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fI I'rIJL.fl)A7 MO N ell
~'A$~w: ~.FRAN;IS.
D TOLL.AItS in ntivnatcI, ''iiu I)etirt
$t (.tyett at the expiration of ilx iutt s
"bi~ ."Thiree Doiia:., ot te coil of tht.' yer
~ ~per diM ontintiod tutil All arr.nratgeo
~'Aii ,unlesst at the o~ptioni of t. Propier
SAdvertetitaenthi nverted a~t -SEVNTY.
,VICeas r ttuure. (12 timte or it c") tir
t 1rstr, and htalf that aura fur eachia 4Zel3qU.a it
'lieiubro itrrtioei..t to hltf nriu'd
otld 'eivrt- "~ictsor the ill x b.- puliviiue
tUil~rtlrud to be diseotitinuted, andJ charged
ONFU DlOi..AT per rqxrnro for n birtgto
I .ernontt Quarterly trn oxt utity Advertiseo
Inite w~ill 1)e Lhit rge the siave asttC a I itglc in.
5 rL1011l,,and SelttU monthly the atttt wi lea' Uth
Untwustiutibty one of thte celebri.
, ties ot out daty, the UeceIls man..1 oftt .
Curb Obitoury It \ .ire ut:jt't t o01-t
~Jtu lialhi, A~l'. - tl ,V%(r 1'iiiire'puits ot thlie
egeuticy, With \\ lttntt, in hti ; 1'u id ie
' '.t3 Ltt . !ssOli ttted, lunch.l 1(ess t he 1: :e!Il
,ut R fen about townt w.hio have ti~~ae
;":: \. tilll~k him wit Lit Prince (du kinger all
it udotirtel LCtit, 01' all 111iU .a'ls,
113t'VtSIt iig:ita y gtt;Cd ttttl
e'" brilliantly iLCCQltiit.~.tel I4Cte.a;~i atid
IS htristottol t task to tine AI a ti/-a %b: Lt't'C
'. ttrospet is all that a!.ni fiL~
t =ilord.
- 'tt lhe was 1)oui ( it Paln is) ;rtei1s
iv at the oj'eltitig otit, Ii.? pr'lt L CetiC.U
t.-'... '.~vou a 1:0:1t 1l'+li~l the 1.: i t o Lo~d
diary 111._ ., hi; o":: ) tieGML, is 1n litii
kr h~ud hav'e Jillt ie .1, I,.t ti: L
buA. Lt the 1ittej- i' the I11tti-I11111
, :T s~iic age \'11c2 l 1e Imale tie Scitit' this
, ouvery, ill ali~ot. I rCei.C! \ th e 1i
." circles.'
y17"9 ~ tt. about lte'2citIi1 iItliuiI,
--a isposbyytxt ,.1e1t isIu)
bie experience. lie tuil1 lie:ie"d,!tatv
- ties antd tact u!' the (hitntuutxts 1411+I u1"
y i. - 'Atlony llaintilui buit to the teiuii.
:;3s CuceCS of IL irtjt'it e )ttlt 0.1(1 '.I'1i
bridge \VeII, there \\:.3 suiltrtuled to
" l; is per~soln thet stlliei-Iilp and clii '..'It
Ut rt n ;O his i.ttCP, ('iti. I )'.li -ay, All tad
.allpailier of the ltipire. L~l 111:
:= t\\etiielli year* lie ha~d alreadyv irUhi
quised te gyeties of Lunduui and en
"ym tuied the .I ietich sei'vice; fijj it. \\a:;
I \lile qatteru~d at Valleuce, Onl the
s izj~e, loui -hi 3th of Noveuutni
. ,'that .un OLu lctciC Look pIlue '
.. .....:"1d;a. hile.: it 1... i ..". d, .,.he. ,er
ton matters of such uni vorral nc.
It was inevitable that Louis Nuipo
Icon should come into close contact
with the Count here in his days of ex
ile and adventure. It.may b? added,
that it was inl no spirit of Hellish-ealcu:
lation that IOrsav rendered Valuable
services to th neiltphew of the Em per.
or, w)hose chances of an imperial
crown were then of the most ilper.
e'eptible nature. The gratitude of the
latter toward his London friend had
b en so long quieseent that its recent
display has called forth tuore surpr ise
thtan alpplause.
" Qua) sera tamen respexit imertem;
C'andidiur postquan tondetiti barbla eadebat."
In his decay and decrepitude he was
granted a splendid annuity, but if he
has not lived to enjoy the tardy arri.
val of' better fortue, neither has he
trusted to eireunstauccs for a fitting
sepulchre wherein to sleep after life's
fitful frver; for he had prepmted his
own re.-ting place by the side of Mar.
gtue -ite, Comitetss of lies ington.
