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From ykonthern Agriculst.. L
~~ g for, a "Plum v
-' ".- eanneue Jeannot." j
to make a pudding In which C
k.y laid eggs you must take the o
pl-ipi abaslin till they thoroughly
Its 7strd:1yta chop.the suet up particularly
und of well-stened raisins and a
of wheaten flour,
Ant, ohen Jset them to settle for a quarter of aR
Then tie the mixture in a oloth, and put it in
P 7 like the water cold, and some pro
.1 osgh I don't know which of these two
I ought to praise,
0now i-oug h to boil an hour for overy pound
O! 1 were Queen of England, or still better,
Pop of Rome,
I'd have i %vast plum-pudding every day I dined
- lwhme
'All Irhould have a piese, and if any
did remain,
Next morning for my breakfast I would fry it up
It's "Oh, for a Quiet Spot."
It's 'Oh, for a quiet spot."
A lace where the waters sleep,
Alittlb farmi and a sheltered vale,
A home in the forest deep.
"A dog for the woodland game,
A dollar to spend or to -eep,
A black and a brown and a brindle cow,
A horse and a fock of sheop.
A duck and a go ina hen,
I Agpokb and a gander ton,
1A turkey proud-the poultry king,
A pair-of doves to coo.
- Ak pig and a yoke of steers,
A cat and a bird to crow,
A lace-for the comfort of them,
And a place for the rake and the hoe.
An axe fbr the lordly tree,
A plough for the st ubborn soil;
A faith in the promisn of good,
- And a strength and a will to toil.
a kind and gentle wife,
little girl and a boy
wOhwhat can equal in life,
The farmer's fire-side joy ?
What a source of pleasure to him,
His fathers rarely knew
TBMVaper" ready for use,
And that paper "paid for" too.
It's "Oh, for a quiet spot,"
A place where the waters sleep,
A little farm in a sheltered tale,
A horne in the forest deep.
TuiE BARBEit's Gnos.-The follow.
Ing story is an old, but a precious good
one. We laughed heartily over it
longjtime ago," and presuming many
of or-readers never heard it, we serve
it up for their edification.
.,gentlemanl travelling some years
since m- the. upper part of this State,
called-ht d tavern and requested en
tergipment for the night The land.
lordJn rrnA t.--. SLO it was out
. i'to accommodate him, as
soPwaz already full. He per.
sited in stopping, as lhe as wvell as
dis horse were almost exhausted with
trav~el~ling. After much solicitation
the landlord consented to his stopping,
provided ho would sleep in a certain
room that had not been occupied for
a long time, in consequ, e of a be
lief that it wvas haunted by the ghost of
a ba'W jw~hto was reported to have
bedri' murdered in that room somo
-yearp before. "Very well," s tys the
-man, "I am nmot afraid ofghosts." AC.
ter having refreshecd himuself, he in.
quired of the landlord how and in
what manner the room in which lie
was to lodge wats hatnted? The land.
lord -replied, that shortly aifter they re
tired to rest, an unknown voicei was
heard in a trerunbling and protracted ac
cent, saying, "D~o you wv-a-n-t to be
sh-aaved?' "Well," replied the man,
"if he, comes he may shave mec."
He 'theni requested to be shown to
to the-apartment; in going to which lie
was 'donducd through at large room
* where were setdagrea tumber of
ing a curiosity wvhich almost every
oneo possesses after having heard ghmost
stories, he carefully searched every
cornier of his roomn, but cotuld dis
cover nothing but the usual fuirnituie oif
the 'apartment. ie then laid dowin, but
did not close his eyes to sleep inmedi
atoly, and in a few iniutes he imagin
ed he heard a voice saying, "i)o you
w.amnt to be sk-a-v-ed?" lie arose firom
his bed and searched ev.ery lparit of the
room; bnt could discover iiothiing. 1ke
again wvent to bed, but no sooner had
he begun to comp~lose himself to
sleep than the question wa again rec
poated. lIe again arose andi~ wenut to
the window, the sound appearing to
proceed from that qutarter, aiid stood a-I
while silent-after a few~ momients of
-- an xious suspen se, ho again hiear-d the
sound distinctly,andl convinced that it
was fromt without, he openeid the
window, when the quest ion was re
pente'd full in his eari, which st airtled
him not a little. Upon a minute ex
amination, however, he observed that
the limb of a large oak tree, which
stood under his wvindow,.projected so
near the' house, that every breath of
wind, to a lively imatg nation, made a
noise resembling the interrogation, "Do
you w-a.nt to be sha-a-ved?"
llaving satisfied himself that his
ghost was nothing more nor less than
the limb of a tree coming in contact
with the house, he again went to bed
and attempted to get asleep; but he
* was now interrupted by peals of laugh.
ter and an occasional volley of oaths
* and- curses from the room where the
gamblers were assembled. Thinking
that~jWoould turn the late discovery,
to h14own advantage, he took a sheet i
* from"'h a ed and wrapped it round I
hinmand taking the wash basin in his
hand -and throwing a towel over his
am proceeded to. the room of the
garalbers, aud suddenly opening the
door, stialkc nm eclinn.a.-r: .
