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0 ano wo. Dollars
the expirattion ofiernonths,
.lDd ~, the d nd .of the fear.
u 4tinued until all arrearages
thption'of the Proprietor.
fi insfierted AtSliWENTY
I u4re,j(2 lines or leam,) for
Ut aum for each sulsequetht
- in br'of insertions to be marked
-- ne4iti or they will be published
Lt6 be sotiud and charged
--MILAR, per square for a single
arteri and Monthly Advertise
har the same am a single in
v . -monthly the same an new ones
- ~ Ibi Cc Fbor.-J ohn Leon
Eineer 0tt one of our Lake
- se reat on a cock fight. le
trained rooster, and fought
le ort. between Uilitlo
. hcgo.
gof a crack bird of the pit at
eo .,nt John, with a half
,.to see and rejoice with
,,rthe anticipated sudden dem.
-n Cr"pau's celebrated game
ithe.birds were let loose, and at
of the little Frenehamen's
obhn's .bird was numbered
things - that had been-lie
Greatly mortified and as
- iwas.John; 'he left- the field
Mtii, amid'the Ittughter of his
.9Nad," said the engineer,
r tiaun.". On his first. trip
n bought a full, rown
but hiaSTbathers into shaiAwis
htail: o roostcr-fss.n, .fa*
k's oomb oiabis e.*wi, - and.
nis c erAniop .ped him into a
brought~l up to this
y Rallid Iis.. ibds. put his
,d er they went for
r vouex brought
a gain certaina of success,
3.ed hint ready for action. The
hokis out of the bag-they
yc reached -ca. other-the
Stoping and picking, as lie ad.
to the assault, while the en
g . walkedA boldly on, with his
h .eet; beak open, and an eye of
fiN thit never blanched in the mid
sun; the bird of Jove seized the
ant bantam, and with heak and
tor'him to piemcs,and Cat hin
wpr to the utter astunishmiu. ut of
thercrowd. 2 .
'.The.little Frenchman danced all
.."At of figures, and cried out
de~re, ventre -bes, mne nevaire
see one roostaire like dat; he eat him
tp mon bon chicken. Vat one crook
%d's-eyour secro datii Yankee roo
J9. X i.X resf'
~ A~~'~Lu.-he following sum or
gva given to a boy by a gen
~~~i~ap whio offercd him $50 if lie
*Dilde:do.it within six months, at the
tieasrn him that it could
de; and there was no 'trick' or
61116ilti figures, digits 123456780,
St is4le tlie 0, and add them together
~j .taghey amount to just 100-us
~~*tiem oce arnd but on1ce. Thus,
-: nstance, take 7 and the 0, anud they
.U h problemwolFrhp
act only once, to ir ubr
Sadded.together, shell amouint to
~ juiOO.' This can be done without re
~ ~rtr~ ~oany unnatural or improper
~ 6 Gof tho numbers, :and is a
well wvorthi the attention of
oug~ rithmneticians. If' any one
nlow how it, is donle, wo
rmour readers.
~J~44Yer!yP tcula r MAan.-A gen
n sm a house mi thie uipper
the .eity,-the other evening,
tr cotdb a lady at the door,
~ desired him to go into the back
d*and see what a strange man, who
(eed there, was ahout. The
~~ %~assilf'y.ere 'very much alarmed 'ttlhis
~prrcdings. The gentleman accor
W~A~-~inplyeptered the yard, wheni lhe found
~ cri-guhed down, in the act of
Suling ,on his, stockings. luqC~uirinlg
~ hiubusmessthe fellow repliedihat lie
*aechaa nging his stoickings, for he put
the right'one on the left foot in the
Siornng, and he could endtire the d s
comnfirt conseqtient thereon no0 Jone.
~ ~V'-l~ordand Trranscript.0
JDirANCs To THlE SuN.-hnagine a
* ~ ' dway roni here to the stun. Ilow
it'mfsii'the sun from us? Whby
1~keato send a baby' in an ex
mid~ij~i oiing incessantly a hun
il~td'ues anio hour, without snaking
~h~tppages,' the baby would grow
- ~a~ -the boy :would grow to be a
4. ~ m~-te man would die, withonut see-,
&ean br it is distant more than
4aadred.e ia from us. 'But what is;
ard Neptunc's distance?
