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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, October 29, 1852, Image 5

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SS0Piaeplel subject in our
wAiah'thle dlisastrous and
tsofm-t1reatntent by medi
i eni well as tie miselhiefs of
p ar glgiogmtece are m11ore apparent
n tthe remedies resorted to in the
id of scalds aid burnts, now unahap
ftrequet in our' cotity, by
0 1asoi of the tuurderous reeklessiess
- hVian life in the men eitrt'usted
ith ur public coniveyanices in which
16nd ago 1830, in the first.
p ap edition t ooper's Surgical
S etoniry,.Plblished by the I zarpers
Si"Awlhts city, we too cnsion to ige
n the priofessionl and the-I ule. t-.u
4tanceof a bet terofk;vy rId
ce in the medied- iLanagmelint
so, mischief resu jig from such
.Z.nCl ents thani thl ~Is. ly in voT
ethen sta 1 resul sof 0
ie:n for et years in t e
healdu and( -bus lby t
TJ CAion1 ofiwheat flo
' a'sys at hand, ant
nis applicatio
mmry ati 'u
di inl tite
in ll atiid ll,
erhimself. and
vay, without Credit.,
pubilications at home
.Veiv in the late Ther
work of Dr. T. .). Miteltelt,
adelpia, this identical practice
"ascribed to Dr. Jh T hI'liomas. of
and. who, in 1832, called the at
tention of the profesitsinn thereto. as
aw are told in the Ohio Aledical Ly
iPUm, two years after our publication
as aforesaid, and twelve years iftier
onr testinisy to iLs ell'eaey had been
But, waiving the 1111umportant sul
et of priority, we are grieved to
fearn trom the public Ires tshat such
Sultitudes are annually perishing lay
Calds in steanboats, and from burns
camnphine; spitit gas, aid otherwise;
rl y aill of whloml,Lhowever severely
urnt, we do not, hesitate to sa Y i might
reserved from a tital result if this
niple prartice veto adopted inunedi.
at-yafter such aecidents. Instead of
is, however, we hear( of the appliia
tjon of cold water, Molasses, oils. cot.
ton, "pain extractors," &C., 1CComala
-ied uniformly by tie -dleath of tehe
'ftierer, and often "after sith acci
dents.. Instead of this however, we
heat of the applictimi of colhl Wa
tNr, lead water, mola'.es, oils, cot
ton, "pain extractors," &C.. accoailil
ttLd almost unitormly lay the death of
the suffecrer, and ofteiuer lingering
iY excruciating torture" for days
Now., it ougit to lie promulgated
tb the-pro'essiou, uad for humaiuntit
ake to be known to the whol
IPe, ,that in any eae of i
.hd,.owever exteitasi -
bring of the patienat may be a
and permanently relieved, al( that in
a moment of timlae, by sprinkling over
the injured surfhee a thiek layer of
wheat flour by the hand, or, what is
lbetter, bay a dredgitag box. Elvery
veostige of' pain produced lay such inju
rs is instantly rema oved, and thae sta
fbrer not 0only escapes the shaoek to thae
nrossystem accoata in sne
torture, bu ilgenerally thil ito a
qit sleep the mintenat the atmiocs
phecric temfperatuire is thus exchidt~ed
from the wounds.
Why, then, shtould pesn thus in
itred be allowed to~ die with inatenise
agony occasioned lay baurnss anad seablak,
athey often do, if no~t without t reat
- cmen by the app1 lica:tions- so) ao eni
made, umlany of which itlIa uet t heira
suttfirings, anti renda er sauc-h injurtiies ir.
reparale ? Eve.n ian the late exploa siaonl
tan board the Reinideer', it is sii thtat
mny of the saldted livedl ahr haours,
sutfle.ring all the tim:ae f'rom thetir a'ex
t ernal ijuries, and t hent trteeat withI
ra etton, limte watter, anal litnse-ed
tail, &c., until they were dlead. Naot a
pa~ng~ need htave been enduatreal beyonld
w hichi must, htave been at. laun al, if the(.
ignorhance of their- friends, and lhe an
advisers, htuIat ot led thlem ito re-ly up-il
onthe mtiseriale sitblstituites.- whi-I
asperstitionl has cantonized ihrat cenitu
a es.. Anad so we afleml oaf every case
'aft1>urn -and scald,. even if th I'en tirte
surface hias siutibred.
e the New York andu Ielrn laos
pittals this maode of' trea'at ing~ burt hIa as
b~een long int use; tuntil recenit ly. ais we
~earn, the same object. hats baeen eflfet
- t'd nt thte tirmer' institultioni lay thte
atnalogouis mnethotd of coiverting ihie ini
pried pats wvithi a iilIit ato gmit
araie s to artec t t h le deiiudaed-a
surl ithee' tromt te atmIiosp htere, anda
w hich the suargeonss thlere pnt-ter' to thec
floitr ill somle Icas, whtere te wueight
oa'the latter bseomtes anl intconlvetsience'.
ToLa this methodiu we smkeio oba ~jec- ti;
- lut. htavinlg fotr so iitatnt years empl~aoy
'.d the flour alone, to thte ceclsian of'
all-other agents, ansd in ever'y vatriety
antd extent of injusries by fire, we haive
thus reiterated our testimony;t~ andit as
this agent is abunin es very houtase, and
embe inst~tly prtcure'Ld with Imtore
raeadiness thtan ainy of the other arti
vs named, we give it thte pr'eferene
ova~er all otheris.
And we recpeat our futll perisuaisiont
1'-imt not onte itn a hundiareda asf thsose
1:erissing b~y laurns tad seablta iseeda
'siCcumbril underk) their i njur ties, it' theayi
wer a~it onlce, or' 51ason ater a-s mtay
be, covered with wtheat foutr. \We <
uhave applied it suiccessfultly, after no
'csrouss ot her resmed ies lad Iben unt
a rou0is o ter remed'(ies lan lbteen lilt
n:cessfuil. anid wheni manty htours hand'
a psed after' the ac(cidet(tt. ITa gi ve
Au-usuggestion to Ithe people., anrd sesat
arits broaidcas't over' the latd, wvill
1re a31 mutltitude oaf Iivyes itn a sinagle
.r.-Recese's Mecdical (/azeth'.