)us voeie, "Do you w-a-nt to be
ba-a-vedI" Terrified at the sudden
ppearance of the ghost, the gamblers
-ere thrown into the greatest confu
on in attempting to escape it; some
imping through the windows, and oth.
rs tumbling head over heels down
tairs. Our ghost, taking advantage
f at clear room, deliberately swept a
irgo amount of money front the table
ito the basin, and retired unseen to
is own roomt.
The next morning he round the
ouse in the utmost confusion. Ile
las immediately asked if he rested
vell : to which he rested well: to
rhich lie replied in the aflirmnative.
'vell, no wonder," said the landlord,
'for the ghost instead of going to his
wn room, made a mnistake and ane
o ours, frightened us out of the room,
Ad took away every dollar of our
nioney." The guest, without being the
cast suspected, quietly ate his break
ist aid departed, many hundred dol
ars richer by the adventure.
fra The Lantern thus shows up
he 'dear delights' of the 'honey
noon' -in a series of illustrations,
:onpiled by one who has beet
hrough the 'misery.'
Second day- Speechless extacy
iliss impossible to be expressed.
Fifthi day-Bliss still in the as
,endant-appetite begins to 'look
Ninth day-Lady eats her dinner
vithout being kissed between every
Twelfth day-'Oh! you naughty,
raughty boy!' not said quite so fre
Fifteenth day-Gentleman fancies
i walk 8olus-comes home and dis
,overs his charmer in tears.
Sixteenth day-Gentleman and
ady having returned to the world of
iighs, gentle chidings, and a promise
ndter to go out alone in future,' are
nyisible nearly all day.
Eighteenth day- Lady is present
!d with a magnificent breast-pin
-entleman consults her about the de.
:ails of their domestic arrangzements.
Tventy-first day--Gentleman and
ady fancy a 'little change,' and go
to church.
Twenty-fifth day-Lady begins to
pack up,' preparatory to returning
From her wedding tour-gentleman
assists her, and only kisses her once
luring the operation.
Twenty-eighth day-On the jour.
ney-gentleman keeps his 'lady bird'
very snug.
Twenty-ninth day-Commit the
dreadful faux pas of falling asleep in
each others company.
Thirtieth day- Arrive home
greeted by mother-in-law on the
threshold-mother-in-law hugs her
dear son, and vanishes aloft with
ince in sitting-room for twQ hours
already feels savage because the
linner is getting cold, and spirit be
gins to rebel against the mother of
ais Amelia. Amelia presently de
3cends, looking very charming -hus
aand brightens up--dinner- put on
:he table-mnother-in-law drinks wine,
mnd is affectedl to tears--Amelia con
soles her dlear 'Ma'-ev'ening wears
>n--mother-in-law leaves--Augustus
returnas inward thanks, and goes to
ted, determined to be at the store
v'ery early in the morning, and 'wake
ip' the clerks.
The Vialue of P'recisionm in
Deuc ri ptiona.
The Editor of the 'Leader,' an
English paper, quotes a story which
nay serve to elueidate this:
The Mayor of Falaise having one
~ighmt run foul of a citizen of the
ood town of Falaise--in those days
~here was neither gas nor oil lamps
ho Mayor gave orders next morning
hat no citizen should go out at night
vithout a lantern. The following
uight, the Mayor, going his rounds,
an against the samte citizen:
'You havnt't read the ordinanlce,
youi stupid fellow,' said the Mayor in
'Yes I have,' said the Norman,
and there's mny lantern.'
'But there's no candle in it,' re
o'ined the Mayor.
-The ordinance satid nothing about
hbat,' replied the scrtupulous citizen.
TIhe next dlay alpeared a new or.
linance, enajoinaing the citizens to put
~andles in their lanterns. At night
'all the May or, anxious to see wheth
r his orders were obeyed, went his
-ound again, and once more run fouil
d the luckless b'ourgeois.
'I have you this time,' said the
\fayor- in a fury, 'you have nao Ian
ern .'
'Excuse me, hero it is.'
'BEit no candle in it.'
'Oh, bait 1 have, and here it is,'
mad out of the lantern lie pulled a
andle unhighted
'But it isn't lighted, resumed the
xasperatedl Mayor.
'You said nothing ab~out lighting
he candles,' quickly rejoined the
So another ord(inance had to bo
ssued, enjoining the citizens to light
:andles in their~ lanterns.