Eve' started by our
-rywyto go from Neptune to the
ha t'o fifty miles an hour,
.pthy u~ld not have got there yet, for
~.Npun'e is more than rx thousand
~~~rs from the centre of our system.
H Jousehold Words.
18AN TEAT.-Mr, Brown has it that
' irThe first nost exquisite enjoymient in
Th iie of a sweet-haeart or kiss of a
on the contrary is quite sure,
ampeakm from experience, that
ot sxua.se. inom n
esror o odf
t rn -W
cured a simple.b uchlngo t0o
worthy of record. One'of the:pasen- I
gers was a wofuan, carrying-in her
arms a child who annoyed every .one
by its petulance ilnd dries. Mile after i
mile the passeniers'bore the infliditI
of its noise, which. rather increased
than diininished, until, at last; it be
came furious, and the passengers near
ly Fo. There were open complaints
and one man shout!d-"take the child
out,' ' The train stopped. at a sta-,
tion, when an old gentleman arose, and
made the simple statement that the
father of the child had died recently,
away from home. that the mother had
been on a visit to her friends and had
died while on the visit, that her dead
body was on board the train. and that
the child was in the arms of a woman
who was a stranger to it. It was
enough. There was a tear in nearly
every eye, and -all were melted . into
pity and patience. All selfisimess was
lost in thinking of the desolation -of the
poor little wanderer, who would have
fbund a warm welcome in hands that,
a moment before, would alnost have
visited it with a l.n.-Sprinpfteld
TERRA-CUmuLnLU.--Here's a now in
vention that is attracting the attention
of Eastern agriculturists. It is a dis.
covery of a principle of natural law in
vegetation, by Mr. Russell Comstock,
Mabiettsville, Dutchess County,, New
By the terra-culture all kinds of
trees, forest, fruit and ornamental,
flourish; peach trees froun fifty to a
hundred years old, partially decayed
and barren, are re tored to a healthy
and thrifty condition, as when young,
in a sigle seast, so as to produce
the most abundant and finest fruit.
The same results are produced upon
all fruit trees, and what seems scarcely
less remarkable, it appears that the
precise age of trees are ascertaitni and
determined by Mr. Comnsteek's theory.
The terra-culture has been applied
to all kinds of garden vegetables,
plants, fruits and shrubbery, as also to
all kinds of crops, with wonderful site
cess. We cannot go into details of
what experinietnts have proved. Crops
of grain and vegetables are, at a great
saviMg (of labor, m<>re tam dloubled by
terra-culture. Onc experiment shows
the production of 135 bushel.Af shell
ed corn to the acre, and another the
production of 1000 busiels MerceF p1.
tatocs to the acre. IL is also shown
that the great crops w h'icb have coin
manded. premiumsthe agricultural
fairs, have been duced ttecidenudly
by terr - 1 4
discovery pue mg.
What next? Where's guano ?
GEN. WASmIIO-roN's WAven.-Tt is
stated that Mr. HI. (. Riell, of New
York, has in his possession the idenati
eal watch worn by Gen. Washington.
It it represented as a very massive
watch, with very thick plain cases of
pure gold and twentty-four cnrets fine.
Them watch was miade by Messrs. Rain.
dell & Bridge, of L onidon, .Englaind.
and was boughit by Benjamnin Franklin
when lhe was comissioni oft lhe Uiiti-l
Coloniies. The watch also strikes the
hour, the samie as our clocks do.
MAsnUE os A PIu TnA 'lx.--in a
late nunmbe'r of Moore~i's New Yo'rker,
[inus Cone, of (ak land count v, Ailichi
gall, iibrmsi. is of ain intecrest ing ex
pberinmnt, withI high roa~unuri ng. Twein
ty-live years ag. lbe planited a Summer
lHonebiretini pear tree, the culture o
which, after a fe-w years was neglected.