Ile spent h:s last years in erv.thg.
ont a green eminence in the vilige of
('hambourcy, beyond St. Germeai.-n
Laye, where the rustic churchyard
joins the estate of the G raumnont fnii.
ly, a mmu ble pyramid. In the !.ep,1l.
chral chamber there is a stone sarco.
phaglls on either side, each surmo.umnt,
ed by a white marble tablet . that to
the left ineloses the remains of Lad
llessington; that to the right way
"uintenanted" at the time Iabella Bo.
nier described the iausolt'uemni in Bent
Iey's Miseellany, '1ay 1, 1850. Sintc
then the fair hand that wrote the ane
count of that. tombh Is ibfeaRIcc ld in the
grave, and the "tenant" is now tlnth
coinig for his self-appointed home.
London Glove.
The Late Disai .Ier on Lake
We find in the Badtimore Sun som
to ther details of the late disaster on
Lake Erie, caused by the sinkin.i o
the steau]boat Jilanltic inl consequaie1,10
of coming in colli :ion with the 1101l1
Ier Ogdenx>urg. The Atlantic be
lotged to 3Messrs. Ward. and u as val
fled at *S0,000. It is said site was in
Lurid. 1le 'miuehl il iignatli ex
)reeI :'tins icers of botl
b)(+ats Ihr1 their aIpp. wanlt o'eaire
: it i belIev d the ill iin coub
e!ily hin a .'t n pi evenIt al. Th le iI
loii vdnewas givenl by} thmata
of tl' 0,6"1 O/ Yfo g/ 'I
A t thet ia~lpie t hebslm In Fri-lay night
at 'rie ('n tlea hiuly of a little gvial
f'uinc uiir::. wn. the llouwing e idenec
I was given
De Grai McNeIl, rnate of the pro
iLeer t. )*ein'hu. m si. rt.--Coitnllenit
edl my w.atch at ]midnight ; abou nit
hah - '.tt ec s.v the steart'I; ;le ha
a r'd li:lt :.u it andui two l'gihts below
wve had two lidlit} a the ci-r't.te
:i:id anuother si;tal Iight in front; w hei
i saw het', three uile's distant, we wel
steering ihr- the \V elland Canald, and1(
judged, front her course, we shoual
pass half-"-a--mile - north 1 he-;- irpt
neanring' her1, she apipearied to hav
changied her' coursle, anid to beU m~akig
aerea~s our Ibows'; Ii ow, ortdered the enm
gies toi lie stiipped; this was abIou
ithat we werie likaely to stii'ke. tog.etheri
ic!eiedl the enginec to back, and tlii
whieel put ha:rd a-tarbonn~ i:; shouiited a
hard as I well couh!; our whi.-t!e w'a
strucik; the bowc of our v.'ssel stl ikin
ha . b!twve:ui the f. rwar .1 ing; .vaiy~ r
whiee..lhouise, ton th ilarbinic i d e; dh l
niot aee ori hearLi anyV per-,'tn onl beat
the steiinerm whe li iwe struck; we has
41u' ve.'a' e l hl t siek, we wenit ti
ii 'r reief, iltho g w~* I \e di. no I't Ret',
mrig; u1on1 ineatrn we hiiard the crii
'.1n' upici to' hi i aboil ;m hour hVle
l it hadei disp:llei. I inuil her he(
11 ig t la ;11 t :ee oial e s e miWa
Icameii algide ail teok hrf alltth,
nowl~; cdur boiat b, were etig tgd in pick bhi
upa thac.e in the wa'ter; ait ter La mathli
a circle of a1 iinile ini eiretunfterenec
anl eun d the wrieek, kee.pinRg bou:as inR.ahh
thie c'ircle, :mdc ltik we gott cin boarili
ter tiad on thet ste;Liier; took. probabLlI
two1lilt hnRedl oii tiie stae r and om~
Ihnic led from1 thle lake: thle AthethR ii
rema iinedt 1 inte samie p'i.'on wi hei
Que lstioni by ai Juroii r.-li youd ha.
giveii an o rdecr to starblant th 1le be.in
live iniutes soonier, wteihl thle colij,
ionl have takeni pia:re ?
Antswer.-lt un1' iiubt, dly' wtold noi t
Theii folloingi is thestteen'
.Janies (kiiCarne, the' secondi mi:ie of the
Atute who ta~s on wtche.I at th-~
tiRne of' the4 collisaill.
