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The Sumter banner. [volume] (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, December 25, 1850, Image 3

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1)EV()'I' I{; I) TO S'01 "I'll 1; RN RTG'1111-1, Rl"AlOC11A.CYr, IiWS, LITEIIATU1t i.1S. 5. G. RIl;11A1c1)SON, I itito ".
a1'.M..1. I'IiA\1;1%, I' "ot rict r" oi-'i-tWo out. Ucittix ZLixjxZr:;
sUT i11'1'I;It "'1141, I;, S. ('. 1)Iq;CE111BLut 2 , 1
'1'11+n Jh !lrrr s in :It1 'allt't', Twit, I )nllars
tud 1'iftt"-rt'11tt at till' ex iratlnll
nu ltilt,-ul"'1'hree D -Mrs at LIIC en'l of Ihi'
Ye al.
t lrtt t'I" .!'i ei !itillued until all arreara
Ni: are ;W11, ttttite,-ts at the ul t lull oI tilt'
I rtilrlt"t~r.
ii a .Atlvertise'llelits inserted at 75 t"1
per square, (1"1 litter ur less.) fur the fir-I
an+1 11'tlf th:lt strut tux each sul e1tllttent
ilt sert ir ll.
'I =t"'"I'h a nunlllr'r t f imsertinns tt I,(' itl:Irk -
eI rr 1 :ill AI\"+"rti='5nl1'nts or they will he
I Illli'll"",I 1111111 urtllretl1ll he (li-ctliltlnnretl,
au-1 ehrore"l tlrrt+r:llm;lr.
;1'r'1 )n,' I ). 11:ir per ayu:1rl' fur a in " '
u"' Itn n, (.'t.t)tei't tunll 11"rlthlt" .AII%
tr:r.unlits ,Will he rlt;lr,!.'.! Ille :atul" ;is :,
"le n=ertit n, anti sruil-n1'ntthl; Cllr,
sawn AS "('t1' unt:s.
.Ili (t:,ittulr\ :S' ti(I'. rxr(''linl" . ix
lit,r- allit ("tltiiiitiiuiii:ltiulis rr'1'"111111N ll'IIII
(.;:111111 lave= ti r public. ulliee.s ,I" trust.--rtl.
ilullin:; t' 'ditlit iti+n , wilt ht" c11.1r.t 'II I,
AtI' t'rt l t' Iii'u t::.
or rim. I' mir.lttl t; Ri -ti, i + a tr: vi.llin""
A i'tlt (i r t1i:y { ,ilwr, :tail is autht'r!r.''.I it)
r.,ei',\it Sul,: rr111t7otl will receipt ftr Iii''
.ra un.
Ittatt:;ural Address.
titlt ,yl t' I:I;I, ill:I'nitti 'F'lit:
fil{X1:1t 1I. . 'l"1:\Ilt1.Y r t" til't it t .lit ii'. \.
X16.:1 N K
, Jeiui(ilrs (rn! (;1", 11" )rur ',1" t1zP !!"m"''"/' lb
l r ' 1 Suuth ('rrr""1iii'::
1lul"-ar h,'Iitr1" pill t' (lu.t1It tilt illy
office to which I have he't"n ('I4'V111''t! Its
your s'l!1'ra'~e s. 111111 ttlth'nl'0h I Inner I".x
I ("t ti'th'e Iht' e'It11)111)ti/i of lit lrlt' and .rt.
tilleatiotl tt llicll a s(-('no! Iikt' this wr'u!'I
+nsl irt' in ally h"'art, y''t tit,, tun 11:6111,111
(uI1V'illillll iI111 ri's;t'S it"-!1" 111 'tll in'".
'Fiat I o\\"r' thi. mark tit VOllr ;ip '-'1 :1
tint) iii iii' It) th'' u'Xertintl"4 ill* ' Il tint!
elirri.,hr"il !"ri''ntI.sIlii,-i, 111at1 to silly MCI'
it of n c t\\-n; :111.1 1 sh'nlill 1 tn it!' ,
iii'. i'if as t111'",itirr"l!' Ilitl\'t11Ill.%. I'
it'ot Of violr kitl'It)e';1, if' 1,,%* h, tint tli"I
lit t r(t"r't"h" with t i'tltittitlu l(i its itlln "rt
'l'it': " 1. . not :It !~
rllfllC'. 1 t - ,::,'s ,61111 tit
hilt lnnrl! rlt'!lCall.Ir1 ' ;: 1. , ,
PYI'titflll crisis, wheel ti, tl1t:. lillll t.",.
