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The Sumter banner. [volume] (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, December 23, 1851, Image 2

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I3y~ fir R'NtJ,3 b
r ( ; i lsAl din naland'b w e ra'ahs "%
u d, n ftiuiy oilt lienpian OB lie nutar., a
" ' rf~nh Jolnre n:l 1hm end of the year. at
,8 ";SO rapi-r discontinued until nilt arrernge ti
SIPA h s, uneeti the itlwn of the Prop tiutr.
* +t . i k..'- Adverbl) ta i l iini in it'eri'ed at S
- . r 'nis per} ,nisty 1"2 lines or let.) fur 1
r_ r '= Yl t, nd hai l adunt for asth iestegut
dunK r of lnrin(ilxa to e rtinrk:
or.thcy will be. i Il'etie1il
'l ontiaed, 1trt iarge 1
-xLt 1 I:T!,hi t, d('re toor n mngle ri
uarterlyalnd Wonthi Advertiai3
lientat + 10 'ohtarged lhe same a+ it'ogp~le in- t
Ir.1*6 eseahtumonthlythe xutne us ne weges
. ! ll'ro kthe Southern Stanlarn.
Our Relations With Georgia.
- e ae pleased'( to see thant thiN
* renatt6r-iu befiere our L..egislature, by a i
resolution-of Ion. W. D. l'ort.r and i
i.y consq'uent bials in the Senanto a6n6
.vi,*ouse of Representatives. Tie rol.t
ij4g is the resolution rulerred to:
. ilelen, Vpnssegers and gonods
hiSsiyag o've'r the bridge, aicross the~
ti -ennahI River, betweeii the city of
4ugstariii Georgin, and the town of
' unbuy '1W this state; are isabjected
Yli p ment oftolli, (aid to be levied
ty authoity of the city of Auguistn;
i 4nd, Whereas, a large part of the
.aid - biidge is within the territorial
imita and juria-lIction of this Stute, und
the city of Ausitu has no charter fur
the sanei uitde- ilny law of this Sta'.e;:
Iip, whereai, it i.4 highly important
nd desirublo (lint so, serious an ob.
. Irtd.Lion to the coitiierec and inter
- hourde between the people of the two
States should he renoved, provided,
that object can be cfl'ectel consists nly
with the legal rights of the city of
-Augusta, and others. Therefore,
.iRe.solved, That tho.Uovernor le
, requested to oimuiiento with the
Governor of Georgia, on tile subject,
..and to take such other suitable imea.
ures as nay lead to a full exposition
ani utderstnding of the rights of
all parties concerned, and a frank aid
friendly settleiment of the whole matter.
- Accompanying this resolution, Mr.
Porter introduced i Bill, which was
referred to the Judiciary Committee, Oh
which the [ Inn. F. .. Aloses is
Chairman. The committee recoma.
mend the passage of the Bill, excepting
1t;he second section. The lill is as
To provide; for the grant of rccripoca.l
. privileges to citizens of South Car.
Olina and of Georgia, in reluation to
Nee Building of 3ridges over the
Savannah river.
Whereas,-It is highly important to
the interests of the citizens of South.
Uarolira-and Georgia, that some cont.
Amon system of providing for bridges .
and ferries over the Snvannah r'
eiee should result from the am of I
come.? JIt their .eilto Wnit
Suhec., . Bei enaacted b~y the *Senate
and~ House of Representatir'es flno 'mt
UndL sitting in Genera/ ilssemly. andi by
Uthe authaority af thec samDe, T'hat any
charter or franchise grantead or to be
e ranted by the State of Georgin, for
-the purposei of knaildin~g aund estaeblishiing
*bridges or ferries over ihe Sasvaenneah
* tiver,-shall have full efliet witiin te
lime,+ts and jurisdiction of' the Sttea of
* oth-Cbarolina, notwvitaitandineg the
* rights of the said St-ute, to the sname
extent in all respects as if suc'h charter
or franchisc had been grunted by the
State of Southa.Curolino: Proe'ided, thrat
before this Act shall go into operation,
- the State of Georgia do by la w parovie
that equal effect be given in the State of
Georgia to charters and( franchises
- :gianted by this State; angd aller this
Act shall go ineto ope rationa, thie legah
val idily and4 ell'ect of a charter grausaned
by other of the snid States for' the p~ur.