Mir. Con iey swoiri. -I was set~cn
ninte of tihe Athtatic olii the igh4t <l
lie col lii; it was my watt ch tn thli
deck; thle wxeatheri'~t1 wsR imk v fromii tic
timhe of' leaving; saw l.'.ng hlinit iatit
two~e iies tell; think I coeili have se'.I
asteanoi's lighit onie h~ilt; lifteeni mini.
uteCs after leavin~g Long Point, mai&t
the propeer'els light nearly aI point n
I saw the prope~4lle'si light, which~l we
diml; pt thllu ee :l apo, t, andt kept hal
thle eroleeller strucek In twealty fi eet
foru ted of' thei hel on101 the larbiardl
Ie; heardc thet emRi le hell it the piro.
we~ strui.k gaet.C ('neilr to theI biehni
was(u twiti fu miles; li ten ranlC downle
on he ah:dent se Ii tilcould di .i
-u r Day:, !. IRate, was~ theni at
the jpuet l..;:,e, .l i tohld him ,be wals
sinking, and lie ordlered ime to ton be
low and see if' she was filling; then
went mnto the stocrage, which is; fvr
ward; fiund no waterin efloots, ?ei
,but could 'not getu the hptehes to an
look below; then returned to'th'e fire- oi
hold and saw water rushing in in tor- th
rents, carrying with it coal, ashes &c.; th
then went to listing.. her witn passen- ti<
gers and freight to the starboard, in vt
hope to relieve the leak; tiund it in- in
possible, as she was setting forward; an
then returned to the hurricane deck, i
and heard Captain Petty giving orders di
to those congregated there to keep) ti
quiet. Orders were then given to get or
the two boats which were on the hur. B
ricane deck ready, and also the work- =
ing boat. 'Tho steamer settled gradu
ally, and I should judge it was all of
twenty miniutes before the water camne
up to the hurricane deck. I should
think it was at least half an h. ur aller ~
we were struck biefore the propeller J
Caine within hailing distance. Iad
the propeller when we first saw her,
put her wheel a port, we should have
cleared her.
Indian Aiffirs in Floiida.
KIY \VesT, Augluat 16, 185-2. n
Schooner Emma, Capt. Alddr, ft ow J
Tamipa, yesterday, reports the Indais C
quirt, and that Billy llowlegs-l d fix
edg upon Friday next for a ' to.
There seIhS to be no d . C
Billy's party will einigiate .s1 tas u~
pronlised Gien. Wlake that he will la
make his terinrs .n that oceasion.
Gen. folopins, i ini Comunmd of
the vohlutnteeri of the State service, and
to serve, if necessary, in a war of cx
termiuation to be waged in the event
of Geni. Blake's ifilure, has ordered
that a cornmpany of 80 boatmu be raif- tI
edl in this city to operate with the land lb
forces ill the everglades. Twenty ft
have already en rolldci their name;. It
sceinls trout this that the State were
about to take the uatter of reirovai3
C1r,11u the (.eeral Giovertiment, and
lace it in their own luuail:s.
The! follo-.vbig i.; :-: h rletter bear.
ing the sinie date:
The mail hiet ween this city and L
Charleston will be carried this aounth
and th1rouL h eptermb er in :ailing yes- L
'el;, the steame ncr l.ahtel having been ,j
taken froi: the route to uadergo re- -
pairs. Slte will re-uee her trips in
Ueuber and Ian as u ual for the sea
Tho MoAile st ea.-ship, the Black d
\\uarrior, i. l-urly ejspcttd 1ann New e
oi k. l1er ag'ts, Livingstou and I
C:rocleron, have written ifur cane of our
b:et coast and reef pilots to take their a.
hrip:; down the Florida reel" and into r?
Key \"est. harbor, passingr thmurh the 1
. passage into the Bay, and tlhus I
cutting olf Inu-h distance and av: oid;nr
the ur rut. of the Gulf and ti dfu.
Jing of Tortugas. Thip hiehas not t
aietters of lirue Its d
well avoil givmg us a e . ..
Cali rnia tea n hips will
fntirely abandfoned. It wiIl be a ha
Iy day for this city lhen they lcide. n
10 satoi It is aid,. Ly getlemn we
pted upj, thut their ttle wasi woth t.
U) > lavana over -.000 dltJ llr a rustur,
()Ile t" hairi this omi ofxpfaldedh hre jP1
woild Iiake ur, a prosperous 'n ehty.- L
('nCore-pondu!!ce j' t.he 2. I. Ju::rnal I,
---wa e e. .> . ~ - ----
D11 ning th t.hit sp.ei of a few .
monih1 , we h ~'ne nloticed with noh
s.:i11ietion~ and li~Lure, thie ant ion I~
givenl to t hjisl irtant, Jubjct by
-variiou-g Jouirmuas- la Ur SLite. A:, IL
it ;iljj~es with equl lu~ee to eve: e
I w words unire, it ii ght p~o..lb:y be hj,
ke,0 to '-ee eact.lcst inlto gooad ground,"J i
- Sate 'baeobvd wiVS1th iuch re-J
it,, rth e repeatedvc. ithre ofhe
va iuIs lchin es imd plans1, adope ajl
by1 Legislative. author ity, for the
aid espe itady, for carry ig knowi.