A Lucky .Escape.--A dandy fell
n the fire on Tuesday night, and
eing unable to rise, his head was
sntirely consumed---luckily there
vas nothing in it of value.
yii' What things increase the
nore you contract them? DEBTSIN
'0von iAVN,".You have two
child etd" said 1.
I haveofour," ias the roply; "two
on earth and two in heaven.
Thus spoke the mother! Still here!
only 'gone beforel' Still remember.
ed, loved and cherished, by the
hearth and the board; their places not
yet filled; even though their succes
sors draw life from the same fatith
ful brealst where their dying heads
where pillowed.
"Two in ilvaren!"
Safely housed from storm and tem
pest; no sickness there, nor drooping
heads, nor fading eye, nor weary
feet. By the green pastures, tended
by the good Shepherd, linger the lit.
tle lambs of the heavenly fold.
"Two in Heaven!"
Earth less attractive! Eternity
nearer! Invisible cords, drawing the
maternal soul upwards. -Still small
voices, ever whispering 'come," to the
world-weary spirit.
"T1'7wo in H1eaven!"
Mother of angels! Walk softly! ho
ly eyes watch thy footsteps! cherul>
forms bend to listen! Keep thy spir
it free from earth taint; so shalt thou
go to them, tho' they may not re
turn to thee. FANNY FFILN.
Ox ATIEs.-" had rather," says
Sir Francis Bacon, "believe all the fa3
bles in the Talnud and Koran, than that
this universal frame is without a
mind. God never wrought miracles to
convince Atheists, because his ordina
ry works are suflicient to convince
them. It is true a little philosophy in
clineth men's minds to Atheist; but
depth in philosophy bringeth them
back to religion; for while the mind of
man looketh upon second causes seat
tered, it may sometimes resist on
them. and go no further; but when it
beholdeth the chain of them confedera.
ted and linked together, it nut
needs fly to Providence and Deity."
"Mother," asked a little girl, while
listening to the reading of' Uncle
Tom's Cabin, "Wi'hy don't the book
never mention Topsy's last name ? I
have tried to hear it, whenever it spoke
of her, but it has not once spoke.'
"Why, she had no other name, child."
"Yes she had mother, and I know it.'
"W\'hat was it." "Vhy, Turvy-Top.
sy Turvy." "You had better go to bed
my dear," said the mother. "You are
as bad as your old grandmother, ib
she can't say pork without beans for
the life of her ."
PAINT FoIL Bic Ious.s.-A cor.
respondent of the Ohio Farmer has
used a cheap and very durible paha
for the exterior of brick dwllings
which has already stood several years,
and is now quite as fresh as when first
applied. It consists simply of lime
wash, with a sulphrate of zine as a fix
ing ingredient. Any requtsite shad<
is given by adding the colars used by
house-painters. A clear and rieb
cream color may be obtained by ap
j~ r, js .plu% UUeme t 1Un cominon
new brick livelier and warmer shad
will be added by a little Venetian red.
Burnt sienna imay likewise he used
Thbis pbainit is far cheaper thian oil paini
costs but, little more than commoio:
whitewash, and nothing will remove it
but the severest frictionm.
ON TH E .iK.m--On Mond ay las t
between Eikton and Wilmington.
man sat downi on tihe railroad track.
andm', as a train (of cars ap.proached,
lacied his thomb on his nose, and gv.
rated his lingers att the locomotive.
Thie whistle was blown, the breaks put
downm, and tihe drivinig-wvhee-ls reversed,
but, there he defiantly satt. TIhe con,
duetor and a brakesamain jumiped ofl
and ran ahead, and sat imi quietly in
tihe mud in; tihe side. dIitch, and the
traiin moved on., lie wais drunk, o:
Tm F~cmurso C2oLs-rss.--The Cin.
eineinnati Sun says Lola Montess of
Landsfelt, on tihe 17th, severely beat.
oine John Jones, who was actig
as travellinig agent lbhr lier. She is
described as hiavinmg spruing on thea
uniiortutnate ,J ones wi th thle commbined(
furiy of several wilId cats, anid t hat up
'endage joiined to "her little armi
usually sty led in plini En2iglm
list, struck the defieeeless genmtlIeimani
a blow somewhiere in the vicini y oi
the uapper story so h eaLvy that, hei
was pitched several feet.
They have Some Cute dlarkies oul
in California. A latter wiiter sa'y
--' As I satt at breakflast, this imori
iiig, in the hotel, I asked one of tht
waiters, 'pray tell nie; amy boy whi
is it that these rolls, whiech sho'uld bc
hot are always cold?' Tfhe little fel
low gr inedl, as lie replied, 'Don't
kimow, mnassa, unless it be that theim
biscuits are made of Chili (Chilly)
One of TIom Moore's obituaries:
Here lies John Shawv,
Attorney at Law,
Anid whien lie died,
The Devil cried,
Give us your paw,
John Shiaw,
Attorney at Law.