[:Illill's til'l' (:resting llicir '!.II Ii ao"1
glunnty snarl l\t., .,1.x1111 1 tliir f "9l1"r.11 r."
I:Itiuns. Irl .t that 1111tlr" !1 ;: :\i:i
a d ill' 11'11.1' (11 III'' tlrt'11 r' .:ir'II,.iltii:l it
111111 \t'I:}1 t1 I11tll tl''11'I'111 .: .:L ill
:", tit":" t. lII 1111" Il.,tt'I"Is tltl l''rl"'r 'tt'; '
', -" Iii'' iii ~ !;,i ltl it a r'u't tl
1 11'1 111 1t 1? 1:x11 tl: !111'x' 111 tt :!1 I!ti"
k ill h i.. -S %% :11 ' i!1':1:'Y 11 t x;l . I t1'' rt\
Alit. t tli" ,1 :I .1 i
:t;til'.t all+l .tlllf, "1't till- almil-di..
ti-IS tlt:it nlt)V 1.11(: "It) lt'l s ! 1 111"t'.'. 11'1
'I' !I!tt Lt i1}, Ir"''I't"'l II ' "'r I'. !lilt II''\ x'F :!I"
II'tlt" 'll.lilt', I 't, llx.'II,' ( t n i. I Itr .tl' .11x x11(
M 0 :1 11''"111 ttll:tli!1-! \t'1ti1 Ill.t! I1..t 'tl1 .,1
111\" C-111111'% ". tt r"ings. it lid tt !li:"1t it 1
n ('\'''r k io i't it :l t:l tlt""{lt, Ir"t !111x' "xl " r
(to ut, 11:"^ II''r th a n 111.11 \%I llt'll ,1:i f r
till! gi lrt', him, or tint \\t ilotit .,I l1 a.
, i'!1 111" }1 lilt' till''" ixf ( Itl. t" 11 I_
1r.1i1' I, " !It" I"IIII (It rt'"ir .1 -.i li;!\ Ir..
t;tlil-,'' it Itltl'11"' ill'' " I.t111tfo l '' "''!1"
Gill of Ill.- lows.'' ,"r'I It 11.1. {'til.' "rl
tiu tllill" 'tl Il;ltrl o r (it' litr\t'"I" ct'll
it''tlr'rI it"itIi it. 1'"t Own- is it
ol"inflll,'nt"'" that al\t"at's i ' lt'n ; t' h ' !I
otlil'1al st iti'tti . \tlli("ll t':1l1 I.. I
r r r - 'I
(IIii' 111222 ("'~ Ii '.ti 12' I.\it 1 Ill. \\" 2212 itt
iiu ' h1r..I 11: 1 .'I '. .!222 l 'r.' . ll
11lit .I::r t~t ill tt~ " : It wI{ t2 *.t 2
T I ." 11 "I it l ,r t-il ( :'I ' :1 I '
2I t "".. 12 1{ \ , ' Il .' t
Ill1' 1 \', '2 \ t it - I ' ti , I . , " I,.
:j* 1 :.' ,12 il ." 1 ' .' "t f i " l l I . r 1
22 . " '1 . , t l~ t t l t . 1 . . I . " 1 1' 2 ',
:!I "' " 1 1 I!2 ! '%~l I t I ,
1\ t ' 1 :' I '2 " 1 \ ' 1
ifi 1 : '' ' "I : i 1 '
.1.2. 2III2I, I. I\." I 2 2r ' . * .'
111211" '2 2tIl .. 1 . 1 i . *
IIIC" 11~~~~~. ..1.1 .:. .... ...:
tl I ': " I.' 1 ' 1
." r' :1 ' .1 ' . : , 1 . . , 1 . '. :.
2i2l l.. :1:1 I .I' :t . 2 . 2 \1 ! t I'
i I ' ",!2 11 . I f . .1 !'I t :1 ..