ld o [th. la:-eed ~ luuial of th 1'
hat we coul sa ijy lie enryIo.) '
Ieet ini de-vo.e ii i a fea jiiilplfor theiN
trui!y a41toni-bling: anid it does strik~e touril
hite, pi I1erityV. digniity, safetyv, andi
pr ide o thife Stite arc iiiohed in i
wi*th n thet reach ofI the tndy) dietitute .
lation of ourid f-Illow-cit/ie,. ller e,
cie tly Iotenlt to bing every idee ini
r ao i 'g this 11,incubus winch reIsta luion
tolt ItrI'se, to Ia n ot hinJg of amural C
I b liaios. u~ b:i1'u'atuo1 ~til1 are t
aolre we Il ighCtyi, and stongl .,
enit'lihted pubbtl? I ~e udd lie Soicon-i
gltoii ilk .js the lfnean' upon it
i~uilwhih h 'an res te drs Iof anyl r
ghcIvenl~ue(nt.ll ib-ul er -ik-e 11uwg
areI inor espe1 iall hand po the 'o l
til tit ital i nd enegy dXe h
I 'uity thc itt ie hu tail edo mi
thici i s\\ ueI s t IIu thait l to
ghnhle tand ientilistthe l" i Th t
natlion~l whichd pays a proper hea to t
th~e menya enitur on hertinmtzns, tol
h~ae bd (ea Lnin tohe rubir oa
bleings of't educanhe ae ho -
made. W ar otpe4dt
suggest any phm~. l u bjc nS
eye to.: practical -t ryjpj.s.' 'Whil
r. Legislatul-e is endeavoring to
row more elections into the handsof
e people, let them rcncmber thcatpor
n of the people w ho cannot, from the
ry tiattire of things, vote understand- c
rly, but are the willing dupes of
abitious men. Let no portion of
y district then act as a continual
ag idiot the ther; but let all
ings imore on harmoiniously and
derly working together for good.
ac(ck River Watchman.
Sumterville, So. Ca.
Ourt PrIfacii..
There as one point on uchich there can he no
nersity of opinion in the South among those
ao are true to her, or who hoce mad- up their
nels not to be slates; that is if uwe shoutal be
reed to choose between resistance and submissiron
should take resistance at all ha:rds."
1 .iOUN.
* o do that, cancert of action must be necessa
not to save the Union, jor at would then bc
late, but to sa-e ourseles. Thus in my ri ew,
ncert as t4 one thing ncedJul.."-....ou,.
"What ais the remedy ? I answer secession,
ited secession of the slat holding States, or a
rae number of them. Nothing else trill he tris
thing clse will he praerticalvle.''--Ci, nts.
u ;" Messrs. A. WHItt & Co., are
gents for the Banner in Sunterville.
:'Er Conuiu nications intended for
it Banner must be hanidedl in on or
_isre Saturday iorning, and thl se
voring us with alveitizenments will
lease let us have them at least by
o'clock on Mo ilav.
SWe have 1 e: I . od a copy, in
tanphlet f rm, of an address deliver
I on the 24th June, before Recovery
odge, No. 31, at Greenville, S. C., by
. H. CAMr LL., Esq., and published
y request of the Lodge. in this ad.
ress Mr. CAPDI:LL answers many of
lose qtciulhous hjectionis whi ch have
ecn raised against the institution of
fasonry. We would like fior this ad
ress to he read by those, who, with
ut taking te trouble to examine into
1e endorsed object of this institution,
re alWays ready, in ignorance, to con
erai pnd find fhult with it. li the
ist fI v years great nmnbers have j
-en tidd d to the Lodges; old Lodges
avCe been revived, a i. new one orga.
idlI ; blind precjudico begins to givc
u e the light of keason. The
n-ltaee't our thai.k-.
. " an by the aline of WIL
sow, says the Marion Star
1^t h nst., was arrested here last
!t- :ouat o tieflg'N2ARL.Es
nauoa, who has bteeni charged with
i'rderit- Chmileton and fomr whose
elivery at t he Charleston Jail the Go
ernior has oflteredl a r-enard. The
roaof to iden!tifv I lENDEkrSoN w ith
':1narLoN being inlsutfdceient, hei has
J'ainfuIIl umor.- Ihnnore~ ham it,
iy.,. the~ Cheraw Gazel,' of the 24th
at., that a renicontre ocemtred at
Yaiiesbor' ont S~tuIday mot'rning, be
'.een) M. J. 1'zen:-r, E'1. andu a Mr-.
orco, in wh'li':h the I iimer. ieeived
CO aiStol 1h-ts in the abdiomen, whhhi I.
is ithoughlt, wiill proave IatalI. We
Ivye not th It a rticub11its, whtich we suip.