The fruit at, first was fine, specimiens,
often weighing~ nearly a pound each,
but afterward grew gr-aduially smaller,
till neanrly worthbless. Thle trece was
then well pruned, washed wvithI ler-,
and thne ground well spadled, with 110
I improvemenit. L ai-t spring 4tw1enity
bushels of mianure fro-om a bilacksmith11
shop, conisisting of du nig, paliring of
hoofs, einlders, &c., wa spread and
dug in. Twenty buiihels of fine, high'l
flavored fruit, was the resuilt, the same1
BARQMETER ANDi STouM I 'orstenj.- -
A correspondl~ent in thle iScientiic ..-m
ericah gives the Ifllowing:
"'Put two d rachmsi of pultre n itre and
half a drachmn of chlo; ide of amnmo
nila, reducedl to powdler, in to two unit
ces of pure allcohol, and( pIUlac this
mixture in a glass tuiibe, of about ten
inches long anid prop ortionate dinate
ter, the tipper extremity of which
mu tst. be covered withI a piece of skin
or bladder, piercedl withI sm alIIi hohs. Ifi
he weat her is to lbe finie, thle sol id ii at -
ters remnain at, the borttomi of the
tube, and tile alcohol is as transpar
cut, as usual. If rain is to fill in a
short~ time, some of the solid part
ieles; rise and fill ini the alcohtol, which
become, somiiewhiat thick ai trouh-.
ledl. W hen a ,tormn, teiumpest, or .
eni a squall is alboult toi comeu I'l,
illi the. solid mat tersi rise fom11 thle hot
tomi of lie tutbe, and1( form-i a e list. ('n
the suirfhee of the aleool,' which ap.
pears ini a state of terrnentat ill. The.i-e
tappearances takea plaec t went y-foilr
hours before thle tetmpfest enl.,ie5; and
the point of the horizon fromt uhich it
is to blow, is indicated by the pait
ieles gathering mnost on t he side ofl the
tubhe opposite to thlat part. whtence
the windl is to come."
On !. NOW 6E-oNT.-'he Western
Democrat peretrates ,thec following
sage advice to Mr. W~illiamn Morroy,
on thin os~iouif his sit narlf onii
ave Ate Iasire Watki l
eiptof younote enclosing en
lollars, collectid byour colored friendS
n Georgetoi%, S. Ce t-o aid' i eiear
ng my expenses to California. This.
ict should bo recorded in-our Mission,
try annuals, and if rightly understood,
md duly appreciated, in all its rela
"ive bearings will afford, a very in
3tructive and valuable lesson to the
Church, North and South;- i rega-rd
this olhring as .one of the fruits of-the
greatand precious Work of.God which
has been eflfeted through the instru
mentality of the preaching of the gos
pel and religious instruction to this
leeply -interesting class of the popula
tion of these States. Let our North.
Mrn friends continue their worse than
useless controversy. Let us leave
them ulone in their speculative but
not very brotherly,) contentions. Ve
know our calling of God better. We
know (blessed be God) thal masters
Rmd servants may be Ohristians with
out dissolving the relation which the
laws:of a. civil ommunity and the
highIe atr athority of the inspired ca
non have recognized.
1 assure you, my dear brother, that
there is no act of my life, since I
entered. the Chiistian ministry, on
whiklA i look'back with stronger as
suraice of purity of motive, or with
greater satisfaction, than that in which
I took a firm position on ground, where,
what influene I might possess, could
be exercised directly or indirectlv in the
pr'omiotioI of the best, the highest in
terest of the colored . -race. Ilunm
dreds of thousainds of this, race, re
deemed by the precious bkltmx of
Christ, and brought into His fold by
the instrument:it v of the missionar
ics of the Cross, will j inl in ainthems
of everlastiig praise, (with their pas
tors aid txnehers,) to the inimite rich
es of that grace which have gi ven them
the victory, and among these, 1 trust,
will be nany from Georgetown, S. C.
Yours very truly
JosiuvA Noci..
The A merican Protest mnt .Eiisco
pal Church has now in China 1 biskr
3 clergymen, 4 female rmissioharies,
I native deacon, 1 A mi ,n1 nald 2 vina
tive teachers. it .Africa, the Cape
'almas miii. e I bisin01b, 6 eler
gymen. 1i and 6 tnalive
tahr; item in this
mission islong of a newspa
per in the to umgue, called the
Carwall[aX e the printing be
ing done by tive yio'uth, who
shows great aptnmes. . esi-.ss.