loses aforeuaid, shall beo subject to this
hniitutioni and restricim: that ano such
Charter fromi either Stote wlhall preveni
the oilher State from grnan inag a chiariter
bor a bridge or ferry over the Saivanahl
ivetC at' auf~ place, however near ther
gl'ae~ wcere a brdge or ferry is or may a
*be establishied Iunder a chartea ftoth
the other Stacte: And Pror'ided a/so, that
nothing herain conined shallh b e iakena
or held to abaroganto or impair the
* vested righits of 11ny3 person or pe'rsons
whomsoever, so far atssuhrgtmy
I'.e& valid inc law.saiae
- .zc. 11. That tho Gov'ernor be,
16d lhe is hereby authorized 1o seand an
a to the General Assembilly of
(aeorgia, now ini sessionl, to promlote the
object hiereint set forilh.
The Methodist Church Notth.
Tlhe diSuiOn of t he Alclaodhst ('hoirebI,
by a dividinig lhne nearly identical withI thea
which distinguisied theo slavLlebang andau
nont.siaveholdinig Statle., eef~ers a1 oh~it ical
saudy both interesting anda instarueinva.
Conssiderinag it so, we haave read wit he'
attenetioni thle proceedings oef a gen.aerat .
meectirg oaf the memeacrs ofl leat denm aeaea
ination in the city and counaty eaf P'hila.
delpahin, heeld oia Thursday lust.
The~ object of ti maeetuing was to se..
cure ani expressiona c jalion iai favor ofi a !
rei resenltai of lay membeiars int the C.'a|
ferences. Resaolutionsi~ to that elleet were *
adopted ih ibut11 fews thasentaing vce', j
and a call wvas mnadel on thec ebecrsof the i e(.
Methodist Church th roulghoulit the Noarth, to -
niite in a Convention at l'ieiladelphlia ini
Marcha next, for the purp)iosel rsm t hliia (
radical chaenge on thie Gjenieratl Conference (
of the Church.
In the course of the discuss'iona iti
appeared that, this spirit of inioveation was (
no suddeni thing, blut hand beena foar saonm I
- ime sowing its poisoni in tho Church. he~ I
thet the extent to wheich agitation hiad baeen
*carried 011 the subajetct, was gis en ha 4)ne of S
*the speakers as his reason for advocating
thbe change, lie said:'
"The;~ otfect whirh a non-repreentwation
fromt the laity has had upon)1 thei charch .\
-dIsturbing its peaece, is the very reasona
-1 whold'aassigni why we shoul effect that. jI
ohjoct. It is imnpossible to suppreass te X
agitation only by tis~ meaCsure. I hope
fence to this measOure, it) tint tho thi tg.
III be post at rest. anid tIn dustiny
Ilistlilt di$LCI.od which i t cautits."
g u a n u iti i d s j i '' v 4 1 .h i v l:15
lut tis rit ol plitation. 1 ',t us rte e v
ut petit 0118s tha veIs dung~. waith the
I)Tiaii. WVelk they received theg gutitiolii,
it d1:d I hey Ilm'vu dasi with thle uproilli!
In l uoiet 'i lfcti-Riawevcr; the iirgiluiiut a
[dliuuli-na1. It Riappuind to the iiays of
to iatnriir*Im, that a him s Arnle upJolI a
ie'isld, and to raigtwn'ay bcgau to.
at1 iii a1 moast lu'arl a i-t a r ilup the
rundi, wiul It, strive to break into
Ic luld. The .shccp.-wuru ruly didi.
,rkaed---lIgiued ieaiirably, and I. uadld l
iii euriars. And~ this (itsaintud I or s9111C2.
tie, wheni flII ollf rthm4 n a ilut i s la~nitR '
his1 dt:dg'. dV I it&AittI.1 y_~W
r.t 11(181~ Wt? sh~all never have any pec :sw
it;; 05 this~ vnhaitiiler-Rlet us "41811t the
tin asiu. hut an end to thes disturlhancu."