DRa. T1owVNSsN1> says thant all that
is reqtuired to make a fortuneo is, to
fear' God and pmatronlize a niewspaper'.
In other words, be honest and have
courage to advertise.
A PR1INTEn out West, whose office
is half a mile from any other bml
ing, and who hangs his sign on the
limb of a tree, advertises for an ap
prentice. Ho says, 'A boy from thme
country would be prcferred.'
WVhat makes more noise than a pig
jamed in a gate ?
Ane.-..Two nigs.
We had related-to s - hes oth
r day aiancedot sf an old I d' yyho'
t1'rmially eitertained travellers in a
neighlboring county. Before her guests
couimenced a meal it was her cus
ton to ask a blessing. She delivered
herself in this wise: Oh! Lord, make
us truly thankful for the food be.
fore us. Nancy hand round the
corn bread first and then the biscuit af
Why is the sun like a loaf of bread?
Because it is light when it rises.
W hy is a young widow like a poets'
coat Because she wants to be re-pair
A Western poet inl speaking of the
1nootn said : "She laid her cheek up
Oi a cloud like beauty on a young
Man's bosom."
Co8t qf Squezing a Lady's Hand.
--A man in Pittsburg has been fined
one dollar and sixty-two and a half
cents for squeezing a young lady's
hand. In this section, it costs noth.
ing. 'The girls like it.
Punch, (the London one we
mean,) gives certainly an example
of the very accommodating order, in
the following:
(politely) -'Beg pardon, sir; please
don't sinoke in the kab, sir; ladies do
complain o' the 'bacca uncommon.
Better let me sinoke it fur yer, out
side, sir!'
C ?y It is stated that the annual
cost otl'the array and navy of the Uni.
ted States p'er head for01 tihe population,
iS SiNt y-SeCveni ceits. The expense
of the saine establishments to Great
llritain and Ireland per head, is J2 56.
To France $2 10; to Gerimany $2 28.
'John, I wish it was as much the
fashion to trade wives as it is to trade
horses.' "Why so, Pete?' 'I'd
cheat somebody shceking bad before
The only thing that will break a love
fit, is hard work and "biled pork."
Good advice and idolence only makes
things "wuss."
O1)triestonl Soubertiseuruts.
Gantt, Walker & Co,
Receive and acill Cotton, Corn, Flour,
and all oiler articles of Produce, and give
personal at teniion to the selection U. Fani
ly Supplics.
Conuniss;on for tielling Cotton, Fifty
Cents per bale.
Reference-Col. F. 1. Moses and R. C.
Richardson, Esq.
August 21, 1852. 4A-6m
.)., . Keumnc,
June 15. 185,2. 34-tf
W. J, Jacobi & Son,
NO. '2:'1 ENG-STR EET,
(sEvE~N~i s~OE ADovE AnKET-STnF.ET.)
Impot ters and Dealers in
Fori'(sui &~ D)ontetic Dry Goods
t?' our customeurs are ensureud Aoderate
Raztes and a stric't adhacznce to the One Price
Clothing Warehouse,
No. 238 King street,
sA~uELC. 0i'iX ~CHA RLESTON, 8. C.
I lay 'st, 151 30 if
Clothing and Out-Fitting
No. 268 King-street, corner' of
(ent wvort h, Charlestoni, S. C
Puirchagsersi w ll lihd at all timies a fitll
aitl com~leteCS stck ot Genat's.
Manuufactory 1 1 l aiinmgtonu
MIores% N. Y.
M'y 1l19 30 if
Importer of
ill ['S0, M 1ld AL INSTRUMENTS
1Emg stre:, Sign ot the lgre,
('litrlesl011, S. (.
NI) 2i I;AXI N I -' tEETf,
P1111I 1 lIO0TEL,
8. pteam ber 10, 1851 47-tf
For Wright's Bluff~ M~ur
lCAV'N 1FatR1', A.ND) ALL
hi rierstoi as abu ove, nhout
(O'NJ ,, lillAi & KENNE[DY.
Royce's WVharl.
IT3 W..tch-nan copy.
sept 27, 1852. -49
Butter, Lard, Bacon & Corn
PRIMIE -Mountain Butter. (in small Firkins)
do. do. Leaf Lard, do.
North Carolina Bacon,
do. CORN.
5i N
TilE Subscribers having ptrchased the
are now opening a large, choice, and well it
PERFUMERY, (of every kind.)