IN '6F Tnlm FaEiNcit n~.-h
New York Natiomtml Det"Wllrat, .ays
'o-ral. of the 'relations
01st oimsi -r are- r. ter
ts it. amdarth.e 7me of'- K r
,atriek. They are very poor and em
loy ed in the muanufcturing of braiih
s. They will hail the good foritine of
heir relaitire with: sotisthetion, and
ook for some sim'les of fav~or from her
oo~ d luck. Onue of them will leauve for
rane as sooni as hie:can raise n,oner
uflicient to pay his passage."
LEGISLTIlvE. I.UN.--lo ot her dlay
in thme New Jlersey Senae, the R~ev.
fr. Cunyler, lby perumissio n, presented
lie pietitioin of the hadies ofC M~ercer
ountyv in favo r of the Mamin'- Law. lIn
is appeaicil to thle Seniat ois, hec sai. :
Many of you are husb:amhd-alul of
~o are jotherrs !' 'Now, sm-ecral of
hmese genutlernn: ari hiachenrs, andl then
*everendi-i genmtleimani's remanirks c-reatedi
simile on the fauce of the ouitsidecrs,
ome11 of whom wrove the words abmove
edi thlemi anming the Senato-rs who
yere living ives of single lessedness.
"'ve beent in to see .1lihn WVright's
sifi," said Aunitt J udiy, as she sto -pp ed
-itfo re Mris. Gree'n 's sitting~ roemi1 wini
1 iw, t wo years afmer thle abhove ee n
versation. "You know I alwa ys mmake
I iuint of go ing tio see every hody-1
li hul a goiie as sooni as t hey wei re
na:irried. ift I had no' t had tie iriiiint
s sio hail."
"I id sh~e eat ch off her calico apro n"
"Law no, I dlid not go ini to th
frontt doorim,' I like to gii through the
sitcen anid look romuml a hiii; liut
die hadiu somie Ipritty grimil compii~any
:oime, uh ile I was thIer e, from N--.
atuian did'nt seemu a mi te put ouit, -hbut
sould make me stopil to tea; her
mppei ~ r waus pro~per i-ice, amnd I hooskied
-inndl co nsideruable, wh ileI she w a.s
etting tea ready, and everything was
eat as wax. I did not. think of
eing down to the tale. withI the
-est of the ciiopanly, liut she woninli't
amkr tno- for an aiiswer. I thoughit I
sonuidi try her once, so I -says righit ait
hue tablle,'yoi-ur butir is b~eauitit'l, Nliss
Wr ight, dliid you amaeke it. vouir:,elfI'
usee I tha't she wtouhIlihe kinde Iir
ishamernd to ownu it helb~-re theirna m-'ut
*ulkis. '( )h, yes, Miss Biimani I have
iii girl, and I do all my work,'" she
aid. 'Most l'm aulareid oft Mrs.
'reenl, i-s that -lie will wrk toii harid."
"I se-e y ou havye ebianiged l our muiwl
lunt Judy.
"O. well, I dlimit. know, lbut it i
mi y o~ mi to hier 'i10tkiu-ig our1 s-,
voll marrinig, but Shei is a biiautii.
bml wmanii tnot a inite p'ri-uid; buti? I
utist go, fori I e-e liuv cuow is wnaiting; at
luie br-i Ki," A. E. J1-,rmer."
The 1briie cakhe for the mainrriage oif
oisi Napo lein, was made by' Messsrs.
nmr:.ell of' Cornhtill, London. It
rig'hied :320 piunds, exclumsive of' the
lecortions. Tihe following are the
mgredients oif thireake: Dorset butter,
'4 poumnds; lent sugar, 84; currants,
0O; raisins, 30O; (hour, ,28; Jordan al
nonlds,,4 pound; Spa eggs; 40 hem.
p nd oidtdin rings.. 44 qtunds;1three
tesa of brandv, ndd two of noyeau.
Charleston Feb.25.
'The safles'n .yesteiday:were 'nall,
md showed, slight decline on account
)f the unfaVorable advices brought by
Jhe Arabia, which has left the mark.
3t in an unsettled state prices ranrge
rrom 7 1-2 to *9 5-6 cents.