'li e Ithoudist .iihreh Norih,aro, we
link. iii a rsir way to take tile yid ranm's
ilvice, andi weu gvo thataia jo'y of tiiir
Anaotier veary interesting feaiture in tite
istory fit* thu 3leihti at. Chaujrch wifes. diii
Rouged in this alwcusallJ,: It Worn!, thaat thme
liurchi .NasriR, halh diastrewssed inI t1he Built-.
gar of sin meubcs ia. sinee ilie "scrarati;
vhlao the Cularch Southa hash las rely in.*
reused. Thu iati ilot es are its iltw.
['hu Church North lul lncntutrs, Ii '44'732,110
is dyad - -. 'L 103.71
I'ls., ('Ishiouth~il hail in 1311 , 43Jl~I~l
1ierui11e ins 7 yer.r I . - 3:6
'tI'au resultst Wce aulroxluied to jinire
hati lies N'artloscra Chsurhi was ini a state. of
It u.'iv, a rid neeaded rchinig, a.1iakisiyr
I. anid raiaelizaig, It iueai Lu tlli they
,live hauh too imuch oil thai ahrously. It wlos
heLir roulicail t hat prtuiiucR ,thes division
it the Ciaurel, .amh thet speaaker to* :in.
roisuedt these statistics, diad naot hesitate to
ttriitittC the thelhuic or thie Church Northt
u the separation fromt thie South, anid
uL~ ie arges still furnther inasuvation as
L cure fur the evil! Certainty wes lieu In
t Wise age'.-- .ttli (a'r,inaun.
Ittlntueflts by tlhe Confer..
'rite Soith Criuita Cotreronro cif thle
tltiapai Episcopsil Church, hlich met at
~irgutu'wu. S. C., oft1 thes lOihi iast., lli~ha.
'p Atidrews presidisag have iqeade the fol.
owig apintmiiuaelts fir the~ ainsulaal, year:
Cirleetuni listrict-Cgarles 11e~tus. P.
Jiurheel ur-W',. M. i;.hitan, Editor
Siuitliern Christian Advocate; Chiarles
'I:yor and flcisjanuin Jints. .itia,ia.
ties to Chiai; Cuumheirlnth, ishitlord
Sotasi T1ronity, W~. A. MlcSwain; Iletfc!.
3a vai nnhl Iniver Missluon-C. 3lcIL51u, Wi.
A. Clarke.
hVlterbru-I'. G. Bkowmn, A. P. Aar.
.aimsuhi . As'ti- poo-J. R. C.oblurn, A.
louid U Misiiina-P. A. M1. WViniatn.
L)iutve 1lMui-''u ie' suppliaed.
A'... A..
-p - . 4 ir.M~
Profeaii~aof Univeraaity rNorUm Carolina
The aixt Coafrwn $to be held14)eril .
VThiuuar Meeting nNwjret
withm afinaisila 'tit 110 convisction Rsme
llUnists'laa f M?.r. llaraasier. At fire
meaeting, alcvsfrra sp)teLcia were amade,
.aanng wlhichl wVits onle salf eoaaaslernly lvc.
(ugaasiaee jay , . .. ltla'.wpsja. ;A serics sol
rpisulittaa wrt "e lsptosi Fwflfij fo~rthi the ,
wronga~s it Mlr. 'I F laer,tndr cuull jug tapuaa
our t. sveraameatt to.. deuanaa the. uakson.
.liliunaI surrinslsr 'sa lilts persia, andu en.,
~(,rt'e tilt duaaaoan'l if ,acceu'ry. At laits 1.
slatei of Ili'- l rsacL'rfihtIa reamulutiiut n
parop~os.ed by tm par-nuillja time; erowd, that
:leav hri~~rn lgr~nl ith rimaedl taube raisetd in Nt~w Orlitea unttil
Mr. 'I'hitr.. 'Orcelu,.i. I
'i'Ii inwas rceived with cries oif wa~r, ands
?iIU lfxiaeeajt easuo , dta'rii~iaj"i~i'F
ilia resoluttio~atvua w aslsspts~si; but Coil.