'n. cant( o lJbe eilitied byv a jimliciali
Vest iton. Mr. llovo surrnd-ered
m self u to~ tathe ()bleers ol' the law,
:d. i-s, w ae undi~er-.and, in jail.
AnoI de aapprop i a ntions in the
v-er andJ l~la: :l11 thtat ha~s jut
edC~ thte .ea-te, i ne af - $;4J00. for
e survey i~z the llnt hourt 'at' Gueorge
wnl. S. C. We .ae gi d to asee~ that
.uthl Carlina~ will comei in for a small
tre of thi a:-propiationsi of thpb
maoney., huile hundreds andI thaaous
.1l-s a . dnere at thte Nithl, a
the We't. f'.- the impriovteent of!
air rivers andt httarbor.,. .%clv iourt
cida et t he NorthI will nit wi:hhltad
(a ua scha; ,in-a.th h li spin~isoC-t
thioagllit ttI iiulIrs.btt,
W eta re ret.-ui.;iar, ats ii t si~ ays* the
ia!imkiee counties are be-gintirg to
e I~lmon~ublyin sjaaitt (If the
u art Den aucrat ie t ic-ket. We tearn,
~o, fromr the sane Sourtce, thtat many
isat isi'ed. wi h thte ntin iationi oft heirm
:n ;-artty have~ comen overO to the lI)e
nrucats. General Scot t is tintured
a straongly w itht~tv S A:nID dloeti ine-s toa
t tileiirt t of honest Solit t-n
h igs-he trimst lean for suippot
ont ht, Nort'gern ftittnds. I te is the
anl w ha) u oul I isoont ~teitt oIT his rig'ht
than~t lent it to the support of
.ve ry.
Minister to Eny/and.-The United
ite-s Sena te <n Satur-day, theo 21st
t., confttrmedi the noinattionf oft the
>n. Josrat I. INoERSOt.L, as Envoy
:traordinary ismd Minister Plenipo
tiar-y to ?he court of St. Jamee,
H ite roz iob 'Uew -Iak.r
4HoWL -Cone hn s i itton a Mitter T
ving his opinion upon the Presiden- ti
it election. le believes .that the
-oto of Georgia for PIERCE nd KING
mider any contingency that may arise n
3 certain.
Nori Carollita Elections. t
Full returns of the recent elections s
lnve been received, and the result is
he election of DAVID S. RfE, the De- 1
nocratie candidate, by nearly 6,000 t
najority. In the Legislature, the Demo
,rats have 27 Senators, and the Whigs
?3. In the House, the Democrats 58, t
md the Whigs 02, maiking a tie on
oint ballot.. Some of the Whig iern- (
ters are known to be opposed to Gen.
COTT, and the Raleigha S/aadard says
,hat one thing may be set down as cer
-ain-no Scott Vhbig can be elected to
he United States Senate by the ensu
ng Legislature.
I .:aev A N ius CoM.AND SAFE.-The ,
eillowing is fiomn the Fort Smith
Ark.) Ilerald, of the 7th instant. We
lope this vexed questiun is 1oW set- 1
Cap'. HIumber, 1.ieuts. Cabell and
M'dack arrived at this place froun Fort
G; ib son, filn Thaursday mioarliinag, having
It f4 that post on Wedue day muioring,
and bring the gratifyhing intelligence of
Lt.e safety of Capt. Marcy. We learn
aro these gentlenien that a mane ar
rived at Fort. Gib on tiorn Fort. Ar
buckle, just before they sta'ted1 for
this city, having I ft that post on
the 29th of July, and report-i that
apt. Marey anid his command hai
iial arrived, in g' o I leallth : n 1
spirits at Fort A rbuckl:, two days be.
thre he left. and that Capt. Marcy was
to have starttd tor Fort S:mith in
a d:y or as soon as lie could make ar
ranigoemnit. It aippears that. the re
port of the massae e is all an ludian fa
brica.tion. Lieut. Caib ll ittmins us that
he que.tioned his inibrmart very clost
ly, and that he told hin there w as
staie doubt about it, and hat he eer
t:iaily saw (apt. Mancy and his
men, a:d that they were at Foil Ar
buckle" wheti he leli th.t place.
We are gratiiiid that we ar e at least
ablc to announe, after so mitany con
flctinig reports, that Capt. Mary and
his coman amd are sate. lhis will be
cheerinig news to their anxious friends.
STEAMIOAT AcCix Ts.- From 1848
to 1851, broth inclusive, embracing a
peiud of only four years, 563 lives
were lost. and -2 078,040 worth of
property destroyed by steam1boat acci
dlents -a the rivers and lakes, of! II
United States. The present y
little more. than half gone, n'ds a
frighltdfiinrease to 'tli numihr Ift
victims. By the disa tern to the'At
antie, Ihenry Clay, amid Sit. James
alonea, alt least -100 mo4 re pe'rsons have
piis ihed, so t hat within less than live
yearvs nealy 1000 huiimani bings have
met suiddlen anld aiwfil deat hs, by fireI
'ir w,:1 cr, i conise<;uce of st :1 n boat
accidenat lin ouir riveris andI lakes.