. Sineoe writi:g the above and just as
we were.going to press, the mails, to
the 26th inst., have arrived. We have
rio change to notice in the cotton mar
Fne aIlkds.
We haive no date. from Charleston
ur Columbi-a nter than the 25th, ow
ing to tie large freshet in the Waterce
Swamp, vhich ias cut us Clf froni all
Coin iI)icationl with -those Cities. On
yesterday morning when the Wilining
ton. and Manchester train of cars left
the junction -of the Camden Branch
Road, therd .was four feet of water on
the trestlo work, ud it is feard that a
considerablo portion of the structur
has been washed away. The water in
the Congaree River was higher at last
accounts, than that, in the Wateree,
and some of the track has been de
stroyed. When will we have a secure
and reliable road across these swamps?
N- We publish -n our first pige
besides other entertaining mat ter, an
Essay from the pen of Dr. Jons S.
iben on the cultivation .>f the Vine,
the doctors remarks will tell fur them
selves, but we must disagree with
him, wen he says lajor GmIONAnn of
Columbia caunot umke good wine, for
we r11'~idn insrf some ofthat,
ge'ntleman's "vine last wint'vr, which
could not be otlered to us again
with impunity
Cli amiim -and To0ba.cco0.
We have rceived from Messrs.
CLARKE & Batomimi a specimen of their
choice Cigars tindl Tobacco, which we
pronounce excellent, and recommend
to " chewers" and 'fumners." They
have just received a new supply of
finey groceries :ls6.
Faranr gn.d Plantuer,
lspuimhehd ant Pen lleton, S. C., by
tl'st w'vrgsmy'4f t Irge pport, We
ire happy to)jo r tathe February
unumber that is aSppcts are. imnprov
ing, and that the editors have given
raver all ideam of discoti nning its publi
TIEI Sorui.aNs Ao~Immcm.TUnsT.
The F"ebruiary inomber of this Agicl
tLural Afagazine comnes toi bamd in an im
proved aippejiranee, writh mouch useful
inftormuation and beatiifullyv illust rated.
It is published at $i1 00 pier atnnm in
indlvance, orders must b e addressed toa
thie P'ropriettor h. iN. S3Tormas, at Laur
Lnsis eda, S. '
im-a (quandatary.
We learn fIrom thle C'heraw~ Narr~te,
that the tax palying citizecns ofI that. dis
trict, are placed in so mecwhat of a fix,
md areiin coiisideIrable daniger o'f hav
ing tot pay a doublie tax, f'rominthe fact'
that there :are t wt, chains imfurthie
calice oft tax "collecatr;' ~-omeaduly
elected , aind coinuniissia .edi, lh inig giv
Len10 toipeachale seenrinty &c; thle othi
er* arppoitedh Iby thme G overnor at the
last, regular sessioni oft oui larcgislature,
lin artt o, f 1the abseince fromit thle
State, amt that time, of the first, who
Inn .sinice retur inedl, it Is deemeiud a nc
po 'int o: haw to daeidle, whet her the ab.
senae aot thle first cirteatd a vacancy,
tand if so wia thie Iilling.. of the same
bay the Goe verttnr leals.- -shouildl bot h
of t hew eliaimnts gi ve noticev, that
hey are ready torcie tax, and the
itizenus pay to, himi not. Iaegally enti
teal to receiv~e it they w ill be Iliabile to)
i d1oule tax.
TIhis is thle t itlhe o f a Wi*eely Journ11
iit published Iby Al a-rs lDvi~m & i Wi.
us, New Yrk~ faor $1 00) a year iin
tldance. 1-'ach iiuiiiber conitainms f(soiim
wot to thiree select. peices of Mtu
.ie,'whiebh we thliiik is ~aone imiore
hiaii wourthI tihe subipin[tioni umioney
,f all the huta .\lum-ical prodnhietions, and,
aiuieh ni'aful iniformiatuin ''n thaut sub-e
olyd yay pam5euh a al'very qitlty here,
Ihe largea fiall f rain preventing aniy
'ling like oult door show. he troop
on ly foarmeda in to line, aind escortead by
hie Sumter lalemnu proceeded to the
.ourt House wvhere we had the pleas
ire of istenitng t o a most, eloquent and
ippropriate addr1 ess from R. McFAD
21N lDURAsr Eoq. af ter which the comn
)iany adjournet)d to a sumptumus coha~
tion, ~ vherme bes mct ofgc od feelitig nd
ijarut-y prev oilcd.
or a member of Congrg6s.saiidde So
uietlyjamd withelat 6eitbnient. Thii
I- t
tumber of votes takei amounted t
028. t
rrpi. DisTRIC.-A letter received' by
resterday's mail, dated at arcenville
.ourt House on the 20th inst., says.