L'resa..el i lia saaeiing at. snge lgsmmgtl, de
clar'ing thetir :aallat.r.rcr its tila: lntse; , d' rot
lijiarae oia ths amlaility andm al Visagu~als elf
our Gavrsusemi to visaslim'aae ste aliti saa
launoar. antd thle rcpaahmatiiaa wia,', si usabtitn,
t'ecouas'iaicrealid. laid upon alse fablek.'.
.Tfile lialluwimg are file reiulutisams a.
dnpated lby the saaoctiaag:
Reed, r ')'is T htiu lv cuape. of :f. .S
Ttaruislar'r, so1 phlaaily asawinig ilia in.
secu0rity of awrcactzesanusr
cluasrly lhs'aratrlt'5a1, the saecesawlay' of it
laairL acive viaaalcaiu O f oir llttatintlil
Imoasor, cals h ra a lai~r, falintly. unti decisve
prolt-st--a 11114 tai cuuditiosmal re~.
elaraia f hisi pberson, aand se pers ssry
wrigfor the future up al the l3aft(Jl
sItaur Gos eraaaicmt.
Iicesslrrs4, 'fl'it hetreafter, our Gv
ernmaent, esuebh:,.las'eI ti prl'siete alia inm
toresta, ass gisard luse rights sof cl izteis:.
a-li functionj oif all g''vcrauseraa, anad
wviitaL~u w li'a gr"erouaeiit isi w'.ari
no:lsing-slsuld magiC f'orwa~rsl iaiure
Jaroaajtly tilae'm iauretaofsre, toi vinidicate I
p~ria'.te laierty nail pubalic rights, evean it
sauci 'iamlicatuti , liuiald renader meccauvary
alla appeal to armsl.
Urexulred, 'lisit we co~aiideatly Is. thatl
thet presenit asttinmaal adaisntamtte wiam 'ill
jlrosaapi3 vimiuaiai sinauaal honaaor, private
riglats, anad the~ itiiimutiies of "Asairitan
catzeiislij aad flia) A eri ani lI:ic; said
,,lt fur ou r citizenas the wide world over.
hA LTlt~oH ..- BA LTaMuaIE, lhLI'iiiber
10, 1831.--Axsuu a u s the (lay on
which Kousaiih shanll visit Batiiaore
shll lbe dL'ternainae J ai, tilt, C4.faaaalaitc
of' rce(ptioni s.ill replair to I'lsaadd1lpaaa
anaesseort aimnt is the iamnraiaag train to
this city. ()aa the arri'al s4 the ~traliii at
1Jroadwvuv, Ks.staai will be wealcosmeda
by a ntiinal aa Lte, asi will lie
escorted bay , a aaiiaary aid. vie
prfocessi to theo qularteas provided for
bin) ot thme E umiw I lotasi. Thae fial.
italy will formon Biroadwuy, uind will
be reviewed by; Kossuth, whot will be
crscorts'ul ialongi the line to the pliace tnt.1
siganed fur lua asrdila isuite., wthere lieI
will be rcs~dtud It the Metyer asil
City Ceauiai .sd *iA(b lay lime Exectiatan
uf' ti,9' Stoic, 'u ba ius ?iii~tns.d lais iii.
c.#r' Alesmi~~. A. WHIITE & Co., are
%gvs4 for the Blsanne r in 8sasnurvillo;'
ftrersilV elf cpias intshe "'4osjuh .harm/? I/brie
u'kp urelete 40 -Aer~r #ho'iape weradei'p.ihie
wbnlsFtt sol IL e clharts; this? is ere isvhouddl be
riercerl Iuru m r b elut e si tjact and iuijmissiun
we, eh6ussI. f&Avs' reesatlgI. WL ull hazars.'_
I'Ar.11OU N.