'% 111 1 . . '. . . . . . . .~
.1'111 t ,2 ' r2 . 2 2. -
1.:t tules" . I fhe SEP5y ttI f ttiA tl' ij-.
ari, 11t i ,) I) It:( .S'~~ia~ife ill fill ; $tltifj ilr
1111iii. his j1It c1y ili IIV f)'?t t i:tI fiaiiitt.
! ' II.IIII1) Vl 1f1 Ir 'i , t~i 4) i nIcfl'l I '~y - nIt
SI IIII' star 1:lie. s, stu rititi of 11i" tIlsr
1 I hI if te'' ho~ fi Ii~ his llt~il(-Ii i si .
11re 1)I% fim Ii ir hits Iiliir---tlt ill le
stI fel tiahuls aned Ifre(avitig towns ti uIfI
t l~ao-s Im in tile still it tuel flirt i-fi
't..Iilntss i iig firtlni til. e ,ll
t111.1 li.-t1 "t ' I , ii l1\1) t":( it s s.t)r l " -1 :
fiI iira i i t i- of1 ph'i a! t tn ii II I chj i .
list1 o - vI ll-4( ! I ii ',Il. r t t ' III t1it'iii 11111.; )- ain
a1,!, i!; -'i". ii dull that It' 1. 1 ll f l *-"1 , II.
aI r I. 1' 1'I ;illm se-ll. nii if lilt 1a(1, sc-t e-l1.1
ira' : 1111 1)I i i S- , fll. ls 1 ,flll
a- Ii 5 2 .% S atI I . il- *11I s t it ;s 51ll,,5a ii
,\. hl a', ,tiil: i t r ",I Iii i:--t ar-!:r:i.
'i11t Ire i : ', i t 1 "1 1ur~s et\' !'11 1,1~ .
I et;*. % Ira-h t111' andi 4.uarait "\'.u - t It. 1
'I : l i i re t ti ,!: 11;, . " 'trrari~leli
1': I'"1 ;, f :r- i k * j *.' i 1 :1 , a t
l i Ih " tt.s , air' l 1r.ii tee v ,i ,rlie,-si
'+ r I .. I 1. 1 ' '!::v , -sltj iil , it!t
."'t _ , t:I ,iiiji a'iti ";r1:111 1 I'. nIi l
, 1 5 1 ~ a ' " !'::(l:t i e u l' , 'tIf . ! ii : iti..
.a' I :" l l ii i , . ' 1 111.11 ;' I ii' t 'uSI t ii
.!1111 i t - : l i u i t ai" 11 i :11' ' "'i- ."1;1 sr-- u-r t,
:II eI"1 li '1 ii ,~ 11 eu i S"'1' tlt r'.ll i fI1'
'1' : ' I ' i, i. , I" ' it I S l' 11 it 1a , s I s ,;." t n
" 1 , ii ii 1 t 1 !'t' i I. , l ,iti ' t ll t l
. ,.u '"-;.! .Il tr~a il "+' 1.11 irs.
It ..ai III lft
I. 1 .5.II , ' r I (,t ;I I ! 1 .511 r !
I, -LL Ih"i rg s an !h 1 t e t I -
t~ ~ ~ ~ ,I':ll II i i.
1" 1 ar t l at .
I t5.'I ' " i t "} ' i 1. '" . i -
:; !' 1:1.: ir 1, }h :11 rala)!. 111
1 i :. I * I ta. --f " .
I evV 'hly, like: t':iittrsi would I
Ii &ti fi\i 33 31i.i-I:33ir:t" ti 113:4 i iii' I.