' There was a most melancholy oio n0ii
:ide dommitted in this District the
>ther day; both parties occupying
lighly respectable positions in our
!omminunity. Col. T. E. Ware and his
ather-inlaw, Capt. Jones, had a dispute
afa trivial lnature; Capt. J-ones be
amle exasperated and struck the C ol
with a pair oh-ongs, Nyheretupon Ieol.
Ware drew a revolver and .discharged
three of the barrels, causing instant
leath. The Colonel gave hiiself up
immediately, and left the mnorning af
ter the sad occurrence in charge -f on
Sheriir for Newberry, to appear before
Judge O'Neall, in the expectation of
being admitted to bail."-Courier.
the coolest and most barefaced pieces
of villany we haveiever heard of, was
practiced upon several of our mer
eljants.ia Saturday evewing last. A
medium sized, 'well dressed individual
pased off upon thm no less thin three
filly dollar forged. cheeks upon the
Marine and Fire Insurance Bank, pnr
porting to be drawn and signed by the
well known house of Behn & Fuster.
At one house lie purchased a trunk
and obtained forty one dollars change.
At another lie bargained fora revolver
and pocketed the diflerence, Finally,
we presume, emboldened by sitecess,
lie stepped inl a store anrid invested his
third cheek in cish. ater -which he dis
appeared.-Savunrh. (Ga.) Co.uier,
23d uilt.
A 'Washington Correspondent of the
Baltimore Sun says that the soleet
comm11iittee ofllhe Senate on the subject
of' the reward claimvd fron the United
States for the discovery and uppliA
tion of ehlioorm, as an ainesthetie
augent, have comie to a conclusion.
They are unable to decide between
the conflicting claims of Dr. Jackson,
Wells, and Dr. Morton, and propose
that they Ie iade file subject, otjudi
cial investigation before the U. S. Dis
trict Court for the Northern District.
They also propose nll apipropriation of
a hundred thousaud dollars, to be paid
to the personi who shall establish his
claim to the discovery.
They deem the discovery one of the
greatest boons ever bestowed on the
world, and most partiellhairly upon its
inealcu lable value in the army and m*
vy service of the U. Statgs, vwhere tis
most beneficially empoPed
. ION. S t -
PL30 to -A .C iThibhPds"we6 ld
It very high p~rices, som'el lieing' sld alt
$'2,00. The average pric was $1200
-a large sonix, considerng that muost
if' the hands wvere over litty years of
age. Them plmitationt was sold at auie
tion at the third bid foir *39,100. The
purchasers were Mr. .Graihhe,-of this
'ity, and .Jules l.abatut, of .Illlesont.
T1he p latation: was valued at, fromt
Feb. 17.
Sri-cruITro~is ( Co.~. l.ANI)s I
NoRirr CAto.ijNA.--t'he .*1yettevi lle
(N. C.) Obsewrver, of thle In)tlh, states
that. spieculationss to the amounmt oft sev
eraul hundlred Ih thosansd dholIlairs have
Iak en pilauce ini thle D~eep Ri ver coal
min ies, withini the laist ten dayvs. A
li rm in New Yo rk has pu rchased foar
880,000 an insteret.t of' onie-half in thle
Taylo r lanids, ow~ned~ biy Ho tn. il ugh
Waddell, Jui dge Naish, .John A. Gil
umer*, esq,.. 1Ur M\cClenahan, and oth
ers. .~ J. Ilinghato n, esq., has solad
lie right to get coal onu his hanids for
$10,000) ini cash1, anid thirty cenits per
ton for every toen imied, wi hi a condci
tiS n that aut leaust. as m uchi shall bie tak
en auvnnally as to produce huim $10,000
at year foar twentyv years.