""To dlo IhaI,eonac-rg of delim. mwubst sers-wa.
ry, nut, to spay, the Iiun, for It wrould then lie
"" t hill is the rrarnlqI I amnswer sesreaivs,
large nsurnber a/ them. Noting rise Is/i Les iw'
*lbinq ripse u41 il s.e peairvde?/1.t'L.j...au,.
lit es nequene of a ilkcct, in t or Preen
wye lima.e reduacedl the Mize. of this tisasasi
s,f'ia "Ihesauer; we ask the esdnigwsce o
our pattrala auntil we csuta oatosly it.:
At thai rasjasst of sevefral f ouar you.a s,
we'. ill publieh ii iiui srtx ti"Ca slocuinrja in-.
tendiedj for e~osalsuls'saal cira.tatiost atnosag
Hies iaacaabrrs oiC ths $3e c istlary'I t
want orI, nice itoaaapol us to paut at over tkis
;%1'.%V> call. tiIapiasit (f ur, read
crst to tle ' Edacnosijo lNotacc .Of th e
Ikruaslori Spring,, Female Ilatstaato.
1'4crauiatza Guaino.
A'e s.'..osll c~ill thme attcraaiun sif the
hlasters Ito the ad'.ertisageat o~f RttatrT
& I{"iia5(D%' Wrhs hacve oilut 'amald for sale a
, r Cta'asatay or thea atsrue as iaare..
We diaasana today aesard- paut: furth icy
Dr. MaACK. js igned. ay several highly- ra.
spec ta lu geauleutiai, its reference 1n-the
late bla'.tp a st the Feal~ie Zasattate. W.e
alzso publas~h this remuarke o itea Carslniau
its referenace to than sante.
W ae crisaaaot concaur fully ini ti' Eaiiinirnn
cel Gsrth ina tlnt- card.- It dun's aseen to us.
thiat D~r. 31Aaca is not eantirely- blameless,
if lie hlcd Imnalf out tut the 1 snlt astla
real haautli.xaagerv;i..r or this Institutte.
wlssea itsart all, atlser, alae liagative ItIaunax as
wais lay theo ;pposatmnait of 1)r. &hAsfits "x-.
cupviaig that psitosa withosut the kiaowl.
edge or cisilesat ofthels patronts. of thse isti.
ris. -lie Infist stat ely hie reisposasitile to
thme costuiia.ly tsar ailt-- settis.af las agenit.
Thels conflidene iat pa rents '..ss reposed, ina
MlARKuS hiself, lauad lae could naot alailt tt
reujwirassblity to tea shoullers of anothacr.
'fluw far it appears to us thec n
bhsiac, lou t the proititj .'a's8s witha w a a'
resno'.e:aiW CAUSe or otieaaca rises far .nl
bring b' hack Ipubic esustiJeatec ia the In-~
X1,1a1 P aiiaw uIIdj I.t~e lea.. a l ..ttdso .co......
a I.
GO l o lhu'in n ' e. e' ra ti=
is din * hmund Tin ea,i t I -s
the unite tlitali kk tat onTueiduy after
-brier' eb tic ,1h : littion,4flbri4 tbv Air.
rJ r w and a ' co,
.6slums mots
n -w n Ge. -W1,11 II un ltill.lltrl
ashi gion htsJ invite runt to-- tl s.. ' e
A bill t Ittti ulp-31 tr' Mint In. Cull a
w.s then tslken itp.pi d p>+rflecl.
1,110 r.anlutiuu of Sir. Xuuit", relktive to
the late Compnm o, tnem/use C.Oitiyig
up Cur t"ullej4i U 4+lu w ilt.ltt
1{tlln ,ttlltll10.1 1l.1) t, k.1i I rciet, ahd c"/int hld t r, 1 It -14 is t
the aide ptiuu , of ilia rv/lnluli"m. hie de.
fl'eri:d a IaainlKl'iiiiif oiila speeeIs On ' e
:"uhjc"ct, its wilit-h he elnl.,ser:ile"l the..
lirievauce.l oil the 9)'Ulh, and s.rguvd ill
hear of site Cotllititutiwlvl r, fit u:
i3lCQiteltln: " i ".st+....ar ,'"F+-3 "Olt
lpjhe lh luise of Repreltent-ttivelt, the
a t113 &4" ed ti, 111i.-ruiluteu11A but+illc.,s
--the reception or petition. tlud uletnl rislp,
rt llnd the+y>rn c+liltltu tl tb tyle<
-"iutInng ul inl rlnanrc !ru{ngirg.f,, ; :
C6arfess ( 'pltrier 'llldi , inst.