the'ir '.iair:, ill t1:' ii uiir nIit dan113ger.I
In: iltuji. uIav., th.' iu ;l:u313:31 Iiistoi'iiriii,
33)3 ii1' 334 ii lby tilt- I*"'"3 i-i. :111(1 j)r(3ju. 1
''I31^ th Ili 1I3..313t, 3'' lit, 1' (I'vg:1ojIiieis
.334t'l 1111. t Iir it'. ;!3ri'sl. w~ill ake as
tit this tI 11it " thatt 3"' 'it-. ill record
I!'' firt.~ t g3,\3."33 I. flt: r4'stor;Itiun of
it d1.3a3 i.tie1 l l Idltv: 8i101 the o 31f(me
~I 3.~ u1, 1,1'43 Iii vp.' r, 1,' I 1[ayne, of
'3. r 111! taj~i. 3. il . f, 211 ,313r, w i al their
\tue I333.1334 13, 11;11.'1"1ar "1.1: (.It rliC l l I
1'.ll3''- .i1''11' I133111'00,' :: 3 tit 11 ha rts of
31,,.;t '.. 3i3 til e ' I ' 1 1 It Es of Col
'.33:13:. 3143! i',. ::"I Ow I: f;3rless5 (3(3..
ti' "t' 1} V. ..:: r i ' 33 31 '!v I'\ wh i ichi the
:111 1'~111,1 3.4 ! l 13'. 3 i,'llI .i'1 I. c;
10 1 }.,\+' I, , I 1':t; t+, the . iiorl or '
'ta3 10!.'11" r'' i t FI.. ib back MW Il
'33, 1! I3r l,,, 1;:1 1' \\t 1331 just anid
:,I ' . t '3 1 h e 11 3CI oil'r
4.343' 1! .,,:t- 1 f'.:41h3.' ~I at Cl d!33 to its
3 3 . . '. Ill to: 3 this; [.non
i.. ll J!43333l3'e'.i wt3. owe no)
l.' ~ ~ ~ "' '1;' t"' 3tl. 11:1\'1.' 1t0 lob'(;
%% !!1 .t !:', 33 3.3!'.4 we13. are
r, 1:.: t" ;1:1 3.3'" 13(ri:!34b.rt! hld
1 r ::,r'. t~ ti I133:3 ,r, our iter
3h .! !. , . 111:11t 33 3estry,
I.1 i 3.3. lhr:"':t :t,3i :2ri.'i dtil
\t h t ! ite\t :31 :: 11:. I t t '."' c.,rtl have
1,33 t3 It l 1 :: 11 3.,\ rcunitedI as
t13 1: I33 3 Ill ' \ '1 11ll h,3. Ii t uldIbrirng
3i 111' ( !11..1 t~13 i:' 'i 3:3.31 3333 rity and (lie.
1 L' ilt' t.3r33is (,I t 33:33 ' s'urIt V. l113t
11.< !'3f It .,., 1!1"'81 3t:1 1. ' (11 lilOi~ii C.X tst, r
* ,,4, 3., . . . '3i334.''t ix~itilci.
'333, t.* it .33.3 tr3itors mec
1,' ,0. 1 ,,i tit ,,1! \t w. 11 is. lefits u isi to
.111 is. 33 1: 112 1311 33 :I 1 toi h r r
* lt I 11~ "111 I \0 111 e1l 1:13' 3.3. l o 13C3) 1113 31
II toibe
111 1 1 :!.. 3Iii' t
I,.t'.. ,I ,1'' ;.3 33\ \ 1s
noiw,) Inly vie ws and fechiag cr t;is .
rip .rtant subject. I do not presume
o direct your councils; inclinatiot ui
veil as duty, demand that I should
tarry out your high behests. I owe no
Llegiane( to any power upon earth,
!xcept that which I owe through South
.'arolina--when she speaks, her voice
mist be obeyed. Bound to her by
very tie which man holds sacred on
!arth, I seek or desire no other fate than
vhich is to he hers. If she is to tri.
imph, (as all her sons who have been
levoterl to her cause can do,) I claim a
;hare in her glory. If' she is to full, all
hat I desire is a grave uponr her bosom.
\11 that I have and all that I anm, I here
levote to her service. And if fur feel.
ng a leep indignation at her wrongs,
intl a burning desire to redress them, I
min to be branded by the minions of
tower as a traitor, then he it so; I de
ire no more brilliant lintne while living
o more glorious epitaph when dead. In
onclusion, suffer me to remind you that
Al our efforts must hil unless we put
rust in Him in whose banis aro the
lestinies of nations. A nd( while we are
n the discharge of the high and sacred
luties which devolve upon us, let us
lot forget to implore the guidance and
Ii rection of our Ilcavenlv Father, and
Is blessing upon our country and its
The Distinguished Dead of 1850.
fly ti'ti.tt ni. JtI't.itt, Or N. V.