1Invaina correspaondenit of' the Newv
Yoirk Timies lhas thle fol lowing:
"If' the iDemoe~crats carry thme day in
the struiggle thr the Presidency,
all classes pere will regard such a
result as a pledge of' iminediate meas
mires to annex the hslanii Ito the United
State's. It is hopeless toi endeav-or to
cnvi ~ince thle more ardent FIlli buster
os t hat, this is noti. the tur niing pouint of
the controversy in the Union, or
to create a doubht in their minds of the
triumptlhant suiccess of what they dkeem
thei r own peenliar cauise."
U is with conidi(erable lea'fsture that
we announwce thazt the MNeranitile i
brarny Assrociation oft t his city, have
recei ved fronm the -dist ingunishied' Eng
lish Aucthior, Mr. TJhackeray, an accep
lance at' their invitation. o( deliver a
course oft Lerctumres in this city, and
that he will accordingly lecture on
--Thle ho rous writers oft Queen An
ne's fleign" on the 7hlb, 9th and 11lth
of March.
Mr. Thlackeray's lectures oni this
s.ubject are nowv weorld. renownedi, and
(our cit izens certainly aire indebated to
the public sapirit of' the menmbers of
the Mercantile Library Association,
for atnbrding them to o~ pportuniity of
he'aring themn.-Carlsonl Courier.
g:-g~ The special. Washington ecr
respondenit of the New-.York Herald,
ives the following as the>C binet of
Gae C(, ig ofctsin. .Seceta'o Sit to.
A. C. Ftng of N. Y. e a!~ oTrygrj.
Ilabi. F. ok'ton dN 3 8trb~v~
.JefThrsn" Dai. o si.ef Wta ~ f~~r
Johh C.fobi N G Seooretay
'a -'i-- ?m *"mT A's.i:
e~ l
ki. Mm
~inglildebaracers' Hill Scrw.Pro.
inne solong as steamrios us apados
ie -power; blt hisCaloric Engiriehrsf
minortalized his m:me INp eiiftih
d.lmoiiunents of marble. are, needed
o perpetuate his fame, for they would
noulder, into dust, while Fis Eqgine
vill keep all creatiot i mnotion--we
ind. like t-o4tave said perp i mt1in
-al k 1na iine shall, hiie,
iowever,:we are thus enet 49
1is grea't man 1is jumt aiur;of fdnve
ve cainot bb deemed guijty of an at
.empt to refract one of its . 'ilgent
iays by doing another sin'ple justice,
twough tliat other b e'tnrely m&towkn
o fatme. - -Tough Mr, Eriesson enjoys
,he honf of:iiveiting the.Screw Pro
)ellor, anl d;' perlnrps justiy that,; honor
-ightfullj belongs to anotlier, we have
he best of reason'for. beLlitmg.
We are informhed by genileien of
ie highest respectability, wh6 were
aye witnesses of the fiet, that Mhjor
James Lyon, formerly a citizen of this
ow,the grandson of the Hion. Ma.
thew Lyoli, -f' Venim one Of, the
victims of the fained Alien nmd Sedi.
Jion Laws of the elder Adams' admin
istration, was tie real inventor of the
3crew Propeller. Major I.yon invent.
3d a Screw Propeller, and applied It
to the propulsion of a boat on the Pee
Dee river about' the yeai 1320. ME
crew 'Propeller was precisely tht
same in principl - as that in use,.. and
now known as Ericsson's Screw Pro.
i)eller. .This was just about the time
steain was first used on the Pee Dee
is-a motive power. It soon entirely
spercded (he steam boats then in
use and to which Major loii intend.
d to apply his Propeller. ' Njot
Iyoi soon after died in 1824, and int
rfurther efihrt was imiade tyo bring his in,
vention into general use. llad .ht
lived, there can be little doubt that thc
Screw Propeller would h:Lve been 0
much nore enduring moinumient to hit
Iemiory. than the imiarble slab which
marks the spot where he reposes ti
our eentry,
There are several gentlemen no
living at-this place and at Society 11ill
of the highest respectability, who wit.
nessed Najor Lyon's experiment, and
who can vouch fur the above site.