Tthere are 4500 Imangages It brought-i
at t~hb -world, besides the lansgutage of f
tinu eye5 a
1raho w sH
Trom - atenr Rotei.
Sadness is apt to ga her over the
thotights o1f those who are in the mid.
lie of their cacihd he stroigda 4
their day athe anticipation
SPrC niq]id Yellow leaf' of life'
' It h ogh they wish to be
old, they sliiuk from
Ibeting (old. And this is
ey anld at w ss.
tinllovel y, 'M tht
youith's' bodi
dlescries it
Gay lie . 0
-d .ities.- ii 'ag
autt ai'es to i i the
la- i -e, with engthIen
its wilted irics. The
sat we all r -, sing'rs drearily
is declIensi( of huian power.
stiij n ofthe earth's bravery.
..,where ' prido of Suniter-the grecen
Ti any, inativ lnves nil t witikii? Three
i the uosse.*i il; three on the naked lime
- remlibling, and (tiloe ipton tihe old unk tree!
Aloie, alone.
Upn an tunotspy sttone,
Wig it nd reckon i the tient anl gone,
With lie lat letnZvet4 four a ltve rosary.
There is it clari in such expressions
tit selnisilllity that easily inelt n 1i,4.
hut. let us not yield to them too fhr;
itor aserible to thet'i Im. re truth thatn
they reallv contain. No sentiniental
ben'utly shol;)jd mnislead 11s to bie unjulst
to the pri vileres of ourt. heingi; uigLtrate
ld for the I itoviiotn that are treasur
el ip fir tile latter days, its well as
for the irrer-, atid inistrust tid of their
lenveinly Father, who guides to time
end anlld 'saves to the it lutost.' Ile
senids time satme angels that w:tcl (over,
his little ones to lar up itn their arns
Ith, aulrd oines aliso, wlln they are
worn' with the length of their journey
and their strenIgth Ifhileth. I Canl coll.
teinlplate iothiig muore veierale or
dear thltm the fiIishi n1g- lng itnay it
ble be-folrC it. is finisihed !-of a well
spent life; with its ripcied experience,
its ne'llow wisdom, its remeibrances
till of peace, and its hopes full of imi
mortrtalit V. It milay le usteitl to the
last; and more useful as it draws nigh
to the last.--Does it not tread closer
on the heavenly world ? Al what
new thing is it for eyes, that were even
growilg diim to oit ward beauty, to
see the future kinidling ttp with a
brighter stit, atnd to catch visiotts of
God. We are no believers inl tle en
pacity of ignorance successtily to ex.
cite social fimtetions. wlhich reItire
knowledge m1l experience fior their
clneficial exercise, and still less inl the
ntinil that any Multiplies of ignorance
will constitutte knowledge. ]'ait in this
we have undtloubted fiith-that it the
people possessed political power, the
mere selfiih instincts of the ui er and
mliddle '
.il hl.s iave strent
e co nfine Iiti we look with indilli-r
ence, or mere citriosity, on his teeth
and claws; bit lireak do.wni tie iron
gratinigs, an1d let him lotse tipon Its, or
shut us up beside him, and we should
hiast en to ex tract, if we coubhl, t hose
imp hlemi ent~s of' destrutIion. TIhits it Is
withi thle leo ple.-W hilte we are able
byv horse. tit antd art illery, cr tiimil
othies, judi ges amd tiool s, to r-estraini
thmem, with till their ruiiie habits anti
fierce inist iiets r ife wiin temt, wve
qiuiet ly leave themit to degzradaullttin -
stols byV whimt andiu the muanner it
whmiih thiri teeth antd claws shouktl lie
tinl~un to ielopelj heCr tmieral rt
Aladdtiit coil scarceely bingt. themu
umre rapjidly to lighit. in ioltitioni to
I )oirn's (nowi~ celeb rated1) veini. ofther*
whlich proit tiie finiely. We learn tlhat
Metssrs. J'iIiTabet &\ ( 'i. (wihom ieased a
pittrt of Doirit's lo11) a re already
dinitg well, ando t hat Major*i ulagh
es. sevenmiltes abo ve our village., is
als-o worikinmg sume-ssfidly. Several
t in IJIr. A lint-'s plae ini thtis vi
Ieiity a i-ineral Ip;init hias reenutly
bedivered ' which jidgt pro- ~
it' nniee v. rv valuablhe. Wet bltietvt it
i * in conieIrable abui ulancte.-- N/g..
fie/t/ uh/re'r/e.,
A ('asE (v C(ssein-:sE. -A gen
ty, Misissippi stends the filtowinig
letter to the Port Gibson Ilieraltd
for pubilicationt, teima~rkinug that thei
anounit spokent~i o f in the~ nite was
iiiuilly rtetI eil by im : "1lh-ar Sir:
Eneitlised vion will flid fbri v dollaris as
i repratio ihr ithholing tn
-:ars ag. You kinewv it nott, liut. I
lidi, antd it lhas hiung! a wecight on
lny soul ever slice. I have priayedi
A stoni of the late M. M. Noah,
if New Yorki. for somei tune as
;'eiaite iwithI thew New Yiorkc press, and
iir at short t imet editor of the S.
.Siuiitervliit'e thiiiner, has ini com
aity withi M. Strakoi~sch. thie e-mmi
~llemust tiohl a friendl who was
lwaytms takling riack iteidicintes that
Vhy? lieeauiise you tire cakustantu to
o-pil.l. ~.. -
50 .CH
ofaneo F)
will en
t all acri
lemnIy assure
9 he opnlaion of
are the priunary
f dicases to wihie I
able; if you have an
ngeable fron line kind
Id iath, Pinil in the Sto
at th Nose, Iardness and Fill
ity, Dry Cough, Slow Fever,
-gtular-remenmbenr that nil these denote
aMs, & you should at once apply the reinedy
Nlobensack'. Worm-n Syrup.