Thomsonian and F
:C A:l of which will be sold on reason
Or All orders from the country promptly I
Da. W. JAS. DAI:(AN;
Sumterville,' January 18th, 1853.
OFFERS for sale, for eash, or an approved cre
and W ELL SELEc-rD assortment of LsST INDIA
Drugs and
G'enuine Co4
Together Ni
Agent for the
April Gth, 1852.
Through Fare from Charles
TON TO BAl'IllORE $17.5);
T0 PIIil L.Al)E1,'IllA 819;
LEAVING the Wharf at the foot or
Laurens-st. daily at :3, p. n. after the
arrival of the Southern cars, via WIL..
MINGTON, N. C., from which poit
two daily trains are dispatched at 8 A. Al.;
and 2 . VAl.; 1tC 8 o'clock onli; connecting at
Weldon with tlie lines; to l'etersburg,
Itic-hmnoviWd unt.Ihmr, Phlila
delphia, and New-York. The public is
rcspectftily iniorimed that t he steamers oh
thse hues, are in first rate condition, and
are navutzated by well known and ex.
pertenced cnomanders; the Rail Roads
are in fine order, (the Wihlniington
and Weldon, as well as the Seaboard
and Roanoke havingr recently been relaid
with heavy Trail) thereby sccuring both
safety and despatch. .By these routes
passengers avaiing themselves of the
FIRlET TRAIN may reach Baltimore in
40 hours. Philadelphia in 45 hours, and
New York in 50 1.2 hours; and by the
SECOND TRAIN they arrive in Bal
titnore in Er ho urs, I'hiladelphia inl 56
hours, ;nd New-York iIn W 1-' ly urs.
'lirnowsli tiit, cn alone io hpod from
E. VINStAxi, Ac'it oite Vilrningt6n
and Italeigh Itail ltoad Cunmptnv-ett the
oflice of the Company, foot of ]anurens
street, Charleston, S. C., to whom leasee
Mlarch 23. 18952. -22--tf
Improved Cotton Gins.
Thankfl for past fav our's the isubscriber w.idh
es to iniornm thet pitub that lie still mianufac
tures Cotton Gins ati his e'stablishmnent in State
burg, on the nmest impijroved and approved plan.
w. hieh he think ha ~t the' cotton ginned, on one
of those gins of t'he late~ imiprovemient is worth
at Ileast a quarter of a centL more thun the ctot
ton ginned on the ordinary gin. lie aclso man
uinetiures thenm tin the mnot simpijl econstruction,
of the finest finiisht and of the best materials ;to
wit, Steel Saws andi Steel Pliatd IRibs Case
hiardlened which hec will sell for Su per Saw.
lie also repairs old ginls tutd puts thema in coim
plete order at the shiortest notice. All orders for
Gins will be promlptly and piulnictuall y atttemlecd
State burg, Sumter JDist, S. C. Felb 17, 26
~ut~S. &E. AM. G ILB1R'1T
Scontinue the CA RA(UE
--l~- iliSINES at the ahovec
Chari*lesto n-whlere t hey wIi li e pleased to
e.s hibit to their obhl frienids andl custlomeirs
a very ex tenisive S'tick of Vehicles, comt
p~r~iing tho ic of theirn own na nu factuire,
together wi lh varis ther sty k's usually
aince with the inarket as manu~tfictuirers
andl dealekrs will enale thit to oler great
ttuceetk toi purchasers both in styles
and pneeis.
Atigust 21, 1 S52. 44-tf
Encourage Home M~anufac
fi HI Subscriber, grtefui tl for the libieral
Lipat rotna .e lie i-irtofost owed upt
him . takes this me'tthod of informing the people
ouf Sumter atnd t he adjoinuing listrieis, that ho
stil cot~tinues ito carry .n the, CA RIlIAGE- andI
1I At leEsS .31 '. I\t'I huStsie ital its vari
otis brincheis. at hits Siu! ini lishiopville, -S. C.
lIhe is taakting! largie *tblittins to bia EstabIlih
mnt ,i-iias i to hi htim to mauftutr every
thmgit wtant..,t i- hi in,at the shourtest notice,
andii mn a style t f woikmaittship equal to any in
lie Sothern States . lhas ini hits emptloy'ex
peirieniedli w. orknwn. itand isui 1 nell supphed with
itht litst Seat -oned timber'. ;tu als with Trimmings
All inew na trk doneii inl hi-u line will he war
rited', le miion:his andi i-epiredu i itlhout charge
if it fail ini that time. Ih:n will doi repairing at
thet shortest notijce, andu in ucase any pe-rson living~
at ati dincte shlui want repa iritig donc, if they
ni ill write to that tPit, lie will send for the
job, anid ret urni it when donte.