JBait. Sun.
I.\ioa i.\NT AS To) Tii1E IOaos li.ANlis.
-Thle New York Express is in the ie
eeipt '.f ioc-!ligmece from~ Paita, toi the
iP..et that the naews had re n lhedi thiere,
that seveal Ameiriana vessel~s hadl left
lhe ITUnited~ States to t ake guano at thle
I, Lobos Ishmdsl and t h:at mioreover thea
iAnwricamn Seaetary of Slate wais
he -ti itn ' tavvor it' thae mioveinent.
Actinz upo this inibrmaation the pre
ifeet ofi t he De1 par anent, vte aire assured,
hadl enuiandled i-le immiledliate rein
fhoncaa-nt ofI a Perius ian garrisonm that
had~ :dready Ibeenl establsd t i th 1le
st''ry ran.lt oi etetaigo gn
he true the're is likely to he. tronble
whieii the Amer i vican ve'wels arrive.
Ad.vices tirom1 that Iiptare will be
lookedL for wvith great imteest.
A DIntl' AXiutss-r.-An inidis idnial,
nauwa~I dMc~i~rry, wvas a rres'ted teno
miles aboie thdis~ place, a few~ days ag,
AIb:iia. A reward of?'500( limd been
utleredI by the fat heri and brot hers of
the. personi hilled. The genitlemen
who arreited IXe 4rarv ( Messes. Whilte.
nyly ' ta. ii Ilaiiris, of t his district.)
limre ta eimi oin to A labonsia, where
he isb to hi inm perhaps, lodged in
ltoawait his trial.
Anothier MleCmary wa*is arrested biy
I he su:n e geintIlmenl, als a fuit ive tromrr
justmice, and carried onm wvithi his birother,
1 re*wamrd of' 820t hiaviing be'en offeredl
b m Alabaima jailor foir his de
I Ai~ww:iu. Mh c~aosi~ai.--WXe notice
byv thle iMaconi pap~ers t hat anio attempht.
was mrade, in that city, oni T1huursdauy,
lie lI h Iiinst., to airrest Daniel Tobin,
1fugitive from justice in South Cairoli.
ma. chiarged'( with the imiuder of Joihni
Mc .)inuald of' 1i niwell C. 11. This
nd ividunal, withI his btiither Wm i. G.
l'obin mid S. E. Fairmer, all of whom,
t is stalted, wer~e concerned in t he mur
Icer, have heena spemb~lng the sammner
ery pleasanatly at the Ind iani Spings.(1
NIr. Shaw~%, the city~ Mar-hal of Ma
onIi, at temph ted Tobinas airiest. aind withI
lie assist ance oft Mr. AlderfielId, sue
-eeided ini takinug him, but a stirnggle
nsuied, anel~ ae confe~derat e oft Tobin,
wh as alrmed with pistol4 and howie
ifet. fe- ll npon Sluow and Alderhold
mid coumpelled them to release the
iso.aner. Tobain and his friend walked
>f and aire no0w in parts iunknoiwn.
The Catholics in England are abouti
-aiing one hundred thousand dollars
o det ray the expenses oft Mr. .New.
na' suit w ith Dr. Aichilli.
Jr'tMr " O - 4l b
oti a correspondent in Bwufert Dise
let, says:.
" We notied some days since the
ppearapee of the worm on a platitation,
ear Beaufort.. The letters below, fron
entlesnen of the highest respectability,
urnish sad evidence of the spread of
he pest... Appearing so early .in the
cason, there seems no lintit.to its fi
ulty of destruction. The cotton plant,
wing to the wet season, its as yet
natured but little fruit. W herever
he worm appears now, the destruction
mist be almost total. Nor is it con.
ined to Sea Island- regions. We yes
erday received authentic information
hat the worm had appeared in great.
bree in the Forks of the Congaree.
)ne plantation (it 700 acres had been
o completely stripped, that it had
peen planted in peas by way of ma
:ing something out of it. Thus fillr
he worm had not gone beyond the
wamip lands of the Congaree, but it
s not likely it will long be content
ith those limits."