An arti.l founded upon Srientific Principles,
comapounided with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly safe when tkemn, and cnn ho
givon to the inost tender Infiant with decided
hneficial effect, where Bowel ComplaitLs and
Diarurhea have minade them weak und debilitated
the Tonic properties of my Wormn Syrn p are
much, that it statnds without al emqual in the cata
logne of medicines, in giving tone and strength
to the Stornncha, which Iinakes it an Infallit ie
remnrdy for itho.;e afilieted with DIyirpsia, the
astonishing cores performed by this Syrup after
Physicians have file , is time hert evi ence ofits
Iutierior effieney over all others.
This is the most difillienit Worm to destroy of
.i that infest the Imnan system, it grows loan
uamost indefinite leniih beemning so coiled and
fastenledt to thie Intestines nnd Stiaeich etfclting
the iealth so sadly as to cause St. Vigmus Dance,
iits, &e., thiat whosat. flicted seldom if ever
suspect that it is To a Worm hastening them to
ni carly grave. in ortiner toi distroy this Worm, a
very e norgemic treaitnent intst he pirtied, it
wotild the'reforit ho proller to anke ( to 8 of my
I.iver Piills so as to remnove till obs-tructionis, that
tie Wtormn Syrup niny act direct ipoan I hot Worn,
which uIst he taken,, inl dose of 2 ''ble.poon.
fuls 3 time.s a (Ia, thee directims fo'lowed
iave never beenl nown to fail in mtirinig the
most obstinate case of Tuapc W'trin.
IJObeuimnek4's Liver PiIls.
No parl of t ystetn is nore liable to disense
tOlin the .IVFR, it serving ns a filterer to ptri
f' tile blool. or givinlg the proper stereinma 14t
the bil ; so tlint any wrong atelion of tie Liver
effects the other ilmportanat puarts of the systetn,
and results variotlv, i I .iver Comnplaint,
Jaundice, Dyspepsia. &c. We should therefure
Watch every symnptom tint inight indientte a
wrong action of lthe Liver. These P'ills beine
co01np)4sed of HOO-rS andl PLA s'rs furnishied by
nature to heal She sick: Namaely, 1st. An Ex
rrC-ron A NT, which nngmeats th sereion from
the Pulmonary muctus nciirane. or promotes
the discharge of emcreted lnatter. 2nd, An A i.
EILN.TIVE, which chang qes inl sonie inexpliea.
he aid insensible manner the certain morbid
action of th system. 3rd, A ToxIC, which
gives tone and strength to the nervours P system,
renewing ienhhI nuel vigor to nil parts of the
oily. 4th, A VAt.-ittie, which acfts in Ier
feet IarImony with the other ingredients, and
operahtiImg mi the Ihaels, and expelinig tihe
whole iuass (if eorritlit and viinted tntter. and
ptarifying lb.- Blood, which destroys disease and
restores lealth.
You will findi timere l'ills anl invatluable muedi,
eitne in- m 31any Pol);nplaitits to which you nre stilt
.it. In oh.<tructionis ither :otal or partiil, they
have been fnmid of inestimable benefit. re-storin."
their functimnal arringtemts to a lieiJthy n
tion, puriving mite boIod and other luitds so
ei'ecmiiaily to put to flight nil complaints wt ich
mity arise from feai-ile irregularities, as head
aetat, giddinesus, dininess of ight, paitn ii the
None go!nuline unless signed .J. N. Hon Ess.wex,
all others being base initation.
i E.-z AC if25 CTS.
iewsupplies', an Sire
11 o beominig Agent. must nd
he Proprietor, .J. N. 110BENSACK,
Phliladelpia. Pla. r
a )rngglAt aid I'erciants iln
P1. Mt. C'onus, Charleston, Wholea o Agent;
for tiae Stat.
August 10th1, 145'
AT TIlE 01.11 sT A N 1 fii S. & .. G5l.ttilT.
contnnetheCA R JA (li -
filSI~;NNat time tabotve
Chiarlestonit-whieire the wil val he pleased't tn
exhiibit to their mald frietnds anttd c uto mers
avery eXtetsiv:' Stock of V ehaciles, com-tt
prlisinag thoste of thieir owni ma ntufatture,
tog..etiher with varioius' ot her styv!es tsItOally
iotntnd ini this mtarket. 'lT'ir long :atIuaint
andi deatilers willI enabiile ate O tihtr g'reat
it inuiments to putrebasers~ hotht ini styles
.RI.1)Y MT.l/> CI.'(OT/I/NKG
of tail descruiptm.ions laowt ns.$'2 50a fiatIlsuiit
A pril itha, 1-52 2 i--if
F"reshm~ Gishaen Ihaiter,
1"or s~h ale hv Ilt~l' Jl l.\T TA
Camdueit,' Ntv '25, 1 "51. I -tr.
STO1 ( C K 0 1" 1) Y..G ~())I O S,
W. .1. . A('OHl & Sf N iii this dtay com-ni
tminet tta o ttri th ni hoa ofi a tei r ir e
well It i.i elit Nine of~li ltrv-Goods tat gt r t ivh'
l~l ieeea Priie Jto wh~uich.the. niete t
W....A'O*:iIA 310()N.
Ihanr It , Jun 'J, i8 2 1t; f
N'ot ice.
OF a GOOl behr.v' gingr~ to A. .l.i l P. 3osers,
willt continu bsine athei ob Ifnd n
asutrehs Lrid, aoth pu&i Crny
, PF.i lA'it'1F..
Ferary 10 1852i 16 if
)CI lt. -md amt. M. SA aiFr, hiin omted e
ButiiI ti o er L adh3 Baconi &'tgih Crn
'.' il, i ounttanve. (in smal iis)
do.,il do I'aathent "Iai, do.r~ai'a ~
P'IeNG rappointe te Agent of d Nr wsi
-cL'ioonen ;themplt ing !a~lmsen x
I epilmin tune a'V otI8 iAl get
ne appoods.'
TIE subscriber. i just returned from
Charleston with a full issortmeit of A L L
KINDS OF OOODS,-Wares and Merelan
dlise In his line of busainess;. having excercised
the utmost difigence il buying them CHEAP
AND GOOD, (and goods rell bought re ha{f
sold) he can make it ean object to any one to
make a bill with him, either nt Wholesale or
ILetall. ~ 'El iY O3SES.