Sutch is murtal'n ibetirug brenth;
Such i' life,an- l such is heath.
They have fallen ! Nay, not fallen in
lie estimation of their cotwtrvnten-for
heir mnernories will ever flourish in grate.
il remembrance-but their names have
een stricken from the roll of living great
ess, and the tombl, that allotted tenement
t :o'rtality, has claimed its own.
I)eat I, clad in his gloomy robes, has wan
Lered in the midst of eloquence, of valor, of
rudition, and of worth, sprearling dismay
round. Wherever hie has roanied lie has
ansed hivoc. On the brow of talent ie
la statopied his signet, and powerless be
anie tIhe lips of oloqutence; lie grasped the
rand of the warrio'r, and closed itis ears to
be souund of the drum adti the trutmspet of
Ii. ItwordI w s in hil tanel,
. i!! %v: iru l ilii ri- io rii t
l .. .Ir". i-:rvit" ' . t t
j . I - I h b. r i-. it n
T "r. I a r', I'rm.
1~~ ~~~ ' .I !r
.'I ai I'" i I ::..
S" ..1" 1
' . . ,. !" ' ! ! 11 .el . ii
h. n. -t Fu r In i
TI h .h I
- r - -t
_ , _ ." 'I . 1' 1
I. . ti . .I
.. .I " . . . . I. .' , .. . i ,
ii u
with three, sons, be . 'ne or!.: i 'ted with
widlow litdy, w.iio i1.ii t itree 4daitctrs. 'fyn
! oly and gentlehian ar- 1, a.. with Ih
children of the two fmaiites lived togetlici
for ten years. During the last six weeks
the sons and daughters were married to
each other, and what is uiore singn;r the
eldest son married the eldest daughter, and
thme others in the samne inanraer.
The Family Homestead.
Not the least wise of the sugrgestions of
the Governor, is that ol the securit v of the
family homiestead. We have examined
this subject with all care, bit oi priitple,
and.in its practical eflects; mnd every dav's
experience is satisfying us of is good poli.
cy. Lie who protects roost the hoInme of the
citizen, secureoinost the good of society.
The State is at last, but its citizens; and
the aggregate will not be prosperous, if the
several parts are insecure inl those relbt ions.
which nake up, at all events, tihe hniness
of life. The protection of the honiaestead is
due, not to the man seperate as to the wife
and children. In the proper education o'
the latter society has a large stake. 'Ihey
mutst be either educated in virtue and
knowledge, or supported as panupers, or pun
ished as crimnals. The first will he attain
ed, to a vely great degree, by 'naking the
horne perinanent and haippy. Ies ides, cti
igratioti will be prevented. By interposing
between the rmisfortunes of life and its ne
cessities, the State will enconrage diligence
and inculcate economy. Ii no other good
resulted, it would be enough that it abridg.
en credit. We do not mean that credit, so
essential andl so beniiicial to the social
state, which rests on industry and honesty;
but that which sits, like a bird of prey, on
the gate which le.mds to the family mansion,
and incites to debt, im order thait the fanily
property may be enguilfed. Bv making the
honmestead sectre, the nother and clid-en
would be placed beyo:nd the contingencies
of the want following errors or misfortunes
of the father. The nother would be ena
bled to support and educate her children,
independent of thesie ditliculties, some of
which it is imnpossible to guard against;
and the children be protected in that age
pronounded by Mmontesquieu an age of nn- I
remitted disease. Every State. with which
we are 'cquainted. has secnred a hone
stead!. In New York, the provis:on is large,
and the enlightened policy of lawgivers is
overy where establishing and extendmng the
guards thus thrown around the innocent
ant lh-:lpless of society. We know of no
act which will prove so honorable to tle
Legislatur'e, and more advan:ageous to the
peope:--Ere:nng Nes
A Queer Adve:tiac:nent.
fifl ,I rthoh "n\-u I -'! J.- ' , \\ i h l . r.