EARLY Con.-Col. Ii. I?. P-ice. of
Lancaster C. I., states in th - last
Cdger, that he hat been using this
t'ear's Corn Meal, since the 15th inst.,
:oin well matured, and makes g ud
meal. Col. Price adds, "Nece.ity
i ing the mother of invention," when
:' ra was scarce ai.d hard to procure, I
>a).tted several acres of ealy corr:
uchi as will make. two crops in one.
ear." ,
Tiu. Caops.-'ihe editor of the
remptlatr's Companion, of Vilcox
,; u tv, (Ala.) has been travellit g
iver Marengo anl Wilcox counties.
and says the erops both of cotton and
corn look c x--elingly fine. The
pIresent corn crop will be equal to
the yield of any p:- v:ous year, and
more tl a': sutleincrt for home con
sumption. It is said a planter recent
1y oflfred to sell his cr' pp in the
field at twenty five cents a bushel.
The cotton crop the editor thinks will
be as large as that of any previous
year, rnot withstanding the rumors inl
relation to the boll worm.
Nsiw COTT N.-lIhe first bales of
cotton of this year's growth, laned in
this city yesterday. Onae bale, con
signed to Messrs. Rives, Battle &
C.., clased middling fair, was sold
yesterday for 13 cents per pound. The
other two bales were consigned to
Messrs. Leavens, Malone & Co., and
packed on the premises of Joshua
llobins, of Wilcox county. This was
also clas.ed middling thir. Although
the crop is backward, it is esteemed
generally promising t broughout.' th -
whole country.--Abile Tribune 21s:.
Tua POTATO Ror Is hina.AND.-The
fo:low ing extract of a letter from Ire
land, bearing date the 30th ult., a Id
received by a mercantile house in.Ba:s
ton, would seem to indicate a more
exCtunali: pjray.to ;-M-a-ortatto-dis
ease than has 1.iiherto been supposed
to ex~t The acconts byV the Af'iiea
are all discouraging ia: respect to the
potato crop:
It may not ho uninterestinig to you
to learn that. sin< o lTesday, thle 20th
inst., thea potato. crop of Irehmdl ha~s be
comte s& riously a:Tl'.ted with the re
manrkab'e. disease of the previous seven
years. The progress of it during the
last ten days hasi been very great, and
while results camnot be stated, there
can be no doubt that a large portionl of
.he crop) will be lost.
Abolit on Nomiination.
T1he Aboli ion Conv'ention lately as
semabled at Pitt'sburg, adjourned after
ses~sion of twio days. The Convention
niominatedl Jolhn P. 1 lale, of New
I Iamnpshire', as their candlidate t'r the
P'residenecy, and Chairles P. JuLlien ot
lad iitna, fori thle Vice Presidency.
Thiese nomi nation'is caInnot iail to
weaken Gen. Secott's chance's for sue
e.'ss in Oio, Penntsylvania and New
York, where the vote's of' the ti-ee .oilers
were miainily rid o In, fihr giving hinm
the votes of these States in the electo
ral colleges.
Ont the o~t her hand, the Democratie'
candidates chances of suaccess, will be
imnteh increased by t his split b.etween
tihe l lale anid G reely mnia. All the
demoerats in those great States are
now kit toget her ini the closest bonds
of' t'aion-a un iotn which will com.
ianid 85 electoral votes in November.
Th'Iis mu nb er added to t he votes of' the
democratic electors in the South and
Wecst, to say nothing of' thme East, will
L'ause victor'y to peich on our stand
G;orso lloMEr Aorms.-The Charles
ton Courier of Monday .relates the
(Oi Saturday last a gentleman of
Alabatima arrived ini this city f'rm
Blaltimnore, haviing w ith himr a negro,
who had run away f'roin his plantation
somuetimte since, anid whom he had te
L'overed uder the fb4 lowing sinigular
tercumstances. St andmitg one minttg
recintly in front of the llotel at which
het was sojouirning at Balt imore, he
was acc~osted by a half-starved antd pi
Liable lookittg negro, whom he presenit
ly irecognmised as the fugitive from his
e'state. Asking himi what he wanted,
te stated that he had been residing in
Cantadia, anid after havintg suflfered in.
*umcrable hardships he had determin
dl to i'etirace his stops and return to
hte home which he had so abruptly
1tit ted, and had got so) far wuhen prov
dentially hte f'ound lais master, and
iowV enitreated him i to talke him back
vithi him. T1hte warmi heat ted P'laniter
it on1ce coniseinted, fedl antd clothed him,
mdtr the niegro passed t hro'ugh this city
Aith him as conitented and happy a~
nortal as any ott ear'th. ie has learn-.