April Gth, 1852 24-tf
(At the old stand of A. J. & P. M oses)
Ofibrs to his friends and the public generally,
a freh asupply ofevery variety of goods selected
by himself, viz: in Dry Goods
3-4, 7-8, 4.4, 5.4, up to 12-4 Domestics, front
5 cents a yard up, or icos by the quantity.
Brown Linenms at 12 1.2 vents a yard,
Colored muslirns, and Linen Lustres, 8 yards
to the dollar.
White Crape Shawls at $5 00
Baltimore Flour, (warranted good) at $6 50
25 Stekt, Salt.
HIarrels of Lard.
Old Government Java Coflea in Malts,
Suars of all kinds, some excellent qtality at
G1-4 cen.
Sperm and Adanantine Candles, less than
they can beo bought regularly in Chanrleston by
the box. Alonds, Itaisons, Figs, Currants,
Citron, Candy, &c.
in great variety, at very low prices, anl le
)EFiE compeftition in Ilardware, Cttlery
land CUrpenter ' Tools.
Alpril '27th, 1952 27-tf
1,9 00 Bu shaels ofcoI'rn,
,TANTE) hy the subscriber One Thou
eand Buselcls of Corn, fur whach the
highest market price will Ia paid.
Fehirtanry 10, 1-2. -tf
Freh GoAsen Matter.
1.,4n1f, Crnsh, Clarilied and Ilrown Sugars.
lIest RIio and Java Collee.
Orenn.4 Molasset.
Sarlines, Lobster, Salmnd and j3I.tckeral.
Pi kels, Preserves, Am.
Also (:11JES of the DL'RIAM Irand, that
will keep in any cliamate, and inpr-jve with
age, fat 1'ER ity MOSE'
LAb. 17th, 1852 17- -tf
Sweles anl Enghlsh, Broad and narrow
Bar, Square, Hound and Oval; loop, B-said
and Ilmler Iroai. Cast, German and Blister
Steel. Smith' Tols. Carpenter's T'ols
lluggy Axles and Springs, Carring Trin.
tmings. Ilollow Ware, u(;iat and Wrouight
Nails, always on hand and for sale. low
Fel. 2-1, 1$52 18-tt
New Arrivals
The atnlscribers have .-st received their new
assorment of SPRING A N 1) SUMMER
(.OO0, Whivlieonists partly of '
('alicoesa, Ginghiaams. plaini and enboroidered
lawns. Fancy ialuashass, at all prices; i.iaen
Cambric. nssorterl color; Cambric and MuAslin,
pthtn and clcecked: Crapecs, Baregeit, Challys,
Uelnines, Tisset Silks, tund a great variety of
other artilIes sitaible for La..hes' Dresses.
A.so.-A large naortment of Lia Catbric
II,dlkf, Needle--wOrked Collars ant Cutl',
Cheaisetts anda11 Capt. Slaaslina atndt Lac Sleeve,,s
C.aaes and alantiillits, L.nee and 3nslin Edging
anda Inserting, lonnets atl Itiiins of lthu
newest sttylem, Ivory, Illuck and Feather Fana,
nmbrellataaal l'arasols, nanl a great variety of
other arcies too numerots to name.
They recommieal their stok of bleached
aal brou n Shirsing, blte ntal strilaed llone
tipuns, Cotton anl Lonen Osnaburgs. lied Tick,
.and every kind of 'l'owelling and Table Lien.
A % ery larg(aiortmentaof I losiery (if every dle
scription, Linen,'Thread Lace and Silk Gl uves
31itts, &c. &c.
They invite their frieands to call tat their Store,
every way, as well in the price as in lie assort
ament (if the Goouds. M. DitI:CE Ei & CO.
Astril 20. 1852. 2,-t f
New Fall and Winter Goods,
.Pta aheaalwe~ribersm atre nowa~ rceivin ag andta open*t
mtg ater uasunat -tpply of lDry Gaods, llardwsare
tand 4 raaaeries, thte parie-rs of wichel w.ill bec iery
taacha resiataeda, ntul invite thecir frienads andsa the
lpubtlic toenunaainae tha-i.r stockI.
il. 1)RCCKIll & CO.
New 8pring Goods,
31. I htueexen~ & 5 'o.. haa v juast reec-ivedl their
anew suly oft S lIliNG A NI) St'313 l1Eit
S'l.5)'llN, to .\ ,a haich taey woualad invite the
rattetion taf the jailic. at sthe a-ne timeaa they~
woui r:commantasaa their Saaock oaf Onitatinag Ar
atacles. viz.: Shir. (Clar, (ravaau, 1laae.r
g~tarent, laa'ie-ry, G.loave.sa, Suaendetlra, &c.
Alpril 20, 1M52. 2a-a f
ilIA l'ersona hnvioatf deansds ngainst the
I1 latate aos (O. S. ItES, dlec:eae, will
a., ta themat itt proplyat-3 atttested, ;ali tose
iaadebted wdtl mtanke immtted iate paayaanent to
Manv 4, 1852. 2.-s f
Just Received,
A T L . B . 11A N K S',
A loat of chapj ~al tashas mtal G;ina nsa,
Swi-s aand Jiaok Alsluinis. A lpascdas,
Eamblridlreda entranna .allinas,
lFuranit tare l)aaities, l''rinages,
(.haamblr.a Giaagannaa, Salk zand Licen Lnas
?alaslair ; andl Grase Sk arts. CoXrdled ala.
Cheunatsest is &~' Colla r..?laaaarninaag Coallaara,
L~saies an ltzesta col'd on1a b( aitrs. a
1II as Satpierior F~actoary Yarni.
Alay '- I, lM52. ;:1.-If
All pe-rsonas hntvihat, ch-tantals tagain.st the Es-a
taste ofa I. S. lk-tsar, dece~saed. wtill present ataem
dly nuetateal ;tatal tihose indaebatedl will tankei
I. .',)L1iISA IIEL.SEII, Aalhn'rx.
Ot. 20Sth, 1851I 52 ii
Executors Notice.