N.Hll.-s -rr~nists are its reasoniable as any
pe'rson coul expectt.
Blsiipville, S. ('., March 9, 182 20-ly
t'ir Black Itiver Wattchmian will copy Six
AT.\ ES t his inethod oh
~~ ~Stunte rv ille atnd vicintity that
he has opienedl in Smtuteri ille.. opitel the newv
P'relbyteriant Chureb, a C A lHINEIT WA RE.
ItOOM, wshere hto n ill keepj for salo, chicnp, all
such fturrniure as conies uinde-r this detparune'nt
of biia trado, which he ill warrant of good
material ; and will furnish for cash., at Charles
ton prices, all descriptions of Furniture mado.
Re paring executed at the shortest notiee.
mahogany and plain Coflins furnished with
out delay.
Haing procured the services of Mr. C. W.
Divis, he is prepared to furnishi Metallie Plate.
engraved in any style.
All the mubiriber naks is at lair trial, and
,hopes by punctual attention to btusiness and
easy terms, to merit public patronage.
k-ebraryr 17. 1852. 17-1k
ENTIRE STOCK of Dr. R. S. e Ilettol
iecied, StOek of
BRUSIIES, (of every kind.)
atent Medicines.
able terms.
attended to.
eN, S. C.
lit, AT TIE LOWEST MARKE.T PRICBs, a large (
;LAss NALL AND TooTn-BnUstiEs,
W 1c K, CoMas AND hAIn BRausEs
5 AND CAmriuSRE, &c. &c.
I Liver Oil.
ith every article
most approved
Whatever concerns the health and hapiness
of a people is at all times of the most va uable
importance. I take it for granted that every
person will do all in their pow er, to save the lives
of their children, and that every person will en
dcavor to promote their own health at all oacri
fices. I feel it to be my duty to solemnly assure
you that Woass, according to the opinion of
the most celebrated Physicians, are the primary
causes of a large majority of diseases to which
children and adutIlts are lhable ; if you have an
appetite continually changeable from onc kind
of food to another, Bad Blreath, Pain in the Sto
mach, Picking at the Nose, Hardness and Full
nes-s of the 1elly, Dry Cough, Slow Fever,
Pulse Irregular-renenber that all these denote
W onais. & you should at once apply the remedy
Ilobezqatck's Worma Syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly safe when taken, and can be
given to the most tender Infant with decided
beneficial effect, where Dowel Complaints and
Diarrhera have ante them weak and debilitated
the Tonic properties of my Worm Syru p are
such, that it stands without an equal in the cata
logue of medicines, in giving tone and strength
to the Stomach, which makes it an Infallable
remedy for those afflicted with Dyspepsia, the
astonishing cures performed by this Syrup after
Physicians have failed, is the best evidence ofits
superior efficacy over all others.
This is the most diflicult Worm to destroy of
vil that infest the human system, it grows to an
almost indefinite length becoming so coiled and
fastened to the Intestines and Stomach eflecting
the health- so adly as to cause St. VituI Dance,
Pis. . 110th . Nh-sai :-4.e
anspect that it Tape Worm hastening th'em tao:
an early grave. Is order to destroy this norm, a.
very energetic treatment must, be pursued, It:
wvottld thereforn be proper to take 6 to 8 of my
Liver P'ills so as to renmove all obstructions, that
the Wourm Syrup may act direct upon the WVormn,
which must ho taken in doses of 2 Tablespoon
fuls 3 times a day, these directions followed
have never been known to fail in curing the
most obstinate case of Tape Wsrm.
Ilobemtack's Liver- Pills.
No part of thme system is more liable to disease
than the LIVER, it serving as a filterer to puri
fy the blood, or giving thme proper secrettion to
the bile ;so that atny wrong action of the Liver
e.Ilects the other tiportantt parts of the system,
and results variously, its Liver Complaint,
Jaunidice, D~yspepsta, &c. WVe should therefore
watch every symptom that might inidicate a
wrong notion of the Liver. 'These P'ills being
composed of floors and P'iANTs furnished by
unture to heal thte sick: Natrely, 1st. An Ex
rEcroRniT, which atugmea.ts time secretion from
the Pumlmonary mucus nmemnbrne, or promot g
the dischatrge of secreted matter. 2nd, An A L
nt . ArtvE.,j which Lthanges in sonie inexplica
ble and insensible mianner the certaitn morbidl
action of thte system. 3rd, A Tostc, whicht
~gives tone mund strenagth to the nervous system,
reniewinig hecahh Imt vtigor to all parts of the
body. -Ithi, A CAsTn eTte, wvidch acts ini per
fect hamrony with the other ingredients, and
operating ott thne Buwels, and expellisng thme
whole muass of corrutpt antd vitiated matter, and
purfyng heBlodwhich destroys disease and
You will find these Pills an invaluable medi
cine ittnmany complaints to which you are sub
ject. In obstructioniseithter total or partial, they
have beeni foundl ofinestinmable benefit, restoring
their functional arrangemnents to a hetalthay ac
tion, putrifyitng the bloud andr oilier fluids so
effectually to put to flight all comnplatints which
maiy arise from femnile irregularities, as head
ache, giddiness, dimness of sight, psain in the
side, hack. &c.