In doing justice to 'the nienorf
Major Lyon, we do not desiret d
ijistiee to-Atm~. Imssg 3 e ave
lio idea t1at the ljater W;i MndEt'd to
the~ firmer ihr tho idea,'4 t'bfheS &rd
Propeller, thc' we niribunv ini
the honorjof the" invteltiol.
aectbata has been~witnised T'7Cs
eston for niany 'years# ed' cinprisd
he IF ourth Regi ment of Caary, iu-.
ol. luabinet; the First Regimnt oft
A~rtillery, Col. .Iamnes Simins; the Si.
teenthz liegimnent of lufhntry, Col. *J.
3harles Ilum; and the Seveniteentha
ilegimecnt of luthutrty, C2ol. John Cun.
ingham, In addition to these were
thie visiting comtapanyi) from A uguista,
the Clinch Rifles, Capt, WVilson, who
by their (ine soldierly appearance,
forimed a mos~it attraictive~ fe aturu in the
parade; anid the Citadel Cadets, .who
Wre out in strong for'c and who, as
Ohways is their woIt, excited feeling
if admiirattiont ir themselves, and
[ride for the institution of which they
ire the ornaments.
At an early hour his Excellency
Gov. Atlaninig maid Stail' visited the~
CLincha Rifles at their quarters, and
welcomed themi to the State. Short
ly after the liifles marched to the
paradhe grounid of tihe Washintot
Light Intantry, and,' in conjunction
wvith th~e Union Light, Infantry. Waush
igton A rtillery, aned. Citadel Cadets.
escorted that company to tile IIibecr
mian 11lali, whiere, aftcr a fervent and
eiloquentprayer by Rev. Whaiteford
ndth oration was5 delivered by
the Rev'. Dr. Gilman, npon the life and
Llharacter of G-en. Washington. At
the conclusion of this the compani.
es joined tihe. Brigade parade, . and
marched to the \Vashington .Reet
Course, for review, and inspection.
The Governor wvas escorted to. thc
Review' Ground byv the Charleston'
Light I )ragoonss. Conspicuous among~
his brilliant and glittering Statf by
the tasteful simplicity ofhis uniform
whe, nor opiiont, sas as tnppropri.
tte as it was beconng-atnd montited
on a beautiftul blooded charger, whiet
lie maniaged with egnal grace and
fearlessness, G3ov. Alanning made r
most favorable impression. After re
viewing and inspecting the troops .ni
line and on the marcb, they were
formed ini a hollow square, and hii
Excllency, in clnquent terms, ox
pressed his gratification att the inci
dents of the (lay, and paid them, -n
high coinplimet, on their appearuance
and discipline; he concluded" with a
eicitouis allusion to the presence oif
the volhmteers fromn a sister State, and
the satislihetion it atlorded Caroliniians
to - staznd shoulder to shoulder with
themi. Ihis roiarks w~ere receiv
ed with enthusiastic cheers, and by
none were given with a more hearty
good will than by the Clinch Rifles.
The Reviewv having terminated, the
troops took tip their line oif march ihr
liv ecity; and the rain. which had been
threatening the entire dgy, egl,..oeca
sioalyiving i slight' toget itg
rpiality,'rnow comiing down 'wtI~.ly
l ps~sthat, ut~,~m bnae
LA .?
Ind., a estfiat't1
of Tein
St di -6
-on the 12th ntJ.
.inportahit resol.t0
whole,e .enmg,
crowded- f.ill-f* aa~
A vfto was. tlih t1i~
passed byl accio 16tlo
The first ot theso ;0,
fol lows: ,"Thatv '.i4
inan Sor offjie whb 1,s
and pliCdgC'd-fl+6Q- ,
in anywy.ivoxn
isig tliat.lio, tinksa~S'
Lgsature to~evado~~.
oftTh grea ,mass t;OI.
tiia~.pliico ibehalf offth;
even though mahns- ot~~
tained their seats-f thri
into convuisiouji AJ4
Poisoni, One Si,~vtfb rh
reicvvAn d bydftwc'yg
taken in six grahs'
290 ee
.,nsfarf ,b,6
th e,.ggs: 1a ~
c-PiTfikd Ibitz
b1~rl li4I'$
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