I have appoinaated~a Mr a. SamueatIl E. Wiktsio nmy
Attnt tat ...te h- tup i al atam ttars taf thte Istate
oaf Cao. Stephlena L.taoste, lt, at af this I )istrict.
All peramas havia deandsaal against thea l-a.
at te-ta-al. Thaos- nedn i llaa-aaI ,i makett inatneda iato
tana met tao S. E. WIL[SON, Aa'ent.
Mhiay 7tht, 1851 '28 Sf
A L.1 Pearsonts indaebated ta thea satblscer ir
laby Notae tar Aeronttal tare rspjectfuallI
hsleied tam aalI andau settlae iaaanaedhi~tely a's
irenmaastantces compel aim tot enaa-ll ama thtemi.
Alarcia 15, 1'-52. 21-tf.
Garden Seed-Crop 1851,
. last receiveda a fremh atupply,. ininaainag every
anly wihin-l tarte~ A1 W A N'INTmEI). .Also:
It 1811 I'OT~ATO ES, (Oaion 8,etts, &A.
Fe b. 17tha, 1852 1--'
BA ItGA I N. tato behad tan ate aboaave atielo
a 1P'I:tY MOSES'
Fela. 17tht, 185a2 17_.
500( BUJSIIE LS f 'C O 1 N , Juast re-1
Lraeivedl atad for-li11o low bty
tatat 2;$, 1852, gg iss
diseases ari.
singfron a disor
dered Liver er Sto
mach, suchd as Consti -
tion, Inward Piles, Ful ness
or Blood to the Head, Acidity of
the Stomach, Nausca, leart-burn, Dis
gust for Food, Fullness or Weitht in the
Stonach, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Flu
tering at the pit qf the Stonauch, Socim
meing of the Head, Hurried and Dift.
cult Ireathing, Fluttering at the
Heart, Choki or Suffocaing
s wns tth en ill a lymig
posture, Dimness of
Vision dots or
wechs trjore the
Fever anl dll[ pain ini tie Ireal, Deficienc
of PeorIpirilon, Yellowness of the Skin nit
Eyes, Paftin in the Side, Back, Chest. Limbm
&c.., Sudden Flushes ot .leet, flurning in tI
Flesh, Constant Imagining (if Evil, ant Grer
depression of Spirits, canl e effectually cured b
Celebrated GertasanBitters,
Dr. C. 3. Jackson,
120 Arch Street, PhIiladelpha.
Their pmwer over the alo':e sihsesles in ta
excelled-if equalled-by any other prepari
tion iln the Unted States, as the curei attest, i
:nany cases after skilful ilysieias had fitile
Thesm litters are worthy the attntion
invaidis. Pvsessing great virtues in limo rati
cation of diseases if lte Live-r and less
glands, exereising the ilost setreching powers
weakless aind af'eelioi of tihe digestiveorgan
they are withal, safe, certain aid plensait.
Fron the ioston Bee.
The editor said, Wec, 22nd
Dr. Koopiand's Celcbriticd German Bit<
for tie cure of Liver Compulint, Jaundic
Dytajppsia, Chronic or Nervonts Debility, is d
se reIy nite of the most potmlar miteites
the day. 'fliese iitters have been usied bytho
sands aiiiu a fiiend at utr elbow says lie Ib
himself reecived iln efeliunIl and perinatne
ctre of Liver Complaint from tie uise of ti
remedy. We tire convinmcel that ill the use
these lBitters, the patient constantly gai
stretgthi anid vigr-a fact worthy of great cu
sideration. h'lley are pleasait in tsto ni
smdell,.snd ent lhe tsed by persons vith the ma
delienie titomntehs ni: im safety, umder aniy e
cumstances. We are speaking trm experium
aml to the nitlicted we tadvise their uie.
"Scott's Weekly," onme of thit best Litern
papers published said, Atgtt:;t 25.
I)r. Iloeland's Giernt Iilers, tnamtfitur
by Dr. Jackson, tire n1oV recotimteided
some (of the most prominent ittetmbers of t
fitulty ts an article of much eflicacy
cases of feialo wenkness. As such is t
case, we would atvise all tmothers to obtair
bottle, nmil thus s ave themselves much sir
ness. Persons tof debilitatel consitithstions va
find these litters adtvatiam eotiu to their hiettli
as wve know from experienee the salutary elli
they have upon weak system-ts.
,rite ' imilentkphia Sat rday Gazectt,' t
hest faumily newspaper pulhishied in the Unit
States. 'he editor says of
)r. Ilotilland's German 11,ers.-It is seldt
that .%u reoimmend whai are termed Pate
'ledicites, tio tIhe comfidetnet and pattronage
otir readers; and therefore whett we reconitne
Dr. lloiollmnd'si Germia liitters, we wish it
he distinctly ntiderstood i.at We are not spet
ing of the tostrums of the day, that tire nmois
atout for a birief periol and then forgotten afi
they have dune their guilty rneehi of mimcbi
it of a tietdicinle lonl'tg establisled, ltmiversa
ptizeil, anud which Itis met the lcarty appro
of the flculty itself."
r 27' Evidheire upon evidene las been I
cei VetdI-t(ktL- t, -[oiegoin g-, frl iirsn~I ei oI
the I ,iicot, the last three years, and thin stro
est testiimny iti itts favor, is, that there is ime
of it ised itn the practice of the regular Plhy
cians of Philadlelphitt, thai all other nostrm
coitibined, a fCt that Cn easily Ie establiske
ant filly proving that a scientifie prepJarati,
will maeet with lteir quiiet approval when pI
seniti etn in t 1i formo.
~~~Timl uhiw.; kite wil -c dgi yjef ,ai
and t )Dyspepsia, no one cnI duit after u
as directedi. it nets speci fentIly uponit the SI
miac'h anid Liv 'er; it is prferahfela to enilomief
oil lollionus disrous--thea iftet is iimmedhial
Themy enin hue ihnimiintereda ti femalne imr itift
wcith i-afety' anid relialeL benetfit at tiny time.