None genuine unless signed J1. N. H ODENSA cK,
all othters being base Imitation.
P~C1-EAC(:1 25 CTVS.
r gens wishing new supp'lies, and Store
Keepiers desirous oif becoming Agents tiulst ad
dress the Proprietor, J. N. IIOJBENSACK,
Philadelphia, Pa.
For sale by all Druggists and Mierchants in
the U. S.
P. 31. Cott~x, Charleston, Wholesale Agent
for the State.
A ugust 10th, 1852 42-ly
The Corn Exchange.
'By 'Thomas -
Who ke~eps constantly on handl a lot of
DO.\ hRSTICS nt the lowest rates. G RO0
CERIES at Charleston prices for cash
Bacon, Lard, llams, Butter and a large sup
ply of the biest CIGARS and TOBACCO
which he will sell cheaper thatn any mter
chat int towns, atlso jttst received 40 barrels
North Carolina hlour.
INegro Shoes,
The subscriber has made arrangements for
the manutfacture of froms Fotur to Five Thotusandl
pairs of the above article by the FA LL. For
reference as to quality, lie wvould respectfully
refer persons wh'lo may be dispose d to puirchase
of hi m, to those who patronized him last year
As to price, lie will guarantee them as low as
can be afforded.
M1ay 22 2 if J. 5JORGAN
ALL perrons are forwarned trading with or
trusting my wvife, ANNA 31. DEA N. on my
account, os sho has left my bed and board with
out cause or provocation.
March 8th 1853 L-. EN
f thrafer diectiosfBai
o. D. hOlph P. -
*rParedl from R7rtmXT, or The fourl ~mt
r the Or, after directions of
reat Physiological Chemeiit,'bb ' J.84s.11 $teu1
This is a truly wonderful remedy torifi e.
on, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver Compi r,,
onstipatton, and Debilityi Curing-afr:' fa%
iro's own nrethod,by Natures's ownog .t"Ohe
lastric Juice.
g7 Half a teaspoonful of Pepsin, insed
i water, will digest or lissolve, Fim, Pa~inf -
IReast Beef, in about two hours, out of the
It omach.
Pepsin is the chief element, or Great Dies
'tg Principle of the Gastric Juice-the So vent
f the Food, the Purifying, Preserving, 'erd'
timulating Agent of the Stomach and-intes.
ines. Itis extracted froin the Diigesiive StOm
ch of the Ox, thus forming an artificial Diges
ive Fluid. precisely like the natural Gastric
uice in its Chemical powers, and furnisfin a -
.omplete and Perfect Substitute for It. By I
id of this preparation, the pains and evils.os,
ndigestion nnd Dyspepsia are-remove-, juil at
hey would be by a healthy Stomach. it Is do
ng wonders for Dyepies, curing cases of Do
iiity, Emaciation, 'ervous Decline, and Dy.
puc Consumption, supposed to be on'the verge
If the grave. The Scientific Evidence'tipons
which it is based, is in the higlicst degree 'Curl
us and tumarkable.
Baron Liehig in his celebrated work onrAni
nal Chemistry, says: "An artificial Digestive
Fluid, analogous to the Gastric Juice, may be
endily prepared from the mucous.semliran of
he stomahol of the Calf, in which varions arti'
lis of food, as ieat and eggs, will be softened,
:hnged and digested, just in the saine mnanher,
is they would be in the human stoknach.
Dr. Combe, in his valuable writings onikslo
l'hysiology of Digestion," observes that I
liminution of the due quantity of the'G'atri.
Iuice is a prominent and all-prevailing cause ov
Dyspepsia;" and lie states that " adisungnished
professor of tmedicine in London, who was se.
rerely afflieted with this complaint, finding
ivery thing else to fail, had recourms to-the
3astric Juice, obtained from the stomaghs of
living animals, which proved cornpletelfsne
Professor Dunglison, of the Jefl'rson'College
Philadelphia, in his great work on Human Phy
oioilogy, devotes more titan fifty pages to an ex3'
ininatioti of this subject. Iis experiment
wvith Dr. Beaumont, on ite Gastric Juice ol.
ained from the living human stomach, and
rrom animals, are well known. " in, 6sesA
ie says, " digestion occurred as' perfectly, in'the
irtificial as in ite natural digestions." ' .