\l':r .\l r,:IM , r !r
1r:m In. i:, -. - I -
- \ .. -
1 i- n - -I
r -i) h t'
\ l Ir. r
1 ii I 'i t' ' i l
I a - .h -\1
e I. i ' l ' ' }. .
i t in ! h \
In-I... -,. I
binise onh Ii n~ur
A lndon du-respondent Y,
I h a t h.i accoss to the iaterioi e,
Bank I' vL-ianrid, and seen hoW dtgrb .ero
rodt, cong'e;i.ed with a shaftf urned by
Meant power, tell how many bank notes
are struck off in the room above; 4a box
of paper will not cont out of Its p ,i it
self, put there by inachinery, till a siniilar
box of notes are brought back to be depos.
ted there, and, in turn, to be rentov' by a
]mechanical force: and how light, unbrthy
coins, -is if conscious of their ein4 ii
trenible a moinent on the balance i. tcla
too is rmoved by steam, and thfu i i, .
an opposite direction froin the g ones, - -
and how the blind agencies of brute matter'
arr. elsewhere furnished with eyesto guard
the treasires of the establishment.
stt'e instances three men must move r" .
cormpaiy with their different keys, and taus
keep mutual watch of each other, or else
these treasures can not be reached. "The
arrarngements throughout are remarkably
exact and complete. There are nine hun
dred employed in and about the bank.-Oio
rooma contained only .:0,0H0,0o0 waorgi.
of property, and what might be deposited it
the vaults above, I cannot say. The build
ing occupies an area of eight acres. It has
a clock that indicates the time on sixteen
dials placed in as rmany ditTerent offices, anti
striking both the hours and the quarters.
The Races of Man.
Dr. Chrares Pickering. an Engl4 gau
thor of a book entitled as above, describes
elevndistinct races, of m~n, founded on
what lie deomi essential differences, lie .F
thns enurnerates them and the populatiot
of each race:
Ilaes. . Nunbers.
White, G5,000,000"
Mongolian, t00,0h0
M3tlayan, l20;011020
'tlhngan, 6OO o00 -
Negro, 55,000,o0 ,.
Ethiopian, GOOOOltg .
Abyssanian, 00O
Pianpan, 3,00 0,0
Ans'tralian,.! 0
Ilottentot, 500,000
Total 90Ot0O
I)r. Pickering argues that th 'hunan ra,
res radiated fror four ientres--1. Front
'ihibet, in Asia;:', from Abyssinia, in Afri
ca; : and 4 'rorn North and South America.
Author of The Monmon Bible.
The New England Puritan states that at
ra public meeting held lately in CherryVal.,
ley. Judge CampbIh sidf-..
R ev. Solonon'panldin', onaf tho er
i "-r preceptrs of the acr erny at Cherry
\'aI_. wta the ar rn-il composer of most of
wh : 1'own ti t he 3tie ron Bible, Hie
wr-'' i lir::- a p.'rnuh 't dllicate health,
, ,, i; h. w''ary Iours, and al
, e t *t 'r '' r Inhecation as
r - 1)r :. "rt ('ariphell, late of
\ s i f... r f.,h r of the first
l - t, t:, i"t" .\lis ion, call.
ti. .t dir. SpI~uirltng,
. , ..: -,...t ra the: n o bl"!)e booKk
! ;, } . a in. orr~itme.l by
\! h t h I'b! hois'. of reap
;" y ,:' e trint it for
ni )ry .\r. Sp nibblagi has
b - neye-ar" th .nh it is he
1 m: t .t s":till bI vill in the
t , l' it pas' red frini the
hf:m . into the hal rds of
- . robb'.,.e. tlat .\Mrs. Spauld
Going to Texas.
Whiu I fvy .s the ;lo.. i~ r
lnt t a ! :n:' ru ris u av to 'I',es- ' e
A" r t r a ning to tr-.
-\ c r wq h lt,p ha en sertn on
'~ to rt. !. 4*,:tk %tili;14 C4ii litn.,, ed
lr ' lit itn at:I ;:tn tiinibrelha h joi trI
n- VI, rit I 1 . heit ofII l' a contn iarice.
ill I mI v a:ong as though
n ' ' n riney. T'he~ rider se~eed
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ti w.I4 ';h a4 t-t. 1. di .uis, Iiiu.'t u .

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