1'Tis medic in" has a ttainaed thmtat high eblarai
Ier ua lihi is nueeenary for till medajiines to attai
to itndutce contetrfeite'rs to putt fuirthm spurio
articlet tat the. risk ofi the lives of those 'ahlo ai
Look ter/I to the ma' -ks :f thr' gernuine.
Th'les havu e the writtent s-iglntulre aof C'.
.t A('K SO N ttpont the wa.rappear, tindt his lian
blownt in the biottle,9 te'ithoutt u:hicha they; ares
iFor stile Whleiti-ti attd Retail at the
N'o. 12th A rr'h-St reet, tirm doo'r lowlas Sixt
P'hdadelpjhia; nn td by re.spect.tabit lettelers gen
rally thiroutgh thle ctttttry.
To. ennbalet till classes of inivilids tio onmjiv t
ihnk tages of their great retotrative powev
f.T.' W'hie, A~gent for Georgiai, Son
antd North ('arolinias.
h I I..LND, JIAItItAJ.L & ('0,
Dec. 23. 18t1. Charlesto,,. C.
So, Garolina.-Suinter Dis
1 1). VA UGhIlAN, wh Io is~ ini the Cost
~-.dy ol lie SlierillI' of Sitnliter lDiitrit
by virtute oif certi W irits of Cahpins
Sat isieCinduml, ait lie sit ofa ''i Thom;
.\ c~ree, ha tving filed jit my oilice, logethn
wsith lia Schednitic otn onthI, of his Esitate at
el'cths, his pttiiotn tn the Counirt of Coii
tiomi I'le:s ilrayinmg that lie mnay he tdi
tedl to thle beneflits of lie Actts of thet Genm
riI Assembl!y nit-de for the reliief 'it inso
vent debtors. It is nrderedl thait Ite sa
'lThomas .\leu ee, ad alil ;tIIithers, thle ( redli
nrc to wh~ini the saiid C. D). Vautghant, is nt
wise indaebiedI, hei, tutd they nare herel
sitmntited, ai have ttotice to a ppenr, ha
fire I he siad Court at Smmmter Coitri lIonus
ott thet EighItIih, rb i f Novectiber nerxt I
shwa emtise, if anyus thev can itwhy th
pirayer ad the let itlion aforecnitt, hiouItd ni
be grntedi.
Encourage Home M~ailufac
fIlE Subswcribier, gralthil for thle libiert
himt. tamkes this inet'hiod of iniforminitg the pepil
of huteir and lie adjopinitng IDistricts, th at Il
still c'ornmies to enrry on the, CA ll A(JK illa
II A RN l-5x8hMA h'ING bumsineass ii ll s 'aar
ins birainches, at his sittad in lliiisilie, S.
ile is laking laurgo taddhitionts tis liIstualisl
tmentl, sita tio nnbiilah him tat tmiannfactuare e'a er
thitng iwant, ini his hine, at Ite shoirtest tnot ie
nndo it a stylie of waorkiniaship eqiual to tiiy i
the Sutheli-rum Sitati. lIhe hats ini hii emipliy m'
perieced wsorkmten, andh is well iqphe~htd wit
the best s'eason',d itimbear tdaso wvithi Trinmimn
atnd aloiutintgs oif the iatest stylie.
All news waork idoni in ii line wiia, beaih waa
i.nimca l'. iiniiths andit repniredl'a w itout chairg
if' t ftil i that timle. lie wa.ill. dla reptairing~'
time shourtest ntiite, tutu ini case abty pe'rsion livim
att a istunete shiaathl wiant reptairinig donte, if thme
wtil write'h t thuat tellect. lie wvil' send for th
jail, anda returti it when'i dotne,
N.Il.-lhis -rt:ns ti re its reasotnable iw ant
personi cuild oxpcet
iiishiopvi lie, S. C., Mimrch ', 185i2. Q0-ly 4
Eg?' flneak liver Wa'tchan will c'opy Si
months. . J. W,. A.
Fdr Sale,
My IOUSIK -AND I)ILT, ini the village
Suteirville. where I now live'. hero nr
FiFTY-F.'V'C AChE1)1" OF AND iin the loii
ntis inade (-asy t thai urchaise rs.
Janm. 15. 185a2. 1:3-t W. tLE .t
Prepared from nItNNErT, or the fourtki Stornach
of the Ox, after directions of Baron ebig, the
great Physiological Chemist, by J. k Ilouou.
TON , . D., Philadelphia, Pa.
Tise is a truly wonderful remedy fI Indies
tion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver omplant,
I Constipation, and Debility, Cnring after Na.
. ture's own metlod,by Naturesa' own gent, the
n Gastric Juice.
Z. 'Plalf a teaspoonful of Ppain\ infused
if in water, vill digest or dissolve, Fire '4'ounds
j. of Reust Beef, in about two hour, outtof the
r Stomnach.
iPerin is the chief element, or Great !ligestl
34 ing I rinciplt of the Gastric Juice-thue Solven,
of the Food, the Purifying, Poreserving, at d
Stinulatinig Agent of tle Stomach and luteuj
tines. It is extrateud from the Digestive Stout
tach of the Ox, tims forming an artificial Digen'
tive Fluid. precisoly like the natural Gast
rs Juice in its Chemical powers, and futrnishin
C' Complete and Perfect Substitute for it. By IiteI
U' aid of this preparation, the pains and evils o4
of Indigestion and Dyspepsia are removo-l just
- they would be by a iealthy Stomach. it is do
r in- wonders for Dys ptics, Ctring cases of De
nt piftt, Emnneintion, ervous Decline, and Dys
lis e Contstumption, supposed to be on the verge
(it flthe gruve. The Scientifie Evidence upon
us which it is based, is it the highest degree Curi
n otis and Itemiarkable.