Dr.John W. Draper, Professor of Chemistryi'
in lie Medical College of the University of"
New York, in his " Text Book of Chens" ,"
page 386, says,: " It has been a question wa
ler artificia digestion could be pe rformied-bot
it is now universally admitted that it may be."
'Dr. Carpenter's standard work on Pitysology
which is in the library of every physician,.and
is used as a Test Book in all the Colleges,
full ,of evidence similar to the above,'. ro.
spctng the rmarkable Digestive power of Pep
rn the fact that it inay be iadily sepasi
ted front th'e stomach of the calf or Ox, and uItd
fur esperitentsitn Artificial Digestion, or as a
'.st'c dia sJ &atspi,ad..d4 Y -
s~creton of gaestrie Juin. '
. alon th6'Agent and get aderi e
Circlar, gratis, giv,ng a' large amaount&ofMs
entific Evidence, similar to the'above, together
with lttports of Remarkablo Cares, frosa ijl
parts of the United States.
Dr. Iloughtton's PExrstN Itas produced the
most muarvellous effects, itt curing cases of Do.
bility, Emaciation, Nervous D'echne, and: Dy..
peptie Contsumoption. It is impossible to give
ste details of eases ini the limiits of this adver
iseent; bitt authettticated certificates have
becen givetn of mnore titan Two llundred itemark
able Cures, mt Phtiladelpthia, New York, and'
Boston alone. I'These wvere ttearly nil desperai
cases, and the cures were not ontly rapid and
wonderfuli, but permanient.
It is a great Nervous Antidote, and particular
ly useful for tenidency t6 Bilious disorder, Liver
Complaint, Fevecr antd Ague, and the Evil effects
of Qtuininse, Alercury, anid other drugs upon *4e
Digestive Oirganis, after a long sickness. Alse,
for excess in eatitng, and the too free use of-ar
dent spitits. It almiost reconciles Hiealthtswitib
There it tio fortn of Old Stomach Complaints.
whtich it does not seemt to reach and. rermove at
once. No miauter how bad they may be, it gives
instant relief I A single dose removes all the
untpletwant symptoms; andt 'it otnly needs toib.
repeated for a short tm to make thoe.e good
etlects permtanent. Purity of Blood aeid 1Figor
of Body follow at once. It is particular excel.
lent in cases of Nausea, 'Vomiting, Cratnps,'
Sorentess of the pit of the Stomatch, distress after
eatitng, low, cuild state of tihe Blood, Heaviness,
L~owntss of' Spirits, D~espondency, Emnaciation,
Weakntess, tendency to insanity, Suicide, ke
Dr. hloughton 'sJPpsin, is sold by'nearl al
the dealers itn line drugs and Popula'r Medicines,
thtroughtout the Untited" States. It is prepared in
Powder and int Fluid form-and in Prescription.
vials for the use of Physicians.
Private Circtulars for the use of Physicians,
mtay he obtainied of Dr. Houghton or hisa Agents
describing the whole process of preparation,in
giving the authtoritiest uponi which the claims or
this ntew remnedy are based. As it is net a secret
remtedy, no objec tioni can be raised againstl.ts&
use by Physicians itt respectable standlingan
reguia r practice. Price, One Dollar per bowb -
IN'. OBsEnvE -rnts !--Every bottle.-'of the
goenutine PiPSiN bears the written signjature of'
J. S. 11louwrTox, M. D., sole Proprietor, Phil.
adelphtia, Pa. Copy-right and Trade Mark se
['F Sold by all Druggists and Dealers li
For sale in Sumterville by
Decenmber 16, 1851. 8-ly.
Jewelry I Jewelry I I
Ilavtng just retturned fromt Chtarlesfou,
the subscriber has already otn hausd, aetti is
nowv receivintg, a neoat and wvell selected
storck of
WVatchecs, Clocks & Jewelry,
of all destbript ions, which ho will 'sell at a
very mtoderatte prtfit.
67 Come Ont Ladies and Gentlemen,
ansd examine for yrsrelves. A call is all
ask. , C. T. MASON.
Camden Bazaar e
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TERt GOODS, consisting of a gresta
riety of Dry Gooids, newecst. rtyles, Cloth.
rg, Bontst~t, Ilat, Boote,- andi Shoes,
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ry and Chin Wi t'are, &c., &c.
Selling at Charleston pries.
Camden, Dec. 21, 1853 ' 8-f
Flour ! Flour !!
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Ing mtado arrantiemonits (nr aconhinuous
sutpply otf lloutr, [ wvili ielh to the cit7Oens
of Sumnter District cheaper thtan thtefiar
purchase cleewhecre.
Feb. 8ith, IM 1

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