
his nihit.cap on, while the poor frozen out
arronaut surveys his, brandy-bottle solidified
into a mass of ice a la Cognaao, and his cold
fowls too cold for hi knife to penetrate them.
The mere picture throws us into a chilly
picklo; and we trust: Gale, for hi. own sake,
will pot be able to, raise the win.4forne s
surd a purpose.-'-endon Puptch,
67 The Corner stone of the Wsh~n.
ten Mondinnt to e eected yVrsai
tobs ai ti2E s
So #'I"'o
place: a ta
which hap hitherto
ent gvernment...
Mr. Cmon's
or It
on u,
moitt "ad h'' d
peech bas been reieV
lish. Radical and Tro F.
The resoluti'
the League, sAolio
port:Ion or the Uppe
one bran -
a colon 41' .
The Courrstates t
are edging rognabet
they are pnly count
of ,much 'Rfine
sAIowS that the ne doc
m~the r ch faui~
samnexataomaa is b i
The At- ' * n
a serid fi it'' i t d
hast'irved.^ it ~
Irin mublic lif .
1t alike t... Mf
Queen,s Consel, 'wt
y1 il' She.rrC4.
tOnit; nid If so, t~r
election, d
The nin teriaa orgkoisft v
tlfreporws bout the ed
Morw ' 4
Thme dmismsa e
Simow mag.Iitrathd addn
re--iding in the cun
call.i.. s tdeais e
(r.y. tirgirig him t9,
:%:.c p-ower to .tppress * t;
favor of Annexation; th k ,
whaat had oaiddy bdent ~
dl.-e1l rin tharv% IOn
11h- Can.4iandyeople aa ! to
taing theairin-orion'#
Country, they will tbhe
wcholdpowoer, Ine1 lod
of I2ngand. -
MrxrCAN Fmanqat,--Th.
'ate senor Pena y Pea,
preme Court of Mxi O, ajm1 e4
oil Chief 4Mag taffiq
the abidation ot SanstA Anh t
ducted wishi grest'coat nd
remains were to-lid in,
of the Supreme Court,'fle
the 7th in T 1Sp
wouldannt bess~b itt
Bucklaod recentl' d e 'a-..
London on the-eabietof i
real Artesien well is
overflowipg, i
frin an, ari'tb
ttere are' front 25 o 4Qo
name, asgJte
in them. On eo flen~ ~ p~
thousend dallars hdbeen e irp~ ~
the water did pot rise wli
the surface.' He cnnter~d"'
couldl noi'suppyiondon wmai
adequate suppy .might be oh
Thamnes by the tapping~ .car-j
rying it into'landon in so.
A cuutous casE of ,
red on Satuday ib
ing to the New York~oeI '*
men employedl on the genagM
the stable, got up ji lO ,1td9 t~I
upon the roof of .the bt
supposed he awvoke an'
to the cellar, a distanet MY
nately his tal was brn ep'y
the back of ahorse, andb A4
City Ilosjgital it was a
to be John Deropsey.
MOE6WE B GE.--TheMips i.
neer is'urging upon the Genert w naer
the building of anational hhig 'Ae'
Missisppi at est. Pa. ts p
comnence its construels onth
the muidrile or St. Paul, one'I
high, anid'supported at lb &dinin
resting upon the niadway uulasd& '
A Goon ToAs.-At the antwsrp
bration of thse University. ofea
nuumerous sientimuents were dIltb~.~a~.
which was the followring:
'Wo: wq-A mistreat ofi
the bachelor of his dsgree.-and (ores Aa
sta.ly philosophy by mneans o e cugai aee
tue. A fiar.-Tho Pise1J a.~
ubh a ahe wite ni a Mr. John B-idp
Leanox, O.-tbber 26th, was 1eb6~ a~i~
26th, a:ad her.anonament - fcd
31 (ia0 ihe same day, mnd bph~stwq'
idtor wvho w*as called toad
.t:on to the dec~aead the said 3c
STOPPJNO Pas rs Sutrs.-Ak~
chemast of London. in a letter4& M thei
joairnals referring to the lossef th
Grah t w, a sys that fire in the hold
an e,,ily be choked out, by ks 'a1e1
of chalk in the holdl, connbe lf wo
en ilon boutlo of suiphuilo adld ott~ b-~
'Te a'sd poured on the chnlk, e ilk'e .
enrhoig acidl gas, which will st pp~e i
gu sh flame.7
LaRCaR DasT-It is etat n d
article in the Delta, that~te
Orleins owes a debt- amounti Th t%,
gte to full eighL millonsa of
fr a city embracing a t
anoahi, is asserted to beti qiel.A
wlhh any town or city.~*~I~ ~1$~
Vernon, the lEngliasn|GrtIIC w* w,
been pardoned. - ' . ,
The Landoni EandaftA 6c1Ges1i '$
'the ablest moan in the 11ite 6thtes. '
Deatdthis tfe~ on the
MCllaRID Eso. In the kli)ye its~ go
Sumter Di
The regar Wedy 'f*v
next, at their.IbUstat ~ ~
Sumtlle, ,
li te e-M

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