Baron iiebhig in his celebrated work on Ani
mnal Chemistry, saytk : "1 Ani artificiail Digestive
Finid, analogous to the Gastric Juice, mny be
ry readily prepared fromtn the mucous mneitmbrane of
thle stom h (of the Calf. in which various arti
cles of food, as riteat and egg, will he softened,
changed antd digeted. just in tite same mnanner
as they w iould be in the human stomach.'
e Dr. Combe, in his valuable writings tin the
n "Physiology of Digestion," observes that " a
ie tdiminution of the doe quantity of the Gastric
Juice is a IromtinetL and llI-prevailing cause of
lyspepsia;'" itld liv states that a distuigteshed
profemsor of nedicine in London, who was se
verely afillited n ith this comuplainit, finding
ct every thing el-ie to fail. lbmd recourse to the
Gastric Juice, obtained frot the stonmachs of
living ils, which proved completely sue.
heC cessfully."
e Professor Dunglison, of the Jefferson College
Philadelphia, iinhis great work on iumian Phy
m sioloigy. devoutes imore than fifty pages to an ex.
't ainaitation of this subject. liM experinets
(of with Dr. ileaitiont, on the Gastric JuIce oh
A tained fron the living Ituimn stomach, andl
to from anitnals, are well known. "it cases."
k- ha suya, - digestion occurred asperfectly in the
ed artificial as in the imtunil digestions."
er Dr.John W. Draper, Porofessor of Chemistry,
1-, in lahe Medical College of tihe University os
ly New York, in hii " 'ext Book of Chemistry,"
a page 386, slays.: " It has been a qtstion whie
tier artificinl digestion could be performed-it
e- it is now universally adiul ted it na - be."
' IrpenFutes NtvadiiliId work on Phyr: >g~
g- n lii is in tile lilr of every physician.and
re is used as a Text Book- in all the Colleges, is
ai- full of evidence similar to the above, re
tn spectnig the remarkable Digestivo power of Pep.
d, sin, and thle finct that it may be readily seplara-t,
)II ted frot the stonach of the calf or Ox, and used
t for experiments inl Artificial Digestion, or as a
remsedy for diseases of the Stomach, and deri
nt cient secretion of:Gastric Juile.
- W~all on-tite-Agetitnnd gut a descriptive
at- Circular, gratsis, giving a large ansonnt of. Sci
i entiic Evuiene, similar to the above, together
e. nithi ieports of Remarkable Cores, front all
nat plarts of thue Untited States.
Dr. I loughiton's Pxrsts hias prastured the
ae- mnost tnarvellous efyects, in curing~ cases of Dc
in bility, Emnatiatiotn. Nervous Dechnte, andi Dys
us peptic Comustunionu. It is impossible tol give
re atle details of cases in thte litmits oaf this adver
tisetucunt; hmt authencuticiatedl certificates have
lbeent givena of titure ithani Two llunadred Remark
able Cures, an Plaladelphlia, New York, antd
e ltouston ulao. TJhease were ntearly tall dlesperiate
. cases, antl the cuires were tnot onaly rapid tad
wondelurfuI, but perm~iaieut.
It is a great Nervouts Anitidote, andh particnlar
ly useful laor tenadenicy to ilius disordher, Liver
hi Compqlaimu, Fever tad Agtue, uaal the Evil efTeets
'of Quiinei, .Meracury, and tother drugs upott thec
l'agestjve tirganus. atfter ia ong ikntess. Alsas,
for excess in .eatinag, andu theu toot free use of ar
dtent ?'pitits. It almost reconiciles Ilealth with
et Jtutempu~eranee.
Ther~ue is nao form of Old Stiomneh Complaiuts
whichu it dloes fiat seem to reachl and remove nat
mee.( Nat itnatter laowbadl thtey nity be, it gives
Li ie~amnt relie:/! A single dose remor'es all thse
rnjdeti.tiut symuptoms; asuid uit andy ineedy to Ibo
re'peatedl,for ia shitrt time to muake theme good
utfectx permtanenat. 1Furity of Blood and higor
-/ Bodiuuy fallow at once, It is pairticularecicel.
iutt ini cases of Natus.ea, V'omiitintg, Crampis,
Is Sorentess of Ite jpit oif the Stoutach, distresa a fter
eating, low, cohll state of the Illood, licaviness,
i- Laon ness of Spirts,~ Despondentcy, Eunariationu,
Wenkne.s, iendene ' to) lnsanit y, Suicidhe, &a.
d D~r. Iloughltion's 1'epsin. is solad by nearly all
thte dalerm itinue dl rugs at nad P'opular .Medicine-s,
r t thrhout tthe linit Sttes. ft isa prepaedi
Power nd n Fuidfou-anad in IPrescriptiion
tvials for the use of P'hiians-.
P 1rivatte (irctuhars ftor the use of Piysuiians,
I- may beo obhtaineda tf Dr. Isuightont or hsis Agenuts,
.deseribing te n. hatte process of preparattioni, andti
- itimg thec authsorits upJont which thue clauims aif
this tnew raeedy are batsedh. As it is naot a s'crTai
remedy,, ino objet tiont enn be t rtaitead agaist its
I- use, by- Phiysician-i ini respecutabsle staiinn uad
v reguashir practice. P'rice, Onse D~ollar per blitte.
'y E fat ~m usenv Tuits !-Every botttle of thea
.genuine P'EPSIN bears thte wvritten signatture oif
'J-. S.-I ItnToNv, M. D., solo P'ropsrietasr, P'hil
adelpahita, Pa. Copay-rightm and 'Tradhe Mark ,e
0 ctureda.
e [9"' Soldl by all Druggists and Dealers itn
t heajiciines
.Far sloe itt Suter tvill by~is
MiiIEAR & IltlfRTON.
n D embr 16, 1851. 8-ly.
Improved Cotton Gins,
Th'anuk ful for past fa vours the suibscriber wisht3
e-s to inform the pttblic that be still mnanuifac
il tuares Coattont Gins at hm establhishtmenst ini State.
n buirg, otn the miost impuiroved anda apsprovedl lant
wicah hat thiniks that thle cotton ginntead oti one I
a of those gins of theo hato imphrovemnent is wvorth
alat l eatst a qluarter of a cent more titan the aot.
.tout ginniedl asi thin ordinary gin, Hie also man
itutres them otn the most simnpl-t conastruction,
.ot thea fittest fitisha anal of the best materials ; to
wit, Sit'ee Sawvs andI Steel Platead Ribs Case (
hanrleined whitch Ihe wvill sell for $2 por Saw.