~d a lesson he will never forget, and
rifords a practical comumentary on the
nsanity of those who would inter fere
vith a condit ion of things, the prmacti
ali working of which is perfecty un
known to themn.
eleetic orf 'a' pul -
aneidel as to alto
edect lisM wn 'i
_Ini~hhe flouse tfig h
protection of lives - -
board of steambo- - -
and passed byn lppgQ i4 t
[1.heoamed -J
proivides thalt-iit'y
is destroyedid y na
resulting fron eareles
or reeklenes lidar
o nu of the* dleOO }s
ble tai a'fine of :$100 fc6 -
inprisonmenit rangingtfoitg a f i'
years; the United Stateen -
torney being equiredti
the finding of tie-Cuoit re
Captains, 'Plotsi nd Ji :iii5 -
also irade liable to fire andji.
ment.-Charleston Mermry- ]
list of giaduates at .Wet tPbi
1852, who have been ar~p(4it d
regiment of mounted riflenteI
n :me of Cadet Jerome tall
naparte, who stood No. 11 in his eliV
at the time of his examination. ; +u
Bonaparte as is stated in the reel
bi igraphy of the Bonaparte family
published in Philadeldda is a-grand
Son of Jerome Bonaparte, the :Ex
King of Westphalia, and ,now Ptei
dent of the French Seimine, by {11
Patterson, of Baltimore, the Ameri
wife married by Jerome Eonate
t'roi whom he was divorced in orde
to marry a Gei man princes.1i
iather, Jerome N. Bonaparte,= erii
gertlemuani of large wealtl nowrei
dent at I altimore. His gandiiiother
Madame Patterson, is also litiny :
Paltimore, in possession ofa consider "4
ble fortune. une ..;
Died in this Distict on the 17t ilt
Mrs. Rebecca Gent, aged one Iimt? d
and ten years, a titive of Lanca tut
District. She enjoyed good heatt i d 4
til about two years paitst, andsupporttd
herself by.her industry up to that tim
Four months after- her- matriage, her
husband enlisted awirl joined the iindiat
war, and served five years ;f tno
returnied to his wile and li-ed with he
the remainder of his dats, and remied
a large iamily, of whom thireoftlti'}
children are alive at this tinie tlield
,-st persons known in this Districtpea'
l.ps.-Lai caster Ledger, 251&in'tv
-At the mass . meetig -at iflsb& . *
ocugh, N. H., 25,000 personsire tai.
to .ave beau present. .Gi n. ier
presided, and Gov. Seymour, of .1onn
senator Dix, "Col. Ciemen, of Aa '
and other persons of dib.Ii tiou id.
dressed the meeting.
The Charleston M~ercur sa h -t
fllow ing is an extratign a t
Tfhe erop)s' of Corn geng
very good, but I anm sorrmy i,
now have the Cotton Caterpillar, t~%
real "Simn Pure ;" the e is nohlu
a bout it. In consequende of' the hia~k.
wardnmess of the plant generally in th
section, our crops will be eutpha IUN*
least one-.third.
torfeit tour dIollar notes of the-Stto
Banik of Northi-Carolina, hav'e .rece11m
hy f, iud their w'ay to Petersburg, Vir
ginia. 'They are distinguihblek front
the genuine onesR by the signature
the Presid!ent, D. Cameron, which is
a lane fac simile, anId other features4
upon01 them.
Ni iw Yoaxr, Aug:24
Trhe ste.imner Franklip, No. 2. hus
her boiler near St. Louis yesterday by
which 1 5 petrsons were killed, 30
v, ounidc d, apd 6 are missing.
' he ity cuncz(il of M~ n'mery,
(Ala.,) have conelnhuded a contract with
a comipanly in Cinciinnati, by which tli
c'ity is to be lighted by gas wyithinus
SO I.E .A D PIER CE.-Mr. Soule h'
distinguished Senator from Louis'mnn
inaprivate letter to his partuis.r, th u
speakls of Gen. Pieree:
"1 have seen the man, and-a mena ho
is, of hotly inien, of winning manner.
and eamsy' aind elegant speeceh,' of great *
directness of purpose, of facile acers
amid yet dignified and imposing-a
man, I tell you, who will grace the
-Presidential chair, add to the credit<o
our party', aiid do honior to the ur
tion. in him we may repose the
most absoluite~ and unreserved con
fideiice. .lis mind is of the high.
est order. Whamt strikes in shim rJ~
most is the bold confidence. with
which ho addresscs himself toany
subject-an unerring revelation o
conscious recitituide and of moral. and
mental strength."
A R REST:D.-Tlhe Savannah journal
infor m us the arrest of Rollins, who
by a successful strategy succeeded b
relieving a gentleman recent)ly %~'
more thamn $100, and a gold wt'ateh ~
chain. lie is supposed to have bani~
ani aO.ccomipl ice of the notorioueDt~
Hines, anid engaged in the late proec .f
for his release. ."
Mess~,rs. Stephuens andTom
left, WXashington for their houioA
Georgia, aidi will probaibly nt otOi.
during the present session of Coii~
-ro.-The unitcd testimony of ~
watch departmenut isi, that there is~
never so much drunkenness at nightii -
Bo0ston as at the presents tinme. -Om
Tunesday night, 17th, 33. 4tiu
sons wiere conveyed to, ho~d'
w'ae.hhous~es nmi .
w atchnrien t u

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