" , Correaponaieuoe.,o[ the Nowm, .
-.. Ncillser brAisch of .Coilgre u ia"in.
:Nt"$4I1III to ih y, lath 'have ";itljliUfllrad:tu
.Ali-I1nl{ly; on thus di y,11 c .fjrri 44si4ltli
its ,iht, l luuxtt .tiviII be tho cil to s, juiut
;Je:;ulutiuu of,, W Icu)lee tip, ,>i4Ot1!1Ii
1ilrii der that l. iitgr4tsa, i t 4th n11114. of
this eople at tha [fllit'cd 1:1 cri,' IV e
rto lilni i eitrdlal' Sl'L"iiiOt''to tYje t 1pi1 ,f
Whir to the'csUil1r "; u111i'tat 19a copy"Or
illc -rt"wihiittoit be tr.:ru%1n(inl to" him Uy'
Ilse Preili'hs'nt. -'
'1 "Prom unit vermatian"with member,, of
r the i"l iuso. l" titink" this ros ofu'tiun W.11
:ptsis Ihut besl.v hy. till ulluust uniltiitm:u:
"vule. nod: witla.Ut d, Lat1;. t llt 4iivr", f?
"*0161i'.u H ill 111b1). t it,1fl tafrd, ejiprojlriaa
Oil g it rit1111i of 111ulley. IItNI- bn U "r ', .
IanJ : h lulcl lunsutl ntllf .htx coil Jnplltl"
lulls tbinh llr..lier lip 11.Ike 1111 i::1
their Milne.
It Is ptubahie;hilt tlnring, the. tj Asti }
:4(.-iou all ililtftijil iutiuti' Will 'bl! lath.
Fur the erevtiili'ufnn in>snne arty111m iii
this city. It is n -tliltol ioua A40 that
:-tlieic ore more iuiltlne-. per.S1luwt llarei'lii
prl-portion to the 11,111tllntiiar thaluil4-tItly
t.uthcr lwrtiut :-oi; tin, Uniotl. Until.
..pc.intsucstt is ;iw great- c;ut;+ .,_ ,.:,
This wind to clity, INHISbe ii blowitlg"tc
real huriiuutu",. , aull lints tire rullisig
Illung the streets by the dozen.
An orderwua imtu.d.today, requiring
till: eletk>+ ul"sevrrul of iIu. 1,lcpartna"lit./
to w"ul k still later cs%"ery' p" et{tnb.
reason '61, unit rI11i11C -11JetfIIllK"1t11I I11t'l/
? placed in office: for IiulitieaI 'iel6, t'iitilS-;
hate got ht-hind -bland; 't:nuFthe''gudwt
S clerks urr thug coinprltrll'tbxiiutf r:tt' Jf .
there Wers a iii/mm "of: Lsutniacru;,.,as
,ilrulww-si lv;. Scuratnrv tu+rt/" th..
bluukh, Of; could be: k "
k l "c
Ills , "
111{1:{l 'tl{1' v "
llI1C . 'r
rtxLb" S
. .r
hiotl is
ouTN r > r . jae
e I is 'Q,,Cx .11*1 u'11I"' a5
It -- xr asp
bil Qd ti;, >} "
or ire p.ntsorl
tke !Qpls 1 f . iIu pka 'fi r
:.1*4 ow
"I -come to iho Uuile.I b
ntt+ll alrs,:if, tar the rouse u( Illy w r '
4nt the rytn ttily whirls I Irsa rl "aeptr:t r if i _,.
iit'v epyr in lJI J tt aa' ttie itiit i' H , , ;t
fuwrtltu 1 tJ t r d h3, in the first uiel.
a trlr: : '
to plead iutu e .tNh.uJ Off jol t' ',A ERs;;"_
11i+h;Yl % re pttblit -uJ tote Jn "t ,'t .
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