Iiet aulso repirs olad gins atnd puts thtemi In coim
. hplete ordeur tat the shtortest ntotice. All orders for a
n Gius. will be prompjaly and punctually attended
r- - - ----_
Charli'eston, S. C.
'THE SUllSCRIllt, having this.
leedca oaf his itnterest itt the A MElt!- ()
CA N llOTEl. to Messrs. G. F'. KEN
Nt-iY & .J. M. IllRSTr, solicits for thecan thae pa
tronuage of his friendis. I
The itmdersignedh wouhld respectfually inuform U
thecir friendts andh thae travellinag paublic that they .
htave least thtat ele~gmant establishmetnt the A ment- L
f can liotel, cornuer of King andi George Streets,
swhuere they are ready for the reception of those -
.whuo may favor thema witht a call.
. .. ' ..
ofiry Sumti, Di '4:i '0
April 27th .185
IAYNSWORfl11;, 4. O
t Candidate for the OhcewofQ
Sunter District at. tho e-a u
Ala rch 23, 1852.
67We are* It
announce T. J. DINKINisjm.
ror Clerk of the. Court, at tileensu
April 16th 1851 - ANY
O:' Mr. Editor: Pfem
nounce Mr. J. J. -MoKELLA'
late- for Clerk of the Court,
LD trict, and oblige
April 12, 182
WOULD res cfullyi
I their friends mnIt bi t'f~
tkey are now receiving, 0i
selected, stock of FALL AND
, WINTER GOODS, compnUrig
in part as follows:
Dry Goods
'llicoes:, Del~ainS, Cahineies, Meij
. lpaccaIS, Go:1gharm, Cam44.
mne s, Jeans, Kerseyu, Linseys, 9FIint -,
lilcalclied and Brown ShirtingB, U
&c. C.
,BOO0TS AYD.SIIfO.NS. ,,"'-,
Peged and Sewed Boots, Brd als
Shoes and Gaiters of all descriptios.
AMole"Akin, Wool and Plush Its Gl d
and Cldoh Caps of every variety.
Saddles, bridles, Vhipri &c.
A fine assortnts of Groceries C oc ery -
liardware, nId an.y.goods. I
A call is resk ectiully solicrt* as -
are confdent wean suit you in prica
,iuality. h - n y#w
Palm nmntto Huse.u rntefe
Sept. 2-1 h. 18,52
Throu h Fare-fir
EAVING; tghe hlarfate
Ler . atir i -
arrival of th Southern ca'rs, yia VI2~~
*AlINGTON, N. C., fronm w'hmi,
twoa ily3 trains aire dlispantched-at 8 .*~ a ,
end 2 1*. 31.; thec 8 o'clock onl5 cohnectrp~'
WVeldon with the lines to- Peterstitg
Rmchamotid, WVaushington;, Unltimore,'Phad
Idpphiai, and New- York. Thle pubh.'
respectfly iniormjed that the at
Ihes~e lines, are in first rato condition, S
ire navigated by well know~n and
per:eceicd cosmnanders; the Rbail
re in fline ordier,- -(the Wim
nid WVeldon.- na well as . the
mad Roano having recently en~1dv
witha heavy Trail) tiliceeb tirmmo
ufety und dfespatch. Bly teud
,assengecrs ny~nimg themselves, of 1~
FIR E'I' TRAIN may reach Ziillinmore
0 hours. IPhilaidelphia in 45' haoursiajt
ew~ Y"orx in 50) 1.2 hoturs; and hiy. I >!
*CONI) ''RAIN , heiy arrive 'in: al~ -
imrre in f 0 hours, Philhadelphianig56
iours, and New-York ini (11- Iinit&
'Ilbrough t eketst enn ak l e
.WINSLO\V, Agent of thoirie-W In
inI Raleigh Itail Road Coii' t
ulire of ithe -Company, foot rf'tard
treet, Cha rleston, 8. C., to- tIhy:in 'lde
The' .subscriber respetufufy'lrim m hs
rienif; andI customecrs, that hie ih noire&t1i~,
ihis ol sianid, Nio. 26 !IA~ NgSi'paa,(u
lairs,) from Enghe'.d, Germany, Frauncea i.
fortherni States, ai complete ashortmentr
Ittpi a C(Lb( ft zlig)3ygg;~
old and Silver Watches, 3ewelry&c
a' per Cnialogine nnnexed, whieh he sp red -. '
sell on reasonable terms, at la oe.a
a if ie Country Tlrnde. lie respectfullysij
calf, being dfeterminied to sell as low as any
louse in thie City. E. G. BROW.
ilk nind traw~ Ilomtes. Biblbon, 1%loiersa
ilk (Good, llisiery, Gloves, Scarfm ru~u
oagether wifth a com~fplete assortmeont of Mllito5
ry Goodsi, D)res.s and Cloak rimming;~
uns, IRifles, Rtevomlvinig and other -Vt~
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O iuves, Scissors, Razors, Gent eag
't'oile t Causes,
Inisiral Jutrumnrts.
V'riting ica, Work floxes, Fanoy Su8 iay5
oats' Spool Cotton, Common~d
muttons, Combs, Needles, Pins1 Brushe.$
ons, Perfumery, Inks,
ni a general assortment of Fancy -Artick.
obll and Silver WVatches, Jewlr
farine ITine Pieces, French M antol~eea
omamon JBrasas awl Wood Clocku&e
Eniglish and Geinanu Guip,
'raps, and vn rious 'oilier arties eru
N..--Just received from Pr6 w,9*
>lenudid assortmaent of Gil anr
ver oflereid in this nmarket. (S
October 14, 1851. 4-f
Lewis M,
fo. 120 lilEETINII S'J~i
ILS--Sperm and - W ae,-Aggr ~i ~
lirooklyn Factory.
!IJITEI ELBA D,-Agent for tinfen (Ii
tON SA F E8-:-A gent for Rich' Si altapd~
Cha rleston, Oct. 1$,
For Sale at ' IULR MO$~
Feb. 17th, 18.2

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